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Joker dad stuff?
I just need to draw my 2 fav characters together.
Headcanon: Robin likes playing with makeup but Batman doesn’t want to get him any because it’s “girly”, so Joker sends him an entire makeup kit that even has fake blood & stuff.
Joker will send Robin presents sometimes, but it always comes with a “fun bomb” that will explode and cover his face in paint and confetti.
Robin calls Joker “J-dad”, “bad-dad”, and (on Batman’s request) “not my dad”

minette is one of my fav nancy drew characters because shes just so relatable. the girl has threats coming in right and left because shes behind in creating a spy device for some very angry very dangerous men AND shes behind in her biggest project of the year and yet?? she plays a crappy online flash game till she gets the highest score. me too, sis.

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Naruto ended in failure and people deny it. I really want boruto to crash and burn like the scum of the earth it is.

People were already saying naruto were shit way before it ended, and narutards have been in denial for ages. It’s hard for them to admit cos naruto is the only fandom they’re active. They’d read so many fanfic and headcanons they didn’t even care how the characters were being written in the manga, they just use the characters as fodders for their own fantasies. Most of their “meta” or defence of their fav characters are headcanons with no canon evidence to back them up. Some of these are from naruto uzumaki stans who think he’s an angel -_-

Kishimoto already said in interview what he wanted to conveyed when he wrote naruto chasing sasuke was if the person whose acknowledgement you want deny you, you’d just end up wanting it from him more.

Yet, for years those narubabe stans keep on pretending naruto not wanting sasuke to go to orochimaru cos he thought orochimaru was evil and he disagreed with his methods and morals. I’m like bitch where? Even in their VoTE fight, he didn’t say that. He just didn’t give a fuck if sasuke ever become strong enough to beat Itachi, most of the stuff he said during the fight were about himself and how he’s lonely. 

Ever since the ending, naruto stans have got even more creative with their headcanons, “look, they have cellphones and skyscrappers, world peace has been achieved!!”. But luckily, we can always rely on Kishimoto to troll them, Konoha got destroyed again. 

Another one of my favourite headcanons from naruto stans is if you tell them Naruto is lying about a genocide, they’re like “it must’ve been sasuke who told him to do that. Or it must’ve been the toad sage or sage of 6 paths!”  Bitch where? where did these happen? in your fanfic? 

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i think one of the weirdest ones was when i myself didnt get involved in the argument but i think my fav character who i might be kin with was getting trashed really hard and i got all emotional and woke up feeling really bad and anxious and got on tumblr really fast to check if that shit happened. i don't know why i got so emotional. i never get like that in real life. but maybe being in a dream state left me a lot more vulnerable and in touch with my emotions.

dreams are fucking weird man. and they can be brutal

i once dreamt that my parents told me, to my face, that they didn’t love me at all. I woke up crying

and then you have super bizarre shit like the time i dreamt our back door led to a swamp instead of the garden and a rubber snake on two legs with HUGE thighs chased me around the house until i stabbed it to death with a blue pen

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Apart from Bonnie, who is your fav female character in tvd? And fav villain(excluding Kai)?

Season 2 Klaus would be my next favourite villain. Favourite female character … I really liked Pearl.

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Top 5 characters that have the best hair (provide pictures if possible!)

1. Sasuke Uchiha

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2. Franky

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3. Natsu Dragneel 

(I’m putting him on here because he’s my first fav male character whose hair colour isn’t black or brown lol)

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4. Levi McGarden 

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 5.  Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

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do you ever hear someone talk shit about a character you love and feel offended as if it was personally directed at you?


And all I was supposed to feel was grateful. I was supposed to just shut up and be thankful that I had these great parents who wanted me when my birth parents didn’t. But the truth is you never wanted me, either. What are you talking about? I was a replacement for your dead baby. That’s all I’ve ever been.  You got it all wrong, son.  No, I’ve spent my life striving for perfection, and you know why, Dad? ‘Cause I live in fear. That if I let up for a moment, I will remember that I am unwanted.