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Some people may still a bit confused about what the connection to Episode 8 was

We know that episode 8 saw Akko pretty much change how Sucy’s mind works and we did get to see Sucy act more appreciative and she’s letting her expressions have more variety.

Being more open to things outside of what she’s used to.

Showing genuine initial shock at the moss covered victims.

Showing appreciation despite it not being a proper time to do so, as Lotte pointed out. She’s slowly letting her personality develop outside of the usual shifts between bored/uninterested and creepily sadistic.

So it’s nice to see subtle continuity, but most likely there’s probably something else that went over my head.

Worship their insecurities

I kiss daddy in odd places. Daddy probably doesn’t even really know why I do. I kiss daddy on his upper arm/shoulder. Its because I know whats there. Scars. I kiss him there to let him know its not bad. That Im proud that they’re fully healed scars. I kiss daddy on his nose. I like his nose, but he doesn’t. I kiss his nose so he knows I like it. I kiss daddy on his back. He’s insecure about that too. I don’t mind it one bit. When daddy would take his shirt off around me, I’d squeal and hug him so tightly. I’d kiss his chest. It’s because I know it’s hard for him to feel comfortable like that. He hates his body, but I could make a shrine for it. I could make an entire temple for all of him. I kiss daddy all over his face. I even give him love bites on his cheek. He hates how he looks. I absolutely adore him.

A daddy can be insecure about their body too. They deserve just as much reassurance as an insecure little. Remember to do the little things like that. Daddies are so thankful for their littles, and making sure to appreciate them is a god given gift to them. Always say thank you. Always say I love you. Always give back. Worship your daddy just as he should you.