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MIN HYUK KNOWS! That his guardian angel in the pink hoodie is the woman he has actually fallen in love with. And it’s so damn apt that the missing piece of his memory reveals itself when the history repeats itself and the pink hood reveals Bong Soon’s face again while MH’s watching her with a combination of awe and wonder that after all this time HE HAS FINALLY FOUND HER!

It means so freaking much that it’s Min Hyuk and his words what Bong Soon remembers before the fight; as if she somehow gained assurance, confidence, courage and encouragement from it - it shows that HE IS ALREADY PART OF HER, having a place in her heart.

The whole scene is all kinds of awesome - BS is being utterly badass, beating the gangsters but the difference from the first time she met them is that THIS TIME SHE IS IN FULL CONTROL OF HER POWERS and how much she will hurt them; they are completely at her mercy. However, the thing that doesn’t change is that MIN HYUK IS ONCE AGAIN THERE WATCHING FROM THE SIDELINES, utterly mesmerized by her and proud as she perfectly uses all the moves, tricks and techniques HE TAUGHT HER. HIS SUPER POWERFUL GIRL.



A campaign against the use of rhino horn in China.

Thank you, Jiang Wen, from the bottom of my animal rights heart!

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Mr. Feel, sorry to keep asking, I'm just really curious as to what you think of infinite. This'll be the last time a ask though, so if you don't wanna answer I wont bug you anymore.

It’s bad.

It doesn’t make sense by it’s own rules.

Nobody’s character makes sense.

Booker is in perpetual grief and guilt over the atrocities he has committed but has no issue murdering hundreds of people and telling Elizabeth about how awesome murder is

Elizabeth makes no sense being a disney princess when she was locked in a room her whole life.

Game does the awful ‘traditionally attractive girl has minor physical imperfection to make her insecure and nonthreatening to nerds’ shit hack writers love

It’s bad.

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I'm going to Cologne next week, which places would you recommend for vegan food? :-)

hey! :) okay here are some i can think of:

1) well being (completely vegan, awesome thai food, they also have vegan fish things and vegan duck - that tastes in my opinion too real haha)

2) mei wok (completely vegan, all healthy!, whole grain options, also raw options but awesome warm dishes as well, also thai food)

3) 485° for pizza (omnivore with 2 vegan pizzas, without vegan cheese, but the best pizza crust in the whole town)

4) die eisdielerin (icecream and also some vegan waffles and stuff, haven’t been there but it’s good i guess)

5) cafe hibiscus (all vegan, really good cakes, some “snack options” like a sandwich and stuff)

6) burrito rico (omnivore, for quick lunch but you can get your own vegan burrito with soy chunks or so)

7) ecco (omnivore, lots of vegan meals, also everyday vegan brunch, big portions, a bit expensive)

8) cafe schmitz (they have 3 vegan icecreams, the best one definitely is chocolate sorbet and coconut sorbet, SO GOOD together)

9) mj sushi (omnivore, one vegan meal: gang dang tofu, probably one of my favorite meals if it comes to asian food)

10) signor verde (completely vegan, burger and stuff, good cake, in my opinion too expensive)

11) bunte burger (for completely vegan burgers, expensive in my opinion)

12) hans im glück (omnivore, 2 or 3 vegan burger)

13) dean & david (omnivore, vegan options, good for quick lunch)

14) venjoy (haven’t been there, lots of raw options, healthy, good raw desserts but doesn’t look comfy at all)

15) mataim (omnivore, but good vegan falafel and stuff)

16) rich & greens (omnivore, vegan options (burritos and smoothies etc) and a good vegan banana brownie, not restaurant like, more a cafe)

17) the bakery “kamps” is nothing special, but they have vegan “franzbrötchen” (cinnamon bun style) and a vegan apple stuffed baked thing, they are good! :)

What i would recommend to definitely visit? - depends on what you like, but i think i would go to wei wok or well being, to cafe hibiscus, if you like pizza to 485° and to the ecco because they have things like vegan schnitzel and some good vegan desserts :) and of course to mj sushi because of the vegan gang dang tofu, but that’s simply because i love the meal! it’s a red coconut curry with tofu and veggies, rice on the side, and beans with sesame sauce on the side :)

soo that’s all i can think of right now :) i hope that helped! :) xx

the reaction process of a terrible artist

“meh okay I’m going to just check my stats before I go on youtube- WAIT A SECOND is that!?!”





seriously though thank you, all of you for liking my terrible art >~< this really made me smile today!

