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I would really like that the mr. sugden mr. dingle thing becomes like a pet name. Is that weird? Because I can't imagine an other pet name for them that would fit with the characters but the surname thing is something that's totally them!? And also they like to reminding each other that they're husbands with this. I just find it so cute and fitting. x

Anon is2g, I 100000% agree. We can definitely count Mr Dingle/Mr Sugden as pet names already, right??? And like, same, I could never imagine them using pet names before, but oh my god, those names are so perfect for them and adorable and charming and ahehdhdj I’m so here for that being a thing between them.

Also, it makes them not changing their names even more perfect and ahhhh, honestly, I just completely get where you’re coming from. This is one of the best gifts Maxine ever gave us tbh.

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“ let’s just kiss already. ” for Rose x Cullen for DWC :D

tAww my bebs. I’m just drunk enough to have forgotten how the alphabet works (couldn’t find Whip It in my husband’s carefully organized DVD collection), so it’s time to start writing.

Rose/Cullen for @dadrunkwriting

The chess game is dragging out longer than they usually go. Rose sits with her chin propped on her fist, elbow on the table, staring at the board with barely concealed boredom.

Cullen doesn’t seem to notice. He takes his turn with the confidence Rose has come to expect from him, moving his rook across the board for no reason she can easily determine.

She frowns a little, adjusting her hand so she can bite down on her pinky nail so she can think.

She hasn’t won a game since their first one together, and it’s starting to get… irritating. She sighs heavily.

“Cullen?” she glances up at him from under her eyebrows, poking at her knight with the pointer finger of her free hand.

His eyes flick up to meet hers, eyebrows raising. “Hmm?”

“Can we just… kiss already?” To her credit, her cheeks don’t heat at the question the way they might have once.

Cullen’s do. “I, ahh…” he stammers out part of an answer, moving to rub at the back of his neck. She moves when he isn’t paying attention, and smiles up at him. “I don’t, uhh…”

“If you don’t want to, that’s okay,” she says, then leans back. “It’s your turn.”

Cullen barely glances at the board before moving his next piece. “It isn’t that I don’t want to…” Rose moves again as he’s pushing through an excuse. “I just… there are a lot of people in the garden.”

She motions for him to take his turn, and he does. She takes hers, putting her in position to put him in checkmate in just another move.”

Cullen rubs at his stubble with his fingers, rasping across his face as he stares at Rose. His face is still a little red, but he makes the move she wants him to. “Perhaps after this, we can return to my office…”

He trails off and stares blindly as she moves her bishop into position, pinning his king into its square. 

“Checkmate!” She tries to keep from gloating, she really does, but she can’t quite manage it.

He glares at her for just a minute before his face breaks out into a smile.

“Well in that case.” He stretches his arm out to her, and she lets him take her hand and pull her around the table to his lap.

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Prompt where Lyanna and Elia raise their three children together because Rhaegar has disappeared and he shows up again during a Stark/Martell family reunion to find both his ex-lovers are together?

(hi anon for the part where I’m filling old prompts that y’all thought I forgot: have fun)

It’s probably very cliché that it starts when they literally crash into each other at the supermarket.

Or better: Elia’s cart crashes against Lyanna’s while she’s distracted because her eldest daughter is running off towards the sweets counter, and Lyanna is just glad she had her own kid on her back and not in the front.

“Sorry,” Elia tells her, “you know how it is with -” she says, and then she never finishes the sentence.

Lyanna imagines why - finding yourself in front of the woman your ex-husband had a fling with, who caused your split and who also has a kid from that same ex who has also conveniently vanished into thin air before he was born is probably not what Elia had in mind for today.

“Er,” Lyanna says, “no problem. I know.”

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About Uruha's married, believe it or not, if you see from the source about Uruha's wife blog you will find one T-shirt that her husband used exactly the same with the one that Uruha wear in rehearsal part of the Dogmatic Trois DVD, the black t-shirt with shouting male faces in white and red color..

T-shirts are produced in mass… just saying lol

(Even I can get same t-shirts Aoi has and make a friend of mine to wear it and then say Aoi’s my boyfriend xD)

Queens were expected to marry and bear children for their kingdom. Sansa Stark was no different. She was Queen of the North and she ruled over all of the houses that occupied that land. All twelve houses had pledged their loyalty to Sansa the day she returned to Winterfell and Sansa made sure to rule over them fairly yet sternly just like her father had before her. But even she was not free from the duties that were expected of a Queen. It was decided that she had to find a husband who could give her heirs and who could help her control the North.

