and finally i will start this challenge here i go


01/100 Days of Productivity | 01/06/17

I finally decided to post an original! This is my first one and I don’t really know wether it is studyblr worthy but here you go!

I decided to start the DoP challenge as I need some motivation to study for mock exams…

Some physics revision notes for mocks in 2 weeks… :/


You guys who have been following me for a long time will maybe remember these: My first crossover manips ever!! :D (The ones with Belle, Rose and Esme were the very first ones) They are all from 2011 - early 2013 and I cannot look at them without cringing… “HD footage??? What is that?!?!” XD Color correction was apparently hard back then… Ariel’s glowing eyes!! O_O

I had been a fan of Non/Disney crossover videos for years, but I did not have any video editing programs so I used Photoshop instead! >:D It was fun and I learned a lot, but when I finally started manipulating videos instead of still images I couldn’t go back to making these manips (the reason why A Mermaid’s Wish was cancelled). It was simply not challenging enough any more. I later took them down from Deviantart because my new Tumblr seemed like a more fitting place for them, but I completely forgot to re-upload them here. :P

FINALLY I finished my drawing challenge for TW season 5! I was too stressed out after the season ended, even though I started it ages ago I just sat down to finish it today.

I often wonder what my biggest fear is and I feel like I can convince myself of different ones all the time. Being crushed to death is for sure up there. Any way, there seems to be a huge thing with Stiles and drowning. By the end of the last episode I FELT LIKE I WAS DROWNING! 

Yep. Soooo here ya go!

hello! I’m doing a productivity challenge to help me get through this semester. here are some faq’s about the challenge before I start! 

what is it? 
I am finally joining the bandwagon of pledging 100 days of activity and productivity. I’ll be documenting my progress with one picture a day (of notes, activity, the daily grind) to keep me inspired. 

why do it?
I think the challenge is a great way to motivate myself to perform better and to stay active on tumblr throughout the school year :)

what are the rules?
If you would like to try this challenge out, you can make up your own rules! My posts are going to include:
• one thing I liked about the day 
• one thing I accomplished 
• a goal for the next day, week, or month
• if it’s the weekend: a reflection on the week or a look toward the week ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to do this! I’ll be using the tag #busybees100 to track my progress :) p.s. - this picture isn’t mine, I got it from canva!

Stay tuned busy bees, 


November Study Challenge: Day 1, Hello November

I had several projects and papers due in October, so this month will be (relatively) more relaxed as I prep for final projects/papers/exams/etc. I’m going to be using the extra time to refine my portfolio (my grad school apps are pretty much done, I just want to make sure everything is perfect).

Today I finished a paper and started watching Vera (I really enjoy Shetland/Ann Cleeves’ creations so I have high expectations)

(ps we’re trying a new aesthetic here at sleeplesstudying, its called ‘i just downloaded afterlight’, expect it to last approximately three posts)

Makeup Voiceover; Haechan

Requests: First off I wanna say I love your blog and your makeup voice overs give me life. Tbh your whole blog and existence gives me life 💕🤧🔥 any who honey boo boo, can I request a voice over for Haechan? If not that’s totally okay, but if so thank you!!!!

Heyy babe!! So as a fellow NCT blog, I’m completely in love w your makeup voiceover series. Do you think if you got the time, maybe you could do a Haechan version?? 😌💓

  • this series is so cute and im glad it’s been receiving lots of love!!
  • another member now,
  • none other than sunshine hyuck
  • i feel like he’d be the cutest and funniest one??
  • and i apologise again because i know nothing about makeup and im fully depending on google HAHA
  • okay let’s start

