and fight fires for a hobby

Avatar Aang, Feminist Icon?

“Who’s your favorite character?” I hear that question come up a lot over Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show particularly near and dear to me. Iroh and Toph get tossed around a lot. Zuko is very popular. Sokka has his fans. But something I’ve noticed? Aang very rarely gets the pick. When he comes up, it’s usually in that “Oh, and also…” kind of way. Which is strange, I think, considering he’s the main character, the titular airbender, of the entire show.

I never really thought much about it until a couple weeks ago when I finished my annual re-watch of the series and found myself, for the first time, specifically focused on Aang’s arc. Somehow, I never really paid that much attention to him before. I mean sure, he’s front and center in most episodes, fighting or practicing or learning big spiritual secrets, and yet, he always feels a little overshadowed. Katara takes care of the group. Sokka makes the plans. Zuko has the big, heroic Joseph Campbell journey. Aang…goofs around. He listens and follows and plays with Momo. And yes, at the end his story gets bigger and louder, but even then I feel like a lot of it dodges the spotlight. And here’s why:

Avatar casts the least traditionally-masculine hero you could possibly write as the star of a fantasy war story. Because of that, we don’t see Aang naturally for everything he is, so we look elsewhere.

To show what I mean, I want to talk about some of the show’s other characters, and I want to start with Zuko. Zuko is the hero we’re looking for. He’s tall and hot and complicated. He perseveres in the face of constant setbacks. He uses two swords and shoots fire out of his hands. He trains with a wise old man on ship decks and mountaintops. Occasionally he yells at the sky. He’s got the whole 180-degree moral turn beat for beat, right down to the scars and the sins-of-the-father confrontation scene. And if you were going into battle, some epic affair with battalions of armor-clad infantry, Zuko is the man you’d want leading the charge, Aragorn style. We love Zuko. Because Zuko does what he’s supposed to do.

Now let’s look at Katara. Katara doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do. She doesn’t care about your traditionally gender dynamics because she’s too busy fighting pirates and firebenders, planning military operations with the highest ranking generals in the Earth Kingdom, and dismantling the entire patriarchal structure of the Northern Water Tribe. Somewhere in her spare time she also manages to become one of the greatest waterbenders in the world, train the Avatar, defeat the princess of the Fire Nation in the middle of Sozin’s Comet and take care of the entire rest of the cast for an entire year living in tents and caves. Katara is a badass, and we love that.

So what about Aang? When we meet Aang, he is twelve years old. He is small and his voice hasn’t changed yet. His hobbies include dancing, baking and braiding necklaces with pink flowers. He loves animals. He doesn’t eat meat. He despises violence and spends nine tenths of every fight ducking and dodging. His only “weapon” is a blunt staff, used more for recreation than combat. Through the show, Aang receives most of his training from two young women – Katara and Toph – whom he gives absolute respect, even to the point of reverence. When he questions their instruction, it comes from a place of discomfort or anxiety, never superiority. He defers to women, young women, in matters of strategy and combat. Then he makes a joke at his own expense and goes off to feed his pet lemur.

Now there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this, and it’s the one that shielded Aang from the heroic limelight in my eyes for ten years. The reasoning goes like this: Aang is a child. He has no presumptuous authority complex, no masculinity anxiety, no self-consciousness about his preferred pastimes, because he’s twelve. He’s still the hero, but he’s the prepubescent hero, the hero who can’t lead the charge himself because he’s just not old enough. The problem is, that reasoning just doesn’t hold up when you look at him in the context of the rest of the show.

Let’s look at Azula. Aside from the Avatar himself, Zuko’s sister is arguably the strongest bender in the entire show. We could debate Toph and Ozai all day, but when you look at all Azula does, the evidence is pretty damning. Let’s make a list, shall we?

Azula completely mastered lightning, the highest level firebending technique, in her spare time on a boat, under the instruction of two old women who can’t even bend.

Azula led the drill assault on Ba Sing Sae, one of the most important Fire Nation operations of the entire war, and almost succeeded in conquering the whole Earth Kingdom.

Azula then bested the Kyoshi Warriors, one of the strongest non-bender fighting groups in the entire world, successfully infiltrated the Earth Kingdom in disguise, befriended its monarch, learned of the enemy’s most secret operation, emotionally manipulated her older brother, overthrew the captain of the secret police and did conquer the Earth Kingdom, something three Fire Lords, numerous technological monstrosities, and countless generals, including her uncle, failed to do in a century.

And she did this all when she was fourteen.

