and fight about the result


There is something in the air between you and your friend..

The fight (part 1) // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn an Y/n have a massive fight resulting in Shawn leaving when he’s about to go on tour the next day.

Authors note: so excited for this *screams internally*

Requested: yesss

I slammed the front door shut, making Shawn know I had arrived home. I chuck my bag on the couch, storming into the dinning room where I find him with his laptop, papers messily arranged on the glass table.

“You think I wouldn’t find out,” I seethe, my hands angrily twitching at my sides.

“Hello to you too,” Shawn snaps, not looking up from what ever was on his screen.

“Do you even care?” I ask, walking closer to him, now with my arms folded across my chest.

“Care about what?” Shawn murmurs, eyes still locked onto the computer screen.

I let out an angry huff, turning away from him completely and walking out the room.

“Y/n?” I hear his voice call but I continue, walking into our shared bedroom, the bed that he hasn’t slept in for around 5 nights. He hadn’t bothered coming home as he had spent so much time at the studio recently, he thought he might as well sleep there.

I roll my eyes at the thought. It felt like we weren’t even properly together. We hadn’t talked, hadn’t seen each other for way too long for it to be healthy for our relationship and then for me to find out he was going on tour tomorrow from one of my friends, it made my blood boil. 

I shrug my jacket off my shoulders and hang it on the coat rack in the corner of the room before moving in front of the dresser to take my earrings off in the mirror.

I place them in a box, returning my gaze to the mirror, Shawn’s figure reflecting in the mirror of him standing by the door frame.

“Yes?” I ask, my tone clipped.

“What do you mean I don’t care?” He asks, folding his arms across his chest like I did previously.

“I know, Shawn,” I say, glaring daggers at him. 

“About what?” He asks, chucking his hands up, desperation creeping into his voice.

“About tour. Tour that starts tomorrow,” I say, my voice breaking at the end as I feel the weird sensation of tears filling my eyes.

“Oh… that,” Shawn mutters, turning away from my gaze. “I was going to tell you,’

“Really? Were you?” I ask, feigning hope.

“Of course,” He says walking over and sitting on the bed.

“Thats so sweet of you to tell me that you were leaving for 3 months just as you were walking out the door,” my tone is sickly sweet as I shoot him a fake smile.

He groans, flopping back on the bed.

“Do you know who I heard it from?” I screech, anger fueling my fire.

“Who?” he says, almost as if he was bored with the subject.

“Andrew. He goes ‘are you excited for Shawn’s European leg of tour’?” I give him another look of fury. “’Of course’ I go ‘when is it?’ Then I receive the look of pity when he says tomorrow. TOMORROW SHAWN!” 

He winces at how loud my voice is in the quiet apartment.

“I can’t help it if tour takes me away from you. You knew what you were getting into when you first started dating me,” He tries to reason.

“Of course I knew what I was getting into Shawn, what I didn’t know is that you wouldn’t tell me about when you were leaving, if you were actually coming home for dinner some nights or if you were actually still in the same country as me!”

A tear slips down my face and I wipe it away angrily, hating to show weakness when he didn’t even seem the least bit affected.

“I get that you have to tour, I understand, but god Shawn seriously, not even a text saying hey I’m staying at the studio tonight- not coming home for dinner, don’t bother cooking me anything otherwise it will just be wasted and I’ll have to chuck it away,” My point seems to change, now attacking his lack of contact with me.

“I was busy,”

“You’re always busy!” I sob, my voice rugged as I try to get the air flowing into my lungs which feel like they’re being constricted. “I go to sleep at night wondering if I’ll wake up and you’ll be there. Surprise, surprise, You’re not,” I laugh, the sound harsh against my ears.

“I can’t do this right now, I have to get ready for tour,” Shawn mumbles, never once meeting my bloodshot eyes, walking straight out the room

“Well hey, thanks for at least telling me that this time!” I yell out to him, exuding fake happiness. 

“You’re welcome!” Is shouted at me, the slam of the front door being the goodbye. For how long, I didn’t know.


I wanted to have a quick sit down and evaluation of this panel…. and how Judar seems at this point in time.  At first it surprised me:

Like how did he go from this…. 

to how he is in canon now?  Suddenly satisfied with his life?  Doesn’t it seem kinda extreme?  Did the timeskip really mellow him out that much?

Alright I’ll be the first to admit the timeskip really did rub me the wrong way in many aspects and threw out a lot of potential character development to try and wrap up the series real fast in this one final arc…. But let’s just pretend that isn’t a thing at the moment for the sake of this argument.

Apparently Judar attempted another war through Nirva in Reim when he couldn’t find Hakuryuu so it goes to show this development wasn’t too sudden… plus undoubtedly the finding of his village and… parents… ((though I’m still confused about what that means considering we’ve seen them die in Solomon’s wisdom)) probably gave him a bit more perspective but was it really enough to change him that much?

So here… after many thoughts… is why I think Judar became content with his life and purpose, even being able to conquer his anger.

We’ve obviously seen who he would have chosen as his King’s Candidate if he’d been given the freedom and choice other magi had and it’s not really that much of a surprise if you remember Balbadd and have read some SNB to see they share history together.

Judar was mad ever since then that his life was taken away from him and controlled by Arba…. he pictured himself living differently like the others had and was jealous he couldn’t have helped build Sindria and be happy.  He wanted that so badly, feeling like his own chaotic desires weren’t even his own will in the first place but a result of falling and being under Gyokuen’s influence.

((This is why I’m so adamant on making people understand that Judar isn’t naturally evil or chaotic, sure he would have been problematic but he’s still got good in him, the fact that he wanted this speaks a lot for his character.))

Moving on, this was the dream he was upset about having… this was why he was so angry, because he wasn’t given the freedom to chose this… to choose Sinbad and Sindria.  With that in mind, look at the modern magi universe.

Now Judar sees what would have happened if he’d blindly followed Sinbad: he sees the results that they’re all living in.  He’s taken control of the rukh, even magi like Titus and Yunan are bent to his will and are all for this self-sacrificing ploy Sinbad’s inflicted on them…. He would have turned out exactly like them if he’d followed the destiny he was so jealous about.

In short: he would have been manipulated either way.  

Now that he sees this, he’s not nearly as upset and jealous anymore.  He realizes he’s had an alright time with his life… he’s had fun and met a worthy King’s Vessel, even having the chance to take his revenge on Gyokuen and wage the war he wanted for the fun of it.  

Reading this chapter doesn’t make too much sense if you don’t take into account that the destiny Judar thought he wanted would just be rolling over to Sinbad like the rest of the world.  

If he hadn’t been taken and forced to fall… he never would have conquered his own fate and been free to make his own choices.  Now he can chose when and what to fight for himself.  Because of his suffering and hardships, he’s here now with the ability to chose…

And that’s why he’s satisfied with his life.

