and faeries

Faery Symbols

Holey Stones

A stone with a naturally formed hole though it. When peered into with one eye closed, you may see through glamours and obtain faery sight. Carry as a connection to the fae, good luck, or as a protection stone.

The Faery Star

The seven points of the faery star represent earth, air, fire, water, above, below and within. It has been used for protection, dreams, opening portals to the faery world, and a symbol of faery land. Be careful what you mark with it as it is very powerful, and sacred to the fae.

The Faery Cross

Said to be faery tears that fell to the ground and crystallised into Staurolite at the news of Christ’s death in one version, and faery tears caused by the destruction of nature, and an omen that iron machines and weapons would be used against the earth in another version. Carry for protection, dreamwork, grounding and anxiety.

The Faery Triad

Oak, Mountain Ash and Hawthorn. Three sacred faery trees, these plants have strong magic qualities. When bound or grown together they form a powerful protection, and when separate they attract fae and may aid one in opening a door to faeryland. Carry as an amulet, or for faery blessings and connection with the fae. Plant by your home to invite fae and provide a strong ward.

Idk if Id call myself a fan anymore but some of these confessions are downright ridiculous. Mocking the way she stood in the Hamilton photos? Complaining about how she dresses? For god’s sake let the women live. The way she dresses does not affect you. Let her live how she wants,she’s hurting no one. People that mock others and pick at their appearance are people I absolutely cannot stand and I didnt expect it from this fandom. Its pathetic really. All it does is make you look cruel and shallow.

Day 12

Due to the Ontario teacher strike, I’m not allowed to be teaching today, and because I’ve lost control of my life I’m at the studio instead of sleeping.

What actually happened is that I had to leave early yesterday AND the day before, so instead of taking the day off and being forced to absolutely murder myself Thus/Fri, I’m coming in today to make my life a bit easier. Plus if I still end up working 12 hours Thurs/Fri like I would have on most other days I teach, it means I can get more sweet sweet overtime dollarydoos. Can’t argue with cold hard dollarydoos.

I bought muffins for people in the pod, and then immediately joked that this is why I never come in on Wednesdays - a faerie cursed me as a child to always hand out food on Wednesdays. I know this isn’t true because it’s a lie I made up to get a laugh, but my brain shrugged and went “#canon”, so here we are???