and finally it all came down to one choice

Why People Fall In Love

Muses: Jeon Jungkook.
Words: 4.7k words of cringe worthy fluff.
Type: fwb!au + fake dating!au
Note: This is another my ‘to be posted’ scenarios, posted.  Yay. :D

+ An agreement to become Jungkook’s fake girlfriend and a trip back to his hometown lets you see more of the Jeon Jungkook who you think is only made of Friday hookups and boyish charms.

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“So let me get this straight, your brother’s bringing his girlfriend home for dinner this weekend and you ‘sorta’ blurted out that you have a girlfriend too just because you want to prove that he’s wrong about you not being able to keep a girl?”

Sheepishly, Jungkook smiles and rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, sorta.”

At his nonchalance, you lightly smack his chest; it’s not like he’s going to feel anything if you straight out punch him anyway. “He’s totally right!”

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Come Here - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Can you write one where you think jughead looks amazing in the south side jacket and you let him know and you always pull him by the jacket to kiss him

A/N — I could not get over this request, that finale episode of Riverdale last night FUCKED me up so bad like… can Jughead not get any hotter it’s great and I’m actually loving it. Also, this contains spoilers (duh) since it’s based on episode 13 so if you haven’t watched it yet I’d recommend not to read it if you haven’t watched it yet. Anyway I hope you enjoy this imagine and it may or may not turn into some sort of smut (?), and I’ve changed this up a bit so I hope you don’t mind.

Words: 1050

Warnings: Heavy make out

(Y/N) , (Y/L/N) , (H/C) , (E/C) - Your name, your last name, hair colour, eye colour.

Riverdale was finally coming to a peace. The mystery of Jason Blossom’s murder finally came to a close and all was calm. (Y/N), Jughead, Archie, Betty and Veronica all sat in a booth at Pop’s sipping on a milkshake flavour of their choice. This whole year, you and Jughead got closer and closer due to working on the case with him and the rest of the gang trying to figure out the murder of Jason. Spending long hours alone with you and your crush at the Blue and Gold after school made you really realise your feelings about him and how it affected you. One night, (Y/N) and Jughead stayed together investigating down at Sweetwater River and shared a kiss since the two of you knew that there was sexual tension was there with them. Ever since that incident they haven’t touched each other since. Sure, every time they have a moment alone they always wonder who’s leading who first, but the both of you were two shy at that moment.

After Pop’s, Archie walked Veronica, Betty went home to join her family for dinner and Jughead took (Y/N) to his FP’s house in the Southside. When Jughead broke the news to everyone that he got transferred to Southside High and live with his new foster family instead of living in Riverdale with Archie and his dad. Everyone was shocked and devastated by the news but not as much as (Y/N). So this was her only chance to try express her feelings towards him before he leaves since she doesn’t know when she’ll ever see him again. He bent down to the doormat in front of the door, picking up a key and digging it into the door. The house was still knocked around and ruined since he last came and had his breakdown, making Jughead get chills. You knew something was bothering him, so you walked over and held onto his arm.

“Hey Juggie, are you okay?” You asked him, looking up into his green eyes with your (E/C) ones. He sighed deeply, taking off his familiar crown-shaped beanie and throwing it to the ground.

“I don’t know, I mean… I’m not feeling it. This place just reminds me of him, y’know. This may be my last time ever coming here, (Y/N), since I have no idea how long my dad will be in jail for and I’ll be living with my foster family.” He brushed a hand through his hair as he explained to her the situation. He sat down on FP’s couch, holding his face in his hands as shortly after, you joined him.

“H-Hey, Jug? Since this may be the last time I talk to you for a while, God knows how long, I just wanted to get something straight. Since we kissed at Sweetwater River that one night, I literally have not stopped thinking about you. I’ve had this feeling about you for, I don’t know, months now. You make me so happy every time I see you and it makes me smile knowing that you actually acknowledge me. I guess,” (Y/N) paused. “I guess I love you, Jughead. I love you, Jughead Jones.”  You finally admitted. He stared at you, before you noticed his lips creep up into a smile as he scooted over to you, placing his hand on yours as he stroked his thumb against your soft skin.

“I love you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He smirked at you, making you bite your lip. And just like that, you found your lips back on his once again. The familiar sensation running through your body sent tingles down your spine as it did for him as well. He moved his hand from yours to your left cheek as the kiss deepened. You felt yourself smile in the kiss as your tongues intertwined.

As the two of you both pulled away, he smirked leaning over and pulling you onto his lap and kissed you passionately once again in his arms. You pulled his face against yours again connecting each others lips. He moved his hands to grip onto your shirt clinging at your waist as your tugged on his hair. A small groan escaped his lips, easily turning him on. He then picked you up, pushing your back against a wall as he held you up, quickly after attaching his swollen lips back at (Y/N)’s matching ones. As you tipped your head back, he kissed his way down to your neck, nibbling against your collarbone making a moan escape your lips. In the middle of leaving his mark against your burning skin until a loud knock interrupted your heavy moment, breaking up the intense moment. Jughead quickly put you down as he fixed his clothes, walking towards the door and opening it.

As (Y/N) waited for him to be finished, she quickly stood up pulling her jacket over her body as she waited behind the door to find a returning Jughead, holding his fathers Serpent jacket. He shut the door, staring down at it.

“Is it your dad’s?” You asked in curiosity. Jughead simple just nodded, still scanning his eyes over the embroidery stitched into its leather.

“Should I?” He turned his gaze to settle on her, wondering if he was to wear it. “The Serpents dropped by and gave me it. They have my back, (Y/N), does that make me one too?”

“Jug, if you want to join The Serpents that doesn’t make you a bad guy. Stop worrying, at least try on the jacket!” She gushed over him, leaning against the wall as she watched him.

Jughead stared down at the jacket, taking in it’s final details before slipping it onto his broad arms, turning to look at a mirror as he adjusted it, a smirk falling onto his lips as he turned back to look at you. “So, how do I look?”

(Y/N) smirked, taking herself off the wall as she bit her lip, strutting over to him.

“I’m loving this bad boy Jughead Jones, hopefully I get to see him more often. Come here.” She smirked back at him, pulling him to her by his jacket and leaned up to finish where they left off.

A/N — So this didn’t exactly fit the request, so hopefully this can be a part 2 sometime when I get some time to write it where the reader pulls him around by his jacket because it’s so hOt. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this imagine although I rushed the fuck through it so please don’t mind me.

Perfect is boring.

Author’s note: so I’ve recently fell straight down the deep deep rabbit hole that is Wanna One and even went as far as to show my mom and she was like “dang he cute” and i was like “i know, right?” and so this boy has been on my mind all day and i needed to vent a little but then i felt a little angsty so… there. So this is really short. Also it’s the first thing I’ve posted in a while so please be gentle. Enjoy!

Genre: fluff kinda, really corny

Members: Ong Seongwoo (Wanna One)

Word count: 770.

Summary: Being in a relationship with a trainee is hard. Being in a secret relationship with an idol is worse. But being in a public relationship with one? Absolute sweet torture.

Originally posted by onqs

          Your relationship had become your own personal hell. Before you went public, you felt suffocated not being able to go out in public with the person you loved. Not being able to do what normal couples did. After your relationship had been plastered all over the tabloids, you had no choice but to come forward and admit to everything. For a while, you thought that everything was going to be ok. You finally went on dates outside, held hands in front of everyone and boasted to your friends about your relationship. You finally felt free. But then everything came crashing down when you went online one lazy afternoon. It had only been two weeks since you went public with your relationship and you hadn’t thought about the fans’ reactions. His fans. The freedom you had once felt was replaced by the unbearable feeling of being suffocated by the nasty comments. 

“How dare they lay hands on him?” “Who do they think they are?” “They’re not even that good looking, like wth Seongwoo oppa deserves so much better.” “Are they trying to ruin his career?" 

          The couch you were sitting on felt like it was swallowing you up. The world around you was shrinking and the walls of your apartment felt like they were closing in on you. Your relationship had gone from being you own personal hell, to being your little corner of paradise, to being the prison you were agonizing in. It wasn’t fair that you had to question everything about your relationship because of some strangers you had never met. Was being in the limelight synonym of abstinence to these people? Did following a career in the spotlight mean you had to give up on any kind of intimate relationship? You threw your phone to the other side of the couch, bringing your knees up. You stayed there, hugging your knees for what felt like hours, staring at the blank wall in front of you. Your mind kept racing. What were you to do? You thought you were in a happy place but knowing people out there were having those thoughts about you was killing you inside. Knowing you could bring harm to the only person you truly cared about devastated you. Silent tears rolled down your cheeks as you saw the door to your apartment open. You knew you should have gotten up. You knew you should have gathered the strength to go to him and forget about those nasty comments but you couldn’t. You stayed there, immobile, completely quiet as Seongwoo, seeing that something was clearly wrong, rushed to your side in an instant. He smoothed down your hair gently, wiping away the lonely tear that left your eye as he came into view. Seeing him hurt even more. Seeing him hurt because he made you so happy but you couldn’t help but feel like you were holding him back. Like you were forcing him to settle, for you. And it tore you apart. He stayed there, kneeling in front of you for a few seconds, leaving you enough time to explain if you wanted to. Your attention finally moved from the spot you had been fixated on and you met his eyes. Tears had started to form in his beautiful brown eyes and you couldn’t help but feel guilty. A tired smile appeared on your face as you brought your knees back down and opened your arms wide. It didn’t even take him a second to hug you as close as he could. You could feel his heart racing and you slowly exhaled, gathering the courage to explain everything to him. You backed away slowly, looking at him straight and brushed a small strand of hair from his forehead. That’s when you realized something. Looking straight at the man you loved, that’s when you knew. You didn’t need to explain anything. You didn’t need to pay attention to those comments. You didn’t need anything, anyone other than him. "I love you.” You whispered. You were so helplessly in love with this man, you couldn’t understand how you could have possibly thought of your relationship as a prison. “Are you alright?” his voice was soft and soothing. You nodded slightly, only looking at him. “I am now.” And you knew you were going to be ok. And so did he. No matter what other people thought of you, no matter what others said of your relationship, it was yours. And yours only. It wasn’t perfect, it was never going to be but that’s what made it so beautiful. That’s what made it worthwhile.

