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McHanzo Week 2017, Day 2: Canon Divergence || AU - (Stardew Valley).

When Lena Oxton retired from the military due to an injury, she took up her grandfather’s offer to look after the farm. So she headed for the country, found the farm, and met Jesse McCree, the owner and bartender of the High Noon Saloon in town.

In her many forays to town, she noticed the reclusive Hanzo Shimada, who lived on the beach in a cottage, usually spent long evenings in the bar with McCree. There was even several times, on her run down to the beach to catch a squid or any other fish, she saw McCree wandering back to the Saloon, still wearing yesterday’s clothes.

She’s happy they’re happy, and the town is great! Even the weird smoke and shadow monster who lives in sewers, who sells high quality sprinklers, so many shotguns, and gives her tips on how to make artisan goat cheese.

Especially the cute redhead who lives in a cabin in the forest.