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a series of unlikely crossovers:

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UH THE MCCREE GUNPLAY ONE MADE ME FEEL THINGS, is it possible to ask for a first time scenario OR even more headcanons about it?? bc holy hell. thanks!!

I’m in the mood for some shady sin for my come-back so let’s do this (Female pro-nouns used)


Jesse McCree:

The soft babble of talking from the leisure room faded into a distant hum as Jesse made his way down the hallway, to his room, his breathing shallow. Lust pricked at his skin, made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and made the unbearable ache in his cock grow hotter and heavier as he walked. He ran his tongue over the underside of his teeth, imagining how it would feel to sink them into your soft skin and mark you with those colorful purple-blue bruises.

McCree got the the room, opening the door and slamming it abruptly. You had started when the door roughly slapped back onto the doorframe, the hinges softly protesting at the rough handling. The book you had been reading slid slowly from your hands, landing on the covers with a soft thump.

“Je-” You began, until you saw the dark look in Jesse’s smouldering eyes, burning with primal desire to fuck.

You mentally prepared yourself for the harsh fucking you’ll be recieving, expecting for the man to roughly pin you down and begin to hungrily kiss you, for the primal pleasure of sex. However, you didn’t expect for Jesse to stride over to you, pulling his belt off and digging around in the dresser drawer. He pulled out a thick scarf with a grin.

“Sit in the middle of the bed, sweetheart. On your knees with your legs spread, the way I like it.” He purred, pupils blown wide with excitment.

You obediently clambered to the middle of the soft bed, slightly pulling your legs apart as you rested on your knees, slightly wary of what your Huckleberry had planned.

“Close your eyes, darlin’.” McCree was almost panting in excitment as you closed your eyes obediently, slowly feeling arousal stirring up in the pit of your stomach. He wasn’t usually like this, so it excited you on what he had planned.

You felt the soft texture of the scarf wrap around your heaed, smothering your eyes as to make sure you wouldn’t be able to peek. Jesse roughly grabbed your wrists and tightened his belt around them, expertly tying them together, so you were restricted from your sense of touch. Your ears could make out the rustle of his clothing dropping to the floor, all of his extra accessories being removed.

“Open those pretty lips.”

You did so, expecting the feel of the velvet textured tip of his cock head but instead was met with the fabric of his underwear.

“Hold these. Don’t mind the pre-cum, sweets, my mind was pre-occupied on dirty thoughts at the meeting.” Jesse gave a throaty chuckle.

You whined softly, tongue sliding over the fabric, dampening it and tasting the saltyness of the mentioned stains. You nearly bit down on your tongue when Jesse gripped your knees and roughly yanked your legs further apart, softly tutting about them not being open wide enough. He pulled your trousers down to your knees, the fabric seductively dragging along your heated thighs. The cool air caressed your sweaty legs, the room’s heat finally registering with you. McCree messily pushed your shirt up, reaching behind you and roughly unclasping your bra. With calloused hands, he pushed the undergarment up to join the shirt, exposing your breasts, accompanied with appreciative hum.

The cowboy carelessly pushed your moistened underwear to the side, momentarily palming your cunt to collect your dripping arousal. You whined softly as his thumb flicked your clit a few times, hips lightly bucking. You gave another whine, louder, as Jesse took his hand away. There was a moment of silence, only broken by your muffled mumbles and the soft sound of McCree fumbling with something.

You nearly jumped out of your skin with a very audible yelp as you felt ice-cold metal bump against your clit. You wriggled but was calmed by Jesse slowly massaging your thigh, humming softly.

You managed not to start when you felt the barrel of Jesse’s Peacekeeper gently nuzzle against your cunt, lightly, if what clumsily, drawing circles around your drenched opening. Experimentally, Jesse nudged the tip of his gun into you, your wall immediately clenching around the cool metal. You moaned against the gag, music to Jesse’s ears. He would have pulled it straight back out if you hadn’t liked it and so he was relieved and even more excited of the prospect of you liking this new sexual adventure.

You slowly bucked your hips, trying to push down onto the weapon, pleasure racing up your thighs and creating a familiar knot in the pit of your stomach. Jesse chuckled hungrily at your enthusiam and achingly slowly pushed his gun further into you, until you were filled up. You tried to grind against it, saliva lightly dripping from your lips as all comprehensible thoughts left and were replaced with an aching desire. The only legible thing you could think was a hope that your Cowboy had removed all the bullets.