High School AU Ideas #6

-When Bruce and Joker become somewhat friends they start to bring a bunch of junk food and sit at this really old playground where Bruce used to go to as a kid.

-Joker is sort of underweight and Bruce notices how he doesn’t eat very well. Bruce starts bringing good food that Alfred made to him. Imagine two high school boys having a weird picnic together. 

-Joker doesn’t mess with Bruce anymore once they start talking and everyone starts noticing the two whispering things to each other between and after classes, writing and doodling on each others papers, and sneaking off when there are assemblies. No one outright says anything. 

-Bruce’s following starts to disperse when they realize Bruce’s new closeness to Joker and the strange thing to most people is that Bruce seems a lot happier this way.  

-Bruce doesn’t completely lighten up and still is a quiet person around most but, when he’s with Joker, the two both become really loud and open and excited.

-Joker is still obsessed with Batman but his mind begins to be more on Bruce. It comes as a big shock.

-Joker realizes he’ll be gone soon due to Bruce being a senior and Joker a junior and he starts to worry about Bruce forgetting about him. In his distress, Joker tries to cause a lot of trouble again. Bruce and Joker have a huge fight about this.

-Their fight resulted in Bruce comforting his friend and the two having their first kiss. It isn’t passionate or very long. It’s quick and as awkward as anyone could imagine a very inexperienced kiss would be. 

-Bruce and Joker don’t become an openly affectionate couple at all after this. The two try to avoid conversation about it because they are so emotionally confused about themselves. They don’t know how to even handle the thought of being together in that way. At least not yet. 

(Feel free to submit your own headcanons about this AU :3)

{#1 (Part 1), #1 (Part 2), #2, #3, #4, #5, #6}


Well well King Oikawa humans aren’t as durable as you thought after all, huh? Now your favourite toy is broken.

Mafia BTS reacting to your friend being in the mafia

sarinna-diabolik said:
You being sneaky with a friend from another mafia group but she’s a girl and yall been bffs since 2nd grd

HEY GUYS. I went to a zoo today and I saw tigers, penguins, a polar bear, fish, all kinds of animals! And I legit almost cried when I saw the penguins and I cried when I found the polar bear..not even sorry. BUT, I had some time to write today and here we are (: I loved writing this, the creativity in y’alls requests are amazing! Thank you for requesting, and most importantly, enjoy! <3

Jin: Your and Jin’s relationship was built off of nothing but trust. Jin trusted you 100% so if you went out by yourself, as long as you told him where you were going, he was totally okay with it. But recently you had began lying to him about where you were going(just to hang out with your friend). Jin began to get worried and he asked you about where you went. It resulted in a fight and you finally gave up and told him who you were hanging out with.

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Yoongi: It was rare when you got to go out with your friends alone, due to your protective boyfriend. And when you went out, you were out late, which Yoongi didn’t like it but you didn’t care. One night you came home with some bruises and a cut on your lip. Yoongi immediately went to ask you a million questions. When you told him, “I just fell a few times, you know how clumsy I am,” he wasn’t buying it and eventually you had to tell him that your friend was teaching you how to fight.

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

Hoseok: You and Hoseok had just began to date, and you two were still learning about each others lives. He had told you about his life as a mafia member and his friends. And you returned the favor by telling him about your life and you friends. But you left out your friend who was in the mafia, just in case Hoseok would to get suspicious and think you’re already in a group. You did help your friend every once in a while, but when Hoseok made an unexpected visit while you were cleaning up from helping your friend out with a deal, you explained everything to him.

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Namjoon: You had recently told Namjoon about your mafia past and how you had managed to leave the life of a criminal and how you made something of yourself. However, you failed to mention to him how you were still close to your best friend and how you two hang out often. One night you’re out with your friends and Namjoon decides to follow out, just to see what you’re like with your friends. You and your friends leave the bar you are at for an alley way. In reality, you left so your friends could smoke, but Namjoon goes into protective mode and pins your friend to the wall, who was being too close for comfort in Namjoon’s eyes. You pull him off of her and you yell at him about who she is.

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Jimin: Recently different gangs around the city have been targeting BTS, trying to weaken their system and take over their spot. One of your friends is in one of the groups that’s been the biggest threat, but she fails to tell you. Due to the attacks, Jimin has been on edge, so he prefers that your friends come to the apartment. You decide to have a girls night when Jimin and the boys are out on an assassination job and you invite your friend who is in the mafia. The boys ended up coming home early, and you and your friends are still up at 3 A.M. having fun. When Jimin comes in and see’s you with his friends, he doesn’t worry, until he see’s your friend who was in the mafia. He immediately pulls his gun out and you run in front of her, trying to reason with Jimin on how you know her and how close you two are.

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Taehyung: As your and Tae’s relationship progressed, you learned that Tae wasn’t as on edge about other mafia groups like he fellow members were. In fact, he was actually friends with a lot of mafia members from different groups. Since you knew Tae was chill about mafia groups, you didn’t tell him about your groups of mafia friends you had. You never were in the mafia, but you had an abnormally large group of mafia friends, who you hung out a lot with. One night you had your group of friends over and you were playing truth or dare. You were dared to wrestle with your long term friend and Tae happened to walk in at the wrong time. He separated you two and threatened your friend. You pulled him aside and explained how she would never hurt you and you two were just playing.

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Jungkook: Jungkook was extremely protective over you and he wanted you to stay out of all mafia activity as much as possible. He didn’t even want to talk about his job, or any other mafia business, so you never got to tell him about your best friend who was very active in the mafia world. And then due to Jungkook not wanting you in his line of work, he had you stay at home any time he was out on a mission. One night, you wanted to meet up with your friend and catch up on the gossip and news you were missing while at home. You two went to your favorite restaurant and your ordered your favorite dishes and laughed and talked through the night. That night, Jungkook was picking up some food to bring home for dinner, when he spotted you with your friend. Your friend excused yourself to the bathroom and Jungkook took the opportunity to grab her and interrogate her. You noticed that she was taking WAY to long, so you went to check on her, then you found Jungkook with his hand around her throat and a panicked look in her eye. You pulled them away and explained everything to him. He didn’t like it at all, but he was understanding, just for you. 

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~Admin Sam

The Perks of Being Alive

Genre: fluff
Word Count
: 1347
: Baz comes home after a day at university and snuggles up with Simon on the sofa. They talk.

Falling in love with Simon Snow was like being burned alive. It was bruised knuckles, blue eyes, and sleepless nights. It was bad dreams, desperate wishes, and hopeless tears. It was drowning, and breathing, and being alive. It was dying, and feeling, and hurting. It was a stream of sun on a pitch black sky. It was a hand, grabbing my ankle, pulling me down. Falling in love with Simon Snow was a

million things, half of them a tragedy, the other half a miracle.