MBTI + The Mountain Goats songs (ie the types plus failing relationships/being sad)

ENFP: Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1

Make up magic spells / We wear them like protective shells / Land-mines on the battlefield / Find the one safe way / And stay alive 

ENTP: Heretic Pride

I want to cry out / But I don’t scream and I don’t shout / And I feel so proud to be alive / And I feel so proud when the reckoning arrives   

ESFP: Dilaudid

If we live to see the other side of this / I will remember your kiss / So do it with your mouth open / And take your foot off of the brake, for Christ’s sake!

ESTP: Jenny

We were the one thing in the galaxy God didn’t have his eyes on / 900 cc’s of raw, whining power, no outstanding warrants for my arrest / Hi diddle dee dee, goddamn, the pirate’s life for me 

ENFJ: This Year

Trading swigs from a bottle, all bitter and clean / Locking eyes, holding hands / Twin high maintenance machines / I am going to make it through this year / If it kills me 

ENTJ: The Mess Inside

We went down to New Orleans / One weekend in the spring / Looked hard for what we’d lost / It was painful to admit it but we couldn’t find a thing 

ESFJ: Old College Try

Like a trashcan fire in a prison cell / Like the searchlights in the parking lots of hell / I will walk down to the end with you / If you will come all the way down with me

ESTJ: Fault Lines

Yeah, the house and the jewels, the Italian race car / They don’t make us feel better about who we are / I’ve got termites in the framework / So do you 

INFP: The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton

When you punish a person for dreaming his dream / Don’t expect him to thank or forgive you / The best ever death metal band out of Denton / Will in time both outpace and outlive you / Hail Satan   

INTP: Ethiopians

And I can’t think of one thing in this whole wide blessed world / That’s more dangerous and frightening than you when you get bored // Good things never last / Bad things never die

ISFP: Spent Gladiator 2

Like the clock that ticks in Dresden / When the whole town’s been destroyed / Like the nagging flash of insight / You’re always desperate to avoid // Stay alive / Maybe spit some blood at the camera / Just stay alive / Stay forever alive

ISTP: Oceanographer’s Choice

I don’t know why it’s gotten harder to keep myself away / Thought I’d finally beat the feeling back, it all came back today / And then we fell down and we locked arms, we knocked the dresser over as we rolled across the floor 

INFJ: Color in your Cheeks

And they came from Zimbabwe or from Soviet Georgia / East St. Louis or from Paris or they lived across the street / But they came, and when they finally made it here / It was the least we could do to make our welcome clear / Come on in, we haven’t slept for weeks / Drink some of this, it’ll put color in your cheeks 

INTJ:  Cry for Judas

But I am just a broken machine / And I do things that I don’t really mean // Unfurl the black velvet altar cloth / Draw a white chalk Baphomet / Mistreat your altar boys long enough / And this is what you get 

ISFJ: Balance

Wet your finger, place it toward the wind / Feel disaster in the air / We are far too slow to outrun it now / But not too far gone to care

ISTJ: International Small Arms Traffic Blues

Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania / Trucks loaded down with weapons crossing over every night // There is a shortage in the blood supply / But there is no shortage of blood

Memories (Jace x Reader) Imagine

“Are you ready?” Izzy asked me as she enter my room.

“Yeah, I just have to go say goodbye to Jace before we leave” You told her as you finish applying your lipstick. “How do I look?”

“Hot, come on we don’t want to keep the demons waiting” She said as she laughed. You both spilt up as you exited the room, you heading towards the training room to see Jace and Izzy heading to the main room so she could wait for you. You and Jace had this thing when ever one of you guys went on mission you would always come and see each other before you left. You never knew why you guys did it but it was just something that you two never bother to stop.

As you walked up to the entrance you could see two people laying on the floor but you couldn’t make out who it was until you got closer. As you got to the entrance you could see that it was your boyfriend Jace and the Fray girl. It’s not like you didn’t like Clary is was just you always found that she was a little bit to close when it came to Jace. You were about to enter when something happened that you didn’t except**. They kissed, you weren’t sure who leaned in first but at this point you didn’t care. The slight made you gasp and when they heard it they quickly pulled away from one another. Jace was quick to his feet, already coming closer to you but you turned on your heel and quickly started to make your way to Izzy.

“Y/N” Jace said as he grabbed your arm, making you turn to face him

“It’s not what it looks like”

“Well it looked to me that my boyfriend was kissing another girl” You said as tears welled up in your eyes.

“She kissed me first” He yelled “Please just let me explain what happened” He looked desperated but you didn’t care. You had to get away from him you couldn’t stand to look at him any longer.

“Later Jace, I have to go on my mission” You told him as you started to walk away.

“You can’t just leave we need to talk now” He said as he followed you.

“We will talk later, just be happy that I’m even giving you a chance to” You yelled as countine to walk away, leaving a gutily Jace standing in the hallway alone.

“Are you alright?” Izzy asked as you walked up to her. She could see the tears running down your cheeks.

“I’m fine, can we leave now?” You asked.

“Come on” She said as she took your hand before leaving the institue.

On your way to the club you told Izzy about what had happened bewteen you and Jace.

“Are you really going to talk to him?” She asked as you guys waited in line to get in.

“Yeah, we’ve been together for a long time so I should at least hear his side of the story no matter how much I would like to punch them both in face” You told her. Izzy laughed and said “This is why were best friend”

As you guys enter the club you guys searched around looking for the demon, luckey you both spotted it before it walked out of the club doors. You and Izzy both pushed your way passed the people in the crowd untill you got to the doors.

“Ready” She whipsers as you held your sword in front of you.

“Yes, Let’s go” She pushed open the doors and you guys walked out into a dark ally.

“Where is it?” You both said at the same time. The ally was emtpy.

“It just came out here” You said. You both turned to look at each other, this wasn’t normal. No way could that demon disapper that quick. Izzy eyes went wide and before she had the chance to tell you anything you felt a pain in your leg. You fell to the ground in pain, the demon was over you but not for long, since Izzy kiled it.

“Are you alright?” Izzy asked you for the second time that night. Instade of answering her you just drew the rune on your leg. It only took a few seconds before you were back up on your feet again.

“Can this day get any better” You said sarcastically.

“It’s almost over if that helps” Izzy said with a laugh, you just rolled your eyes. You spoke to soon because all of the sudden you guys heard a noise, you both turned to see what it was. You guys came face to face with demons. There were way too many of them to fight, there was no way that the two of you could beat them. You needed help and you weren’t going to get it.

“Are we going for it?” Izzy asked you.

“Hell yeah we are” You told her, you were shadowhunters you guys don’t go down without a fight. You ran one way and Izzy the other way. One by one you were taking down the demons, you were hoping that it was going the same for Izzy. Maybe you guys can beat them you thought before you knew it all of the demons in front of you were gone. You rushed over to help Izzy with her last few reminding demons, but before you could reach her you felt something hit your head and everything went black.

(Jace POV)

“Alec! Jace! Somebody help me!” Yelled a voice, Alec and I turned to see who it was. When I turned my heart dropped, there in front of me was Isabelle running into the institute with Y/N in her hands.

“What happened?” I asked her as me and Alec ran up to her. I quickly took Y/N from her arms, Izzy was clearly out of energy because she fell right into her brothers arms. As we ran to the infirmary Isabelle told us what happened.

“We just walked out into the ally and it wasn’t there. Until I heard a noise, it was a demon and it attack her”

“How big was it for this much damage?” I asked as we continue running. Looking down at my girlfriend I knew it had to be something big because she was unconscious, cover in bruises and long cuts, from what I assumed to be from crawls.

“It was only small that’s the point that wasn’t the one that injured her, all of the sudden we were surrounded by demons” Izzy told us as her voice broke. “There were way too many of them for us to fight but we still tried, it was going fine until she was coming over to help me with my last few. That’s when one got her that she didn’t see, I couldn’t help her right away I had to kill the others ones first. I try drawing the runes but they wouldn’t stay so I rushed back here.”

“Right choice’ I said as I laid Y/N down on the infirmary bed, once I was done all of the nurses kept pushing us back out of the way. All we could do was stand there and watch as they tried to help her. Finally after what seen like hours one of the nurse came to speak to us.

"She should be fine when she wakes up, but she will be in a lot of pain so go easy on her” The nurse told us three before she left the room with the others. I did the only thing I could, I walked over to the side of the bed and just sat there holding her hand. Wishing I could take back this awful day and everything I have done.

(Your POV)

You open your eyes but not for long before you had to close them again because of the pain in your body and the blinding lights above you. You slowly tried to open them again and when you did you looked around the room. You knew that you were in some kind of infirmary but you weren’t sure where too.

“Your awake!” A person yelled while running up to hug you. You pushed them away when they went to.

“Are you still mad at me?” The blonde boy questioned, with a hurt look on his face.

“Mad? Who are you?” you yelled. The boy step back with confuses on his face.

“I’m Jace remember?” He said

“I’m sorry I don’t remember. Where am I? What happened to me?” You could see the look of sadness that wash over Jace’s face when you said that but you didn’t care all you wanted to know is what was going.

“Y/N” A boy and a girl yelled as they enter into the room running over to you.

“Don’t” Jace said to them while blocking their path with his arm.

“Hey just because she mad at you doesn’t mean she made at us, we’re not the one that cheated on her” the girl said as she pushed passed Jace sitting in the chair next to you. Cheated? You thought, you were in a relationship with this guy? He didn’t seen like your type the other boy with the dark hair did.

“She doesn’t remember me”

“What!” The girl yelled she came to stand in front of you. “Do you know who I am?” She asked. You looked at her she was beautiful but you didn’t know her.

“I’m sorry but I don’t remember any of you. Can you guys tell me why I’m here” You said. The three of them looked at each other with sad faces, you felt bad that you couldn’t remember them.

