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First look of the original DC animated film ‘Teen Titans: Judas Contract,’ which will feature popular villain Deathstroke.

Christina Ricci and Miguel Ferrer are voice-starring in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, the long-awaited DC Universe animated original movie from Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

The movie, being directed by Sam Liu (Justice League vs. Teen Titans) from a screenplay by Ernie Altbacker, adapts the classic storyline from Tales of the Teen Titans, one of DC’s top comics in the 1980s. Ricci will play Teen Titans member Terra and Ferrer is voicing the mercenary villain Deathstroke.

Ricci and Ferrer are newcomers to the stable of the DC animated movies, a line that celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Titans will also see returning DC players Sean Maher, Kari Wahlgren, Jake T. Austin, Taissa Farmiga, Brandon Soo Hoo and Stuart Allan join the voice cast.

Teen Titans was DC’s comic that went head-to-head with Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men in the early 1980s in a time when both comics were outselling their companies’ more established stars such as Batman and Spider-Man, respectively. Titans, under writer Marv Wolfman and penciller George Perez, hit a zenith with The Judas Contract storyline. It was the culmination of years of stories that saw the Titans — young heroes Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Nightwing/Robin and Cyborg — face the betrayal of their teammate Terra.The woman had partnered with Deathstroke to take down the team.

Damian as TT Animated Robin

Robin’s family was a bit of a mystery. The Teen Titans knew and respected that as best they could. It was just hard sometimes.

Or: five times the Teen Titans wondered about Dick Grayson without knowing they were wondering about Dick Grayson.

TT AU with Damian as 16 y/o TT!Robin, mostly grown up and much more comfortable than his eleven year old canon self.

Starfire and Raven were the two newest to the world—growing up in another dimension or another planet entirely was definitely a pretty good way to avoid TV news and pop culture.

While Raven put effort into getting to know her new world, it was a rather localized affair. She made a point of knowing what nightclubs and cafes had open poetry mics, an overview of the governmental systems currently in place, how to obtain a library card, and other such things that directly affected her day-to-day existence. Starfire seemed to enjoy the thrill of discovery and the inevitable subsequent sharing of culture that would occur whenever her teammates discovered something she had not previously encountered, and likewise enjoyed telling her teammates of similar practices on Tamaran, or the lack of them, as the case may have been.

Usually, their lack of connection with Earth culture (and very specifically, urban, Pacific Coast, United States culture) meant very little in the grand scheme of things. If they were caught off balance, most civilians gave them a pass because slightly strange faux pas were hardly the worst or strangest thing costumed heroes had done, and the Titans at least were sanctioned. Someone would explain things, get it all cleared up within a few minutes, and any destruction of property was written off and paid for in the cash pool specifically set aside for the inevitable accidents a group of superheroes would cause. So long as their mistakes didn’t cost anyone their lives there was compensation, and the lack of Earth knowledge was an eternal work-in-progress.

All things considered, it should have been expected that neither Raven nor Starfire knew about Nightwing.

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Bad Habits

Warning: NSFW [Very much citrus]

Raven had a problem.

She had always prided herself in being highly attuned to and analytical of her own emotions. It was, after all, essential for her to properly process every bubbling hormone and neural impulse that fizzled through her brain and sent her heart beating. The lives and safety of those around her depended on this, and Raven had the memories of her own failures to serve as a heavy reminder.

Still, she was loathe to admit such a girlish thing to herself, as if she was somehow above the most basic human tendencies. Perhaps at one point she had believed she was, but after some recent revelations, Raven realized that was most definitely not the case.

She liked staring at Beast Boy’s butt. Often.

His spandex-esque uniform really didn’t help the matter either; if anything, it made her dirty little hobby far easier to maintain. The material only served to emphasize his features, allowing Raven to ogle from a distance almost daily.

What made the situation even worse, was that Raven didn’t just admire his behind. She imagined things, like touching it. Often. Daily, in fact. It was as embarrassing as it was enticing, and Raven quivered at the mere thought of the changeling’s firm rear.

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cbulldog09  asked:

Could you do BBRae "is that my shirt?" for the prompt list, please?

Better late than never, right? Slight lime in here, folks. 

He decided he liked the view. 

Something about the way her back curved, the line of her spine that he could trace with his fingertips, like a painting come to life.

The rays of the sun were just beginning to trickle in, and the crisp, white linen sheets sat rather immodestly about her gently rounded hips. 

Her skin was porcelain; a blank canvas, lightly lined with scars that he’d spent some of the previous evening getting to know. 

Her hair was a tossled mess of obsidian violet splayed across the white of her pillow. Her shoulders shifted ever so slightly with every breath she took as she slept soundly. 

Yeah, this was certainly a view he could get used to. 

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Day 3 - Firsts Vs Telling the Team

Again, just a short one.

Beast Boy nervously approached Robin in the common room. Robin sat on the couch in front of the TV, making small talk with Starfire. Raven was perched on the end furthest from them, reading a book with a bored expression but a telling light in her eyes that let on she was enjoying it. Cyborg was in the kitchen, making himself a snack most people would describe as a large meal. He wasn’t sure he wanted to do this in front of everyone but decided he needed to be casual - speaking to Robin privately would get the young detective’s mind wondering.

