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“Let’s make a bet!”

“Okay? What kind of bet?”

“If he turns out to be as hot as we are imagining him to be, let’s see who can get into his pants first.”

A missing scene set sometime during the early chapters of Given The Choice. You don’t need to read that to get this, I think, all you really need to know is it’s post-Neverland, without Pan causing trouble, leaving Emma and Hook free to argue and fight their feelings and amuse everyone around them.

So, missing scene/ficlet, in which Emma and Hook test the waters of jealousy, with decidedly mixed results. Thanks to the ladies at the CS writers hub for the help!

It’s been a long day. Emma trudges up the steps towards Granny’s diner, hoping against hope that Regina is already there with Henry and she can just take the kid and go home.

But no such luck. The place is buzzing with conversation and clattering cutlery, but there’s no sign of Regina and Henry yet as she sweeps a quick glance around the diner. She spots Neal and Belle in one of the booths, some of the dwarves in another, and a few people she only recognises by face.

And, leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand, Captain Hook. He’s been talking to Ruby, who is on the other side of the counter, but now his eyes are on Emma.

Ruby’s are, too. She smiles, and waves, and Emma smiles back and makes her way over before she can reconsider.

Hook is smirking, of course. He’s half-perched on his stool like a model for a photo shoot, and Emma would accuse him of doing it on purpose if she didn’t know that he has no idea what a photo shoot is.

“Hey Emma!” Ruby calls. “Hot chocolate?”

Emma hesitates, but between the long day at work and the unexpected presence of the most provoking, infuriating man she’s ever met, the lure is too strong to resist. Sugary, warm, cinnamon-scented goodness is exactly what she needs. She gives Ruby a grateful look. “Yes, please.”

And that’s how she ends up next to Hook at the counter, talking to Ruby and Granny as they work. They’ve treated her differently ever since she and Snow returned from the Enchanted Forest, but since Neverland, things have changed again. Emma is asked for news of Henry and her opinion of Chimaera meat and the current weather and Chris Evans, of all things.

“You keep talking about this Chris Evans fellow,” Hook says, looking confused – adorably so, if Emma is honest, which she doesn’t really want to be right now. “Who is he?”

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[INTERVIEW] Zion.T Responds To Claims That He Dissed K-Pop Idols In “Complex”

In the wake of criticism that his lyrics in “Complex” (featuring G-Dragon) allegedly diss idols, Zion.T has explained that it is not true.

In the song, Zion.T says, “I wish I were an idol / Someone handsome who can dance / ‘Cause you just have to write songs about love / ‘Cause if you can’t sing you can take it off.”

Zion.T explained, “The lyrics aren’t belittling idols. I hope that there’s no misunderstanding. I saw comments, and I think in most cases it was idol fans getting mad. It’s a fact that idols endure years of training to make it through all the industry competition and debut. I respect that. I’m not an idol; our paths are different. There’s no reason for me to put idols down.”

Zion.T also spoke about why his album got delayed and the meanings behind his songs “Complex” and “Sorry” from the album “O O.”

The Six String Circus

Last week, I got a message from the lovely @shady-swan-jones telling me about an incredibly thoughtful birthday project she was putting together for @galadriel26 . Desiree always leaves such amazing comments on my stuff that I was instantly in, but of course, this is me we’re talking about and I can’t write anything short. 

So here’s a preview of what has turned into my next MC, which I will focus on once The Difficult Kind is wrapped up. I haven’t gotten around to a proper summary, but the idea is that musician Killian comes to stay with his brother - Emma’s neighbor - to hide out for a bit. Emma has no idea who he is. The musician and neighbor tropes all smashed together. Should be a good time. 



“Emma, hey, let me help you.” Liam managed to grab the slipping grocery bag just before the hallway became the new owner of a dozen eggs and a carton of orange juice. She shot him a grateful smile, propping the other bag against the wall while rummaging in her pocket for her keys.

“Thanks. I really didn’t want to have to go back to the store.”

“Long day?”

“Long week.”

“I won’t keep you then. I just wanted to let you know my brother is going to be staying with me for…a bit.” Liam’s smile tightened, an edge in his voice Emma couldn’t recall ever hearing before. He’d mentioned his brother in passing enough that she knew he had one, but not much else beyond that he was younger than Liam and lived in LA. “If he bothers you, please tell me.”

“I’m sure it will be fine.” Emma didn’t have any family to speak of herself, but Liam was a decent enough guy – how bad could his brother be?

“It will assuredly be fine. Disparaging me to the neighbors already, brother?” Even without the accent and the same clear blue eyes, Emma would have guessed the man who appears behind Liam to be the brother in question simply by the way her neighbor instantly bristled, his jaw tight and his shoulders rising.

