and fell in with the wrong crowd

Winged Ones [closed, recklessbloodmage]


Alex sat on the edge of a building’s roof, swinging his legs as he watched the people walk around below. His wings fluttered behind him as he leaned forward, ready to catch himself if he fell.

After all, it was something he did quite a lot.

He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as something with a distinct feeling of wrong passed by below him. He tensed, narrowing his eyes and scanning the crowd for anything suspicious. Or maybe it was above him? He never had a good sense for these things. 

He glanced around, gaze turning more worried. He hadn’t been on Earth for very long, who knew what was on the surface.

It just occurred to me that Baatar Jr. is patterning after his mother.

Child of highly successful parent who grew up in an environment where they were encouraged to pursue their own interests. Initially felt pressured to live up to parental legacy and follow in their footsteps, but ended up rebelling in the opposite direction. Eventually fell in with the wrong crowd and betrayed their family through that affiliation, harming the well-being of the entire family and leaving them estranged.  

The one difference is that Su was generally aligned with lawlessness and wandering adrift, while Baatar is just the opposite – authority and the establishment of order. 

“I really relate to Scamp from Lady and the Tramp 2 because he wants to be free and independent, but he doesn’t really know how to function on his own (at least not as well as he believes). I also have a girlfriend who is pretty much Angel. She doesn’t have a family, and was in with the wrong crowd that tried to take advantage of her before we fell in love and she came to live with us. I wanna watch the movie with her, but I’m worried that Angel’s story will be triggering for her.”

It Only Takes One Time (Part 17)

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Warnings: Swearing

Part 16

I got to leave the hospital early the next morning. For some reason, everybody decided to come and welcome Liam to Dan and Phil’s apartment. By everyone I meant mine and Dan’s families along with Phil in Catherine.

 Don’t get me wrong, I loved everyone and I was thrilled that they wanted to spend time with Liam but I wasn’t in the mood for a big crowd. I just needed a bed and my baby. I didn’t want to make a scene about how tired I was, but I made it obvious when I fell asleep on the car ride back.

“You okay walking up the stairs?” Dan asked, chewing his bottom lip for a second. I sighed as I remembered the many flights of stairs then felt tears fill my eyes as I was still in pain just sitting down.

 “We’ll help you, its okay.” Phil smiled from across us in the cab. I grinned back as I slowly exited the taxi and planted my feet firmly on the ground. I felt a bit off for a second but there wasn’t much I could do.

“I could carry you,” Dan offered. “My mum has Liam so come here.” I wasn’t in much condition to reject seeing that I could barely keep my eyes open. I simply shrugged and wrapped my arms around him. I didn’t care that everyone was just watching to see what happened next. Dan carefully picked me up and brought me up the first flight of stairs.

“You alright?” He mumbled. I lazily nodded and he started going up again.

Once we were upstairs, Dan dropped me off in his room and laid me on the bed.

“Want me to bring Liam in or do you just want to sleep?” He asked, putting the blanket over my body.

“Does it make me horrible to just want to sleep? I’m really tired, Dan.” I groaned and hugged the blanket against me. It smelled like him and that brought comfort swimming all through my veins and all around my body. Dan let out a cute little chuckle.

“Of course not. I’ll bring him in when you’re awake. Meanwhile, I’m going to go into the living room with anyone. Shout if you need anything, alright?”

“Hmm…” I mumbled, already half asleep. He patted my shoulder then left.

I woke up in the next couple of hours and took a moment before making it known. This was the first time I’d been in Dan’s room alone for more than a minute of a time, and now that I had some energy I was taking it all in.

I found myself smiling as I pictured him walking in here after going out with friends, or just coming in after a night in the living room with his laptop. He’d complete his night with simply taking off his clothes, climbing into bed and scrolling on his phone and passing out.

I don’t know what made being in here so special. Maybe it was because Dan demanded I take the room, or maybe it was because I felt close to him the longer I stayed in here. This room represented who he was. The piano pointed out the musical aspect of his life, and all of the posters and little figures and books represented the interests he had that he wouldn’t talk about in person unless he was asked, or with Phil.

Every part of his room made me fall in love with him a little bit more, because he was just a normal person. He had a big heart and he was geeky, smart, and he was incredibly understanding. I was so lucky to just know him and he was luckily the father of my newborn son. It brought me peace knowing that Liam would inherit some of these traits because, honestly? Dan was the best person I knew.