“Well, don’t you look fuckin’ beautiful.” Jesse licked his lips, palming his crotch as he took you in.

Hair dishevelled, your skin flushed and sweaty, his weapon, the Peacekeeper pushed into your hungry cunt, the way your hips bucked repeatedly to gain some sort of friction. He laughed huskily, regaining a firm grip on the handle of his gun and beginning to pump the dangerous piece of metal. You moaned breathlessly, arching your back, sweat running like prickly diamonds down your heated skin.

“God… Look at you, my darlin’, fucking yourself on my gun~” Jesse panted, not deciding on whether he should look at the blissful and horny expression on your face or the way your arousal seeped over the metal of his weapon while you bucked down on it repeatedly as he kept pumping.

You whined brokenly, the gun slamming into all your sweet spots, making you shudder and shiver, your jaw aching from the uncomfortable cloth wedged inbetween your teeth. All of a sudden, the heated metal nudged just the right spot and the knot in the pit of your stomach snapped as you came messily.

Your cum coated the Peacekeeper as your heard Jesse groan lustfully, getting off to the sight. He slowly pulled the weapon out of you, your arousal spilling down your thighs, and onto the bed covers. You felt the heavy garment that was the now-sweaty scarf get pulled off. You blinked blearily as your eyes foudn Jesse, only to have your lust heightened by the sight of him slowly lapping your cum off his gun.

You tried to give him a weak glare but the post-pleasure coursing through your veins made you give up on any attempt of being annoyed when Jesse had just given you an amazing orgasm.

“Ready for the show-stopper, sweetheart?” McCree hummed, pulling out his leaking cock from his trousers.

You sighed contentedly as you slid down on his erection, knowing that this was going to be an eventful, long session.

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Winged!Qui-Gon enjoys some quality time with his smol winged padawan Obi-Wan.

“I’m not sure these will holds Master, wouldn’t it be better to go to the Halls and have a hea-” Qui-Gon rolled his eyes and pulled his padawan into his lap, cuddling the teen lightly, making sure not to squash the others wings.

“I am sure you’re bandaging skills are quite fine Obi-Wan. Its just fractured and needs to be kept still.” Qui-Gon assured, keeping his left wing utterly still as he continued to hold the young man against him.

Obi-Wan’s pale blue wings gave a little flap as he fidgeted on Qui-Gon’s lap then settled when the man shifted him to face the wall, large hands moving to groom the feathers of his soft wings. Some of Obi-Wan’s wings were downy still, soft and fresh by his youth compared to Qui-Gon’s own massive darker blue ones.

“Little blue bird, little duck, little imp.” He murmured, his tone soft and fond.

He could feel Obi-Wan’s mixed reactions to the nicknames, pleasure and embarrassment in equal measure, wings rippling lightly under Qui-Gon’s touch.

“Master…” He murmured, voice contrite.

“Little duck, trust me. I know my own wings.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly, removing a few molted feathers, stroking the soft downy ones with his fingertips. “I’m far older then you and I’ve fought with them before. You are only just learning.”

Obi-Wan shuffled a bit on his lap then settled again. “I worry about you master. Our wings are important, I may be young but you taught me the importance of being sure they are well tended.”

Giving a low hum, Qui-Gon tickled the back of Obi-Wan’s neck with one of the boys own feathers. “And that is very true Obi-Wan, but the bandage you wrapped is tight and nice and my natural healing abilities are already starting to put it all together.”

Giving a little giggle, Obi-Wan covered his neck with his hands to protect it against the feather, peeking over his shoulder at the older man.

‘Force, what a little ball of sunshine.’ Qui-Gon grinned back at him. “So, are you going to trust in me little duck?”

“I prefer it when you drop the little and call me imp I think master.” The redhead pouted.

“I’m sure you do but I think I like calling you little duck when in private.” Qui-Gon chuckled and tickled at the boys cheek.

That got a eyeroll out of him before Obi-Wan shifted on his lap to face him, peeking at Qui-Gon. “You’ll go to the healers if the bandages don’t hold though, right master?” He made his eyes larger on purpose, staring at him.

Feeling himself crumble at the pleading look on the others face, Qui-Gon gave a little grumble as his wings rustled a bit, his left restrained by the bandages. “Yes, yes fine Obi-Wan but only if you make me a pot of tea.”

The boy perked up.

“And a plate of cream puffs?” He questioned hopefully.

