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talesfromcallcenters: You don't even know your own procedure

I was handling a call from a mother in regards to her infant son. She told me he had been seen at one clinic but they decided to change to a different clinic in our system that specialized in pediatrics. She said she wanted to change his primary care provider to the doctor he had been seen at the new clinic. Fair enough. I do a cursory check of my procedure and see nothing against it and change it.

Then I get to scheduling. The provider I just assigned him doesn’t have any appointments and my directions are pretty clear to transfer to the clinic if that’s the case. So I call them up only to get yelled at by a bitchy nurse (BN).

Me: Hi, this is UmbraCelestia from the contact center. I have this patient’s mother on the line and she asked to change his primary care provider to Dr. XYZ as he had been seen by her last week but there are currently no appointments for her.

BN: you changed his PCP? You can’t do that!

Me: [Thinking she thought I didn’t have the physical permissions in the system to change that field] Yeah I can.

BN: No! You’re not supposed to do that! Our procedures say you can’t change the patient’s PCP in our clinic! Why did you change that?

Me: uh, your procedure doesn’t say that at all actually.

BN: Yes it does! It says it clear as day. Just schedule the patient with a resident. Can you handle that instruction!

Me: (thinking: really?) I’ll schedule her.

I pulled my supervisor over after the call and had him look too. Nowhere in the entire procedure did it say not to change the primary care provider. This lady didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about. You’d better believe I reported her bitchy ass.

By: UmbraCelestia

Many people see the argument “Well, I do think abortions are immoral, but I care more about living people here” as a centrist position on the debate on abortion. It sounds fair enough right? Yet, on an ethical level that’s horrifying for many reasons. It sets the dangerous precedent that some life is less worthy of aid then others because it hasn’t been born. How does that not disgust anyone? It establishes a mindset that those who happen to be born are now more worthy of rights. It’s not as abhorrent as being completely Pro-Choice, but why does no one ever discuss how, well, disgusting, this opinion is? You care but just not enough?

i love the idea that all the bots are some kind of nonbinary (agender the spine, genderfluid the jon, hatchworth just says his gender is “hatchworth”, demigirl upgrade, ect) but then rabbit is a binary trans girl and in her head that means she has the most gender and she wins at gender and nobody really has the heart to disagree with her like, fair enough

is the rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead movie a fair enough adaption of the play to consider myself familiar with the play if I watch it? like would I miss out on any major vibes or anything,,, it’s either watching the movie or reading it (I usually really really prefer watching things when possible which is a plus side to wanting to become familiar with popular plays I suppose)

edit: I’ve been notified that there’s a proshot ♥️♥️♥️

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Oo, fair enough but i reckon you might really enjoy it - how about Steven Universe? :)

The first character I first fell in love with: I watched the show for Garnet & Lapis initially!! 
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Pearl??? I really love Pearl and also I AM Pearl
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I do not like Jasper. I do not like her one bit. The fandom goes crazy over her and I think she’s hot in fanart but as a character I can’t STAAAAND her!
The character I love that everyone else hates: I guess I’m gonna say Pearl again because she gets a lot of shit but I really love her ; ^ ; 
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: idk aesthetically I love her but personality-wise I don’t really like Lapis as much as I did before…lately she seems like more of a joke than anything?? Maybe I’m wrong idk I just miss her having some substance!
The character I would totally smooch: Please Let Me Kiss Garnet She Is My Wife
The character I’d want to be like: Garnet!! She’s really cool but also has flaws and she’s strong and just amazing
The character I’d slap: Let Me Smack Navy Ruby She Made My Baby Sad
A pairing that I love: I looooove pearlnet!!! I also really love Garnet obviously, and lapidot!
A pairing that I despise: j@spis is the worst ever I hate that ship I wish it didn’t exist it’s nasty, it’s abusive any way you slice it, and I can’t stand it

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You should do a new video on calories in calories out! Prove that you can eat MORE than you burn through cycling and still be lean (not gain weight). Because a lot of people probs think you exercise heaps so you exercise MORE cals than you eat. Which is fair enough. Put your food & exercise into cronometer even, that'd be interesting! Eating abundantly while staying lean is so attractive, that's the message Freelee put out heaps a few years ago - what made me try being vegan! Purely aesthetic

I agree, weight loss is the BEST activism. Nobody gives a fuck sadly if you stand near a truck full of pigs and try to slow it down but then step away at the last minute because you are not as bad ass as you pretend - the driver WOULD have stopped because he IS on camera after all in broad daylight. (if you stand in the middle you are not going to get crushed by the tires anyway.)

Ive done SO many of those videos (more than anyone else in youtube history I would say) and will keep doing them because when people see FIT, LEAN athletic crew GETTING IT FUCKING DONE then that is what inspires NOOBS to come on over and check this lifestyle out.

Otherwise we are just preaching to the choir and wasting our time essentially.

