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Amarte Es Un Placer (Part 4)

Summary: Soulmate AU. You and Draco share each mark, bruise, and marring on your skin. As life progresses and each mutual marking is worse, you grieve for your hurting soulmate. And he steps into your life when you least expect it.

Word Count: 2,215

Warnings: Kissing. Light smut.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: This story has truly gotten away from me and I apologize lol. But we’ve gotten somewhere :D

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It was frozen. You were sure time would be immobile for the rest of your existence, as Draco didn’t move a muscle and you mimicked his lack of movement. You had been the one to reach out for him, always. Back when you had written on your skin, right now when you realized that you had been in the company of your soulmate for the last hour. It had been you to take that first step.

And you realized that it’d kill you if you reached out to him again and he rejected you. Again. The ball was in his court now. It was all up to him. Your sanity, dignity, and whether your heart was going to be broken or not, it all rested in Draco’s hands.

It had always been like this. He had always had you. Ever since you had grown up and realized what soulmates were, how much they meant to an individual, and that you had one, Draco had had you eating out of the palm of his hand, even if neither of you were aware of it. You had been his from your first breath.

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Model!Dean and Libarian!Castiel

(Based on a post by @otpisms)

Castiel walks into work a bit earlier then needed. He starts the coffee pot, he didn’t get any sleep last night because he went on a date. ‘Today is gonna be a long day’ Castiel thought. He gets his uniform vest on and when the coffee finishes, he gets a glass of coffee.

He makes his way to his co-workers Charlie and Kevin. “Dude! Have you seen the model in the new Calven Klein commercial? He’s so handsome.” Charlie says to Castiel and Kevin.

Castiel shakes his head, “I don’t watch TV a lot so I don’t see many commercials.” He responds to the bright haired co-worker.

“Dude, he’s beautiful. I believe his name is Dean. Like- I’m not straight but I admire his looks!” Charlie chuckles. 

“Yeah I guess..’” Castiel says awkwardly.

Suddenly something grabs Castiel’s side and Castiel lets out a squeak of fear. Castiel turns around and laughs, “Dean! You scared me!” 

Dean smiles and wraps his arms around Cas’ hips, “Was it a pleasant surprise?”

Castiel just nods and hugs onto Dean. Charlie’s eyes widen and she yells out, “You’re Dean! The new model!! We where just talking about you.”

Dean smiles, “All good things I hope.” Dean lets go of Cas and his hug. “I’m glad I finally get to meet my boyfriends friends.” Dean says in a warm and calm tone.


Castiel blushes and rubs the back of his head, “Well… I didn’t know Dean was a model..” Castiel says in a cute awkward voice. 

ladyoftheshrimp  asked:

Dude! It's stupid o'clock in the morning and I'm on duty tired as anything and our phone lines are messing up. Hilarious considering this is a phone service. I would spam you with things but the app is broken so I can't. Have the image of Graves working too much and collapsing in bed like a burrito which is how Newt finds him. He wakes him up briefly to make him at least have a hot chocolate for dinner then they snuggle up and snore in concert.

Friend o’mine, I got chu. I’m going to go ahead and give Graves a quirk of mine, since I think it fits what you got above. ♡

Please forgive the historical inaccuracy (the machinery existed, but wasn’t prevalent - but whatever, it’s fanfiction anyway. XD)

Walking past his little makeshift cot in favor of climbing the ladder and going to his partner’s bed gives Newt a little thrill of joy that has not yet ceased to make itself known each and every night. They’ve been together for a few months now - and while they’re not always in the bed at the same time, Newt loves that he has someone to share it with. Thick mattress and soft blankets and plush pillows. He’s nearly salivating just thinking about it.

But as he exits his case and reaches the stairs of Graves’ home, he finds himself pausing at a peculiar development. There’s a trail of clothing leading up the stairs. It starts first with Graves scarf - limp and spiraling down the bottom first steps. Newt grabs it with gentle hands and preciously folds it before setting it to hang on the banister. Next, just a few steps up, is first one shoe - then the other. He magics them to their normal place at the door, baffled. 