That last part is easy to forget. Azula seems so much her brother’s peer, we forget she’s the same age as Katara. And that means that when we first meet Azula, she’s only a year older than Aang is at the end of the series. So to dismiss Aang’s autonomy, maturity or capability because of his age is ridiculous, understanding that he and Azula could have been in the same preschool class.

We must then accept Aang for what he truly is: the hero of the story, the leader of the charge, who repeatedly displays restraint and meekness, not because of his age, not because of his upbringing, not because of some character flaw, but because he chooses too. We clamor for strong female characters, and for excellent reason. But nobody every calls for more weak male characters. Not weak in a negative sense, but weak in a sense that he listens when heroes talk. He negotiates when heroes fight. And when heroes are sharpening their blades, planning their strategies and stringing along their hetero love interests, Aang is making jewelry, feeding Appa, and wearing that flower crown he got from a travelling band of hippies. If all Aang’s hobbies and habits were transposed onto Toph or Katara, we’d see it as a weakening of their characters. But with Aang it’s cute, because he’s a child. Only it isn’t, because he’s not.

Even in his relationship with Katara, a landmark piece of any traditional protagonist’s identity, Aang defies expectations. From the moment he wakes up in episode one, he is infatuated with the young woman who would become his oldest teacher and closest friend. Throughout season one we see many examples of his puppy love expressing itself, usually to no avail. But there’s one episode in particular that I always thought a little odd, and that’s Jet.

In Jet, Katara has an infatuation of her own. The titular vigilante outlaw sweeps her off her feet, literally, with his stunning hair, his masterful swordsmanship and his apparent selflessness. You’d think this would elicit some kind of jealousy from Aang. There’s no way he’s ignorant of what’s happening, as Sokka sarcastically refers to Jet as Katara’s boyfriend directly in Aang’s presence, and she doesn’t even dispute it. But even then, we never see any kind of rivalry manifest in Aang. Rather, he seems in full support of it. He repeatedly praises Jet, impressed by his leadership and carefree attitude. Despite his overwhelming affection for Katara, he evaluates both her and Jet on their own merits as people. There is no sense of ownership or macho competition.

Contrast this with Zuko’s reaction to a similar scenario in season three’s The Beach. Zuko goes to a party with his girlfriend, and at that party he sees her talking to another guy. His reaction? Throwing the challenger into the wall, shattering a vase, yelling at Mai, and storming out. This may seem a little extreme, but it’s also what we’d expect to an extent. Zuko is being challenged. He feels threatened in his station as a man, and he responds physically, asserting his strength and dominance as best he can.

I could go on and on. I could talk about how the first time Aang trains with a dedicated waterbending master, he tries to quit because of sexist double standards, only changing his mind after Katara’s urging. I could talk about how Aang is cast as a woman in the Fire Nation’s propaganda theatre piece bashing him and his friends. Because in a patriarchal society, the worst thing a man can be is feminine. I could talk about the only times Aang causes any kind of real destruction in the Avatar state, it’s not even him, since he doesn’t gain control of the skill until the show’s closing moments. Every time he is powerless in his own power and guilt-ridden right after, until the very end when he finally gains control, and what does he do with all that potential? He raises the rivers, and puts the fires out.

Aang isn’t what he’s supposed to be. He rejects every masculine expectation placed on his role, and in doing so he dodges center stage of his own show. It’s shocking to think about how many times I just forgot about Aang. Even at the end, when his voice has dropped and his abs have filled in, we miss it. Zuko’s coronation comes and we cheer with the crowd, psyched to see our hero crowned. Then the Fire Lord shakes his head, gestures behind him and declares “the real hero is the Avatar.” It’s like he’s talking to us. “Don’t you get it?” he asks. “Did you miss it? This is his story. But you forgot that. Because he was small. And silly. And he hated fighting. And he loved to dance. Look at him,” Zuko seems to say. “He’s your hero. Avatar Aang, defier of gender norms, champion of self-identity, feminist icon.”


I’ve seen a lot of these so I thought of doing it as well. I showed my 12-year-old brother these pictures and this is how it turned out.

