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get to know me meme [5/5] favourite bands: GLASS ANIMALS
“You see the sad in everything a, genius of love and loneliness and, this time you overdid the liquor, this time you pulled the fucking trigger.”

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Hey there, can you help me track down a reylo fic I read just before Christmas? It was an incomplete multi-chapter focusing on the force bond but a side part of the story also had Rey, Finn, Poe & BB-8 finding a disused rebel base with hidden underground tunnels. Eternally grateful!

Hey! I believe you’re thinking of The Bond That Ties Us by moontear!

Description: TLJ: spoilers! Two weeks after TLJ, Rey finds herself on an old Rebel base, trying to protect herself with the Force–but Kylo Ren finds a way to break through.

Let me know if I need to keep looking!


Okay, not to be rude, but this needs to be said.

Please stop hating on Mark. I’ve seen posts of people legitimately hating on Mark, not just ‘fishfuck needs to stop’, and it’s pissing me off. Mark is NOT being an asshole spreading 'fake positivity’. Mark is NOT being egotistical and trying 'to see how much control he has’. Mark is NOT 'only focusing on certain parts of the community’. He’s playing a GAME. He’s pulling shenanigans to fuck with the community, like with Who Killed Markiplier. It’s for FUN, it’s to get the community INVOLVED.

Mark is an amazing person. Just because you don’t like what he’s doing, doesn’t mean he’s suddenly an asshole.

That title belongs to a different Mark.

Alright, rant over, thanks.

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Wow your facts are so cool!! I love learning about everyone outside of basic history books and what the musical portrays :0 If it's not too much trouble, could I get some John Laurens facts?

Aaahhh thank you so much!! I love talking about all of them! :’) I am super excited to finally get around to some John Laurens facts! This is going to part one of two different posts, with this one focusing on his life pre-American Revolution. Enjoy, and look out for part two within the next few days! ;) 

  • John Laurens was born on  October 28, 1754, in Charleston, South Carolina 
  • His parents were Henry Laurens and Eleanor Ball Laurens
  • Both of his parents’ families grew their wealth through slavery (mostly through rice plantations)
  • Henry Laurens owned one of the largest slave trading houses in the thirteen colonies
  • So John Laurens grew up entirely surrounded by slavery
  • John was the eldest out of five surviving (anywhere between 12-14 total) children
  • (the average number of births per woman in this time period was 15, and the average number of surviving children was 8)
  • His younger siblings were Martha, Henry, Jemmy, and Mary Eleanor
  • The children were all tutored at home because Henry Laurens was hella rich and could of course afford the best tutors for his children
  • One time John sketched some turtles for a naturalist and the drawings were published in a journal alongside the naturalist’s article!!! You can see what he drew here :)
  • When John was about 16, his mother died :’( 
  • After this, John and his younger brothers were sent to England to be educated
  • (Their father stayed in London with them until 1774)
  • John was educated at Geneva, Switzerland for two years (1772-1774)
  • While he was there he seemed to have a good time!!! Or at least meet someone he really liked……. 
  • This is when he met Francis Kinloch ;)))))
  • John and Francis met in 1774, when Francis arrived in Geneva for his studies
  • It’s likely they knew each other before this, since they were both form South Carolina
  • But Geneva is where their relationship develops 
  • John and Francis had a romantic relationship ;)))
  • This seems to be John’s first relationship :’) 
  • But it was not destined to be! :’(
  • John returned to London in the later half of 1774 at his father’s request
  • John seemed to want to study medicine, but his father wanted him to study law
  • John gave in to his father and took up law :/
  • Henry Laurens then left London, leaving John in charge of his two younger brothers
  • John was very attentive to his brothers and took on an active role in their education and well-being
  • But in September 1775 tragedy would strike…… 
  • John’s younger brother, Jemmy, fell and cracked his skull open :’(
  • John wasn’t there when this happened, but he placed the blame for the incident entirely on himself
  • John was with Jemmy when he died :’( </3
  • There are multiple references in letters to the guilt John felt over his brother’s death
  • One of those letters was sent to Francis Kinloch… 
  • In general, there’s some super gay stuff in the letters between John and Francis!!! ;)))
  • The earlier letters contain much more loving language, but as time progresses, they begin to fall out with each other…
  • The main cause of the rift was seemingly their political differences…
  • Laurens was obviously a patriot, but Kinloch held loyalist views
  • Eventually, their relationship came to an end, with Kinloch likely being the one to end it
  • In a letter to John, Francis writes “I shall never forget you,” seemingly ending the relationship
  • John responded in a super passive-aggressive way omfg
  • You can read much more about these letters and their relationship here!!!
  • Around the time of their breakup, Laurens had sex with Martha Manning
  • One theory (which I believe) is that he used her either as a rebound, or a way to “correct” or forget his sexuality…… 
  • Basically, my heart breaks for John Laurens and the internalized homophobia he was dealing with oh my god :’(((
  • And my heart breaks for Martha as well, because she became pregnant… 
  • Pregnancy out of wedlock was much more common in the 18th century than we think nowadays, but it was absolutely necessary to marry before the birth or the woman’s reputation would be ruined 
  • So John Laurens wed Martha Manning on October 26, 1776, likely only to save her reputation 
  • In December of 1776, less than two months after his marriage, Laurens left for America to join the war effort
  • He was not present for the birth of his daughter, Frances
  • And sadly, he will never meet her…… :’(