But all that is nothing compared to being in a relationship with Simon Snow. I feel like I’ll wake up any moment to realize that all of this was nothing more than a dream. The whole last year. (Maybe I’m still in that coffin. Maybe I’m dreaming this up just to stay alive.)
But every time I hold his hand, or he looks at me a certain way, or smiles at me, I think it’s all real. And it’s like I’m floating, all the time, at least a feet above the ground. Like that scene in Mary Poppins where Jane and Michael visit that man that flies when he’s laughing, the more the higher. (Shut up. Mordelia made me watch it.) He comes down to the bottom when you tell him something sad, but I feel like I’m always just flying further and further.

To put it a not so sappy way, it feels like I’m high. On love. (I tried.)
I’m so ridiculously in love with him, it hurts sometimes. And knowing that I get to go home to Simon every day makes life a lot more magical. (And that says something, coming from a magician.)

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Gaming Buddies ¦ Jungkook x Reader (Part 2)

*(Y/N/N) - Your unisex nickname

(Y/F/S) - Your favourite song

Online gaming is all fun and games until your group of online friends ask you; hey, should we meet up?

parings; jungkook x reader, namjin, yoonmin, taeseok

fandom; bts

genre; humor

Part 1 ¦ Part 2

FRIEND REQUESTS RECEIVED FROM: GucciBoi, AgustD, BusanBoi95, CookingMaMa.


Well, of course you accepted it. They quickly became the group of internet friends that you would always play with. There were a couple of additions to the group as well such as DANCEMONSTA who was Namjoon and Hobiii who was Hoseok. You guys would swap out as it was normally first come, first serve.

The only person that you weren’t as close with was Jungkook. You constantly got into fights with each other about who was the best Widowmaker which resulted in multiple 1v1’s which were always quite tied. Despite this, you both refused to believe that the other was the better player.

Another thing was that, you didn’t know anything about them other than their names. This wasn’t really needed, when your playing a video games.

You guys constantly use Discord to communicate. This meant you didn’t know what they looked like, what they did or where they lived as you both spoke a mixture of English and Korean. Despite this, you became close to Taehyung, Hoseok and Jimin because of your personality. 

Another thing Jungkook still thought you were a boy. Ever since Jungkook called out that you were using a voice changer, he never really thought any different. When you say you might be a girl, he thinks you are just trying to trigger him. But that wasn’t the case.


You make your way to your bedroom to see your simple room which included: a bed, posters, a tv, and your gaming computer. You turn your computer on which automatically brought up your Spotify account and your Discord.

You start to shuffle your badass playlist. You hear (Y/F/S) which causes you to start jamming. Your head starts bobbing up and down whilst moving your body around to the beat on your small gaming chair. You swear you were trying to stay on it.

When Discord finally loads in, it pops up. You see a group of messages in the ‘GAMING BUDDIES ★’ group server;

‘is anyone coming on today?’ ➝ GucciBoi

‘sure’ ➝ BusanBoi95

'whatever'➝  AgustD

'can’t, have a date.'➝ Windowmaker

Date? Since when can that nerd get a date?’ You thought to yourself, you were somehow overcome with jealousy you find yourself typing a fast response without thinking.

'you, date? sure, sure’
'and i would love too’ You swiftly type each answer, wanting to rile up Jungkook.

'yes it’s a date'➝  Windowmaker

'no it isn’t, we live together’ ➝ AgustD

im just busy, k?’ ➝ ’Windowmaker

'i knew it’ ➝ EDGELORD

'well, you couldnt get a date even if you tried'➝  Windowmaker

'um, excuse you? im hot af. you have no idea’  ➝ EDGELORD

'well, neither do you’ ’➝ Windowmaker

'your personality just tells me’ ➝ EDGELORD

'same here for you’ ➝ ’Windowmaker

guysssssss, stop flirting. can we just play?’ ➝ Gucciboi

'Flirting?’ again, thinking to yourself whilst grabbing the nearest pillow from your bed to rest your head against.
You click on Overwatch to see an invite from Taehyung.

'we are both guys, tae
'and im not really into them’
idk about (Y/N/N)’ ’➝ Windowmaker

You receive a discord call from GucciBoi, you rush to click on it to say;
“I’m into guys”

There was a pause until, you hear two quiet same’s. You could see that only Taehyung and Yoongi were in the call.

Windowmaker/ Hobiii/ BusanBoi95 have accepted the call.

“What were you guys talking about? (Y/N/N), you should of realised I wasn’t there to make a comeback ” Jungkook’s obnoxiously smooth voice calls out.

“I wasn’t making a comeback-” You reply, getting cut-off by a excited welcoming.

“Hey (Y/N/N)” Hoseok screams, causing the whole group to move the headphones away from their ears.
After you finish laughing at his excitement, you start to gush;

“Ahhh my Hobiiiii. I’ve missed you, my love. Still love you.” You were gushing being able to talk to one of your best friends after a couple of days of silence from both parties.

“Of course you do” He was always quite smug when you proclaimed your love.

“Hey, what about me?” Jimin and Taehyung both chimed in, they sounded whiny with one being husky and the other quite high but soft.

“Awww, I love you both too, my best friends” You smile, they generally were your best friends you would tell them everything.

“Ew. Guys, I really don’t care, let’s just start playing” Jungkook growls, his voice holding a bit of jealously within it.

There was another pause.

“I forgot…love you too Yoongi” You add, smirking as you hear a group of laughter.

“(Y/N/N), I swear to god-”

“Jungkook fuck off, lets play.”

You look to see your team of Gaming Buddies finding a match. 


“How come internet friends don’t normally meet up?” Taehyung suddenly blurts out during the middle of their 5th competitive match. You were on a winning streak for the past 5 games.

Taehyung’s question causes you to start stuttering as you become more and more nervous.

“Ehhh” You stutter, trying to stall.

“(Y/N/N). We’ve all known you for like 2 years now and I know the guys won’t say anything but we really want to meet you-”

You grab ahold of your nearest drink and start to down it in attempt of distracting yourself from the conversation.

“So…hey, should we meet up?”

thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:

Graves, Newt and a fistfight. I've been dying to read stuff about Graves resorting to dirty, muggle means of fighting, resulting in him being bloody and beaten up and disheveled and shit.

G. A fistfight

Newt found him in a No-Maj bar. Thus far, this was the highlight of Graves’ day, which had included being put on probation pending mandatory counseling and having his wand permit temporarily suspended until he was deemed fit to return to active duty. 

Up until Newt, the only good thing about Graves’ evening had been managing to find a speakeasy and spending a few hours pouring what tasted like straight acid down his throat. (He preferred the moonshine to gigglewater, not that he would ever tell Picquery this. And frankly, tonight, he wasn’t looking to giggle.)