“You got hurt on our mission” The girl said “I’m umm Isabelle by the way”

“Mission? What kind?” You asked. Isabelle looked at you with a odd look and said

“A normal one, going out killing the demons” You were taken back demons? What was she getting on with.

“Demons really people? can you really tell why I’m here. Please don’t make up any kind of stories.” You told them with an eye roll. The three of them looked at each other once again but this time their faces had a nervous look on them.

“Do you remember anything?” Isabelle asked you.

“Not a thing” You told her.

“We’re shadowhunters” Jace said as he sat down on the end of your bed.

“We protect the human world from the demon world” All of this sounded so stupid but it didn’t look like they were lying they looked serious.

“Do these anything to do with being a shadowhunter?” I asked as I pointed to the weirdly shapes on my arms.

“Their runes. They give us special ability to fight off the demon world. No human can survive them.” Isabelle told you.

“All of this sounds crazy, you know that right?” You said.

“Yeah we been through something like this before” The other boy said rolling his eyes.

“So what happens now?” You asked.

“We don’t know” Jace said

“But you just sai-” You started to say but Jace cut you off

“The other girl didn’t know she was one, where you just don’t remember.”

“Oh well can I meet her?”

“NO” They all rushed to say.

“Why not?” You asked. You didn’t understand why this was such a bad idea. Maybe she knew what you were going through.

“You guys aren’t really friends plus your boyfriend cheated on you with her” Isabelle said while glaring at Jace “It’s not a good idea” you didn’t want to argue maybe it was best if you didn’t speak to this girl after all you probably hated her after that.

“You know, I do know Jace was my boyfriend you guys mentioned it earlier so you don’t have to hide it. I don’t remember anything not about being your friends or falling in love with him. So please don’t keep anything from me, all I want to do is remember.” You told them. They all looked at you and nodded their heads.

“So Isabelle how about you show me around and tell me about my life” You asked her.

“I would love to” She said reaching out for you. You took her hand and slowly got up, the pain wasn’t that bad anymore. You two walked out of the room, leaving the boys behind. There was only one thing you wanted and that was for your memories to come back but if they didn’t you still needed to know how to live this life. You walked down the hallway with Izzy not hearing the sobs coming from the room you just left. Back there was a broken boy that only you could fix.

Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 4

Archived | Posted April 2, 2016

Yup, here’s part four for you ^^ You’re all awesome, you know that? All of this excitement is making me so, so excited haha. Hope you’ll like it and enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: The combination of all these new and completely unwanted discoveries was just too much for you.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8][Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24] [Part 25] [Part 26] [Part 27] [Part 28] [Part 29] [Part 30] [Part 31] [Part 32] [Part 33] [Part 34] [Part 35] [Part 36] [Part 37] [Part 38] [Part 39] [Part 40] [Part 41] [Part 42] [Part 43]

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Daren’t Go A-Hunting: A Demon!AU Short

This was written as a belated birthday present for the lovely creator of the Demon!Arthur AU, @ectoimp / @ecto-rp. (Sorry it’s so late) I didn’t have a prompt to work from so this is more or less a mad ramble than it is cohesive story. 

Author’s maunderings are at the end of the story where you need not read them if you don’t wish to. Thanks to @phantoms-lair for a second opinion on the readability of it.

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Feelings (Part 2)

Barry Allen x Reader (part 2)

Author: Bekah814 

Summary: You return to Central City after your fiancé Clarence died in a tragic car accident that you survived. You reconnect with your old friends and loved ones and run into the one person you hoped you wouldn’t see, Barry Allen. He’s ecstatic that you’re back and is doing everything to win you over and rekindle your old relationship. Will you let him back into your heart or did his previous choices shut him out forever?

tag list: @eeveisawesome4 , @thebookwormfairy, @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked

Request: Can you do another part to feelings You return to Central city after your we’re the reader has been gone for awhile and fell in love with someone else then she lost him in some tragedy so she goes back to Central city and the team realizes that she’s changed. They eventually find out she lost someone and after a series of events she and Barry get together but she doesn’t make it easy for him at all

Part 1 Masterlist

Word count:2804

Pairings: Reader x OC, Barry Allen x Reader, Barry Allen x Iris West, Reader x Team Flash  

Warnings: Cursing, Character Death, sad-ish,

(A/N): Okay so I was originally gonna take this an entirely different way, but since I got this specific request for this I decided to do this like this and make another one for the other idea I had in mind. I hope this is exactly what you wanted so please request again!

PS: This is gonna be 3 parts since it was getting kinda long.

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You took one final look back at your old home and wiped your eyes as you climbed into your car. You started your car and began to drive, leaving the house you had made your home about a year and a half ago, in your rearview mirror. You didn’t want to leave, but you had to you couldn’t stay in Star City anymore not after the heartbreak you just went through. Yes, you were leaving another place you had come to know and love because you had gotten your heart broken, but this time it wasn’t unrequited love that caused you to flee. It was the feeling of having the man you love leave you in the worst way possible.

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Shakira’s Sister; But Gerard’s Sister-In-Law *Rafinha Alcantara imagine*


“Okay I’m ready let’s go while I’m still awake”I said from downstairs

I heard chuckling before my Sister and Brother-in law finally came down, “Sorry, it takes time to look this good” Gerard said

I chuckled rolling my eyes, “If you call that looking good, buddy you need to go back and reevaluate your choice” I joked

We both laughed, and then headed to the car. Once we were all seated, Gerard started the car and drove to the party. Today one of his teammates was throwing a party to celebrate the ending of the season, so they decided to drag me along for some fun and to be the designated driver. 

After a while we arrived at the house, and got out. “Are you sure this is a party?” I asked looking at the house

“Yeah, he said it was here. Maybe we’re early” 

I chuckled, and followed behind them. He knocked on the door, and it was later opened by a guy. “Gerard, Shakira, and new face that looks somewhat like Shakira” He said looking between the two of us

I smirked, “This is Y/N my sister-in-law” Gerard said

The guy looked between Shak and I, “Holy shit you guys are related” He said

I laughed, “That is the definition of sister-in-law” I said

He smiled, and extended his hand out, “I’m Neymar” 

I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you Neymar” 

Neymar opened the door wider for us to come in, and started talking about us being the fourth people to arrive early and others coming in a little while. He took us out back where foods and drinks were set up, and a couple were in the backyard. Mainly guys playing futbol. “Guys come check this out!” Neymar yelled

The guys stopped, and ran over smiling and greeting Gerard and Shakira. When they noticed I was there they looked over to Gerard and Shakira, “Guys guess who this is” Neymar said

They looked at me with confused faces, “Your long lost girlfriend?” One of the men asked

We all laughed, and Neymar rolled his eyes, “Funny” 

“I know” 

“You know in a weird sense, it may just be me and because of the hair but. Shak and her look alike” 

The boys looked between us, and nodded. “Yeah they do look alike” 

“This is Y/N, Shakira’s sister” Neymar said emphasizing the sister part

All of their jaws opened as they stared, “Whoa!” 

“There’s two! Thank god!” 

We laughed, and Neymar chuckled. “Y/N this is Rafinha, Jordi, Gil, and Arda” Neymar introduced

I smiled, as they shook my hand. “Nice to meet you guys” I said

They smiled, “I’ll show you around” 

We all turned to see Rafinha staring directly at me, I pointed towards myself. “Me?”

He nodded, “Yeah, come on” 

I looked over to Shak and Gerard, and they smiled pushing me forward. I followed behind Rafinha as he showed me where everything was, “And this is the game room,” He said

I nodded walking into the room, “It’s nice”I said turning to face him

He nodded, “You know I never knew Shakira had a sister” He said

I chuckled, “Hardly anybody knows she has a little sister” 

“That’s true” 

Rafinha and I talked for a little bit more in the game room before heading back down to the backyard. When we arrived there was a lot more people than before. The party was nice a lot of people, a lot of drinks and hell of a lot of food. 

Rafinha and I pretty much talked to each other the whole time, even though I meant some other people. We were together, all of us talking. I met some more players from the team, and not to read things for what they’re not but I believe Rafinha got jealous when I was talking to Andre. 

After I finished talking to Andre, I went over and found Shak because Rafinha had gone off somewhere. She smiled as I walked up to her, “So are you having fun?” She asked

I nodded, “It’s cool”

She chuckled, “So how are you and Rafinha?” She questioned wriggling her eyebrows

I rolled my eyes chuckling, “We’re fine, having fun enjoying the food and party” 

Shak smiled, “You know he asked Gerard for your number” 

I raised an eyebrow, “Why? Did he give it to him?” 

She laughed, “Because he obviously likes you Y/N,” 

“Okay sure” 

Shak placed one arm around my shoulders, and smiled as we walked around the party talking. When we finally found where Gerard had went we walked over. “And look the curly heads are here” Neymar joked

Both Shak and I laughed, “Where’s Rafinha?” I asked

Neymar raised an eyebrow, and placed his arm on my now vacant shoulder, “You lost your boyfriend already?” He asked

I rolled my eyes laughing, “Not my boyfriend” I said

A few moments later Rafinha came over and was glaring at Neymar’s arm. “I’m sorry can I fix something?” Rafinha asked

I raised an eyebrow, and everyone looked at him. Rafinha stepped forward, and removed Neymar’s arm from my shoulder. “There” 

Neymar laughed, and looked between Gerard and Rafinha. “Well then I didn’t know she was taken” 

Rafinha shrugged, “Most people don’t” 

To Start Again || Ardyn Izunia x Reader (Part 1)

I’ve been working on this fic since March, and it has definitely gone through so much. It was originally meant to be a one-shot, but due to its length I decided to break it into two parts. I must give a special shout out to @fabulanova-ffxv for not only being my beta reader, but for being a huge source of inspiration. We’ve known each other for quite a few years now, and she is always there to help me out when I am stumped. This first part was very tricky and hard to write especially with pre-canon Ardyn. I hope I did him justice in some way. Anyways, I do pray you enjoy this nonetheless!