  • so interesting background story

  • how you met him
  • when you first started out as a youtuber you were not popular at all
  • and even after uploading 8 videos, on average you’d only get 20-30 views
  • until one day you were at a convenience store
  • and you were just casually choosing your favourite sandwich and what to get
  • until you felt a tap on your shoulder and you were met with this cute boy who was smiling brightly and his hands crossed together nervously in front of him
  • “y-yeah?..”
  • “you’re Y/N right? i love watching your short videos!! especially your vlogs haha, they’re so cute”
  • and you were so shookt because wow,, someone actually notices you???
  • and after that you’d checked your instagram and he’d directed message you and you noticed that he’d been following you for quite a while
  • and yall chatted and bOOM
  • soon enough he’s your boyfriend- after months of chatting and getting to know each other better, he slowly appeared on your channel too
  • and as time passed you got more familiar with youtube and you were more popular now
  • and many fans LOVE your relationship with haechan because he’s always stealing the camera to film you be it pranks or just vlogs
  • but the challenge was suggested by haechan himself
  • “baby i just watched this video and i thought it’d be cute if i did this, what do you think?”
  • and obviously you agreed because he seemed so excited to do it
    • he was giving you that one pout and the pair of puppy eyes which makes you s o f t everytime
  • so after 45 minutes ot filming the video
  • and donghyuck trying to peek into the room and watch you,
  • you were finally done
  • video and mic all set up, you pat on the bed so haechan can sit comfortably
  • “okay you can press start now”
  • cheeky smile again!!!!
  • “hello Y/N’s youtube family!! it’s her boyfriend, the most handsome and cutest, haechan here today”
  • “i’m going to be doing the makeup voiceover challenge”
  • “let’s hope it’ll go well”
  • “oh look at Y/N- she’s barefaced”
  • “a sight you all dont see often but i see it almost everyday- beautiful as ever”
  • “dont be jealous guys”
  • “she’s taking out a small container”
  • “i think this is foundation?”
  • “it looks like a nail polish though omg”
  • “it’s the Nars brand one”
  • “she’s dabbing small little boops on her cheeks, nose and forehead”
  • “she looks so silly HAHA okay but cute-”
  • “spreading it out effortlessly woah”
  • “…and she’s done!”
  • “next step”
  • “EYES?”
  • “yes im right”
  • high fives you
  • “she’s using her finger to apply this slightly pinkish shade?”
  • “she’s forgetting to show the brand like always”
  • “this is the third time i counted!!!”
  • “guys comment down below to remind her to show the brands in her videos please”
  • “i love a forgetful bun”
  • “as we’re talking she’s done with applying both eyes”
  • “oh she’s taking another shade”
  • “this time, a lighter shade of pink”
  • “and she’s applying at the end of her eyelids”
  • “she’s taking out her favourite mascara, also the one i got her, the one from benefit!!”
  • “fun fact: she loves it so much and continuously uses it everyday it’s finishing soon”
  • “i guess i’d have to buy you a new one”
  • starts giggling
  • “what’s so funny omg?”
  • “nothing i just find your concentrating face really cute hehe”
  • “and her eyelashes have more volume now!”
  • “i guess she’s skipping eyeliner today,”
  • “so moving on to her cheeks”
  • “i love squeezing them”
  • “she holding up the uh.. Too Faced Candelight Glow?”
  • “it’s so shiny woah”
  • “using a brush she’s just brushing it on her cheeks and forehead”
  • “ohh she’s glowing under the light now”
  • “like how she does in my life everyday-”
  • “why are you so sweet today”
  • “i’m feeling nice!!”
  • “to the blush”
  • “oh wait why’s she blushing already”
  • “and why’s she laughing”
  • hears himself singing in the background “hurry up babe~~~”
  • “oh HAHAHA i didn’t know i was that loud”
  • “i guess she doesnt need blush anymore- i could make her have rosy and red cheeks”
  • “omg she’s really skipping it”
  • “lastly, lipstick!!”
  • “she’s picking out her favourite nude lipstick from Dior”
  • “doesn’t it suit her so well??”
  • “finishing look!!!”
  • “as expected, my girlfriend Y/N!!!”
  • “doesn’t she look beautiful??”
  • “woah my heart”
  • “this ended so quickly i was distracted countless times”
  • “but i had fun and i hope you all had too!!”
  • “continue supporting my babe and give her love like i always do”
  • “see you all next time again”
  • then he flashes you a satisfied and bug grin
  • “i didn’t expect this to end so quickly”
  • “we should do this again soon”
  • “aw haechan i love you so much omg you said so many sweet things”
  • and he attacks you with a big hug
  • “but im serious in whatever i said though, they’re all true”

anonymous asked:

