and ezras face in the first one


The Siren’s Song (Orignal Graves/Credence - ft. Veela!Credence)

So this idea is brain child of reflecting on my HP fandom days of long ago and some of those tropes (specifically Veela!Draco) and conversations with @moonsofavalon about Ezra’s lovely singing voice and just how enchantingly fae-like he is. So I thought what if Credence had a Veela in his bloodline somewhere back? He got his dark hair from elsewhere, of course, but he’s still quite fair of face. And what if he and Graves didn’t know about it, and one day Credence unknowingly activated his ~Veela magic~? I wanted to organize this into a more coherent story, but my brain is… not cooperating. So, consider this a bit of a preview. Maybe. xD

For @moonsofavalon

EDIT/UPDATE: Read the full thing here

Usually the smell of supper greets Percival when he first arrives home as Credence likes to follow a routine. However, today he’s home early, and as he didn’t send any ahead notice to inform Credence of his premature endshift, the lack of smell comes as little surprise. The briefcase resting in his grasp contains an assortment of work related documents he intends to review in his personal study anyway. 

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Uh, you guys.

(from “The Mandalore Plot”)

(from “Visions and Voices”)


Okay, HOW MANY LAYERS OF SYMBOLISM. First off, the episode title, “Visions and Voices” is most obviously a reference to Ezra seeing and hearing Maul in his head, BUT we also get Satine’s voice (in the form of her voice actress) and face (in the form of the painting of her hanging in Maul’s lair). So, “visions and voices” almost goes double. Also, the particular nightsister ghost voiced by Anna Graves is, at least according to the credits, the one who possesses Sabine, and that’s just… wow. I mean, think about this. The ghost of a nightsister, the female counterpart of Maul’s species, voiced by the same voice actress as Satine Kryze, a Mandalorian woman who Maul murdered, possesses Sabine Wren, a young Mandalorian woman. AND! This is also the episode in which Sabine finds (and briefly wields!) the Darksaber, which happens to be the very weapon used by Maul to kill Satine, and which we now know is a fairly important part of Mandalorian history, thanks to that glorious first preview clip for this weekend’s episode, “Trials of the Darksaber.” 

Oh, what’s that you say? You can hear my screaming all the way from wherever you are? Well, I… uh… I have no idea what you’re talking about! No idea whatsoever, nope! No screaming going on here, that’s for sure! We’re all fine here, situation normal, nothing to see here, move along.

The Phone Call

The first time Ezra’s phone rang and the unknown phone number flashed across his screen, he didn’t answer.

The second time it rang, he thought about answering, but let it go to voicemail.

When it rang a third time, in rapid succession, he excused himself from the queue at the coffee shop. Reaching out for Nicole’s arm with an apologetic look on his face, he handed her his wallet, then ducked into a quieter space down the hall. It was extremely early in the morning, and though it seemed like the airport terminal should have been deserted, there were plenty of people walking around. The phone was still buzzing in his hand, and as he lifted it to his ear, sliding his thumb across the lock screen, he kept an eye on Nicole through the glass storefront.

“Hello?” he said, his voice rough, detached, and a little bit irritated. He was sure that whoever was calling had to have the wrong number.


From the other side of the glass, Ezra watched Nicole turn in search for him; she was almost to the counter, but it didn’t look like she wanted to continue to stand in line alone. He raised a hand to her and she nodded back, still hesitant.

“Yes,” Ezra said, his attitude changing just slightly. The voice was familiar, but paired with the unknown number, he was having trouble placing it. “Who is this?”

“It’s Byron Montgomery.”

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One think I like abut the elevator scene is Kanan keeping his eyes open during it. 
Around the base and the other member of the crew he keep his eyes close most of the time. Maybe because he feel safe around them or don’t want them to have to face his blind eyes.
But there he keep them open. 
My first thought is because he don,t trust Kallus and maybe he hope he would just think he is scared  not totally blind. As far as he know Kallus is an “enemy” and he can let his weakness show. he act like he can see by exchanging “look” look with Ezra and all. Until the last part where he totally look beside Kallus.

The first 6 episodes with likely corresponding themes:

A bit obvious: 2 parter where the crew frees hondo, they go to Reklem Station, and aquire Y-wings. Thrawn and Bendu make their debuts.

Possibly the Maul centric episode where he captures the Ghost crew and lures Kanan into a trap. Together Ezra and Maul merge the holocrons into one.

Episode where “Kallus” reveals the imperial cadets willing to defect. Sabine goes undercover and helps Wedge and the other guy join the Rebels.

Possibly the Freedom Fighters-return ep. Otherwise it’s Hera coming face to face with Maul or Thrawn–and boy we don’t want that! Come to think of it…it could be both!

“One last glorious day in the grand army of the Republic.” Probably the Rex centric episode. With luck, it’ll also include the Darktrooper Droids that Zeb and Ezra were fighting.

Anyone got anything to add?

New Episodes and Descriptions

“The Protector of Concord Dawn”
In need of new hyperspace routes due to Imperial pressure, the rebels find a shortcut but must first gain permission to use it.

“Legacy of Lasaan”
Zeb faces his past as the rebels unwittingly find a group of Lasats while searching for maps of Wild Space.

“The Call”
Ezra is guided by an old Jedi Master in a time of doubt.

Hera has a tumultuous reunion with her father as the rebellion aids a wayward group of Twi'leks.

“The Honorable Ones”
Kanan seeks to complete his Jedi training after discovering a hidden sect of old Jedi guardsman.

“Phantom’s Descent”
Sabine and Hera are stranded on a dangerous world after an Imperial convoy attacks their transport.

“Flight of Nanogorths”
The rebels stage a break-in to an experimental Imperial weapons factory.