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His Game ~ Yoongi


It includes a vibrator in public, enjoy~

Words: 1500

Yoongi liked to play a wicked game, it was called “How long can you go with a vibrator inside of you”. The game was about him putting a vibrator inside of you and then taking you out for a date. This time it was on a dinner with the rest of the boys.

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*Ahem* I did this for my story RIVAL on AO3 and FANFIC. But encase you haven’t read it yet, here it is:


The buzzer rang just as #5 Aomine Daiki slams the basketball into the hoop, the crowd goes wild and stands up to scream in excitement. Aomine just glared at the other team, they could have at least put up a good fight against him. Sometimes he wished that he hadn’t taken the professional basketball road, but for all his griping, he was still hoping for that one. The one that would change it all, his rival.

He walked casually over to the bench, the others knew by then that he never liked to be bothered after a game, or during, or before for that matter. In fact, he’d rather they all leave him alone, to him, they were worthless since he was the one he won the game for them. Without him, they were nothing and they knew it.

When the crowd finally settled down an announcer came on, “Helllllooo everyone! We have something special planned before you leave. For all of those who participated in the raffling you get the lucky chance to play a little one-on-one with a player of your choice. Now watch the screen for your lucky number!” Excited murmuring came from the crowd as the screen changed numbers randomly before slowly landing on the number 318.



“Hah?” He paused and looked at his friend.

“You won the raffle.” Kuroko deadpanned, a little exasperated at his friend. Usually he’d be consumed in whatever was going on but they had a new special burger that they were selling and he had been absorbed in the flavors.

“Raffle?” Just then he heard the announcer explain once again and looked down at his ticket, eyes going wide when he realized that he did win after all. “I WON!” He grinned, jumping to his feet. One of the lights flashed over to him and the man came up to the stands where he was standing to bring him down to the court. Kagami was practically vibrating with energy; he couldn’t believe that he’d been given this once in a lifetime chance.

They stopped in the middle and he flushed a little at the amount of people there. Sure, he was used to playing in front of a crowd due to his college days but it still was a bit strange. “So young man, what’s your name?”

“Ah, Kagami Taiga… sir.” He heard a couple laughs at his awkward Japanese.

“I see, I see. Now, are you happy to have this opportunity?”

Kagami shot him an incredulous look, “Of course! I can’t wait to play.”

“So you play basketball then? I guess that makes sense, you’re very tall after all.” He chuckled.

“Yea, I’ve been playing since I was small. It’s one of my passions.”

“Great! So, who do you want to play against?”

Kagami smirked, glancing over at the bench towards a dark-skinned male with a towel over his head. “Aomine Daiki.” The man paused nervously and looked at Aomine.

“Ahahah… You’re sure?”

Scoffing he stated firmly, “Definitely. I only want to play the best.” The crowd cheered at that.

“A-alright. And Kagami has chosen to play a one-on-one against the ace Aomine Daiki! Aomine, please come up!” While there was some talking by the bench Kagami started stretching just to get warmed up. He didn’t want to tear a muscle playing against his favorite professional basketball player.

“What the hell do I have to do this shit for?” Came an annoyed voice. Kagami raised an eyebrow at Aomine, who seemed to be having a fit. “I don’t fuckin’ care if it’s for charity. No one told me about this.” His teammates ignored him and the coach said something that made Aomine glare before throwing the towel down on the bench. “No, absolutely—,”

“What, think you’ll get beaten?” Kagami called out challengingly. Everything went silent almost instantly.

Aomine turned to face him slowly, “What’d you just say?”

He smirked, “I said, I think you’re afraid to get beaten.”

“You know who I am right? The only one who can beat me is me.” Aomine growled menacingly but finally stepped forward. Blue eyes raked over Kagami’s form as he kept stretching. “Tch. Probably all talk.”

The announcer almost seemed reluctant to come between them but finally got up the courage, “O-o-okay guys. You know the rules right? First to five baskets!”

“Right.” Kagami nodded and followed Aomine over to the basket. Aomine gave him the ball with a small smug grin.

“You can have the ball first, you’ll need it.”

“Che, you’re gonna wish you wouldn’t have done that.” Kagami taunted but took the ball and got into position. The bluenette got into his defensive stance, but it wasn’t the best one he could have and that pissed Kagami off. He knew the guy was a professional, but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Blood pumping, Kagami gave him a grin, barely holding back his excitement and with a flash he was off, faking a right before spinning around Aomine, much to his surprise. Kagami could see the blue eyes widen in shock for a second before he was right next to him looking for any chance that he could steal the ball.

Due to his superior speed he was able to catch up enough that when Kagami went for the dunk he jumped too. They had jumped at the same time, but for some reason Aomine felt himself falling before Kagami. The redhead grinned down at him as the ball smashed through the hoop. His hands rested on it for a moment as he dropped and to his shock the glass backboard burst.

His feet hit the ground and he blinked in shock at his hand, which was holding the hoop. He could hear cheering burst up from everywhere around him. Kagami rubbed the back of his neck, beaming at the flabbergasted announcer. “Ahh. My bad. Do I have to pay for this?”

Aomine stared at him, for the first time in a long time that small spark of hope grew into a flame. He grinned at the fact he could finally play seriously. Grabbing the redhead’s shirt he dragged him to the other side of the court leaving others to clean it up. “If you beat me I’ll pay for it.”


“Just play, Bakagami, and don’t think you’re going to win because you’re a point ahead.” The bluenette bounced the ball slowly, grin still prominent on his face, giving him a predatory look.

Kagami shivered but got serious, he’d prove that he wasn’t some loser. “Tch. You sure are arrogant, Aho.”

“Aa, of course. Who wouldn’t if they were me?” Aomine smirked, pushing out the sound of the fans shouting their names. He just rolled his eyes at the response.

Kagami braced himself for Aomine’s movement, but wasn’t quite prepared for the burst of speed. His eyes narrowed, but the smile stayed as he twisted to block him. With a quick turn Aomine bounced the ball under his feet as he broke through Kagami’s defense, catching the ball elegantly with the pads of his fingers on the other side. Not wanting to get left behind Kagami pushed himself further. Just as he was about to snag the ball from the bluenette he did something that he had only been able to admire from the stands and TV.

Aomine bent back out of his reach and without looking at the hoop threw the ball up. If it had been anyone else it may have made it in, but then blue eyes watched in amazement as Kagami flew above him, fingers just skimming the ball and throwing it off course. They both raced to the hoop, eyes on the ball circling the rim. He made it there just before Kagami had time to recover fully and pushed it through, landing in a crouch on the ground. Kagami was growling next to him, but his skin was flushed nicely and pants came from his mouth.

It was now tied, 1-1. They kept up with the other; keeping this pace each time they made a new basket. Back and forth they went, until it was once again tied, this time at 4-4.

All they could hear was each other’s breaths, heartbeats prominent in their ears as adrenaline rushed through their bodies. With each exhale and inhale they moved, fluent and graceful, in sync with one another. Every time Aomine moved, Kagami blocked, and when Kagami jumped so did Aomine. It was a transcendental feeling for Aomine, having not felt this excitement, this passion, this… this love for basketball in such a long time. Kagami was the one he had waited for, the one he had longed for, his rival.

With a BZZZ sounding the in background, they both landed on the ground, and Aomine’s breath whooshed out of him. He was stock still, staring in amazement at the scoreboard. Aomine had lost, 4-5. He had lost, the ace of a professional team to a nobody. No… not a nobody, Aomine blinked, his rival.

“…I lost…” He murmured, staring down at his hands.

A hand slapped down on his shoulder, and he locked eyes with those gleaming ruby red eyes. Kagami’s white teeth gleamed brightly, giving him a wide, boyish smile that made Aomine inhale sharply. “This isn’t over yet, Ahomine. I’ll take you on anytime!”

Yes… he wasn’t just anyone, Aomine’s eyes narrowed as a smirk came to his face. He was something more. He grasped once more at Kagami’s shirt and pulled him forward.

“Whaa—,” Kagami’s words were cut off by a pair of soft lips against his. Behind them the entire place went wild.


BTW: I dont own the pics, just got em off google! So they’re not mine~

Overrated (Barry x Reader)

Character: Barry Allen

Fandom: The Flash

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Mute!Reader

Title: Overrated

Requested by anon:

Can u write a Barry Allen imagine where he communicates with the reader who is selective mute? I am mute myself so I understand if the way you write it is not very accurate but I would still enjoy it.

Also when Barry meets the reader with mutism, can it start with him asking her a bunch of questions and she would like stare at him blankly the whole time and Iris will be all “She’s mute, Barry.” And it would be started like that haha thank u so much


A/N: Since I don’t really know how it is and I don’t want to write something too inaccurate, I thought it’d be best to write it in a third person point of view. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think! ^^

Iris was complaining to Y/N about work, since they were getting along really well, and the girl listened absently as she took a sip of her coffee.

They were sitting in Jitters, calmly hanging out.

They had known each other not too long ago, and Iris just realized that Y/N was mute. She didn’t mind, she found her to be very sweet and kind and didn’t mind to do the talking herself.

“Oh, look” Iris caught her new friend’s attention and smiled as she pointed behind Y/N. “That’s my friend Barry”

Curious about this boy, Y/N looked over her shoulder and observed the boy.

An attractive looking boy, thin and tall with short brown hair and kind green eyes. She watched him as he realized they were there and walked towards them.

“Hi, Iris” He smiled at her and gave her a brief hug as a greeting and then turned to Y/N. “Hello”

“Barry…” Iris began to say before the boy could start chatting with her.

“I’m Barry” He offered her a hand for her to shake, but she just stared at him without moving a muscle.

Barry stared back, wondering why she didn’t introduce herself.

“Um… how did you and Iris meet? You must have known each other recently, she would have talked to me about you” Barry appeared kind as he smiled at the girl, but she didn’t change her reaction.

“Barry” Iris insisted, a bit more sternly.