So… I’m proud to present: 


  • Good person
  • Gets angry a lot
  • Defends his loved ones
  • Japanese
  • Likes leading, punching and travelling
  • “His hobby is being your wallpaper”


  • Will fight you
  • Japanese
  • He’s on the good side
  • “In his free time he likes to… fight”
  • Tired™
  • Needs a hug


  • Shy
  • Spicy
  • Intelligent
  • “It’s a girl? Then, she is MRS. Spicy”
  • Good side
  • From the USA
  • Likes cooking
  • Types at the speed of light


  • Pokemon trainer
  • Trains dragon type pokemons
  • Gyrados, Aerodactyl, Charizard and three Dragonites
  • Jhoto, born and raised
  • “Of course he is good, he is Lance”
  • The prettiest
  • Gay
  • “Lance is the best”


  • Loyal
  • Good
  • Venezuelan
  • Likes eating
  • Would win Master Chef Venezuela


  • Katara after the fire nation attacked
  • Old
  • Fast and fourious
  • Good
  • A fucking goddess

“If they have those helmets, they are good”


  • A little vain
  • Rich man
  • Moustache 10/10
  • Good
  • “Where is he from? The internet!”


  • Evil
  • Emperor
  • Leader of the mean kids
  • Defensive
  • From Germany
  • Can find love


  • Red Skull’s girlfriend
  • “See? I told you he could find love”
  • Satanic
  • Her eyes were took in a surgey and replaced with light bulbs
  • Evil
  • Dementor
  • Her hobby is scaring Harry Potter
  • From Hogwarts


  • Quiet
  • Neutral
  • The same surgey as Pink Skull
  • From The Magic Mushroom Kingdom


  • Spicy
  • Mrs. Spicy’s brother
  • Complaining™
  • Scientist
  • Would fly to planet Irken
  • Good
  • “He is gay? Then, he would date Jhon” (I’m so proud of this boy)


  • Evil
  • “Eviling” is his hobby
  • Takes flowers from his armpit
  • Mashroom Kingdom


  • Dating white-haired Waluigi
  • Depressed
  • Likes watching gladiator fights
  • Evil
  • Mashroom kingdom


  • Burned Starfire
  • Likes throwing lasers
  • Spicy faces
  • Evil
  • “Eviling”
  • From: Bolivia but in Tamaran
  • Prettiest evil girl


  • Evil
  • Hobby: controling things
  • Throws “The Chancla” to her kids
  • Mean kitty
  • From Neptune


  • Screaming™
  • Cries because there are no eyes on her face
  • “She uses a cat to see” “How did I knew? She always has a cat on her shoulder”
  • From Europe

“He Said He Would Burn Us Alive” - Boy, 10, Murders Neo-Nazi Father

On May 1, 2011, a ten-year-old boy named Joseph Hall shot and killed his father Jeffrey with a .357 rifle, as the man slept in his easy chair. Joseph explained he killed his father because he had threatened to remove all the smoke alarms and burn down the house with the family still alive. He also said he was tired of the way Jeffrey hit him and his stepmother.

Jeffrey Hall was a violent white supremacist who neglected his children’s basic needs - social workers often visited the home and noted the children were often malnourished and the house was filthy. Two of Joseph’s siblings were in care, and he was often shunted between relatives while his father indulged his hobby in guns, particularly assault-type weapons.

By the time he was ten Joseph had a long history of violent outbursts; he was expelled from several schools due to fighting, and he once tried to strangle a teacher with a phone cord. Before he died, Joseph’s father confided in his ex-wife that he had been lighting fires.

Despite his young age, Joseph Hall was charged with murder and deemed healthy enough to serve time at a juvenile facility. He was ordered to serve thirteen years in a facility for minors.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about izuku as the main protagonist? Is there anything you like and/or dislike about him as a character?

Midoriya is probably in my top five favorite characters of the series. I like him as the main protagonist simply because I love his character. There are so many reasons to love him.

1. He’s what makes a great hero. The series repeatedly makes it clear that Midoriya has the heroic spirit to save others and care about people. 

2. He’s very pragmatic. Unlike a lot of idealistic main characters, Midoriya knows the responsibilities and risks that come with One for All and from being a hero. He understands that he has a lot to learn, knows he’s not strong enough yet to be All Might’s successor, and knows he needs to work hard in order to master One for All.

3. He’s crazy. Midoriya is willing to break his bones and entire body for others and doesn’t react to the pain like a normal person. The pain doesn’t bother him enough to stop fighting even though it should. He repeatedly is willing to break his body without hesitation. 

4. He’s a dorky otaku.

5. He’s socially awkward. Midoriya hadn’t even talked to a girl until meeting Uraraka and is still awkward around girls and people in general. 

6. Midoriya is very logical and very calculating. He often thinks of creative solutions in order to accomplish his goals. Furthermore, he studies other people’s strengths and weaknesses in order to know how to be a good match against them. 