“And a plate of cream puffs.” Qui-Gon agreed with a quiet chuckle, watching the boy bounce to his feet with his wings fluttering excitedly as he raced to the kitchen. “No running in the quarters little duck.”

“Sorry master!”

Covering his mouth to hide the amused chuckle at the squeak, Qui-Gon shook his head, smiling into his hand. ‘Oh padawan, what would I do without you.’

Broken Vase

“Shit,” Joe stares down at the scattered pieces on the floor. “Shit.” He repeats.

Stepping carefully around the sharp shards, and ignoring the stinging pain in his hand, he quickly grabs the broom, sweeping up what used to be a vase sitting on the counter, filled with flowers he had bought for his girlfriend only a few days prior.

He knew Y/N was due home in only a short while, and he was trying his best to think of the best way to explain what happened.

She was surely going to be upset at discovering one of her favourite vases, the one her mum had bought her as a house warming gift for her and Joe when they moved in together, was now laying in pieces in their garbage.

It didn’t help that he wasn’t even sure how it had happened. He just remembered walking past it, carrying his laptop and charger, and then suddenly it was falling, the crash echoing loudly around him.

Once everything was cleaned up, Joe noticed the red drops along the floor, and the sharp pain in his hand decided to make itself known again.

Cursing softly once more, he grabbed a dishtowel, placing it over the new cut on his hand, scanning the floor for other signs of blood, wanting to get those cleaned up as well.

But just as he went to go grab some paper towel, he heard the front door open.

“Babe? I’m home!” Y/N’s voice carried through to him, and Joe’s eyes widened as he glanced from the doorway to his hand and to the floor.

There was no hiding this.

When she appeared through the doorway, sorting through the mail in her hand, he remained stood there, waiting for her to notice what was going on.

“Hi.” He offered weakly, wincing when she jumped, placing a hand to her chest.

“Jeez, Joe. Way to give me a hea—what happened?” Her eyes locked onto the cloth pressed against his hand before drifting over to the back placed on the counter and then the red drops on the floor.

“What happened?!” She demanded again, crossing the floor quickly to him, tossing the mail onto the counter and reaching for his hand.

“I’m really sorry, love,” Joe starts, “It was an accident.”

“What was an accident? You haven’t even told me what happened!” Y/N grimaces as she pulls the cloth away, “We need to get this cleaned up. Come on,” Reaching for his uninjured hand, she tugs him towards the bathroom, sitting him down on the toilet.

“It was the vase.”

“Which vase?” She asked, searching through the cabinet.

“The one your mum gave you.”

“Alright, what about it?”

“I somehow knocked it off. And it broke. Well, shattered — OW!” He yanked his hand away as she started to clean out the cut.

“Stop being a wimp and let me deal with this.” Wrapping her fingers around his wrist tighter, she began to clean it again. “And alright, it broke, but are you okay?”

“Just this cut,” Joe replied, hissing slightly, but keeping his hand there.

“Good.” She focused back on the task, cleaning and bandaging it up, looking him in the eyes when finished, “Joe, I don’t care about the vase.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Alright, I did like it. But I like you more. I’ll get over the vase being broken, but if you had been seriously hurt…”

“I’m fine, love.” He told her, slipping his fingers through hers.

“You promise you didn’t hurt yourself anywhere else?” Y/N asked, eyes scanning his.

“Just my hand.” Smiling, he leaned in to kiss her, “Thank you for bandaging me up.”

“Well, if you weren’t such a klutz…”

“It was an accident!”

“Still a klutz.” She grinned, giggling as he pulled her close to kiss her again.


The clouds and the mist and the snow and the day were gone. Now there were stars overhead, hanging like frozen spears of light, stabbing the night sky.
Wednesday began to walk forward, a lonely figure beneath the stars, in a broad rimmed hat, his frayed dark cloak gusting randomly in the nowhere wind, his staff tapping on the glassy rock floor.

“Where are we?”
Behind the scenes.” Said Wednesday.

The Wrong House.

Nonnie Ask: Could you write and imagine where the reader really wishes to be in Slytherin. Her family doesn’t put any pressure on her. But she’s sorted into Ravenclaw. She becomes friends with Cho and Luna. (Even though she’s older. Same year as the twins) And George helps her get through this “being sorted into Ravenclaw” crisis and they get together? (Additional note: I have nothing against Ravenclaws or any house. It just came to me because I’m in Slytherin but Ravenclaw is my 2nd favorite house)

Sorry Nonnie it took so long to complete, but this turned out so much longer than expected! This got 2 030 words (whaatt really) and George really save the day! Hope you’ll like it!! :))

Things in life don’t always go as planned. The sorting ceremony was one of them. All your life you had expected to be sorted into Slytherin. After all, your parents had been Slytherins and your big brother was one too. But it wasn’t what happens. Despite your bedroom being painted bright green, despite the Slytherin banners you have stolen from your brother’s room, despite the little snake you had drawn in all your books, you were sorted into Ravenclaw.