“What?” He finally looked at his friend, taking his eyes off Y/N.

“She’s mute” Iris finally told him, to which he opened his mouth wide in embarrassment.

“Oh” Barry looked at Y/N again and awkwardly smiled. “I’m sorry”

She just kept looking at him, curious about his persona.

“What’s your…” Before he could ask her directly, he turned to Iris. “What’s her name then?”

“Y/N” Iris replied with a smile.

Barry was about to offer his hand, but got embarrassed and didn’t do it.

“Well, Y/N, I’m Barry…” The boy told her. “Iris’ friend”

The girl nodded and kept sipping at her drink, looking at Barry with the corner of her eye.

She liked him, he seemed to be a nice guy. Maybe a bit awkward at times, but she thought he was sweet.


After around two weeks, Y/N kept encountering with Barry, and he eventually made her feel just as comfortable around him as she was around Iris.

Barry was quite talkative, so she didn’t have to worry about awkward silences. Not for her, but he appeared to have the need to entertain her always.

Because he liked her and enjoyed her company. Because he didn’t have a problem with her not talking. He loved having her around.

“Two hot cocoas” Barry smiled at Y/N as he sat on the table and put the drinks over it.

The girl nodded with a smile on her lips, so tiny that it was barely noticeable.

“Iris told me you love movies” Barry immediately started the talk, happy to hang out with Y/N again.

He had managed to make her feel comfortable around him. The sweet way in which he treated her made her grow fond of him. She liked him.

She shrugged a little, observing him as he kept on speaking.

“So I thought we could maybe hang out one day and watch a movie”

Y/N usually enjoyed movies better on her own. She liked to immerse herself in the universe the movie took place in, get into the story and know the characters.

And most of the time, people spoke too much for her liking and it ruined the movie for her.

Still, she had the feeling that Barry wasn’t like that. She thought he wouldn’t ramble and ruin the movie for her. So maybe that would be a fun thing to do.

She certainly liked hanging out with him for sure!

As a response to his proposal, Y/N shrugged and nodded at the same time. Still, she made sure her expression let him know that she was excited about it.

Barry smiled huge at her, and she looked at him with the smile on her eyes instead of her lips.


After a few days, Barry and Y/N agreed on a day that they both could hang out to watch the movie.

They stayed at Barry’s place and while he grabbed some snacks she curiously looked around the apartment.

“Do you like spicy stuff?” He asked her, holding up a bag of spicy chips.

She shook her head and sat down in the couch as he went back to get more snacks.

He came back with a bunch of bags and bottles of soda.

Y/N hurried up to him so she could help him carry some of the stuff. Barry playfully winked at her to thank her and she raised her eyebrows and nodded in response.

The two of them walked to the table and left all the snacks and sodas on there.

“Alright” Barry came to Y/N, who was already sitting in the couch, and showed her four DVD’s. “Which one do you want to see?”

The girl looked at the four covers. One was an action movie, the other one was a comedy, the other romantic and the last one fantasy.

Y/N titled her head as she observed them. Finally, she tapped the cover of the action movie.

“Good choice” He happily replied, taking the CD out.

She opened a bag of chips and started to eat, offering the bag to him when he saw down with her.

He grabbed a few chips and began eating as well.

As they sat together in the couch, casually positioning themselves close to one another, Barry started the movie.

Soon after, he noticed Y/N was restless and uncomfortable, so he put the blanket he kept closeby over her.

She looked at him and managed a little smile.

Y/N leaned forward to the table to pick up the notepad she always carried around just in case. She usually didn’t use it, but she wanted to thank Barry for being so kind and attentive. Because he always made sure she was comfortable. Always. And she appreciated it so much.

But Barry put a hand over hers to stop her and shook his head. He knew what she was going to write, and there was no need to thank him.

She understood, so she leaned back to recline against the couch again.

Since he still glanced at her, she did too and smiled at him.

He nodded and coated her more with the blanket, which she appreciated as well.

Y/N cautiously rested her head over his shoulder and they both watched the movie in silence.

Words are overrated. People don’t realize the amount of things people can express with silence, with just a glare or a smile. With one simple gesture.

People used to ramble anyway, barely saying anything although they speak so many words.

But Barry realized that when he met Y/N.

He knew her even though she hadn’t spoken to him. Barry knew her sweetness, her kindness and her good heart. Not hearing what she said, not for her words, but observing her actions instead.


Luke- Flavored Condoms

request- Hey can you do an imagine where Luke Hemmings is Y/Ns boyfriend and you buy flavoured condoms and you try it out and then have proper sex thanks

Word count- 1700+…. got a little carried away to be honest

Warning- well smut…swearing… probably bad writing.. idk.

A/n- got this request and thought it would be a fun one to write! didn’t spend a ton of time editing so i hope there are not to many mistakes and things make sense!


“I still can’t believe you are here” your boyfriend says as he opens his hotel door and quickly pulls you through behind him. You had decided to do a surprise visit while he was on tour just because you had been missing each other a lot recently.

“I’ve missed you so much” he says as he pushes your back against the now closed door and connects your lips roughly. You can’t help but smile into the kiss as his hands run down to below your ass and he taps his fingers a couple times telling you to jump.

You jump and he catches you as you wrap your legs around his waist and he walks you both towards his bed. He softly lays you both down on the mattress before you made quick work at slipping your hands under his shirt and started to pull it up. He got the hint and disconnected your lips so his shirt could be removed before connecting them again.

Clothing started to be removed one by one after that and before soon you had him in just his boxers and you in your bra and panties. He was still on top of you kissing your neck as your hand wandered to the bulge in his boxers.

You rubbed your hand over him before slipping it inside his tight boxers. He let out a moan at the feeling of your hand wrapping around his hardening dick.

“Shit wait” you heard him say making you look up at him as he removed his face from your neck.

“What’s wrong?” you asked looking down to where your hand was wondering if you had done something wrong… I mean with him being gone on tour… you were a little out of practice.

“Is there a chance you brought condoms with you?” he asked already knowing the answer.

“Wait. You don’t have any?” you asked surprised since it seemed he always had them.

“Well no. Believe it or not, I don’t go around having sex when my girlfriend is on the other side of the world” he said which made you feel good. You didn’t think he would ever cheat on you but it was always nice to hear things like that… since he had so many options and opportunities to sleep with someone else.

He rolled off of you with a frustrated groan.

“See this is why surprises are bad… if I would of known you were coming, I could of prepared” he said annoyed but you knew it was just months of sexual frustration talking.

You laughed at his comment and moved your body so you were straddling his waist.

“How about you stay right here and I will be right back” you said kissing him quickly as he smiled and watched you get up from the bed and put your clothes back on.

Once you left he had a hard time trying to not slip his hand in his boxers and give himself some relief that was needed. Going months with out sex was hard enough, but now that you were here and he was finally getting the real thing and not his hand, he was rock hard in anticipation.

A few minuets later you walked back in with a small brown paper sack and removed your clothes before climbing back on the bed. You got into you previous spot of straddling his waist.

“That didn’t take too long” he commented as you just smiled and started to pull down his boxers. Which was tricky in the position you were in so you moved off of his lap so you could pull them all the way off before returning to your previous spot.

His hands found yours and Luke pulled your body down to his so he could kiss you again. You could feel his length resting between your bodies touching your stomach. He reached behind your body and undid your bra before removing it completely.

He reached his hand down to where you wanted him most but moved back before he could touch you. You saw him frown at your action so you kissed him quickly before crawling down his body till you were seated on his thighs.

“I have a surprise” you stated which perked his interested. You opened the brown paper bag and pulled out a small condom box. You opened it and pulled out one packet before Luke picked up the box. He didn’t recognize the packaging from where he was laying… it was definitely different from the usual ones he purchased.

“Blue raspberry?” he asked confused for a moment before putting the pieces together in his brain.

“Oh. Did you get flavored condoms?” he asked already knowing the answer. You nodded your head as you pumped his hard dick a few times before opening the foil package and pulling out the bright blue condom.

You rolled it on his length before bringing your mouth down to taste him. You both had never practiced safe oral sex since you both were clean of any STDs… but you thought it would be a fun thing to try.

It didn’t taste like candy but it wasn’t terrible you thought as your tongue swirled around his shaft. Your finally took his tip into your mouth and you could hear him let out a breath he hadn’t even known he was holding in.

As your took more of him into your mouth you could tell he wasn’t going to last long. You took him as deep as your could as a string of curse words left his lips before suddenly you felt his hips start to lift and you knew he was coming.

In the next couple moments he has emptied himself into the condom while still in your mouth and you continued your work till you knew he was spent.

“Fucking hell I have missed that mouth of yours” he said as you lifted your head from his softening dick and you could help but blush as you attempted to remove the condom with out it spilling its contents anywhere.

He could tell you were struggling since he was the one who usually removed it, so he sat up and helped you. Once it was disposed of he came back to the bed and climbed on top of you. He kissed you as his hand made quick work at removing your last piece of clothing separating your bodies.

You felt his fingers run along your already wet folds before one slipped inside with out any warning. You moaned out in the surprising pleasure as his lips moved from your lips to your jaw. He added another finger making you squirm as he his mouth sucked on a spot on your neck that you knew would be purple in the morning.

His lips started moving down your body. You knew where he was headed but before he was able to make it there you were already moaning out his name and coming around his fingers.

“Shit. I missed this” he said again as you were recovering from the best orgasm you had had since he left for tour.

Once you were seeing straight you reached to the nightstand where the brown paper bag was not sitting and pulled out another box. Luke was on his knees as he watched you remove a packet and open it up before rolling it down his hard member.

“Don’t move” you told him as you reached for the light and flipped the switch off. Before you could turn around you already heard a loud laugh escape Luke’s lips. You looked to find him still kneeling in the middle of the bed looking down at his now glowing dick.

You laughed as he shook his hips around a few times making it look like a glow stick. He had joked about wanting a light saber dick in the past and when you saw the box of glow in the dark condoms at the store… you just couldn’t resist.

