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So I forgot to tell you about my new PokémonGo story.

I found a weak-ass pikachu sitting square in the middle of my county jail last night. I could get him from outside just fine, but the dude was cp 37. I had to have him anyway. 

He broke out of five Great Balls, even though I was feeding him razzberries every time. 

I can’t transfer him at this point. He’s got too much of a story. He’s weak in appearances and he was caught and thrown in the slammer (the slammer is what you call jail when you’re extra angry at crimes), but even at CP 37 he managed to break out of a Great Ball five times??? How much of this is an act? What is he hiding? Was he only waiting there long enough to stage a coup? Is that why he was so adamant about remaining right where he was?

Anyway I caught him and powered him up with the candy I got from catching him and he is named after Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer and he is my weird mouse.

Truly the face of a public menace.

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i cant speak on the dub as i havent watched it yet but i mean genos IS robotic. not in that he’s a robot (he’s not) but in that he sort of…. isolates himself. rejects his own humanity. it’s saitama who tries to make him feel human and treat him just as much as he would any other. things change rapidly when they move in together and saitama feeds him and genos does domestic activities like chores. I HAVE VERY STRONG FEELS WRT GENOS’S RELATIONSHIP W HIS OWN HUMANITY

sits down, please, go on,

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May I ask why Ajax is up in a bed with stairs? Is it part of his training?

It’s so I can interact with him more easily!

I’m in a wheelchair and my particular disability makes it difficult to bend down repeatedly, so my dad lifted up a regular dog bed with wooden supports and attached stairs. It’s working great so far.

This way Ajax is on my level. I can hand him treats and pet him much more easily, and his food/water dishes are lifted up so I can feed him and stuff :)

He already figured out that going up and down the stairs earned him treats so he’s been trying to work the system.


Aelin went to check in on her dollies. She found Princess pacing in the study. Aelin picked her up, “What’s wrong, Princess?” 

“There is a massive creature in the area and we have no idea how to appease it so it doesn’t bother us. I worry.”

“Maybe he’s hungry? Feed him something?”

“Feed him what? We have nothing big enough?” The Princess said exasperated. 

“Hmmm, what about a horse? They are big and meaty?”

“It can’t hurt to try, we have plenty of horses around.”

Aelin grabbed one of the horses and placed it bedside. The creature from last night grabbed it quickly and didn’t come back. It seem placated, at least for now.

“See, problem solved.”

“Thank you, Lady Aelin.”

I honestly feel so bad for Bridgette. The girls are torturing her for no reason (yes I know she’s said problematic things before but the girls are still teasing her and ostracizing her).

I hope she leaves not because she doesn’t deserve to win but because 1. She deserves better than being trapped in that house/possibly the jury house with psycho bitches for two more months and 2. She has expressed the want to go back home and get back to work.

Boyfriend Series - ASTRO: Moonbin

- Embarrassing but hella cute

- Takes tons of photos of you when you weren’t paying attention or caught off guard because he thinks they’re adorable

- Shows off all your photos to his friends while bragging about you

- You’re left to pester him to delete the photos even though you know he won’t

- Kinda shy about PDA

- Unless he’s jealous because he would then be all about hugging you, kissing you, and holding your hand

- Subconsciously holds your hand and plays with your fingers when you two are alone

- Plays with your hair and even messes it up sometimes because he finds your pouting and whining adorable

- Gives you his hats and beanies up until he has to use them

- But he’ll give them back to you when he’s done

- It would be a vicious cycle

- Forehead and cheek kisses all the time

- Hugs all the time

- Eating dates with him feeding you

- Becomes shy and flustered when asked about your relationship

- Shy and random kisses

- Very thoughtful and considerate of you

- Has his cute and very romantic moments

- Leaves your favorite coffee or tea ready for you in the mornings

- Demands cuddling all the time even if you two aren’t together at the time

- Lays down on your lap so you can play with his hair

- And then whines when you fail to do so

- Gives you puppy dog eyes to get what he wants mainly cuddles and food

- Doesn’t want to get up because he doesn’t want to leave you

- Asks for you help for everything

- Always wants to dance with you

- Sings for you even when you don’t ask because he knows you like his singing

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The past 2 days have been literally just pumping and sobbing. I have a clogged duct (or a few) and I can’t get it out. It doesn’t hurt anymore today but I can only get our 2ml at each session now. 😪 & When we try to latch Ben just screams. I only sleep for 1 hour stretches because of pumping and feeding him. I need to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Uh I don't have a particular thing to ask for in mind, so random headcanon? (also i feel ur salt)

Random headcanon: Bill’s diet!