@tehrogue thank you and I think your an amazing voice actor by the way! (omg its my senpai number one!)

@chadbeainiva thank you for being an awesome guy (totally not senpai number two >~<)

@renrink thank you ^^ if you hadn’t of shared this I wouldn’t of had a reason to smile today, thank you so much (ULTIMATE SENPAI)

(btw everyone is my senpai

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hi! i really need some easy co being awesome squad in modern times headcanon. do you have some? pretty please.

alright modern times awesome squad includes

  • Lipton basically is the mom friend this is canon forever and always and nothing can change this fact ever and the boys are always up to some shenanigans that always resulted in them being locked up.
  • I mean, Lip doesn’t know how it happened and honestly the less he knows the better but Webster being arrested alongside Hoobler and Christenson are really something surprising because they are the good boys but apparently good boys help each other out by vandalising the aquarium’s billboard about sharks show.
  • and apart from that, Lip also has to make sure that George and Perco don’t end up having alcohol poisoning after a night out drinking their weight so he always ends up spending his Saturday making sure these drunkards are properly taken care of by making them chicken soup and sometime Ron would come help him by eyebrowing the boys to drink 2L of water.
  • Buck totally organizes weekend activities for them; sometimes it’s friendly baseball game that turns into fistyfight between Lieb and Bill, sometimes Buck drags them to go hiking which resulted in Muck, Malark, and Penk getting lost because they went off the trail so there’s that one memorable search and rescue mission that everyone politely doesn’t discuss about.
  • Nix and Dick hosting dinner night every month so the boys chip in money to buy stuff to do proper cook-out and Ron is always the grill master with Chuck and Tab as his assistants.
  • Toye and Babe hosting poker night which instead of betting money, they bet for the loser to do the most ridiculous things ever for example that one time when Babe lost and George dared him to tell Roe that he has a crush on the Doc which Babe did so now he and Gene are happily dating so thanks George.
  • whenever there is Trouble, the boys always discuss on which parental unit they will go to ask help from and unanimously they appointed Tab to go talk to Dick and Nix while Chuck is always the go to man when they want Ron and Lip to know about something.
  • if they are too scared to tell the two primary parental unit, the boys will always end up going to Bull and Johnny because yes, while Johnny will glare them to death, Bull will always help them
    out because Bull is their mountain dad.
  • also Gene specifically has different bandaids for the guys for example Web gets sharks bandaid, while Lieb gets Superman bandaid, and Babe gets Ariel bandaid and Bill and Perco receive Garfield bandaid because the cat loves lasagna.
  • the guys make it their mission to woo Kitty much to Harry’s annoyance lmao like if they go out club hopping, they always end up stealing Kitty away to dance while Harry is fuming and pouting by the bar with Ron laughing at him.
  • every Wednesday is movie night at one of the boys’ place and you can see them cramming inside Lieb and Web’s small living room with George throwing popcorn at Muck who has his mouth open to catch it and Toye snuggling George closer and Babe and Gene and Bill cuddling Web’s huge shark plushie and Ron and Lip are at the patio, just necking and keeping their eyes at the boys and when the opening of Jaws is played every one groans and throws popcorns at Webster.
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Favorite Fruit: I’m an apple kind of lady, preferably green!

Favorite Season: Fall or winter! Im from Minnesota, so fall and winter are so pretty here!

Favorite Book: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo or Uprooted by Naomi Novak! Im a huge reader (or I used to be before Kpop lol)  I used to do book fanart lol

Favorite Flower: I like green things more than flowers like cacti and stuff 😗

Favorite Scent: I like musky smells, and vanilla. Fresh and clean also!

