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Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: hi okay im just sending this in bc if I don’t I’ll forget and yeah but whenever you can, could you do an imagine where the reader is clint’s niece and pietro likes her a lot but clint is very, very protective of her please? thank you!


“I Didn’t See That Coming”

You plopped your bags at your feet as the team began to come up to you and hug you. Most of them you had only met once or twice so it was some-what awkward, but when Natasha came up to say high to you it was like talking to a long-lost sister.

You loved visiting Clint’s work and seeing all of the Avengers, it was kind of amusing seeing all of the “Earth’s Mightiest Hero’s” offering to make you tea or watch a movie with you.

“Uncle Clint,” You called when you saw that he was starting to head back outside to get the rest of your bags from the car. “I can get them later. You haven’t seen your team in weeks, work on catching up with them.”

“I forgot how sweet you were Y/N.” You heard Steve say in a brotherly sort of way. “Your Uncle should be thankful that he has such a nice niece.”

Clint rolled his eyes in your direction, then picked up your bags and quickly went down the hall to drop them off by your door.

You turned around to talk to Tony who was behind you, and that’s when you felt a breeze.

You looked over your shoulder to see a blue and silver streak zoomed past you. The bluish grey mix of colors slid backward at a much slower pace, revealing a young man with a confused look etched onto his face.

He came to a full pause and scrunched his eyebrows together. “Who are you?”

You quickly spun around to face the man, and you were shocked at how beautiful he looked. His face was perfectly shaped and framed by his mess of bleach-blond hair, none of which were as impressive as his electric blue eyes.

When he fully saw you, his eyes widened and his hand shot up to the collar of his shirt, pulling it away from his neck nervously. He looked you up and down, memorizing every curve of your body. His eyes started at your feet and slowly made their way up, and when they hit your eyes you felt your heart beating ten times faster than it was.

You swallowed and he bit his bottom lip.

“So you should get settled in your r–oh, hell no.”

You broke your gaze with the Slavakian speedster and spun on your heels to see Clint, who had his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes narrowed at the man you were just eyeing.

“There better not be anything going on between you and my niece, Pietro.” Clint said.

Pietro… You thought with a small smile.

Pietro’s eyes widened at the fact that you were related to Clint, but soon were cast to the ground as he mumbled, “Absolutely nothing’s going on, old man.”

Tony snorted from right next to you. “Are you kidding me? They were practically undressing each other with their eyes right in front of us, you hormonal kids.”

You blushed, you had pretty much forgotten that the team was in the room once you saw Pietro fly in.

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” Natasha said, giving you a comforting grin then turning to Clint. “They were just surprised, neither of them had met before. Tony’s just exaggerating.”

Tony gasped dramatically and covered his “wounded” heart with his hand.

Clint sighed and nodded at her, “You better be telling the truth, Nat.” Clint motioned for you to follow him.

Oh, you were going to love it here.


Two days had passed and you had’t even seen Pietro. You figured that after seeing Clint threaten him like that he was doing everything in his power to avoid you. 

But, you convinced yourself that it was probably for the better. There was no point in harboring a crush for a boy that was never going to return it.

You rolled over on your bed and looked up at the ceiling, sighing in boredom.

You had been born just as human as Clint was, at at some points you wished that you hadn’t been. All the Avengers use their abilities to do good, and even Clint, Natasha, and Tony had found ways to help save the world on more than one occasion. You, on the other had, weren’t built like them. You didn’t have insane combat skills, an unnaturally large brain…the only thing you were decent at was shooting an arrow, and that was only because Clint had been teaching you since you were able to hold a bow.

You wished that you could train, or do something productive like all the others were doing. At times you would help Tony out in the lab, but this particular day he had told you that he needed to be alone for some intense experiments. You felt like you were a complete waste of space next to all of these amazing heroes, because what did you have to offer? 

You jumped off the bed and began to shuffle through your bags, trying to find the copy of the book that you were reading. After dumping out both your book bag and your suitcase onto the bed, you determined that you must have left it in the car down in the private parking garage.

Groaning, you dragged your feet down the hall and to the elevator. You nearly slammed into Wanda, Pietro’s twin, as she flung open the door and stepped out into the hall.

You never met Wanda formally, she wasn’t there when you first met Pietro and seeing as she always seemed to be attached to him at the hip, you didn’t ever get to see her.

“Sorry.” You mumbled, trying to catch yourself from falling from nearly knocking her over. “I thought everyone was in training, I didn’t expect anyone to be here.”

She smiled, almost in a way that made you think that she had been expecting to run into you. “Oh, no, Pietro and I have a break for now.”

You looked around, trying to see if the white-haired Slovakian was anywhere near, but you had no such luck.

“He’s out, I think he went go get pizza.” Wanda said, almost as if she was reading your thoughts.

“Oh.” You said with flushed cheeks.

“I must go.” Wanda said with a grin plastered onto her crimson lips. “It was very nice meeting you, Y/N.”

You nodded and tried to keep your breathing under control. It was such a strange sensation talking with Wanda, she always seemed to know something that you didn’t.

