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Faction Logic in Fallout 4

Faction: Finally, we’ve infiltrated the Institute! Time to blow this shit up!

SS: But … this place is incredible. It might truly be mankind’s last hope.

Faction: This place has terrorized the Commonwealth for years! We’re blowin’ it up!

SS: But Father’s dead. The people have already surrendered. Some of them have even evacuated.

Faction: Time’s a wastin’! Gotta blow it up!

SS: But there are some pretty good people here. Not everyone is like Father. Very few of them, in fact. Maybe we can learn to put aside our differences and work together for the betterment of mankind.

Faction: I’m hookin’ up the bomb!

SS: There are animals in here, too. Plants and food substitutes. Purified water. Farms and heat lamps. There’s also a lab where scientists were studying the FEV virus. Maybe we can find a way to reverse it. Forever.

Faction: Tick-tock, tick-tock.

SS: Hmm, what this? Says on this terminal that they were working on a cure for cancer, and the results were promising. It looks like they’ve almost cracked the code on–

Faction: BLOW IT UP!!!!

Writing Problems I Noticed In My Own Writing

***Avoid using “trying to” or any other version of that as often as you can. 

Not ALWAYS, since they are necessary at times, but often. Depending on usage, it can be redundant or just become a filter word. For example:

“Turning back to the front, she closed her eyes, trying to clear her vision of the blinding light.”

This sentence is effective in delivering its message as it doesn’t really have much of a punch to pack. However, there’s a lot of gerunds (basically, words that end in -ing) in that sentence that tend to lower the quality of my writing. Now, if you love to riddle your writing with gerunds, by all means go ahead, this is just something I noticed within my own WIP that I thought was worth sharing. 

The “trying to” can then be removed from the sentence and we result in this:

“Turning back to the front, she closed her eyes to clear her vision of the blinding light.”

See? The sentence has the same meaning, but cuts to the chase. It’s not a groundbreaking tip, but a CTRL+F later and my writing looked a bit more polished. Here’s some more examples:

“Through the muted lamplight, she could see him at the entrance to the room, hand still on the door as if trying to take away the damage it had done.”

to this

“Through the muted lamplight, she could see him at the entrance to the room, hand still on the door as if to take away the damage it had done.”

and from this:

“I figured she was trying to keep out of the fire,” she said, but looked as if her mind were somewhere else.

to this

“I figured she wanted to keep out of the fire,” she said, but looked as if her mind were somewhere else.

It’s the little things. And please, don’t fret while you’re actually writing. This can be fixed when you’re in the editing process. Happy writing!

Problems with the different Fallout games

Fallout 1: Forcing the timer on you at the start of the game. It isn’t too much of a complaint, but it forces you to do things a certain way at game start for a bit unless you want an auto game over

Fallout 2: I have no problems besides maybe that Frank is arbitrarily too powerful. 10 in all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats is a bit off-putting.

Fallout 3: *deep breath* The plot holes (how can people be surviving in the Capital Wasteland if there is no clean water that animals can survive on? How do animals survive?) the morality system being beaten and bruised, the gunplay, the lack of an ending after broken steel came out, the lack of “ending” options (who’s gonna walk into the room and will you use the FEV? that’s all), the Brotherhood of Steel trying to shoulder supplying clean water to the entire wasteland, asking for nothing in return, and being surprised later that “uh hey, this isn’t really working.” Harold should’ve been more talkative too. I love the vaults tho, good shit. Super Duper Marts shouldn’t still have shit after 200 years of scavenging. Transitioning to 3d could’ve gone worse.

Fallout New Vegas: Alright, I’ll be honest, this is my favorite, but there is a problem. The Courier. Specifically their backstory. The character initially seems like a blank slate for you to project on to, but your character does have a backstory as told in Lonesome Road. While you can spend the whole DLC telling the creep that he’s got the wrong guy, he doesn’t sound like he does. Creating a background that would’ve affected starting gear or even reputations would’ve been nice, but I’m sure that Obsidian would have done something of the sort if they didn’t have those nasty time constraints they were given.