Your parents were very proud of you, Ravenclaw was, after all, the house of knowledge, wisdom and practical mind. It wasn’t bad at all, but it’s not what you have expected and you were even more bitter with it because the Sorting Hat had not even hesitated a bit to put you in Ravenclaw. Not even a single, thought of, maybe Slytherin, no, nothing. Professor McGonagall had put it on your head and he hadn’t said nothing at all, nothing expect it muttering to you, I know just what to do with you, before shooting Ravenclaw.

You had stayed sat on the three legged stall, frozen in disbelief as Professor McGonagall had encouraged you to move towards the table that was cheering you. As life doesn’t always go as planned, you had, to make matters worst, some difficulty in making friends. You had always found your fellow Ravenclaw a bit too brainy for you and you were wondering sometimes if they could enjoy something else besides reading and studying.

You couldn’t hang out with your brother, anyway, people would have probably taken this on the wrong side of you, to hang out with some older Slytherin, but it was all you had always wished. You had tried to make friends amongst them, but it had failed. They were a very closed pack and you needed to earn their recognitions to enter the group, which you have obviously not.  

You had tried to see this positively, but it was hard, and even though you were now in your sixth year, the Sorting Hat decision was still hunting you. You could still stay awake late at night, wondering what was wrong with this decision, trying to persuade yourself that the Sorting Hat surely had some flaws and that he had been wrong for you.

You had found some comfort and a good friend when the little Cho Chang, one year younger than you, had been sorted into Ravenclaw. She was a vivacious, strong head girl and you had always wondered why Ravenclaw for her when she had typical Gryffindor traits. But everyone out there seems to think that the Sorting Hat could not be mistaken.

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Philip Hamilton's life, except it's historically inaccurate


Philip’s freckled face scrunched as his young mouth stumbled around his response.

They sat in the dining room, a plate on biscuits on the coffee table. His mother had spent the morning teaching him piano, as they did each morning, and over morning tea they spoke french.

Eliza was quick to comfort him as his clear blue eyes filled with frustration and panic.

She counted up to nine in french. Her son repeated her seconds later and slowly his expression calms.

His little sister’s wailing cries interupted dinner. His hands wrung together under the table, a creased formed between his eyebrows as he pondered how to ask his question. He recalled doing so once before, when he was younger and his mother’s reaction wasn’t the happiest.

Eliza calmed his sister easily and Philip blurted suddenly, “Why doesn’t daddy come home for dinner?”

He thought she was going to cry, the look on her face, but instead she smiled, almost painfully and replied, “Your dad has to work very hard, and that mean he doesn’t get to come home until late.”

“Oh,” Philip frowned. “I wish he was home more.”

“Me too.”


Philip craddled his baby brother in his arms, making funny faces in order to elicit giggles from the boy. It eased his mood.

Philip shifted in his school uniform, trying not to think about what he had been told at school.

A few of the other kids had politicians for parents, and a group of them had tracked him down on the playground. They spat ugly words at him, and cursed his “angry, mean father”.

The teachers called Philip a young genius. He had inherited his father skill with words. But, in that moment, all of the words left him. He had no response for the kids and it made him feel vulnerable. He didn’t like to feel vulnerable.

His bedtime had been pushed back as he was older, this meant he saw his father more often.

Standing in the door of his dad’s office, Philip’s hands wrung together as he thought of how to word his question.

The words came tumbling out and he watched as his father’s shoulders tensed. There was no response.

Philip waited. He had gotten used to waiting for his father.

The scratch of Alexander’s pin filled the room, and the pair remained silent.

Eventually his mother came by to send him to bed.

“Dad?” He implored.

“Go to bed Philip.”


Philip is tired of people assuming the worst of him. The angry whispers of gossiping students haunts him and over the ache of his heart he doesn’t notice how he’s hardening. He doesn’t realise the walls he’s built.

They call him a bad boy. Sure, heas polite to the teachers, and does his work, but otherwise he uses his wit to flirt with girls and fire back at the harsh words he receives, or laughs them off.

