and ezras face in the first one

Spencer's Twin

Spencer’s twin was definitely the one talking to Wren. I’ve created a list of evidence from this scene alone. 

1) To get Ezra’s attention ‘Spencer’ says ‘Ezra?’ and it sounded as if she wasn’t sure it was him, even though he is facing her. 

2) At first, Wren and ‘Spencer’ are arguing and it sounds like she says 'don’t call me that’, this could be in reference to him calling her Spencer/twin etc. Ezra definitely didn’t interrupt a friendly conversation between the pair. 

3) Her outfit is different from the earlier scene with Furey. She doesn’t have the trench coat, the top is slightly different and her signature watch is missing.

4) When Ezra leaves he says ‘Spencer’, and the camera pauses on her face and she sounds disappointed (see image below). This connects with her asking Wren to ‘stop calling her that’. 

“I See You “- Theory

Season 1 Episode 10 - Camp Mona was said to give us a clue according to MK’s response to a fan’s question on Uber A now known as A.D.



Noel wasn't the only one who to see this, Hanna was watching as well as she and the rest of the liars well excluding Aria as she was busy smooching Ezra’s face were on the look out for A. Hanna is then knocked over by a car which later turned out to be Mona but we all know that’s BS!

The liars then receives this text:

But what exactly was to much for Hanna to know? Technically the only big secret Hanna discovered was Ezra and Aria! Apart from Noel writing I See You!

Fast forward to Season 7 episode 7 Original G'A'ngsters

We once again see

But this time we’re unsure if it’s actually Noel khan.Here is where it starts to get interesting:

The Liars investigate the secret storm cellar. Opening a filing cabinet, they find a file for each of them except Aria. (THE LIARS EVEN MAKE A POINT OF SAYING THIS) They also find Mary’s medical files. Reading them they discover that Mary had a second child who would have been the same age as the Liars. Finding photos of Alison everywhere, they discover that Jessica must have known that she was still alive. Spencer’s car alarm startles them and they run outside to stop it. The keys are gone, however, and so they get inside the car to turn off the alarm. Once inside, the car automatically locks and a seriously scary countdown begins. A sinister message then appears: “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, YOU DIE.” The storm cellar then blows up right in front of the terrified girls. A hooded figure writes “I see you” on the back of their car. Later, we see a shady figure with Aria’s file in front of them. The person then lights a match to burn a file with Noel Kahn’s name on it.

Later in  Season 7 episode 9 The Wrath of Kahn

Aria has a very interest conversation with Jason. 

JASON: I ran into Emily at The Brew. She said you were up here.

ARIA: Yeah, I was actually just about to head out. Can we talk later?

JASON: There was a fire at my Aunt Carol’s a few days ago.You know anything about it?


JASON: Apparently, Ali went out there. Detective Furey said Archer was out of the country but I think he’s still here.I think he followed her out there and tried to hurt her again.

ARIA: The fire was an accident.

JASON: Wait, so you were with her?  

ARIA: Yeah.Ali asked me not to say anything.

JASON: Why not?

ARIA: We found some of your mom’s personal things in the cellar.

JASON: What things?

ARIA: [sighs] Okay, we found some paperwork that confirmed your mom was in charge of Mary’s care at Radley. She oversaw Charlotte’s adoption and Mary’s other child’s adoption too.

JASON: What other child?

ARIA: That was all we were able to read before the fire started.Now, Mary won’t answer any of Ali’s calls and she’s, she’s not staying at the Lost Woods.

JASON: I’m sure there were more secrets.And I’m guessing my mom was killed because of one of them.

ARIA: I promised Ali I’d find out all I could about the adoption.I owe her that after everything she’s been through.[sighs] I was just gonna head to the courthouse right now.

JASON: They won’t give you any information.

ARIA: Why not?

JASON: You’re not a relative.

ARIA: No, but you are.


WELL,firstly Aria was not with the liars at the cellar. She had told the liars that she and Ezra are in fact going to elope that night but we saw the FBI agents at Ezra’s apartment but Aria was not seen for the rest of the episode. So Why did she lie to Jason about being there? Unless she actually was there. secondly the fire was no accident so why did she lie again saying it was an accident?Thirdly the fire only started once the liars was out of the cellar so why did Aria say to Jason they didn't have time to figure out details about the 2 Drake child because the fire had started.

lastly why the hell does she keep including herself in that event??? Unless she was there not as Aria but as A/A.D?

Also this was the first time we were made aware of Jason and Aria being together during the time jump in a flashback. during the conversation Aria felt very guilty especially about the fire. Why would she its not like she started it or anything? or did she? And why out of all the liars is she so interested in helping Ali discover who the 2 Drake child is. we all know how Aria doesn’t just help Ali with anything remember how she was so against Charlotte’s release. So why help Ali now?

Interesting statements to note  

  1. JASON: There was a fire at my Aunt Carol’s a few days ago.You know anything about it?
  2. ARIA: No.
  3. ARIA: The fire was an accident.
  4. JASON: Wait, so you were with her?  
  5. ARIA: Yeah.Ali asked me not to say anything.
  6. JASON: They won’t give you any information.
  7. ARIA: Why not?
  8. JASON: You’re not a relative.

HOW DOES CAMP MONA AND WRATH OF KHAN AND THE WHOLE I SEE YOU THEORY COME INTO PLAY? WELL remember in Camp Mona this was the first time we saw Aria as A wearing a black hoodie in Wrath Of Khan A or A.D was there with the girls supposedly the hooded figure outside the car. Also in Original G'A'ngsters the liars discover files for all of them besides Aria we later saw A/A.D with Aria and Noels file. A has been playing this game for 7 seasons now why go through all that trouble of taking Aria’s file and not Spencer as she turned out to be the second child? Wasn’t A.D trying to conceal this, WHAT IF yes i too believe A.D stands for Aria Drake remember Eddie Lamb did recall Aria being in Radley before. 

Secret Crushes ~Tom Holland Imagine~


Summary: You have a secret crush on, Tom Holland. What you don’t know is that he has a secret crush on you. However you both do not know that because of the great chemistry you both have with your co-stars. When you both meet up at the pre MTV Awards party, some secrets are revealed. 

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie, this request just suddenly just gave me the feels.

Originally posted by merlinemryspendragon

I just filmed a scene for Justice League with my best friend Ezra Miller. I was the youngest out of the whole cast and they may sometimes treat me like I’m fragile. 

“You know, I went to training for like a whole month to become Wonder Woman,” I reminded Ezra. 

“But you’re still the shortest out of all of us,” He laughed a little. I shook my head at him before looking at my phone. 

I went to my Instagram feed and the first picture I saw was Tom Holland. I smiled in awe as his handsome face showed up. I’ve had a crush on him since the Civil War movie.

“Who’s that?” Ezra asked before looking behind me.

“No one,” I said before shutting my phone off.

“Was that Tom Holland?” He questioned me.

“No,” I told him quickly.

“Aw. Little Y/N has a crush on him,” Ezra said. 

“Shut up. Besides he probably doesn’t like me back,” I said. 

“Whatever,” Ezra smirked. I went back on Instagram and went on the camera.

“Guess who I’m with again,” I said, filming a little video. I turned the camera to Ezra who made a funny face.

“What’s up!” Ezra said before smiling. 

Tom’s P.O.V

I went on my Instagram feed and saw my celebrity crush, Y/N L/N, had made a video. 

“Guess who I’m with again,” She smiled. The camera turned towards Ezra Miller making me frown. She makes a lot of videos with him, making me a bit jealous.

“What’s up!” He smiled.

“Hey, Tom,” Harry said, walking over to me.

“Hey, Harry,” I said before turning off my phone.

“Was that Y/N I saw?” Harry questioned me.


“Dude, you are so whipped and you’ve never even met her,” He laughed a little.

“Oh shut up,” I muttered.

“Are you going to the pre MTV Awards party later?” Harry asked.


“I heard Y/N is going,” Harry mentioned.

“I’ll think about it,” I said. 


Y/N’s P.O.V

I was dressed up in a short, 50′s style navy blue dress for the MTV Awards. I was going to the pre party and I was nervous. Tom Holland was nearby me and I smiled widely. Ezra walked over to me and hugged me.

“I see your crush,” He said loudly in my ear. 

“Shh,” I said, raising my index finger to my lips.

“Come on,” Ezra said. We went to the party and I saw Zendaya. 

“Z!” I said. 

“Hey, Y/N/N,” She smiled before giving me a hug. 

“How are you?” I asked. 

“Great! You have to meet a friend of mine. Come on,” She said. We walked over and I saw Tom Holland there. 

“Tom, meet Y/N/ Y/N, meet Tom.”

“H-Hi,” I smiled widely.

“Uh, h-hey,” Tom smiled back.

“You both have a lot in common, why don’t you two talk about it?” Zendaya said before leaving us. 

“I guess we have a lot in common,” Tom said nervously.

“I guess we do.”

“D-Do you want to get something to drink?” He asked.

“I’d love to,” I said.

We walked over to a little stand and I got some water and he did the same.

“Hey, Y/N, you’re with your celebrity crush!” I heard Ezra say. I started to blush madly as I saw Robert Downey Jr. walk by us.