Fallout 4: A lot. I like the Children of Atom evolving. I like the way the Brotherhood has somewhat gone back to their old ways but still retaining changes from 3. I love the gunplay. I like the changes made to power armor (BESIDES FOR THE HEALTH OF IT, JFC, THIS COULDN’T SURVIVE BEING USED TO TAKE A PLAYGROUND LET ALONE ANCHORAGE). I like how some of the crafting works, and I like the changes in the functionality of Jet (not the lore fucking part). I like how there’s no good ending to far harbor, something must be lost. That’s uh… that’s it. The game was fun to play, but that’s… that’s all I like of it really, the rest I have issues with in some ways

supermutants are supposed to just be sterile, not junkless. Jet was made around the time of Fallout 2. I can accept T-60 having been developed just before the war but after Anchorage, but X-01 is right out. Fuck X-01 man. That shit was made by the Enclave, it’s clearly meant to be the Advanced Power Armor, a loading screen hints at it too. They made that shit after the war. Deathclaws should not be fought at the start of the game to try to hype them and power armor up. Also, everyone in the Commonwealth seems to have undergone power armor training. Hardly any of the settlements have any character because they’re designed to be near-blank canvases for you to use the settlement building system on. Where do all the infinite raiders come from? How are there infinite supermutants? Like seriously, how many people were kidnapped for infinite supermutants? Where did all these people live before? Not the settlements, they’re a few piles of twigs with mattresses on the floor. Not the buildings, they’re barren. Not outside the commonwealth, because the institute can’t reach that far. Are the raiders synths? Actually I think that makes the most sense. Companion affinity sucks. I can sit in a super duper mart with piper for a month and get her to max affinity by picking a lock, using a computer to reset the lock, and picking it again a couple hours waited later. After sitting in this mall for a month, she will tell me that she’s really glad I’m making a difference out here. 10/10 companion interaction guys. And my biggest problem of all THIS WASTELAND IS BARELY A WASTELAND. Like FUCK. You would think looking around that the bombs dropped a week ago, not 210 years ago. That car over there still has its finish ffs! flags outside haven’t been bleached by the sun, and trinity tower is still standing without any maintenance. The statement I made before about super duper marts is WORSE now. “but it’s only been 10 more years!” Yeah, 10 years after Moira wrote a book saying “there’s shit in the malls still guys” which you can find in the commonwealth, I mean fuck.

Best game series I’ve ever played


Can’t Pretend



Story Archive

Accompanying Music - Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell (This links to an AMV with dialogue lines. Would recommend since I think it works well….but if you’re not a fan of it, here’s the original without the dialogue. Thanks again @kirain for helping me with brainstorming and for showing me this awesome AMV ^^

Thanks also to my fiance @george-nordington for helping me review this!

I wish Bethesda allowed us to talk to our companions about what happened in the Institute and you got to really reflect on this revelation. Additionally, I thought “In Sheep’s Clothing” had the potential of being a decent companion quest for Hancock, maybe to the tier that Valentine’s Long Time Coming was. So, that’s where we’re headed now :3


Fallout 2 - warm up portraits.

Oh man, i really enjoyed this set. Not only one of my favorite games ever and forever, but also so many various face types in there, it was a real pleasure.

Added captions for those, since not all characters had their in-game portraits.

Cheers <3

PS.: I still remember all the feels i had during the talk with President Richardson. The moment when he talks about Vaults and FEV might be the exact moment i fell in love with video games. Thank You, Interplay <3

Fallout 4's missed opportunity to explain everything about vaults:

MIT’s role in the creation of vault experiments

I am here to propose an idea. Obviously, this can’t exactly be considered canon, since Fallout 4, as stated in the title, did not go in this direction with its lore, yet the game gives us the perfect opportunity to explain all the sinister stuff that has been going on in vaults all over America.

