and fight fires for a hobby

Avant Stolts

This is a resubmission of a character I submitted before.

Character Profile

Name:Avant Stoltz
Age:10 when introduced 60 when passes
Body Build:Muscular build
Skin Tone:medium brown
Eye color:Red
Eye shape:almond
Hair color:Black
Hair type:short wavy hair
Face shape:Oval
Personality type:Intj
Sexual Orientation:straight male
Strengths:Strategic thinker,fighting expertise,adaptable,tenacious,problem solver
Flaws:emotionally distant,can be blunt,antisocial,anger
Fears:Loss,Stagnation,being unprepared,headaches
Quirks:picky eater,unable to hold alcohol,Sadistic in a way
Motivation:Family,Friends,repaying debts,living,freedom for all
Abilities:Primal fire magic user,quick regeneration,Dragon soul

Profile and review are under the cut. ~Cori

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  • Naughty Boy and Louis have a big fight that draws attention.
  • Naughty Boy “leaks” I Won’t Mind.  Whoopsy daisy.
  • It’s fire and people say so, it’s reported on extensively, and it’s viewed as his first solo music.
  • “But no!” Zayn says.  “This old thing?  ‘Tis just a demo.  The real fire is to come.”
  • Public proceeds to eagerly anticipate his actual solo music.


  • Song “leaks” perfectly timed on 4/20.
  • Press covers it like crazy and Liam making a solid first move into a different genre is the focus.
  • “What tragedy!” Liam says.  “Just a minor hobby of mine, this demo- a favor to a friend you might say.  The real music, well you just might get it at some point, maybe.”
  • Public proceeds to anticipate his actual solo music.
Fan Of The Month: Michele

Name: Michele

Blog URL:

What’s your blog about: Mostly xena, with armor, pretty dresses and some art thrown in, Downton, british shit that I love.

What are your hobbies: Sword fighting(medieval broadsword), I’ve since been getting into one handed sword, I play sax and sing in a band, sail on occasion, I’m a gym rat, juggling, I used to read a lot, but it’s slowing, I’m learning how to breath fire, walk in the woods, bottle digging and long boarding (more in the summer)

Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m 27, I live on long island, I love rockabilly and if I have extra money I like to stick it in random pockets of mine to find later when I am short a couple of dollars.

What are your top three favourite TV shows: Xena, Downton Abbey, QI

Do you have any Xena merchandise: Yes! 

Have you cosplayed Xena: -

(Xena Questions)

How were you introduced to the Xena fandom: I sort of crept in through the back door, and signing up for the retreat helped.

Which character do you relate to: Xena—I was always envious of people that just had one thing they were very good at and a very clear career path cause they would just do that thing or something related to it. I always had a huge range of interests and Xena’s catchphrase “I have many skills.” I was like yes! It’s not a bad thing, but actually super useful. I really value and love being alone. I also get antsy with out moving about, or adventuring or doing some sort of physical activity. Like, when Xena and Gabs were at that meditation thing and Xena was doing crunches and sick of relaxing: thats me. I definitely have some dorky beginning of the show qualities of Gabrielle. I’m over enthusiastic and well read, and full of random facts and stories.

Who are your favourite characters: Lao Ma (duh!) I love Ares. No shame. Charon! Easily my favorite comic character.

Who are your favourite villains: Lucifer was super interesting, and Michael is so messed up. I like them because they weren’t straight up evil. But I mean Alti was pretty fantastic and Callisto.

What is your favourite episode and why: I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think it’s the episode that made me want to keep watching the show. Season 1 Episode 19 Altered states. It was one of the first episodes that really made me think about the moral code of religion and the idea of blindly believing, or trying to do the right thing and having it be completely messed up. It dealt with darker issues than the episodes before it. And I like that at the end no one knew where the voice that saved Icus actually came from, so it’s not all about Xena and Gabrielle saving the day, there are still things we don’t understand and can’t explain. But the real pull is it was a darker episode where Gabby is tripping balls on nut-bread most of the time. So I was cracking up while thinking about issues of morality and religion. I think that’s a formula the show managed to replicate episode after episode. Oh, also the opening to that episode is so gay. I love it.

Is there a character you think people misunderstand: Ares? I started out being annoyed by him and thinking he was a villian, but by the end of the show I freakin loved him and his amorality.

What is your favourite ship: Xena and Gabs!—!!!!!

Is there a pairing you didn’t like at first but now you do: Gabrielle with random guy of the week. Cause it’s just like, why? But, I read something someone wrote, and I wish I could remember who to give credit, but they had looked at it as if Aphrodite was always rather fond of Gabrielle and was making guys fall in love with her as a way to express, “I think you are neat.” I like that theory.

Is there a popular ship you don’t agree with: Is Xena and Ares a popular ship? Cause no!

What do you like best about the show: It’s formula to be both deep and camp at the same time. Oh and the gay under (sometimes over) tones.

How has the show affected you: I have never been part of a fandom before and even though I haven’t met a lot of people yet it’s been really fun looking at posts and rants and memes and such from a show I love that other people connected with too. A lot of the episodes have deep take away points. I feel like Xena has had some long lasting impact on my life, I just don’t one hundred percent know what it is yet. Hopefully I’ll meet people with the philosophies and light heartedness of the show and make some new friends. (is that cheesy? It is, It’s okay)

Why is this show important to you: I started watching it when I was super depressed and I know it’s corny as fuck but it gave me something to hold on to and keep me in this world. It was also great to see a similar life view expressed in a show to the one I have. I love everything about this damn show! I think this show is super important in general because it created so many complex female characters that were more developed in a one or two episode appearance than female characters that have been on shows for seasons. We need more of that! More women doing stuff.

Is there anything else you’d like to add: Thanks!

Asgore needs a nice therapy hobby to help him get a fresh start in life. Gardening’s great, but it has so much emotional baggage attached. Plus, it would be nice if he could get to use his fire powers for something besides battle, since he clearly hates fighting. And he loves tea…


He could make his own tea sets, fire his own work without needing a kiln, and once he’s got some practice and skill under his belt, make some money by selling the ones he’s not partial to, but are still pretty.