and finishing it


And thus the Deku Bowl Begins

Omgg I havent posted an @goodly-otaku inspired comic in forever! this was one of my early faves and I finally got a chance to finish it up! ah another late post rip. (im also cheating using this as an inktober rip) ;A;

I’m home! ( *¯ ³¯*)~~♡ 

baz: god i hate simon snow he’s the fucking worst

baz: *trips and eight thousand photos of simon come spilling out of his pockets*

baz: *struggling to pick them up* these aren’t mine… i’m holding them for a friend *more photos fall* guys just listen, these aren’t mine, i just- i don’t even know where these came from and - *even more photos fall* just LISTEN-

Shoot. I just thought of something fun that might not happen but imma try it anyways.


Send me some undertale skele fan kids and I’ll make a family portrait. To keep it simple, the first….uhhhhmmmm 10 if I get that many. Maybe more depending on how it goes.

Egotober, Day 16 - Rot and ruin

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Only a sketch for today too, really unoriginal as well, I’m really sorry. I got too busy with unrelated art stuff…

Robbie is another ego I haven’t drawn before and I hoped to make my first drawing of him actually decent. Too bad “decent” just doesn’t seem to work out for me lately.