“Shadows of the Past”
Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka return to the Jedi Temple on Lothal to seek answers about the growing darkness.

“Fears of the Future”
After being attacked by the Inquisitors on Lothal, Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka head to a Sith temple on the planet Malachor.

“Master and Apprentice”
Vader and the Inquisitors face the rebels on Malachor, spawning irreversible consequences.


Hey guys ! When the first trailer for the 3rd season of Rebels was released, I started drawing different parts that would compose a poster. Now, since I’m a lazy dude, I didn’t finish it. YET. But I don’t know when I’ll get back to it, so in the mean time, here’s what I did so far. I finished master Maul. I only drew Kanan and Thrawn. Thrawn isn’t the final version. I will do another one more inspired by the face of the voice actor, Lars Mikkelsen. I still need to draw Ezra, and maybe some others, and background stuff. Hope you’ll enjoy (and share ;) ) this. 

Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife

I still find it weird that when Mona was in Radley and Hanna and Aria snuck in to look for answers and talk to Mona (3x07), Mona says 3 “coded messages” to them:

  • No One To Save Ali From Evil - NOT SAFE
  • Maya’s Away Sleeping Sweet, Until Garrett’s All Rosy Count On Me - (maya’s website)

And the the last one that Mona kept repeating:

  • Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife - MAYA KNEW

Hanna and Aria went back to Spencer and Emily and only told them or conveiniently “remembered” the first two. And then it was never mentioned again. Why is that? Why wasn’t the last one mentioned? That seems really suspicious to me, and I think it was on purpose. I believe it could be another clue as to Aria being A (or Uber A?). And did you see Aria’s face when Mona was saying that? She looked guilty as hell.

PLUS if you look at the first half of the second riddle, “Maya’s Away Sleeping Sweet” looks like it indicates she’s actually fine, she’s not dead, she’s just hiding (oh hi again, foreshadowing, old friend).

But I just find it so strange that it was never brought up again, the girls never said anything about it, and they only talked about the other two riddles.

MAYA KNEW makes me think maybe she knew about Charles?! Or Aria being involved? That’s why she was killed? (or potentially hiding away)? What do you guys think?!


Favorite Part of SS Trailer: Captain Boomerang

I love Boomerang. He’s one of my favorite villains in all of comics. I had to sit and listen to the Jai Courtney hatred since the day he was cast. The waiting paid off as I watch the trailer with a stupid joker-like grin across my face. He looks great, this is Captain Boomerang. 

He absolutely would sneak away in a fight for a beer. He would come out of a bag and punch the first person he sees with no plan whatsoever. What makes me even more excited is how this plays for The Flash movies. Flash doesn’t need villains like Doomsday he needs more Digger Harkness and villains of this sort.

The “Honorable Ones” ending

I think the thing that broke my heart the most was the ending. Kallus learned more about Zeb personally and watched as his crew, his family, welcomed him back joyfully. I mean, Ezra nearly hugged Zeb; I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had! And then Kallus (srsly we need his first name tho) frickin limps painfully back onto the Star Destroyer and no one pays attention to him, and he sees Konstantine (I hope I’m spelling that right) and he says hello in the vain hope that someone, anyone will welcome him back happily like Zeb’s family crew did with him, and all he gets is a cold nod and “Agent Kallus” and it kills him. Did you see his face? Did you? Because that was the face of a broken man trying to piece together his life after witnessing something that changed it and left it shattered: these “insurgents” are “people” (quotes because some aren’t human and it’s just an expression) too. And the way he sat in his bed with the glowy thing Zeb gave him on a shelf and just stared at nothing just flat-out killed me. I mean, there was no dialogue, yet he said so much with just his face. (the animating as obvs spot-on as well)

That was simultaneously the most adorable yet heart-wrenching ending to anything ever. 

Florence Welch & Andrew VanWyngarden pranking Ezra Koenig (2008)
  • EK: One thing I was thinking of when I found out that you were gonna come in, I was trying to think about the first time I ever met you - do you know the first time you ever met me?
  • Florence: I can’t remember…I think it was at a festival though wasn’t it?
  • EK: Okay well this might not even be the first time I met you, but this is the first time ever I saw your face.
  • Florence: Yeah–
  • EK: Well I think, and actually I want you tell me if this is true. I think it was at Reading/Leeds 2008 and you were hanging out with MGMT.
  • Florence: (gasps) When me and Andrew were sitting underneath your table that had your snacks on it and shooting juice cartons through the paper!
  • EK: OK, I didn’t even know about that. (laughter) OK, so does that sound right?
  • Florence: Well I don’t think because we were hiding in your dressing room and I think we were going to try and surprise you, we were hiding underneath your–
  • EK: Surprise me or punk me?
  • Florence: I don’t know, but I remember we were hiding underneath the table that had all your like dressing room snacks on it and we were using Ribena cartons to like shoot like as weapons or something. And then we found some tires to play with. (laughter)
  • EK: So this is in 2 thousand–were you guys like, messed up?
  • Florence: Yes
  • EK: OK it’s a festival, there’s no shame in that.

OMG I passed over this scene the first few viewings…

This scene is AMAZING for it captures really well how Kanan taught Ezra.

When Ezra began on one of his monologues, Kanan pulled the boy back to his center, to listen to the Force.


That face of surprise, of being reminded of what’s important… the face of FULL TRUST in his master. JUST LIKE EARLIER, when they found “Prisoner X-10″:

ezra was not having one of the best days, not only was he behind on his marking – but he’d also missed his first class. it was lunch time when he finally arrived, stepping into his classroom. odd it wasn’t locked. he placed his items down on the desk when he heard a tapping of nails against one of the desks behind him. he turned to face the young woman. 
“.. what are you doing here, it’s lunch, isn’t it?”