By high school, as far as heas concerned, Philip is untouchable.

He doesn’t realise he has walls until his first girlfriend dumps him, the words asshole and dick leaving mouth her as she screeches at him to go away, go away and don’t come back. I hate you.

The next day everyone is spitting harsh words at him, asking why he dumped the poor girl. He doesn’t respond, plasters a smirk, pulls on the mask.

His chest aches, and he realises that she got around the walls he put up, walls he was only just realising he built.

He cries on his mother’s shoulder until he is numb to the heartbreak.

He promises never again.


Philip regrets coming home the moment he steps into the living room. Head forgotten his Aunt’s were coming over and now the trio were fussing over him.

“It’s only a cut! It’s only a bruise!” He insisted as his mother dabs his split lip and Angelica wraps ice in a hand towel for his cheekbone which glowed an angry red-purple.

“How’d this happen?” They all asked.

They all have to give him the look before he caves.

It was a fight. Some older boys were flirting with my younger sister… The things they said, absolutely disgusting. They look worse then I do.

His father hums absently as Eliza explains the issue over a late dinner. Philil doesn’t know whether to feel releived that his father is not listening.

Eliza takes him into the other room, where she talks to him in a harsh, rushed voice. Philip doesn’t know what she say but Alexander looks almost proud when they return.

“You’re grounded.” His mother tells him.

Philip shrugs.

Later, his father teaches him a few tips on fighting and shares a few stories from the war. Philipas not all that keen to start another fight, but he cherishes the time with his father and eats up every word spoken.

When he goes to bed, his heart feels fuller.

He sleeps with a smile on his face.


King’s college is tough, he flirts hard, works harder. He keeps his curly hair tied back in a tight ponytail and feels faker than ever.

He has more enemies then friends. He does little to provoke them though. He shrugs off their hits and laughs with his friends. They talk about girls, but that’s all they have in common.

Philip tries not to notice as the bags under his eyes grow darker and pushes down the guilt as he rushes out of the house early and comes back late. All the extra time is spent in the library.

One night his father’s face is staring back at him in the mirror.

He promises to sleep more.

He loved and respected his dad, but he couldn’t be him. He wouldn’t do that to his mum.


As graduation grew closer, Philip found himself with that much more time, he uped the flirting- he had an image to keep up after all -and smiled more.

He looked years younger.

He smiled when the scholars told him he had the same virtuosity and brains as his dad and smirk as the girls spread the word. That wasn’t where the resemblance stopped.

He was smart, smart, smart though, it was guaranteed he would graduated and that was such a releif.

Philip was a proud Hamilton, with plans to take the legacy and make it bigger, make it boulder. He never admitted it aloud to anyone though, at school he little more than the genius-kid with the attitude and the tendancy to flirt with every girl in sight.

Not everyone understood how far he would go to protect his father’s name though, as one George Eicher proved one day.

Philip could of had smoke pouring from his ears he was so pissed.

“Ladies, I’m looking for a Mister George Eicher. He made a speech last week- our fourth of July speaker -he disparished my father’s legacy in front of a crowd, I can’t have that, I’m making my father proud.”

The girls giggled at each other before one spoke, tone playful and flirty. “I saw him just up Broadway a couple of blocks, he was going to see a play.”

“Well, I’ll go and visit his box-”

“/God/, you’re a fox.”

Philip made a point to look the girls up and down in a way that was anything but subtle. “And you all look pretty good in your frocks, how ‘bout when I get back we all strip down to our socks?” He flashed a teasing grin that always got the girls and smirked as they squealed and laughed whilst he walked away.

As promised George was where they said and as he confronted him, Philip realised he had no plan of action.

What would dad do?

And a simple question, a mere thought, lead to the perdicament. He had challenged the man to a duel, despite not knowing how to go about such events.

He ended up face to face with the man who gave him the idea. Left with a gun and a promise to keep.

Philip smiled to himself and ignored the feeling of dread. He was making his father proud.


He had counted wrong. That was all he could think. Philip Hamilton must have counted wrong, because he was on seven when he heard the loud bang and felt the pain.

How he could have gotten it so wrong he didn’t know, but he was writhing in pain on the ground before ten.

His hip and arm were both angry and red with pain.

He was going to follow through with his fathers instructions, gun in the air, well before ten.

How had he miscalculated?

He must have passed out because when he next opens his eyes he is in the hospital, his fathers voice talking at another.

“Where’s my son!?”