“What was it all for?” is a question anyone who has played any Fallout game must have asked themselves at some point. As I am writing this, people are posting their vault ideas for this year’s Fallout Week. But hey. What was it all for? Why did they do it? The way vaults are presented in the game, it seems like Vault-tec. just consisted of a group of psychopaths with too much free time on their hands. But. Consider this:

  • Vault-tec. is just a cover
  • vaults were part of the Enclave’s plan to create the perfect human being
  • the residents of the vaults were never meant to survive
  • the MIT formed the scientific core of the organization and continued to work on the plan after the Great War, which eventually led to the creation of synths and the goal to “redefine humanity”

Before Fallout 4 came out, I was reading up lore, trying to piece together some information. I stumbled upon an article about Vault 0 – the vault that is supposed to harbor the brightest minds and the most influential politicians of pre-war America. Vault 0 was built as a command center, it was designed to connect all the vaults together and when the right time came, it was supposed to activate the Exodus Protocol that would help to reunite the vaults. Vault 0 was run by a supercomputer. The brains of the residents were put into cryogenic stasis and linked to the supercomputer. When I read it, I thought that Bethesda took the idea from Fallout Tactics and developed it further in their own game. I mean, the parallels are a bit staggering. Cryogenic stasis, artificial intelligence, the brightest minds of the Old World – those are all details that were used to create Fallout 4’s world.

We know that the Overseers were collecting data. We also know that they were sending it… somewhere? We have never been told where this data went, we have no idea who the Overseers communicated with. The obvious answer is – with Vault-tec. But let’s be real – What is Vault-tec. even?

How was it created? Who is working for it? There are supposed to be researchers working for it, but Vault-tec. isn’t an institute, and it’s a young organization, so they must have employed researchers from well-known universities. We know that the Enclave was behind the creation of the vaults – but even they must have had a plan when they built them.

One thing about the Enclave: they were obsessed with the idea of making the perfect human being. This is why the FEV virus was created. Officially, it was the work of West Tek, but this company was a private contractor of the U.S. government that was also responsible for the creation of the power armor, as well as laser and plasma weapons. The FEV virus was supposed to turn normal humans into superhumans, who would be stronger, faster, unaffected by diseases and radiation. This, obviously, didn’t exactly turn out well, but it exemplifies the Enclave’s goals quite well.

Now, don’t you find it suspicious that the Institute’s motto is “Humanity, redefined”?

The Institute is so obsessed with creating the perfect synthetic being. They spent two centuries working on this project, pouring almost all their resources into it. WHY? Why were they so obsessed with it? They researched this with an almost religious dedication. Even after decades and centuries of failed experimenting, they were unable to give up, to change directions. No, they stubbornly held onto this idea. Why was it so important to them?

As I mentioned earlier, Vault-tec. needed researchers to build the vaults and plan the experiments. Enclave researchers worked for Vault-tec., you could say – but the Enclave was a shadow government, and not a scientific facility. They as well had to find researchers to work for them. They had plans, visions and ideas, but they needed educated people to make these ideas come to life. They most probably looked for people all over America, and given the state of people’s minds at the end of the Old World, there were probably more than enough who were more than happy to create vault experiments like the ones we see in the games.

Now, where do we have a lot of bright scientists? The MIT.

The Institute wanted to recreate a human being. To do that, you need a good idea of how humans work – both body and mind. And this is what explains the social and biological experiments in the vaults. This explains the need for data collection. The vault experiments put human subject in extreme situations to strain the body and the mind, so that the researchers could a) learn how exactly humans work and b) advance the artificial humans.

The residents of the vaults were never meant to survive. The researchers just wanted to see how far the human body and mind can be pushed.

The collected data were likely used in the research on the synthetic humans.

This is why the vaults are the way they are.

We also have to consider how exactly the whole system worked. We have the Enclave, West Tek, Vault-tec. and the MIT, as well researchers from other institutes (most probably). ALL of them are part of this. The Enclave is behind everything, but the one who we constantly think and talk about when we discuss vaults is Vault-tec. Because Vault-tec. is just a cover, a farce, an empty name – something that has been created to hide the truth behind layers and layers of lies. Researchers from the MIT are the actual Vault-tec. but this cannot be known, and their plans must be hidden from the public – hence, this fake organization and its mascot. Researchers from the MIT, again, are working for the Enclave, who is working with West Tek. This cannot be known either. In fact, the most important thing is probably to hide the involvement of the Enclave and of West Tek. West Tek is such a shady organization, I think I may even lack the ability to describe just how shady I find it. West Tek played a huge role in creating the Fallout universe as we know it, and yet we know virtually nothing about them. NOTHING. They worked on the FEV virus, called themselves “private contractors” even though they are most obviously just part of the shadow government, doing whatever the Enclave deems right. They were there every step of the way while the world got closer and closer to total nuclear annihilation. And yet they remained unseen. What do we see instead? The flashy, funny, noisy Vault-tec.