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writing masterlist

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everything is arranged from oldest to newest

writing recs

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  • “did you even miss me?” / part two
    - the band is on break but luke doesn’t seem to want to spend time with you

  • mad for you, bad for you / part two
    - you relapse while luke is away and now that he’s back, you find it hard to get your fix and hide it [tw: drug use]

  • unwanted company / part two
    - you and luke get into a fight and you leave but return to find out he’s already moved on 

  • punishment / part two
    - you cheat on luke on a drunken night out and decide frostbite is the only way to punish yourself 

  • college blues / part two / part three 
    - you’re moving away to your college dorm and luke decides he doesn’t want a long distance relationship anymore

  • absolutely nothing / part two / part three 
    - you call luke after a break up and someone else answers 

  • go to her / part two 
    (inspired by the aria x ezra x nicole scene in pretty little liars) luke’s ex calls him and you answer and delete the call after so he doesn’t know but something happens to her and he blames you


  • “i know how the story goes..” / part two / part three
    - michael is still friends with his ex-girlfriend who thinks he’s still in love with her and will do anything to break the two of you up 

  • dirty little secret / part two / part three
    - michael is hell bent on keeping your relationship a secret from not only the fans but the boys and your best friend as well and you start to question the reason 

  • destroyed / part two / part three
    - you accidentally destroy something important to michael and he’s not very happy about it 

  • too much / part two
    - you overhear michael complaining about how clingy you are and you try to change 

  • silent treatment / part two
    - you and michael fight and he gives you the silent treatment 

  • give me a reason
    - you don’t understand why michael won’t take you to meet his parents 

  • new year’s kiss / part two / part three
    - you can’t wait to kiss michael at midnight on new year’s eve but a fight between the two of you before new year’s eve changes that 

  • faking it / part two 
    - both you and michael agree to break up with each other because you think that’s what the other person wants 

  • priorities / part two
    - michael has to leave yet again and you stupidly make him choose between you and the band









Exercise headcanons (nobody in particular)

- Bolto isn’t very flexible but is super athletic

- kawaii chan does kickboxing and self defence classes because she likes the stress relief you get from punching something

- katelyn isn’t flexible because of an injury in her leg but is has great upper body strength

- kawaii chan and katelyn always go to the gym and make everybody else there feel bad at how amazing they are

- the edgy kids actually play basketball a lot and it’s one of there favourite things to do on the weekend, Michi and Bolto aren’t allowed to be on the same team because there unstoppable together

- Travis and Dante actually really like playing those dumb Xbox/wii games that make you exercise, they think it’s fun

- everybody has tried at least once to get Zane and lucinda to do something, they haven’t budged

- nobody actually realises that they go on ridiculously long adventures to get magic items for Lucindas potion

- aphmau is actually a beast at running, on her good days she can keep up with Bolto in his wolf form

- Aaron is very flexible, it’s kinda scary actually

- Zenix is even more disgustingly flexible and every game of twister with them is hell

- Garroth and Laurence actually go for walks every morning, sometimes Vylad joins them

- Michi and kawaii chan tend to do weight lifting exercise to help them with there jobs

- Nicole has great upper body strength but she gets exhausted really easily thanks to her asthma

- Zane lets Nicole borrow his asthma pump all the time

- lucinda is an amazing dancer and can do the splits, she often makes Zane do dancing with her when the others aren’t around

- Sasha somehow always starts explaining the human capabilities when they exercise, the others know the entirety of it off by heart now

- Bolto and Aaron often glare at each other and end up fighting about something stupid, this normally results in a dumb wager that the others have to be like “no!” Too

- kawaii chan ice skates and roller skates

- Zane and kawaii chan are actually a pretty amazing ice skating duo

- Travis and Dante often play two person soccer, sometimes the others join them

- kawaii chan has never missed leg day

- Travis is the guy that will take selfies during a workout

- Ivy is an amazing swimmer and is teaching teony how to swim

- she’s also a great surfer but is scared of the ocean after a shark incident

- Kim and Damian do squats together

- lurance and Vylad sometimes do ballet together, it either ends up very romantic or very insane

- nobody except for Garroth, Nicole and lucinda can do a hand stand

- Zenix is actually a professional at ballet but is very shy about it

- Kim can lift up everybody in the street, she may not look it but exercise and training is something she does daily

Just Come Home

(A/N): Idk why I struggled with this…

Pairings: NatashaXReader

Request: Could you write an angsty fic where fem!reader x Natasha Romanoff are married but they’re marriage is on the rocks and they’re constantly fighting. Reader starts getting close to Bucky who is her shoulder to cry on during these times and Nat starts to get jealous. Nat realizes she needs to make an effort if she wants her wife back!

Warnings: None?

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama

Natasha had met (Y/N) during the attack on New York when they had gotten stuck in the middle of the fighting. (Y/N) helplessly took cover behind some vehicles but when some strange alien creature started to charge and attack them, Natasha wasted no time in saving them from a horrible death. Natasha couldn’t deny that the person she had just saved was quite cute but she had a mission to accomplish but after everything cleared up with the aliens, they had come up thanking her. Natasha brushed it off but simply asked if they’d have a drink with her later in the week.

After that, Natasha and (Y/N) visited frequently becoming closer to one another finding more in common with each other every time they talked. They quickly fell in love and for a whole two years, they were happily dating. Soon enough, Natasha popped the question over a romantic dinner with a beautiful ring and (Y/N) excitedly accepted it before jumping into the redhead’s arms. Not long after, they had a small, beautiful wedding with the team and a few of (Y/N)’s family members and as they both swayed slowly to their first dance, they couldn’t deny how happy they were in one another’s arms.

They were so in love, they had their honeymoon in Russia where Natasha showed (Y/N) the places she remembered as a child as they held hands, bundled up in big fluffy jackets and she took them to the best restaurants around. It was more than perfect for the both of them. 

When they had gotten back to New York, Natasha had to go back to work immediately leaving (Y/N) alone but she would always make sure to check up on them throughout the day. (Y/N) had always appreciated her little checkups but after time Natasha stopped. She stopped calling, their little dates stopped and she even stopped coming home, spending the nights at work. (Y/N) knew Natasha had a hard job but it was starting to hurt them, they just wanted her to come home at night knowing she was okay but when asked to come home, Natasha would apologize saying she had extra work that night. When Natasha did come home, instead of a loving hugss, they would always end up fighting about her being gone which resulted in harmful comments and another tear in their marriage.

Because of this, (Y/N) was becoming lonely and heartbroken which resulted in them visiting Bucky frequently. They were extremely close and Bucky was always there to hang out and give advice to them. Currently, (Y/N) was curled up on a couch next to him, tearful from a recent argument between them and Natasha. “I don’t know what to do, Bucky. It’s like we’re not even married and it seems she doesn’t even love me anymore.” They choke out through their tears and Bucky shuffles closer, wrapping an arm around them.