“Hey, Tom. You’re finally with the famous Y/N that you won’t shut up about,” He said. Now it was Tom’s turn to blush. 

“Well… um… I guess,” Tom said. 

“Oh, uh. I’m going over there now,” Robert said before pointing to another direction and leaving. 

“You like me?” I asked shyly.

“Yeah. You’re my celebrity crush,” Tom said looking down nervously.

“Well I guess it’s our lucky day because you’re also my celebrity crush as well,” I blushed. 

“I thought Ezra was,” Tom said.

“He’s just a friend. Trust me,” I tell him.

“Oh okay. Well would you like to go on a date with me sometime?” Tom asked.

“Yes,” I said trying to keep my cool.


Thank god for friends to help you out.

Valentine’s Day

Okay, I finished this before midnight by like a minute… so it’s still Valentine’s Day here! I wanted to write some fluff for Valentine’s Day, and while it’s mainly Sabezra, I did include some Kanera at the end because I love Kanera too!

This is really just lots of fluff and shippy feels and honestly it just makes me heart happy. And I’m also quite happy that I was able to write again! Even if I did stay up a lot later than I thought I would finishing it haha *flops*

Hope y’all like it, and happy Valentine’s Day!

Fic below the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcannons for if Ahsoka had been the one to find Ezra? Maybe just after his parents had been arrested?

you bet your fucking ass i do

  • Ahsoka travels to Lothal to meet/find the voices behind the Bridger Transmissions and maybe see if they would be willing to become the voices of the fledgling rebellion
    • It would seriously help their cause if Mira and Ephraim could broadcast hope throughout the entire galaxy instead of just to a single planet
    • She had already contacted them once as Fulcrum and they knew she was coming at some point
  • Unfortunately, Ahsoka arrives too late, not knowing that the Bridger family was being targeted by the Empire
    • This is in no way her fault
    • Mira and Ephraim knew that contacting Fulcrum while they were being targeted would only cause trouble for Ahsoka so they didn’t say anything
  • Ahsoka shows up to the house the night after they were taken, confused as to why the house is empty and ransacked
    • She’s about to leave, fearing that this could be a set up, when she sense something under the house
    • Following the pull of the Force, she finds eight-year-old Ezra curled in a corner of his parent’s secret room, fast asleep with tear tracts staining his ruddy little cheeks
    • Ahsoka wakes him and calms him down so he can tell her what happened
    • Promising that she will look after him, train him, Ahsoka takes Ezra with her when she leaves Lothal and returns to the Rebellion
  • Ahsoka is a strict but fair teacher and Ezra is powerful and a quick learner
    • Don’t get me wrong, Kanan is a good teacher for Ezra and they have a really powerful bond
    • But imagine Ahsoka - the padawan who has seen too much of the Dark Side first hand - allowing Ezra to dabble with the Dark Side of the Force, instructing him as to why and how it is different from the way she’s teaching him, letting him understand that it’s not a path that is in any way easy to handle mentally
    • She also makes sure he understands that the Light Side of the Force isn’t a cake walk either, but is a far better choice than the Dark Side
    • Ezra grows up training and learning through battles, much like the way Ahsoka did, seeing hope in the eyes of those they help and understanding first hand that they can’t save everyone from the Empire
  • Because Ahsoka works so closely with Bail, Ezra often meets Princess Leia when they’re on Bail’s ship or even on their rare visits to Alderaan
    • She teaches him politics and political social skills, as well as customs from planets that she has visited and snippets of languages that she has picked up
    • Ezra tells Ahsoka one day that he thinks Leia has a connection with the Force and Ahsoka gets a pained expression on her face before waving it off with ‘everyone is connected to the Force, remember?’
  • Ezra and Ahsoka meeting the Ghost crew years later when they formally join the rebellion and Ezra staring up at Kanan in awe because he’s finally meeting another Jedi besides Ahsoka
    • Sabine reminding Ezra - in a way - of Leia and becoming friends with her immediately
    • Ezra already knowing how to fly through Ahsoka’s training but basically begging Hera to teach him her tricks once he rides with them during a fire fight
    • Ezra having Ahsoka’s love for droids and getting along with Chopper right off the bat and completely earning Hera’s trust through that

I’ll stop here but in case it wasn’t clear I have a lot of Emotions about this particular topic

Valentine's Sabezra Fic!

Hey guys - if you don’t wanna read it just scroll past it but here is a fic i did after trials of the darksaber, and I hope you enjoy it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sabine sat on the edge of the Ghost’s ramp, trying not to process what had happened that day. But it had happened. She broke down and let everything, everything go. She had sobbed till she couldn’t hear herself think. It wasn’t often that her guard broke down like that; in fact, it never happened. She pushed everyone away, and it hurt. And now that it was out, it still hurt like hell, viciously tormenting her. The look on Kanan’s face when she exploded, disarming him with her raw emotion. The look on Ezra’s face when she finally admitted what he had been pressing her about for so long. Her mother. Her father. Her brother. Betraying her and leaving her to rot, as if family didn’t matter. It was too much to bear.

Oh gods, Ezra. She didn’t mean to lash out at Kanan like that. And to be reminded that Ezra was an orphan… It wasn’t their fault. Her demons still plagued her after 4 long years, and it ate at her to know that she could have hurt them. She apologised profusely to Kanan, but Ezra was still busy with… whatever he was doing. He probably thought to left her alone for once. And this time, she wished he hadn’t.

She held her head in her hands, and decided she had 5 more minutes of weakness and then would get on with her life. She would paint, and then… Well, she would decide that later. Sabine Wren didn’t do crying unless it was in the dead of the night, where no one would see or hear. The night was often a sea of comfort in which she could wash away her nightmares and pain. But her emotions got the best of her, and she was determined it wouldn’t happen again.

Then a slight cough and some whistling of a familiar tune woke her out of her stupor. There was Ezra, walking along in that easy-going lope of his towards her. It reminded her of how he seemed to sway with the wind on the fields of Lothal. Their eyes met, and Ezra gave her a soft smile.

“Hey there. You… uhm, okay?” he asked. She folded her arms and nodded. “Fine.”

He shook his head. “No you’re not. And that’s why you’re coming with me.”

Sabine snorted. “Going where, exactly?” He shrugged. “Offworld. It’s time we caused some bucketheads a little more trouble, don’t ya think?”

She stared at him. “Are you for real, Bridger? Hera’s going to kick both of our butts worse than I kicked yours today.”

Ezra grinned and leaned down. “Why don’t you ask her, then? Oh, and I kicked your butt first. Rookie.” Sabine elbowed him. “Call me rookie one more time, I dare you.”

Ezra’s gaze turned mischievous. “C'mon. Where’s your sense of adventure, ‘Bine? Its been a while since we did anything… fun.” She snorted. “Right. Fun. No time for fun in a rebellion.”

He scoffed. “Oh, come on! Let’s face it, you’ve probably had the roughest day, like, ever. You need to de-stress. Oh, and Kanan’s cool with it. Just so you know.”

She considered what he was saying a little less disbelievingly. “Are you sure you’re not just lying your butt off to take me out somewhere and disobey orders 'cause you’re in this whole rebelling phase again?” Ezra’s eyes widened and he raised his hands in a who, me? gesture.

“Ye of little faith. I promise you we got permission from both Hera and Kanan. And Chopper is coming with us. It’s all for you - no selfishness included. So whaddaya say? Wanna cause some trouble with me?”

She laughed a little. Okay, maybe she did need some kind of break. From… everything.

“You had this whole thing organised, didn’t you?” she asked, while Ezra shrugged sheepishly. “Alright, Bridger. Let’s go somewhere.”

Ezra pumped his fist in the air and whooped, while Sabine shushed him - “You’ll wake up Zeb!” They walked over to the Phantom, where Chopper and Hera were waiting for them. Hera had warmth in her eyes when she said, “All right, I had to tweak a few things to get you two out of here. As far as anyone knows, this is a recon mission as well as getting those DLT-19’s out of the system - so I want at least two bags of joguns, waffles, chili dumplings, dried kelp strips for Kanan and yes, Ezra, you can get a Bantha burger. ”

The padawan jumped up in the air and hugged the twilek. “You’re the best, Hera!”

Hera smiled. “Don’t get caught by the Empire. That’s all I’m gonna say - this is a one off for you two!” Ezra mock-whispered, “Meh, she’ll cave in next time.”

Hera gave Ezra a steely look. “Don’t wreck the Phantom, hotshot.” While Ezra protested, Sabine smirked. “He won’t. I’m flying.” Ezra wheeled around.

“Oh no you aren’t. You don’t even know where we’re going!” he retorted. 

Sabine raised an eyebrow. “So where are we going, oh Master Tracker?”

Ezra wiggled his brows. “You’ll see. Time to fly, boys and girls - uh, should I say, droids and girls. This pilot’s got a few tricks up his sleeve." 

Sabine rolled her eyes as she entered the Phantom, while Hera watched on amusedly. 

Garel, Evening

Garel’s city lights twinkled and glowed lilac, while the sea was a wash of black and blue. Since the Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron had left, the number of Star Destroyers had lessened quite a bit,  though Imperial presence was still notable. Sabine looked over to Ezra, who was humming to himself. "By the way, Chopper got your sprays on board - just thought you’d want to know.”