It was one of her most trusted lords who suggested that Sansa find herself a foreign husband. It would help her forge bonds with other countries just in case anyone decided to invade Winterfell. There were plenty of clans and houses willing to wed their sons to the Northern queen. Even though she was being forced into this whole affair, it was up to Sansa to make the final decision. After much debating and pondering, Sansa finally decided to just wed the eldest son of this unknown clan and be done with it. She wrote the letter to them herself. The last thing she wanted was for others to think that she was a weak queen who had others speak for her. No, she would let them know that she was strong, that she would never be cowed and she would never submit to any husband no matter who he was.
Donald Trump Can't Get Anyone to Perform at His Inauguration, Idina Menzel Suggests He Sings Himself
“Maybe he’ll just have to sing something himself. He probably thinks he has a great voice."

“I think it’s karma, baby,” the voice of Elsa from Frozen told Vanity Fair. “I mean, look: All the artists in the world got up and tried to get our girl [Hillary Clinton] elected, and it still didn’t happen, so we’re all still trying to recover from that.”

Idina suggested that if Melania’s husband couldn’t find anyone to sing at his little party, that maybe he might do it himself? “Maybe he’ll just have to sing something himself. He probably thinks he has a great voice; he thinks he does everything great.”

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.


1 and 13 are repeats in different sizes
and 10 and 17
and 2 and 11
and 3 and 8
and 7 and 16 also 7 is framed
4 and 15 AND 18 are repeats, and 18 is in the same picture frame as 7 which means yuuri regularly switched out what framed photograph of viktor nikiforov he had on his desk
QED it’s possible yuuri had even more prints hidden away somewhere waiting for their turn in the frame of honor and also yuuri collected pictures of viktor indiscriminately so his idol could smolder at him from every corner of his room


Christmas Day: Surprises (Newt X Reader)

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IT’S MOTHER FREAKING CHRISTMAS TIME, CINNAMON BABES! This is my Christmas gift to you loyal cinnamon rolls. You guys are my gifts, I cannot believe how many reblogs, likes, and followers I have. Thanks sososo much!

~She-who-nailed-it 🎁🎅🏻🎄

Warnings: If Christmas stories could kill, it’ll be this one. Read with caution. Also I write like Newt, Tina, Queenie, you and Jacob all live together. If you think it’s stupid, you don’t have to read it.

Yes you may reblog, no you may not repost without my permission.


Newt woke up to the sound of you thundering down the hall. Jacob rolled around in his bed and groaned. “Lord…” He mumbled, hiding deeper into his covers.

You opened the door to Newt and Jacob’s room and roared, “GET UP YA FILTHY NO-MAJES!” You jumped onto Newt’s bed, causing Newt to have a mini heart attack.

Newt basically had a mini heart attack no matter what you did. Even when you so much as calmly entered the room. Yeah. He was screwed. So terribly. He actually liked you. Something about your hyper attitude and sass drew Newt to you. Normally people like you annoyed Newt, but even with your sass and no filter, you were sweeter than sin and chocolate.

“C'mon, Newt!” You shook Newt and then jumped off his bed to go but Jacob. “Jacob! Christmas!”

“Aren’t you a little too old to get so excited?!” Jacob demanded, trying to pull the covers over his head.

Newt sat up, observing you. That was another thing he liked about you. You were so enthusiastic about everything. It was utterly adorable.

“Don’t be a cloudy day!” You giggled, grabbing Jacob’s pillow and hitting it over his head. “Get. Up!”

Jacob bolted up and hopped out of bed. “Okay okay! I’m up, you slave driver!” He smirked in good nature and patted your head, as he yawned and walked off to the bathroom.

“Are you coming too?” You said turning to Newt, smiling innocently at him.

Newt felt butterflies in his stomach. “Y-yes! Of course! Y/N, I had something to t-tell you, actually,” Newt rubbed his neck and looked down at his covers. “You see… ah never mind. It’s not that important.”

You looked at Newt, giving him a puzzled look. “You can tell me later, okay? Promise me,” you added on at the end, taking his hand and pulling him out of bed.