It is a complex system where one thing covers the other thing, and where this other thing is, again, covered by something else.

It’s best described by this image.

The Enclave is the one pulling the strings, controlling the situation. It must be protected from the public backlash, if someone ever found out what they were planning. The stick of the umbrella is West Tek. Having some fabric over your head is nice but without something holding it it’s useless. MIT and other researchers are part of the core that holds the umbrella, and they also need protection from the storm, which is also why they are under the umbrella. Finally, Vault-tec. is what draws the attention towards itself and away from the other players.

The Institute, were Bethesda to write it with this in mind, should be an analogue of Fallout Tactics’ Vault 0. It makes sense to assume that the MIT was turned into a Vault after the bombs dropped, or that they prepared for the nuclear war and built a vault (they were doing it all over America, for heaven’s sake) for themselves – and for all the other people mentioned above. For the Enclave politicians. For the West Tek researchers. For everyone who participated in this grand plan.

Think about it. First of all, the Institute, as is, already resembles a typical vault in many aspects. They have a Director (instead of an Overseer), a dress code, food supplements, no democracy whatsoever, you cannot choose whatever job you like, you cannot leave, you have to be obedient… the list goes on. Additionally, this theory finally explains why the Institute has FEV samples. If the MIT was working with the Enclave and West Tek, who created the FEV strain, it makes absolute sense for them to have it.

If all these people ended up living in one vault, it also explains why the Institute was so obsessed with one single idea for several centuries.

It also makes sence to establish such a base in close proximity to the capital, as opposed to the original Vault 0 that is located in Colorado. Washingto D.C. wasn’t a good place to stay in in case of a nuclear war, since it’s a capital, but you can evacuate relatively fast to Boston if you have vertibirds.

Take it as you will. For me, this is the biggest missed opportunity of the whole Fallout franchize. Fallout 4 had the chance to explain everything. And it didn’t.

Still, I believe that the things I talked about - the scheme - are true. It’s just that we will never see it implemented in a game.

@red-king-4 here is your answer!

Also, this post is accompanying this art I have made for the Fallout Week!

Cats were apparently extinct in the Fallout universe (despite some supposedly being used to create Centaur mutants when exposed to the FEV), until Fallout 4 included cats. There are cats living in some settlements, a cat that came from a vault, and actually dead cats found in the Institute.

So one of a few things might be true:

  1. Cats survived in New England, but not in former Washington DC, the Mojave Desert, or anywhere near the Californian west coast. (Though somehow, a cat is found on the Pyrdwen. An exotic pet, by Brotherhood of Steel standards?)
  2. A secret cat vault was opened somewhere in New England, releasing domestic cats into the wasteland.
  3. Test subject cats somehow managed to escape the Institute.
  4. All cats in the Commonwealth are synth cats specifically populated by the Institute.
It’s just a fever

Thanks @am-i-talented-yet for the prompt!

 At first John hadn’t minded his boyfriend insisting to look after him until he recovered from his fever.  At first he liked the way Alex had plopped him in front of the TV, running around non-stop to bring John food and whatever else he needed while taking his temperature every hour.  At first John couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky he was to have someone like Alexander Hamilton in his life.

At first.

 However, 2 days later was a different story.

“No, Alex, you don’t need to take my temperature again,” John growled as he stood up from the couch, heading towards the kitchen.

“Y-yes I do–wait, where are you going?”

“The kitchen to make myself some dinner,” John snapped as Alex trailed him into the kitchen.

“I don’t think so.  You need to be resting; you have a fever,” Alex ordered, planting himself between John and the fridge, not very intimidating coming from a 5′ 7″ boy wearing the same gray sweatshirt he always did.

John rolled his eyes as he turned away from the smaller boy.  “That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 2 days.  I’m–”

“And that’s what you should be doing now,” Alex interrupted.  “Please, just let me take care of everything for you.  P-please, John I can’t–”

“You need to stop.  It’s a fever!  How many people do you know that have died from a little fev–oh…” 

That’s when John turned back to his boyfriend–noticing Alex’s eyes clenched shut, his breathing coming  faster than normal as his wrapped around his stomach.  