7. He also studies other people’s Quirks and abilities for fun. It’s a hobby of his. People and their Quirks are interesting, so why not have journals about them?

8. He’s a bro. Midoriya is very supportive of  Iida after his brother’s career-ruining injury. He’s willing to fight Bakugou in order for Bakugou to release his frustrations, and he also still looks up to Bakugou despite the years of bullying Bakugou put him through. Midoriya has also been such a great friend to Todoroki, trying to get Todoroki to use his fire in order for Todoroki to give it his all to become a great hero, even if that means losing to Todoroki during the Sports Festival. Midoriya has also been nothing but a great and supportive friend to Uraraka. There are many other examples of why Midoriya is such a bro as well. 

9. He’s still a flawed character. Midoriya is still a crybaby, and he still lets negative emotions get to him. He’s depressed after he hears about Eri’s child abuse, even crying about it during lunch. He overthinks things sometimes and worries over the smaller things. Midoriya still gets scared often. 

10. He has a great relationship with his mom. 

11. He’s hilarious. Midoriya is a socially awkward, nerdy otaku who has bizarre character ticks and makes weird faces. He’s very funny and interesting. 

12. Despite all the obstacles he has been through in his life, Midoriya is very determined to achieve his goal as being great hero and to prove to All Might he’s worthy of being his successor.

13. His father and son relationship with All Might is very heartwarming. 

14. He’s a very badass-looking hero. His hero costume looks awesome, and he looks kickass when using One for All. 

15. There are still other reasons. Midoriya’s character still keeps on impressing me. 

I’m not going to list the very few minor things I dislike about his character because they’re pretty dumb and petty reasons, and I want to make this post purely about why I like Midoriya as a main character.  

What the zodiac signs love

Aries: Listening to good music in a truck with their best friends, Harry Potter 🎭, making fun of others, beautiful laughs of others

Taurus: Playing good games 🎮, food, the warm of a home, great jokes, good marks on their favourite class, sexy clothes

Gemini: Beautiful sunsets, good music 🎶 (something unordinary), having a good conversation, flirting, long car drives , OWLS 🦉

Cancer: Sport, cold days when they can wear their beautiful sweatshirt, watching how it rains 🌧, fighting for their loved ones

Leo: Being listen when they tell a story, wearing top brands clothes, giving gifts 🎁 when Christmas comes, THEIR BIRTHDAY

Virgo: Perfect grades, a good book 📚 when their bored, having a good friend who they can tell anything, being in love with a person

Libra: That moment when u laugh until u can’t feel your cheeks, having a great sleep over 🎈, making their own language with their friends

Scorpio: Watching how rain makes people be over emotional, listening a great story, helping others, sunrises 🌅, gossip

Sagittarius: Having great plans for their vacation, traveling all over the world, camp fires 🔥, having lots of friends, making stupid things at school

Capricorn: Being the clown 🤡 of the class, they love to move 24/7, learning funny facts about everything, having a hobby

Aquarius: Great parties, sweets 🍭, SUPER verbal fight, having a program, staying out as much as possible, learning useful things

Pisces: Naps, a beautiful thing to think of while their trying to sleep, comfort, SNAKS 🍟, pyjamas, night time, online friends

Encounter (The First of Many)

An “Imperial Problem Child” story
(takes place not long after Bespin, further describing the incident mentioned in one of @shimmer712 ’s additions)

All things considered, they probably could have avoided going to Adras if they had really tried. The fuel tanks for most of the squadron were worryingly low, and they had a few techs filling in for injured pilots who were less experienced in the field, but if they’d made a conscious effort of it they might’ve been able to make one more jump. As it stood now, of course, it was a little too late to worry about might-have-beens.

Wedge cast a swift glance around the fuel depot and feigned scratching his nose so that he could whisper to Luke, “We’re catching a lot of eyes, boss.”

Luke winced. “I know. They’re suspicious of us.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Wedge hissed sarcastically, “It’s just an entire squadron of X-wings landing in their backyard, nothing weird about that!”

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anonymous asked:

It appears Ed has deleted his Twitter. I'm bummed to see him go but it's probably best for him mentally. People are just gonna rag on him because he's very popular now and not underrated like in 2012 (not bashing, there's nothing wrong with no longer being underrated). I don't watch GoT so I don't understand why people hate his cameo so much. Can you explain, and what are your thoughts on all of this?

I know you sent this last night and Ed’s account is back now, but I’m still going to answer it because I have Things to say about Ed’s Game of Thrones cameo. 

