and flowers n shit

💐i made my first digital art thing💐

Fake Frank found some flowers and spray painted them black, (since they were way too colorful) then turned them into a flower crown for kōhe.

ok but how can ANYONE say that SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY was LACKING??? excuse me bitch did you HEAR THIS SHIT ?????????????????

//rises from the dead// DID SOMEONE SAY NURSE PAUL AU

scrapped this together v late at night, v late, and i had a nosebleed this morning too //i wonder why!!!!!!// but here are my two cents on this magnificent idea and yall can… shoot me probably lmfao

@fabpaul @glimmerkeith lemme know what yall think, man, im so. well. i typed something up here we go

im never gonna write this myself btw bc i wont be able to do it justice, so the idea is up for grabs if anyone wants it B))

moved by the death of his mother to cancer, Paul decides to follow in her footsteps and take up medicine studies, and he ends up working at a small hospital facility in London. his first few months are okay, but he’s the only male nurse there and ??? both patients and coworkers alike always have to rub it in and he’s not doing so well i guess. the only people he can be comfortable around are George //he comes and delivers cards and flowers n shit to patients often; he also works across the street so they’re pretty close// and Ringo //a regular patient; he gets sick often but he’s always rlly nice and sweet//.

it doesn’t get better when one day, a rowdy patient named John comes in to have some finger blisters treated //too much guitar playing, probably// and bursts into laughter at the mere sight of Paul. and it certainly doesn’t help when John tries to hit on him before he leaves.

Paul hopes that’s the end of it but!! John!!! keeps!!! coming!!! back!!! and he’s literally never serious about it, going as far as to one day “complain” of a “swollen penis”, followed by a quaint request for Paul to “examine” it. //that’s our Johnny, eh?// he’s really quite a troublemaker, but he doesn’t leave Paul alone for shit and Paul hates it. he keeps trying to get one of the other nurses to deal with him., to no avail—but soon enough he starts finding that bastard kind of…. endearing. //WHAT!!!??!// 

he’s pretty funny after all, and makes what would otherwise be a pretty sad job kinda fun and something to look forward to. soon enough they’re hanging out outside of work, listening to the sweetest new records and having a blast and oh they’re crushin’ for each other now okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

then one day, John comes into the hospital and is joking and laughing as usual but he’s also looking kinda pained and aching, quickly revealing the cause to Paul as some swelling on his chest

which immediately makes Paul’s blood run cold


his mother also had those

before she died.

{ H E A D C A N O N S } // Artist S/O with Levi and Connie

Request: Hello love! Hope your day/night has gone well, i am in love with your blog, found it today and im obsessed😍 may i request head canons or a scenario for either Levi or Connie with a fem s/o who loves drawing? love ya lots❤ - from @levi-the-beast
Warnings: None.
Author’s note: I decided to do both because I needed a break from working on my bigger project 🤷🏻‍♀️


❀ He first saw your drawings when he was looking through a stack of papers on your desk one day, trying to find a document that Erwin needed.

❀ He pulled out a paper, thinking that he had finally found what he needed, only to find it to be a sheet of doodled flowers.

❀ “(Y/N), what is this?”
    “Just some doodles.”
    “They’re not complete shit.”
    “Oh… thanks?”

❀ After this, he’d constantly be glancing over your shoulder at the papers that you were working on to see if it was more drawings.

❀ You noticed this as he wasn’t very subtle about it.

❀ A few days later, you’d hand him a folded paper.

❀ “What is this?”
    “Just open it.”

❀ It would be a drawing of him, just a simple sketch.

❀ But his eyes would widen and he would look up at you with the most grateful expression.

❀ It became a regular thing for you to draw him doing various things after that. The wall beside Levi’s desk quickly became covered in the abundant sketches.


❀ You’d be sitting by a window one day, peacefully doodling away when Connie would come up behind you and scare you.

