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💙Leonardo arrived with a lily at Gio’s favorite flower, took her by the hand and told her that she was very special, beautiful, intelligent, charismatic and full of many more virtues.

Leo would sit next to her and ask her to tell him what makes her feel a sad.
Leo is a gentleman, he knows how to listen and will help her to feel better.

Raphael has a big heart under that hard skin, he knows how to weave a consequence of his visits to hashi, but he took the time to weave especially a beautiful shawl for Gio.
Gio loves hand-made gifts, and Raph gave her that cute present, Gio realized that he cares and that Raph wanted to make her smile.

💜Donatello researched everything that makes Gio happy and discovers something very special, so he goes to work.
Donnie made a beautiful classical musical box, carved by hand and a pretty dancer very similar to Gio.
Gio had a sparkle in his eyes and a big smile when he opened it and listened to the beautiful melody that Donnie invented especially for her.

💛Michelangelo immediately searched for everything necessary for this crisis situation, obtained a strawberry frappe and a box of glazed donuts, also strawberry with sparks of colors, the favorites of Gio.
Mikey also created a nice drawing to cheer up Gio along with many kisses and tender hugs, Mikey prepared a special area full of pillows and blankets to enjoy Gio’s favorite movies.
Of course, Gio smiled immediately. Mikey knows how to make her happy.


You know you are a fangirl/boy when you just want to check something on your phone and end up reading 50 fanfictions, searching for more fanfictions that you can read later and looking at fan art and your favorite actor, while at the same time you forget the time and end up not being able to do anything anymore because it’s 1 am


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Wanna say that the reason it took me so long was because I was waiting for a perfect Ong selfie (but that’s obvs a lie, cuz all his selfies are perf). But guess which idiot cracked her phone screen at the platforms because she was running late for her train? 

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I’m a little low-key about my fangirling with my phone. My lockscreen says “If you wanna come along, you have to pay”; and my home screen is the Ong-seal by 포롱 (it just makes me feel happy whenever I see it)!

Last song I listened to:
Love Don’t Hurt (눈물이 흘러) (feat. Lil Boi) by Shannon.

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