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My albums selection for the next week :

- JK Flesh :  Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armegeddon

- Doxa Sinistra  :  Conveyer Belt

- Odal :  Onzuiver Bloed

- Loscil  :  Sketches From New Brighton

- UnicaZurn  :  Transpordorem

- Floh De Cologne  :  Rockoper Profitgeier

- Tool  :  Aenima

- Zbigniew Karkowski  :  Choice Of Points For The Application Of Force

-  V/A  :  Queer Noises 1961-1978: From The Closet To The Charts

-  Diamanda Galas  :  Malediction and Prayer

sixappleseeds  asked:

the raven king

there’s just something embarrassing about having a series of books in which your villain pov chapters are consistently the weakest link, and then, in the last book, you’re like: what if a villain potluck

Since I am having to take a couple days off from my new projects, I figured I could post one of my older ones from 2015 from my series “American Wilderness”, which was my first solo show of my career at Roq La Rue Gallery:

“Vulpes vulpes”, 2015, Ball point pen, Ink pencils, Acrylic ink, Marker, Colored pencil, Graphite, and Gel pen  on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper, 18 ¼ inches by 24 inches (22 inches by 28 inches framed in custom black frame)

Available for purchase at