❀ After you nearly fall off your chair, you would scramble back up to the table and throw your arms over your drawings in a desperate attempt to conceal them.

❀ This would obviously fail, as your less than subtle attempt would pique Connie’s interest.

❀ He’d scoop up a few of the sketches, analyzing them carefully as you’d sit there, a blushing mess.

❀ “These are nice, (Y/N). Why haven’t you ever told me that you could draw?”

❀ From then on, you’d get the odd request to draw a rather intricate penis so that Connie could hang them around the barracks as a joke.

ok look i get that violets are the Original Lesbian Flower Symbol bc sappho n shit but honestly why isn’t the iris more of a Thing in wlw culture too, considering in greek mythology the goddess iris is the literal personification of the rainbow?? plus you’ve still got purple flowers so they still fit in with the whole Lavender Menace Aesthetic

tl;dr irises are Gay, i’ve claimed them



9x06-“Heaven can’t wait”

Tips for outdoor photos with crested geckos?

Hey y’all, after this week I have a month off (yay overtime and weekends worked in the field) and I really want to take some nice outdoor, natural light pics of Nim, with flowers n shit but i am also v nervous to do so. I am the kind of person that always thinks worst-case scenario first, and i really dont wanna lose her in a tree or have her carried off by a bird lmao

Like she never seems to have an issue with light, and there is plenty of shade in my back yard where the temperatures will be perfect for her. I would obvi take her kritter keeper with me and all. But I am snervous she will bolt and I will have a heart attack because she does that like 50% of the time with no notice for no discernible reason because she’s an ass. I took her outside once for grad photos but I was handling her the whole time and she was half asleep. Maybe i will have my dad with me as back up gecko catcher in case?? soooo tips/advice?

Knock on the Door- A Killian Jones One-Shot

Title: Knock on the Door
Request: Can I get a Killian Jones imagines where the reader is Snowing’s other daughter and they are having a small get together and the reader is dating Killian, but no one knows about them. So the reader didnt invite him to the party because she doesnt want them to know about them dating. Killian thinks is because she is embarressed by him, but she is actually afraid on how her parents and sister will react to them dating. But in the end their secret is out. Make a nice ending.
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader x Snowing

Y/N and her boyfriend Killian were sitting on the couch when Y/N’s phone started to ring.
“Be quiet.” Y/N told Killian as she answered the phone.
“It’s you mother, I know the routine.” Killian said quietly.
“Hey mom.” Y/N said into the phone.
“Y/N! Tonight your father and I want you to come over for dinner. Emma will be there too.” Snow explained.
“That would be great, what time do you want me to come over?” Y/N asked.
“Around 4?” Snow responded.
“I’ll see you then, bye mom.” Y/N said as she hung up the phone.
“So I guess our plans to be together all evening are canceled?” Killian asked.
“I’m sorry.” Y/N responded, “You know I can’t just say no, but I can’t say ‘I want to bring my secret boyfriend of 6 months with me’.”
“This is just getting agravating.” Killian sighed.
“I know.” Y/N responded, leaning up to kiss his lips gently.

Later that night, Y/N was at her parents’ house with her sister for dinner.
“So what’s for dinner?” Y/N asked.
“Spaghetti.” David responded.
“Our favorite.” Emma laughed, putting her arm around Y/N.
“Yep.” Y/N smiled weakly.
“You ok?” Snow asked.
“Yea.” Y/N nodded, “I’m fine.”
“Let’s eat.” David said.

