and flipping it horizontally because i can

Here are some Photoshop tips and tricks that I wish I’d known when I started digital painting. The shortcuts are for Photoshop CS6, but they should be similar across versions.

  • Flip your canvas while sketching. This will make anatomical flaws painfully obvious and may help you work out areas you’re having trouble with. You may literally recoil in horror when you flip it (I know I have), but after you fix the mistakes and flip it back your drawing will look much better. (Image > Image rotation > Flip canvas horizontal).
  • Liquify is your best friend for fixing your sketch. It allows you to push and pull sections of your drawing around so you can fix little things without having to redraw them a million times. However, it will slightly blur the areas you push around so don’t use it on your final images because you’ll loose some detail. (Filter > Liquify…).
  • Adjust the brush presets for smoother lines. Photoshop’s default brushes have spacing set to 25% for some bizarre reason; reducing the spacing to 1% will give you smoother lines. (Brush panel > Spacing > 1%).
  • Rename and rearrange your brush presets. Save brush settings you like, delete the ones you don’t use, and test/rename all the brushes you download to avoid cluttering up your presets and streamline your process. Everyone loves trying new brushes, but I always end up going back to the same 5. You can also rearrange your workspace under the Window menu.
  • Blend your colours while painting by selecting the intermediate colour. Okay, everyone and their mom has probably told you that blending with the intermediate colour is far superior to the Blur and Smudge Tools. What they usually fail to mention is that you can quickly select any colour on your canvas by holding the ALT key while using the Brush Tool. (I’ve programmed one of the hot keys on my tablet to be ALT so I can select colours quickly while painting without having to switch to Eyedropper Tool or Colour Picker).
  • Use Clipping Masks to restrict your painting to a specific area. Need 12 layers to get the right skin tone but tired of erasing the edges of each one so they line up perfectly? Use a clipping mask to prevent a layer from exceeding the boundaries of the layer below it. (Layers panel > new layer > RIGHT CLICK > Create clipping mask).
  • Test your colour and tone variety by taking them to the extreme. Using adjustment layers that max out the saturation of you painting will give you a clear idea of the colours you’ve used and the overall hue of your piece. Another adjustment layer minimizing saturation will make it obvious where you need to add more light or shadow to boost your contrast. (Layers panel > Create new fill or adjustment layer > Hue/saturation… > Saturation set to +100 or -100).
  • Make your painting more cohesive with Curves. Curves will adjust the overall hue and tone of your painting, which can quickly tie all of your elements together and add atmosphere. You can also adjust Levels and Brightness/Contrast in the same way. (Layers panel > Create new fill or adjustment layer > Curves…)

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Hey guardian ty! Do u mind if I ask for some art advice?? Have you ever had the struggle of art lean? Because everytime I try to draw a face or anything it's lopsided = ^ = do you have any tips in mind to fix this??

YES oh god I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have this a little bit haha! It’s very hard to get rid of completely!

My biggest piece of advice is to change how you look at your picture, and here are some ways you can go about doing that:

  • the dreaded flip: If you’re on digital media you can flip the canvas horizontally, or if you’re working on traditional, hold your paper up to a light to look at the image reversed
  • change your angle: turn your canvas or paper, 90°, 180°. 270°, etc. Also don’t be scared to draw at this new angle too! Some strokes feel more natural or steady going a certain way, so experiment at different angles, like so:
  • (source of the gif, and a note: I know the tip shown above is for calligraphy, but it’s applicable to putting pen to paper in general. No matter what medium you’re using or what your goal is, learning different ways to master how you draw will help your construction!)
  • look at the drawing differently: zoom out, stand up and step a couple feet away from your drawing, take off glasses (if you have them), take a ten minute break etc. Remove yourself from your usual spot and give your drawing some fresh eyes.

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Usually, how do you construct a face from different angles? Like 3/4, profile and front on?

Basically, I just set the position of eyes&middle of the face and then just draw the rest accordingly. Yeah… I suck at explaining so I made a gif with my usual process so you can see:

it kind of became a love triangle at the end lmao

The hairline-eyebrows, eyebrows-nose, nose-chin distances should be about equal. Ears are between eyes and nose. The rest of the head you can just draw however you want as long as it’s not too big i guess( you can check if it looks off by horizontally flipping the layer, and if it does then just transform it until it looks good from both sides lol). Personally, I like to make the edges of the head a bit more angular because I’m really bad at drawing circles haha.

More angles:

If you can’t figure out how to draw a certain angle I recommend posemaniacs or just look in the mirror (I have a mirror on my desk just for that purpose haha). The more you draw the better you’ll get so yeah go and draw your otp kissing from every single angle you can think of ‘cause that’s always fun. ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

I hope you don’t mind if I answer the ask about hair sometimes next week, cause I get the feeling it’s gonna get long

Custom Villager Tutorial

Since alot of people asked me how I make my villagers, I decided to make a guide about the little techniques I use . But before we start just remember you don’t start with this guide. No no, this is like a advance course for those who have mastered the art of texture hacking. If you are a newbie you start here, then go here, and finally here. After you have read and understand and practice all those guides then you come here.

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Next next seventeen album will be named LIME because 17 upside down and reverse looks like LI and ME because the album is about self identity.

I read your ask so fast the first time that I thought you were talking about LIME upside down as 3W17, which…..there’s something there…

but to add on to your suggestion…who are they outside of seventeen??? they’ve been seventeen for so long that they can’t remember their lives without this band?? who are they?? *contemplates in rose quartz and serenity* damn, don’t forget us little people when pledis hires you for that concept


Castles of MLP G3

So thanks to some help from my friend, @hiagolh, I’ve managed to identify all the castles mentioned in Runaway Rainbow.