“I know. I’m sorry, (Y/N). I don’t know what to say, Natasha is very difficult… maybe give her some time but until then, she’s missing out on a wonderful person.” Bucky tries as he gives (Y/N) a smile and they give a sad chuckle.

“I’ve given her so much time already, I don’t know how long I can take it but thank you so much, Buck, for being here for me.” He pulls them in closer, giving them a good squeeze.

“Anything for you.” But unknown to them, a certain redhead is watching from the offices above.

Natasha admits she hasn’t been there for (Y/N) recently. It’s not like she doesn’t want to, she’s been busy with loads of paperwork and missions, besides (Y/N) can take care of themself. She doesn’t know why they are so mad at her, she’s working her butt off and all she gets is yelling and fighting. She didn’t let it affect her too much until she saw (Y/N) with Bucky after one of their usual fights. A spark of jealousy and possessiveness ignites in her body but if they wanted to spend time with him that’s fine with her.

She begins to notice how often Bucky and (Y/N) spent time with each other and she can’t help but get angry. (Y/N) was hers not his and he was not about to take them away from her. So, she comes home early to talk to them and notices them tensing up automatically at her presence but watches as they continue to clean the kitchen. “We need to talk.” She states simply as she stands with her arms crossed and (Y/N) can’t help but sigh, knowing where this might end up. “I don’t want you talking to Bucky anymore.” They freeze, anger and confusion building up inside their body.

“Why do you care?” (Y/N) spits as they set down the rag they were using to clean the counters and Natasha gives a menacing glare.

“Because you’re mine. Not Bucky’s but mine and I don’t want him to take you away.” (Y/N) can feel tears building in their eyes and their emotions finally find their way out as they look up at Natasha, pointing a finger at her.

“You can’t do that, Natasha! You’re never here and you act like I’m nonexistent and all we do is fight! I don’t want to fight anymore, I just want to feel loved and you know what? Bucky was there for me all the times we fought and he makes me feel loved, he was there all the times you made me cry. I love you so fucking much but you can’t claim me as yours if you don’t even try!” (Y/N) yells through their tears and Natasha’s heart feels like it’s being sawed in half. She never intended for them to feel this way but she was hurting them more than she knew. She had slowly broken their heart.

Natasha rubs the back of her neck subconsciously as she avoids (Y/N)’s tearful gaze and she gives a sigh. “I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know I was doing that to you. I never wanted to hurt you.” (Y/N) sniffles as they wipe away the still falling tears.

“All I wanted was you to come home and tell me about your day…” (Y/N) whispers as they choke on a sob and Natasha can’t take it anymore. She rushes over, embraces them in the tightest hug and she feels their arms wrap around her as their body shakes with every breath they take.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry. I’ll come home, I’ll come home and tell you everything. I’m so sorry. I love you, I love you, I love you.” Natasha mutters into their neck as tears of her own fall down her face. Natasha knows she screwed up but she was determined to fix everything with (Y/N) by her side.

I’m really sorry to whoever requested this… It’s honestly so awful:(

fo4 gang play fighting with sole

An anon requested some fluffy goodness c: here you go hunnybun

Cait: Her and sole are a little rough when they play fight, usually just trying to pin the other down to prove who is best, they always are careful to not actual hut the other as it’s just a bit of fun 

Curie: She doesn’t like to fight but if sole annoys her enough, she’ll pin them down and tickle them till they’re crying for mercy 

Codsworth: He can’t really play fight so the two just call each other silly names and act daft to make the other laugh 

Dogmeat: He bashes at sole with his paws and pounces on them wagging his tail, he loves to play fight with them, he never bites though 

Danse: Knowing he’s quite strong he’s extremely careful and always let’s sole push him around and win, he only fights back when sole tickles him because of how ticklish he is.

Deacon: Their play fighting involves a full arsenal of pillows, tacking and cuddling till the other surrenders, the others are sick of losing their pillows to the pair of them 

Hancock: PIns sole down and tickles and pinches them, he pretends to go feral on sole, mocking biting them as the playfully attacks, sole always ends up in fits of laughter 

Nick: He can’t fight properly incase he gets to much ware and tear, but the two enjoy pushing and poking at each other childishly for fun 

Maccready: The two go full dodgy ninja on each other, laughing and making exaggerated movements, they pretend to be comic book characters, and sometimes even wear silly masks   

Preston: He really get’s into it, tackling sole and blocking all their attacks, he even picks them up and throw them onto soft surfaces, like the couch or bed, he always has sole laughing with how childish he becomes 

Piper: What starts off as a play fight just results in fits of laughter and rolling about on the floor, poking at each others sides till neither of them can breath from laughter  

Strong:  NO, don’t ever try to play fight with strong 

X6-88:  He tries to be careful, but the two always end up getting carried away, bruising and injuring each other, they still find it fun though, the usual have a bit of an apologetic cuddle afterwards, still laughing 

Come Through

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For five years you stuck around Young Woo. You were by his side supporting him with everything he wanted to do. You were in love with him, so deeply in love. You would like to say he was too but there were doubts. 

You knew for a fact you would do anything for him. But would he do anything for you? You often thought about that.

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What would sparring (and it turning into a play fight) with Luke include? Do you have any headcanon for this?

Omg, okay so I definitely feel like this happens a lot like we see him so professional at work but when he’s with you, it’s like he’s a kid again. He gets in to touch with his childhood when teasing you. Your play fights would always result from a real fight, probably about how you hardly see him anymore or about how he needs to be safer when in the field. But, he’d always switch the subject and you could never be mad at him for more than a second. His hands would reach for you, your back shoved into his chest as he holds you against him, your voice would be screaming out, but your body would be pushing further against him, loving the feeling of his firm hands on your waist. He’d lift you up, pulling you to the bed, dropping you down and tickling you roughly till you couldn’t breathe. You’d be so content, knowing that he was happy when he was around you. Even though play fighting would annoy you, Luke would always find a way for it turn into something much better…

Decision - Love?

Your name: submit What is this?

At Eichen House:

“You don’t wanna do this, Theo. She’s safe here.” Dr. Valack said with a serious face. “The Dread Doctors don’t know how important she really is yet.” 

He stood still. Didn’t even slightly feel threatened by Theo’s Pack, that was until Theo gave Tracy that dangerous look. Tracy had it covered, so Theo walked around them and went into the room where Lydia was. Once he saw what Valack actually did to her, he made the decision to take Lydia with him.

“What does a pack, full of Chimera’s, want with some Banshee?” Valack asked ignoring the fact that Tracy is holding him up at his throat.

“I don’t want a Banshee. I’m looking for a Hell hound.” Theo explained. 

Suddenly they heard the door squeaking and noticed it starting to melt. “You wanted a Hell hound? I think you just found one.” Dr. Valack replied satisfied.