Graves is a meticulous man. He has a routine that he abides by without mercy. Every evening when he comes home, he first hangs his scarf and coat on the rack, then sits on the seat in their foyer to remove his shoes and neatly set them beneath his coat. He then goes to the bedroom to finish removing any unnecessary clothing for a man at home; his vest, his socks and garters, his belt. He unbuttons his cuffs and the top few buttons of his shirt, and removes his tie - revealing creamy skin and a little wisp of hair - and carefully sets his stickpins and cuff links in their little tray. 

And then he goes to the sitting room to laze in his chair. He sips on brandy by the fire and continues to go over casework, and doesn’t make a peep of protest when Newt eventually joins him - smelling of creatures and sweat and manual labor - and slinks into his lap like a great cat. Graves just adjusts his work so that he might support Newt in his arms and still read his files. It takes soft kisses up his jaw line to coax the work away. To bring the man back home. Gentle lips against a day’s worth of scruff until finally those brown eyes, tired from so much reading, are focused solely on Newt.

But not today.

Today, Newt finds Graves’ elaborate coat sprawled on the floor at the top of the steps; forgotten. He finds next the man’s belt trailing like a great snake in the middle of the hall, his cuff links and stickpins glimmering innocently on the decorative table of their hallway - one quite close to falling off the edge. Next, his socks and garters. His vest, his shirt, his tie. 

All leading to their little nook of a laundry room. He finds the dryer door open, heat still emanating from it’s depths, and frowns.

Sure enough, he finds a familiar lump of blankets atop their bed. If not for the pale bottom of one foot sticking out (and the knowledge that Graves was rather attentive about making the bed each and every morning), Newt might’ve mistaken the lump for a heap of undone bedding and nothing more. 

Newt chuckles, a soft fondness burning away some of the exhaustion and concern from his face.

“Hard day?” He asks as he comes to sit beside where he thinks the man’s head might be tucked away. 

All that comes back is a rather un-Percival like grumble.

Newt smiles. Even from where he sits he can feel the heat of the blankets that wrap Graves up from head to toe. Steamy and delicious against the crisp fall bite slowly bleeding into the air of New York City. 

To have chosen to use their little dryer instead of magic… Newt knew the man must be exhausted. It only makes him feel all the more guilty when he gently leans over the bundle of fabrics and pries the tucked corner aside - revealing a rather grumpy looking and sleepy face.

“Have you eaten?” He asks, trying not to smile - still all too able to recall what happened the last time he dare called Percival Graves cute.

Another grumble as Graves tries to burrow his face back into the depths of his molten cocoon; grumpy, because he knows what’s surely coming.

“Percy, you must eat,” he urges gently, fingers at the man’s baby soft hair - free of pomade, he notes. He’d leave the poor man to his own machinations if he hadn’t been working himself so hard lately. If Newt hadn’t noticed the dark circles growing beneath his eyes or the way his belt had to be notched a hole tighter lately. If he hadn’t noticed the way Graves felt cold a lot, recently, or how he tired quicker. Fall was coming. The season would not wait for Graves to catch up. 

“But it’s warm now,” Graves mumbles, and if anyone were to ask he would deny it was a whine until his dying day. Gone is the normally terse director, replaced by soft human flesh and sleepy lashes and a dazed mind. It is odd, to see the man like this. It makes Newt’s chest tight.

“I’ll heat it for you again, love,” Newt promises with a fond smile. “Up you get. Dinner, and then we’ll both wrap up in some freshly heated sheets. How’s that sound?” 

Newt can’t help but laugh when Graves tries his last card and turns to better face him, a sultry (if a touch sleepy) look on his face when he purrs, “Or you could join me now.”

Newt leans in to kiss first his forehead, then both of his sleepy eyes before purring back into his mouth, “Dinner, then sleep or I’ll take the blankets for myself and leave you here to shiver.”

And when all Graves does is pout at him (another thing he would deny), too sleepy to argue, Newt chuckles and kisses him chastely. He loves this man too much to let him starve, let alone sleep with no bedfellow. 