I got up and changed into one of the baggy shirts along with a pair of Dan’s sweatpants. They were big because he obviously is not a woman, but they were comfortable and that’s all that mattered.

I walked out and into the living room where Dan and Phil sat with their computers on their laps. Next to the couch was a crib where Liam laid asleep.

“Y/N, hi!” Dan whisper-shouted. He closed his laptop and walked up to me. “You should’ve called me; I would’ve helped you out.”

“Dan, it’s okay.” I chuckled. “I think I’ll be good walking around the apartment a little bit. I just hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your pants.”

“You can wear anything,” he smiled, showing off his dimples. “By the way, this crib was a gift from your parents. The other one is upstairs, but I might keep this one in my room just so it’s more accessible for the first while.” I nodded and sat over by Phil, who gave me a nod and continued scrolling. He seemed irritable but I couldn’t guess as to why.

“What’s wrong?” I frowned and hugged a pillow. Phil sighed and waited a moment before answering.

“I really don’t want to get involved or start anything but since I live here fulltime and Dan is going to hesitate telling you, Marie stopped by when everyone was still here.” Phil said in a low voice. Just the sound of her name made my blood boil and I honestly felt super uncomfortable thinking about her standing foot near my son whilst I slept. “Well, Marie and her brother.” Now, my stomach felt awful and it was like I was about to experience morning sickness all over again. Her pervert brother was disgusting and I definitely didn’t want to see him around at all.

“Jesus, Phil,” Dan groaned and pushed back his hair in frustration. “Y/N, Marie nor Jacob held Liam. Catherine had him the whole time.” Just that one sentence made me feel blessed. I knew that if it had been anyone else Catherine wouldn’t have been so hostile but she knew I hated Marie.

 “Dan, I really don’t see the need for her even coming around here while Y/N is here. They clearly don’t like each other and Y/N is the mother of your son. I think boundaries are needed right now.” Phil shut his laptop and unplugged the charger. Dan looked beet red but stayed silent. I’m sure he was probably just trying to make a sentence up in his head.

“Its okay, Phil. It’s probably going to happen at some point, I guess.” I stood up and started hearing whimpers coming from the crib. I carefully reached down and scooped up my son. “And you know what, I’m not ready for the step-mother to be holding Liam just yet, but when I’m around it’ll happen at some point. To be able to raise a child of my own, I guess I have to grow up, too, right?” I weakly smiled at the two boys before going back to the room with Liam.

It took so much not to choke on my words but I couldn’t say anything else. Marie was going to be Dan’s wife and as much as I hated her, I had to try.

Trying was the only thing I could do. There was no other solution. If it meant a better quality for Liam, so be it.


Days passed and I was finally starting to feel a little more normal. My body didn’t ache as much and Liam was already growing.

Marie had visited a few times. Either she came when Liam was napping or stopped by while he was in the middle of eating, so she still hadn’t had a chance to even ask if she could hold him (thanks, boobs!)

 It had been smooth sailing for the first few days other than the late night cries and poopy diapers. I was doing alright at keeping a semi-clear head for the beginning of motherhood.

One fateful day, however, I’d just put Liam up for his nap in his nursery for the first time and I decided to go make a snack. But once I got to the kitchen, it was a mistake.

“Dan! You’re marrying me, not her.” It was Marie. I guess she’d been over again and now, she and Dan were fighting. I felt awkward standing there and listening, but I couldn’t resist. It was just too juicy and the last time I heard them fight was when Marie found out I was pregnant.

“Be quiet. Y/N is putting Liam to sleep.” Dan hushed her. His voice was a lot softer and calmer than hers.

 “Can you forget about your son for one moment? We have to plan a wedding, Dan. I’m sorry if our relationship isn’t that important to you anymore but I would really like for you to answer my question. Do you or do you not want to leave me for… Her?” There was a long silence, and I mean a long silence. I covered my mouth and tried not to breathe too loud. All the blood was just rushing to my head. Please say yes, Dan. Please.

“Marie, I’m going to go and check on Liam. We’ll talk about this later, okay?” I heard the shuffling of Dan’s feet and did a little jog to the bottom of the stairs, making it look like I hadn’t just heard them talking.

“Hey, Dan…” I whispered since Liam was just put to bed. He instantly smiled and did a little wave.