The Hell hound came over while Josh tried to attack him. Josh was no match for Parrish.  
“Stop!” Scott growled at Parrish. 

Scott’s eyes became that dark crimson red we all new too well. Parrish turned around, growled and moved towards Scott, ready to attack. You came up behind Scott, along with stiles, Malia and Isaac. You walked even closer, you’re eyes glowing the same red as your big brother.

“Stiles and Y/N bring Lydia out of here. While we take care of them.” Scott said with a serious tone, while the two of you nodded. 

Scott, Malia and Stiles started to fight with Parrish, while Stiles immediately ran towards Lydia. Theo’s Pack didn’t know what to do. Theo was too distracted to even say a word. He hasn’t  seen you for years, and now all of a sudden you were standing in front of him as a True Alpha. You walked over to Stiles as Theo gently grabbed your arm.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Theo whispered.

“And you shouldn’t have tried to kill my friends or try to capture my best friend.” You said with a threatening look on your face. “Stiles, bring her to Scott’s. None of them will follow us.” Stiles nodded as you looked back at Theo. “Or I’ll break every bone in your bodies. Twice.” You threatened his entire pack. 

Once you realized your point has been made, you turned around and followed Stiles outside.  
Scott’s House:

After they beat Parrish unconscious, Scott brought him back to the house. Stiles was in Scott’s room with Lydia, waiting for her to wake up. Everyone knew Stiles wouldn’t leave Lydia’s side, not for one second.

“Okay, I’m really glad that we had some help out there, but who are you two?” Malia asked curiously. 

You smiled softly and sat next to Isaac on the couch. “Well, that’s Isaac, my- my best friend.” You paused as Isaac’s eyes met your’s and you both smiled again. “I’m Y/N. I’m Scott’s sister. Twin sister actually.”

“Younger twin sister.” Scott added grinning. “Isaac was in my pack before Y/N became an Alpha.”

“Why didn’t you tell us about her? At least me or even Liam.” Malia asked a bit pissed. “She would’ve been really helpful. Theo is kind of afraid of her.” She smirked.

“I wanted-” Scott started and looked at you.“

“-He wanted me to have a normal life.” You added. “I got turned by Derek Hale when I had a huge fight with Scott, about how I wanted to be a werewolf too. I moved out and went to Derek because of Isaac.”

Malia still didn’t understand a thing.

 “I have been Y/N’s best friend ever since,” Isaac grinned. “Since forever I think. I told her about what I am, why and how. When they had a fight, she didn’t know where to go and Derek wanted a Beta. It kind of worked out perfectly.”

Stiles came downstairs and you saw his worried expression. You walked over to him and gave him a huge bear hug. You felt his tears falling on your cheek and you had him even tighter. As you let go, he took a deep breath.

 “I don’t know what to do. She’s like.. like she’s in trance or something. I don’t know.” Stiles said, shaking. 

Scott walked towards us and touched his shoulder. “We’ll figure out a way to help her.”

Parrish started waking up and only remembered a few things. He tried to stand up, before you stopped him.

“Please don’t go. It’s an honor to finally meet a hell hound.” You smiled at the man.

“Honor? You have got to be kidding me. I am a monster.” Parrish replied, with a sad tone etched in his voice.

“Nearly all of us are, but you, you’re a really awesome one.” Isaac laughed. 

“What do you two know about him?” Scott asked curiously. “Not that much-” You started.

“Please tell me.” Parrish said weakly as he fell on the ground. You were checking to see if he was still breathing. 

“Dog’s apparently need a hell of a lot sleep these days.” Stiles said sarcastic.

“We all should rest.” Scott suggested as everyone was nodded in agreement.

It was midnight. You didn’t want to sleep, you didn’t feel save. You were looking out of the window, up in the sky while the moon was shining back on your skin. You noticed Scott coming down the stairs.

“Can’t sleep either, huh?” You asked softly.

“It’s not that.” Scott looked into your eyes. “I can hear you thinking.” He smiled.

“No. You don’t.” You grinned. “Just because we both are Alphas doesn’t mean you can read my mind.”

“Yeah, but I’m your brother.” He replied and sat next to you. “When you tried to protect Allison and became an Alpha, I- I just wanted you to get as far away as possible. You lost your best friend, your life, and I thought you wouldn’t survive that. That’s why I wanted you out of Beacon Hills.”

“And I understand that Scott.” 

Scott looked towards Isaac who was sleeping on the Couch. “He also felt something was wrong when you saw Theo.”

“I became an Alpha because I pushed an Oni away from her and a sword cut my stomach. It’s nothing to be proud of, she died anyways.” You replied sadly and also looked at the sleeping werewolf. 

“And he doesn’t know the whole Story does he?”

“You became an Alpha because you were willing to die for someone you love. Just like Isaac would do for you. Don’t let your mind think about Theo. You deserve better. You always did.” Scott said and kissed your forehead.

Once you were sure that Scott was upstairs and sleeping, you decided to take a walk. A walk to find the one and only, Theo Raeken.
In the Woods:

It didn’t take you long to catch Theo’s scent. He’s always had a very distinct one. As soon as you found him, it seemed as though he was already waiting for you.

“Why are you doing this?” You asked holding in your tears while Theo’s back was still towards you. “Trying to kill my friends, my brother.. What happened to you?“ You asked softly, worried that if you spoke any louder you wouldn’t be able to hold in your tears anymore.

“Some would say I’m only doing this because I’m pure evil.” He finally turned to face you. “I would say it’s because I had no one to be good to for a very long time..“

“You had me once, and then you left.” You replied.

“And what if I said I would never leave you again. I’d stay with you for better or worse, forever. Y/N, would you stay?” Theo came closer and looked into your eyes. He grabbed your jacket and gently pulled you closer to him.

“No she wouldn’t.” Isaac shouted from behind. “She doesn’t need someone like you.” He came closer, eyes glowing.

Theo laughed. “Let me guess, what she needs is someone like you?” He grinned and his eyes glowed yellow. “You couldn’t even protect her if you were her Alpha.” Theo stepped back from you and walked over to Isaac.

You didn’t know what to do. While the boys were acting like idiots, all you could do was think about all the memories you had with Theo. You still couldn’t find one bad vein inside of him, but as you saw how he was acting now, while Isaac provoked him, you saw a whole different person in front of you. All of sudden they started to attack each other. You rolled your eyes and your claws came out. You ran between them and as Theo raised his hand to scratch Isaac, you ran right in front of him, causing Theo to scratch you with all his might. You fell to your knees, clutching your bleeding stomach. Both of them wanted to help you, but they continued to fight about who should be the one to help you, resulting in you becoming even more furious. Your eyes turned red and you growled as loud as you could until both of them feel to the ground as you slowly and painfully stood up again.
“I wouldn’t choose either of you.” You said as you clenched your teeth, trying to heal yourself. “Up!” You yelled to Isaac.