Ah, love… 

But that’s a discussion for another time, he decides, as he takes his sleepy lover by the hand and leads the blanket swaddled director to the kitchen.

Dinner, then bed; limbs entangled, noses touching. Snoring in quiet symphony.

Height Chart Main Cast of the LLSxHarryPotter AU!


This started off as practice drawing their vests, but I kind of liked the sketches, so I decided to finish them up. 

Related, the fact that these two both wear vests is not a lazy decision coincidence! Linus just copied Benji, which he tends to do with people he admires. I’m kicking around the idea that he keeps it unbuttoned, since it seems to suit him more.

When I look at you...

Billy climbed down from the wagon, package under one arm. ‘See you Thursday,’ he called, ‘and tell Josh he won’t be pulling the same stunt as last week. We’re onto him.’

Vasquez slapped the reins and laughed. ‘He’s already thought up a new one. Prepare to be cleaned out one more time!’

Billy raised his hand in thanks for the lift and set off down the path to where the low house lay in the shelter of the cottonwoods. It wasn’t as though he needed a wagon ride from town – he was still perfectly capable of walking, but as the years had crept up, a little assistance at the end of the day was shamefully welcome.

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What if Kusakabe becomes a famous rock star and Sajo, well, he just looks good in a suit?

I had had these two drawings in mind for such a long time and two weeks ago I got around to finish them. I’m just a sucker for men in vests and leather jackets :’)
I tried Clip Studio Paint for the inking and such but I think I will stick to using Photoshop, I feel it’s more comfortable for me and, on top of that, I have lots of nice brushes~~
I also “designed“ some articles headlines, but they didn’t fit well with the style I was looking for and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

Commissions are open!

sweetpinktrash  asked:

Could I have a fluffy scenario with Ushijima and his fem s/o on their first date?

I kind of went crazy with it but hopefully the length makes up for how long it took me to get it done. I really hope you like it! It’s a blend of awkward, funny and fluff (at least I hope it is). I listened to Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen” on repeat while writing this in case you’d like a tune to set the mood.

Wakatoshi Ushijima – Fortune Favors the Blunt

Nobody is more surprised when Ushijima asks you out than him. Normally one to avoid anything or anyone that gives him a feeling of not knowing what he’s going to do, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to you. It starts off subtle, as these things often do, with his eyes consistently shifting to you in class. Every time he catches himself staring at you, he whisks his attention back to the front of the room but even then, he’s distracted just by the thought of you.

Eventually he gives into the inevitable; he may be stubborn but he’s not stupid.

“______-san,” his deep voice rumbles one day after school. He’s on his way to the gym when you cross his path. Inevitability or not, there’s no way he’d be late for practice looking for you but he’ll take fortune where he can find it.

You almost drop your books in surprise at being addressed directly by the huge volleyball player. Turning around and craning your neck upwards you ask, “Yes?”

“I really like you, go out with me,” he says. It’s not a question, it’s a statement.

Beside him, Tendo doubles over with laughter. “Wakatoshi, that’s not how you get a girl to go out with you!” he exclaims throwing an arm around his blunt friend. “You have to ask her,” he mock whispers to him, casting a side wink in your direction.

The attention this whole scene is garnering is making you rather uncomfortable so to avoid further embarrassment you say, “Ok, Ushijima-san, um,” you pause ripping a piece of paper from your notebook. Scribbling your number down you hand it to him, Tendo’s mouth falling open as you say, “Call me.” Then you scurry away, completely convinced the past five minutes had to be a figment of your imagination.

Behind you, Tendo, still slack jawed, looks at his friend in awe. “Then again, maybe it is how you get a girl to go out with you.” Ushijima is unaffected, turning on his heel to head to practice.

Later that evening, your phone rings, a number you don’t recognize flashing on the display.

“Hello?” you answer

“______-chan,” comes the reply. “It’s Ushijima,” he adds completely unnecessarily.

“Oh…hel…hello,” you stammer, clearly shocked he actually called.

