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Happy Stormblood everyone!

“But as a neglected blade grows dull with rust, so too do men forget their purpose. Amidst waning memories of the old ways, a determined few hold fast to their convictions, hands by katana grips, awaiting the moment for steel to sing.”

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Did you see?

They were all around you. You saw their faces, their moves. Their breath tickled your neck and you moved, covering yourself with a thick blanket. You were shivering from fear, unable to control your body and mind. 

Their touch was all over your body, they surrounded you like a fire, not letting you run away. They held you in place, making you squirm in panic.

The door opened.

♛ Ayato ♛

- Oi, Chichinashi, what are you… - He stared at you for a moment, genuinely concerned, as you thrashed around. - Hey, stop it! - He came to your bed and pinned you down.

You screamed, starting to struggle even more, not aware it was him that was holding you yet.

- Stop it, I said! Calm fucking down!

You blinked, realizing what happened.

- T-they… - you mumbled incoherently. - T-they were here…

- What…? - Ayato narrowed his eyes, obviously not understanding anything.

- D-didn’t you see them…? T-they were h-here… They-

- Shut up already - he growled at you. - There was no a single person and you were squirming for no reason. What’s wrong with you?!

You curled up, escaping his gaze. Your eyes watered as you sobbed quietly.

- I-I don’t know…

He sighed, letting go of your wrists and sitting up.

- I don’t get it at all. Just… don’t do this again, or I will have to sit with you all night long… and you know what it means. - He smirked at your flustered face and without another word, left the room, leaving the door slightly open.

♟ Kanato ♟

- Can’t you shut up?! - he growled at you, looking at your squirming frame. He was annoyed, it was clear, and he knew that it was because of your actions. They woke him up from his slumber. 

He approached you and stared in silence at your body, narrowing his eyes as he couldn’t be aware of what was going on inside your head. 

You cried out and he nuzzled his face into Teddy’s artificial fur. 

- Annoying, isn’t she…? - he mumbled. - On the other hand… she seems to be so scared… - He chuckled lowly. - I don’t dislike it… Hey, doll. - He grabbed your arm and pulled you up harshly. You almost screamed and he let go of you - so you fell onto the cold floor, looking around. - Huh, you’re not scared anymore? What a shame… 

- K-Kanato…? - You looked up, your eyes watered. - Y-you’re here… 

- Of course I’m here. You woke me up, you trash - he grumbled. - Shouldn’t I punish you for this? 

- B-but… T-there were… I-I saw them… - you started to murmur quietly. - I-I saw…

Kanato narrowed his eyes and then smirked down at you.

- Of course, there were a lot of people’s souls. The ones that died here. Did you see them? Well… Maybe you’ll see them again, we’ll see… Now, come with me… - He grabbed your wrist. - It’ll be a long night for you, doll…

♞ Laito ♞

- Bitch-chaaan~? - Laito yawned, walking into your room, and then stared at you for a few minutes, curious if you’d see him. - Are you dreaming… some nightmare…? - he wondered, but when he came closer, he realized that you’re not sleeping. You weren’t fully counscious either though. You looked as if were fighting with something, yet he didn’t see anything that could possibly make you as scared as you were.

You pushed something away from yourself and got up quickly, in the next moment falling to the floor.

Laito chuckled shortly and you looked up, now realizing that he observes you.

- Is my Bitch-chan having delusions~? Maybe she’s not sleeping properly as she was told to~? Ahh, what can we do now~? 

- L-Laito… - You gulped and looked around. The monsters disappeared, leaving you two completely alone. You sighed with relief. And then you realized that the worst of the monsters was standing in front of you, smirking devilishly.

- Ne, Bitch-chan… It had to be dreadful, shouldn’t I… comfort you somehow~? - He stalked closer and raised your chin, looking straight into your eyes. - Don’t be so scared… You’re safe with me, you know~? Nothing will hurt you… more than I could.

♝ Reiji ♝

- What are you doing…

He glared at you, not moving from his spot, just staring at your squirming form. You heard his voice and fought harder, trying to wriggle away and run to him.

You hoped that he’d help you, protect you, or at least say that the ghosts weren’t real - you really wanted them to not actually exist, but how a not-existing thing could hurt you so badly…? How could it touch you, hold you in place, hit you as it did?