Sabine turned to Chopper. “What the - Chopper! You know no one is allowed to touch those!” Chopper warbled his reply, and the Mandalorian wrinkled her brow, and then burst into laughter. 

“Ezra, is that what you were getting at this whole time? Seriously?!” Ezra grinned modestly. “What can I say? It’s been a while since we defaced some Imperial property. I also brought some explosives - y'know, just in case we need them.”

Sabine felt something a lot like joy creep into her heart and swell up inside. Before she realised what she was doing, she ran up to Ezra as they landed and wrapped him in a fierce hug. “Woah there!” he laughed, and something warm and gushing filled his eyes as he embraced her back.

She quickly broke away, slightly embarrassed and said, “I can’t believe - I mean - ” Ezra stopped her, his mouth twisting into a lopsided grin. “You can thank me later. Chopper, let’s roll!”

They jumped out of the Phantom, and put on their helmets, Ezra’s the scout trooper helm Sabine painted for him, and Sabine her Mandalorian helmet. They grabbed 3 detonators each, and Sabine got her paint canisters out along with her sprayer. “Oh, it feels GOOD being able to use these babies properly again!” she exclaimed, and Ezra’s eyes sparkled. He loved making her feel better; so often she’d comforted him when he was down, so what better to help her than by doing what she loved best  - mixing art and explosions.

“Remember the old days when we were tagging and blowing up crates on Lothal?” Ezra asked as they snuck around the backstreets. Sabine gave a breathy laugh. “Those were the days. Small rebellion, huh?”

“It’s a big one now,” Ezra replied. “But, we can always revert juuust a little bit.” With that, he leaped up into the air and onto the roof of a building. “Show off,” Sabine said, and climbed up the stalls to join him. They spotted their loot, and got going.

Two heads hung upside down off the roof of a building. Quietly, Sabine crept down and dropped, light as a feather on the ground. Ezra followed, only missing his step slightly and almost doing the splits. Before he could cry out in pain, Sabine pulled him into a side street, trying not to laugh. “ I see you’ve still got your clumsy face on,” she teased. “Oh, shuddup,” he grumbled good-naturedly, and Sabine got to work.

The quiet sound of paint swishing across the crates of DLT-19 guns alerted three troopers to her whereabouts. When they saw her, one gave an audible gasp, and Ezra swore he could see the wide grin beneath Sabine’s helmet. They recognised her, alright - or at least knew of her. 'The Artist’. 

“Hey boys. Did ya miss me?” she asked, cockily, in a way that Ezra absolutely loved. The troopers took a step back, and the tallest stated, “Call for back up. One Mando female - it’s the Artist!”

Sabine felt her smile grow wider. “Ah, good to know my rep still stands. And you’ll be glad to hear I’ve brought back-up of my own.” She pressed a switch and somersaulted out of the way, as the first detonator went off, blasting the crates sky high. Ezra dropped like a stone from the roof and landed splat on one of the troopers, successfully drop kicking him. “Hah! Made it!” He exclaimed triumphantly. 

The Mandalorian tilted her head. “A bit sloppy, but that was a first. Now come on!” She grabbed his hand and spun him around as they ran towards the  bay parallel to where the Phantom was. The thrill of the chase rushed over them, and Sabine found that she was laughing when the second crate blew up, and Ezra bowled her out of the way. “Oh, oh, we should do that again -  over there!” Ezra raised his eyebrows. 

“Well you’re having a good time now, aren’t you?”

She let out a wild laugh. “Are you kidding? This is the best I’ve felt in ages - oh, don’t let it get to your head, blasterbrain.” Ezra flashed her his best grin. “You know you love me.”

She pressed the button a third time and Ezra swung his arm, using the Force and letting the blaster jelly go flying into the air; landing on an oncoming tie.

 It spontaneously combusted in colours of orange, purple and bright pink, flashing across the sky, as if the stars were setting alight. Both of them paused in their run, letting out a sigh of pleasure as they saw just how beautiful Sabine’s creation really was. The padawan noticed how the orange reflected off her eyes and danced between them. He was more than glad to see her like this, to be doing something that she really loved. He snapped out of it when Chopper arrived in the Phantom, ready to pick them up and go. 

Sabine’s eyes twinkled even more as she replied, “Do I know that? Maybe I do.” She danced into the Phantom, and Ezra shook his head, gazing up, his heart feeling as though it were going to shoot into the sky amidst the explosion. Chopper’s grumpy beeps urged him up, and they were soon off and being chased. 

“Ready for the last one?” Sabine asked, and Ezra gave her another of his lopsided smiles. “Ohhh yeah. Hit 'em with it 'Bine.” She paused. Her eyes seemed to give him a look of, thank you, and she leaned out of the Phantom. “Hey bucketheads! Eat THIS!”

The final explosion was the brightest Ezra had seen in that entire time, and he watched as the Imperial compound flashed blue and gold. The Ties kept chasing, and the pair high-fived before buckling in as Chopper went to hyperspace.

“So… I never got to say thank you,” Sabine began, mid-hyperspace. Ezra turned round from the pilot’s seat and folded his arms. Amusement danced in his eyes, as well as that strange fondness that seemed to glitter whenever they spoke. “For what?”

She raised her eyes to the sky. “For - you know… teaching me how to use a stick.”
Ezra raised both eyebrows. “A stick? Just a stick?” Sabine huffed good-naturedly. 

“Not just a stick. The lightsaber forms. Even for a person who isn’t a Force-User. Also… for this. It actually felt really, really good to be messing with troopers and helping put an end to those shipments. Also, tagging my art again.”

Ezra’s eyes twinkled even more. “Anything for you, 'Bine. Maybe it was just an excuse to hang with you.” She rolled her eyes as he flicked her on the shoulder. “Although we still need a round two of the sticks. Gadgets or no gadgets, you know I’m gonna beat ya.”

“Oh yeah? You’ll be begging for mercy before YOU know it, Bridger.”

“You would know,” He responded cheekily.

“Oh, shut up.”

PLL Theory

I’m calling it. Aria knows who killed Charlotte, or at least something about the night she was killed. First she denies even leaving the hotel and then lies about going out to get her phone charger. Hanna tells her that she knows she was out for longer than that, but Aria in a sense tries to brainwash her, saying she remembered it wrong and was drunk. She then marches straight over to Ezra’s apartment and tells him that they never saw each other that night and of course Ezra goes along with it and doesn’t really look that surprised. The girls then find the tape of Aria leaving the hotel and confront her about it. So Aria tells them about Ezra (her alibi) and throws the suspicion straight off herself. Spencer doesn’t seem to truth her at first, but then Emily and Hanna convince her otherwise. And to think, the girls were so close to actually realising what Aria was really like.

Then at some point the girls give statements to the police and Aria lies about leaving the hotel. Seeing as the tape is currently ‘missing’ and has an unknown whereabouts, there’s nothing to say that she wasn’t there all night. The girls must back her up on this. Again, bad decision. In 6x18 the police receive a witness statement about an attractive brunette calling someone from the 2 crows diner. And who does Tanner go straight to? Aria. That in itself is suspicious. What about Spencer, or more importantly Mona who it actually was. Why not bring in all three? Because Tanner suspects Aria. She always has. Remember back in season 5 when she goes to Aria’s house to talk to Byron. She doesn’t go and talk to the other girls parents’. She tells Byron that the police are interested in Aria and that she is certain Aria is part of the complications.

The first sneak peek for next weeks episode shows Emily telling Hanna and Aria that Mona was the one who called Charlotte, but she never showed up. Aria then immediately suggests going to talk to the police, reminding the girls on several occasions that she’s still on the suspect list, which she clearly doesn’t want to be on. Why? Because she’s guilty. And not just of the fact that she left the hotel, but for everything that’s been happening to the girls since ‘A’ arrived in Rosewood.

Isn’t it convenient that as soon as Aria’s been taken down to the police station, she gets ‘set on fire’ by this new ‘Uber Bad’, who, may I just point out, really doesn’t seem to give a crap about torturing Aria at all. I know that she got burned by the fire, but she still hasn’t received a single personal text from ‘Uber Bad’ and I seriously don’t think that she’s going to in the remaining two episodes either.

I honestly believe that Aria getting burned was her playing the victim, thus throwing suspicion off herself. And an added bonus to that was that she could see how Ezra felt about her. She hit two birds with one stone. ‘Uber Bad’ proved that they were serious and when Ezra came running in, she knew that he still has feelings for her and cares about her. I mean, come on. It was so obvious when her face dropped as she saw Liam. She clearly would rather have been with Ezra.

So who killed Charlotte? Well, presuming that Charlotte is actually dead, which could go either way judging on what’s happened before, I actually think that it was Elliot (Dr Rollins). I didn’t at first, but after watching the 6x19 promo and seeing Alison clearly drugged up when she turned up on Aria’s doorstep, I honestly believe that he could have killed her. Charlotte went to the church. Why? To get married to Dr Rollins. But then he killed her instead.

But where did he get the idea from? What if Aria found Spencer’s paper? We know that Ezra read it, so he could have told her about it. What if Aria went out that night to check that Charlotte arrived at the church and then texted Elliot to say that the plan was in action? Ideally Aria wanted Charlotte to be locked up in the hospital forever. I predicted weeks before 6x11 aired that Aria would be the only one to say that she was still ‘scared’ of Charlotte. But that failed, so there was only one thing that could be done to keep Charlotte quiet. Kill her.

