and finally at peace

Fan comic that passes 14 years later after the final of homestuck, the species lives in peace and they rebuilded the world, in the first year of rebuilding, you was born, a young boy that now have 13 years, you and your guardian was buying things for your birthday but, your guardian forgeted you in the store, get out of the store now, young boy!
This comic may appears be silly, but will be a LOT deeper than just getting out from a store… Stay tuned!

Even though ouat has been disappointing me pretty consistently for months, writing the final chapter of Peace I Leave With You is filling me with all sorts of warm fuzzies.

I started this fic around 2 years ago, and in this final segment I get to make all sorts of fun callbacks to the opening chapters and create a direct parallel between Emma aware of their true identities trying to wake up Killian who has been cursed, and the early chapters where Killian was aware of their true identities and was trying to wake Emma up to the truth, both times with “breaking a curse” as the end goal.

It’s reminding me why I enjoyed this ship so much in their early years. Even if the show ends on a sour note, it’s given me lots of good memories, and so has the fic and the fandom. So I’ll always be grateful for that. A bad ending doesn’t negate all the good that came before - at least not in entertainment. :)

Can we appreciate?





I’m proud.

I’m proud of her children, I’m proud of her amazing husband and I’m proud of her. This family has the whole world’s support now and forever. Thank you Johannah, for all the good you brought to this world and all the lives you touched with your big heart. Your children are a reflection of what an astounding person you were and you will never be forgotten. You made your mark in this world…

Rest in peace Johannah.

“The sun goes down and it comes back up, the world still turns no matter what”