“I’m going to go sit with him for a second upstairs but I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me tomorrow? Phil and Catherine said that they could both babysit and I think you and I just need to talk about some stuff,” he raised his arm and did that attractive thing he does where he just rubs the back of his neck. Ugh. I could look at him for days.

“Sounds good.” I nodded. “I’m just going to get something to eat and watch some TV.” Dan started walking up the stairs.

“Marie is over, by the way.” Dan stated before entering the room.

I was a little nervous to walk into the kitchen. Marie was emotional, and I wasn’t sure how she’d react to seeing me. The worst that could happen was that she’d stab me or something.

There were many awful scenarios going on in my head, but nothing could compare to what I walked into. Marie had her back turned to me and she leaned over the sink and sniffled. She was crying…?

“Marie.” I managed out as I walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Oh no, not you.” She choked on her words and ran her fingers through her hair. “I need to go home. Tell Dan, or not. It’s not like he’d care either way.”

“Marie, don’t say that…” I shook my head. She turned around to look at me and I actually felt bad for her… Marie was a stunning woman. I never doubted for a second why Dan was so attracted to her, but seeing her like this was just so… Sad. Her makeup was running down her face and her eyes were puffy. She was legitimately suffering over Dan. “He probably wants to say goodbye to you when you leave.”

“Y/N, I know you can be kind of ditsy, but you’re not 100% an idiot. You obviously know that he prefers you over me. Jesus, he can’t even hold a conversation with me without mentioning you.” Marie grabbed a tissue out of her bag and blew her nose. I frowned and put my hand on my hip.

“Well he’s marrying you, so I’m sure he loves you.” Marie just laughed.

“Only because I asked him and he probably felt too bad to say no.” She wiped her eyes which was no good since she started sobbing again. “P-please don’t take him from me… I know he doesn’t look at me the way he looks at you but he makes me so happy and you probably don’t believe me but I do love him. You and him will always have each other because you have a baby and your families will probably get super close and stuff. I only have him and my brother, and my brother really sucks.” My heart actually broke and I felt myself feeling bad for Marie… There was not so much about her I didn’t know, nor did I want to but something inside of me could understand what she was feeling.

Sure, I may have never dated Dan but he would always be around me, one way or another. If Marie could say the same then maybe she wouldn’t be such a brat.

I brought Marie into a hug and sighed as I carefully patted her back. She hugged back and cried on to my shoulder.

“You’re really pretty and stuff… Okay..?” I didn’t know what else to tell her. She already knew the few nice things anyone could say to her. What I said next, I knew would be for the better. Maybe it wouldn’t be great right now, but surely in the future. “I won’t take him… Not like I could anyways. I promise he loves you and that you’ll have that wedding.”

And now, the only thing I could try and do was make sure that stayed true. Well that, and now act like I wasn’t in love with Dan Howell.

When Mina had been found, she’d been 16 years old with no memory of her life previous. No identification had been found on her. She’d only been found with a letter on her in beautiful cursive. It was addressed to “Mina’, so that was the name they settled on. 

She’d lived on the streets. At first she fell in with wrong crowds who taught her to steal to survive. At 19, that landed her in prison to serve 15 months when she stole something valuable. 

It wasn’t so bad, she had a bed, she had food, it was better than what she used to have. 

One day, five months until her release, she plopped her tray down and sat in front of a girl she didn’t recognize, “You’re new.” 

There’s been something that’s been on my mind lately and I have to let it out, I hate it when people write McCree out to be stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of him being goofy, earnest, and maybe a bit oblivious. But there’s no way in hell that he’s stupid.

Let’s recap: Jesse joined Blackwatch at 17 and before that he was a prominent member in a notorious gang. He was a kid that fell into the wrong crowd either by choice or by circumstance but do you honestly think a kid could actually survive a gang, let alone rise in rank on sheer luck and good aim? Regular street gangs are violent, but the Deadlock Gang members were weapon traffickers. They’re violent and organized. They would’ve sold Jesse to the highest bidder or sacrificed him without second thought if he was just some lucky punk.