What did Charlotte need to keep quiet about? Well, the fact that she was just another cover up ‘A’ like Mona. There was no way that Charlotte could have built the Dollhouse and stalked the girls everywhere. No. She was only ‘A’ during season 4. She was Kisses -A and Mona was - -A. But what about -A? Well, that was and always has been Aria.

But this new villain isn’t part of the ‘A’ team. They’re clearly a copycat. So who are they? I can only think of Melissa at the moment. Marlene did say that ‘Uber Bad’ was related to one of the liars and ruling out the twin for a moment, the only liar with a sibling who’s got a storyline this season is Melissa. (I mean, I highly doubt any of the parents would do something like this, nor Jason who’s just disappeared off the face of the earth). Why? Because she’s being blackmailed.

Now, here comes the interesting part. Why isn’t Melissa attacking Aria? Because she knows about Aria being ‘A’ somehow, through Wren or Charlotte, I don’t know. I mean, she did try and kill Aria on the Halloween train, no questions asked, along with Wilden, so she must have suspected Aria for something. So they made a deal. Aria would help her find out who the blackmailer was. Only Aria lied to her and actually helped Rollins to kill Charlotte. Now all she has to do is sit back and watch the fun. Which seems something extremely like what ‘A’/Aria would do.

I mean, let’s talk about the wedding photos for a second. Only 12 photos were taken on that night, three of them from this ‘Uber Bad’ person. Aria was in the photo, which presumably means that she didn’t take the photo, but we can’t actually see her face, which I think was deliberate. Does this mean that she has a twin? That would be the best reveal ever. I can’t think of any more hilarious than two Aria’s running around Rosewood. The town would literally be screwed.

Aria looks at the photo that supposedly has her in it and then instantly zooms in while saying ‘I wonder who took it’. I hate to break it to you Aria, but zooming in isn’t going to tell you who took the photo. But conveniently zooming straight in on the note from ‘Uber Bad’ will get the girls freaking out. So was Melissa at the wedding? Highly unlikely, so I’m guessing Aria stepped in. What I am sure of it that Aria didn’t want Hanna to be there? Her reaction when she found out that Hanna definitely wasn’t positive. Maybe because she’d have to come up with another plan, or maybe her twin was going to be there? I’m not sure, but there is something fishy about the whole wedding thing.

Then afterwards Aria marries Elliot and Alison, no questions asked. Her reaction when she saw Alison was absolutely priceless. Of course, she was in on the fact that Elliot has drugged her, but clearly hadn’t been expecting Alison to be all ‘BFF’ towards her. This is literally the first Arison scene where the two girls haven’t looked like they could slit each other’s throats. They clearly have always hated each other, which is why Aria looked completely dumbfounded that Alison was acting like they’ve been best friends since they were born.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Aria was and always has been involved with the ‘A’ game and torturing the liars. Whether she actually realises it or not, which I don’t think she does, we don’t know just yet. With all the evidence pointing towards Aria and her constant shady behaviour in every single scene, she has to be guilty of something. I mean, seriously. I found around 20 Aria is ‘A’ clues in the pilot and there are literally about 2 for Mona, if that. Aria will always be the lead ‘A’ in my eyes no matter what, but if she’s not revealed to have at least some input in the ‘A’ game, I will be complaining. There’s just too much evidence to deny that she isn’t helping out or controlling the game.

Light in the Dark

I totally didn’t stay up till two writing Sabezra angst…I don’t know what you are talking about….haha *flops*

So, I kind of wanted to write, and then I just got a spark of inspiration and well, this is the result. It’s a sequel to “Distant”, which is from @meldy-arts’ future AU. It’s not really what that one person requested…but it was really fun to write. All the feels, and I kind of accidentally threw in a funny reference to this post as well….xD

Anyways, this was fun to write even if I did stay up a little too late writing it haha *rolls away listening to “Runnin’ Home to You” because it came on and I decided to use a lyric from it because reasons*

Fic below the cut (hope y’all like it!)

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“Focus Ezra, you can do this.” Kanan reassured. He placed a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder and smiled.

The effect was completely lost on Ezra. The visor that covered the scared pits where his eyes once sat didn’t have any optical capabilities and the teen’s optic nerves were damaged to a point where cybernetic eyes couldn’t be grafted in.

The grey visor wrapped around behind his ears and kept a constant layer of bacta over the damaged nerves. It was the only way to keep Ezra out of constant agony.

“Kanan, I can’t.” Ezra whispered in a voice that was just audible.

“You can Ezra, I know you can. You just have to focus.” Kanan reiterated.

There were three barrels, one had a meiloorun seated on top, the next a replica X-wing, and the next had a clump of coral from one of the Atollon mesas.

“Okay, now which one has the fighter on it?” Kanan asked, beginning the third test in the last ten minutes.

Ezra raised his right arm, his hand extended and his palm up, fingers spread.

Ezra stood there for a moment. He grimaced as he concentrated on the three barrels.

“The, um the… The first one.”

Kanan shook his head before replying. “No Ezra, that’s not the right one.”

“Son of a motherless sleemo!” Ezra shouted angrily. The boys face turned red with frustration and he turned away from the barrels.

“Ezra. Ezra this trying session isn’t over until I say it is. Ezra!” Kanan shouted after the kid.

Kanan started after him.

Ezra took frustrated, angry strides towards the direction he assumed the Ghost was in. Unfortunately there was a cluster of crates in the way.

“Ezra look-!” Kanan couldn’t complete the sentence before Ezra slammed his shins into one, flipping over it and landing on his face.

‘Oh damn.’ Kanan thought as he rushed over.

“Ezra!” Kanan said worriedly as he reached the boy.

“I’m fine!” Ezra growled angrily. His visor was knocked slightly askew but he quickly fixed it.

Kanan put a hand on Ezra’s shoulder. “Ezra.” He said in a comforting tone.

“I said I’m fine!”

Kanan took his hand away as Ezra shook him off.

He watched as the kid carefully made his way to the hexagon shape of the Ghost.

‘No you’re not.’ Kanan thought with a shake of his head.


Ezra hated black. He’d found the color oppressive before he was blind and his distaste of the color grew with the inquisitors’ uniforms.

Now it was all he could see and it was a constant reminder of everything he could no longer be.

No longer a padawan.

No longer a rebel.


A liability…

He felt his way around the cargo hold with a hand. It was degrading to have to do that, he should’ve memorized the hold’s layout by now.

“Ey, ya need help there kid?” It was Zeb’s voice and it sounded more condescending than helpful.

“No.” Ezra said simply as his hand finally closed around the first ladder rung.

“Ya sure? You look kind of-”

“I said I don’t need help Zeb.” Ezra growled at the Lasat as he climbed up the ladder.

“Jeez okay, ’s just trying to help.” Zeb said defensively.

Ezra ignored the Lasat as he felt his way down the corridor. He was doing fine until about half way down.

He didn’t know if he misstep or what but Ezra suddenly found himself face first on the floor with his visor knocked off.

His eye sockets immediately felt like red hot coals were being poured into them.

“AAAAH!” Ezra screamed, holding one hand to his face and using the other to search for his visor.

He couldn’t find it and the burning became worse. It was like someone was jamming a supernova into his face.

He still couldn’t find the visor.


Hera was just in the corridor when she heard, what sounded like Ezra, screaming in pain.

That sent her into a immediate panic mode. Did he run into something? Is he hurt? She’d have her answers soon enough.

She rounded the corner and was greeted with a miserable sight.

Ezra was on the floor whimpering with one hand clamped over where his eyes used to be and the other searching fruitlessly for his visor, which was just out of reach.

Hera quickly picked up the visor and kneeled down beside him.

“Ezra, hold still.” She ordered calmly, gently pulling his hand away from his ruined eyes.

She settled the visor back over his eyes and made sure it was sitting snugly behind his ears. She took an extra moment to move a stand of blue hair out from in front of it.

Ezra let out a choked breath and settled against the side wall of the corridor. He was breathing heavily from the agony he’d been forced to endure again.

Hera could only imagine what it had felt like.

She moved to sit next to the boy and put a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Ezra are you okay?” She asked in a tone that conveyed nothing but concern.

“I’m fine.” He replied weakly.

Hera lekku slumped at his tone, it was defeated, tired, depressed. It sounded broken.

“Ezra…” She pressed.

“I’m fine Hera.”

“No you’re not. You don’t sound anywhere close to fine, talk to me Ez. You know that you can.” Hera’s tone was just a tad bit harder to emphasize her point

Ezra shook his head ‘no’ and stayed quiet.

The hand on Ezra’s shoulder became an arm around his back that pulled him close. He made a small noise of annoyance but didn’t try to break the contact.

“Ezra, I just want to help you. Talk to me, tell me what’s wrong so I can help.” Hera pleaded quietly.

Ezra sighed. “I’m blind Hera. I can’t see, I-I can’t focus on my training, I can’t do anything by myself! I’m useless!” His voice rose as he continued.