After the family had been eating for a while, there was a knock on the door.
“I got it.” Emma said, walking over to answer the door.
She opened it, “Um, Hook?”
Y/N turned pale as Killian walked in.
“Aye, hello.” he smiled, holding out flowers.
“Shit.” Y/N said under her breath.
Snow heard her, “Y/N do you have something to tell us.”
“Indeed she does.” Killian responded, “Unless she is embarrassed about me.”
“Killian you can be an ass hole, I’m not embarrassed by you.” Y/N said, “Mom, dad, Emma, I’ve been dating Killian for about 6 months.”
“Why didn’t you tell us?” David asked.
“I thought you’d hate him.” Y/N sighed.
“We’d never hate you if he makes you happy, Killian sit down.” Snow said, motioning to a chair next to Y/N.
He put the flowers down on a nearby table, “Thank you.”
Sitting by Y/N, he asked, “See now that was easy wasn’t it?”
“You’re lucky they weren’t in a bad mood.” Y/N laughed.
“It’s ok, I tend to grow on people.” Killian chuckled, “Now when ever someone calls you don’t have to tell me to shut up.”
“What?” Snow asked.
“He was at my house when you called me earlier.” Y/N responded.
“You could have just brought him with you.” David said, “Could have saved you from being all red in the face like you are now.”
“Oh shut up.” Y/N blushed, as Killian smiled at her.




so about that Monster AU here’s some sketching for character design :o

First things first, EVAN HANSEN!

K so Evan’s not a monster bc i couldn’t think of anything rly special for him so I just kinda “HEY LETS DO SOMETHING THAT’S KINDA TREE RELATED”
so alas he’s a flowery boui
he just
makes flowers n shit
some mother nature bs
lol but the thing is w/the vines on his arms (dunno why i didn’t do both arms even though that’s how it’s supposed to be lol)
It grows the flowers n shit on the vines when he’s in a good mood or smth and when he gets spooked or is angered w/e thorns in shit come out like a defense mechanism :o 
The flower in his hair closes n shit when he’s tired or weak or smth

2 pics bc im lov ?

i dont really think these out alot but anyways

Next up, the insanely cool, JARED KLEINMAN!

The mother fucker that started this shit
Okay so the reason this exists is because i wanted to make a succ joke
Basically the thing i have with him is the basic vamp shit but instead of succ-ing blood he succs the color outta bathbombs and then chucks the color-less ones at people
because jared

Next on the list, CONNOR MURPHY!

Honestly do i need to explain the Ghost shit
He’s still physically there to the fact you can touch him but he can still do that Houdini bs and make shit float, including himself.
The only thing he cant do is go through walls
bc physicality is a bitch
also i did two bc why not i like drawing connor pf

Woop galaxy gay number one ZOE MURPHY!

I mostly mae her a were wolf bc she’s one strong gal, wolves are rad as heck, and the thing of howling at moons
she is a space gay after all like pf why not
Plus i see here enjoying chasing Connor
bc siblings

Lastly, we have nerdy gay number one, ALANA BECK!

Honestly i dont have much of any reasoning behind why she’s a zombie I should thought it’d be cool and i couldnt think of anything else sdjfh
plus i like drawing it?? its p rad
the thing is 
shes a zombie w/a brain 
She tends to scold everyone and try to keep everyone civilized and calm but it’s pretty hard with the Murphy siblings hhgk



but uh
i try? idk


Plants n shit
tattoo’s & piercings
Funny text posts are alright too


Thank you.

really-bloody-tired  asked:

//rolls in// I have another one x'D How do the assassins react to having a stinking cold? Are they dying swans? Do they stuff their noses with tissues and soldier on? Do they suffer man flu? :')

This is so funny, I’m cackling.

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs


Altair: He never gets a cold.

Ezio: He’s so damn annoying- walking around all day, sneezing and coughing every sentence.

Connor: He boils flowers n shit, sniffs the steam once, and convinces himself he’s better (he’s not lol)

Edward: He just drinks till he passes out, and if he wakes up still sick, he does it again.

Arno: This man is a BABY. He stays in his bed for DAYS.

Evie: Evie pretends she’s fine until she sneezes in Henry’s face.

Jacob: He wakes up Evie because he keeps whining like a child. He makes her take care of him, otherwise he wont shut up.

Desmond: He shoves tissue up his nose and just lets it sit there all day.