When Bill first arrived, no one knew what to feed him. He doesn’t have a molar to his name, just fangs, implying he isn’t made to chew food, but aside from rampantly shoveling down everything in the building the first time he ever tried to eat and then being very very quiet and sluggish afterwards, he never touched food again and refused everything he was given. They were all waiting in fear for the inevitable explanation of how to use the bathroom, but Ford mentioned Bill’s stomach isn’t connected to anything. He doesn’t have intestines at all, or anything else relating to digestive functions. So then everyone wondered what exactly HAPPENS to the food her eats. But, they never found out because he didn’t want to eat anything else. He’d drink, but he wouldn’t eat, the novelty of taste had worn off and he didn’t like the feeling of trying to chew food, or having the food chewed before it was swallowed. At a loss, Ford assumed he wasn’t made to eat food and left it at that. Every now and then someone would ask if he was hungry and he’d say no, he wasn’t, and even though they wondered if he even actually knew what hungry was, no one pressed the issue. They figured Bill would mention it if he was starving.

Well, they underestimated how proud an asshole he is.

Four and a half months into his new life, he started feeling hunger. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was at first until Soos overheard him muttering about it. Well, he dislikes food so he’s not going to do anything about it, it’ll go away.
He was hungry for three weeks straight before Mabel confiscated the 10 chickens Ford had bought because he wanted to try self-sustainable living in case another apocalypse happened, and the Chicken Incident came to be.

The Chicken Incident occurred over the space of the next four months (it was mid November when it started) and ended with everyone realizing things.

• 1, Bill is without a doubt a carnivore. Everything he dislikes and was unwilling to eat again was a vegetable, a start, or plant based.
• 2, Bill’s stomach apparently is connected to the void.
• 3, Bill’s teeth are designed to rip off huge chunks to be swallowed whole. That explains not only why his jaw unhinges but why his ribcage is hinged as well, and he has two sternums.
• 4, all of the above is because Bill is made to eat human beings and monsters.

It was a surprise for everyone involved.

Bill can go a month or perhaps a months and a half without eating ANYTHING. He can go three to four months without eating a human OR a monster instead as long as he eats other things, and he can’t go longer than two months without eating a human or monster if he hasn’t eaten anything else.

Human blood substitutes eating nicely, as he is NOT a fan of eating, despite having an oral fixation and a fascination with swallowing things. He eventually becomes fond of some human foods when his taste buds go through a development.

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Hii, I'm new to the fandom but I've been seeing gifsets of jongin with a little boy like feeding him lettuce? I was wondering what that was from if you knew? Sorry for being a nuisance but thank you anyway :3

first of, welcome to the fandom. hi!
and dear, don’t worry about that :)) you’re not bothering me in any way… jongin once featured as a guest on Oh my baby. exo’s fans claim that asher/ taeoh (ricky kim’s son) and jongin do very look alike and so even ricky kim and jongin noticed and agreed they indeed look alike.
you can download the episodes with english subtitles here :)) (try the MEGA links, they are still working).
there still is a vimeo link for the first episode, but episode two isn’t working on any link :((
but i hope you’ll enjoy watching it nonetheless :3


Mark: *aegyo* BUY ME CHURROS!
Jackson: I’ll buy it for you.

Homeless Grumpy Cat Found During House Inspection Gets Adopted, Hates Every Moment Of It

Floridian man recently did a home inspection at an empty house when he suddenly heard a cat’s meow.  A ginger-colored cat approached him and began asking for attention. Although he tried feeding him with a mango, the cat’s grumpy face indicated that he hated it.

He told Love Meow: “At the end of it all, owing to the fact that the tenants were out, all their stuff was gone, and the owner had never lived in the house, the inspector decided to take him home. In Florida, alligators/hawks/eagles/owls/snakes can take these little guys in a flash and he needed a home.”

Eventually, the cranky kitten was named Garfield. Although his face says that he hates everyone, his heart is extremely happy to have a human companion.

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