Solangelo meet-cute where they're both competing on Master Chef and end up in the finale against each other.

a reminder here that i have never seen masterchef and that all information was gathered from wikipedia you’re at wikis mercy tonight

  • before we begin: nico acts like colette from ratatouille and will acts like alfredo linguini except he can actually cook without the help of a rat
    • so what i mean by that is nico is very independent and he is not there to make friends. he is incredibly competitive and basically as soon as the first challenge starts nico is like “that one right there is my rival we’re going to the finale together” and guess what its will
    • will is super happy and friendly with everyone, hes very good at just like throwing things together and knowing what will taste good together, whereas nico has memorized every recipe ever and can pair different foods together well but cant really create crazy new recipes altogether
  • nico ends up winning the first mystery box challenge, and will ends up being one of the two winners of the elimination test - nico gets chosen for the opposite team. For the entire competition, the two are always on opposite teams and theyre both frequently the team captains, but never at the same time
  • Nico’s team usually ends up winning the team challenge ((bc nico makes sure of it ok)) and his eyes are always glued to will during the pressure test, partially making sure that he doesnt end up getting kicked out - theyre going to the finale together remember nico already decided it - and partially trying to learn from him bc they have very different styles
    • Both viewers of the show and other contestants all hardcore ship these two ok like will is always super flirty and sweet around nico and nico gets very obviously flustered by it but theyre like magnets that are always drawn together ok
  • Sometime around the middle of the competition will starts talking to nico outside of the kitchen like they lowkey start dating between challenges and the only indication is that instead of nico talking to nobody except the judges he will also say like one word an episode to will
    • During the next team challenge after that nico actually picks will for his team for the first time and they fricken DESTROY the other team
  • so ofc eventually they do get to the finale and nico was right they do both make it to the end and theyre basically like “whoever wins is the better chef but that doesnt mean the other isnt also amazing and this wont change the relationship at all bc we still like each other a lot ok good luck”
    • so during judging they literally stand there holding hands bc theyre both terrified and when will wins he literally picks nico up and swings him around in a hug and nicos so happy for him he doesnt even care how embarrassing will is being on national tv

i hope this is accurate in any way at all!!! thank u for the suggestion!!!

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Prompt! Do some jealous dan! With bottom phil please

nonny i’ll have you know that my boss called my name from across the room while i was typing the word ‘cock’ and i dissociated into the next dimension.

i accidentally wrote like 800 words and somehow made it soft,,,oops

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Tortured artist? Irascible writer? Bitter misanthrope? Disillusioned Simerican? A severe case of resting bitch face?

…Or all of the above? ;) Nathaniel’s story coming soon to a screen near you!

I’m so sorry about that ridiculous intro, lol, but I’m nothing if not corny. XD But anyway, the main reason I’m posting him yet again is that I still need a few more sims for this challenge. I don’t mind making them myself, but if anyone is interested in creating an author to join Nathaniel at the writer’s retreat please contact me. I realize that I’ve been moving slower than a herd of turtles on this project, but after a year and a half the world I intend to play in is finally finished and ready to go and I’m eagerly anticipating getting his story started for real.