Favorite Colour: Blue or gray!

Favorite Animal: Kitties! 😻

Favorite Beverage: Seltzer water!

Average Sleep Hours: Typically 8, but it depends

Favorite Fictional Character: John Murphy from the 100! If you don’t watch the 100 go watch it! Also I really like Elliot from Mr Robot, watch that one too!

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I can't wait for your reylo Batb fic, snipped you posted got me hooked :)

Yayyyyy!!!! Here’s another snippet for being so awesome!!!

That’s when she finally turned to look at him, at the face of his mask staring down upon her. She reacted just as he imagined, jumping back in shock from the creature in the mask. When she finally composed herself, she held her head up in defiance. In a calm voice she replied.

“Please, let him go. I will stay in his place.”

Kylo smirked behind his mask. “You would offer yourself up, for him?”

“Rey, NO!”

She ignored the pleas from her friend.

“Please, he’s my friend and he must go back to help my mentor. She’s all I have, that’s why he came here. To retrieve the potion that could save her life. Please.”

She grabbed onto his forearms and looked into where she believed his eyes to be. He felt his gruff demeanor begin to melt, ever so slightly.

He didn’t take his eyes off of Rey as he said, “Fine, he’s permitted to leave but you have to stay. And he’s never to come back. I forbid it.”

Happy birthday to the ultra-amazing and super-talented @kate-dammit-run !! Thank you for writing us cool fics, making us awesome gifs, and for being willing to discuss my wackadoo Blindspot theories at all hours of the day and night. Youโ€™re the best & I love you to pieces!

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And because itโ€™s your birthday (and also because I am living in complete denial about the approaching shitstorm that the rest of the season will bring), I wrote you a little fluff. (Itโ€™s a little late, but itโ€™s still your birthday in my time zone, so it still counts, right?!)

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Hey nif, I noticed in your get to know me tag you said you're demisexual/cishet? I was wondering what that means if you don't mind telling! Aside from that I absolutely love your writing though and wanted to say keep being awesome ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you! So basically, cishet means that my gender identity aligns with the sex that was assigned to me at birth (cis female) and I am attracted to men (heterosexual). But I consider myself to be demisexual, which is actually part of the spectrum of asexuality.

Demisexual people don’t always identify in the same way, but for me, it means that I’m not really sexually attracted to partners right away, and that it takes a pretty long time for me to forge a mental bond with someone before the thought of sex even crosses my mind. 

I’ve only ever been with two people intimately before, and I was in long-term relationships with both of them. I don’t have a very high sex drive (I know this may be a shocker with the amount of smut I’ve written in the past month or so), so sometimes it can be hard when it comes to trying to actually find a partner willing to hold off. But I’m not sex-repulsed, I just find myself being mentally attracted to someone before being sexually attracted to them.

Hope that makes sense!

i love this little niche in the fandom? honestly there are countless things i love about it ,,, but literally the main thing is logging onto ao3 and seeing every fic being updated one after the other 

its awesome and i’ve never seen anything like that before. great job fic writers. ur the real mvps.

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You're anti naruto ending, and sasusaku is my otp, but YOURE SO FUCKING SWEET ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š this is why I follow you, because you're such a lovely girl and plus I get my brotp (sasunaru) in my feeds! ๐Ÿ’š ship what makes you happy, and continue being Awesome xx Much love ๐Ÿ’š

Wow, I didn’t expect this. Thank you so much, really. You certainly made my day with your lovely message. While we obviously have differing views, we can still get along, and people such as you make me enjoy being part of our fandom. Again, thank you. 💗


Steve Thrasher is an AWESOME photographer and GOD BLESS HIM for being all about that bass! This one is a bit of a Flashback Friday as it’s from 2016, but who cares, it’s GLORIOUS! Be sure to check out Steve’s Instagram and website for more ridiculously amazing photos from shows:

Have a great weekend, y’all!