“When I joined you guys I thought things would be better! I thought I could do something useful! But all that’s happened is us almost losing Kanan! Me finding out my parents are dead! And this!” Ezra motioned towards his visor.

“Maybe I should’ve just stayed on Lothal.” He added sullenly.

Hera was silent for a moment before speaking.

“That’s not true Ezra.” She said slowly, cupping the side of his face with her free hand.

“You’re not useless, and you are never going to be useless. You are a valuable member of this crew and the Rebellion and that won’t change because you can’t see. We can replace a lot of things Ezra, but you’re not one of them.”

“But how? How can I be useful?” Ezra asked.

Hera pulled him into her chest before answering. “We’ll figure it out sweetheart, we will.” She promised.

“I miss my parents.” He said miserably

“I know, I know.”

Emotionally exhausted and tired from the pain, Ezra fell asleep a few minutes later. A feat that had become increasingly difficult ever since his blinding.

Hera carried the surprisingly light child to the couch in the common room and left him there.

She had promised that he could be useful and she kept her promises, but she needed to find out if there was a position in the Rebellion that didn’t require sight first.

Uh, you guys.

(from “The Mandalore Plot”)

(from “Visions and Voices”)


Okay, HOW MANY LAYERS OF SYMBOLISM. First off, the episode title, “Visions and Voices” is most obviously a reference to Ezra seeing and hearing Maul in his head, BUT we also get Satine’s voice (in the form of her voice actress) and face (in the form of the painting of her hanging in Maul’s lair). So, “visions and voices” almost goes double. Also, the particular nightsister ghost voiced by Anna Graves is, at least according to the credits, the one who possesses Sabine, and that’s just… wow. I mean, think about this. The ghost of a nightsister, the female counterpart of Maul’s species, voiced by the same voice actress as Satine Kryze, a Mandalorian woman who Maul murdered, possesses Sabine Wren, a young Mandalorian woman. AND! This is also the episode in which Sabine finds (and briefly wields!) the Darksaber, which happens to be the very weapon used by Maul to kill Satine, and which we now know is a fairly important part of Mandalorian history, thanks to that glorious first preview clip for this weekend’s episode, “Trials of the Darksaber.” 

Oh, what’s that you say? You can hear my screaming all the way from wherever you are? Well, I… uh… I have no idea what you’re talking about! No idea whatsoever, nope! No screaming going on here, that’s for sure! We’re all fine here, situation normal, nothing to see here, move along.

Positive (An Ezria fanfic + Spencer)

Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz have been married for two years.  He proposed on Labor Day in a not-super-sanitary bar called Snookers, but for Aria Montgomery it was perfect. It was them.  He slid her a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird and she found a ring taped to the inside. He didn’t even have to ask, but she patiently waited as he poured his heart out and her eyes filled with tears.  They were married in June, and by July the pair was packing up 3B to move to New York City. They kept Ezra’s apartment, though.  She said it was for when they visited Rosewood, but he knew she couldn’t bear to part with it. And honestly, neither could he.  That was about two years ago.

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For my anon who requested this one-shot: you know who  you are.

The apartment was quiet; too quiet. It had been that way for days, and after sitting on almost every piece of furniture, after cleaning every room twice—some more than twice—Aria had to leave. She would stay with Spencer in the barn…just until she knew what was going on.

The two had done a decently good job at putting all thoughts of Ezra, Nicole, Colombia, and weddings into a distant realm of thought, hardly reachable and certainly not brought up on purpose. They were seated in Spencer’s living room, a plate of brownies between them, and each of their cell phones—black screens turned face down. They could go one night without thinking about A, or anybody else for that matter. Surely it was possible. Surely it was good for them.

Just as Spencer was about to suggest they put a movie in, there was a knock on the door, and as if she wasn’t on edge enough, Aria’s heart immediately sank to her stomach. She looked at Spencer in a panic, her doe eyes wide.

Spencer licked her lips and got up to answer the door. “If you don’t want me to let him in, I won’t,” she started, “but I can’t not answer the door.”

“What am I going to do? What am I supposed to say?”

“You don’t have to talk to him if you don’t want to…”

Aria could tell Spencer didn’t agree with the words that were coming out of her mouth. “But?”

“But I think you owe it to him…I think you owe it to yourself. You can’t avoid him forever, that’s not fair.”

“I’m not avoiding him. I didn’t know he was home.”

“Well, you know now.”

Spencer didn’t wait for a response before walking over to the door. She hesitated when she reached for the knob and chanced a quick glance behind her at Aria, who was still perched at the edge of the couch. The blanket she’d been curled up under was forgotten in a heap on the floor. She was so far at the edge of the couch, she looked like she might fall off. There was a coffee in her hands but the only purpose it served was being a hard object to cling to. Her hair piled and pinned on top of her head and Spencer’s pajama bottoms too long on her small legs.  Spencer thought Aria looked like she could be sick.

She pulled the door open before she could second-guess herself. The porch light cast a warm glow over his skin and she saw the unmistakable trace of tears under his eyes. She wasn’t sure what to say.

“Hi,” she said softly.

“Is she in there?”

His voice was deep. Cracked and broken.

“Ezra…” Spencer said, hesitating. She held the door slightly closed, letting her body shield Aria and the rest of the barn from view. “I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

“Spencer, I’d like to talk to my girlfriend,” he said. He looked tired.

The words set her back. “No,” she said, her lips tight. She lifted her head a bit, looking up so that she could avoid his eyes for a moment. “She’s not your girlfriend. She’s your fiancé.” The words were hard to say, because she knew that they hit both sets of listening ears in different ways.

“Listen, I had to go. She knows that. Spencer, I know I fucked up, I didn’t leave on the best of terms, I know that, but I need to talk to her. Please.”

His last word was desperate. Aria could hear the tears in his voice from across the room; she didn’t need to see the residue on his skin.

“Look…” Spencer hated running interference. “No one blames you for going. You did what you needed to do. Aria doesn’t blame you, I don’t blame you, honest. I’ll let her know you came by, that you’re home and—and that you’re safe, you can talk in the morning…”

“Spence?” Aria cut her off.

Spencer turned to face her small friend with a heavy heart. She’d padded over to the door, completely unheard.

“I’ll take it from here,” Aria said.

Spencer nodded, the battle they were fighting striking close to home in a certain way. Her voice was almost inaudible as she mumbled a soft, ‘okay’. Silence sat heavily between them as she willed herself to move from the doorway so that Aria and Ezra could speak. She let her body slide away from the door and as she passed Aria, she reached out and grabbed her hand. Standing there beside Aria, with her back to Ezra, she leaned down and whispered, “I’ll be right here if you need anything. Okay?”

Aria squeezed her hand and gave a slight, tight-lipped smile in return.

Once Spencer had gone back into the living room, Aria was able to make out every nuance of the man before her. He was changed somehow.

“Can I please talk to you?” he asked quietly.

“Of course,” Aria said. She stepped forward and walked outside, closing the door behind her so that they could have a shred of privacy.  She summoned all the courage and all the love she had in her heart as she spoke her next words. “How is she?”

Ezra cleared his throat. “She’s…she’s good. Adjusting as well as can be expected.”

“I’m sorry – that was probably a silly thing to ask, I’m sure she’s been through hell. I’m just…” she stopped her rambling short and reached one arm out from where it had been tucked at her chest and held his forearm. “Ezra, I’m so glad she’s alive, that they’ve found her, I’m just… I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry.”

Ezra nodded his head, though he was having a hard time looking her in the eye. They stood for at least a minute, just listening to the croaking and chirping of nature as they settled into each others presence. He took a breath, coming to a decision internally, before he spoke.

“Why aren’t you home?” he asked.

Aria was taken aback by the question. “I—“ she stammered, “Ella’s been redoing my room, you know that.” She removed her hand from his arm and tucked it back between her breast and her underarm. She swayed on the spot, picking up her bare feet and dusting the bottoms on her pant leg, unsure how to handle the awkwardness between them. “I guess I could have slept in Mike’s room or on the couch, but Spencer offered—“

“No,” he said. He looked at her long and hard before going on, his eyes soft, his lips slightly parted. He reached out and held her at arms length, taking every piece of her in. The air was nippy but not cold. Just crisp enough to keep him alert. “Why weren’t you home? I waited for three hours before it occurred to me that you might not be coming back.”

Now it was Aria’s turn to leave her mouth slightly parted. She didn’t know what to say. She took in the way his hair was mussed; at first she thought it was disheveled from the plane ride, but now she could tell it was from countless instances of his hand being run across his scalp, a nervous habit she adored.

“I didn’t think I should be there when you got back,” she said. It touched her that he was still referring to his apartment as her home as much as it was his. “I wasn’t sure if she’d come home with you or not…but I wanted to make sure she was comfortable if she did. I just didn’t think I should be there.”

“Nicole went home to be with her family.” He ran his arms up and down, from her shoulders to her elbows. “And I came home to be with mine.”

Aria’s eyes were welling up with tears and she was chewing on her lip without pause, as if sucking on the supple flesh would somehow qualm all the unease coursing through her.

“Aria.” Her name fell from his lips in desperation. He bent slightly at the knees, his hands still holding fast to her arms. “I shouldn’t have left you hanging like that,” he said.