The people who hated it hated it for two reasons. The first reason was simply on principle, because they think they’re standing up for something. This reason is fricking stupid, I don’t mind saying. Please quote me on that: it is fricking stupid. These people don’t like Ed because he’s popular. There will always be people like this. They are ridiculous. Can you imagine disliking anything simply because other people like it? The bizarre thing is these people like to say they dislike popular things because they “have taste” or can “decide for themselves what is good” but what they are actually doing is letting the taste of other people influence whether or not they like something without giving themselves a chance to exercise their own taste and choose for themselves in the first place. They convince themselves something is shitty because they’re not the one who discovered it first. The logic – where is it? If I ever make an ass of myself complaining on the internet about not liking something on principle because it got popular without my help, feel free to put me out of my misery because I never want to live a life full of that much stupid.

So. These people didn’t like Ed’s cameo because they unreasonably hate him for being popular and he was on their favorite show, thereby ruining it. You just have to ignore the fact that their favorite show is literally the most popular show in the world. Otherwise their already ridiculous argument breaks down even further in the telling.

The other reason some people didn’t like Ed’s cameo is because they didn’t understand the purpose of that scene within the episode. It is admittedly longish for a scene in which not a lot of action takes place, but that is the point of the scene. Yes, it’s just three minutes of small talk between a main character and some soldiers she meets along the road, but the scene works to humanize everyone in it. Arya has just brutally murdered several of her enemies and is on the way to murder another one (probably several) when she meets these soldiers, the men loyal to the very people she’s on her way to kill. There aren’t really that many of them and considering her skill, she could probably kill them pretty easily, especially given how vulnerable they are in this moment with their weapons in a pile off to one side and the fact that they don’t think of her as a threat. She’s eyeing their swords because she is obviously considering killing them. But then–! They’re unexpectedly nice to her. The soldiers of her enemies offer her food and wine and a place by their fire, and they’re friendly and polite to her, and they talk to her about their lives, about what they’d be doing if they were home where they want to be instead of off fighting someone else’s war. The scene is about Arya realizing that these guys are just people like her, that they have families and hobbies and hopes, and that it’s not their fault they happen to be on opposite sides of this fight. They show her that they aren’t soulless monsters the way you’d want to believe about your enemies and so she spares them, proving that she hasn’t become soulless either despite what she’s done, and they all share this quiet few minutes of peace and humanity in the middle of their otherwise bloody and brutal lives. 

The complaint from those who don’t get it: it’s boring. It’s three minutes of nothing happening because they just wanted to write an overrated popstar into the show. To this, I say: YOUR FACE IS BORING. And just because you don’t get it, you’re going to come online and act like it’s Ed Sheeran’s fault your mind isn’t analytical enough to understand the themes and nuances of your dragon show? Listen, this scene is brilliant. And touching. And sad and beautiful. It makes you question what it means to fight for something, what the point of it is, whether maybe there’s a better way – like sitting by the fire and singing a song together while drinking blackberry wine and being nice

The people who don’t understand this scene wouldn’t have understood it no matter who played Ed’s part, but I frankly think it was a perfect casting. A guy who is this famous, someone you might expect to hate but who actually has a reputation for being kind to people, playing the part of a soldier in the enemy’s army who is actually kind. Art imitating life! I love it.

Oh, and I guess the third kind of person who bashed Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance is just the usual trolls. 

Here’s the bottom line, though: there is no real, logical reason to hate Ed’s cameo. I’m not saying people aren’t allowed, obviously. If they don’t like him, for whatever bizarre reason they can come up with, then that’s their prerogative. But  the fact is he looked great, sounded great, did as good a job delivering his lines as any of the other people in the scene, and was all around a pleasure to watch – and certainly the opposite of a show ruiner. And this is coming from a huge Game of Thrones fan! There may be other people - both famous and unknown - who could have done as good a job as Ed did in that role, but there is no one who could have done it better

And did I mention how great he sounded? :D

Alllllrighty, all that being said, and to address the other part of your message, I’m not actually convinced the twitter thing had much (if anything) to do with people dissing Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance. In fact, I’ve seen a lot more positive and/or funny feedback about it than negative. I think a lot of people - and the media - are assuming the GoT cameo was related because the two things happened within a day of each other and so the hate has been blown largely out of proportion to be used as a reason. But unless Ed or Stuart or somebody releases some sort of statement about it saying that was the case, I don’t think it’s necessary or productive to link the two things together. I’m content that Ed’s cameo was perfect, and his twitter account is back. :) 

The prompts for RukiHime BR/OTP week have arrived! We tried to include both general themes and more specific ideas, so that everyone finds something that they like. Here it goes - have fun!