“Hey, Rob?” Beast Boy said, artificially relaxed.

“Yeah, BB?” Robin replied, affably.

“Just, uh, letting you know I’ll be out of the tower tonight. No biggie, just meeting up with someone. For food,” he said. Robin cocked an eyebrow.

“Someone we know?” Robin asked. Beast Boy shrugged.

“You might have met her, I guess,” he replied. At that, Cyborg’s shadow loomed over Beast Boy.

“Her?” he asked with a grin. “You going on a date, green bean?” Beast Boy sighed.

“Don’t make it weird, dude. Just leave it, okay?” he said, wearily. Cyborg pointed at him, open-mouthed.

“You are going on a date! What’s she like? What’s her name? What does she do? Where-”

“No no no, no way, man. It’s my first time going out with this girl, you are not getting involved. I’ll let you know more about her later, okay?” Beast Boy begged. Cyborg sulked.

“Fine,” he grumbled. Robin frowned for a moment, back in leader mode.

“If you’re dating a civilian, you know I’ll have to vet them at some point. Preferably sooner than later,” he said. Beast Boy facepalmed.

“Aw, come on, really? Just let me do this, don’t fill my head up with all that stuff, okay? Besides, I’m, like, one hundred percent sure she isn’t a security risk or secret villain or Slade in disguise or anything. One. Hundred. Percent,” Beast Boy stated. Robin acquiesced.

“Okay, I’ll let it go… for now,” he said.

“Listen, I’m letting her decide when I tell you guys about her, that’s all,” Beast Boy said. Cyborg and Robin smiled.

“Okay. Just looking out for you, short stack,” Cyborg said.

“I’m sure you and this girl shall have a wonderful night, Beast Boy, followed by many more and perhaps even coitus!” Starfire chirped, causing Beast Boy’s face to flush.

“Uh, thanks, Star,” he mumbled. Not looking up from her book, Raven finally spoke.

“By the way, Robin, I’ll be out tonight as well,” she said. Robin frowned.

“You too? Can’t you reschedule? I’m not sure I want to be two Titans down if something happens,” he asked. Raven pretended to give it a moment’s thought.

“Hmm, I’d rather not. I have a date with Beast Boy.”


“Well,” Beast Boy said, laughing awkwardly, “I guess she decided.”




Something I wrote this morning. Initially I thought it was a bit dumb, but @bearhow2 convinced me to post it, so if you like it, thank him also!

Note that it is slightly NSFW; nothing explicit, but there’s a lot - and I mean A LOT - of innuendo.


Raven unclasped and removed her cloak, tossing it carelessly over the bench, picking up a towel and wiping the perspiration from her face and the back of her neck.  She sat beside Starfire and reached into the cooler, retrieving a couple of water bottles and offering one to the Tamaranian, who accepted it with a smile and a polite, grateful nod. She drank greedily of the cold water, not caring that some of it escaped from the wide mouth of the container and ran down her cheeks and neck; the feeling of the icy liquid trickling over skin heated by exercise was refreshing and quite sensual.

The two of them had just finished a demanding but exhilarating sparring session, and now they could rest, relax and enjoy the view of the next training bout, another sparring face-off, this time between their two boyfriends.

Both girls watched the boys intently as they danced their violent ballet. It was a no-powers duel, which meant that Garfield was at a disadvantage, but it was a necessary and inescapable part of their training. Relying solely on their powers was a policy that would lead to disaster sooner rather than later. While he understood it and accepted it, Gar figured he wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t hurt so much. But the rewards were worth it.

Raven frowned as she followed the duel, though inwardly she was quite pleased, and for two reasons. First, her green lover had improved a lot and he was holding his own against Richard far better than he used to. Second, and much more importantly, the sparring would leave quite a few bruises all over his body, bruises that she would have to treat. Of course, she could make such minor injuries all go away with little more than a snap of her fingers, but she much preferred to fuss over each and every one, grumbling and growling at him for his carelessness while she touched them gently and applied just that little extra power to make his skin tingle as if electrified.

Not that Gar didn’t know what she was doing. He was far from being stupid, no matter what people may think. And she also knew that he knew, but they still played their little game, both of them enjoying it thoroughly, both of them knowing very well which way it led.

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Let them sleep, they will figure it out in the morning. (unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements May 1st)

Starfire could barely contain herself when she saw them.  It did help that Robin was right there to hold her back.  It was two in the morning and the happy couple had come down to raid the fridge after ‘activities’. They were both dressed in their night clothes, Robin in a pair of sleep pants and Starfire in a red robe that matched her hair. They just came into the kitchen when they found Raven and Beast Boy asleep on the couch in the adjoining ops room.  

Beast Boy’s head laid back on the back of the couch, his left arm limp to his side, and the game station controller still resting in his hand.  The TV played animation of the game station with the red words “game over”.  In his lap Raven’s head was resting. She laid on her back stretched out down the length of the couch. A blue leather bound volume was open and splayed across her chest using her body as a bookmark.  

To anyone else walking in, the situation might have looked like random happenstance.  Two people that might have just fallen asleep in an odd way. But to the Alien princess, and the Titan leader knew better.  