This sums up part one of my IRL John Laurens facts!!! Stay tuned for part two within the next few days! Thank you for reading! <333

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I love the animation in Steven Universe, it’s so fluid and bouncy, it reminds me of old cartoons like looney tunes and other Hanna Barbara

It always reminds me of how the focus on character and making them alive is an important part of animation. I like character focused animation so much

even though a lot of flash animation and tweened animation tries to follow the rules of squash and stretching, they lack liveliness and are stiff. It’s cool to see some people in the fandom try to combine the two though!

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Hey guys, first and foremost, thank you for all the amazing work you're doing! I appreciate it hugely that you spread information that's based on science and studies. I'm writing a paper for my uni about systemic therapy for DID patients and I want to relate to the fact that a lot of systems have alters who've different kind of (inner) relationships with each other but I can't find papers/scientific sources. Do you guys know some or maybe some of your followers could help me out? Huge thanks! <3

I’m afraid we can’t help you. The ISSTD’s adult treatment guidelines state clearly that focusing on differentiation between parts or on how members of the system relate to each other can interfere with the healing process. This is a position we share and have for some time. In fact, several of our posts are focused on how the trend toward obsessing about differentiation, inner relationships, and the likes is actually detrimental to people, so I’m not really sure where you got the idea that we’d be in support of this.

If you’re struggling to find papers related to inner relationships, it’s likely because the focus on said relationships is considered to be counterproductive for people with DID and can actually make it harder to function in society. While some DID systems choose to focus on cooperation instead of integration, the course of treatment for DID repeatedly emphasizes how all alters are a part of the same whole and not individual people sharing a body. What you’re suggesting runs counter to established guidelines for clinicians.

I’m sorry we can’t be of more help.

-J (of SN)


   “This spot is probably what I’ll miss the most.” Then, upon reflection: “I’ve been happy in B.”
   It sounded like a preamble to farewells.

Call Me By Your Name (2017), dir. Luca Guadagnino


ZENxMC Series #07
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

((BUT ALSO zen heals fast wow))
sorry if it took 23984739857 years for an update :))) i got super busy at work because of the holiday sale season O(-(


I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is all right. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. And one day, you’re going to come back to this barn. And on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay. Because if you’re very wise and very strong, fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind.

it’s comeback season again!! time for drama, hello antis!!

there’s a post circulating around tumblr calling ‘pied piper’ predatory, pedophilic song and is an obvious attempt at bringing bts down because of personal reasons.

that person basically related song’s lyrics and misinterpreted them so if would fit their narrative. but in the end they were trying to show bts in a bad light and accuse them of making a song about r*pe which is so gross, i’m at loss of words.
the song relates to legend of the pied piper of hamelin. “piper was a rat-catcher hired by the town to lure rats away with his magic pipe. when the citizens refuse to pay for this service, he retaliates by using his instrument’s magical power on their children, leading them away as he had the rats.” so how could someone make it into this? i don’t know.

bts are making fun of obsessive fan culture, calling themselves the piper who lures kids. fans are the kids, leaving their responsibilities to listen to him. yes it’s a methaphor. in the song they’re basically telling us we should take care of yourselves because obsessing over them instead of living our lives won’t do us any good.

it’s criticizing fan culture, they’re “taking over” us with their music, enchant us and lead us away from our lives… because that’s what music is for, to forget about the reality for a moment. 

some people took interpretation to another level, relating absolutely everything to sex. i saw posts saying  the part “good girl” is a reference to daddy kink but they… never used that word. in the original lyrics there’s no “good girl”, it was just used by translator to keep the meaning. which is why only intl fans started this shit, not korean fans. i even saw a post relating pipe to hobi’s dick. for real.
in my interpretation this song is like a playful teasing between friends, they tell us they’re bad for us but it’s in playful tone. how often one of your friends said to you something along the lines “i’m horrible but you still love me”? exactly. 

this could also criticize the parents who don’t care for their children and that’s why it’s so easy to lure them, so easy for the kids to start living in a world of fantasy instead of the real one.