You shrugged it off and caught the elevator, pressing the button for the underground garage. After no more than a minute, you were in the parking lot. It was quiet and vacant. It wasn’t overly large, but still was big enough for you to get lost in.

You kept your eye out for your uncle’s car as you walked down the rows of spaces, most of which were empty (because honestly, how many car spaces do the Avengers really need?). You finally made your way to his car, but all the blood drained from your face when you saw Pietro Maximoff parking a black SUV right next to the passenger side of Clint’s car.

Pietro,, not noticing your presence, stepped out of the car and pulled out a box of pizza.

You swallowed and cleared your throat to show him that you were there.

His head shot up and his eyes met yours. You could see his breathing quicken. “Y/N…I didn’t see you there…”

You gave him a tight, uncomfortable smile. “Yeah, when your sister told me you went to get pizza I just figured that you ran to get it.”

“No, when I run the breeze makes the pizza cold.” He said. “You talked to my sister?”

You nodded and averted your eyes to the ground. “Yeah, I ran into her.”

“Oh.” Was all he said.

You hated uncomfortable silences. Honestly, why should this be awkward?

“Do you not like me or something?” You asked rather boldly.

You saw Pietro’s eyebrow raise up in questioning. “No, why would you think that?”

“Because you’ve been avoiding me ever since we met.” You said with a frown.

Pietro’s eyes lite up and he set the pizza box on the hood of his car, then took a few steps towards you. “Oh, no Y/N, I do not hate you!”

“So you admit that you’ve been avoiding me then?”

He froze for a moment, then nodded, his eyes full of shame. “Yes. After Clint made it clear that I wasn’t supposed to, you know, see you, I have tried to keep my distance.”

“That was only if we were dating, Pietro.” You said, trying to hide the raw emotion from your voice. “You don’t like me like that.”

“Says who?”

The garage went silent as you stared at each other, both of your cheeks were rosy red.

“Well…do you?” You asked, though you weren’t entirely sure if you wanted to know his answer.

In a split second, Pietro was in front of you, both hands on your shoulders and his eyes looking straight into yours. “If I say yes, will you run away?”

Breathlessly, you shook your head no. He swallowed, then slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. It was a strange sensation; his hands gripping your shoulders and pulling you close, your lips softly sliding over his, and his bleach hair tickling your forehead.

As the kiss grew more urgent, he lifted you up in his arms and zoomed you over to the hood of his car. He shoved the pizza box onto the ground to make room for you, all the while continuing to kiss you with raw desire and passion.

You pulled back and with a nervous laugh said, “Uncle Clint is going to kill you.”

Pietro grinned and pushed his lips against yours again. “I can take that old man any day.”


It was absolutely crazy, and you knew that. A man–an Avenger–that you had only met a few days before was now the only thing on your mind. And, you two were planning on telling Clint about your relationship.

Pietro made it clear that he wanted to date you publically and not in secret, despite Clint’s threating words.

You swallowed and bit your lip nervously as you stood in front of the shooting range, where Clint practices his aim every day.

Pietro zoomed over right next to you, his fingers laced in yours. “I’m sorry I’m a little late, love. Steve kept me in training longer than I expected.”

You looked him over and saw how out of breath he was, partly from training and partly from nerves. Your heart fluttered.

You reached up and ran your free hand through his hair, genially tugging him down to kiss you. His lips were genital and soft, much unlike your first kiss, which was urgent and full of built up emotion.

Before you pulled away, the door slid open, revealing a surmised Tony Stark.

You pulled away quickly and looked at your feet, yet you didn’t let go of his hand.

You would have never guessed that Tony would have been in training with Clint, it didn’t make any sense, especially considering that Tony had said that he was busy working on an experiment.

“Oh, look what we have here.” Tony said with a grin, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning in the doorway. “The two hormonal kids.”

You saw Clint shove past Tony to see what was going on, then looked at you and Pietro suspiciously. “Why are you guys here?”

You both swallowed and looked at each other, trying to decided how to approach it. Neither of you were expecting to have Tony standing there as an audience.

“I…well…” Pietro began to trail off, but Tony waved his hands to interrupt him.

“This would be a great time to show you what I came down here for.” He pulled a folded picture out from the back pocket of his jeans. “You see, I was working on my experiment, when suddenly FRIDAY informed me that there were two people in the garage. So, when I told her to give me a visual she showed me this.”

Tony handed Clint the piece of paper with a smug grin, tacking on in an amused whisper, “I just thought you would want to know.”

You leaned in and saw the picture that your uncle was holding, and you almost passed out in embarrassment.

It was a black and white security footage image of you sitting on the trunk of Pietro’s car and him heavily making out with you. There was absolutely no mistake in it.

Clint looked up from the photo and noticed that you two were holding hands. His expression was unreadable, and for a moment, you could feel Pietro shaking.

“You son of a…” Clint wiped out his hand and punched Pietro right in the face, causing him to stumble backward and hit his back to the wall.


He groaned and held his nose, which was starting to bleed. “I did not see that one coming.”

“Damn straight you didn’t.” Clint said sternly. “And you better treat her right, or next time I’ll use my arrows. Understand?”

“Loud and clear.” He said, and through the blood and watery eyes, you could see him crack a smile.

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