“I’m Emma,” she offered, leaning around Liam to get a better look at the mysterious brother in the hopes of taking the tension out of the hallway. He was leaner than the man Emma had lived next to for the last three years, but no less trim. He was also sporting several days’ worth of scruff on his chin and a smudge of what couldn’t possibly be eyeliner along his lids.

“Killian Jones,” he replied, holding out his hand with a smirk she couldn’t place despite the sudden familiarity of it.

“Nice to meet you. You’re a musician or something, right?” Emma frowned, trying to remember what Liam had told her, but all she could come up with was he lived in Los Angeles and spent a lot of time traveling with his band.

“Aye,” he replied after a pause, the single word said slowly, as if she was somehow asking a stupid question. “My band–”

“She said she’s had a long day, Killian,” Liam cut in, jabbing an elbow into his brother’s side. “Let’s let the lass enjoy her evening. You can tell her about the band some other time.”

Emma glanced between the two of them, puzzled by the strange behavior. But Liam was right – she did want to go into her apartment and put the groceries away, not stand in the hallway attempting to be friendly. It’s not like she was really a friendly person to start with, anyway. It had taken a solid year to progress beyond a muttered hello with Liam.

And really, as curious as she was about Liam’s brother – Killian – there was ice cream in one of these bags, and she really didn’t want to deal with melted, then refrozen, then melted again rocky road. After the week she’d just survived, she really wanted to curl up on her couch with the carton and call it dinner.

So Emma smiled at the brothers and told Killian it was nice to meet him. Thanking Liam once more for his help, she backed into her apartment, genuinely puzzled by the laughter that burst out of Liam and the scowl marring his brother – Killian’s – ridiculously attractive features.

(Disclaimer: The title is from a Jason Aldean song. I’m not that clever. Today at least.) 


The Sidewalks of New York
➝ A Merthur AU fanfiction.
AO3 | FF ]

Rating: M
Word Count: 161.2K

New York City, 1925. Jazz, flappers, parties, and violence. In the midst of Prohibition, crime boss Arthur Pendragon and his gang, the Knights of the Round Table, arrive from London to open a speakeasy in Chelsea. Fearing they’ll lose their hold on Manhattan’s West Side, the Black Kings send Merlin Emrys to spy on the Knights. The two gangs quickly become rivals, and there is no place for love in war.

Sneak Peek: Adorned By Hours

“Looking for something?”

She starts at his voice, and the moment she turns to face him, her eyes lock on the watch that he extends to her. She huffs out a shaky breath, and a smile spreads across her face wider than any he’s ever seen from her. He tries not to wonder why the sight of it and the knowledge that he put it there makes his stomach flip.

Two times Bellamy returns Clarke’s fathers’ watch to her, and one time he doesn’t.

Still to Be

A post crazy train Densi fic. link coming soon.

He sits quietly and in the corner while they suture her leg. She refuses any painkillers. She can’t feel it anyway.

He could use some painkillers. But he doesn’t say that. She’s not in the mood. He crosses his feet and exhales. Everything is heavy.

Deeks refrains from pulling the ring out of his pocket. When she had been in coma, he would periodically pull it out of his pocket and stare at it. He liked to feel the gold between his fingers – to know that it would sit on her own finger for the rest of her life.

He knows she did not mean no. But after all of this time, after everything he’s seen her go through, he just wants it on her finger.

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Follow Your Heart

Title: Follow Your Heart
Fandom: Once Upon A Time (TV Series)
Pairing: Emma Swan/Regina Mills | Evil Queen
Rating: G… I have not written a G fict in so long. Whoa.
Links: AO3 & FF.Net  (Coming Soon)
Warnings: None. It’s super fluffy.
Summary: Regina is taking little Robyn for a follow up.
Notes if I continue this: I’m thinking that it’s going to be flangsty. See, in my head, though its not revealed here, Regina is an ex cardio surgeon, which an accident caused her to lose her ability to perform her job. So that will be a factor.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, or whatever the hell else. They belong to Disney, ABC etc, etc, I claim no rights to copyrighted material, and this story is purely for entertainment purposes.
Masterpost: Here  (Coming Soon)

Originally posted by swanemma

“Aunt ‘Gina?” the little ginger haired girl piped up from the backseat, kicking her feet absentmindedly as she looked at her aunt in the rearview mirror.

“Yes, my sweet pea?” the girl’s aunt replied. She was dark haired woman with a light olive skin tone and dark chocolate color eyes. She smiled at the little girl that she was her whole world. And until she returned her little sweet pea to her mother, the girl was.

“Why do you always do that?” the little girl asked.

“Do what?”

“Put on the ‘fume. Mummy says it’s only for special times,” the girl explained. “And we’re just going to the doctors.”

The little girl heard a woman bark laughter through the speaker of her aunt’s phone. And she knew immediately that she was talking with her mom.