                                                * PROMPTS *

Day 1  / prompt: happiness

What’s a better way to start off our event than with a smile? The first day is all about happiness, and there’s a lot to be happy about – various holidays and trips, visits to each other’s homes/worlds… and on the more romantic side, there are dates, marriage and family life!

Day 2 / prompt: angst

For every laugh, there should be a tear - in the spirit of this Walt Disney quote, we’re heading into the sadness day. Today, our girls can reminisce together about the darker parts of their past. Or you can explore the dramatic “what ifs?” of the story, making Rukia and Orihime less lucky than in canon.

Day 3 / prompt: no filter

Having no filter means being blunt about your feelings and opinions on others… or posting unedited selfies! It’s time to get creative; interpret this prompt the way you like best! Either as a theme or – if you’re an edit maker – as a challenge.

Day 4 / prompt: hobbies

Rukia loves drawing and bunnies, and of course drawing bunnies! Meanwhile Orihime enjoys cooking and sewing. Our girls are both very creative, even if the others don’t always praise their skills. But it’s having fun that counts! And on this day, we’re having fun with the theme of hobbies!

Day 5 / prompt: team up

Now, how about Hime and Rukes training together once again or fighting the enemy side by side? They can also cram for the exams at school! Make a silly prank! You choose… and our girls team up to do it.

Day 6 / prompt: fashion

Let’s see Rukia and Orihime set the world on fire with new amazing outfits. Upgraded action gear or street fashion? Ball gowns or swimsuits? Maybe some amazing kimonos straight ouf ot Soul Society’s fashion magazines? Charm everyone in the fandom with your design ideas!

Day 7 / prompt: AU

We’re ending our event with a classic & beloved prompt: alternate universe! Today, you can make Orihime and Rukia live in other fictional worlds. Or change the genre/premise/setting of the story of Bleach! A small detail or a big dramatic shift in canon… what will it be?

Remember: tag your posts with either rukihimebrotpweek or rukihimeweek so that we can find them!

               * RULES can be found here - please do read them! *

The Gargoyle Song

I should have been more worried about Mike. I should have listened more, I should have paid more attention, I should have just been there. But I was seventeen and selfish and so absorbed in my own little world that I couldn’t be bothered to actually hear what he was trying to tell me. At the same time, I was only seventeen, sheltered, and didn’t know what to do with the information he was trying to give me.

That doesn’t excuse me or dismiss the guilt. While we’d drifted a bit apart recently, we’d been best friends since second grade; I should have at least tried to do something, but by the time I realized how bad things had gotten, it was too late.

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This is Dr.Faust, my Mexican fire leg cleaning his fangs after a big meal
When I brought him home his ex-owner told me this one had only about a year left to live but three years had passed and oh look he’s still here👏👏

GCLST: Beautiful!!! awwwwww thanks for submitting <3 

Are you a girl that loves spiders? Submit a pic/story to@girlscanlovespiderstoo and help us fight a major stereotype in the tarantula hobby!

They who can say that their dominant element is spirit is one who will not allow no negative force or spirit to enter them without their permission. They are wise and they are powerful and they are divine within themselves. 

They who can say that their dominant element is earth is one who wakes up brightly in the morning to listen to the birds chirp and the leaves rustle. They’re the ones who know just about every herbal formula in the book. They are the garden just as they create one.

They who can say that their dominant element is air is wild and free or strives for no boundaries to constrict them. They practice and practice their talents until they are satisfied and daudle in various hobbies. They are amongst the stars and have creative divinations. They are their own kind of wise, choosing their areas of expertise. They are a lover of music in this regard and finds themselves immersed in it.

They who can say that their dominant element is fire is courageous, passionate and a fighter. They will do anything to stand their ground and fight for their honor. They are fiery and while easy to anger, they can channel that anger into something else for better use. They are bringers of justice in their own way.

They who can say that their dominant element is water is calm and collected and seeks the peaceful way out of a perillous situation. They are those that bless and those that are kind. They will never do anything to compromise a situation maliciously but beware for they don’t like those that try to take advantage of their good heart.

Something Else to Keep Her Up at Night

Cat x Ned fic for @dknc3​. Thank you for your donation to fight Nazis!

Request: A City of Fortune and Failure ’verse

Set after chapter 47.

“Come to bed. You’ve been at it all day.”

Cat twists to give her husband a quick smile over her shoulder. “I’ve got one more pie to make,” she says, turning back to the stove. Sugar can burn and boil over so quickly, and getting it off the stainless without scratching the surface is nearly impossible.

