and finally at peace

There hasn’t been a second where I haven’t thought about you these past few days even before this happened, god this is so hard for me I feel lost knowing you’re not here on earth living your dream the way it should be. I’ve never been this emotional in my life I’ve never even met him but through his music I felt like he was there he understands what I’m feeling going through all of this shit. I hate seeing all these people using your death as a “wake up call” when they should be admiring your life, your very short lived life. I hope you’re okay wherever you are Because you’re finally at peace , and no this wasn’t a suicide he didn’t mean to die though he was very depressed, suicidal, and addicted to drugs it was laced. Damn I miss you Gus 🖤

Honestly, my heart is broken over Gustav passing. Lil Peeps music connected deeply with so many people. Music attaches our souls to the artists that create it. All of us knew Peep, he shared so much of himself with us. I am devstated to know he is gone. His energy was one of a kind. I cant even listen to his music right now. Im hurting for myself. For all the fans. For Kevin and Nick especially, and all his friends and loved ones. Such a beautiful soul lost for no reason.

Rest Well Gus. I hope you’re finally feeling peace. ❤️

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do you think there will be a punisher season 2? I'm afraid the reviews aren't that good. :(

So I went and checked out the reviews and they’re honestly not too bad. The main criticism I am seeing is that the storyline dragged on a bit and it felt like plotlines we’ve seen in many other govt conspiracy shows and movies, which honestly, I felt the same. I had to skip around a bit in episode three and four (forgive me I am not quite finished yet but I do know how it ends). 

The characterization is quite strong though, and I think it will be the characters that keep people interested. The relationship between Frank and Micro was a high point as well as Frank inner turmoil of finally letting go of his family and choosing to live and find peace. From what I have seen, I really feel for these characters and the representation was quite good. People of color in positions of power, Micro being Jewish, survivors of war dealing with severe PTSD. Not top notch yet for MCU but they’re working on it. 

Do I think the show will get a second season? Honestly, I’d be surprised if it did not. They ended it with a huge thing, Billy becoming Jigsaw. They cannot just leave it there, lol. I want to know what happens next! And besides, if you want to compare it to something, look at Iron Fist. They were annihilated in the reviews and still got a second season and Danny is a supporting lead on Luke Cage in the second season. So yes, I do think they will get a second season. 

If not…they established the place that Frank has in the Daredevil world so if they do not get a second season, I am thinking Frank will be integrated back onto that show. He’s an extremely popular character, I cannot see him being tossed away by any stretch. The end of DD2 left it where if they did got a Punisher show, Frank would have easily returned in the following season so there’s that. 

I rambled on here apparently, lol. I hope I answered your question and gave you some hope. I really wouldn’t worry about it and if we don’t get one, Frank will definitely show up again. 

Me, has free time: *watches an episode or two of a tv show and then sleeps*

Me, during finals week with twenty missing assignments to hand in before the end of the semester: *binge watches the entire series of Winx Club in one night*


“The one who truly lost the most by the death of Le Petit Roi was his grieving young wife. Her affection for Francis was deep and sincere. He had been her constant companion for more than a decade, and ever afterwards, though she was to be married twice more, she would always think fondly of Francis as the

     one              great               love               of             her            life                                              and               her               one            true           husband.”

 - In My End Is My Beginning: A Life of Mary Queen of Scots by James A. Mackay

it’s july 26th, 2017. cheritz has confirmed the new route to be v’s route. its coming august 2017. the fandom is in chaos. i’m crying. cheritz is crying. jihyun is crying. screaming can be heard everywhere. my depression is gone. my skin is clear. world peace has been found. millions of hearts have been warmed.


-The Secret History

Solar System: 10 Things to Know This Week...Halloween Edition!

This week, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit with 10 spooktacular things to let your imagination run wild. 

It’s not Halloween without our favorite scary characters, but what if they could stop bothering us Earthlings and go far, far away? We begin with where Dracula, Frankenstein, and other creepy creatures might choose to live if the galaxy were theirs to claim…

1. The dark (k)night.

The prince of darkness himself, Dracula, can finally seek sweet respite from the Sun. We think he’d love to live on a rocky planet named YZ Ceti d that orbits so close to its red star that it’s tidally locked keeping one side of the planet in perpetual nighttime and the other side in perpetual daytime, with a brilliant red sky (though we can guess which side Dracula will prefer). 

2. Where art thou, werewolves? 

Home sweet home for our furry Full Moon friends might just be on Trappist-1, a planetary system with seven planets—and where standing on one planet would mean the other planets look like six moons (some as big as our Moon in the sky). 

3. Left in the dust. 

We couldn’t think of anyone better to live on Proxima b than The Mummy. Hopefully this ancient monster can finally rest in peace on an exoplanet that scientists theorize is a desert planet once home to ancient oceans. 

4. Cloudy with a chance of Frankenstein.

One scientific experiment we’d like to conduct: whether Frankenstein would rather live on HAT-P-11b or Kepler-3b, theorized to have fierce thunderstorms and lightning. 

5. The walking dead. 

We’re pretty confident that if zombies were to pick a planet, they’d want one that shares their love of death and destruction. We think they’d feel right at home on one of the pulsar planets, which are scorched by radiation because they orbit a dead star. 

6. Rest your weary bones. 

Skeletons need look no further: Osiris, an exoplanet that’s so close to a star that it’s “losing its flesh” as the star destroys it, seems like a perfect match. 

7. Enough of the scary stuff. 

For kids out there, turn pumpkin decorating into an out-of-this-world activity with space-themed stencils, from Saturn to the Sun. 

8. Spooky sounds. 

Cassini’s radio emissions from Saturn could give creaky doors and howling winds a run for their money. Listen to the eerie audio recordings here and find more HERE.

9. Pumpkin-carve like a NASA engineer. 

NASA engineers design and build robots that can fly millions of miles to study other planets for a living—so on Halloween, they can’t help but bring that creative thinking to the grand old tradition of pumpkin carving. Take a cue from their creations with these insider tips.

10. Detective for a day. 

From blades of ice on Pluto to a fuzzy, white “bunny” photographed on Mars, become a solar system sleuth and see if you can solve the stellar mysteries in this slideshow (then compare with how scientists cracked the case). 

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Natasha in every episode of War & Peace1x04 Part Four

Will you tell Prince Andrei when he comes that our engagement is at an end, and I cannot be his wife? -Oh, dear, we must have offended you deeply. -No, it’s nothing to do with that, it’s me. I’m the one who’s at fault. I made a mistake. But tell him, please, that he is released from the engagement, and ask his forgiveness. I’m sorry, that’s all I can say.