If you’d like more information about the challenge before deciding whether or not you’re interested, you can find the original post I made about it here. It’s a bit wordy, but my inbox is always open for questions and I promise I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you so much for your consideration! :)

xsepticsoul  asked:

Heeeeyy! :D Could you maybe draw Jackaboy with the Blooming palette? Thanks 💚

Here ya go! Isn’t he the cutest? C;

Apologies for how long these requests are taking! My tablet finally started working, so I’ve been really behind ;;


February 26 2013 - February 26 2018

I never tricked myself into thinking transition would be easy but I don’t think anyone could have anticipated what was in store for me. When I came out five years ago I was scared I needed support and suddenly I found myself alone. None of my “friends” wanted anything to do with me and things weren’t going well with my family. It took years for the people around me to accept me and when they finally did I barely had time to catch my breath before my health started to decline. Despite the challenges I’ve faced I’m still here, (sometimes) standing, and when it comes to coming out I don’t regret a damn thing.

Caffeine Challenge #11

“Have a nice day!” I said waving at the back of my precious customer. My smile not quite so effortlessly stretched across my face.

“You don’t actually mean that, do you?” Al questioned, raising a well groomed brow at me so I could see the full gradient of her pink eye shadow and frankly, it was an impressive gradient.

“Of course I don’t.”  The smile dropped off my face and turned into a pained grimace, that still looked more like a smile. It hurt but it wouldn’t go away. If only it didn’t take so many muscles to show my displeasure.

“Oh,” Al looked at the customer sitting down in a corner booth. I could see her trying to figure out why I hadn’t meant that; the cogs in her head working together to come to a sensible conclusion, “She didn’t say thank you, did she?” And yet totally failing at it.

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It wasn’t supposed to be complicated. There wasn’t supposed to be any surprises. Nothing was supposed to develop.

Matthew was getting married and Alfred needed a date. So he turned to Arthur. He’d met the guy through work so no one in the family knew him and when he could disappear from Alfred’s family life easily after the reception. It was the perfect plan.

Well, it had been. Arthur wasn’t who he’d initially planned on. He was going to take one of the girls from the office but he’d asked Arthur first as a joke.

Arthur wasn’t supposed to agree.

And now Alfred saw standing in front of Arthur’s door there to pick up Arthur on the day of the big event. He wasn’t worried about his family’s reaction to him bringing a guy. Sure he never told them he was pan, but they wouldn’t get it anyways they could barely understand when Matthew had told everyone he was bi. He wasn’t worried about what anyone thought of Arthur either, he wasn’t looking for aprov and they’d never see him again anyways. And yet, for some unknown reason he was worried. He wasn’t supposed to be worried.

He stood there after ringing the doorbell. His hands felt sweety inside his pockets. He wasn’t all dressed up yet. The wedding wouldn’t start for over an hour but he was the best man so yeah he had to be there for all the prep and that also meant they had his suit for the wedding. So when Arthur walked out boy did he feel under dressed.

Even though he didn’t have a place in the ceremony Arthur had gone all out. He had what was likely his best suit on, probably custom tailored because it made him look amazing. Just the right amount of slimming so he didn’t look like a popsicle stick. It even made his shoulders look a little broader, a bit more masculine. Arthur was wearing the full package, suit pants, jacket, button up, waistcoat, everything. He probably even had those fancy little sock suspenders.

“Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to take us to the venue?” He asked, fiddling with his cufflinks.

Alfred swallowed, hard. Arthur looked … good. Okay, who’s he kidding? Arthur looked amazing and Alfred was still in jeans and a hoodie. It was embarrassing. He wasn’t supposed to get embarrassed. He wasn’t supposed to care what Arthur thought.

If he’d tried to speak nothing coherent would have come out. Instead he just opened and closed his mouth like a fish for a minute before steping aside to let Arthur walk out to the car. They both got in and neither said a word durring the drive over.

Once they arrived Alfred got out, showed Arthur where he could wait quickly before running off to get changed. While there he was able to joke around with the other guys, laugh, and get his groove back he was feeling like himself again, just like he was supposed to.