He climbed on top of you and connected your lips again before he reached up and turned on one of the lamps on the nightstand.

“Now it won’t glow as bright” you told him but he just smiled down at you.

“I know… but I want to see you” he said as you felt him push against your entrance.

He looked down at you too make sure you were ready before pushing himself in. The feeling of him stretching your walls was almost overwhelming. You had not been filled like this since he left.

“Fuck… so tight” he commented before trying to pull his hips back. His thrusts started slow as he worked up to a faster pace. You were moaning louder then usual at the unfamiliar feeling that you had missed so much.

“You feel so good… I can’t hold on much longer” he said almost sad that he couldn’t last.

One of his hands reached down to where your bodies met and his fingers started to rub you. The new sensation with his thrusting made you come within just a few moments. You came as you moaned out his name… and a few other choice words. He held one and kept moving inside of you till you were done and that was when he finally let himself release.

Being able to watch him come undone above you was one of your favorite things to witness. Before pulling out he peppered kisses all over your face making you laugh at the way his stubble tickled your soft skin.

With in the next five minuets you were both now laying under the white covers as his arms were wrapped around your body holding you close to him.

“I miss this just as much as I miss the sex… maybe even more” he admitted sleepily and you smiled as you turned your body around so you were now facing him.

You placed a kiss on his lips and he smiled weakly before drifting off to sleep. After playing a show and your previous activities… it was understandable for him to be sleepy. You cuddled up closer to his side and pulled the covers up higher to cover his shoulders before kissing his nose and then nuzzling into his chest before sleep took you.  

  • Marvel AU: The Assassination of JFK

John Fitzgerald Kennedy had it all: the looks, the charm, the power, the love of the people…but what most of the population didn’t know was why. JFK’s rise to power and subsequent adoration from the common people wasn’t due to luck or chance: he was a mutant. His power lay in the ability to determine a person’s true loyalty by a simple gaze; alternatively, all who looked upon Kennedy were immediately taken by him, like a pheromone he had control of, but somehow absorbed by the eyes, whether near or far. It was an extremely potent gift to have in the world of politics.

Word finally came to HYDRA through one of their many spies working in the White House. The President’s powers put them at great risk: their people could attempt to stay clear, but soon it would become inevitable that Kennedy’s gaze would fall upon one of their agents and then he would just simply know…and all their hard work throughout the ages would be in jeopardy. They would be in jeopardy. The choice was clear: JFK had to be eliminated.

So they sent their best man, the only man for the job: the Winter Soldier.

Back in the States, word also came down through an underground channel of mutants that the President was not only one of them, but also in danger. No one knew how or when it would happen, only that an attempt would be made. It seemed impossible to thwart, but Erik Lehnsherr took it upon himself to keep watch on JFK. He tailed the most powerful man in the America for two weeks, becoming more and more frustrated and desperate, angry exasperation only heightened by his lack of sleep. Finally, the day of the motorcade came and he felt it in his bones: this was it. Erik hastily wandered Dealey Plaza in a frenzy, scanning the immense crowd of people that had gathered in Dallas while subsequently being forcibly shuffled through the multitude. As the limo turned onto Elm Street, Lehnsherr found himself cornered off into the bushes, unable to properly see the car.

That’s when the shots rang out.

Erik tried to divert the bullet without having a clear sight, jumping out from his cover in the attempt, but it wasn’t enough: John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States of America, was dead, assassinated while thousands watched, helpless.

The Winter Soldier had done his job flawlessly, as he always had, and was in and out without the slightest trace of his presence: his existence a mere ghost in time, never to be found.

There was only one man that the public saw heading towards the President, only one man that could be implicated in the crime of the century, one that showed an immense, frightening mastery of any metal within his reach: a man known to only the most dangerous, underground members of society by a single, menacing name:


Heartbeat Pt. 4

AO3 FF.N <- Can be read here as well.

Word Count: 2,025
Warnings:  Cursing
Notes: Y/F/N= Your Father’s Name

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 

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Spin the bottle~ A Calum Hood imagine

You met him and it felt as love at first sight, in that moment you knew you wanted to get to know him. You didn’t only want to get to know him, you wanted to know everything about you. So you started a conversation, and in the end he asked your number. You talked a lot with him and you two became friends, in a really short time he became one of the most important person in your life. He became so important that you couldn’t tell him about your feelings. So there you were just a girl who could never tell her true feeling to her best friend.

‘Movie time Hoodster’ you said walking in to Calum’s home. You threw your DVD’s on the table, while Calum walked up behind you and hugged you tight. ‘I need some quality time with you Y/N’ he whispered in your air. You smiled and turned around, ‘That’s what I thought so I brought all the Harry Potter movies with me’. You sat down on the couch while Calum walked to the kitchen to get you something to drink. ‘Ice tea or Fanta?’ he asked, ‘both’ you answered. And so Calum came back with one glass of Fanta, and two with Ice tea. ‘Can you even diced with witch movie we’re gonna start or?’ he asked with a smirk. ‘The first one stupid’ you said. ‘Whoa you finally made a choice today Y/N, do I need to call the papers?’ You laughed. ‘Shut it Calum, in every life I live I will always choose you’ you said sarcastically. ‘One of the very little choices you are going to make’ Calum answered. Little did the boy know he was involved in the biggest choice you even made. To tell him you love him, or to keep it to yourself. May it be clear you chose the last one and it was the hardest thing to ever decide.

After the first two movies you and Cal where all cuddled up on the couch. His phone rang and he had to get up, what made you to move. He picked up, and hummed some things you couldn’t understand. ‘House party at Michael’s tonight, and you and I are going’ he said. ‘But I have nothing to wear shithead’ you said. You didn’t feel like going to a party, although Michael’s party’s where the best in town. ‘Okay I’m gonna get ready, and after that we will go to your home and I will help you pick out an outfit okay?’ Calum asked, you nodded. So there you were sitting next to your best friend in the car getting to your home. Finally in your room you opened the closet. ‘okay, what color are you feeling Cal?’ you asked. ‘Black and blue, baby blue’ he said. So you got out a pair of black ripped jeans, and a black top, with a baby blue baseball jacket over it. You held it before him, ‘Great, you better rock that outfit’ Calum said approving. ‘I’m going to change so … are you gonna stay for the show or..?’ you said teasing.

His cheeks turned a shade of light pink as he walked out of the door. You changed quick, put in a messy bun and some mascara. ‘Yo Cal, I’m ready if you are’ you said while walking downstairs. Calum just hang up the phone. ‘Ready steady go go go’ he answered. ‘Dork’ you said while walking to the door, checking if you had everything. You took your bike, ‘shit I only have one’ you said. ‘You can get on the back I will do all the work’ Calum said winking. Once you came at the party it was already going. ‘I’m going to search for the girls from school okay?’ you asked. Cal nodded and so you both went your own way. You got yourself a drink and walked towards a group of people you knew. ‘Hey Y/N, where is Calum didn’t you come with him?’ Someone asked you. ‘Yeah I did but I don’t have to do everything with him do I?’ you answered. The girl looked at you, curious ‘Aren’t you two a couple?’ she asked. You shook your head. I wish, you thought ‘No he is just my best friend’ you finally answered. Then you remembered you gave your phone to Calum, and you still needed to call some people who would maybe come. You saw Luke walking beside you and grabbed his arm. ‘Lukey did you see Calum maybe?’ you asked. Luke nodded ‘Just walking back to him now, you can follow me’ he said, and so you followed Luke.

When you got Calum in sight you sneaked up behind him. You held your hand in front of his eyes. ‘New phone who dis?’ Cal said. You took away your hand, ‘Little fuckboy’ you smiled. ‘Can I have my phone back maybe? Need to call a few people’ you asked. Calum gave you your phone, and after you made a few calls you went back to the group Calum stood by. ‘But it is my party so I decide what we do’ Michael said acting like a little child. ‘Sup Clifford?’ you asked. ‘I want to do spin the bottle but now one wants to’ he said while looking sad. ‘I join’ you said without thinking. Maybe it were the drinks you had or maybe it was something totally different, because normally you wouldn’t do something like this. ‘If she joins I join to’ Ashton said while winking at you. Luke joined to and some other girls you asked as well. Calum was looking at everything that happened from a distance. ‘Are you going to join or what?’ you asked him. ‘Nah I don’t feel it’ he said. And so the first round of spin the bottle started, without Calum. Luke had to spin the bottle first and I landed on Michael, ‘Dude no way I am going to kiss you’ he said.

After the bottle spun a few times it was your turn, you spun it with all the power you had. And the bottle landed on … Luke Hemmings. ‘Well this is awkward’ you said smiling. ‘Just get over it and kiss that dude’ Ashton said. And so your face and Luke’s came dead close. ‘Give it all you got man!’ Michael screamed. Then your lips touched Luke’s and your and his lips started to move. You made it a quickie and stopped the kiss after 5 seconds. ‘Sorry man, but your my friend and this is pretty much awkward’ you said. Luke nodded ‘It felt like kissing my sister man what the fuck’ he said while taking a shot of Jack, and so did you. Calum showed up beside you, ‘Changed my mind I wanna join to’ he said while taking you glass and pouring another shot of Jack. He sat beside you and spun the bottle, I landed on some random girl and you prepared for the worst. This was going to hurt like a bitch. You took the shot glass from Calum and took another shot. You felt the burning of the liquor going down your throat, finding its way to your stomach. You wished alcohol would kill the butterflies.

You watched the girl coming closer to Calum, Calum had a weird look in his eyes. He seemed to think about what was about to happen. ‘No no no no , Calum you didn’t spin that bottle right you need to go again’ Michael said. The girl looked at him weird, ‘Just let us kiss Mike’ she said. ‘You heard Michael didn’t you?’ Calum said while backing of. He spun the bottle again, time seemed to go slow. The bottle seemed to spin so slow. And I landed on Luke, ‘No nope no no, I am not going through this thing again’ he said. ‘Take the lady beside me’ he said pointing at you. ‘Well uhm .. shit’ Calum muttered. You fell your face turning in this bright red color, and you thanked god it was dark. ‘Yeah well Cal this is going to be something’ you heard yourself say. ‘Well that sure is one way to put it’ he said. ‘Guys get over yourself I don’t have the whole damn evening’ Michael said. You nodded, Calum nodded and you turned to each other. You looked him into his eyes. This sure was a moment you thought never would happen, and you sure would never forget again. Calum’s face came closer as you turned your head a little to the left.