so those posts calling ‘pied piper; a pedophilic song are just poor attempts at ruining this comback. let’s not forget that people who started this aren’t even armys, they don’t care.

do you really think bts would write song that could threaten their reputation? they learned from their mistakes. do you really think they would make a song that could make a lot of fans feel bad? they care about us deeply. you can interpet this song as you want but don’t push it on other fans and don’t say things that could hurt bts, just because it’s not your favorite group. and before you start throwing accusations just please, use your head.


he’s so cute i’m going to dieee

look its hilarious either way

possibility no.1 - rian johnson stole part of his story from a popular kylo/reader fanfic because he ? couldn’t be bothered to write for himself?? also just the Image of him reading it is brilliant. like a hollywood director sat for hours reading a self-insert fic in which hes in love with a wide-chested neo-facist - horrifying yes, but really fucking funny.

possibility no.2 - rian ‘im so subversive’ johnson actually thought he could write a story no one else would possibly dream up (which is impossible for this fandom) and instead of trying to write a Good story he focused on making it Unexpected which Is Bad Writing. the hilarious part being it didn’t matter anyway because plenty of fans on the jedicouncilforums thought it up and so did this fanfic author so yeah fuck you rian johnson. retire bitch


“God is a DJ.
Life is a dancefloor.
Love is the rhythm.
You are the music.”

Bonus: Close-ups of Chully’s beauty.

Things I need to start doing in 2018

  1. Let go of negative people, those who bring you anxiety, those who make you doubt your own worth, those who make you feel insecure and those who inhibit your growth.
  2. Reduce distractions. Life is too short to waste time on short term gratification. Get rid of any social media that doesn’t actively benefit your bigger goals in life. Stop consuming mediocre enterntainment
  3. Enjoy your craft. I think I stopped loving my passions. Studying became more of a chore and so my desire to work towards my dreams declined. I want to reignite that fire in me.
  4. Get help. Whether it means going to office hours for that question on your problem set that you just don’t get or getting professional help for any mental or physical problems you might have.
  5. Read more. So cliche but probably the only cliche that’s worth being a part of. Reading will make you more focused, more intelligent and more observant.
  6. Love more. I think because of all the negativity in my life, I ended up pulling away from even those who genuinely love me. And anyway, the world is a cruel place, we need to add as much love as possible to it.

Happy new year! May you achieve all your goals in 2018.


Mal: I hit the 10 picture limit ahh, I kinda wanted to do more :P.

Because I HC Mic as genderfluid nb, I feel like he’d usually be happy to express his gender through clothes/makeup, so parts of the advice might work less well for people who want to transition etc. I focused more on self-love and finding parts of yourself that you DO like, but I definitely understand that glittery baths might be the last thing someone might want when they aren’t feeling good about their body.
I think its important to physically look after your body- one that’s hungry or tired is gonna make you feel worse. If you suffer from depression or anxiety along with dysphoria, consider meds or a therapist, maybe you can’t transition right now, but you can start doing other things to lessen your burden a bit. Exercise can help a lot too!

(also- I covered Mic dressing feminine, but for dudes/masculine people, wap out the contour kit and the eyebrow pencils, take pictures, do a makeshift cosplay, go outside in masc clothes, remind yourself how good you look)

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a ROUGH translation of Minsung’s IG post

To be honest, I believe Korea is not used to queer people yet. Due to this, the people with many identities under the title of queer often hide, or fight, or even just dont pay any attention/dont care. This kid of truth is not only “true” but also ironically there are people trying to erase the identities of queer people.

I find it so unfortunate that people have to seek the agreement of others when it is simply people loving other people, and also for reasons that we are different it makes us lower members of society. To be honest there is no reason for me to have to upload this officially but only now do i carefully voice my thoughts. Thinking on the confusing days, I wish that the word “queer” did not even exist in the world. I wondered, “how great would it be if the "rules” for loving and the world was so free that we would not even need the word “queer”.“ Because of my struggles, and the many people who where curious about my queer identity, and the people who hated me for being different from others, and the many people who asked me questions in order to help understand and find their own identities, I am uploading this in order to give strength and hope to others. Many say that there is no right answer in the world. Yes that is right. To be honest even I am in a position where I cannot fully provide the answer that I am asexual and a romantic. So I have made the decision to not be trapped in their opinions/views. That does not mean i am ignoring this important part of my identity. Since I have focused on loving myself and my sexuality, I found that the harsh words of others no longer affect me. Yes. I am not attracted to the opposite sex. As of now I am also not attracted to those of the same sex. I do not feel the need to date and I really really do not like sex. That is who I am now, and this truth is fun to me and I like it. You can do it, people like me are also living well and happily. Do not turn your ears to those words of others. You are most important and precious.

EDIT: I didn’t know he changed his name to Minsung, sorry about that!!