and fighting skills

Also I dreamt that I worked for a carpet superstore with my fiance but management was so terrible that we would regularly take illicit breaks by climbing down the liftshaft to a …weird lingerie store

One day my fiance fell down the liftshaft and died and so I shot the boss with a handgun and then arranged his and the body of THE ONLY MAN I WOULD EVER LOVE on a table draped in a white sheet to dramatically reveal to the police. My defence in court was that I was 100% justified because of the lift shaft issue which we had to do because we were constantly being bothered with extra tasks to do in the middle of whatever we were doing…

The court acquitted me…. I went on to a life of knife crime in sleazy bars and cage fighting. My main concern was that those I knife fought with were at a higher level of knife fighting skill than me and I might be outmatched.

All the knife fighting bars had overdone floral wallpaper

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Prompt: amuse me with Ellana and Bram because Bram is adorkable and Ellana gets sad sometimes (p.s. I just finished the hakkon dlc and I want to??? Romance mr. Scholar man irl)

Oh man anon, I feel that life. Honestly, I want this nerd academic as a romance option. This wound up getting a little carried away from me but it’s my first real attempt at writing something longer since probably late last fall? ANYWAYS, Amuse Me with Bramlana aka my fave nerds in love.

Despite the presence of rabid dogs, unclosed rifts and what remained of the dwindling Venatori numbers in the desert, Bram was having the time of his life. Sure, he lacked proper fighting skills, stepping back to let Ellana and her group take care of their enemies, and true, he had found himself sunburnt along his cheeks, but the history that rested before him was well worth the trek into what Ellana had called the Forbidden Oasis.

Out of the sun, a cool, damp breeze blew up through the temple ruins. Bram took off his hat, giving it a good shake (falling backward in an attempt to move just out of range of a strange lizard looking creature hadn’t been graceful but it had kept him in one piece) as sand fell from both it and his ginger curls. Just out of the corner of his eye, Ellana light one of the braziers, the strange veil fire casting her in shades of green. Sand cleared from his head, Bram glanced up and let out a long, low whistle.

“Maker have mercy,” He breathed, unable to stop his expression from morphing easily into one of unabashed joy and curiosity, “would you look at this.” His area of study was Chantry based but there was something to be said about the beauty of this strange temple out in the middle of the desert. “How long do you think this has just been standing here?”

“Watching, waiting, standing against sand and time,” Cole spoke up, and Bram tried not to let the shiver of surprise run down his spine (though he failed) as the boy seemingly appeared out of nowhere right next to him. “It’s forgotten who built it, why, when-”

“Yeah, we get the picture, kid,” Varric clapped a hand against Cole’s back, steering him away from Bram, “it’s old as balls and we still have chambers to unlock.” Despite the much needed change in tone, there was nothing confrontational about the exchange; Varric’s kind but firm tone spoke volumes. It was something he’d quietly noticed throughout their trip; the closeness and deep relationships between all of Ellana’s companions ran deeper than any of the tales and stories had suggested. Then again, they would need to be close while trying to patch up the world.

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You can only fight evil as the person you really are

When you’re fighting evil, it’s important to be aware of your limitations. You can only fight evil as the person you really are. Trying to ignore your limitations will not make you a better activist — it just crushes you.

Fighting evil is a lot of hard work. It’s not just about being a good person, or caring, or having the right values. Mostly, it’s work. And no one has infinite capacity to do that kind of work.

In fact, no one has infinite capacity to do *any* kind of work. As human beings, we’re limited. We have bodies, and needs, and we can’t do everything. Trying to work flat out all the time doesn’t end well, no matter how important the work is.  

One of the things we need is love. Part of that is being aware that not everything is evil. Some things are good. Some things are amazing. Some things are important in other ways. And, no matter what, people matter, and our world is worth fighting for.

Fighting evil is incredibility emotionally draining. In order to fight evil, it’s generally necessary to come into close contact with it. And to face the fact that not everyone is on your side, and not everyone means well. Many people act with active malice or callous indifference. It can be very hard to keep going when you lose an important battle and feel the weight of the consequences. It can be very hard to avoid slipping into despair. Love is one of the most powerful defenses against despair.