“Do you think they will tell us soon?”

“They will tell us when they are ready Star, I am not sure if they even know themselves.”  

“How could they not?”

Robin couldn’t keep an awkward smile from forming on his face “Starfire, I was attracted to you from day one, and it took me how long before we finally got together?  Human feelings and how to deal with them can be confusing.” Robin leaned on the counter looking at his sleeping friends.  

“Yet are you sure that they have the feels?”  Star asked as she pulled out bottles of mustard and water, almost handing Robin the mustard.

Even after all this time Robin still loved how Starfire used the English language.  That odd mix of earth slang and reversal of descriptive words.  Robin’s eyes narrowed as it scanned for any details he might have missed at first glance.

“Look close, Raven’s not wearing her cloak and Beast Boy took off his gloves.  Those only come off when they are really comfortable. ”

Robin was right while Raven would remove her cloak for practical reasons she never felt secure without that layer of protection around her shoulders, or having her hood to hide in. Beast Boy almost never took off those clunky gray gloves. He was always afraid of hurting someone with his claws.  Robin held back a laugh imagining Raven yanking those gloves off his hands insisting that he didn’t have to hide them from her.

Robin continued “Listen, the TV is on its absolute lowest setting only Beast Boy would be able to hear it. ” Beast Boy often commented that video games were best at the highest possible volume.  

“So Raven can read!” she stated loud enough for Robin to put his fingers to his lips.

“Exactly” he whispered hoping that Starfire would understand.

“Raven is not wearing shoes”  

“Nice spot Star” Robin smiled.  It was a bit obvious but he liked encouraging her and it was true Ravens boots were neatly placed on the floor next to the couch. The whole display was two people being and finding comfort with each other. Somehow this worked for them, being able to spend time together and still doing things that the other couldn’t stand.

Robin started looking through the cupboards as Starfire sailed through the air into the common room to check on her friends.  

“They look peaceful”  she flew back silently to the kitchen.  

“Then we will leave them that way.” Robin said pulling out a bag of cookies from the cabinet “Come on, let go back to your room.” The two quickly disappeared down the hallway.  

One of Beast Boy’s eyes popped open just to confirm that Raven and himself were alone once again.  He lifted his head up and looked down at Raven’s
sleeping face in his lap.  He ran his fingertips though her hair lightly.  

“Rae, I think they’re on to us”  he whispered.   Raven’s only response was her steady relaxed breathing.  Beast Boy smirked “Yea okay, we can deal with that tomorrow babe” he let his head fall back again to join her in slumber.

This one took about 3 false starts, originally was going to do something with BB and Raven with Beast Boy’s Bunk bed. Couldn’t get it to flow so might try that later. This showed up around 8am this morning.  Please enjoy your fluff and the rest of the week. 

  • Cyborg: You know he used to tell me how wonderful you were, but guys always say great things about their girlfriends until they break up. That's when the truth comes out.
  • Raven: Cy-
  • Cyborg: You know I've waited 10 years to find out what he really thinks about you. Do you wanna know what he thinks about you now that you're broken up?
  • Raven: I dont want to talk about that. You know I just came down here to tell you are an unappreciative little jerk.
  • Cyborg: ....
  • Raven: And if you are so uncomfortable around me that we can't be friends, now that I'm not seeing Beast Boy, then maybe we were never friends at all. And I want you to tell me to my face.
  • Cyborg: Now that your broken up he still tells me how wonderful you are. He is completely broken hearted over what he's lost.
  • Raven: So am I.

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Drunk raven expressing her feeling to bb, the really deep ones and the more cute ones too :))

Sensitive ears were great and all, unless the music was cranked up to a hundred hertz. Then, the only thing that could be heard was a constant thump and nothing else. 

That, and he always got a gnarly headache that battered at his temples for the remainder of the night. 

Beast Boy scowled and glared at his drink, wishing he could be far away from here

Today hadn’t been a good day. They’d nearly lost a bus full of kids to some idiot who thought blowing up bridges would be a fun pastime, and all Beast Boy wanted to do was lounge on the sofa, eat some pizza, and call it a night. He was sore, tired, and the horrors of narrowly missing getting burned to a crisp were still far too fresh on his mind. 

So yeah, a club really wasn’t where he wanted to be. 

But Robin had been determined to celebrate their success, probably to help lift the team’s spirits, or whatever. He took another swig of the brandy, wincing at the burn of the liquor in his throat. Beast Boy appreciated the gesture, he really did, but he just wasn’t feeling this tonight. 

A hint of lilacs tickled his nose, and Beast Boy turned to see Raven leaning over his shoulder. “Hey,” she shouted, her voice barely carrying over the booming music. “Dance with me.” 

He blinked. “What?” 

There was a laugh. “Come on!” She snagged his wrist, tugging him to his feet, and stumbling as she led him to the surging bodies on the dance floor. Strobe lights dazzled in his eyes, but Beast Boy could still see the way Raven fumbled on her feet. 

Was Raven…drunk? 

She jerked him close, attempting to sway to the beat. Her motions were jerky and unbalanced, and Beast Boy caught a strong whiff of liquor mingling with her natural scent. 

Well, she’d at least been drinking. She had to be, asking him to dance and all. 