But Reiji just stared at you, for a while probably enjoying your fear, even if he wasn’t the one to cause it. That’s - probably - why he got bored of it so easily.

- Stand up - he said sternly.

- I… c-can’t… - you cried, already losing your strength.

- It’s an order. Stand up or you will be punished.

You fought. You really tried. But it was all too strong.

But as soon as he made a single step towards you, everything vanished. You sighed deeply in relief, staring weakly at the boy. Your heart thumped in your chest when you realized that you didn’t do as he told you to.

And his stern face and cold glare proved that he didn’t like it.

♚ Shu ♚

He instantly knew that something was off. He - obviously - couldn’t see nor hear all the creatures, but as soon as he entered your room, he could hear your heart skipping and the smell your boiling blood reached his senses.

He closed his eyes for a moment, but it was all too noisy.

- Stop it - he said in quiet, but demanding voice. When he came closer, you instantly started to calm down, the surreal creatures disappearing one by one. 

And when the last of them disappeared, you saw the vampire hoovering over you, staring at you intently.

- Are you scared? - he asked, but his voice was so indifferent. You curled up, still trembling from what you’ve just came through. To your surprise, Shu smirked. - There, there - he said mockingly. - You want me to comfort you? Or maybe you did all this scene to gather my attention? Well, you succeed.

He climbed onto the bed, pinning you down in an second.

- But you’ll pay for it, so brace yourself.

♜ Subaru ♜

- Hey, what the hell are you doing?! 

Subaru’s sharp voice made you instantly come back to reality. You sat up, curling up a bit as your breath hitched. 

- S-Subaru… - you whined softly and got up, running to him and wrapping arms around him. You were trembling, which only confused him more.

- O-oi, what are you…

- I-I was so scared… - you cried quietly. The boy was taken aback.

- You had… a nightmare?

- I-I don’t know…

He frowned, but didn’t say anything more. It was a bit awkward, but he eventualy placed his hand on top of your head in a calming, comforting manner.

- There, it’s alright now.

And it was alright.

[INTERVIEW] Zion.T Responds To Claims That He Dissed K-Pop Idols In “Complex”

In the wake of criticism that his lyrics in “Complex” (featuring G-Dragon) allegedly diss idols, Zion.T has explained that it is not true.

In the song, Zion.T says, “I wish I were an idol / Someone handsome who can dance / ‘Cause you just have to write songs about love / ‘Cause if you can’t sing you can take it off.”

Zion.T explained, “The lyrics aren’t belittling idols. I hope that there’s no misunderstanding. I saw comments, and I think in most cases it was idol fans getting mad. It’s a fact that idols endure years of training to make it through all the industry competition and debut. I respect that. I’m not an idol; our paths are different. There’s no reason for me to put idols down.”

Zion.T also spoke about why his album got delayed and the meanings behind his songs “Complex” and “Sorry” from the album “O O.”


Caesura: Act I (Complete)

Caesura /sɪˈzjʊərə/ n. In poetry, a rhythmic pause in a poetic line or a sentence where the reader stops to breathe.

England, 1915, the world is having a war to end all wars. But, in the midst of the nightmare that seems to encompass their every hour, two people find one another and learn to how to breathe again.

(WW1 War Artist AU)

Rated T+ | words: ~64k |

If you want to catch up: Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7Chapter 8 | Chapter 9ffnet | ao3

Act II coming soon!

DVD/Blu-Ray Cover Art by Francesco Francavilla

After yesterday’s reveal of the poster for THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, here’s another horror movie I was involved with in some capacity: JEEPERS CREEPERS.

JEEPERS CREEPERS is part of MGM and Fox Entertainment’s early start on Halloween by reissuing 13 (yep!) of their horror classics as in big outlets like Target. They partnered with SKUZZLES to package the new dvd/blu-ray release with artwork from some of the best poster artists in the industry.
Needless to say I was honored to be invited as well and blessed to be picked for this movie, which I really love (I think it’s one of the most underrated horror movies - pity as it’s a little Classic!)

Hope you guys dig it and stay tuned for more collabs with SKUZZLES: news coming soon :)


Happy Stormblood everyone!