“Y/N!” Scott stood breathless behind you. 

“What happened?” Malia asked confused.

Isaac was standing next to you, he was looking into you red eyes while Theo was still laying on the ground.

“I’ll give you one chance Theo. Leave now.” You growled. “Run as fast as you can, as far as possible. If you stay, I will no longer be a True Alpha.” Your eyes turned normal again as a tear fell down your face. “We’re going home now. All of us.” 

You were looking at Isaac, who nodded. You then looked at Theo into his confused eyes. He noticed that you were hurt, emotionally, and that you were hoping all of this was just a bad dream. Theo knew you more than he knew himself. He knew that you still had feelings. You turned around and walked away.
Scott’s House:

When you came into the House, Stiles was there waiting. He was worried sick about you, you were always like a sister for him. You didn’t want to talk to Stiles yet, so you told him that everything was fine and that he should go back to Lydia. Scott noticed that you didn’t want to talk to him or Isaac either, so they both went upstairs and left you alone.

“Why?” Malia asked. 

You sat on the Couch and looked at Malia. “What?” You asked annoyed.

“Scott noticed that you were gone. That’s why we both woke up.. But he didn’t want to follow you, he wanted you to decide what you really wanted. He said that you had to make a decision. What decision?”

You smiled. “Too choose love or to choose my pack.” You replied softly. “Theo left when he was little, but we.. we weren’t really apart. There was something special between us. Everyone said I would marry him someday.” You slightly smiled. “Theo came back without anyone knowing. He always came back for me. I can’t even describe how much I loved him, I didn’t care that I couldn’t see him everyday because I loved him so much. I would’ve waited years for him, only him. I think that some part of me will always wait for him and a part of him would do the same.” 

“And why didn’t you choose him? Why is all of this happening now?”

“Because I chose my life, not the one we were building together. When I got turned, I focused on my pack. For the first time ever, I focused on myself, and then I listened to my brother and I left town. It was the right decision my brother made for me.” You paused. “Theo was my first love and as I saw him again, my feelings came back. Even after what I heard about him. About what he had done. I think, maybe, if Isaac wouldn’t have been there, I would be with Theo right now. But when he showed up and Theo attacked him, I knew that I had to choose my pack. Even when though it’s just us two.” You laughed softly.

“I’m not just your pack Y/N. I’m your family.” Isaac said while he came downstairs with Scott.

“Get in the line.” Scott said grinning at Isaac and you laughed as you noticed Parrish coming downstairs as well.

“He won’t leave. Theo wants me and I don’t know why.” Parrish said and sat next to you.

“We’ll figure this out as one pack.” Scott smiled.

“One pack with two McCall Alpha’s? Now that’s interesting?” Lydia laughed weakly while Stiles helped her down the stairs. 

You stood up and hugged Lydia. Then you helped her sit down. You walked up to your brother and stood next to him.

 “I know Theo won’t leave, but Scott is right. We’ll fight him together.” You said and your brother wrapped his arm around you. 

The pack smiled, knowing we were unstoppable as long as we are together.

Hello Alli’s! 
I’m back again and I hoped you liked the Story. Some of my old followers could now this One Shot because its one of my oldies but thanks to @star-gazer178, are my grammar mistakes out of this one! So you can thank her, that my stories are getting better. :p

We choose to rewrite this One Shot for Cody. His video was leaked and this is definitely not okay. He’s human, he does those thing like everyone else. If you do a video about it doesn’t matter. He did this for a person who had no respect and leaked it. I think he don’t has to be ashamed of anything and that we should help him to get through this!

I’ll try to post some more stories, so requests are open!

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After survivor not amestris, did Jeff Probst ever get that Emma he was hoping for?

You mean the Emmy? Well, anon friend, I’d imagine it went something like this. Hope you enjoy whatever bizarre nonsense this is:


Alfons Heiderich unceremoniously bursts through the doors of Roy Mustang’s office in Central Command. Ed clutches his chest with a start, whirling around on his heels. Beside him is Alphonse in his human form at last, staring at the open doorway in horror. He still hasn’t forgotten what the kid did to him on the day of the Survivor reunion show.

Roy glances up from a pile of paperwork he wasn’t actually doing, but instead doodling a sheep on its margin. “What the hell is Jeff Probst’s assistant doing in my office?”

Across the room, a pencil snaps. Everyone momentarily directs their attention to Riza who had broken it in rage.

Alfons Heiderich. The one who doctored those photos of her using alchemy, thus, destroying her credibility and reputation in the game.

You,” she whispers with an evil gleam in her eye.

Heiderich gulps and steps out of her view. “Anyway…” He wheels in a giant TV on a rolling cart. “Check out what I brought from the other world!”

“How did you even get here!?” Ed demands, finally finding words for this completely impossible situation. “We sealed the portals in the 03 canon!”

Heiderich tilts his head to the side. “Plot convenience, obviously.”

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For the askfic kiss meme: Batarou and 4 please!

Also got an anon for this one:  For the kiss pairing ask: how about 4 with Garou, MB and Charanko (in whichever order you deem fit). Y’all are trying to kill me. And I’m breaking all my writing rules for this one, so I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. (lol, just kidding, all in good fun – I had to err on the side of humor on this one). Cut is for length, not for content.

“Garou-san! Will you show me that part of the kata again? I can’t get it right.”

“Get lost.” Garou is about to wander back to his room out of the dojo, but Bang blocks his path, a disapproving look on the master’s face as he holds his hands behind his back. “Out of my way, old man.”

“Garou, you are my top student. It’s time you acted like it.” Garou tries to dart around him, but Bang is faster, giving him a small smack in the neck and shoving him back towards the floor, where the shaggy-haired newbie - Charanko, he recalls - is staring at him like he’s a golden god.

Garou groans. “Whatever. Fine. So, start here.” He stands straight with one fist raised over his head, the other straight at his side and looking in that direction. “Then it’s front stance,” he explains, stepping forward with his knee bent, the fist becoming a knife hand to his knee, “and switch to back stance.” He rips the strike back into a fist, straightening his front leg, shifting it over to line up with his back heel while he bends his opposite knee. “You do it.”

Charanko is a mess of movement as he tries to mimic Garou’s steps. He completely fails to change his straight palm to a fist again, and his stances are weak. Garou huffs out his nose.

“Do you even know what you’re doing here?”

“Um…the end of the kata?” Charanko’s cheeks flush in a way that makes his skin glow under his strawberry blonde hair. Cute but stupid. Not a good combination.

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A little rant

I know how it is to fight depression (and other mental illnesses), from my own experience. But why exactly is Gracie Gold depressed ? Sure, being first after SP at worlds and finishing off the podium is hard, but there are worse things in life.

Gracie should be thankful for everything she has, for the opportunities, support, health, youth. But i guess she just doesn’t have the character of a champion.

