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Captain Jacob Keyes (SN: 01928-19912-JK) was a legendary naval officer and one of the most brilliant tacticians in the UNSC Navy. He commanded great respect as a highly skilled strategist and inspirational leader to those under his command. His many decorations, thirty-five years of combat experience against the Covenant, and the ability to keep a secret made him an almost natural choice to command the UNSC Pillar of Autumn and its most secret cargo. He could often be seen chewing the tip of his grandfather’s pipe.

Early career:

Captain Keyes was born on Earth and spent some time around the Pacific Ocean during his early childhood. At some point in his life he read work by Elias Carver, but considered his view of the situation in the colonies to be pessimistic. Keyes attended Officer Candidate School (OCS). During his second year of training, an incident occurred where fourteen ensigns were killed due to an instructor’s error during a poorly planned test. Keyes suffered plasma burns during the test and had to be rehabilitated in a hospital for two months. Keyes refused to testify against the instructor and was nearly demoted for it. Keyes’ refusal to testify is what sparked Catherine Halsey’s interest in the then Lieutenant Junior Grade Keyes.

In 2517, seven weeks out of the OCS, Lieutenant (J.G.) Keyes was assigned to the UNSC Magellan when those orders were rescinded and he was chosen by Dr. Catherine Halsey to assist her with the task of studying approved subjects for her SPARTAN-II project. Keyes was chosen by Halsey for this assignment partly because he could “keep a secret.” In order to fool anybody who was suspicious, they told them that they were looking for a school for their daughter, and so they both began observing the chosen subjects for the program. The first child they observed was SPARTAN-II subject 117, or John-117. Later, he expressed doubts when Halsey actually let Soren-066 choose whether he wanted to become a Spartan, saying it was an “awful lot to lay on a child, even one who’s grown up so fast.” Keyes never forgot this assignment or the names of any of the children.

As Keyes slowly started learning of the true nature of the SPARTAN-II project, Dr. Halsey immediately sent him back to normal duty with a full Lieutenant commission and he became an excellent strategist, especially in dealing with the Covenant. At some point in the early 2520s he had a relationship with Dr. Halsey which resulted in the birth of their daughter Miranda Halsey who later changed her surname to Keyes. Early in the Human-Covenant war, he became a widely known hero when he led a small group of security troops against the Covenant ambush of the frigate UNSC Meriwether Lewis and held the Covenant off long enough for the ship to escape. He sustained a deep gouging plasma burn to his thigh and had his hand shattered, which was later rebuilt. He later toured on the Stealth Frigate Midsummer Night. Captain Keyes garnered many citations and years of combat experience against the Covenant during these tours. During one of these tours, Keyes went to Charybdis IX. There, he killed his first human being with a modified T-25 DER, during a riot.

Battle of Charybdis IX:

Shortly after this confrontation, Charybdis IX was glassed by the Covenant. The Midsummer Night chased an Insurrectionist freighter, the Kestrel to the Rubble. Keyes took command of the Midsummer Night after his commanding officer; Dmitri Zheng was killed by a traitor of the command crew. He later fought in the Battle of the Rubble, and towed Habitat Exodus to Falaknuma, saving over a million human survivors from the Rubble. He was promoted to Commander by Preston Cole for this feat.

He later taught at the OCS Academy. Some of the top brass at HIGHCOM disapproved of him and he got the nickname “Schoolmaster” from those detractors, who thought he didn’t belong in command of anything but a classroom, if that.


Keyes eventually assumed command of the UNSC Iroquois in April of 2552. In 2552, he foresaw a Covenant attack on Sigma Octanus IV thanks to a paper by SPARTAN-084 and a slip space report by Ensign William Lovell. His actions resulted in the destruction of a Covenant Destroyer, two Covenant Frigates and the retreat of a Covenant Carrier with a daring maneuver dubbed the “Keyes Loop,” all without an A.I. to help him. This unprecedented victory against a Covenant force earned him a promotion to Captain and aided him to become recognized by the entire UNSC. Keyes and the Iroquois remained in the Sigma Octanus system to fight in the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Keyes’ brilliance and hindsight allowed him to find out what the Covenant were up to, and he intercepted a transmission beamed for a Covenant stealth ship to receive, saving Sigma Octanus IV again. He later returned to Reach (inadvertently disclosing the location of Reach to the Covenant via a homing beacon attached to the Iroquois) and was debriefed by an ONI council, where he met John-117 once again.