And then his lips touched yours, soft and sweet just like you expected them to be. You pressed your lips against his as you licked his bottom lip softly, this was the sign for him so slowly open his mouth. Your tongue twisted a bit and before you knew Calum softly nipped your bottom lip. This went on for a while, you didn’t even know how long when you heard screaming. ‘Can you guys like stop now its getting gross to watch’ Ashton yelled. You backed off a little and looked at Calum. ‘Whoa’ he sighted. ‘You can say that’ Michael said. ‘You guys made me horny as fuck’ he said. ‘End of the game guys get yourself some drinks and get a real kissbuddy for the evening’ Michael said and stood up. As you got up you almost fell, but Calum helped you. ‘That was sure something’ you said blushing. ‘Yeah well… yeah it is’ he said. You didn’t know how to feel about this.

You and Calum headed back to your home on the bike. ‘Hey uhm Y/N we didn’t think this trough didn’t we?’ Calum said. You frowned ‘What do you mean’ you asked. ‘Well I don’t live here, I live too far to ride with the bike at last. And we can’t use the car cause we had alcohol’ he said. ‘You can sleep here dummy’ you said. ‘I don’t know If you mind but you can sleep with me in my bed?’ you said. Calum nodded ‘That’s fine’ he said. And so you ended up in your bedroom, you but on you PJ’s while Calum waited with his back turned to you. ‘Ready’ you said as you climbed in bed. Calum went beside you and put his arm around your waist. ‘It was a good night Y/N, it really was’ he said half sleeping. You smiled ‘It was cal sleep well’ you whispered. ‘Sleep well baby’ he answered.

The next morning you woke up with the smell of coffee getting in your nose. You walked to the kitchen and saw Calum making coffee and roasting some bread. ‘Good morning puppyface’ you said while putting your hair in a messy bun. ‘Morning princess sleep long’ Calum said while smiling and looking at you. You gave him hug and planted your face in his neck. ‘You’re making breakfast?’ you asked. He nodded, ‘I need someone like you to sleep here some more I could use that’ you joked. ‘Your wish is my command’ he said. You smiled, ‘Soooooo… Cal ….’ He hummed. ‘Are we gonna talk about this little something that happened last night or don’t you remember?’ you asked. He smiled ‘I do remember’ he said ‘but do we need to talk about it?’ he went on. Your hope sank to your feet, ‘we don’t have to if you don’t want to’ you said. ‘Well.. There is nothing much to say about it, I liked it and well.. I hope you did to?’ you mumbled. ‘uhm well.. can I confess something?’ you said. He hummed again. ‘I wasn’t scared of losing you Calum, and if I did I would be glad this is the reason.’ He looked at you while you explained, ‘I was scared of meeting you and then letting you go Cal’ you said. ‘And that I why I kept this all to myself but I can’t do that no more after what happened, and I hope you understand.’ You said softly. ‘I do Y/N I do’ he spoke. ‘I don’t wanna lose my best friend, but I also can’t let these feelings go’ he said. You looked at him confused, ‘So your saying we are better of just being friends?’ you mumbled. ‘No Y/N’ he said as he walked up to you. You looked him in the eye and watched him getting closer. Your lips crashed on each other as he wrapped his arms around you. ‘I don’t want to let this slip Y/N, we are going to make this work’ he said in between the kiss. You smiled and felt him smiling against your lips to. He was one of a million, and you were glad he finally was yours.


Calum Thomas Hood everybody, this is a long one i know, wrote it for a dear friend of mine but decided to share it anyway :) 

Let me know if you liked it !! 

Xoxo ~ Amber

14. Sure, Just Come On Over


Rolling my eyes, I continued letting Teyana rant instead of laughing like I wanted to. She’s still upset about the fact that they’d shipped my cakes to three different places so she had to run around a little bit and go get them.

“You ate it so that’s all that matters right?” I interrupted. Teyana sucked her teeth. 

“You know what? I’m over it Christopher.” She mumbled. “Anyway, you and Robyn looked mighty comfortable yesterday.” She sung. I knew it was only a matter of time before she brought this up. 

“Did we?” I heard Teyana suck her teeth causing me to chuckle. Teyana is my friend, but this girl is the noisiest ever. She’ll find out any and everything if you asked her to. 

“You really like her don’t you Chris?” She asked. I kept my mouth shut which ended in her letting out a squeal in my ear. “I knew it! Awww Chris.” 

“Bye Teyana.” I could hear her threatening to kill me if I hung up but I’d already pressed the button and ended the call. I chuckled, dropping my phone back into the cup holder and turning my music back up.

I was on my way to Mijo’s house where everybody were. Considering we’d spent the whole day together yesterday, they’re still my boys and I won’t turn down an opportunity to smoke. 

I bobbed my head to Kendrick pulling into Mijo’s driveway. Snatching my keys out, I popped my locks and headed up the driveway. His dumbass left the door unlocked so I went right in towards the living room. 

“Aye!” The all yelled. I chuckled but mumbled a ‘wassup’ and took the seat next to Bow. I dapped him up before I reached over to snatch the blunt out of his hand. A thick cloud of smoke hovered above the living room telling me they’d smoked quite a few blunts before I got here. 

He sucked his teeth, “Damn nigga.” He said. I laughed, taking a pull of the blunt and blowing it out slowly through my nose. All I see to my right is Bow typing hella fast on his phone. I’m surprised the screen didn’t crack.

“Damn slow down, you about to break your phone.“ I chuckle, taking another pull and passing it to Mijo seated across from me. Bow shoots me a warning look and finishes up his text before sitting his phone down.

“Angie on bullshit. She all mad over nothin’.” He grumbles. Angie and Bow rarely argued but when they do it’s big. I’m talking, Bow sleeping at one of our houses on the couch big. 

“Y’all were good yesterday, what happened?” 

“She got mad because I had to go pick up Shai.” He sighed. “Which I don’t understand. How else am I supposed to see my daughter?” 

Bow has a five year old after being in a relationship a long time ago. I didn’t even know they were together until the day he came and told us we’d all be uncles. Angie hates that woman with a passion. His baby mama still wants Bow and Angie knows that. I’ve covered for him a few times to know what he’s doing is wrong. He just can’t let that girl go. 

“You gotta understand where she’s coming from though. She knows that girl wants you.” Mijo announced, finally taking time to join the conversation. I just nodded to let him know I agree. 

Bow needed to make a choice as to who he wanted to be with. Truthfully, Angie is the one that’s held him down all these years. Why fuck up a good thing? 

“Y’all remember when I told y'all I saw that woman at Tammy’s? The one with the attitude?” Mijo questioned, causing the rest of us to his our heads.

“Yeah, long hair, accent, attitude?” Ty question making Mijo get hype. I think that was just the weed talking. 

 “It was Mel.” He yelled. “Why you ain’t tell me she’d be at the barbecue?” 

My eyebrows rose but not really out of surprise. I noticed they kept on looking at eachother and then we’re talking, but I ain’t know he knew her already. Mijo sat over there cheesing talking about her like he was in love.

I shrugged my shoulders in response. “How was I supposed to know you were talking about her?” There’s plenty of women in Atlanta with accents and long black hair? He can’t hold me accountable for being caught off guard. 

“She was feisty at first but eventually warmed up to me. I got her number.” This nigga over here cheesing like a Cheshire Cat. Mijo has had his fair share of women but he’s always wanted to be in a real relationship. To settle down with someone. 

The only reason Ty settled down was because he really wanted Chyna and she wouldn’t take him having a variety of women. I mean, Chyna wasn’t having that shit. Trey and I were what I guess you could call the ‘players’ of the group. 

“Man you look like you whipped after one night,” I chuckled.

 Mijo sucked his teeth, “I know you ain’t talking. Robyn probably ain’t even gave you none and you running everytime she call.” 

“No I don’t.” I murmur. 

Everybody turned and looked at me like they know I’m lying. 

Damn. Was I that obvious? 

“Chris I’m actually happy for you,” Ty spoke. “After Jazmine ass you weren’t the same.” My smile immediately fell as soon as he mentioned her name. Mijo elbowed him noticing the shift in my attitude. 

They knew not to bring her up yet everytime she somehow always manages to become apart of our conversation. That was a whole two years ago so why is her name still spoken blows my mind. 

She just always has to be the center of attention. 

“Oh my bad,” he grumbled. I waved him off, quickly retrieving my phone from my pocket. I punched in my 4-digit code and immediately went to my call log. “Chris, you good?” Ty asked. 

I nodded, “Yeah, I’m out.” I stood up and gave a pissed off Bow dap and then Mijo and Ty who were both sending me apologetic looks. 

“I was going to tell you that I-” Ty tried saying something-most likely another apology-but I plainly turned around and walked out. 

Pulling my phone back up, I tapped Robyn’s name and put my phone up to my ear. Balancing my phone between my ear and shoulder I fished my keys out of my pocket. I stuck my keys into the ignition and listened as Robyn’s voice flowed through the phone. 

“Hello?” Her end was completly silent so I’m almost certain she wasn’t busy. She wouldn’t mind me coming over would she? 

“Hey baby,” I could practically see her smiling through the phone once I said that. We’ve only know eachother for w few weeks yet she had me all fucked up. I can’t even explain it. 

After my last relationship I damn sure didn’t expect this. 

“What do you want Maurice?” She laughed. I don’t know what’s with her and using my middle name all of a sudden. 

I chuckled before I licked my lips, “Where you at?” 

“About to take a shower and probably make something to eat. Why?” Now that she mentioned it I could hear her moving about. 

“Wait for me.” 

