and felt like making something in photoshop


“Even in the midst of the midday forest sun, his eyes were as black as a starless night”

“With her long hair fluttering as she dashed, Asuna was like a shooting star that had suddenly appeared at the bottoms of darkness.”

Sword Art Online Progressive 01: Aria on a Starless Night

Not Too Bad

Anonymous requested: omg babe could u do a one shot about secretly dating natasha n then u guys are in a bit of a heated moment ;) and get caught by the rest/someone from the team?? ur a gem❤️

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader (ft. Vision and Tony)
Word count: 1.8k+
Warnings: Implied/almost smut
A/N: Okay so this is my first time writing smutty-ish things so I apologize if this sucks?? 

Tags: @heathrmxnamara @thebreakerofchains @fortheloveofbenyandtom

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it makes me really sad that ppl keep recycling the version of the “no fear/one fear” meme where someone photoshopped out the artists name and put “one big meme” ,, like maybe im missing something like the artist doesnt want to be credited(?) or the artist did it themself ??? but it really bothers me that if it was someone else that thye felt the need to do that


i’m kinda over getting told to
throw my hands up in the air,

so there.

Messing with fursona ideas (I know this is nothing like the sketches I was making before but considering making that a species or … something), anyways I’ve always felt a kind of ‘connection’ when looking at bovid kinds of anthro animals and given my occult interests I had to go with goat. Kind of. Threw in a bit of Jacob Sheep for the horns, cause four horns is better than two no? Markings might change in the near future but honestly I can’t come up with anything better at this point lol. Will probably end up rolling out a bunch of clothing sketches later.

Media: Photoshop CC, Wacom Cintiq 21UX

Semi-realistic Emil, whoo!

I’ve had a couple of random Photoshop brush sets sitting in a folder for probably years, and today i finally took the time to test them out and check if I actually like any. There was like a thousand different brushes to go through! Who even uses that many? Why is there a brush that makes clown silhouettes!? So i spent a few hours basically just testing and deleting almost everything and kept the ones I liked (traditional paint-mimicking stuff), which was like… four. 

Anyway, finally found a few brushes that felt right for me and I enjoyed doing something really painterly like this again.   


So I have looked into the animation bible to see how I could make Sam run, and I felt this amazing emotion you get after your first steps in animation, it was just like if he was alive! Then I knew something had to be done with Sam.

For the painting I used my favorite brush on photoshop, and probably because it’s a run, it seemed to work.

Du coup j’ai regardé dans la bible de l’animation pour savoir comment faire courir Sam, et j’ai ressenti cette incroyable émotion que l’on a lorsque l’on fait ses premiers pas dans l’animation, c’était comme s’il était vivant! Après ça c’était sûr qu’il fallait faire quelque chose avec Sam.

Pour la colo j’ai utilisé ma brush favorite sur photoshop, et c’est sans doute parce que c’est une course, mais ça avait l’air de bien fonctionner.

insomniarama  asked:

another 6, 17, 19

6. A graphic you’re proud of

This one. I just felt like the fancast fit plus it’s one of the rare sets I’ve made that doesn’t have an ugly gif in it (there’s almost always one gif I hate)

17. Name something you’d like to improve on/learn

I want to learn how to make the manips

19. Favourite resource blog

@stormbornvalkyrie has excellent resources on her blog and that has helped me a lot. Also the photoshop resource blogs at the bottom of my blog recs page

ask the graphic maker

Week 6 Studio Tutorial

This week i had quite some difficulty with using photoshop, i found the instructions quite vague, this could be due to the outdated version used in the instructions. I also have not used photoshop like this before so i found it quite overwhelming, not as intuitive as it could have been and thus frustrating. Even the tutorials online were on PC and different layouts. By the end of the exercise i found it relatively easy to get around. 