The empath in question twirled a bit too hard and managed to throw herself off kilter. Beast Boy lurched forward and snagged her by the shoulders just before she could come crashing down onto the floor. “Uh, Rae?” he shouted. “How much have you drank tonight?” 

Raven blinked, her gaze out of focus. She giggled, letting herself lean into his touch. “I dunno,” she slurred, “my brain feels funny.” Her face screwed up as she paused to think, creating the most single-handedly adorable expression Beast Boy had ever seen grace her features. He bit back a snort. 

Oh yeah. Raven was definitely smashed. 

“Come on, let’s get you off the dance floor.” 

He led her away from the strobe lights and disco balls and towards a balcony just across from the bar. Cool air tickled his skin, and he instinctively threw an arm across Raven’s shoulders. Wouldn’t want her catching a cold, right? 

She didn’t seem fazed by the motion, instead wrapping an arm around his waist and leaning into him. “Mmmh,” she hummed, “you’re warm.” 

Beast Boy gulped, feeling his face grow hot. He could really smell the alcohol on her now that they were out in the crisp night air. Damn. She really must have been going at those shots. 

A little table caught Beast Boy’s attention, and he guided the inebriated empath over one of its chairs. “Here, why don’t we sit for a bit?” 

Raven laughed. “You’re such a cutie, Beastie. W-why’re you so cute?” She jabbed him with a finger as she spoke, her expression accusing. Beast Boy blinked. 

“I-I dunno. You think I’m cute?” 

She rolled her eyes. “Isn’t it obvious, B?” Raven lazily twirled a finger in her haphazard hair, waggling her eyebrows at him. “You are very, very cute.” 

Beast Boy blanched. This…this was bizarre. Raven exuded a forwardness he was completely unfamiliar with, fueled by her concoction of liquid courage, and it was starting to scare him. Did she…like him? That was impossible! 


Raven slumped into the chair, her glassy eyes flashing. “If I didn’t feel so…woozy… I’d kiss you right now.” Her expression quickly morphed from enticing to pained, and she dropped her head in her hands. “Ugh, I think I’m gonna be sick.” 

Beast Boy let out an awkward laugh, reaching out to rub her back. “Yeah, that tends to happen when you drink to much…” He whipped out his communicator and dialed for Cyborg. “I think it’s time for you to go home.” 

Raven’s hand curled around his wrist, prompting him to look up and meet her gaze. He blinked, his breath catching at the intensity swirling within her violet irises. “Take me out. Tomorrow. For lunch.”

Beast Boy balked. “W-what?”

“You heard me.”

“O-okay,” he stammered, “I will.” 

Raven smiled. “Good. Now excuse me while I go throw up.” She hauled herself to her feet and staggered off, leaving behind a very, very confused Beast Boy. 

Well, he supposed today hadn’t been a total disaster… 

Here you go, anon! One silly tale of a drunk Raven mustering the courage to hit on BB! xD Enjoy! 

-mod vixensheart

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“you come to my room at 4am, to cuddle?” But Raven is the visitor.

Anything for senpai~

Originally posted by windwaver

One would think that entering a relationship of a romantic nature with Raven would come with a few alterations. For example, perhaps becoming more privy to an intimate side of the empath that she would rarely, if ever, display to any other individual. Or maybe, some subtle affection, terms of endearment, a discreet touching of hands, fingers entwining under the table. Hopefully, a chaste kiss or two, or, if Garfield could be so lucky, something more…

At the end of the day, all Beast Boy wanted was any opportunity to get to know his girlfriend better, physically, or otherwise. He wanted to spend time with her, as much as possible. He wanted to talk to her, to listen, to go on adventures and share various experiences with her right beside him. All the cliché things that happened in the movies, or the sappy love stories that filled the romance section in the bookstore; he wanted to build those memories with her, regardless of how cheesy or lame they normally seemed.

Suddenly, every romantic notion had an appeal, like a pink, hazy border clouding his vision and his mind, whenever he thought about Raven. He often pondered what they’d be like with her. Something as ludicrous as a trip to the mall, or a date at a bar, maybe a lazy trip to the beach, just the two of them. Long walks in the park in the summer time, where her feet would get sore, so he’d carry her shoes while she walked in the grass barefoot. Perhaps they’d venture out late at night, so that way, it would be just the two of them, and she’d loosen up a bit without the social stresses she faced every day among the crowds.

Unfortunately, it was often that Beast Boy felt like he was riding the train of love all alone, as Raven remained rather indifferent to him even though they were dating.  

Although most of the romantic excursions did occur, it was about the only change Raven implemented once their relationship had taken on a new meaning. She’d never turn him down whenever he’d request they hang out, and he did manage to get her to open up to him bit by bit the more time that passed, however, much to Beast Boy’s great disappointment, Raven took no other initiatives.

At first, it hardly seemed a big deal; he figured she’d come around sooner than later, and he’d rather not force anything that she might not be ready for. After all, she had been the one who had pursued him back when all this had started. So, when they’d gone on their first, second, third date, and he had really, really wanted to hold her hand, he’d clench his jaw instead, and tell himself that if she wanted to make contact, she would do so of her own volition. His hand was always very evidently right there, perfectly ready to be held if she so desired. He’d even purposely brush his arm against hers, or make sure their shoulders touched, as a hint.