“And why would I do that?” She giggled. “You coming over?” 

“Yeah, leave the door unlocked.” I heard her laughing so I swiftly hung up the phone and pressed down on the gas a little bit more. She must’ve thought I was playing. 


Like I asked Robyn left the door unlocked. The house was so quiet I could hear her shower running all the way from the front door. Out of respect I kicked my shoes off by the door and shrugged out of my jacket, drappimg it across the back of the couch as I passed. I slowly trekked down the hall until I reached Robyn’s closed bedroom door. Since the shower was still running, I took the opportunity to open it and like I expected she was in the bathroom. 

Since she didn’t notice I was here I sat down on her bed and watched the movie she had playing. It was ‘Titanic’. I’ve never taken the time to actually sit down and watch the movie through and through. It just looked too damn girly and dramatic for my taste. 

Just as the iceberg hit the boat I heard the shower cut off. Not even a thirty seconds later the bathroom door opened allowing the steam to escape and Robyn emerged, in nothing but a royal blue towel loosely wrapped around her wet frame. 


She allowed her damp hair to flow freely down her back and she looked so toned down and beautiful. She jumped at the sight of me while pulling her towel tighter around her body. “When did you get here?” She gasped. My eyes danced across her body. Admiring every detail from her damp black curly hair to her pretty eyes and all the way down. She fidgeted under my gaze before turning and walking into her closet. 

“I got here about ten minutes ago.” I responded, finally answering her question. I stood and headed into the closet but she’d already slipped on underwear a pair of underwear and began clasping her bra. 

I ran my hands up her sides until I got the the bar she was putting on. Running my hands across her toned stomach, I heard her breathing become choppy. Chuckling, I dropped my hands completly and clasped her bra for her. She seemed shocked but still put on her large t-shirt. 

Once she had her top half covered she quickly slid into her shorts and turned to face me. Before she had the chance to speak I just placed my lips against hers and grabbed her hips. 

She only allowed us to go so far before she pulled away. Her lips were soft as hell so when she pulls away I can’t help but stare at them. “What is with you and popping up at my door?” She asked. Her tone was playful as she pushed me away and sauntered back into the befrom with me hot on her heels. 

I shrugged pulling her against me. “Maybe I like getting you alone.” I sighed. She smelled like strawberries so I’m guessing that’s either the shampoo or body wash she just used. She laughed whilist climbing into her bed and under the sheets. 

I followed her lead and crawled under with her, pulling her closer to me by her waist. “What’s wrong?” She inquired, running her finger along my jaw. I shook my head in a way that told her nothing. “Seriously what’s wrong Chris?” 

I chuckled, “What makes you think something’s wrong?” Was I giving her the impression that I’m upset? I don’t think I was. “I’m just high.” My effort in making her laugh didn’t work too well.  

“I know when someone’s high Chris. You just look mad,” she spoke. “You wanna talk about it?” She seemed genuinely concerned for my well being which I’m actually surprised about. How standoffish she was acting I wouldn’t think she would be this worried. 

I just pecked her lips. “I’m fine Robyn, I just wanted to see you.” Which was true. She searched my eyes for any sign that I was lying but she found none so she relaxed and snuggled closer to me. 

I intertwined our fingers while turning my attention back on the movie. Robyn ran her fingers through my hair once I put my head on her chest. The boat was now sinking and they were trying to get everyone on to the rafts but the main girl jumped off to go be with Leo. 

I sucked my teeth, “Man why would she do that? I would’ve got the fuck out of there.” I announced, shaking my head at this movie. 

Robyn laughed, “Chris it’s a love story, she didn’t want to just leave him.” She giggled. I still shook my head watching him ask her why she would do that. Shit, I would’ve asked her the same damn thing. 

“I don’t care I’m trying to live.” I reply still shaking my head. They were just too in love at this point in the movie. 

“So if you were in love you’re telling me you wouldn’t want to be with them if they might not make it out?” Robyn asked. I shrugged, focusing my attention back on the tv. 

“I guess our love would have to be strong for me to jump from safety to be with you.” Robyn laughed and began watching the movie with me. Another thirty minutes pass and the end credits begin. After all of that, he died, she almost died, and she was old and alone; so nobody won in the end. 

“Did you like it?” Robyn asked. I couldn’t say the movie was terrible some parts just weren’t realistic. I wouldn’t tell Robyn I liked it though. 

I sucked my teeth, “But after risking her life for him he only died in the end? Was it worth it?” Robyn shook her head and gave up. 

“Chris, people do crazy things for love, trust me I know.” She mumbled. We’d switched positions to where now she was laying on top of me and I had my hands under her t-shirt massaging her sides. 

“And how do you know?” I asked. Robyn shrugged her shoulders taking her time with counting my freckles. 

I was never the type of man who liked to be alone. Robyn was just this fun and amazingly beautiful woman that I’m attracted to. She seems so put together but deep down I can tell something’s hurting her. The way she talks, acts, walks, I can tell she’s hiding something. Something she’s just not ready to come to terms with yet. 

I played with the end of one of her curls and pecked her lips. “Come somewhere with me,” I suggested, sitting up causing her to do the same. She gave me a confused look. 


I tapped her so that she would get up which she did and I swing my legs over the side of her bed. “Just get dressed.” 

Robyn reluctantly obliged and got up to chance her clothes. I watched her look through her drawer for something to put on. As soon as she pulled out a pair of short jean shorts I shook my head. 

“Don’t start, there’s nothing wrong with these shorts.” Standing tall I walked over to her stuffing the shorts back into her drawer. 

Tugging at the string of her pajama shorts I shook my head. “You know, after you let me taste I didn’t think you’d still try to wear anything short.” I say. Robyn blushed and turned her head. 

“Chris,” she breathed once I placed my head in the crook of her neck, sucking on one spot roughly. I made sure to leave a mark before I pulled away. “Can I get dressed?” 

It’s funny watching her try not to give in. 

This time she pulled out a pair of sweats which made me laugh as she shook her head. I pulled out my phone to check my notifications but the only ones I had were Twitter and a couple messages that weren’t important. 

By the time I looked up Robyn was dressed in a white v-neck, black sweats, and Jordan’s. She’d thrown on a jean jacket since the temperature was dropping so I’m guessing she’s ready to go. 

“Let’s go.” 


“All of that and you were bringing me to the park?” Robyn groaned, “At eight o'clock at night.” 

I just wanted to get out and get some fresh air. Robyn seemed a little down so why not take her to the park and do the main thing I do to relieve any stress. 


I ignored Robyn’s complaints and climbed out of the car straight towards the trunk. I grabbed the ball, laced Robyn’s fingers with mine, and pulled her towards the court. 

Since kids are in the house by this time we had the whole park to ourselves. The two of us stood across from eachother while I bpunced the ball at my side. She had leaned all her weight on one leg wile staring at me with those mesmerizing green eyes. 

Robyn reached out to smack the ball away but I quickly switched it over to my left and laughed. “Chris, let me see.” She whined. I dribbled around her and went to the line shooting a three. 

Robyn rushed past me to retrieve the ball and dribbled it until she was right infront of me. She casually walked past me, stopped with the ball, and attempted to shoot but missed it. 

I tried to stifle my laughter but ended up bent over holding my stomach. Robyn pouted, grabbed the ball and tosses it towards me which I easily caught. She was really upset that I was laughing at her but I couldn’t help it. 

“I’ll leave,” she warned. I eventually calmed down my laughter and made my way over to her. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I kissed her lips while holding the ball under my arm. 

“Come on, I’ll show you.” I grabbed her elbow leading her toward the free throw line. Standing behind her, I handed her the ball with my hands placed on top of hers. “Hold it like this.” 

I guided her hands to the right position. She let my hands guide her until she held the ball perfectly. “Raise it up, shoot.” She followed suit watching the ball go straight into the hoop. 

“Wow.” She smiled. I ran over and picked the ball up tossing it to her. After a few more tries she got the hang of it becoming cockier and cockier with way one she made. 

“I think you got it.” I chuckled. Robyn did this little dance move with her hips in celebration. Smirking, she smacked the ball out of my hand and dribbled it down the court, shot the ball and made the perfect layup. I have a feeling she was faking it. “Play me,” 

I rose my eyebrow, “Play you? For what?” She looks like she has a plan that I’m not sure I’m ready for. 

“Hm, you win, we’ll do something you want for a whole day,” I smirked. “I win, you cook for me, whatever I want.” If that’s all she wants then hey, I’ll take either of those. 

“Something I want?” Robyn nodded. In the blink of an eye I took the ball and shot from where we stood making it in. “First to fifteen.” 

“You cheated.” I shrugged my shoulders and jogged down, picked up the ball, and tossed it her way. 

30 minutes later and like I expected, I won. Just as Robyn ran up I grabbed her by her waist and spun her around. She’s been chasing me up and down the court trying to hit me for the past few minutes and hasn’t succeeded yet. I held while we walked backwards until I sat down on the bench with her on my lap. 

“That wasn’t a fair game.” She spoke, continuing to sulk. I laughed and placed my hand on her thigh. She was genuinely upset that she didn’t win this game. I had fifteen to her eight which isn’t that bad if you think about it. “I want a rematch.” 

“Why? I played fair.” I said. 

“If you count grabbing my ass and titties, picking me up, and smiling with those damn dimples fair then I don’t know what type of game you were playing.” She responded. I admit I messed with her a few times but so did she. 

“Well since I won, I have to figure out what we’ll be doing.” A million and one ideas ran through my head but there’s one that sticks. Robyn looking as if she doesn’t like that sound of that. 

“Nothing crazy Maurice,” she said sternly only prompting me to smile even wider. “Seriously Christopher.” 

I shook my head still trying to figure out what we would do. Maybe I’ll take a whole weekend instead of this one day. 

Robyn smacking my arm pulled me from my thoughts. She was giving me that look like I hadn’t understood her a few minutes prior. I just smiled and pecked her pouting lips. 

“Alright, alright, nothing too crazy.” 

Yeah, I'mma have fun with this.