There’s a moment of silence, which really shouldn’t surprise you considering who you’re “talking” to; maybe you should have suggested texting. Clearing your throat, you try to get the conversation going. “So, um, thanks for calling. I…I didn’t really think you would.”

“Why wouldn’t I call? You gave me your number in order to,” he asks confused.

“I know! I…it’s just that usually when guys say they’re going to call, they don’t.”

“That’s stupid,” he says simply and you can’t help but laugh.

“Yeah, you’re right it is. Um, anyway, did you…did you have an idea of where you wanted to go for a date?”

There’s another pause. “A date?” he asks.

Now you’re the one confused. “Well, yeah, you asked, er, um, told me to go out with you, so…did you have anything in mind?”

“You misunderstood, when I said go out with me, I meant be my girlfriend. Isn’t that what that usually means?”

The phone slips from your hands, shock rendering your limbs temporarily paralyzed. From the ground, you hear his voice calling for you, but you can’t move. With no warning, no indication of ever liking you at all, he just…wants you to be his girlfriend?

“______-chan?” Wakatoshi tries again, bordering between irritation and concern; is the idea of exclusively dating him that bad?

Finally, you come back on the line, voice shaking a bit. “Um…Ushijima-san, why…why do you want me to be your girlfriend?”

He doesn’t have to think long on his answer. “I don’t know, I just know I want to be with you.”

An incredulous laugh escapes your lips; this is all just too surreal. Shaking your head, you’re just about to tell him you don’t think that’s the best foundation to base a relationship on when you stop. When is the last time you’ve taken a risk? And what better time than now? It’s your third year and you’ve only ever dated one other guy, one who told you all the reasons he loved you only to end up breaking your heart in the end by cheating on you. At least with Ushijima-san you’ll have full disclosure.

“Ok,” you say before you can convince yourself not to. “Ok,” you repeat, “I’ll consider being your girlfriend, but on one condition.”

“And that is?” he asks.

You have no idea where this sudden bout of confidence is coming from but you’re determined to ride the wave as long as possible. “You have to take me on a proper date first, then we’ll see.”

For a moment, Ushijima is at a loss. Why didn’t anyone ever tell him dating would be this difficult? Granted, he’s never asked anyone about it before but still. But he knows, without understanding why, that he wants you to be his, so he’ll do what it takes to make that happen.

“Alright, I’ll take you out Saturday night,” he replies.

“Sounds great,” you say smiling. After another pause you add, “Well, I better get going. Homework to do and all that, but I’ll see you tomorrow at school…Wakatoshi-kun.”

He’s not sure why it is that you saying his first name makes him blush, but Ushijima can feel his cheeks heating up and is eternally grateful you’re not having this conversation in person.

The rest of the week passes uneventfully, no one (save Tendo) the wiser of the change in your relationship status since, technically, nothing has changed between the two of you except the fact that you’re going on a date this weekend.

“Sooooo,” Tendo says Friday afternoon in the locker room, “where are you taking _____-chan tomorrow?”

“Dinner and a movie,” comes the quick reply.

Tendo yawns dramatically. “Boooorrrringgg!”

Wakatoshi looks at his grinning face. “Well then, what would you suggest?”

Slamming his locker door, the red head then leans against it. “Look, she said this date is conditional of her becoming your girlfriend. If you’re serious about this you’re going to have to up your game.”

A sudden feeling of doubt overcomes the ace; what the hell was he thinking?

“Don’t panic, your best buddy is here to rescue you from dating ineptitude,” Tendo says following him out of the locker room.

“But you’ve never had a girlfriend,” Wakatoshi says.

“Tch, doesn’t mean I don’t know what to do,” he says wiggling his eyebrows.

The next day you are bouncing around the house, completely excited, nervous, anxious and…hopeful. For the whole week, you’ve struggled with whether to call this whole thing off, but your girlfriends insisted you at least go on the date; the guy deserves that much they reminded you.

In the afternoon, you receive a text from Wakatoshi advising you to dress nicely but warm. After going through your entire closet, you decide upon a knee length grey skirt with blue leggings, black ankle boots and long sleeved white shirt, a black vest over it. Finishing your hair and makeup, you take one last look in the mirror; well, it’s as good as it’s going to get.