“Mr Hamilton, come in, they brought him in a half hour ago. He lost a lot of blood.” How could the voice be so calm? Philip felt himself panicking. He know what was coming - felt the heaviness of his limbs, the ache of his body, the deep, deep tiredness that flowed through his half-empty veins.

“Is he alive?”

“Yes, but you have to understand, the bullet entered just above his hip and lodge in his right arm.”

“Can I see him please?”


His parents were above him. Philip was apologizing to both of them. But they kept saying I know. They kept begging him to stay alive.

But they didn’t know. How could they when they kept shutting him up before could finish?

I’m dying. In his mouth was a metalic taste. Mum, I’m scared. Dad, I want to stay alive, I do.


“I did exactly as you said, pop, I held my head up high, high. Even before we got to ten, I was aiming for the sky, I was aiming for the sky!”

Stay alive they tell him. I can’t, he thinks. But instead he smiles because he’s upsetted his parents enough.

“Mum, I’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me. We played piano. You would put your hands on mine. I would always change the line. I would always change the line.”

Stay alive, she begs him. But heas still thinking about his gross miscalculation. His eyes are filled with panic and frustration and his mother notices.

She counts. He repeats it, voice week.

No one has the strength to pull the crying woman away from her son.

She’s still counting, but he’s stopped.

She’s still counting -

… sept, huit, neuf

… sept, huit, neuf

-but her son doesn’t reply. And he never will again.

something about you . /pt. 1


Part 2

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My Midgard Life (10/?) [Ft. Reader x Thor]

Summary: After being injured during a battle Thor ends up on a beach shore in Midgard, having lost all but some of his memory. Thor sees a woman standing not far from him looking at him with wide eyes, he asks for help. The woman snapping out of her daze rushes to help him, taking him to her home she’s able to patch him up. The next morning she’s met with Thor making her breakfast, thinking that he was just thanking her with this gesture. However that is not the only reason Thor’s making her breakfast, it would seem that at some point during the night Thor came to a surprising conclusion. What will happen when Thor regains his memory?…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 11 / Part 12/ Part 13

“Loki where are we going?” you stumbled as you walked.

Loki remained silent and you were growing tired of walking as your body was screaming with a numb pain. He still had your hand grasped in his and he was basically pulling you along behind him, looking down at your feet you saw that they were bloody and bruised.

“I need to stop my feet are bleeding!” you tugged on his hand.

You were growing angry with each passing second, as you remembered that Loki kissing you was the reason why you ran. If he hadn’t have kissed you then you would still be in Asgard with Thor not here with Loki dragging you to wherever. Loki stopped walking and you sighed in relief, he turned around.


“Never kiss me without my consent again!” you seethed as Loki touched his now reddened cheek.

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Amour des Marais (Swamp Love)
Chère: dear
D'accord: okay
Bèbè: baby
Mon Amour: my love
Oui: yes
Bon: good

The moon shined almost brighter than the sun on nights like these. Insects of every species sang their songs of the Bayou; falling in tune with somber alligator roars. From the roars, I could distinguish between the baby gators and their mamas and daddies. I can even hear when the bullfrogs are mating, and read the stars to detect the weather. Being married to my Cajun King has taught me all of that and more. We lived happily in a beautiful shotgun home that he built, and used in place of ring to propose to me. He was never an ordinary man, and I loved him like crazy.

I washed my flour covered hands after putting a pan of biscuit dough in the oven. Shrimp ètoufèe and fried catfish were on the menu for dinner. I stirred away in my pot, as heavy steel-toe boots tracked the porch.

“Where ya at, mon chère?”

“In the kitchen, ma bèbè.” I tapped the spoon on the pot’s rim.

Those hefty footsteps entered the kitchen, and there stood my king. After a day of building a house with his brothers and a night of hunting, he wore a thin layer of dirt over his black tee and carpenter jeans.

“Smells good in here,” he set his tool bag and cooler on the wooden table.

His stride was smooth as butter, making his way towards me. My apron covered waist was seized by his muscular arms, and he covered my neck in kisses. The smell of faded cologne and swamp water dangled in my nostrils. I just loved when he smelled like the Bayou. I turned in his grip and kissed him, while mumbling sweet words in French. He replied with even sweeter French that melted me into him.

“Keep on talkin’ my language like dat, chère.” His big hands squeezed my ass. “I’m gon’ spread you on top of my rice instead of dat ètoufèe, hea?”