Fall of Reach:

At Reach, Keyes was given an important mission by Rear Admiral Stanforth: to transport the SPARTAN super soldiers deep into Covenant space in order to capture a Prophet, who would then be used as ransom to end the Human-Covenant war. As part of this command, Keyes was given control over the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Before the Autumn could leave Reach for slipspace, the Covenant attacked Reach. His mission scrubbed, Keyes offloaded most of the Spartans to the surface of the planet and sent three to Reach Station Gamma. He then tried to aid in the defense of Reach and even destroyed the Supercruiser flagship of the fleet (not to be confused with the Super Carrier that had already been destroyed by Noble Team just before the fleet arrived), but ultimately, his efforts were in vain. He could only pick up John-117 along with SPARTAN-058 and a handful of Marines from the station just in time to flee the pursuing Covenant.


The Pillar of Autumn’s AI Cortana ended up navigating the vessel to Installation 04. They were once again assaulted and boarded by Covenant forces, and Captain Keyes told Cortana to lock in a selection of landing zones on the ring and to upload them to his neural interface. Keyes then assigned John-117 to protect Cortana and she became a valuable asset to him. Keyes locked in the codes and the Pillar of Autumn crashed on the ring. Keyes and the command crew of the Autumn managed to escape in a Bumblebee life pod, Kilo Tango Victor 17. During the descent, the Ossoona, Isna ‘Nosolee was discovered to be lurking aboard by Keyes, and subsequently killed by the Captain. Unfortunately, they were still spotted in the descent by two Elites on Ghosts. Thanks to the traitor Ensign Ellen Dowski, the Covenant were able to find out where Keyes and the Command Crew were. When they got there they incapacitated the Captain and killed the rest of the Command crew, including Dowski even though she helped the Covenant find them. Despite being an inspirational leader to many under his command, the Captain also has a great deal amount of respect for each and everyone of his crew and he dearly cares about them. The death of his crew shocked him and he had wished to die as well as he was captured by the Covenant.

Keyes was taken aboard the Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser, the Truth and Reconciliation. There, he was interrogated, tortured, and held prisoner in a holding chamber until John-117, the ODSTs, and a group of Marines were able to rescue him with the help of Cortana. Combining what Keyes found out from what Cortana was able to hack from the Covenant Battlenet, they were able to figure out some of the truth about Halo. They were forced to commandeer a Spirit dropship, during their escape and Keyes piloted it out himself, even going so far as to ram two Mgalekgolo on the flight out for “a little payback.”

Keyes then went to Alpha Base, taking command of the base from Major Antonio Silva briefly. He then took Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, Fire Team Charlie and Second Squad to a facility they thought held a Covenant weapons cache. It turned out that the structure was one of the Halo’s Flood Containment Facilities. Keyes and his Marines were ambushed by the Flood. During the ensuing firefight, an Infection Form latched onto his back and infected him.

Keyes observed helplessly as the form took over his body and attacked his mind. Originally, Keyes’ body was a Combat Form, but the Flood, apparently realizing his importance, merged him and several other Combat Forms into a Proto-Gravemind. One of the tortures Keyes endured was having his memories ripped away one by one as the Flood tried to learn anything that would help attain new sources of food. The Flood hoped that his intelligence would help them to operate a damaged Covenant cruiser and escape the ring, but Keyes was able to fend it off by constantly accessing data that was permanently stored in his Command Neural Interface, while feeding it those of his memories that were not vital to the survival of humanity, such as his name, age, and service number (though definitely not anything that could lead to the thought of the location of Earth).

However, before Keyes succumbed to the overwhelming pressure, John-117 boarded the ship once again looking for Keyes and found only the Proto-Gravemind form. The Captain was able to contact John three times, warning him to leave him behind, before the Proto-Gravemind fully overwhelmed him. Keyes’ life officially ended when John punched through his skull to retrieve his Command Neural Interface after his mind had been absorbed by the Flood infection, with Cortana stating that “she knew that this was what he wanted.” His Command Neural Interface enabled Master Chief and Cortana to start up the Pillar of Autumn’s engines so they could destroy the Halo ring by overloading and exploding the engines.


Admiral Cole gave Keyes his Commander Status for his protection of one million people after the Battle of the Rubble and he also stated that “Men like him will save us, you know. We need more like Keyes.”

The Keyes family lived on in his daughter, Miranda Keyes. She accepted a posthumous Colonial Cross awarded to her father for his bravery during the events on Installation 04 by Lord Hood. After presenting it, Lord Hood said “Your father’s actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service. His bravery in the face of impossible odds reflects great credit upon himself and the UNSC. The Navy has lost one of its best.” In 2553, he was remembered at the Hillside Memorial alongside his daughter, Sergeant Johnson, Master Chief and many other victims of the Human-Covenant war. His courage and skill were never forgotten, making him one of the most important and remembered naval officers in history.

The great nutrient collapse

The atmosphere is literally changing the food we eat, for the worse. And almost nobody is paying attention.