A knock at the front door has your heart racing. Rushing from the back of your house, you open it to reveal Wakatoshi with a bouquet of daisies which he thrusts a little abruptly at you.

“Thank you,” you say, placing them in a vase of water. Now that the flowers are out of your field of vision you see he’s clad in dark jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and maroon jacket.

“Ready to go?” he asks and you nod, following him out the door.

You walk down the street in silence, heading to a bus stop. When it arrives, you climb on and take seats next to one another. The silence is slightly awkward but you know Wakatoshi enough to not be surprised by his lack of conversation skills; he doesn’t speak that much and when he does it’s often in quick, concise sentences.

When you arrive to your destination, he stands and you follow him. Surprise registers on your face when you see you’re at a large park, a gigantic lake spread in the center. Wakatoshi is walking slightly ahead of you, his long legs and quick strides making it hard for you to keep up. To his credit, he does notice and slows down, coming to a stop and looking at you. In silence, he reaches out his hand to you. After a moment’s hesitation, you take it, your hand being swallowed into his. You can feel the callouses built up over years of hitting a volleyball, you’re sure, hundreds of thousands of times.

Walking a bit slower, the two of you make your way to a dock and his intention becomes clear; you’re going in a paddle boat. Paying for the rental, Wakatoshi gets in first, turning to assist you. Both of you blush slightly when he has need to touch your waist to make sure you don’t fall over. Once you’re seated, he settles next to you and you both begin pushing on the peddles, the boat coasting out towards the center of the lake.

It’s lovely here, sakura trees releasing their petals which float through the air and land silently on the glass like surface of the water. Above you, the stars are starting to wink and twinkle, the moon a half crescent but bright.

After peddling for a while, you decide to stop, looking up to enjoy the night sky. Glancing at him from the corner of your eye, you smile; he may not say much, but his efforts thus far have impressed you.

Deciding you should put in a little more effort too, you say, “You know, we don’t really know that much about each other. So how about we play twenty questions? Answer one, ask one?”

“I don’t think I’ll come up with very good questions,” he says.

“Nothing says they have to be clever,” you say lightly, “Just ask things you want to know about me.”

Thinking it over, he realizes you’re right and nods his agreement to your suggestion.

By the end of the game he’s properly fallen for you, learning about your love of animals and dream to be a veterinarian, the fact that you’re a pretty good cook and enjoy comedy movies over any other genre. You learn about his family, his ambition to play professional volleyball (not surprising at all but you are surprised by the level of detail he went into once he really got going) and that he enjoys reading mysteries when he has the time.

“This was a really great idea,” you say with a soft smile.

He wants to confess it wasn’t really his, that Tendo was the one who found out about this place but thinks it better not to; you look so happy.

“I’m glad you like it,” he says instead.

When the temperature shifts downward a few degrees and you shiver Wakatoshi takes off his jacket, draping it over your shoulders.

“We should probably head back,” you say and he nods. You get the boat turned around and return to the dock. Wakatoshi gets out first after it’s secure, leaning down and extending his hand to you to help you out. You grasp his hand, but as you step you slip, careening forward. Were he not there, you’d probably have banged your knee up pretty bad but his strong arms and quick reflexes are more than enough to pull you to safety; which means you’re clasped in a full Wakatoshi embrace.

Looking up at his face, you smile and say, “Thanks.”

He swallows, his blush returning due to the proximity of your face to his. Unthinkingly, he leans down further, lips hovering over yours, eyes almost closed. Deciding to risk it, he continues downward, kissing you very gently. When he pulls away, your eyes are shining, your own cheeks sporting a beautiful, natural rouge.

“So, does this mean you’ll be my girlfriend?” he asks.

“Yes,” you breathe, “yes, Wakatoshi-kun, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

When he smiles, you think your heart is going stop but don’t have time for further consideration of your impending cardiac arrest since he’s kissing you again, a bit firmer, a bit longer and oh my, you now know that while his mouth may not expel many words, it is exceptionally talented in communicating passion.