What i did like about the program is its flexibility once knowing how to use it, the abilities of this program seem endless. I also had trouble with getting the chrome and shiny surface, its still not perfect but much better than previous attempts. Next time i would probably attempt to do something much simpler that gains a good understanding of the tools and the program before attempting the task again. 

Most importantly what i felt like i learned was a crash course on photoshop layering and masking, the shading and edging was interesting, different ways to make edges “pop” and more defined rather than adding a thicker line. 

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm curious, how does it work to make an animation? (tapioca is super cute!)

hi~ thank you so much for liking tapioca!

this is what i did:

came up with the tapioca character (what she’s like and how she loves being a kid with her friends. kind of a late bloomer and is unaware of social cues/not great at fitting in.)

wrote down the synopsis and plot

beat boards

i watched some of my fave shows and movies for inspiration on shots and cutting!

storyboards –> show friends and role models for feedback –> revise –> repeat x 20

i started roughing in all my backgrounds (photoshop) , then planned animation (toonboom).

i studied anime backgrounds, looked at nice photos of streets and buildings, and looked at good animation to get a feel for timing

finished backgrounds + finished animation

then bring it over to after effects~ then i put it together in premiere pro with music and exported it!

it was super super painful but also felt so good and was fun. i think i cried like 5 or 6 times but laughed a lot more. i hope i can make something again soon.

Incorporating Manga Studio

So one of the purposes of this 8 page short comic that’s in progress is to test out approaches to production that differ from the way we’ve previously worked.

For our original comic, I did the rough sketch on paper, then used a light box to do final lines on a fresh sheet of paper. I used a .3 mechanical pencil for this. Here’s a photo of me working on one of the original pages on the lightbox.

Then i’d scan this, and color the characters in photoshop using a mouse. I remember Fable always nagging me about switching to a wacom tablet, but I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to making big changes to the way I’ve always done something. Comfort zone and all that.

Eventually when I got a job as a production artist, creating game assets using vector, and 3d software, for my health and sanity I had to learn to use wacom tablets. But I never did adapt to sketching on one. It never felt right.

So this year I purchased a 22" Cintiq. Aside from photoshop, probably the best investment I’ve ever made for myself as a digital artist. I just love it. It’s just like drawing on paper. Here’s a photo of it:

All our new comic work will be drawn digitally using the cintiq. But I’ve been struggling to simulate in photoshop those super thin lines that I’m able to achieve with mechanical pencil. While most of the reason I like the lines that way is for style/aesthetic, a nice perk is that super thin lines dont necessarily need to be colored to maintain the “animated movie” look, which saves a lot of work.

I’d heard a lot about how superior lining in paint tool SAI was to photoshop. I picked up SAI, opened it, and was pretty quickly discouraged by the interface.

Then Erin and a friend of a friend named Pegasus started talking about this program called Manga Studio, and how it lines as well as SAI but with a UI is very professional and akin to Photoshop. 

Manga studio has a “mechanical pencil” brush which does a real great job of simulating the real thing. Pair this with fantastic stabilization control  and a UI that feels nearly identical to photoshop and well, let’s just say I’m sold.

Below are samples of a character (Swiftkill) lined in Manga Studio.

I haven’t yet decided If I’m going to stop there and then import the rest into photoshop for coloring and exporting. As an experiment, I’m going to be moving forward with coloring the rest of this page in Manga studio. I only have the flats on one character done now, but so far this part proceeded exactly as it would have in photoshop - no apparent advantages to doing it in this program. 

I already paneled and bubbled the 8 pages in photoshop prior to getting Manga Studio, which was a real pain as always, even with photoshops new “fit text to speech bubble shape” feature. So I’m looking forward to trying out what manga Studio has to offer in these areas, as I imagine they could offer significant improvements over photoshop.

Well I’d better get back to it then, thanks for reading :)

Everyone’s already reading this story (and if you’re not you should) but I felt like making something.

Look at it from a distance and it doesn’t look so bad. I should probably link to the story. That’d be a good idea…

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