Irakli Loladze is a mathematician by training, but he was in a biology lab when he encountered the puzzle that would change his life. It was in 1998, and Loladze was studying for his Ph.D. at Arizona State University. Against a backdrop of glass containers glowing with bright green algae, a biologist told Loladze and a half-dozen other graduate students that scientists had discovered something mysterious about zooplankton.

Zooplankton are microscopic animals that float in the world’s oceans and lakes, and for food they rely on algae, which are essentially tiny plants. Scientists found that they could make algae grow faster by shining more light onto them—increasing the food supply for the zooplankton, which should have flourished. But it didn’t work out that way. When the researchers shined more light on the algae, the algae grew faster, and the tiny animals had lots and lots to eat—but at a certain point they started struggling to survive. This was a paradox. More food should lead to more growth. How could more algae be a problem?

Loladze was technically in the math department, but he loved biology and couldn’t stop thinking about this. The biologists had an idea of what was going on: The increased light was making the algae grow faster, but they ended up containing fewer of the nutrients the zooplankton needed to thrive. By speeding up their growth, the researchers had essentially turned the algae into junk food. The zooplankton had plenty to eat, but their food was less nutritious, and so they were starving.

Loladze used his math training to help measure and explain the algae-zooplankton dynamic. He and his colleagues devised a model that captured the relationship between a food source and a grazer that depends on the food. They published that first paper in 2000. But Loladze was also captivated by a much larger question raised by the experiment: Just how far this problem might extend.

“What struck me is that its application is wider,” Loladze recalled in an interview. Could the same problem affect grass and cows? What about rice and people? “It was kind of a watershed moment for me when I started thinking about human nutrition,” he said….

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Guilty Pleasure Snack

A few years back I noticed that we were going through an obscene amount of peanut butter and jelly. Since I make school lunches for my little guys, I inadvertently take inventory of household lunch foods. More than once I went to reach for the peanut butter and found the container empty in the pantry. The weird part was that it had been ¼ full the day before. I couldn’t imagine who was making THAT many PB&J sammiches in one day. I don’t recall how I figured it out exactly, but it turned out that the millennial in our house was making midnight snacks with it. He’s scoop globs of it into a bowl and eat it. Sometimes he’d dip crackers in it but sometimes, I think he just ate it with a spoon. I guess he was too lazy to pull out the bread?

It reminded me of something one of my stoner friends did back in the day while house sitting for us. We came home and found 3-4 paper plates stacked in the top of the garbage that were covered in chocolate…that apparatus to have been SCRAPED off? I smelled it and immediately knew what it was. I guess she was craving chocolate and all she could find was a bottle of Magic Shell. She poured it on a plate and froze it and then scraped it off with a spoon 🍫 😂😂😂😂

I think my most embarrassing snack is more weird than embarrassing. When I was doing a low catch diet we’d make pepperoni “nachos” in the microwave. It’s just a layer pepperoni sprinkled with mozzarella and nuked. It’s messy and oily but it’s surprisingly good and definitely quells a craving for pizza. 🍕

What’s your guilty pleasure snack?

anonymous asked:

What's your diet like? Im trying to get in shape but I don't have a lot of money to buy healthy food

Honestly you can find some really affordable options for a healthy/clean diet. 

oatmeal is a really cheap breakfast option – especially if you buy the big container of it rather than the pre packaged instant kind. Also breakfast tacos are super easy to prep and freeze at a pretty low cost – tortillas, eggs, potatoes, beans, that’s all pretty affordable stuff! 

for lunch tuna is very cheap and high in protein! I eat a lot of tuna straight from the can, or combined with some chickpeas (canned, pretty cheap!) and a drizzle of olive oil. 

dinner – most meals i eat are a variation of some lean meat + rice + veggies. If you get a big bag of rice it’s super cheap! (way cheaper than getting pre packaged flavored rice, and healthier too). Frozen chicken isn’t my fave if i can swing getting fresh chicken but it’s way cheaper and will last you a long time. and for veggies you can just buy whatever’s on sale/in season in the produce section or go with frozen veggies/canned goods to cut cost as well! just be careful of canned veggies that have lots of added salt or junk in them! 

I eat pretty basic when i’m prepping my own food and it’s honestly fairly healthy and super cheap. Courtney’s girlfriend meal preps for us a lot of times nowadays so my meals are a little more intricate but we have breakfast tacos basically every week, and meat + veggies for one meal, and usually a salad or something. Kristen is the best budget shopper even when she branches out on our menu, usually we spend about $25/per person a week on groceries which isn’t bad for basically 15 meals a person.  


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This story is new, it’s the new one that I have outlined about 12 chapters for. It will be mainly fluff with slight angsty undertones, but nothing as bad as Almost Always and Color. Please let me know if you like it. It’s AU where Penelope meets Luke about 3 years before he joins the BAU. Gif is not mine, it belongs to thylovelylionheart. 