Either Raven was entirely dense, a very unlikely reason, or she simply refused to touch him. Of the two, the latter hurt far more, and it was only a matter of time before Beast Boy was burdened with insecurities in what was supposed to be his new, thrilling relationship.

Eventually, he stopped trying altogether, and it embittered him.

He wanted to tell her, knew he should have voiced his concerns, but he remained fearful of overstepping a boundary, as he had often done with her in the past. The last thing he wanted was to take two steps back for every step forward he’d taken in their new, blooming romance.

So, instead, he procrastinated, choosing to wallow in his own miserable thoughts, and self-imposed exile.

Until the one night that an emboldened Raven had decided to show up on his doorstep, unannounced.

[More under the cut, because this got too long]

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We have a BBRae oneshot. It’s rare for me to write a solely BBRae oneshot but I do love them dearly. They’re my second fave otp and it’s nice to explore outside of RobStar sometimes.

Hope you like it!

Her dark eyes were penetrating. She was staring daggers at him and he, as usual, didn’t know how to react other than to sheepishly grin back at her.

“Explain. Right now.” Raven breathed, tapping her foot against the floor.

“Um…” Garfield stammered, trying to look anywhere but in her direction. He was genuinely quite afraid that she’d be sending him to the netherworld before the night was out.

Her lips twisted further into a frown and her arms fell from being crossed over her chest. With a huff, she shrugged her jacket off of her shoulders and hung it up in the hallway of their apartment.

Raven stomped back into the lounge, acutely aware of music playing from the stereo. She began picking up her books from the floor before clearing the cushion pieces from the sofa.

“Look at the mess, Gar. What were you thinking!?” She grumbled, turning to scowl at him.

“Rae, c'mon… he needed me.” Garfield murmured, quietly following her around as she started cleaning the newfound mess.

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The Pillow

“All right, who was the smartass?” Raven growled at her friends assembled in the Ops room.  They all stopped what they were doing and looked at her.  She wore her usual expressionless mask and her eyes were calm, but her voice betrayed just a hint of otherworldly menace.

“What is it, Rae?” their leader broke a brief period of confused silence.

The sorceress’ face creased into a small frown. “Someone entered my room while I was meditating on the roof and stole my pillow.”

All heads turned to Beast Boy. He blushed.

“Dude! That’s so not fair! Why are all of you jumpin’ at me?

“Grass Stain…” Cyborg drawled warningly. Beast Boy frowned.

“Oh, I geddit. It had to be Beastie. The prankster. The immature one. The idiot.

He tossed the game controller on the coffee table, rose from the couch and went to the door, pushing past Raven. As he reached the exit, he turned to face them again.

“I’m tired and I want to sleep,” he said in an icy voice. “If you’re going to search my room, do it right now.”

“I ain’t gonna be searchin’ yer room, Evergreen!” Cyborg chuckled. “I don’t have my hazmat suit with me!”

Beast Boy’s face darkened with anger. He glared at Cyborg, then turned around and stormed away. Raven watched him leave with a raised eyebrow.

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They Know! (Telling the Team  May 3rd)

“Friend Raven!” Starfire exclaimed as her and Beast Boy entered the kitchen.  "I was most concerned, I came to your room this morning and you were not there!“ 

Raven opened her mouth but before she could say a word Starfire gushed "Then I checked the roof, The living room, the garage, the evidence room, the shore, all the bathrooms, the gym, the—”

“Starfire!” the empath exclaimed before grabbing her arm and leading her away.  As they left the room she shoot Beast Boy a glance that that conveyed only one thing. Panic.

Their alien friend had just eliminated all there standbys, all there explanations that they had used for the last few months for Ravens absences. Of course Beast Boy knew exactly where Raven was all those times, right next to him in various stages of undress.  

This was bad. Raven was either going to have to come up with a fresh excuse, or tell Star that when she came to look for her, she was busy being the big spoon in Beast Boy’s bed.  But that wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was behind him, and Beast Boy could almost feel their eyes on his back.  

He didn’t turn to look and just simply asked. “Robin? Cyborg?”

“Good morning” the Titan leader replied.

“Anything you would like to share on this fine day?” Cyborg added.

“Nope!” Beast Boy blurted before walking briskly to the fridge to get the soy milk. Now they were in trouble, Beast Boy loved Star like a big sister, but she would believe just about anything, Robin and Cyborg were a different story. He quickly got a bowl and his fruit loops as the other two just men just stood there appraising the situation.

Beast Boy just sat at the table shoveling cereal into his mouth trying to keep from blurting something out. They knew, or at least they suspected.  Well of course they suspected! Cyborg had more surveillance equipment built into his head then most satellites,  and Robin was trained by Bat-man! How did they not know?!  

Cyborg sat down across from Beast boy, and Robin on his left, cutting off his escape routes unless he shifted into something that could get past them.  Both of them waring odd smiles.  

“Soooooo Green Bean, anything interesting happen last night?” Cyborg asked folding his hands together like it was a negotiation.  

