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Advices for who has OCD?

Here’s Some General Info about OCD- Finding information can be hard, because unfortunately we live in a culture that throws the word OCD around haphazardly. This is a habit I urge my followers to break so people like this Anon can find the info they need. Okay, that’s my little rap about that, now  I hope some of the information below can provide some help!: 

I hope that some of the links above help you out a little. Some personal tips that I have?:

  • Remind yourself that you are not your mental illness, it doesn’t define the whole of who you are.
  • Practice Self Affirmation when dealing with unnecessary guilt. Remember that you didn’t choose this, and you’re trying everyday which is so important and brave. 
  • Be thankful for those around you who love and support you, and get rid of those who do not. You don’t have to waste energy on others who constantly make your existance feel like a burden, there’s no point. If you look around and feel like that’s most of your support system, don’t panic-it’s just time for a turn over. There may be periods of time where you’ll be alone and that’s okay.
  • Baby steps and patience, it’s not going to happen instantly–it could take months or years to get when you want to be with your OCD, but please remember that just because it’s taking you awhile doesn’t mean you’re not trying. 

I hope that helps you a little bit Anon, and I hope you’ll come back if you need anything else, my askbox is always open

Stay Well Out There <3