{{Typical conversation in the Hashmi-Quyen household}}

Antares, grumbling into their like I dunno Extra Blood and Guts Dinner or something: State of the Hunter of Hunters Covenant has gone to shit. You have just about every mad Yharnamite joining the ranks now. Eileen and I are the only good ones left.

Miriam, sipping her tea: Sweetie, you are literally a beast and you have been your entire time as a covenant member and will never give yourself up for execution even though that is literally one of the first decrees of the covenant for someone who thinks they are about to turn.

Antares: … Fair enough…

e8u replied to your post: Freedom of speech is bullshit and words are…

I am not this anon, but I endorse this anon’s mocking of your views.

Fair enough. Your endorsement of their mockery isn’t going to diminish the strength of my convictions any more than my post was going to alter your deeply-held views. Even though it seems we disagree more often than not, I still have a lot of respect for your absolute ideological consistency.

Sorry to break the news, but you did not report the person behind that blog. Instead, you reported me. And I am still suffering the consequences.

I did not run that blog. Yes, they used my image. All my pictures from Facebook and Instagram, my statuses, even the captions. And then interspersed them with animal abuse images, fantasies about beastiality, other fucking disgusting sentiments.

You people found my Facebook, where I listed my wildlife rescue group. You didn’t think, for a moment, that it was odd that none of these abuse fantasies appeared on Facebook. A girl who was apparently willing to put her face, her location, the names of her family her local fucking vet clinic on her zoophilic Tumblr page, strangely had none of these thoughts on a just-as-public Facebook page.

Not one single person thought, “This is a bit odd, maybe I should reach out to this person just to confirm that it’s them.”

You people, high on some fantastical idea of justice, called the authorities. And I did not even know about the existence of the blog until the RSPCA showed up on my doorstep one night.

THEY, thankfully, had the sense to believe me. As soon as they showed me the page and I broke down in tears, they got the idea. So they told me to go to the police. The police palmed me off to ACORN (a cybercrime body) who dismissed the case because “nobody in the images was under the age of 18.”

Meanwhile, Tumblr had taken the page down, only for it to resurface again last year.

I then pursued a civil case. Emailed lawyers in my local city. They advised me only to take it to Tumblr, who shut down the page a second time. No further action was taken.

I never received another call from wildlife rescue because I was unable to prove that I did not run this disgusting blog. Wildlife is my biggest passion in the world and I may never work in that industry until I can clear my name.

So I messaged this page - report-a-predator. They told me to prove it - fair enough. So I sent them EVERYTHING. The screenshots, my emails to ACORN and SAPOL and Tumblr and the lawyers. They did not respond. I emailed them again, begging them to clear my name. They did not respond.

I am furious. I am fucking enraged that this post even still exists on their page, because the actions of this so-called “justice group” has directly impacted the life of an innocent person and they will do nothing to acknowledge it. Not even respond to a simple email. Not even take down the incriminating post.

I know my blog is tiny, I know nobody follows it, I know this will probably never be seen. But I am not going to be silent.

If you’re ever caught up in a whirlwind of pseudo-justice, maybe check the facts first.

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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Louis apparently actually requested that all the actors in his video be local Doncaster children & teens. And then he also apparently had his friends in it. He is so proud of his hometown & it’s so endearing & sweet to see how much he wants to include that in his solo work. Our Donny lad returning home!

When people get all snippy about enforcing antiquated grammar rules, all I can think of is Edmund Spenser.

In the 1590’s, some dude named Edmund Spenser decided to write a flowery epic poem, basically a transparent allegory praising Queen Elizabeth. Fair enough. He was like, “I want this work to be remembered forever, so I don’t wanna use, like, MODERN SLANG or the CASUAL DISREGARD FOR GRAMMAR or FOREIGN INFLUENCE that THESE YOUNG UPSTARTS keep using. Nobody will read or understand their stuff in the future. I know, I’ll write in the style of Chaucer, because Chaucer is a ‘well of English undefiled.’ Now my piece will be a classic of pure and untainted English. 👌👌👌”

So he wrote this semi-incomprehensible fake-Chaucer poem. But FUNNNN FACT, guess who else was writing poetry in the 1590’s? Some young upstart using modern slang and casual disregard for grammar and foreign influence named William Shakespeare. And his stuff was good enough that a huge chunk of literary education is devoted to understanding his use of language… meanwhile, who’s ever heard of a Spenser Theatre Troupe, a Spenser Studies degree, or Spenser in the Park?

So ease up on that grammar policing. Shakespeare is widely praised for his inventiveness with language, creating and popularizing tons of new words and being the first recorded example of loads of common slang terms. Let’s appreciate it when 21st-century creators do the same!

Q&A Cristina, Kieran, Mark and the politics of trust

“clockwork-artifices said: Hello, Cassie. I<3 Cristina, so i wanted to ask about her. She’s been described as someone who’s been hurt and betrayed in the past (and recently), therefore she doesn’t really trust people that easily now, so with that in mind i couldn’t totally understand 


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