“These sworn enemies buried their history for the sake of the future, and cast aside their vestments of black and white. Upon the remnants of their arts a new discipline was built, and the first red mages stepped forward with rapiers in hand to fight back against the rising tides of destruction.


“Let’s make a bet!”

“Okay? What kind of bet?”

“If he turns out to be as hot as we are imagining him to be, let’s see who can get into his pants first.”

Uncle Negan : Part Twelve

I T H A S B E E N Y E A R S!

Originally posted by neqns

I AM SOOOOOO GLAD TO BE BACK WRITING UNCLE NEGAN! (you should definitely read part 10-11 before this one)

WANNA CATCH UP? HERES THE MASTER LIST! (smut is coming soon.)

negan x reader / negan x you / negan imagine

Rick rolled on the ground, clutching his leg. You couldn’t tell if his moans were because his leg or the decision he had to make. Closing your eyes, you accepted your predetermined fate. He couldn’t let Mary go with Negan. You wouldn’t do it if you were in Rick’s place, no parent in the right mind would. As your breathing slowly steadied, you straightened yourself within the Saviors grasp. Eventually your eyes met Rick’s, giving him silent approval of what you knew would happen next. As tears welled in his eyes,  he declared his decision.

“M-Mary…I’ll take her. I have to.”

Negan let out a loud sigh, “Well, shit. I think part of me was hoping you’d let me keep this little angel. We make a great team, don’t you think?” He bounced her up and down in his arm a bit, squeezing the last bit of happiness he could out of her. “But hey, if you don’t want this sexy ass on your leash then by all means, I can take her right off of your hands.” He turned to look back at you, “I can’t say goodbye to her for you.” You couldn’t believe he was actually going to let you say goodbye.

Jerking your arms out of the saviors lock, you approached Negan as he placed your daughter in your arms. As you held her you couldn’t help but see her in a way you hadn’t before. She was beautiful. She was harmless. She had Rick’s eyes. She was a sign of hope. Cradling her peanut of a body, you raised her head to your lips placing a kiss that acted as the button that started your tears. Maybe it wasn’t about the fact that you didn’t want her, it was about how you didn’t know you needed her.

Rick attempted to stand as if he were trying to dance on ice. “I’m sorry, I will never stop being sorry. I will never-”

“Yeah, that’s not happening.” Negan interjected, denying his right to say goodbye to you. Snatching Mary out of your arms, he crossed to Arat gifting the baby to her. Turning to you, his demands echoed within his voice. “Get up.”

You obeyed, your lungs exhausted from the deep breaths you fought to keep up with as Negan approached you. He paced around your figure, stalking every inch of you before finally stopping behind you. You bathed in his anticipation, waiting for his next move. You slightly shuddered as you suddenly felt the cool touch of leather embrace your shoulders. His infamous jacket was draped around you, still radiating his body heat. As your muscles relaxed, his stubble grazed your shoulder making your neck tense once again. You heard him release a groan, placing his hands on the sides of your arms, slowly gliding them up and down.

“I think,” he almost whispered, “it’s time for you and I to go play a little more house, huh? You liked that shit, didn’t you? Hell, even Mary loved that shit. One big happy family: Mary,” his lips slightly touched your ear, “you,” he turned, piercing Rick’s gaze, who sat silently watching Negan’s puppetry, “and Me.” You craned your neck trying to give yourself more personal space. “But since the little princess is going with her permanent babysitter, Mommy and Daddy will finally get some alone time. Some fucking grown up bonding.” Holding Rick’s attention, he drove the nail into the board, “When we’re done, your ass won’t be able to walk for a week and it won’t be because of fucking childbirth.” You saw Rick daze off into unconsciousness, disintegrating any chance you would’ve had for a goodbye. “Oh you dirty fucking girl, I was talking about the supply runs you’re gonna go on. But your crossed legs tell me you were thinking fucking otherwise.” He chuckled as he began his closing ceremonies. “Well, Alexandria, this has been one hell of a ride tonight. Had some laughs, had some cries, learned some real fucking valuable lessons. Let’s make next time a little more enjoyable.” He turned to you, extending his arm with a smile. “Ready?” You wrapped your fingers around him as if you were selling away your soul. Before you could reach the truck, he turned to to have one final say, “And clean this shit up, will ya? You got three bodies laying around. One’s for sure to be a rotter and Rick might as well be. Don’t want to scare the fucking neighbors away.” Laughing, he led you back to the truck. He opened the door, awaiting your entrance.