I stared into his cocoa eyes and bit my bottom lip. “I wouldn’t mind that at all. But I want my baby to eat well after his long day.”

His thumb glided across my lips, as his tongue followed with a slow lick over my mouth. A low growl radiated from his throat. “Maybe you’re right.”

“Ain’t I always?” I grin, “The grease is almost heated. You got the fish?”

He nodded towards the table. “Skinned, cut, and cleaned just for my Queen.”

“Good,” I gave him a peck, “Bring it on over.”

He sits the cooler beside the stove. “Imma take me a shower, chère.” He pecks my cheek.


I start to batter and fry the fish, while he walked to the bathroom. A few minutes later, and I was setting the table. My biscuits were a buttery golden; softer than pillows. Our swamp provided thick, healthy catfish that were fried crispy. The pot of shrimp ètoufèe simmered in the castor iron pot, that’s been in my family for five generations. I pulled a pitcher of sweet tea out of the fridge and filled up two tall glasses.

My hips were strongly seized and I gasped softly. I smelled cologne scented body wash; followed by a welcoming naked body pressed against me.

“My dahlin’, you came right on time.” I twist my head up to him and peck his jaw.

“I’m always right on time, especially with my table set like this.” He reveals my neck, and drops a couple of pecks.

I smile and reach for his plate to start fixing. He grabs my wrist; taking the plate from my hand.

“Ma chère cooks; I serve.” He gives me a look like I should’ve already known this rule. “You been on your feet all evenin’; sit.”

I did as I was told and he fixed our plates. Without wasting any time, he dove into his hefty plate. His satisfying growls radiated through my belly. I loved his way of telling me he loved my cooking. His sculpted jaws moved in rhythm as he chewed each mouthful in a savory manner.

I continued to eat with him in a comfortable silence, until we were both too full to eat any more. He leaned back in his chair after finishing his tall drink. I followed his cue and sighed happily over another successful, cooked dinner. He grabbed my left foot; kissing the top of it until he got to my knee. Then he trailed backwards from my knee to foot with more kisses.

“Mon amour,” he closed his eyes, while rubbing my foot.

“Oui?” I smiled.

“I won’t eva’ let anotha’ man take you away from me, hea’? He’d half to kill me dead, chère. And even then, my spirit won’t let him.”

His ways of complimenting me, especially my cooking, were by far out of this world, and I blushed until my cheeks literally burned.

“Bon, because I don’t eva’ want anyone else.”

He opens his eyes, and gets out of his chair. “Come now, my job to serve isn’t over yet.” I grabbed his outstretched hand. “Let’s get ‘chu out ‘dem clothes, so I can show up 'dat bullfrog out 'dea.”

I giggle, “Show him who’s the real King of the Bayou, huh?” I jumped and locked my legs around him.

His rumbling growl echoed; loud and arousing. “Oui, mon chère.”

Classy Dogs(Final Part)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.19)Final part
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


“Where are you going exactly?” My mom said suddenly, making me jump. I sighed, I was convinced she had been upstairs in the bathroom.

With a grimace, I turned to face her, giving a small shrug. “Out.”

“Out to where?” She looked up from her book and set the bookmark to save her place before raising a brow. 

“To meet people? Find friends?” I glared over at her. “Am I not allowed to have friends anymore?”

She sighed this time, frowning slightly. I could tell she wasn’t enjoying my attitude, I’d been harsh and secluded since we moved. It had been nearly a month and she pretty much kept me grounded the entire time. My new school was shitty, I didn’t try and like anyone, simply because I didn’t want my mom to think I liked this idea. “You’re more than allowed to have friends. I thought you didn’t like anyone at your school?” 

“I don’t.” I snapped quickly, gripping the door handle. “But I’m bored and there has to be one normal person in this area.”

“Y/N…” My mom started, but she stopped when I turned my glare back at her. “Fine…Be back by eleven.”


I pulled the door open and hurried out, shutting it roughly behind me as I made my way to my car. There was no way that I was going to even try and find a friend around here. I slid my cell phone from my pocket once I got into the car, my mom had kept it in her possession all this time, but I finally snuck it away. There were many messages and missed calls. None were from Newt. His mom must have his phone as well, or maybe he didn’t want to talk to me. 

I sighed as I flipped through the texts from Minho, Teresa and Brenda. Even one from Thomas who said he beat up Jackson. That made me chuckle. The last message sort of surprised me as I read it. 