Look at some other examples.

After her win in Sochi, Adelina doesn't get much love. Only hate and death threats, she is bullied, not only from people out there but from biased media and its fake news and accusations, that can destroy her reputation and career. She doesn’t get much support world wide, she has to support her family and her sick sister, but still, she hasn’t lost her smile and joy.

Does Gracie really think her life is that hard?

But let us talk about Yuzuru Hanyu. When he became the rising star in his country, he didn’t get much love.  When he won his first national title and was on the top of the podium, he was fighting back the tears because the audience wasn’t that happy about the result. Even now he is blamed for a lot of things.

In Japan, figure skating is much more popular than in the US, so the pressure and expectations are bigger. It was hard for him to lose two world titles in a row, after everyone expected him to win, but after every failure, he comes back stronger. He knows that many people in his country  hate him (i heard something about a petition against his participation at worlds 2017) and it doesn’t matter what he is doing or not, he will  always be bashed. That’s why he is so often competing injured-  otherwise he would be blamed for being lazy, or a diva or whatever. He is fighting injuries, pain, expectations, asthma, haters and younger generations. But he is not losing hope, or the joy in life, or his fighting spirit.

Or how about Satoko Miyahara? She is pretty much ignored in Japan and isn’t really accepted in the figure skating world because of her small jumps. She can work as hard as she wants, but people just can’t wait to replace her with  a younger girl with bigger jumps. Some people call her “Cheatako” and when she wins a medal, she “doesn’t deserve it”. But she is still doing her job and is fighting for every point she can get from the judges.


The point of my rant is, Gracie is not "depressed".  She is suffering from self-pity, she can’t deal with failure and that’s her biggest problem. Too many people claim they are "depressed", as long as there is no official diagnosis from  a doctor, i don’t believe that she is “depressed”. 

The Other Side Of The Door

Simon and Baz get into a fight. It is short lived. They definitely make up. (Also there’s kissing.) (I’m bad at summaries.)

Oh, there’s a lot of cursing in this. Not magical cursing. Swear word cursing.

Also, this one is a bit longer! (1011 words)

It is also on  ao3

Simon doesn’t miss his magic all the time. In fact, most of the time he feels free of a burden more so than anything else. But then he wants to go outside - to get some Aero Bars, or walk to the park down the street, or just get some fucking fresh air for a change - and realizes he can’t because Penny isn’t home and Baz is off at University and won’t be back for another week and he can’t go outside without one of them spelling his wings and tail.

Of course he couldn’t think to spell them away permanently himself before he went and gave all his magic up to save the world. He was too busy - you know - saving the fucking world.

So Simon is stuck in his (and Penelope’s) flat, alone, with no chocolate. He’s too busy sulking to hear the door open and his boyfriend walk in, just in time to hear him curse, “Crowley, I am so fucking useless.”

He startles when a voice replies from the doorway, “Snow, you’re a lot of things, but useless is not one of them.”

Normally it would be easy for Simon to listen to Baz, let the words calm him and take him back down to a normal level. But he’s been stuck in this house for two days driving himself mad not being able to do anything. Feeling trapped and, yeah, useless.

Simon is too stuck in his own misery to do anything but fight back. Hard. He jumps to his feet and turns to face the boy still standing in the doorway. He feels the heat rising in his body, knows his cheeks and ears are covered in red. He’s seen the same on Baz’s face enough times to know this must be what it feels like.

“And what would you know about it, Basilton? Do you even know what this feels like? Being completely trapped somewhere, unable to leave, completely stuck in your own head, going fucking stir-crazy-out-of-your-fucking-mind? I’m fucking useless. I can’t do anything on my own. I need you or Penny to even walk through that door.” Simon can see his words hit Baz; a clear punch to the gut.

“Do you even hear yourself, Snow?” Baz spits back, venom lacing his words. The red from Simon’s face is now mirrored his boyfriend’s. “You’re so fucking selfish. Do you even think before you come up with this shit?”

Instead of waiting for an answer, Baz turns to leave, slamming the door behind him.

Simon sits back down on the couch, still fuming, then realizes he’s too worked up to just sit there. He starts pacing around the flat; he gets a glass of water in the kitchen to help cool himself off, then makes his way into the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face - because the glass he drank was definitely not enough, then goes into his bedroom.

The dresser next to his bed is full of Baz’s clothes, so he avoids opening it. Actually, Baz’s clothes are scattered through all of his drawers…and his closet…so he’s probably better off avoiding changing his clothes altogether. Instead he lays down on Baz’s side of the bed, curls himself into a ball, and tries to force down the angry tears threatening to spill over.

Simon must fall asleep at some point because the next time he opens his eyes, the room seems reasonably darker. Suddenly it hits him. Shit. Numpties.

He doesn’t even think twice, just runs out the front door of the flat and trips over something in the hallway.

“Ouch, Snow. Don’t you look where you’re going?” Baz is sitting against the wall next to the door, looking at Simon, who is now sprawled out on the floor. There’s not a trace of a smile anywhere on Baz’s face which worries him. Normally he would find some humor in Simon tripping over things. Simon really fucked up.

“Baz? I didn’t think- I was just- I-”

Baz stands up as Simon continues to fumble for words. “Let’s just go back inside before someone sees you.”

Simon reaches across his shoulder as if to remind himself of what started this in the first place. He hadn’t even thought twice about it when he was fighting with Baz. He follows his boyfriend back in and leans against the back of the couch.

They both speak at the same time
“I’m sorry-”
“I’m sorry-”

Before Baz can continue, Simon cuts in, “You have nothing to be sorry for. I was an asshole. I wasn’t even thinking when I said that. I had no right. I’m so sorry.” He’s having a harder time holding back his tears now. The number of emotions he has dealt with in the past two hours is overwhelming his system.

“It’s okay, Simon.” Baz walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder. Simon lets his head drop, but Baz lifts it back up with a finger until their gazes meet. “And I do have something to be sorry for.”

“You don’t, I-”

“Shh.” Baz puts a finger over Simon’s lips. “You are not selfish. You are the most unselfish person I know. You gave up all of your magic to save the world. I never should have said that and I’m sorry I did.”

“I’m such an ass,” Simon whispers.

A few tears slip past Simon’s defenses. Baz wipes them away immediately and pulls Simon’s lips to his. Simon melts into it, letting everything he is feeling seep out of him, letting Baz take it all away. The kiss is slow and deep and full of forgiveness.

Eventually Simon pulls away, remembering something.

“Wait, you’re here. Why are you here?”

“I knew Penelope was gone and I figured you’d be going stir crazy, so I made the trip. I guess I took too long.”

“You stayed.”

“You came outside.”

“I wasn’t thinking about myself. I was thinking about you. How I needed to see you. I didn’t care who saw me.”

Baz leans in to kiss him again.