“What happened to not holding me against my will.”

Biting his lip, he formed a response, “Well, would you like to leave?”

You glanced back at Rick, who had already disappeared from the street along with the rest of the town. “Yes.”

He leaned in before crossing to the other side of the truck, “Good, because that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

please, please PLEASE give me feedback! what do you want to see?? what do you want to happen?? i can promise smut is coming. and it is coming soon.

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A missing scene set sometime during the early chapters of Given The Choice. You don’t need to read that to get this, I think, all you really need to know is it’s post-Neverland, without Pan causing trouble, leaving Emma and Hook free to argue and fight their feelings and amuse everyone around them.

So, missing scene/ficlet, in which Emma and Hook test the waters of jealousy, with decidedly mixed results. Thanks to the ladies at the CS writers hub for the help!

It’s been a long day. Emma trudges up the steps towards Granny’s diner, hoping against hope that Regina is already there with Henry and she can just take the kid and go home.

But no such luck. The place is buzzing with conversation and clattering cutlery, but there’s no sign of Regina and Henry yet as she sweeps a quick glance around the diner. She spots Neal and Belle in one of the booths, some of the dwarves in another, and a few people she only recognises by face.

And, leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand, Captain Hook. He’s been talking to Ruby, who is on the other side of the counter, but now his eyes are on Emma.

Ruby’s are, too. She smiles, and waves, and Emma smiles back and makes her way over before she can reconsider.

Hook is smirking, of course. He’s half-perched on his stool like a model for a photo shoot, and Emma would accuse him of doing it on purpose if she didn’t know that he has no idea what a photo shoot is.

“Hey Emma!” Ruby calls. “Hot chocolate?”

Emma hesitates, but between the long day at work and the unexpected presence of the most provoking, infuriating man she’s ever met, the lure is too strong to resist. Sugary, warm, cinnamon-scented goodness is exactly what she needs. She gives Ruby a grateful look. “Yes, please.”

And that’s how she ends up next to Hook at the counter, talking to Ruby and Granny as they work. They’ve treated her differently ever since she and Snow returned from the Enchanted Forest, but since Neverland, things have changed again. Emma is asked for news of Henry and her opinion of Chimaera meat and the current weather and Chris Evans, of all things.

“You keep talking about this Chris Evans fellow,” Hook says, looking confused – adorably so, if Emma is honest, which she doesn’t really want to be right now. “Who is he?”

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beth greene & daryl dixon au

After Beth’s mother and half-brother are murdered in a drug war, the godly veil on the Greene Family operation is lifted, and law enforcement comes down hard. In an effort to protect her family, Beth commits a heinous crime that could mean life in prison alongside her family. Now everyone she loves most is in police custody and her only chance at freedom is to get as far away from Atlanta as she can. Surviving on every bit of knowledge she’s picked up, the eighteen-year-old makes it to New York City with new hair, the clothes on her back, and a bag full of money. In her search for a safe place, she happens upon a fellow Georgia native named Daryl who lives alone with his toddler son and needs a little help covering the rent. But this thick-skinned farm girl has more to hide than anyone would think.

                                   ***coming soon***

Yet another translation (German Script) ~ You got to love german Haurchefant

Haurchefant (GER): Wie ich deine Rückkehr ersehnt habe. Jede Stunde wartete ich darauf, deine prachtvolle Gestalt unversehrt zu erblicken.

Haurchefant (EN): How I’ve longed for you to return. I was waiting every hour for a chance to see your marvellous figure unharmed. *

Haurchefant (GER): Du weißt, dass mein heißes Herdfeuer immer für dich brennen wird. Je kälter die Nacht, desto enger muss man zusammenrücken, nicht wahr?

Haurchefant (EN): You know that my hot herdth will always burn for you. The colder the night, the closer one has to move together, isn’t that true?

[* This sentence is a pain in the …
I’m sure you get the gist of it, however, I’m not satisfied with how it turned out though.
Well, he only wants to stress how much he has missed the ‘gorgeous’ body of the Warrior of Light and how glad he is that nothing has harmed us.
Although us leaving him must have hurt more than any fight we’ve experienced.]