“No, Ezra, please.” She was nearly choking on her words. “She needed you. You had much bigger things to worry about—I’m fine, I promise.“

“No.” His tone was direct, to the point. “She needed me, and I needed to be there, but you should have never stopped being my priority, and I’m sorry that I didn’t put you first.”

“Ezra, please don’t – she had every right to be in the forefront of your mind. You are allowed to be preoccupied by this.”

“That doesn’t excuse the way I left you.”

He gingerly brought her forward, one arm snaking around and holding the small of her back, the other coming up to cup her cheek. Her hair was falling away in some places, framing the soft curve of her face. He pushed a piece away from her eyes and ran his finger under another, unsticking it from her lips.

“Please tell me you know this didn’t change anything,” he breathed.

Aria’s breath caught in her chest. She felt her chin begin to quiver as more tears started to form in her eyes. She took in a shaky breath, trying to keep herself from crying.

“Oh, god,” he whispered. “Come here.” He pulled her to him and she crashed into his shoulder with the weight of days. Days of worry, days of crying, days of not knowing what her life would be like in the coming weeks. All that she had come to know, the life she’d been about to build, the life she’d been looking forward to…it had suddenly been put on hold and she had no idea if it would be picking up where it was left off. Ezra held her close, closing her petite frame entirely in his arms. He placed his lips at her temple and took in a ragged breath, reveling in the warm vanilla of her shampoo and the soft touch of her skin.

“Forgive me,” he said.

Aria leaned into him more, memorizing the feel of his body against hers. Her mind rushed back to the moment she dropped him off at the airport. The kiss they’d shared had been full, but of what she hadn’t been sure. Full of “I’m sorry” or “I’ll come back”? Full of “I love you”?

She knew now that it had meant all of those things. But in the days between that goodbye and this hello—if you could call either a goodbye or hello—she’d been uncertain that it had meant any of those things. She’d been uncertain that it meant anything at all.

Ezra pulled back and dipped a little so he could look her directly in the eye. He pushed all the stray hairs around her face back so that he had a clear view of her face and any expressing that passed over it.

“Forgive me,” he whispered again. He leaned in and cupped her face, and Aria was quick to meet him halfway. When their lips met, it was with all the forgiveness and all the love either of them could muster. She let her hands find the nape of his neck and she buried them there. He pulled her close at the waist and deepened the kiss when she didn’t immediately pull away. After a few seconds, which felt like minutes or hours even, Ezra drew back and caught her attention again, not letting her form any distance between their bodies. “Please come home with me.”

Aria nodded and let her body answer for her. She brought her lips up to delicately linger on his, tracing every curve with her tongue. Her breath was hot, but then again, so was his. As she cupped the side of his face, she felt a fire renew between them.

She didn’t need to go anywhere; she was already home.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!!!!!! Soooo, it’s @meldy-arts birthday, so you should all go say happy birthday to her because she is awesome! <3333

I really wanted to do something fun for you, Mel, and I’ve had the idea of writing about Ezra’s birthday for a while. And I decided, why not write a fic about his birthday on your b-day! It’s got a little bit of angst and quite a bit of fluff. And I hope you like it! Thanks for being such a great friend and screaming with me about headcannons! I hope you have an amazing birthday!!!!! <3333 *smooshes in a hug*

Fic below the cut:

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We Will Be Alright

Forgive me for writing another Star Wars Rebels one-shot but after that promo for “Visions and Voices” I have to write for it. Because ugh that promo! *squees and cries* I can’t even write now, because I’m legit scared and excited for this episode and I’m super glad that most of you on Tumblr that re-blogged my video to the promo feel the same way, really glad I’m not alone in this.

So without further wait, here is my one-shot for my expectations for “Visions and Voices”, what I write will most certainly be AUish because most of what I write is but there’s nothing wrong with having AU’s.

“Sabine, please.” Ezra spoke out as he dodged and blocked her attacks from the artist’s newly found Darksaber, which still baffled Ezra that she could use such a weapon, because as far as Ezra knew, only Jedi could wield a Lightsaber. He shook his head, back to the matter at hand. “Sabine, I don’t want to fight you.” Ezra shouted, his voice echoing off the cave walls as the young Padawan stared into her eyes, where they had once been a light, copper brown but now they were a deep emerald green that made Ezra sick to his stomach, because this wasn’t Sabine and he knew that, but that still didn’t change the fact that he wanted to fight her.

He didn’t want this, he never wanted this to happen, he came here to sever his connection towards Maul for good, but instead he ended up getting Sabine and Kanan possessed by these evil spirits, seeing them standing side by side, that deep glow of green in their eyes so strong and intense.

This was all his fault

“This isn’t you, Sabine! Please!” He found himself begging.

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.... Aria is still A. 5x25 THE REAL CLUES.

OKAY, I am QUITE disappointed in my Aria is A believers/theorists for throwing in the towel and assuming that Charles is A, and for all you people who jumped to theories about this finale and the “twin thing”, HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED?? “Charles” and the supposed twin thing, were HANDED TO US ON A Pretty Little Platter, therefore HE was NOT THE CLUE/clues given to us. It’s no wonder people we SO UPSET about this episode, because HELLO, we already knew HALF of these clues, SO WHY ISNT ANYONE LOOKING FOR THINGS THAT WERE THE NEW CLUES???????? Charles is NOT UBER A. HE IS ONLY A PIECE OF THIS PUZZLE. Not only did WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THESE “clues” BEFORE THE FINALE, BUT Marlene said, A will not be revealed until season 6.   

There were SO MANY CLUES towards Aria in this episode. HONESTLY, I was shocked when I came on Tumblr after watching and NO ONE WAS POINTING ANY OF THEM OUT. My “Aria is A” believers REALLY let me down. Now, I don’t know how many of the clues that I have found are super big, but when you are able to find so many, I think its important, therefore I am posting about everything I noticed. Also, Marlene did say:

Lets dig in.

-In the van, Spencer was commenting on the fact the police think Ali is the leader and they were all following or something to that effect, and Aria says, “Does that make us the little pigs, or little red?” Connection to Pigtunia? Or Redcoat? Was redcoat small? (Spencer to Aria in the Season 2 finale,” You’re little, but you are big.”) Uber A? (screenshot was too dark to post)

-Hanna was telling the girls about jail, and said “They treat you like you’re a criminal, and its hard to remember that you’re not one.” When Hannah says this the camera goes to Aria’s face and she makes a nervous face and bites her lip (another lip and teeth connection.) Why would she bite her lip? If you were nervous about jail, I would understand the look, but biting of the lip signifies some feeling of guilt.

-It has been pointed out that the guy who took the girls from the van, looks like Andrew, and its true, it could be Andrew, but not because Andrew is “A”. I think, if anything, it points another finger toward Aria being in charge. We know for a fact that he pledged his loyalty to her in the last episode, and they have shown him being obviously sketchy lately, which makes his another piece, but I believe it is Aria’s game board.

-The GIRLS ROOMS: Okay so when the girls first get into the rooms, we obviously see them all in their rooms. That would be way to noticeable to not see Aria in her room. HOWEVER I noticed that Aria’s room was a little off. Where Aria’s closet door(S) usually are, there is only one door. And If you watch closely as the camera turns and shifts to make the “creepy” affect, where is Aria’s dresser that lies between the closet door(S) and her bedroom door? Not only is that missing from her room, but another thing that is missing, IS HER IN HER ROOM AGAIN. We see her go into her room several times at the time the girls go into their rooms, but we don’t see her IN HER ROOM again. We see Hanna, Spencer, and Emily at night OR we see their rooms being monitored on the “A” screens, but we never see Aria’s. Maybe the girls being watched is another significant clue. Remember those photos of Aria sleeping? Well maybe she wanted to watch them sleeping.

-When the girls meet up in the middle of the night when the generator goes off for a few minutes, like clockwork, Mona says, “It blasts the siren until you’d rather DIE than listen to it one more second.” Again, Aria’s face does something without checking with her first, and she makes a face of guilt.


-Aria Montgomery music committee. NOT ONLY DID ARIA KNOW WHERE TO WALK BEFORE THE VOICE EVEN STARTED TALKING, but she reads her card saying SHE was in charge of picking music for this dance. THERE IS A WHOLE LIST of songs from 7 years ago, but who chose this important  clue the “Unwritten” song, ARIA. Question is why? IS ARIA WRITING THIS STORY? If so, FOR HOW LONG? Lets not forget that Aria’s old babysitter mentioned her intense journals. After all, according to Ella in the last episode, Aria has had an eventful 4 years. HOWEVER, we have only been following the girls lives for 2 years. The show has been drawn out for us as viewers but the girls have gone through ALL OF THIS, in two years. (Read more about Ella’s interesting wording in my previous theory.) Let’s also not forget that in the Shadow Play episode, Aria tells Ezra, “the story is changing..” She says she is getting fascinated with the villain. Ezra asks “Does your villain win in the end?” and she replies, “Sometimes the villain wins.” Now where else have we heard about the story changing? OH, that right, the writers have told US that the show is about to change. “It started as one thing, but now it’s changing..” Marlene has also promised us a ENDING to THIS story in the first 10 episodes of season 6.
Moving right along to our next clue.