Add that to the fact that he not only joined Blackwatch, he flourished in it. Blackwatch is covert ops, sure it’s probably into torture and all that but covert operations are specifically designed to work in a way that gives plausible deniability at the very least. These operations are meant to stay in the shadows, planned down to the smallest detail to ensure that the mission is both a success and hidden from the public eye. That means Jesse would’ve had to know how to infiltrate, think on his feet while keeping to the plan, diffuse/activate bombs, understand the ins and outs of the latest technology, have a detailed idea of human anatomy, be able to read body language like a hawk, etc.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

I love the idea of McCree having a sense of humor and doing what he could to make people smile, I like the thought of him being sweet and courteous with a large helping of southern charm. But I also want to see people explore his other traits. Have him help Hana set up an untraceable signal so she could stream fights without giving their location, let him show Junkrat an alternate way to wire bombs so the junker doesn’t endanger the team, allow him to help Mercy with the wounded so she doesn’t tax herself.

Let him be more than some bumbling oaf that so happens to have a gun and a good eye. This is the guy who probably bought Girl Scout cookies not ten minutes after stopping a terrorist attack, or who cooed at a puppy before going to kill some crime boss with nothing but a crazy straw. McCree is a sweet man that regrets a lot of his past, but he’s also probably one of the most dangerous members of Overwatch.

There’s no way in hell that he’s just some stupid cowboy.

Grimes Looks Back at Releasing Her Acclaimed 2015 Album ‘Art Angels’: 'I Had This Feeling It Might All Blow Up in My Face’

I was accused of being a Satanist a few times this year. I spent May through June opening for Lana Del Rey and 70 percent of the crowd probably hadn’t heard of Grimes. When you’re performing a really aggressive set in broad daylight for a crowd of sober 13-year-olds and people wearing flower crowns, it’s like a test. I wanted to win everyone over, but there were times when I just thought: “Shit. Sorry, guys.”

But it was touring with Lana that I think I finally got good at playing live. I never walk onto the stage and worry that something might go really wrong now. Although I did get seriously hurt when we did a show in Toronto. My brothers and a whole group of friends came onstage during my set, and I fell down at one point. I was having so much fun that I didn’t notice I had twisted my ankle and torn my ACL. We all drank beer and watched Lana’s show, and I danced on the injury for the entire time. It was the best day ever – and then in the middle of the night I woke up and had to go to the hospital.

The toughest part of the year overall was finishing Art Angels. It’s hard to make your hobby your job. It had been two-and-a-half years since I’d put out something new, and I had been casually making songs that obviously sound very, very different. The whole time I had this feeling like it might all blow up in my face and people might hate it. I worried that what I was going to put out into the world might be the worst decision ever.

When a notion like that looms in your head for such a long time, it becomes a huge source of stress. I just needed to get it out so I could not have that feeling anymore. Then, at least, you know the outcome. The not knowing is worse.

But I also think that experience might be the most difficult thing I will ever have to go through on a creative level. Because I now know people accept change. In a way, the future becomes less daunting.

For now though, I just really want to focus on doing more music videos and being more ambitious with them. Learning how to ride a horse would be pretty sick, too. And if I get the chance, I want to go to Mongolia. I’m really into Genghis Khan right now.

TEXT by Brooke Mazurek for

BTS Teacher!Au- Suga (part 2)

Part 1:

“I’m yours.” You words echoed in Yoongi’s mind. Lyrics and melodies flowed easily now that he had you. He had finally found a reason to write, a reason to make music again.

Yoongi had started his career as a song writer a very long time ago, but he had met the wrong crowds, and done the wrong things, and his addictions and his attitude had cost him his career and success. He fell deep into a ditch as he realized his music would never be heard, his songs would never be known. He loved music, it was his everything, but even music had turned her back on him.

He had fallen into a depression he was still taking pills for, and every time he had tried to write a new song, to try to pull himself up from the ditch he had fallen into, he would just yell in frustration and break yet another belonging of his, because it never sounded right. It lacked something, it lacked honesty, feeling, emotion and passion. It lacked everything music meant to him.

But then you came into his life, and the world seemed to shake underneath him. He got offered the job at the local school thanks to one of his friends, who worked there, recommending him as a teacher to the principal. He didn’t want to teach stupid teenagers about music, when he himself had lost faith in music anymore, but he accepted begrudgingly, because he needed the money, and because his therapist had suggested it as a good way of pushing his life forward into doing what he once loved with every fiber of his being, once again.

And then he saw you, as you walked into his classroom with your hair slightly messed up by the wind, and your cheeks rosy and your lips slightly parted, as you stared at him in surprise, clearly not expecting to see him there. And he knew it, the moment he saw you, his heart no longer belonged to himself. He could heart the rhythm of its beats change, and suddenly he had the base to a melody.