“Nope” he said again. Nothing happened, He didn’t find out that the back of Ravens ankles were ticklish, or her favorite Harry Potter movie, or that he turns into butter when she rubs the back of his head like a cat, or that she makes the most wonderful sounds when you kiss down her spine! FUCK! Where the hell was Raven?!  He needed to know what she was telling Star, if their stories didn’t match everything was going to fall apart. The urge to say anything to throw the guys off was overwhelming.  

Soon Beast Boy’s bowl was empty and he quickly filled it again. It was the best plan he could come up with just keep eating, keep his mouth busy till the smarter member of this little caper showed up and back up anything she told Star.

“That’s a lot of cereal for you isn’t it?” Robin asked as Beast Boy filled his bowl for the third time.

“Oh he is a growing Boy Rob, but it does make me wonder how did he build up such and appetite?”  Cyborg answered for him, his human eye narrowing making Beast Boy feel like he was under a magnifying glass.  

“Do you know what I am wondering Cyborg, why is Beast Boy so quiet?”  Robin added in a playful tone  

“Why yes Robin” Cyborg responded putting his elbows on the table and resting his head in his hands, his expression full of scrutiny. “I wonder what happened to our green chatter box that couldn’t keep his yap shut for 17 seconds?”

Oh god! they knew,  they knew everything! They knew about the kiss they shared in the elevator as they both came down this morning, they knew that Raven slept in his WrestleMania 23 T-shirt and looked adorable it in, they knew the stupid pet names they had for each other!

Beast Boy stomach ached from the stress and overeating. He went for another spoonful but the utensil just found the table. Robin had pulled the bowl away forcing Beast boy to raise his eyes to his.  

“Beast Boy, what’s going on?” The leader asked point blank.  

Beast Boy just looked at him a rouge fruit loop on his face from ramming the cereal down his throat. At that moment a high pitch squeal filled the tower.  The sound was so powerful it forced the three of them to clamp their hands over their ears as the windows vibrated. The piercing sound ending when Starfire exclaimed loud enough for the whole tower (and maybe some of coastal residence of the of jump city) to hear “XHA'L! YOUR BUMGROPHS WILL BE ADORABLE!”  

All three man sat there in shock, Robin and Cyborg’s heads turned to face each other.

“Robin, isn’t that Star’s word for—

"Babies” Robin finished.  

Starfire and Raven came into Beast Boy’s view, the alien princess had a smile on her face that just radiated joy while Raven wore and expression of mild defeat.  

“Friends! Raven has the most wonderful news!” Starfire said floating behind and above Raven, her hands on the empath’s shoulders.  

“I think most of North America knows Starfire” Raven said.

“Your pregnant!?” Cyborg asked jumping to his feet.  

“No!” Raven said pulling her hood down, “Beast Boy and I are, we are,  we have,…Beast Boy?”

Beast boy opened his mouth but no words came out.  His head fell under the table followed by the wet echo of the pound and a half of cereal his stomach couldn’t hold anymore hitting the floor.  

“Yea that’s love, nothing else could be that gross”  Cyborg stated as he backed away from the table.  

“Raven congratulations, please help your boyfriend clean that up”  Robin said as he made his own retreat, taking Starfire with him.  

Beast Boy pulled his head up his face looking more lime then emerald. His eyes meeting hers full of sympathy and confusion.    

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“I tried to cork my mouth with fruit loops so I wouldn’t spill the beans”  

“Brilliant” sarcasm lacing her words.  Her right hand messaging her forehead.  

“Hey! I might have been able to hold it together if it wasn’t for the whole bumgorph thing. ” He said taking a few deep breaths his color starting to return.  "I thought that maybe there was something that you hadn’t told me yet!“

Raven went to the sink, returning a moment later to hand him a glass of water.  "Starfire got carried away, when I told her” she explained. “Trust me Garfield, if I get pregnant I will tell you first. ” Raven started pulling the table away to expose the mess.  "Now please go get the mop. “

He got up his first few steps a bit wobbly and got the cleaning supplies.  They said nothing to each other as they took care of the small disaster.  After it was done Raven excused herself to go meditate on the roof. But before she left "She was right!” Beast Boy said out of the blue, pulling Ravens attention back to him. “Our bumgorphs would be adorable.” She could feel the weight of those words. Raven quickly pulled her hood up to hide the blush rising into her face and the smile that slipped past her control.

I always liked the idea that the others finding out that these two crazy kids hooked up in a non standard way.  

A Healing Touch

“What happened to your arm?”

Robin blinked, looking up from his stack of paperwork. He was met with the slightly miffed expression of the tower’s resident empath as she glowered at his arm. Robin furrowed his brows, confused. “Uh, what?” he said. Raven huffed, gesturing towards his bandaged arm.

“You’re arm,” she said, “What did you do this time?”

Oh. That.

“It’s nothing, Rae,” Robin said, shrugging. “Just a scratch.”

Raven rolled her eyes and sighed, her cape fluttering as she swept into the chair beside him. “Just nothing,” she mocked, “sure.” The empath reached for his arm, gently pulling it towards her. “I can feel your pain all the way from the roof.”