It is not only ok but *necessary* to find things that you can value and enjoy. Valuing your own life and the things you enjoy is an important act of resistance. Keep in mind that one of the lives you’re fighting for is your own. You are worth fighting for.

You may have to do hard, draining things that no one should ever have to do. You may have to make sacrifices. You may need to learn how to do things you never thought you’d need to do. But you don’t have to do more than you’re capable of doing — and trying to ignore all of your feelings and limitations will not help.

Understanding your limitations actually makes you more effective (at activism and at anything else you might want to do.) Working with your brain and body works better than trying to become a superhero through sheer force of will. You can only fight evil as the person you actually are.


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Kuzy goes down, and Burky immediately starts a bar fight

The best thing about this is Kuzy frantically trying to get to Burky, though. It’s like they’re both thinking “oh no but he can’t fight get him out of there” about each other.


Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

Imagine Legolas having to admit that he underestimated your fighting skills.
Although he was really worried about you, he’d be not only relieved to see that you are alright, but totally stunned by the beautiful warrior standing in front of him.
“My lady, that was breathtaking”


The Good Fight First Trailer

Appreciation can create hope

Right now, a lot of people are feeling hopeless — and are feeling that maybe nothing they do matters. This kind of despair is dangerous. 

If there are things you appreciate about someone, now is a good time to tell them about it. If someone does things that you appreciate, now is a good time to tell them what those things are and what they mean to you.

When it’s hard for people to remember that their actions matter, hearing from people they matter to can make all the difference.

People who you appreciate may be having a very hard time believing that their actions make any difference right now. (Actually, this is always the case, but especially in times like these). Telling people what they mean to you can help them find ways to keep going.

Even when people seem popular and confident, it’s worthwhile to let them know  that they and their actions matter to you is worthwhile. Being visible and projecting confidence can be exhausting. Hearing that what you do matters to others can make all the difference. It’s less exhausting when you’re reminded that it’s worth it, and that what you do means something to someone.

Don’t assume that it goes without saying. If you don’t tell people about what you appreciate, they often don’t know. People can’t read your mind, and they may well not know. Even if they do, the reminder is often helpful. 

(A caveat here: This doesn’t suspend the usual rules of boundaries. If someone’s blocked you or otherwise indicated that they don’t want contact, leave them alone. Don’t make sexual comments or comment on people’s bodies unless you’re in a relationship in which you have ongoing consent to do that. Etc. And if you’re not sure about boundaries and want help, send an ask.)

tl;dr A lot of people are fighting through a fog of despair right now. If you tell people what you appreciate about them and/or their actions, it can clear up a lot of fog and help them to find hope again. Being reminded that you matter and your actions mean something to someone can make all the difference.

Intelligent and otherwise sentient dragons going feral or behaving like wild animals when threatened is my favorite thing. Especially if the dragon is generally a sophisticated or kind dragon. 

I would think dragons who are less magically proficient have to fight with other means. Smaller dragons might be smarter to use weapons but if you’re a giant 6000 pound lizard with sharp teeth and claws… Throwing your weight around and relying on feral instincts might be best. 

Imagine a massive beast of an imperial fighting tooth to tooth with a guardian. Biting and clawing and beating each other with their wings. Imagine a pack of wildclaws working together to take down a bigger foe, jumping on and holding on as each one takes another chunk off.

I just realized that Qrow is totally a Karasu-tengu (Crow Tengu) in Japanese mythology. (One of the folklore that actually paint crows in a positive light.) They’re winged bird creatures that can shape-shift and take human form, are skilled sword fighting warriors, have great knowledge, and protect the law of the land. They are the deities called upon in prayer by desperate people (Tai) to help their children (Yang and Ruby) get back home. They also play tricks on the arrogant and vain (Winter) while rewarding and helping to train those who are modest and aim to help others (Ruby).