Newt blushed at the physical contact. He nearly jerked his hand out of yours, but he allowed you to drag him into the kitchen.

Since all five of you were on a pretty tight budget, you couldn’t all really get each other individual gifts. So around Thanksgiving you did name draws and got that person a special gift.

You entered the kitchen, stilling holding Newt’s hand and standing awful close to him. Queenie noticed the two of you and smiled a big smile. “Well hello, Honey!”

Newt rubbed his chin, pretending to be thoughtful and let go of your hand. He gave a silent pray and hoped Queenie wasn’t reading his mind. “Merry Christmas to you too, Queenie,” Newt coughed. His eyebrow twitched upwards as he gave an awkward glance at Queenie. Crap. She was looking at Newt, her eyes piercing his mind.

Once everyone sat down at the table and had his or her choice of drink, they exchanged the gifts.

You looked at the package, it was messily wrapped and said, “From Newt. To Y/N.” You tore it open to find a finely knitted sweater. Not a chunky ugly sweater, but quite finely knitted, with soft burgundy yarn. It was stunning and so soft. “Oh, Newt! Where did you get this?!” You gushed out, running your hands on the sleeves.

Newt gave a small smile. “I knitted it…” He avoided your eyes, expecting you to laugh and make fun of him and then ask him where he really got it.

“You knitted it?! You know how to knit?” You awed. Newt prepared himself for the embarrassment. “That is so adorable and neat!”

Newt looked at you in surprised. Did you just say it was adorable and neat? Newt flushed at the compliment. “I-it’s really nothing. M-my mum taught me how to knit when I was younger.”

You slipped the sweater over your thin shirt and smiled down at it. Newt looked at you. You looked so cute. He couldn’t take his eyes off you, and Queenie knew it. The sweater was loose and big on your body, but it still managed to look elegant.

The others opened their gifts, Newt got a water colored book on mythological creatures from Tina, you got an adorable tea cup set from Jacob, Queenie got new fabric for sewing from you, and Jacob got a new watch and pastry book from Queenie.

Once all the gifts were unwrapped, Queenie and Tina started preparing for breakfast, while Jacob made some special treats from his new book. Newt had taken you by the hands and led you into the tiny pantry, away from the noise but in ear shot in case you two were needed.

“Newt,” you said smiling up at him. “I love my sweater. It… It smells like you!” You blurted out.

Newt, who was still holding both your hands panicked, “Oh I am so sorry! I swear I washed it! I don’t know why it smells like me, I am really sorry!” Newt’s face was filled with worry, as he look so apologetic.

“No no!” You hastily said, trying to calm the frantic Newt. “It smells like you, yes… But it smells good. It smells a bit like cinnamon.” You let go of Newt’s hand to pull up the turtle neck and inhale it.

“C-can I—will you allow me to hug you?” Newt questioned. He almost sounded like he was begging like an adorable puppy.

You looked at him, blinking. Then you threw your arms around Newt’s neck and pulled him in for a big hug. Newt wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close, smiling to himself.

You inhaled Newt’s scent. He smelled faintly of cinnamon and cloves. “You smell nice,” you said, running your hand through Newt’s hair.

Newt tensed up at the touch, but soon relaxed, as you methodically rubbed his head and gently combed his hair with your hand. Your head rested perfectly in the crook of Newt’s neck. Newt buried his face in your neck and you gave a giggle. “This is a great Christmas!” You said smiling, as Newt rubbed small circles on your back with his thumb.

You were startled apart by Queenie opening the door to the pantry. “Oh, am I interrupting something?” She said, looking mildly surprised and at the same time not.

Newt chuckled, but his face was red. “Not at all, Queenie!”

Queenie grabbed the sugar and waved her hand elegantly. “Don’t mind me, love birds!”

She left you and Newt just staring at each other. A small smile crept into Newt’s face. “Can I have another hug?” Newt requested.

You smirked back. “Only if you teach me how to knit,” you decided, grinning at shy man.

“It’s a deal, Y/N,” Newt agreed, wrapping you up in another warm hug. “Merry Christmas, Y/N…”

Newt and Tina
  • Mrs. Scamander: So how did you two meet? *props hand on chin*
  • Tina: Uh
  • Newt: Err
  • Both: *flashback to the time in the alleyway arguing and being dragged to MACUSA*
  • Newt: It's a long story
  • Tina: Yeah, long enough to be a movie