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Do not support the Red Cross

As someone who’s been in the middle of Harvey, Ike, Gustav, Katrina, Rita and probably any hurricane that’s hit Louisiana in my life, I urge you to not support the Red Cross. Every time they’ve come to “help” they’ve made it worse on the locals and the people they’re trying to give aid to.

For this I’ll use the most recent and most appalling, Harvey. As you probably know Houston was devastated by this storm. Where I live opened up our two biggest centers for the people that the Cajun Navy and other rescuers brought in. Of course the Red Cross took over these centers and within a few days everything crumbled. 

People were I live are incredibly generous and helpful during events like this because we’ve all been through it many times. Every time there’s been a disaster in Louisiana is when you’ll see the community helping each other with anything they might need.

So during Harvey, people here were treading flood waters and gathering all of the clothes, food, and hygiene products they could find. They took all of this to the centers and they started being turned away. They didn’t want to accept clothes donations unless they were brand new, which is appalling. These people left their homes only wearing the clothes on their backs which were covered in flood water, which contains many harmful bacteria. They weren’t going to care if there’s a mustard stain on a shirt, not as long as it was clean and dry. There were people who had been there for days and didn’t have shoes. Both centers have industrial wash rooms for clothes, they could have washed them if need be. Having something is better than nothing.

The most atrocious of it all is that they wouldn’t accept food people made. People here love to cook, we’re raised doing it. Being cooped up in a house for days on end with no work and the kids missing school meant many gumbo pots were being used. These people decided to donate it to the Red Cross, and it was thrown away. Even though they didn’t have enough food to feed the people there. Popeyes, a very popular franchise, had their employees go to work early and prepare food for the people at the shelter. The Red Cross threw it all away. Other restaurants donated hot food, and it was all put in the dumpster. I understand them being skeptical about homemade food because they don’t know people’s intentions, but to turn away restaurant food is wrong. Especially for them to accept the food and then throw it in a dumpster instead of telling the business they couldn’t take the food and the business would have been able to bring it to people that needed it.

Through all of this they just wanted people to donate money. They had the news broadcasting about “families don’t want to be seen digging through clothes on a table to find new ones.” BULLSHIT, we’ve been through this before and clothes are clothes. Giving these people a voucher to Walmart isn’t going to help them when the closest Walmart is 15 minutes away and they don’t have a vehicle or a way to get there. 

I’ve heard from so many places that the Red Cross shouldn’t be trusted, but now that they’ve pulled this shit in my hometown I know better. The local sheriff’s department got the go to chase off the Red Cross, and people from all over the city brought in hot fresh food for the people there. They got them all clothes and shoes and went and bought things for these people to make sure they were at least comfortable. The state then took over and transported the willing ones and all of the pets to Alexandria to a mega shelter where they’ll have more long term care as these other two storms come to be.

If you want to help with the effects of this storm, please find better places to donate! The Red Cross is the most popular and they’re not putting that money to good use. I don’t have links of places so if any of you do please add them here for people to see. It makes me sick to see this happening and I want to do what I can to inform people.


Upcycling Jars, Bottles, and Other Glass Containers.

I cook ALOT. I’m quite proud of my little collection of herbs, spices, teas, legumes, and other dried edibles. Not so much for the actual contents, but for the fact that 90% of the glass containers were upcycled. I saved my kimchi jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, jam jars, booze jars - errrr, whatever I bum off the bartender, and etc. I especially love using the Canada Dry tonic water bottles for my spices; the wine corks I save fits the perfectly as a stopper! The rest of my containers are usually rescued from flea markets and thrift shops. 

I encourage everyone to find a place in their homes for glass packaging. Keep them out of the dumpster.

The tomato plant is native to the Andes mountains. But they were first domesticated in Mesoamerica. And the tomato does not show up in any archaeological evidence in the Andes – either as residues in food containers or as drawings on ceramics. How and why the tomato plant was domesticated thousands of miles from its homeland remains a historical mystery.

Container Gardens for Vegetables

When you can’t dig, plant a container garden!

1. Weeding is easy.

2. You can place the pots in the sunniest location that you have, even if that space isn’t conducive to digging.

3. You can use containers that you already have, or try and rustle up some free ones (just make sure that they are large/deep enough for what you’re growing, and that they haven’t been used for anything toxic).

4. Make sure to cut drainage holes in containers that don’t have them.

The best container gardening book that I’ve read so far is The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible: How to Grow a Bounty of Food in Pots, Tubs, and Other Containers by Edward Smith. He shows you how to alter common containers for drainage and self-watering, and teaches you how much space you need to grow specific vegetables.


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Reminds me of vanilla ice cream… 🙈

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