He looked forward to waking up every morning, just to see you around. He enjoyed teaching, just to watch you smile at everything he said, to hear your voice, and he was fascinated by just how talented you were. It was like a fairytale story to him, like it was meant to be. Except that he was your teacher, and you his student, and any relationship between the two of you was strictly forbidden.

He hoped, maybe, at the end of the school year, when you graduated, he could possibly invite you out for coffee or something, in a friendly way, and maybe get to know you personally, and try to form a relationship like that. But he didn’t need a coffee date to feel like he knew you, the songs you played, the lyrics you sang, spoke so much louder than any words you could have said to him. He knew you, he knew the truth hidden in your heart.

And so words flowed out of his mind, and through his hands, into lyrics and melodies he composed thinking about you, until one day he had created the perfect song, that spoke of all his feelings towards you. How lucky could he be, when you came into the classroom one afternoon asking him for help for a contest you were planning on entering, and he had the perfect song to gift you with. Life finally seemed to shine for him.

“Mr. Min?” You asked him, knocking on the door to his classroom after the bell had rung signaling the end of yet another school day. He looked up from his laptop and smiled at you.

“Nobody’s here, you can call me Yoongi.” He spoke, gifting you with his precious gummy smile. You smiled right back at him, entering the room and closing the door tightly behind you.

“I missed you today.” You pouted as you told him this. His heart fluttered at the words. He set his laptop aside, and stood up, crossing the distance between your bodies in a couple of long strides, before wrapping his arms tightly around you.

“I missed you more… You have no idea how painful it is to not be able to kiss you whenever I see you…” He whispered against your hair, his arms tightening around you.

“Yoongi… will I ever see you after school?” You asked him tentatively, too scared that you had said the wrong thing and maybe he would push you away. He sighed.

“It’s dangerous to meet up around town right now Y/N… You know that. If anyone sees us together they would probably bring it back to school, and I would get fired, probably sued, and you would get called terrible names by your school mates, and I can’t allow that.” He replied through gritted teeth. He had been dying to take you out on a normal date, to do normal things couples did, he was even willing to wear stupid couple’s clothing, or use matching phone cases and all of those cheesy things, just to make you smile at him again.

“I guess you are right… We only have a couple of months left I guess… But those months will be the longest months in my life.” You whined slightly, burying your face in his chest.

“I know… It sucks. But at least we have the private tutoring after school hours, which is something… Do your parents not get concerned about the amount of time you spend with your music teacher?” he asked, genuinely curious about your parents’ thoughts on this matter. If he was going to date you seriously, he didn’t want to cross your parents.

“They honestly don’t care. They aren’t bothered about much. They just want me to finish high school and leave. I could join a circus and I am pretty much sure they wouldn’t care.” You replied lowly, your eyes starting to tear up. You had never fully felt appreciated by your parents, and they had always had a policy of not mingling in your matters. Either they couldn’t care less or they honestly trusted you enough to know you would make whatever choices were right in your life.

“Oh come on Y/N, I’m sure they would care if you joined a circus, or told them you were dating your teacher.” Suga comforted you, holding you close and poking your cheek. You smiled, turning your head before biting the tip of his finger.

“Maybe, but that doesn’t really matter. They don’t question what I do. I just miss you Yoongi… So much… Is there nothing we can do? I just want to be able to cuddle with you for a while without worrying if someone is listening behind the doors…” You begged him, your eyes large and open widely, as your index finger drew a line from the top of his chest, down to the buckle of his belt teasingly. His breath hitched in his throat. He respected you, but he was a man after all, and those touches surely affected him.

“Ah… I… You could always come to my place for a while? I mean… if you are okay with that. I promise it’s safe, and no one would bother us there… we could watch movies, and cuddle, and make music…” Yoongi stumbled over his own words as your body inched closer to his and your hand still played with his belt buckle. You stood on your tip toes so you could reach up to his ear.

“There are other things I want to do too Mr. Min… Things I want you to teach me…” You whispered seductively in his ear, causing him to shudder under your touch.

“Y/N… Not here… Please… I want it to be special… Please…” He begged, closing his eyes tightly as he gripped onto the desk behind him. He couldn’t allow himself to do this, not there, not in the school, when you deserved so much more… But God how his body begged for him to take you right then and there, to flip you around, press you against the desk and take you right then and there.