Unfortunately, I only have one screenshot (first sentence) to accompany my translation which I’m going to post later on.
Back then, I wasn’t able to make decent screenshots and that’s why I have only one screenshot of this awesome scene.

I mean, he’s clearly hitting on you… He doesn’t even hide his attraction towards you.

Ah, I just love the fact that the german translators didn’t change his flirty personality.

I told you so.

Smuffy one-shot inspired by the 4X12 promo pics of CS being super happy and my hopes for long overdue sexy times. Thought I would get one more story in before the hiatus came to an end. One more week! (Mild M rating on this one)

“It’s nice seeing you so happy, Emma.” Mary Margaret caught Emma’s blush before turning back to the rest of the party, leaving her daughter in the safe arms of Killian in their corner booth. Emma felt Killian’s arm apply a bit more pressure to her waist, almost imperceptibly, but enough for her to notice. She lifted her head from the crook of his neck to look at his face, expecting to see a smug smile on his lips. Instead, he met her gaze with a happy smile, no hint of mirth behind it.

“It’s okay, you can say it.”

Killian looked at her quizzically, cocking his head a bit to the side. “Say what, Swan?”

“I told you so.”

She watched as his eyebrow lifted, and his hand came up to scratch behind his ear. “Love, I confess to not quite knowing what you mean by that?”

“Oh, it’s an expression. It means…well…when someone says something to you that you deny, but later comes true, that person can say ‘I told you so’ when they’re proven right.”

The confusion left his features and a look of quiet contemplation took its place. He shifted slightly so he could look her directly in her eyes, searching for what she might be referring to behind her jade irises.

“So, love, what declaration of mine are you claiming has come to pass?”

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The Six String Circus

Last week, I got a message from the lovely @shady-swan-jones telling me about an incredibly thoughtful birthday project she was putting together for @galadriel26 . Desiree always leaves such amazing comments on my stuff that I was instantly in, but of course, this is me we’re talking about and I can’t write anything short. 

So here’s a preview of what has turned into my next MC, which I will focus on once The Difficult Kind is wrapped up. I haven’t gotten around to a proper summary, but the idea is that musician Killian comes to stay with his brother - Emma’s neighbor - to hide out for a bit. Emma has no idea who he is. The musician and neighbor tropes all smashed together. Should be a good time. 



“Emma, hey, let me help you.” Liam managed to grab the slipping grocery bag just before the hallway became the new owner of a dozen eggs and a carton of orange juice. She shot him a grateful smile, propping the other bag against the wall while rummaging in her pocket for her keys.

“Thanks. I really didn’t want to have to go back to the store.”

“Long day?”

“Long week.”

“I won’t keep you then. I just wanted to let you know my brother is going to be staying with me for…a bit.” Liam’s smile tightened, an edge in his voice Emma couldn’t recall ever hearing before. He’d mentioned his brother in passing enough that she knew he had one, but not much else beyond that he was younger than Liam and lived in LA. “If he bothers you, please tell me.”

“I’m sure it will be fine.” Emma didn’t have any family to speak of herself, but Liam was a decent enough guy – how bad could his brother be?

“It will assuredly be fine. Disparaging me to the neighbors already, brother?” Even without the accent and the same clear blue eyes, Emma would have guessed the man who appears behind Liam to be the brother in question simply by the way her neighbor instantly bristled, his jaw tight and his shoulders rising.

“I’m Emma,” she offered, leaning around Liam to get a better look at the mysterious brother in the hopes of taking the tension out of the hallway. He was leaner than the man Emma had lived next to for the last three years, but no less trim. He was also sporting several days’ worth of scruff on his chin and a smudge of what couldn’t possibly be eyeliner along his lids.

“Killian Jones,” he replied, holding out his hand with a smirk she couldn’t place despite the sudden familiarity of it.

“Nice to meet you. You’re a musician or something, right?” Emma frowned, trying to remember what Liam had told her, but all she could come up with was he lived in Los Angeles and spent a lot of time traveling with his band.