Ned walks over, brow furrowed. “How many pies do seven of us need?”

There are three cooling behind him. It’s overkill. She knows that, and yet, she can’t help herself: it’s Thanksgiving.

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D&D 30 Day Challenge

Day 1 - How you got started

I feel like I’ve always been aware of the existence of D&D.  My earliest memory of the game was finding my parents AD&D books.  I was immediately engrossed by them.  At first, my parents were horrified (there are a lot of titties in the AD&D Monster Manual, y’all), but they realized that making it this forbidden thing would just give me the wrong idea about one of their favorite hobbies, so instead they let me keep the books and answered all my questions about it.  I read the things cover to cover and spent untold hours playing imaginary kid games with my sister based on the ideas contained within.

My first real taste of the game came when I was 10.  Dad told me and my sister to pick any monster we wanted out of the manual.  I chose a Behir and my sister chose a Nightmare.  Then he had us fight a Red Dragon to teach us the mechanics of the game (incidentally, the Nightmare won the battle in a stunning upset).  

I played in my first real campaign at the age of 11.  I ran my first campaign at the age of 12 (and boy did I suck at it).  But it sparked a fire that has yet to die down in me.  D&D has been one of my most enduring hobbies and creative outlets, and I’m endlessly thankful to have it in my life.

100 Reasons to Stay Alive
  1. New books
  2. New movies
  3. Rainbows
  4. Sunsets
  5. Sunrises
  6. New clothes
  7. Puppies
  8. Kittens
  9. Family
  10. Friends
  11. The love of your life
  12. Your wedding
  13. Your first kiss
  14. Cookies
  15. Brownies
  16. Ice cream
  17. internet
  18. Your favorite actors
  19. You first child (should you want one)
  20. New TV shows
  21. the crunch of leaves on a fall day
  22. Lemonade on a warm summer day
  23. Baby animals in spring
  24. Snowball fights in winter
  25. The beach
  26. Vaction
  27. Pampering yourself
  28. That first breath from resurfacing underwater
  29. Rollercoasters
  30. Water slides
  31. Your dream job
  32. Crunchy apples
  33. Sweet strawberries
  34. The scent of roses
  35. Fun music
  36. New hobbies
  37. Old hobbies
  38. Full moons
  39. New moons
  40. Lunar eclipses
  41. Solar eclipses
  42. Aurora borealis
  43. Shooting stars
  44. Comets
  45. Crickets at night
  46. Chirping birds
  47. Hugs
  48. Forehead kisses
  49. Cheek kisses
  50. Kisses in general
  51. New haircuts
  52. New wardrobe
  53. Soft fabrics
  54. The chime of a bell
  55. The depth of a gong
  56. Plays
  57. Musicals
  58. The sound of heels on marble
  59. A crackling fire
  60. Popping bubble wrap
  61. Chewing gum
  62. Eating your favorite food
  63. Making a random dish
  64. Finding your destiny
  65. Winning awards
  66. Traveling the world
  67. Going on tourist attractions in your city
  68. You child on their wedding day
  69. Your graduation day
  70. Prom
  71. Geeking out with friends
  72. Lazy days
  73. Christmas (if you celebrate)
  74. New Years
  75. Your birthday
  76. Pie
  77. Random holidays
  78. Valentine’s day (hella lots of chocolate)
  79. Ripping paper
  80. The glow of coals
  81. Crashing waves
  82. The sound of rain
  83. The scent of rain
  84. The scent of books
  85. Trying a new food
  86. Contacting an old friend
  87. Writing anything
  88. Kissing your significant other
  89. Playing video games
  90. Old films
  91. Old TV shows
  92. Crappy soap operas
  93. Bouncing on a bed
  94. Bouncing on a bed in a hotel
  95. Hottubs
  96. Swimming pools
  97. Fish
  98. New Years resolutions
  99. Changing your whole life
  100. New costumes for Halloween

anonymous asked:

☾■♡♦♒ for izuku and kacchan? sorry if this is too much, in which case feel free to choose which ones you like. thank you!!


☾ - sleep headcanon

You’ve never seen anything like it, he’s got the top half of his body on the floor, his legs split as far as they can and there’s just a tangle of blankets on top of him. He drools and snores but every night his mama comes and puts him back into his bed because she knows he’ll settle then. Another worry for her about him living in UA dorms.

■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

We already know it’s All Mightopia and that he was even a little embarrassed for others to see it, but he keeps it that way for so so long. No matter what happens he always has at least a little space for his All Might merch.