Her touch made Robin freeze. She was gentle as she unwound the bandage, careful to not squeeze or bump the gash. Heat rose to his face, and Robin found himself riveted to her every movement. There was just something so…alluring about the demoness, something that always seemed to bring him into a trance when he was around her. Robin felt he wasn’t alone in that aspect either; Raven seemed to have that effect on most people.

“This is bad,” she murmured softly. Her face was drawn into a pout as she took in the state of his arm, her tone clearly disapproving. Robin shrugged again, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Cyborg said it was worse than it looks.”

Raven cut him a glare, silencing him. With barely a twitch of her fingers, she conjured up her healing magic and draped her hand across his injury. He gasped, pins and needles of ice dancing across his skin. Robin watched with wide eyes as the sorceress re-sewed the muscle and skin on his arm, making it like new once again.

That was one of the things Robin found forever fascinating about Raven’s powers; her ability to heal. He’d once watched her re-shape Beast Boy’s splintered leg, rescue Starfire from being stabbed, and reconstruct a burn victim’s face, among other things. She was an invaluable member to the team, and an excellent friend. Someone he trusted with his life.

“There. Better.”

Robin blinked. He looked down at his arm, now whole once more. He flexed, relieved to find the soreness gone. “Wow, thanks, Rae!”

Raven smiled, and Robin felt his heart skip a beat. “Next time, try not to hurt yourself,” she teased. The empath lingered for just a moment, their gazes tangling within each other. Robin felt her hand graze his arm and sliding into his own. She gave him a gentle squeeze, a smile flickering across her lips. But it was gone as fast as it appeared, and she rose abruptly, breaking the spell. Robin gulped, letting his hand drop into his lap. He looked away, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“Um, thanks again,” he mumbled quietly. Raven hummed.


Robin glanced up just in time to see her stride off, her cloak billowing behind her. He stared after her, his heart thudding in his chest and his mind reeling.

What on earth just happened?

He rubbed his arm subconsciously, suddenly unable to focus on his paperwork.

I promised fluff, so here. This is fluffy, right?


Anyway, enjoy xD

P.S. this is totally inspired by a prompt thing I saw but forgot to save. If I find it, I’ll link it!

-mod Kat

Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements

“The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.”-Julian Casablancas

“Uh, Rae? I think we’re lost…” Beast Boy trailed off, glancing around them with wide eyes. Looming up all around them were massive redwood trees, with a canopy so thick, it blocked out the sun. Every direction looked the same, no matter which way he looked.

They were lost. He was certain of it.

“No. We aren’t,” Raven growled. She stomped onward, trampling the ferns in her wake. Beast Boy heaved a sigh. She’d said that an hour ago. And the hour before that.

And yet, there was still no sign of their teammates or their camp.

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Scribble-Doodle: Scarred

During the parabatai ceremony in 203, Alec did not have the scar in his left eyebrow yet. So, what happened between that moment and the beginning of the show? A parabatai story.

They’re meant to be the backup and nothing more.

“You’re still too young for this, boys!” the leader tells them with a cheeky grin while the squad’s gearing up to raid the warlock’s lair.

Unable to help himself, Jace rolls his eyes and reminds the guy, “You’re just three years older than we are, Jack!”

Laughing, Jack claps Jace on the back. “And that means three years wiser, kid!”

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BBRae Week: Day 1 [Pining]

Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements vs Pining

It started with a book.

To say that Raven was addicted to the story would have been a vast understatement. The novel was one of those that had to be binged over the course of a few days. Anything more would have been sacrilege; not to mention, a total insult to the magnificent authoress and her wonderful craft. The book itself was thick and heavy, with font the tiniest, most legible size. Raven could not put the thing down. The hard cover binding was practically glued to her hands, and she was always anxious to reunite with it whenever the team would be called out to an emergency.

However, such behaviour from the empath was not unusual to witness, and thus, her teammates never made a fuss whenever she’d opted to ignore them in favor of fiction instead.

Besides, how could they even dream to compete with something Raven had always been so passionate about? Victor would even joke to the others that the empath had been born with a book in her hand, and Raven, who had been far too engrossed with the page-turner at the time, didn’t even bother batting an eyelash in his direction. Although that in itself had been mildly concerning, Cyborg knew better than to press whenever the sorceress discovered such an engaging tale.

The book, at its very core, was a fantasy novel, filled with rich lore and mysticism, adventure, and romance. It had all the components necessary for an epic journey of the imagination. The author had both carefully and meticulously created a fictional world with varying races, characters, and laws, every one of which were designed with the proper love and attention needed to make a story absolutely captivating.

Where Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy had their videogames, Raven had her books. It was her way of unwinding during the downtime, and even Garfield had come to understand that throughout the years.

[follow the cut for the rest!]

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Skinny Dipping

No, it’s not what you think.  But it is slightly NSFW.


Starfire hummed to herself as she headed for the Tower’s indoor swimming pool. The day was hot, and while the Tower’s air-conditioning was working properly and maintaining a pleasant seventy-five degrees throughout it, she still felt the need to refresh herself. She pouted a little as her mind went back to her boyfriend’s morose refusal to join her. He could be so infuriating with that obsession he had with paperwork and crime pattern research.

A small smile spread over her face, just a little crooked. To be sure, it would all go on his tab, and she would have him pay it in full come the evening. But for now, she would have to enjoy her swim by herself.