“Yes, Aunt Regina,” her mother said. “Robyn has a point. Why are you putting on perfume, Sis?”

“Zelena…” Regina warned.

“Oh!” Little Robyn piped up. “Is it cos you like Dr. Emma? Mummy says…”

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+sherlolly was molly's turn

I’m still a mess of emotions from The Lying Detective. To make myself feel better, here’s a scene I would have liked to have seen in this episode. I hope you got the feels as I did writing this. xx

Contains series 4 spoilers!


20 Minutes  ( also on )

She was coming over soon. In twenty minutes, John had said. He tried to compose himself, sniffling as he wiped the stray tears left with the cuff of his shirt. Consulting the therapist had been useful indeed. It taught him how to cope with John not talking, or if John did talk. The hug had been difficult, but no longer foreign. He knew it was time he let John know how much he valued him. So what if ‘it was what it was’? And so what if it was shit? He would be there for John. Nothing would change. 

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Captain Canary AU (Coming Soon)

Leonard Snart recently found out that his father had withheld an inheritance he’d gotten from his grandfather from his mother’s side. Leaving Central City, a place that’d been nothing but a source of pain, he set out to see what was waiting for him in the outskirts of Star City. Leonard found himself over his head when arriving at the house that’d been abandoned for years, but after meeting with the town Lawyer he realized he had more than enough ways to fix it up… He didn’t want to be a rancher like his grandfather, but he also wanted to make a mark with the Snart name that wasn’t tainted… And when he happens upon an abandoned puppy on the side of the road he gets the idea of an animal refuge… 

Sara Lance more than remembered Old Man Isa. He’d been a kind man who passed when she was still in pigtails. Imagine her surprise when on one of her rides she sees a moving van in the driveway. After investigating she has it in her head that Leonard Snart was no good for her. A city boy that would get tired of the country life and move on. But when he doesn’t move on there isn’t a moment in her day she isn’t thinking about him. When her sister mentioned him making a refuge for animals, Sara Lance is hooked… Despite her father, the Sheriff, begging her not to be. She is, after all, a free spirit who does what she wants when she wants. 

Leonard and Sara soon find themselves spending more and more times together. She helps him with his projects to get the refuge up as quickly as possible. He listened to her talk about her frustrations in life and not knowing what she wants to do with her life. Add in drinking and card games and they are closer to each other than they’ve been with anyone in a long while…

The only thing standing in their way is their stubbornness…

The Way There

Somehow this little post 8x06 turned huge. FF.NET link coming soon.

It was later than usual when he returned to the hospital. He had taken his time leaving work. Deeks didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he was a little apprehensive to go see her.

She was so angry at lunch – so frustrated, so defeated. And he didn’t blame her. Optimism was exhausting. But he felt it was his job to be optimistic. If he weren’t, then who would be? He was trying to help – he was. And he knew that she knew that too.

This was just so…hard.

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The epilogue is coming soon.

No pun intended. Well, maybe a little.

Anyway, I promised there would be a (completely unnecessary, self-indulgent, M-rated) epilogue to my last (coworker/almost one-night-stand with a dash of musician Killian AU) story Cute Little Heartbreaker, and it’s almost done and will be posted in a few days.

So for those who are interested and maybe want to catch up or refresh the previous parts (three), here are the links, and stay tuned.

Cute Little Heartbreaker 1

Cute Little Heartbreaker 2

Cute Little Heartbreaker 3

Announcing Calamity, a sequel to Calm! This will be written in a similar one shot-ish format of Calm. Only this time there’s an actual pre-planned plot. Holy smokes. Plenty of fluff and angst are in store! 


After defeating Snoke twice, Rey and Kylo Ren are ready to settle down and avoid the ever prying eyes of the Reformed Republic Senate. But a new organization rises that threatens their Jedi family and very existence. 

Coming soon to an AO3 and near you!

a tale of the faithful 

ao3 // 

fandom: narnia // words: 1,353

a/n: finished “writing experiment!” thanks to all of you for your kind words; it surprised me so much and I was so pleased to see that you liked it. 

takes place during & post-prince caspian


There is a story passed down through the generations, a story of two boys and two girls who came and freed a land with the help of a lion and who disappear, later, when everything had been shiny and bright.

They are a story.

It’s a lovely story, told by rabbits to their litters and horses to their foals. Even children are meant for mighty things, mothers tell their children as they drift away into sleep. And we must be faithful, like they were faithful, and wait.


The details are lost along the way.

There is just High King Peter and Queen Susan the Gentle and King Edmund and Queen Lucy.

Just distant names reminiscent of a golden time, of openness and freedom and joy, of war and struggle and victory. There are no faces to the names.

There never were those Kings and Queens, the Telmarines later say. They abandoned us, the angry later accuse (and there is such truth in the anger that the faithful cannot argue except in silence.) There are just names.

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