They did one quick, final run through of it all before people started to show up. Alfred was part of the greating crew whenever he wasn’t with Matthew. He said hi to family members he hadn’t seen in a long time and ones he’d just seen last week along with Matthew’s friends and some of Gilbert’s too, all while putting on his best smile as he directed people around. But while he said “hi” and thanked people for coming Alfred started to feel nervous again. It was like Arthur was staring at him the whole time. Even though he was just being a loner in the corner like usual every time Alfred checked. Needless to say he was eager to get to the actual wedding, hoping the feeling would go away.

Thankfully the whole ceremony wasn’t long. Lengthy enough to suit Matthew’s sense of tradition while short enough to suit Gilbert’s style of getting straight to the point. Alfred was nearly tears up seeing how happy his brother was. But, he still felt uncomfortable. Like for some reason he was the one being watched instead of his brother. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

After the grooms had walked back down the isle together and the sets of groomsmen followed Alfred got to wait behind so he could drive Arthur to the reception. That’s when things got awkward. They were fake dating, so he had to act like they were dating when others were around. It shouldn’t have been awkward; or at least, not this awkward.

“Hey babe!” He said when he finally found Arthur, “Sorry I couldn’t sit with ya, but hey at least you didn’t have to stand the whole time!” He’d expected Arthur to be a little surprised, even if they’d both agreed to it before(albeit hastily) it was a huge change from their usual dynamic. What Alfred wasn’t expecting was for Arthur to fall into his role so effortlessly.

“It’s quite alright love,” His English accent was far too captivating. The way he said those words honeyed and smooth nearly had Alfred under a spell. It took him a while to realize thw other was still talking. “Alfred, sweetheart are you listening?”

“Oh yeah totally! Heard every word,” Arthur wasn’t supposed to be this charming damn it!

“Mhmm,” he hummed, that usual tilt up of his head and the tug on his lips that formed that smug expression that meant he knew Alfred wasn’t telling the truth, like he was proud he could read Alfred like an open book. “Well we’d best hurry along if we want to arrive before your brother and his husband, yes?”

“Right, gotta get there before them!” Alfred smiled, though it was easy to tell it was forced. He wasn’t supposed to feel all flustered and nervous and captivated. He wasn’t supposed to feel anything at all! This was supposed to be emotionless acting and he certainly was feeling emotions.

Without another word Alfred headed back out to the car and hopped in, waiting for Arthur to get in. The drive to the reception was just as tense if not more so than the one to the wedding venue. Neither of them said a word until they’d both gotten inside.

Everyone was already mingling about when they arrived. The bar was already in use while everyone waited for dinner to be called. Plenty of people came up to Alfred to chat, Arthur usually ended up having to introduce himself since Alfred couldn’t seem to say the right words, or any at all if the topic was Arthur.

Curse him and his English charm. Everyone Arthur talked with seemed just as enchanted if not more so; content to listen to Arthur’s every word. He had this effortless grace when it came to formal situations and he was certainly flaunting it. People we’re starting to get attached. No one was supposed to get attached. This couldn’t go on.

Once they got some time alone Alfred pulled Arthur to the hall so they could have a little private conversation.

“You have got to tone it down with the charm,” Alfred insisted, crossing his arms like it made the point more assertive.

“I haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re talking about darling,” Arthur sounded so sweet and innocent Alfred almost believed him.

“You can drop the act Arthur, come on you know what I mean! You’ve charmed the pants off everyone in there. People are going to remember you, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“Well it’s not my fault all it takes to captivate you Americans is some nice clothes, proper manners, and the right accent. Would you rather I be remembered for being a total arse?” There was the Arthur Alfred knew, the sarcastic dry humor. It was nice, familiar. For once made Alfred smile instead of frown.

“Just, be yourself. You’re my date and you’ve got just about every girl in there ready to throw herself in your arms if you gave them the chance.”

“Oh come now, don’t tell me you’re jealous Alfred,” There was humor in Arthur’s tone, but Alfred seemed to turn dead serious in a matter of seconds. It all suddenly made sense.

“Well, duh, of course not. I mean, this is just the one time thing. It’s not like we’re actually dating. I don’t care,” Alfred was trying to be smooth and he was failing miserably. Arthur got that “I know what you really mean” look on his face again and it was then he knew he was thuroghly fucked.