-At the “Ali” station, Mona writes to the girls on a ballet asking if they received a gas mask from A. The camera pans to Aria and ONCE AGAIN we see the most guilty look on her face, SHE EVEN TURNS HER FACE AWAY. As if, she wasn’t expecting Mona to ask the girls that, or even mention it. But WHY? We know the EZRA wore a gas mask in the Ravenswood episode, it’s possible that Aria gave that mask to “Ali” and asked her to wear it because of the Ali/Ezra connection. OR there is some super twisted Ali/Aria connection that we don’t know about yet.

-As Spencer and Mona are talking about the PROM POSSIBLITIES, Aria looks very intrigued at what they are saying, while the other girls look confused or uninterested. Perhaps they were pitching the idea to her RIGHT THERE. I tried to grab a screen shot of her little tiny open mouth smirk that she does, but I couldn’t it was so fast. If all that’s not enough, when the girls look up at the camera, ARIA FREAKING SMILES at it. It’s not a fake smile either. It is real.


-The liars start to make this prom happen and they look up at the camera for some affirmation that it looks ok, and when she does, we again see something VERY interesting from Aria. 


-As the girls walk back to the rooms, something VERY INTERESTING happened. I will put up some screenshots so you can see what the director chose to catch in this scene. The girls get to their rooms to find PROM dresses (theory coming soon). Aria turns and says to all four girls, “A thought of everything.” She looks at the liars, and they all walk into their rooms. The doors start to shut and Aria has this weird “hopefully they like them” look on her face. Then her door closes.  

**I think how they chose to stage this scene, speaks VOLUMES. With all four of them in 1 shot and Aria “at the head” in her own shot.**

Now for this next clue/connection lets head back to jail.

-As Ali is describing  the “A that stole the game from Mona” to Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, she uses the words “puppet- master”. Now from what I can remember, that term was never used until this episode where creepily we have seen a LOT of puppets. Even the promo pic that was released has the girls on puppet-strings. Now how does this have anything to do with Aria? Marlene recently posted a picture of Aria holding her pig puppet (on her hand like a puppet) and captioned it, “BEWARE of the Pig. You have not seen the last of Pigtunina.” Now with the clue above about the little pigs, and the fact that since that clue came out we haven’t seen the Pigtunia, again, and now the phrase “puppet master” has been used, can we assume we are to beware of the puppets MASTER? AKA Aria! If the clue WAS about Pigtunia, then why have Aria in the picture? She could’ve posted a picture of JUST THE PUPPET, but no she posted one of the ONLY TIME WE HAVE SEEN ARIA HOLDING THE PUPPET CORRECTLY, like a puppet master.

Now back to the dollhouse:

-That night, when the generator kicked off for a few minutes and the girls met up again, Spencer and Mona were talking about what they were going to build and Aria looked SO confused, and asked nervously what they were talking about because, she wasn’t aware earlier that they were talking about a machine, and not a kick-ass prom.  

Now those were all the HUGE clues that had to be pointed out and thoroughly explained, but some repetitive clues are these (some have pictures to go along, but some pictures have been used above):

-Aria’s door shut last everytime.

-Aria seemed VERY AT HOME in this dollhouse. The past few episodes she has been ANYTHING but calm, but in this episode she seemed, calm and confortable.

-When Aria would look at the camera(except the first time) she would smile at it. Sometimes it would be noticeable, others it was faint, but it was there.    

-Aria’s face did a LOT of weird things without asking. She said so herself.

-When Aria did look scared, she looked OVERLY scared, like it was an act.

-In this episode Aria really stays pretty quiet. She usually has a lot to say and sometimes she “guides” the liars in a direction with what she says about clues, but she really listened to their plans and let them hash stuff out. 

-Past Aria clues, and Marlene clues, that were connected to Aria haven’t yet been touched on, therefore, she could possibly be the Uber A that won’t been revealed until season 6.

 Now THIS theory was SPECIFICALLY for Aria. I HAVE A COMPLETE SEPARATE THEORY FOR THE PROM AND THE ENDING, THAT I WILL POST SOON. I actually have SEVERAL theories about this episode that will be posted soon. A LOT was reveAled in this episode. I watched it SEVERAL times before making theories so I could find as much as possible and evaluate everyone.


Kisses xxxx

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anonymous asked:

Man, Ezra pulling a Depa would actually be cool. It'd show how far Ezra was willing to go to resist the dark side and control himself. It'd show Maul as somehow both dangerous but not invincible as well as give both him and the Ghost crew a reason to go at each othe. It'd give Kanan flashbacks of Depa and wondering why he couldn't wake Ezra also. We'd see how the crew operates w/o Ezra. Oh wait, what if Maul captured a comatose Ezra to figure out how to both wake and turn him (through rituals)?-

P2- On the flipside we could have Ezra undergoing some serious Force usage while in a Coma. On some level he’d be aware of what’s going on through visions/dreams and perhaps still communicate w/force people occasionally. His mind/spirit could also undergo it’s own journey as he connects to the Force. Sounds Trippy but I could see it as his own way of looking for knowledge by asking the Force itself or just having his own weird Mortis plot, Rebels style.

man, anon, you GET me

i feel like the Ezra dies and/or goes Dark is really cut and dry, y’know? and while the Skywalker lineage and everything in the movies is very black-and-white in terms of storytelling, i think that the interquels of TCW and SWR have always been much more a gray area, more complex in their storytelling, so i kinda disagree with Ezra having such a one-or-the-other end. if we had an entire season dedicated to explicit Dark Side-y foreshadowing (a la Anakin in TCW) i’d be more willing to buy it, tho.

(also, yes, I do want to see Kanan cry over his padawan’s comatose body, :D thank you for asking.)

i think that watching Ezra go so far to resist the Dark Side would be GREAT characterization. it’s already been noted how closely Kanan and Ezra echo Obi-Wan and Anakin, which is great for meta on the Jedi Order and how things went wrong/could’ve gone better with Anakin, but this isn’t an if-Anakin-went-good story. it’s Ezra’s story and i think that this resistance would be awesome to distinguish Ezra’s character from Anakin’s. if Anakin had reason to, he never would have worked so hard to resist the Dark Side - conversely, if he did have reason to resist the Dark Side, he would work harder than literally anybody else, ever. but that’s Anakin’s characterization - he’s willing to sacrifice personal morals, personal anything, for the people he loves. that’s…not necessarily a good thing. if Ezra were to stand strong by his honor and moral code even under severe stress or the threat of his family’s death, it would be a real distinction from Anakin and it would demonstrate real character growth in Ezra.

Maul’s already shown that he flees death like a wanted man, mostly to a ridiculous extent. as viewers, we know Maul’s past, we saw what he did to Mandalore, what happened with Savage Opress. he’s already a threat to us and Ezra would probably only see him as another Darth Vader - which is just as horrible, if not worse. for Maul to be taken down a notch by a fifteen year old kid would not only be AWESOME, but it would serve to enhance the greater narrative theme, which is that this is the end of the Dark Times, not the beginning. things are getting better, but they’re still bad, and they still have to fight their way out - so it’s horrible they have to face Maul and Ezra comes very, very close to the Dark Side, but in the end, he pulls away - back to the Light.

Kanan and the Ghost crew and Maul, at each others’ throats?! YES, i very much do want to see Hera punch Darth Maul in the face

but the Ghost crew without Ezra? Kanan without Ezra?! this is good stuff, my friend!