“Aye,” he replied after a pause, the single word said slowly, as if she was somehow asking a stupid question. “My band–”

“She said she’s had a long day, Killian,” Liam cut in, jabbing an elbow into his brother’s side. “Let’s let the lass enjoy her evening. You can tell her about the band some other time.”

Emma glanced between the two of them, puzzled by the strange behavior. But Liam was right – she did want to go into her apartment and put the groceries away, not stand in the hallway attempting to be friendly. It’s not like she was really a friendly person to start with, anyway. It had taken a solid year to progress beyond a muttered hello with Liam.

And really, as curious as she was about Liam’s brother – Killian – there was ice cream in one of these bags, and she really didn’t want to deal with melted, then refrozen, then melted again rocky road. After the week she’d just survived, she really wanted to curl up on her couch with the carton and call it dinner.

So Emma smiled at the brothers and told Killian it was nice to meet him. Thanking Liam once more for his help, she backed into her apartment, genuinely puzzled by the laughter that burst out of Liam and the scowl marring his brother – Killian’s – ridiculously attractive features.

(Disclaimer: The title is from a Jason Aldean song. I’m not that clever. Today at least.) 

One Direction Preference- Your Nudes/Sextape Leaked (Harry)

You knew something wasn’t right the moment you walked into the den. The fire was lit brightly and blankets folded neatly. The lamps were all turned on and a few candles were burning. Nothing was particularly out of the ordinary aside from the man slouched over in the middle of the sofa looking like a proper mess. And that made you entirely uneasy.

“Hey love,” you leaned around the coach, concern apparent in your voice. He had his face buried in his hands, “Is everything alright?”

“I need you not to freak out,” he mumbled through his fingers.

You pursed your lips, even more worried, “I won’t freak out as long as you don’t give me a reason to.”

“Oh, I’m about to give you a reason to.”

“Harry,” you were glaring at him, “What the hell happened?”

He took a deep breath, rubbing his face before letting his hands fall to his lap. He stared straight ahead as he groaned, “Remember the photos you sent me last week?”

“What photos–oh,” your cheeks turned involuntarily pink as you remembered the little texting encounter. He’d been away for a few days with the band and you knew how he could get when he was away. The two of you had quite the nightlife so any time apart was painful on both ends. Thinking nothing of it, you’d sent a few racy pictures. It was a bit out of your comfort zone, but you hadn’t regretted it, “Yeah. I remember them.”

He rolled his lips, wringing his hands, “You’re going to kill me.”

“What the fuck did you do?” you asked through gritted teeth.

“I didn’t do anything, I swear! I deleted them as soon as I was done with, yanno…” he shrugged a little, “But I guess they saved to iCloud or my phone got hacked or something–”

“No, no, no,” you could feel panic setting in, “Please tell me you’re kidding–”

He finally looked at you, eyes practically overflowing with guilt, “They leaked.”

“Oh my god,” your heart was racing. What would your mother think? The guys? You didn’t want the entire world gazing at your naked body–those pictures had been for Harry and Harry alone…and now they were plastered all across the world wide web.

“PR is already working on it,” he stood, hands outstretched, “They were already taken off of Twitter and it’s not like your whole face was in any of them. I mean, it could be anyone as far as they know.”

“My tits are all over the fucking internet!” you weren’t so much angry as terrified, “I’m like a pornstar! Oh my god, what if my dad sees? Harry–”

“Calm down,” he’d never seen you so panicked before. On a whim, he quickly pulled you into his arms, hoping he could hold you together for the mean time, “They’re just photos, okay? This isn’t the end of the world. We’ll fix it, I promise. We’ll have all of the pics taken down and PR will tell them it wasn’t you–you’ll be fine, babe. You’ll be fine,” he was whispering into your ear at rapid speed.

“No I won’t,” you cried into his shoulder. You’d never been so mortified.

“Yes you will, sweetheart,” he rocked you back and forth, “Besides, it’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of, alright? You have a great body, if anything, they’ll all just be jealous.”

You pounded a fist on to his chest, pulling away, “You’re not funny!”

He shrugged, eyes honest, “I wasn’t trying to be!”


This is a funny one to write! Sorry if its a bit short, I was going to group them but it was just slightly too long for that…anyway, I hope you enjoyed! 

Other boys are here:

xoxo B