“Hey,” John whispered as he pulled Alex into a hug, stroking Alex’s hair as he let the smaller boy cry into his shoulder.  “I’m not dying and I’m not going anywhere.  I promise.”

Excerpt from my WIP

Hey all, it’s Fev (½ of blackgirlmagicwrites). I noticed that a lot of you always share excerpts and we haven’t really been sharing on this blog as much as I’d like so here’s a bit from The Saviors Series Book #1:

Nash didn’t want to tell her, but after how honest she’d been with him, he felt he owed her a piece of himself. His entire face burned now. “Ryan’s been giving me his paycheck.”

Melanie’s eyebrows knit together. “To help him train? Is he that bad?”

“No. He would have given it to me anyway. He said ACES money doesn’t mean anything to him and I’m better off with it. I just offered to train him in exchange.”

She sat back, her mouth open. “That’s so rude.”

“It’s rude?”

“Yes! The fact that he’d assume that you would need his paycheck to survive. Is he that self-absorbed?” she said. “Does he just assume if people aren’t part of his family’s company that they’re just poor?”

Nash squinted at her. He’d picked up the habit as a kid since he didn’t want to burden his parents with the cost of getting him glasses. Even now that he had perfect vision, he found he couldn’t stop. “Melanie,” he said. “The money does help me.”

“I know that, of course, the money would help anyone. I’m saying that it isn’t right of him to assume money is everything. It’s not.”

He clenched his teeth. “You can say that. You can say money isn’t everything, because you have that privilege.”

“Oh no, that’s not— you’re not getting it.”

“No. You’re not getting it.” Nash tried to keep his voice level. “My mom has arthritis. She worked overtime to make sure there was always hot water for morning showers. Mandy came home complaining that the kids at school were making fun of her for having the same backpack since she was three. My dad’s shop is closing in a month because a higher-end place opened down the street and he’s been looking for a new place to work since June. They had to cut the cable and Wi-Fi after the Cycle started because I wasn’t at home to help pay the bills.” He bit his lip. “They were going to move out of L.A.”

Melanie was rigid. Her eyes glistened. She didn’t say anything.

“Ryan gave me his paycheck and my mom went back to working full-time. Mandy has a new backpack and watches Disney Channel. My dad got a better car so now he has an easier time going job hunting,” he said. “I’m not home, but sending them that check helps me sleep better at night. So, yeah, money isn’t everything, but it sure keeps the damn lights on.”

thank you for your kind messages! i will now answer the questions i’ve received the most; don’t hesitate to ask some more! 

what is the game about?

roza kopriva is a RPGmakerXP game about a little diabetic child named scarlette living on top of an isolated building, in the middle of the sea. one day, she runs out of medecine and prays for a miracle… 

i’ve decided to make the storyline pretty short, since the game is more about exploration! there are several hidden sidequests, and the story can depend on the choices you make!

when will it be released? 

i have no idea for the moment; i only work on it whenever i have free time and motivation, and that game is pretty much a test/experience for future games i wanna make!!

will the game have many endings? 

not MANY, but yeah, depending on the stance you take, the ending will be different!

will there be a demo?

ill try to release one as soon as i can! i dont make the game “in order”, so i still have a fev things to fix before releasing a demo haha

are you working with other people, or are you making the game alone?

i do it alone! however, i sometimes ask help for inspiration and tips from friends (crouton, dogmotif, valmont, simkro, a2na, 123lunatic, mutuals…) and the OST will be made by standusk, simkro and laryssa!

will the game have dark/scary moments? 

i don’t wanna do a game that is all cute and pink and frilly, but i don’t wanna make a scary and heinous game either; but some scenes will be darker for sure hehe

what languages will the game be available in? 

in english and french, and maybe afterwards serbian and spanish!

since it’s a RPG-style game, will there be random encounters for ennemies ? 

not random ones! ennemies will already be on the map– so, its not pokémon-esque but more like the mother series for example!

how many characters will there be?

here are some of them :3c

if more questions are asked, i will update this post! thank you!