♡ - romantic headcanon

He’s way into being a hero. That’s his goal right now so any other desires are placed on the back-burner, but he has to admit that he did hope he might find someone amazing to partner up with at UA. He finds the whole concept of partners being hero partners to be rather romantic and secretly wonders if he could ever have that. 

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

He never picked any up over the years beyond being really amazing at documenting and observing things. You might say he’s quirkless. But no he was always so engrossed in the fantasy of becoming a hero that he never joined any clubs, he knew what he wanted and he was going to get it.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

He’s good at making hearty winter meals. The type that fill the whole house with their scent and make everyone in a 5 mile radius hungry. They’re really filling and tend to make whoever eats them ready to hibernate. 


☾ - sleep headcanon

He’s a little bundled up cutie and nobody would suspect that he, the terrifying Bakugou, could look like such a cute, puffy little hamster. He does nuzzle his pillows a lot though, they normally end up threadbare in less than a year. 

■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

I think his room is quite typical, it’s one of the few we haven’t seen but I don’t think he’s got an outrageous room like Deku or Kaminari. It’s pretty messy and disorganised but if you open his closet you’ll see an All Might poster that’s bigger than any one you’ve ever seen.

♡ - romantic headcanon

Here’s a guy that just does what makes him feel good, regardless of how it looks to others, and what makes him feel really good is buying his partner/crush a metric fuckton of gifts. If they so much as glace at something he’s already planning when to buy it. It makes him feel good to please his partner and nobody can stop him.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Okay but artist Bakugou who’s been drawing since he was 5. He used to proudly show them to his parents and his mom still has a crayon drawing of her, Katsuki, her husband and Izuku on the fridge. Now he hides away his habits from everyone but in his dorm room he’s got gorgeously details illustrations of every member of class A in their hero costumes with little hints and references to their quirks.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

He does not fear the kitchen or any of the fire or sharp pointy objects. He will fight them all. I honestly don’t think his mom let him get away with being a layabout around the house so he’s amazingly efficient and has loads of recipes mentally stored. 

Fun drawing ideas, mainly for character design

If you like to study from different art books and tutorials, that is awesome! It is a great way to learn and improve your at. I’m certainly still learning myself, but if anybody wants some tips from a fellow amature, I have discovered a few things that have helped me.

We often learn how to draw characters that have pleasing shapes and lines, which makes sense, but be careful! You can lose variety when you are too uniform. This can also depend on your personal style, if it is simple or realistic. I’m certainly not going to criticize anybodies technique or designs; I just wanted to share some things that I did which helped me when making characters.

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Writeblr Community Questions!

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Hi guys!

So, in the spirit of #spontaneouswriteblr and learning more about our community, I made this little questionnaire: 

Fun Basics
Preferred Writing Type (i.e. fanfiction, short stories, non-fiction, novels, scripts):
Favorite Genre(s) to Write:
Favorite Genre(s) to Read:
Favorite Standalone Book(s):
Favorite Book Series:
Favorite Movie(s):
Favorite TV Show(s):
Other Fandoms You’re Interested In:
Zodiac Sign:
—Does it match your personality?
MBTI Type:
—Does it match your personality well?
Introvert or Extrovert?
Favorite Season:
Hobbies/interests other than writing:
Cat person, dog person or both?

Writing Style Nitty-Gritty
Number/Names of WIPs:
Favorite book about writing:
Planner, Pantser or Plantser?
Favorite Outlining Method:
Types of blogs you followed for reference:
Reference topics you would like blog suggestions for:
Types of blogs you followed for inspiration:
Do you write on a schedule or sporadically?
Any creativity rituals that you use:

Your Writing Community
Current writing/creative communities you participate in:
Are you part of any critique groups (local or online)?
Would you like to find online critique partners/groups?
Would you like to be a beta-reader if someone needs one?
How long have you been on Tumblr?
Would you like to be tagged in any writing games/questionnaires?
How do you feel about being messaged and/or tagged to discuss writing?
Are you following #365k365day or #spontaneouswriteblr?

Your Online Community Info
NaNoWriMo Community Name (if applicable):
Wattpad Community Name (if applicable) or AO3 Community Name (if applicable):
DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable):
Patreon Community Name (if applicable):

If you’re interested, please tag others and keep things going! Also, if I’ve missed any pertinent questions/topics, let me know and I’ll edit the questions.

My answers are below the cut! I’ve also tagged any writeblrs I follow, but there’s no pressure to reblog!

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