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Protect (Primal May 2nd)

“It’s okay, lay down.” Beast Boy said. She was too tired to argue and let him guide her body to rest her head in his lap. Her body laid across the back seat of the T-Car. Beast Boy reached over her and pulled her cloak tight around her like a blanket.  The whole ride home He was silent.  Getting some odd and concerned glances from Starfire and Cyborg in the front seats. He wanted to say something, but Raven’s eyes fluttered closed and her breathing deepened.  He stayed quiet gently stroking her hair and letting her rest on his legs.

Beast Boy hated when she did this. When she overextended herself, especially when it was to save the rest of them. Of course if she didn’t there were a few times that the team and probably a good chunk of jump city would be dog food but he still hated seeing her like this.  

She didn’t need to hear jokes right now, and he didn’t trust himself to speak. Beast Boy’s protective instincts were in overdrive. He was trying to calm himself, she was breathing, nice and regular, she was in one piece and she was here with him. Raven was exhausted, not injured, not sick. It’s never easy to see a loved one in distress, but for him it was different.  

He could feel them, the alphas, the apex predators they were ready to lash out. They didn’t understand that she was safe. That they were with friends they only knew that they needed to protect their mate.  They needed her safe.  

The drive took forever, and as the minutes past the zoo inside Beast Boy just got more and more restless. When they finally pulled into the garage  Starfire got out and when opened the back door to help Raven out.  Beast Boy roared at her bearing his teeth like a feral dog.   Starfire jumped to the air out of instinct her hands and eyes glowed.

The standoff lasted only a moment, Starfire understood and returned to the ground and backed away slowly.  Beast Boy closed his eyes and collected himself as he carefully got out of the car caring Raven with him.  He was still silent as he passed his friends.  Apologies would happen but they would happen later he needed Raven where he could keep her safe.  

Raven came in and out of consciousness in waves.  At one point she knew she was being carried, like a small child. The next she could feel her clothes being gently peeled away.

Raven woke up for a few minutes while Beast Boy held her up in the shower.  

“What’s happening?” she gasped a bit of panic slipping into her voice.

“It’s okay Mama I got you”  He said pulling her to himself a bit tighter. Encouraging her to let him take her weight.  

“Is everyone..”

“Everyone is fine, you saved everyone, just rest. ”

Raven let her head fall against his shoulder.  She didn’t regain consciousness again till Beast Boy was laying her in her bed.  

“Garfield”  she said quietly as he pulled the covers over her.  

“Yea Rae, I am right here. ”

Raven just gave him a small smile before she was out like a light.  

They were in there den now, it should be okay, but he still need to appease his instincts.  He let them take over finally.  He needed ears sharp and alert even in sleep, and a nose that would let him sense and enemy for miles.  Beast Boy soon had vicious teeth, and claws, and fast moving legs that would not allow any attacker to escape.  He jumped up on the bed and laid down next to Raven his eyes facing the door. He will protect his mate.

Raven didn’t wake up until well into the next morning a green timber wolf in a light sleep next to her. This was not the first time, and she knew it would not be the last.  She ran her hand down the thick fur of his back. Beast Boy knew that Raven could protect herself.  This was not about knowing, it was about instinct, and some instincts are too powerful to ignore.

Okay some of you might be a little bit confused. I actually wrote two different stories for this prompt. The one called Resist explored Beast Boy’s more primal side in terms of his attraction to Raven.  The thing is that many writers have done this. In fact take a look at @xaphrin collection on Primeval and To claim and possess are incredible examples.  But primal can mean more than just sexuality so I wrote Protect. I wrote one to see if I could do it, I wrote the other to try to add something different. Enjoy. 

BBRae Week 2017 - Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements

“Well this is a bit…unorthodox.” A women with light gray skin, long, deep-violet hair, and dressed in long silk pants and a matching silk button nightshirt, turned in the king-sized to face her husband.

“Definitely not how I imagined this night to go.” Her husband agreed as he too turned onto his side in order to face her. He was a forest-green from head-to-toe, and wore only his boxer shorts and an old nightshirt.

The two lovers had tried to celebrate their 10th anniversary the way most couples do. By sharing a fancy meal at an expensive restaurant, enjoying a romantic stroll through the city’s park, and ending the evening hidden under the covers of their bed, commencing their love for one another, both mentally and physically. The first two parts went off without a hitch. They went to their favorite Japanese restaurant, where they shared various sushi rolls and some fried ice cream. Then they had their romantic walk-through-the-park, where they ran into an older man playing a saxophone. They took the rare opportunity to stay and dance to the soft jazz music that older man created. Once the musician played his last note, the couple dropped a generous amount of cash into the open instrument case lying at the man’s feet, and then they continued their walk towards home.

They walked as far as the park trail would lead them, before the women used her dark magic to swallow them completely, and spit them out on the beach of the island they called home. The man made a tempting notion to attempt the last part of their plan in the warm ocean water, but the women favored going inside the tower behind them and checking on their little bundles of joy before ending their night. The couple was expecting a dark and quite tower, with their children and their children’s sitters all fast asleep. So imagine their surprise to enter the common room with every member of their team-in-training struggling to silence two screaming five-year-olds.

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