Things had gotten extremely complicated.


26/11/17 // 1/100 Days of Productivity 

So I decided to start the 100 Days of Productivity challenge since I literally have five assessments due starting on Monday - its one every. single. day. Also, the end of school is coming in about 2 weeks, slightly less (woo!!), but I’m doing Extension 2 English and another Uni Course so I’ll have to keep working through the Summer break and thought this would be a good idea. So here we are. 

I also wanted to start posting more original content as I go into the final year of school so this should be fun. 

But today I did some reading for Extension English, Math and Chemistry (which I didn’t take a photo of since it’s all on my laptop).

🎶 Mic Drop - BTS, Desiigner, Steve Aoki 🎶

Marichat May 9

Belt Tail

The movie was boring.

Oh, God, was the movie boring. She’d had the villain figured out within five minutes, and watching the heroes go around and be thwarted (often by their own stupidity and saved by nothing more than sheer luck) was frustrating, to say the least.

Still, being cuddled from behind by a giant, warm, purring cat-boy pretty much made up for any egregious plot holes, she thought wryly, reaching back to scratch Chat gently behind the ears. He leaned into it for a moment, his purring intensifying.

“You’re distracting me,” he murmured in her ear.  

“You’re welcome,” she said dryly.

“Oh, come on, it’s not that bad,” he said, shifting his hold on her so he could lean into her touch more.

Marinette glanced at the screen. “I have literally never seen this before, and I can already tell someone is gonna fall down that hole.”

“What hole?”

On screen, one of the characters was pushed into the hole by the evil villain, much to the loud-wailing and carrying-on of his teammates.

“That hole.”

“How did you know that?!” Chat exclaimed.

“It’s a low-budget cartoon,” Marinette said, rolling her eyes as the heroes swore eternal vengeance on the evil villain. As if they hadn’t already sworn to take him down. “They literally can’t afford to make something that detailed in the background unless it’s part of the plot.”

“Oh yeah? What about that stalactite in the back there?” Chat challenged as the heroes started their Epic Final Battle. “That looks pretty detailed.”

She gave him a wry grin. “Chat-pancake.”

“What?” No sooner had the word left his mouth than the stalactite in question came crashing down on top of one of the heroes. Chat scowled. “Never mind. I get it.”

“I would think you’ve been in enough of these fights to understand how it’s going to go from here,” Marinette chuckled, scratching him under the chin. He grumbled a bit, his tail flickering back and forth. It caught Marinette’s eye.

“How do you do that?” she asked, pointing at his waving tail. He blinked at it.

“It does it on its own,” he said, shrugging.

“Can you feel it?” she asked, genuinely curious.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “The ears too. It’s weird.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Huh?’ he looked surprised by her question.

“Your tail. When I—er, Ladybug pulls on it or takes it off you, does it hurt?” she clarified. She’d never even thought of it before now, honestly. She’d simply seen it as an accessory she could use from time to time.

Chat thought about it for a moment. “Not really,” he finally answered. “It’s more like a jolt of awareness that somebody’s touching me. And when I take it off, I lose all the feeling in it and it’s just a belt until I put it back on. I do get kinda dizzy afterwards, though.”

“Oh.” Marinette made a mental note not to use the tail belt unless she absolutely had to.


She gently grabbed the tail in question and pulled it into her lap, giving it a gentle stroke.

“Princess….” Chat’s voice sounded strangely ragged.

“Can you feel that?” she asked, looking up at him as she stroked it again. He was blushing.

“YES,” he rasped out, reaching out and pulling her hands away from the belt. It instantly retreated behind him again. Marinette pouted.

“You could’ve told me I was hurting you.”

“It wasn’t—I didn’t—can we please just watch the movie?” Chat stammered. “I’m not sure I trust you experimenting with my tail. Especially with that look on your face.”