This is the map featured in the movie. Spike explains that there are Seven castle, each celebrating a different thing: Friendship, Music, Laughter, Happiness, Family, Kindness, and of course Rainbows. 

This the map that @hiagolt discovered and sent to me. I flipped the picture horizontally to better demonstrate my points. As you can see, all seven castles all featured on here. But we still don’t know which castle is which. Luckily, I’ve collected few closeups of the castles that identify which they are and have matched them up with the ones on the map above with stars.

This purple castle is the castle of Friendship. You can tell because there is a tiny word “friendship” at the bottom of the photo. The shape of the castle matches the one on the map.

This is the castle of Music because there is the word ‘music” at the bottom of the page. The colors on the movie map and @hiagolh‘s map don’t match, but if you look closely you can see that arch above the doors match.

This is the castle of Laughter. “Laughter” is written under the left turret.

This is the castle of Happiness. “Happiness” is written under the left turret.

And this is the castle of Rainbows!

Now you may be wondering, where are the castles of Family and Kindness?

Unfortunatly, I don’t know. These are all the photos of the map I could find. One thing we do know is that that Celebration Castle (the castle in Ponyville) is either Family or Kindness.

Here is an up close photo of the other mystery castle

i know everyone is doing these but fuck it blizzard gave my boy an undercut and you expect me to just sit on my ass about it??

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do you have any tips on how to draw characters symmetrically from a front view?

there’s a few ways that people tend to use! most of this will be about eyes though because i think that’s what people tend to struggle with the most 

i think the most obvious is to copy/paste the outline of the eyes, flip it horizontally, place in the right spot, and then draw in the irises where you need them! i don’t use that technique unless i’m going for a certain look/style personally but it does work for a lot of other artists! but do keep in mind that this can make a character look odd if it isn’t done right, sometimes too much symmetry in the face really takes away from the image and make a character look ‘fake’ almost

flipping the canvas as you go can really help, you can draw one eye how you like, make your best attempt at the other, and then flip the canvas and edit it as it needs, flip again, edit again, rinse and repeat until you get it right (i do this a lot of the time!)

the last thing i can think is to draw one pen stroke (face, eyes, anything that needs to be symmetrical), and then do your absolute best to replicate that stroke on the other side, then keep going like that every few strokes.. working with a circle/lines face direction guide is also very helpful and how i start out every single image i draw personally

#long post - i don’t know if this is what you wanted help with but i hope i helped with something even a little bit!! i don’t do tutorial stuff so sorry if this is a mess ajgbdskjs i did this very quickly



Released: Aug. 20, 2016
Type: Enemy
Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Time for another Super Mario RPG enemy! This stone creature can create strong gusts of wind that will blow away even the heaviest of fighters. They can also generate fields of electricity to ward off anyone that gets too close. Pinwheels make for dangerous enemies in Subspace Emissary, often found hovering near ledges and other dangerous spots.

Pinwheel is another one of my favorite enemies in Super Mario RPG, not least because of the neat little interactions it has in the game. For my model, I redesigned it as a relative of modern Thwomps, with well-defined faces and a sturdy frame. As it turns out, Pinwheels have more in common with Thwomps than I ever realized before making this model. When a Pinwheel flips horizontally, it reveals that it has a second face on its back, just like some Thwomps. The green and yellow versions are based on unused palettes found in SMRPG’s data. I can only imagine what kind of names Ted Woolsey would have given these recolors if they had been used.

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I love your work! I'm an Artist and havent completely figured Photoshop out yet any tips that could be useful?

Glad you like!

As for tips one thing i think is very useful is always flipping your canvas, but it can be a hassle having to go through the menu’s and all that to flip it. So for those who dont know or are still learning and this saved me sooo much trouble. Its important for Artists to always be flipping your canvas because it might look good one way but when you do mirror it…it can looked completely messed up. Hotkey this to make your life easier like so

- what you want to do is get whatever image and go -Edit-Keyboard shortcuts-

-When you see this Menu pop up, in the Application Menu command go to Image and look for Image Rotation - Flip Canvas Horizontal Now you need to set the Hotkey, i set mine as Ctrl+F3 just tap those keys in an once you’ve done that just apply it, accept the changes and just like that you got a shortcut

So now when you hit Ctrl+F3 you can flip that image muuuch more easily instead of going through the Menu’s. It might not seem like much but when you do this all the time it is pretty useful. Hopefully that was helpful in some way. 

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Hi! So i was wondering if you could give a few tips or like a mini tutorial on how to get a good face shapes and proportions because I always mess this up no matter how much I practice and I do the circle method and stuff but it never turns out how I picture it! your art is so good please help! Thank you! x

Faces! Well, one thing - awesome that you use the circle method! Guidelines are definitely a must, especially with faces. Second thing - art often does NOT appear on the screen/page how you initially imagined it; sometimes it is better than what you had in mind! 

The most helpful piece of advice I can suggest is to flip your canvas horizontally. If you’re on digital media this is easy, as most programs have that tool. If you’re on traditional media, just flip the page over, shine a light through it, and note any errors. I find flipping IMMEDIATELY makes any anatomical errors super obvious. Example:

And remember, most faces are NOT symmetrical. Asymmetry is a beautiful thing. Also keep in mind your character, and their traits - maybe it’s in their character to have a disproportionate face? I drew a REALLY generic “young person” anime face with no defining features (because I was lazy lol), but there are tons of styles out there that encourage anatomically atypical faces (*cough*Picasso*cough*). 

Keep practicing, and draw from life if you can!!