  • let’s first go for the situation, where Maul’s defeated(ish) and the crew gets away with Ezra
    • they stay as long as they can on Phoenix Home, where Ezra’s immersed in the bacta tank, but at the end of a couple of weeks when he’s moved to a bed and monitored, Ezra’s showing no sign of improvement they have to keep moving
      • (just imagine the angst:
      • Kanan desperately pacing in front of the bacta tank, trying to understand why he can’t wake Ezra up, why their bond has gone dormant, and pleading with the Force for answers
      • it doesn’t work, and in the end Kanan spends long, agonized, sleepless nights clutching Ezra’s hand, but if everyone ventures too close, he pretends he’s meditating. no one buys it.
      • Zeb having one-sided conversations with Ezra, playing one-sided card games, with unwavering belief that Ezra will pull through this
      • Chopper updates once an hour on all the new medical records, even though nothing’s changed, so he ends up trying to download as many volumes of Imperial files on Jedi lore and Sith that he can get away with
      • Sabine quietly sketching every memory of her and Ezra she can remember, even the ones that annoy her to the core and even the ones that still frighten her, just a little - ones of Ezra facing Vader or Maul, ones that Kanan can’t even look at - if only because she can’t paint or draw or envision him as anything other than alive
      • (she did one sketch of him, ashen-faced and still on his hospital bed. she burned it because she couldn’t stand looking at him.)
      • Hera appears quietly next to the bed, but she doesn’t linger. in Kanan’s darkest moments she lays a hand on his shoulder and wraps an arm around his shoulder, thinking to Ezra, when you wake up, you are in so much trouble, young man, because it’s all she can do try to keep the crew on their feet, much less active.)
    • Hera finally, after much delaying, finally broaches the subject with Kanan - they’ve got to pull their weight, she explains, not full missions, but just simple supply runs
    • Ahsoka’s looking at him knowingly the whole time and while Kanan’s never hated the Rebellion (or the Empire) more than at this point, he begrudgingly agrees
    • the supply run is botched and messy and the crew all silently agrees that they’ve never had a worse run in their entire lives
      • Sabine waited a little too long to open the door, because she forgot that Ezra wasn’t there to do it for her
      • Zeb left a crate behind because he forgot that Ezra wasn’t there to grab it, as well
      • Kanan gets grazed by a blaster bolt because he left his left flank open, expecting Ezra to be there
      • Hera automatically asks, “You got Specter Six, too?”
      • Kanan storms off to his cabin to meditate and doesn’t sleep a wink 
        • (he simultaneously both hates and is grateful for the fact that there’s no alcohol on the Ghost)
      • it’s an absolute mess, and missions are just horrible there on afterwards
      • on practical matters, they miss Ezra’s expertise in cracking locks and getting into little places - they end up being swindled by some idiot smuggler that they all know would never have happened if Ezra had been there
        • (Kanan gets into a brawl with the guy and his crew later that night in a cantina. Hera doesn’t stop him.)
      • on more personal level, everything’s just so quiet now. there’s no one cracking jokes on missions, no one arguing with Zeb, no one complaining to Hera about Chopper, no longer the hushed voices of Kanan and Ezra at dawn or even earlier for Jedi lessons
      • it’s horrible and everyone prefers being with the main Rebellion, with Ezra, even Kanan who absolutely despised being on Phoenix Home
      • i don’t actually know how Ezra wakes up with this one, but it’s probably just something stupid. like, the Ghost’s having their crew family meeting around Ezra’s bed, even though it’s been six months, when he just suddenly sighs in his sleep, rolls over, and wakes up, sleepily asking what time it is
        • someone faints. it’s definitely Chopper
        • Zeb and Hera suddenly can’t speak Basic anymore, they’re so excited, while Sabine goes white and is totally speechless
        • Ezra has less than a second before Kanan crushes him to his chest and is sobbing all over him
        • “Okay, okay,” Ezra says, struggling to fight his way out of Kanan’s arms, “who died?”
        • he really, really regrets his choice of words when Hera hits him upside the head
  • or the second situation - Maul’s gets comatose Ezra, or maybe just always had him; their rescue mission failed
    • just imagine who has to nervously suggest to Kanan that they have to give up, that they can’t anymore, that it’s just too much a drain on resources
    • (that the person definitely had their nose broken. Kanan stands over the guy’s crumpled form, breathing heavily, fists clenched, and Hera puts a gentle hand on his shoulder. Ahsoka’s wide-eyed in the corner, because she didn’t know the Kanan Jarrus with the hair-trigger temper and a maybe drinking problem. all she knew was the almost-Jedi that she looked at with a wistful smile, thinking, this man was the kind of the Jedi that I miss.)
    • shaking himself, a little bit surprised by his own violence, he turns to Ahsoka.
      • “One last attempt,” he says quietly, pleading. “Just me.”
      • The rest of the Ghost crew interrupts loudly, but he ignores them, locking eyes with Ahsoka.
      • “No,” she corrects, “just you and me.”
    • (this would be some awesome character development for Ahsoka and Kanan - 
      • like, Ahsoka. it’s her first time (that we know of) having to face a credible threat, not a Sith acolyte with that of the Inquisitors, but an actual Sith, with no one to back her up. there’s no Master Obi-Wan, the Sith-slayer, no Anakin, no Yoda - it’s just her, the most trained, the highest ranking Light Side-user in the known galaxy.
      • and for Kanan? it’s his first battle as fully-fledged Jedi Knight against a fully-blown Sith, all for the life and soul of his padawan, who Kanan can only pray is alive. instead of a Dark!Ezra, we get to see Kanan battle the Dark inside of him, a battle with higher stakes than his knighting ceremony. we get to watch him confront the very depths of all evils he’s known in his life - the Clone Wars, the Sith through Maul, his own helplessness against his master’s death through his padawan’s capture, his master’s coma through his padwan’s - everything.
      • this is honestly everything to Kanan, it’s his day of reckoning, it’s where everything has come full circle. the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, even in the Clone Wars
      • in many ways, Kanan knows deep down in his heart that how he deals with the Dark Side is how Ezra will deal with it, will learn from him. everything’s at stake for Kanan - Ezra’s at stake for Ezra.)
    • meanwhile Ezra? totally having a trippy, mind-bending experience
      • Maul’s trying every trick in the book to wake Ezra up, literally from cold water to shouting to using the Force to flat-out torture, but Ezra just. won’t wake up.
      • as he dreams, he first meets Depa Billaba, who smiles at him sadly and tells him how proud she is of him, how proud his master is of him, how proud she is of the both of them.
      • before Ezra can stammer out a question namely, who are you, he’s whisked away to come face-to-face with a laughing Caleb Dume
      • it’s weeks of seeing with excruciating clarity the slow slog of the Clone Wars - only with flickers of the Rebellion in between, but suddenly it changes 
      • he flip-flops between seeing Caleb Dume battle his way through the Clone Wars and Kanan Jarrus battle his way across Malachor, Ahsoka at his side
      • Malachor’s definitely like Mortis, and Kanan keeps passing all these Dark Side/Light Side tests by the skin of his teeth and Ezra keeps trying to shout out to him
      • sometimes he can see Kanan focus on him with deadly accuracy, but he always eventually looks away
      • and as Kanan finally faces Maul, Ezra’s trying to regain consciousness - in his dreams, he can see Kanan and Maul battle, Ahsoka there, too, he’s beginning to hear, as well, different noises and even smells and feelings (cold like steel and why does it feel like he’s bleeding?) struggle to the top
      • and as Ezra can hear the sound of lightsabers and the slam of the door opening, there’s a pause and he can feel Kanan’s eyes on him before it flickers away - it’s like a switch
      • Ezra opens his eyes to a blurry, badly lit chamber being illuminated only by the glow of lightsabers and the harsh lamp beating down on the durasteel table he’s strapped to
      • he’s in pain, he can barely think straight, let alone see straight but as there’s a fight rages, Ezra manages to summon his lightsaber
      • he snaps off one shot before Maul whips around, but it’s all that’s needed 
      • three lightsabers destroy Maul and he falls the ground in pieces, giving a full view of Ezra, mind half-addled with pain of half-healed wounds from torture he doesn’t even remember
      • “Hey,” he croaks, “Morning, Kanan.”
      • Kanan’s caught between sobbing and trying to restrain himself from slapping Ezra upside the head

this was probably a really crappy ending to Maul-capturing-Ezra, but wow, anon, thanks for talking, uwu. i’m glad you liked it! i’m sure whatever happens, we’ll all be equally crying over Kanan and his son padawan


Hey guys ! When the first trailer for the 3rd season of Rebels was released, I started drawing different parts that would compose a poster. Now, since I’m a lazy dude, I didn’t finish it. YET. But I don’t know when I’ll get back to it, so in the mean time, here’s what I did so far. I finished master Maul. I only drew Kanan and Thrawn. Thrawn isn’t the final version. I will do another one more inspired by the face of the voice actor, Lars Mikkelsen. I still need to draw Ezra, and maybe some others, and background stuff. Hope you’ll enjoy (and share ;) ) this. 

I made spacemom headcanons but what about some spacedad and spaceson headcanons as a bonus, alright!! 

  • (very obvious) Ezra sees Kanan as a father figure. And while Kanan has trouble sometimes admitting it, he does see Ezra as his son in some way, shape or form. 
  • While Hera does stay up with Ezra when he has a bad nightmare, often times kanan can sense them through the force. And will be at Ezra’s side when they’re really bad. 
  • While Hera has the best hugs. Ezra feels incredibly safe when Kanan hugs him. A feeling he didn’t get to have often growing up on the streets.
  • Ezra accidently called Kanan “dad” and Zeb teased him about it for days. 
  • Ezra finds it easy to express his fears to Kanan, as he understands better than most on the ghost crew.  
  • Kanan worries over Ezra more often than he should. Ezra secretly loves the feeling of someone caring so much about him. 
  • Ezra craves the most attention from Kanan, shoulder touches, hugs, etc. 
  • Sometimes Ezra and Kanan will have “midnight training” outside the ghost. Sparring, with their lightsabers as their only light source. 
  • Kanan taught Ezra how to swim. 
  • He secretly wanted to keep that loth-cat too but knew better. 
  • While Hera is more calm and collected when taking care of a sick! Ezra. Kanan is fretting, and worries and fumbles when taking care of him. Not sure of how to exactly do that in the first place. 
  • He does his best, and takes care of Ezra in a way where his presence is the best kind of comfort. 
  • Ezra casually teases Kanan about the funny stories Hera has told him. 
  • Kanan helps Ezra with his padawan braid.
  • At random moments, when Kana will feel proud of Ezra; Ezra can feel those emotions through the force. 
  • Ezra will always be scared that he will lose Kanan to the empire again, and not be able to get him back. 
  • During one of their training sessions, practicing their combo moves for when facing inquistors. Ezra accidently force-threw Kanan into a tree. 
  • Kanan loves how Ezra has picked up some things from Hera. ex “He takes after Hera sometimes” 
  • Kanan had to say no to the third loth-cat. 

If you have anything else to add on, pls do!!