“Fine… I’ll be good.” You replied with a cheeky smile as you backed away from him. Yoongi sighed deeply, opening his eyes.

“Thank you… So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon if you want? It’s Friday, so there are no risks of me messing with your education any further… Is that okay with you?” Yoongi asked you shyly, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. You grinned at him.

“Tomorrow after school then… Will you take me?” You asked him, your eyes sparkling with expectation.

“I will… I promise. If you trust my driving skills.” He laughed, butterflies awakening in his stomach once again. He hadn’t been this excited in anything since forever.

“I can’t wait…” you whispered, leaning in to kiss him again. He hummed into your lips in agreement. He couldn’t wait either.

What people remember about Snape :
- “1783930 points from Gryffindor because you breath lol”
- Death Eater

What people forgot about Snape :
- Bullied at school for no reason, was neglected, beaten and abused by a drunk father
- Important person of the war
- Fell into the wrong crowd
- Could have betrayed Dumbledore, and change the issue of the war very easily, but he still chose death over “power”
- Was a spy, one of the most dangerous position in a war
- Played a different game with Death Eaters, with the Order, with Dumbledore and with Voldemort
- Had left the equivalent of the Nazis to join the “good side”
- Was watched every moment of his spy life
- Was bullied by a kid at school, who would finally married his first, last and only friend
- Went to Dumbledore, even if the man could have just killed him
- Lied, spied, and put himself in mortal danger for Dumbledore
- Saved a lot of life
- Saved a lot of students in the dark, even when he would only meet hate in return.

My Spn head cannon

Head cannon:
Dean had a funeral when he went to hell
Of course Bobby, Sam, Jo, Ellen and Ash were there.
But I think others came too. I think people he saved and the ones who he tried and failed to save came. I think there was a crowd at dean’s funeral.
And at the back of that crowd, was a man, with a blue tie and a trench coat. A man who brought dean’s dead friends and family and anyone else (deceased or not) who wanted to come. A man who wasn’t a man, but an angel, sent to rescue the Richeous man from hell. A man who, before he even started his mission, fell in love with Dean Winchester. Hester was wrong, Cas was lost long before he ever laid a hand on Dean in hell.


Phone Guy approached the stage, stepping through the fleeing crowd of parents and children as they made a bee-line for the doors. Freddu was standing on the stage, hands out, babbling about how this was all wrong, and that nothing was his fault. Drawing his beretta from the inside of his jumpsuit, PG levelled it with the head of the bear, before pulling the trigger twice. Two perfect circles blasted through Freddu’s plastic skull, as his body fell to the ground beside Bonnabelle.

Preference #375: He is insecure over his weight

Louis: At home, when it was just the two of you, Louis was loud and hyper. He was the same Louis you fell in love with so many years ago. In public though, that had changed. He was suddenly shy and quiet, all due to weight gain that made him incredibly insecure. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re so cute when you act all shy,” you told him one day, as the two of you got into his car after a few hours of shopping. You had watched as he grew more and more quiet throughout the trip, the more that people crowded around. You somehow found it endearing, even if you knew his reasoning for it was one that broke your heart. “I just want to disappear when people are around. I don’t want anyone to see me and say something about how I look.” You tried to downplay it, as you replied, “You just want to make sure only i get to see the real you. I get it, don’t worry.” Louis laughed, the exact response you had hoped for, as he glanced over at you sitting beside him, “Yeah, maybe that’s the real reason.” A smile stayed on his face, as he started the car, “I’m just actually comfortable with you, and I’m typically not. You make me completely okay.” You blushed, while looking down at your lap, “The goal is to make you feel perfect, so I still got a bit more work to do.”

Harry: Harry never struggled with his weight at all. He had always been thin. So when suddenly that began to change, very little weight showed on him. He noticed right away, and when people began to point it out, it got to him. He didn’t want it to, but it did. “Why do people point out things as if the person doesn’t already know it?” You watched as he scrolled through twitter, after asking you that question. Knowing the pain this caused him, you wished he wouldn’t look. You could not stop him though, only give him encouraging words. “Harry you look great. Don’t let a few pounds…” “It’s more than a few,” he cut you off, seeing those same words again and again, “I already know it, and they make sure to remind me.” His sadness caused you to feel upset as well. The last thing you ever wanted was to see Harry frowning. It broke your heart. “I’m sorry Harry. I know it’s hard to deal with stupid comments from people you don’t even know. Just try to ignore them, please. You look great. Don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t.” He didn’t need others to tell him that, he formed that opinion all on his own. He shut his computer, and looked up at you with sad eyes, “I don’t feel like that anymore. I’m just insecure, and they’re not helping.” “I know,” you sighed, “I’m sorry.”