“Hey! I’ll have you know I’m a perfectly-innocent teenage girl.”

Chat snorted. “There’s an oxymoron.”

Marinette smacked him lightly upside the head, but Chat just grinned at her.

“All right, Movie Master, what happens next?” he said, nodding at the screen.

She scowled at him, but obliged and studied the situation for a moment. “The one who fell down the hole miraculously comes back up in the nick of time to save all his friends,” she said.

Chat burst out laughing. “That’d never happen!”

He ended up owing her ten euros.



I’m gonna do this! Finally!

I found out about this challenge called Berry Pastel Rainbowcy in May, but I was so busy with uni and youtube that I couldn’t really start a new game. But now that I finally got the time I’m gonna do it ^^ I’m not going to be playing this on my channel, BUT I might do current households if anyone wants. For now I’m just gonna be doing this for fun :) This challenge was created by @berrysweetboutique! Please check her out ♥ You won’t regret it ;)

This here is going to be my founder! Her name is Marsha (like Marshmallow) Cup. Since this challenge puts you in a situation from the start I’m gonna try to create a story :c I’m not good at that but as long as I like it I’ll do it? xD I remember writting in 7th grade but I once allowed my bestfriend read my stories and he laughed at my face… That was the end of my writting carreer x’) So I feel a little uncorfotable writting but I’ll do it because it makes me happy? Yup, seems like a good reason to me! I might also change a few things of the challenge, nothing major though, I only know that as soon as pets come out I’ll move into the new town xD

Wish me luck people! :D

Original Challenge Rules (x)
My rules! (keep reading)

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Day 4 + 5/100 of Productivity: Started revising for my eSchool final exams. I also finished the majority of my July “Stargazing” spread :) I think I like it! Also, here is a small portion of the contents of my pencil case, as well as books I’m currently reading for Days 2 and 3 of the July Study Photo Challenge. I really like colors (if you can’t tell haha). I’m also probably going to start prestudying for the fall semester, so more notes on that tomorrow! I’ll also definitely be catching up on the #rockyourhandwriting challenge on Instagram so follow me on my Studygram if you would like! What do you guys think of this spread?

I Was Happier (Part 7)

Originally posted by lucisassbutt

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 1,511 (so close to keeping it under 1k right? *sarcasm*)

Warnings: ANGST, sad!Loki, angry!Loki?, basically just a lot of angst…sorrynotsorry

Summary: You had been in love with the God of Lies and Mischief since you could remember, standing by him through everything. When he was brought back by Thor to answer for his attempts to take over Midgard, you couldn’t take anymore. You left both him and Asgard, behind for a life on Midgard to heal your broken heart. Now you’re gone, he realizes he’s missing more than his best friend, and he needs to fix what he broke, starting with finding you.

A/N: PART 7 IS HERE MY LOVES (@sanjariti). The challenge closes tomorrow (for me) so I’m wrapping it up tomorrow. I already know how it’s going to end, uni is just preventing me doing that at this point in time. Enjoy this angsty monologue chapter (seriously, I worry there was too much inner talk and not enough anything else now) before the final showdown! (AKA I’m planning for ONE more chapter - but I suck at sticking to plans so it might end up as two if I can’t cut my word count because I’m a mess)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

Previously: Looking up at his brother, Loki let a small smile creep through his sorrow. Hope was a small dwindling fire giving life to what is cold and dark. Hope, that maybe Thor was right. Loki was never happier than he was when he had you by his side, and he would not be much of a God if he did not do everything he could to make things right again. He owed it to you to try, at the very least.

Sat in the corner of the room

Everything’s reminding me of you

Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you’re happier

Aren’t you?

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you

But ain’t nobody need you like I do

I know that there’s others that deserve you

But my darling I am still in love with you

Loki lounged against the headboard of the bed, admiring the distorted view of the room through the nearly empty bottle of alcohol he had summoned. Although the effects were non-existent, the act itself brought a sense of escape nonetheless. 

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