Niall: Niall had never been one to feel insecure. He was always just happy with who he was, and nothing could get to him. And then suddenly, that all shifted. One comment got to him, and it was a like a wave of everything hitting him. He knew he had gained a lot of weight in the past few months, but it never hit him until that one comment got into his mind. “I’m just going to stay back here,” he mumbled to you, as he pulled you away from the red carpet you were meant to be walking down together. “Why?” you didn’t know of his sudden insecurities. Not until he spoke again at least, “I just feel fat. I don’t want to go out there. Let the others. We can go into the show the back way.” Your heart ached after hearing those words. “You’re feeling insecure in yourself?” “I know I’m not as small as I was, and I know that everyone is going to stare.” Sure Niall had gained quite a bit of weight, but you didn’t see it as the big deal he did. However, you knew the comments would follow. Of course they would. If people can find a way to say something mean, they will. “You know what, I hate red carpets anyway. I’m so not used to them. Let’s go the back way. That sounds great to me.”

Liam: During the break, Liam didn’t really care about worrying over things. He just relaxed. It was what he felt he most needed. That relaxing led to a bit of weight gain though, and when the boys were set to make their comeback, he was insecure. “Tell me I’m not going to just be attacked left and right.” He needed to hear that from you. He knew if you did say it, it would be a lie, but he still needed to pretend things would be okay. He knew though how people truly were, and that the comments would be there no matter what he had or had not done. “It’ll be okay,” you told him, refusing to tell him the comments would not be there at all. He smiled at you. His smile was your favorite thing ever, and always brought a smile to your own face, “I love you so much Liam. Focus on the ones who love and appreciate you no matter what. If someone doesn’t want to be your fan or whatever, all because of your weight, you don’t need them.” That was true, and Liam agreed, but he looked down at himself, and felt that intense insecurity he hated he suffered with.”I don’t need them, no. But their words will still get to me anyway.” You knew nothing you said could really stop his feelings, but you always would try, “Just please try to ignore them. You are amazing exactly as you are. Don’t let them get to you. They really aren’t worth it. No one is.”

Zayn: “They called me fat.” Zayn stared at the words before him for so long, trying to not let it effect him. The more he stared though, the more the words sunk in. He looked down at himself. Sure he was not as thin as he had once been, or not even close to, but he hadn’t felt insecure in that before. You always told him how much you loved every inch of him, and he was not one to read social media. He truly had been in a bubble not noticing the truth of his weight gain. Suddenly he saw it though, and felt horribly. “Zayn,” you began, but when he looked at you with heartbroken eyes, you stopped short. He was hurt, and you could see that so clearly. You never wanted to see him hurting. “Why didn’t you tell me the truth?” You shook your head, “That’s not the truth. You gained some weight, but it’s okay.” “You never said anything,” he replied, feeling like he needed to know before now. Maybe he would have stopped his weight from getting to where it currently was. He truly never noticed what was happening. “I didn’t feel like I needed to. Zayn, you are still perfect. Weight doesn’t change that. If you feel like you need to lose some of it, then do it for you. Don’t worry about what others tell you though.” Zayn didn’t know how he felt about his weight. He was just shocked by the words he never expected to hear about himself. “I just never thought this would happen. I guess I felt comfortable in my skin before now though, so maybe they shouldn’t get to me.”

Prompt from blazexkeys:

Lucy: Oh my god.  You’re Natsu Dragneel.

Natsu: At your service. *tips a hat he isn’t wearing*

Lucy never saw it coming, but she sure as heck felt it.  It was kind of hard to ignore being barreled into and slammed against a brick wall, not to mention that afterwards, she sort of fell onto one hip and now there were several sharp metal things poking into her thigh.  

Twisting to sit on her butt, Lucy thought very hard about finding a pouch of some sort for her keys instead of leaving them hanging from her belt, because Ow, that hurts, and who even was this moron who came rocketing through the crowd, running the wrong way and shoving her onto the ground?  

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i fell in with the wrong crowd like my parents warned me about and i think i just got talked into letting my friend teach me how to skateboard. so everyone be on the lookout for me, your new skater girlfriend, cruising on by.