[RE: FuckBoy-P; 10:38pm]: Y/N, I am so sorry that Jackson did that shit to you and Newt. I promise I had nothing to do with it. I screwed up and I feel really bad for treating you how I did, I know you won’t ever forgive me, neither will Newt and I understand that totally…But I just wanted you to know that I didn’t help Jackson with his stupid plan to get you separated from Newt and the rest of the school. Not sure if you even have my number saved in your phone or not, but just in case…This is Peter…Again, sorry.

I raised a brow, hitting the end button to shut off messaging before I pulled out of the driveway. Once I was on the freeway to my old town, I hit the send button and prayed that Minho was near Newt.

“Whoa…Is it actually you?” Minho’s voice said when he answered the phone.

I chuckled softly. It was nice to hear a familiar voice. “Yeah, it’s me, Minnie.”

I could practically hear the grin in his voice. “Looking for your shower partner?”

There was a sound of a tussle through the phone and a groan before someone else picked up. “Do you even know how much I miss you?”

Newt’s voice made my heart race, I stayed focused on the road ahead, trying not to get caught up in the moment. I grinned. “I think I missed you more.”

It was his turn to chuckle. “Not possible…Where are you?”

“Heading your way…Where should we meet?”

His breath hitched and I wondered if he’d say no, but his tone was full of excitement. “Outside of town, I’ll meet you at the old park off Montgomery avenue.” 

I smiled and turned my blinker on to get in the right lane for the exit. “Be there in ten minutes.”

We hung up and I turned the last few streets to my destination. Newt pulled in nearly two minutes after I did. I flung my seat belt off and rushed out of my car, he was a step behind me, but we both ran across the parking lot before he lifted me into his arms, burying his face into my neck. He inhaled deeply, a grin on his face. “Dammit….Dammit, I bloody missed you. I bloody missed you so bloody much.”

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I smiled, leaving kisses all over his face before grasping the sides of his face with my hands. “I missed you too. So ‘bloody’ much.” 

We kissed for a moment, when we pulled apart he frowned and set me down. “Does your mom know-”


He shook his head. “She’d kill me.”

I nodded and sighed. “I’ll be able to leave in a month. I’ll be 18.”

He chuckled, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “I will not allow you to leave your mom just for me.”

I looked at the ground, figuring now was a better time than any to say what I needed to say. “I might have too.”

Again, he frowned and tilted his head. “Why would you have to do that?”

There were tears in my eyes, but he wiped them away, bringing my chin up with his finger so I would look him in the eye. “She’s not going to want me to live with her when she…”

Newt searched my face before his eyes widened. “Y/N…Are…Are you–”

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“Pregnant.” I said, nodding as I tried to wipe the tears off my cheeks. 

The blonde swallowed slowly, biting at his lip. “Well than…that settles it.” He said firmly, taking my hand. I looked at him with confusion and worry. I was scared at first that he was going to tell me to get an abortion or that he didn’t want to see me. “Come on, we’re gonna go talk to your mom together, okay? And no matter what choice she makes, I will be there for you and for whatever choice you make.”

He pulled me into his chest and let me cry for a bit before he opened the door to help me into his truck. I was quiet for most of the drive, but before he pulled onto my street, I reached over and took his hand. “What choice do you want me to make?”

The blonde frowned, his eyes turned towards mine before focusing back on the road. “I love you…Y/N. I know that’s weird, because of…everything and I know that we only just started dating, but I know that I do. I just know it. And I would…I would want you to keep the baby, but only if you want too.”

I watched him for awhile as he pulled into my driveway, I smiled but the moment faded, it was quickly replaced by the fear of telling my mom. Of walking in there and telling her what happened, but mostly because I was walking in there with Newt and I was worried she would hurt him or make him leave and being with him now…Now I knew I couldn’t do this alone.

We both got out of his truck from the same side and headed towards the door. My mom answered it before I could open the door. “I should have known where you were going when I saw your phone was gone…Isaac, go home. Before I call your mother.”

Newt stood firm, looking down at me, squeezing my hand for reassurance. “Mom…We need to talk to you.”

She sighed, rubbing her forehead. “Y/N, I don’t want to hear about how you teenagers are so in love and need to be together. You aren’t. Get inside and Isaac, again…go home.”

“Ma’am…I think you should hear us ou-”

“Go! Now!” My mom said, her tone changed to show her anger, it made Newt flinch. I shut my eyes. 

“Mom, I’m pregnant.”

“I don’t want to hea–” My mom shut up quickly. “What?”

“I’m pregnant.”

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No one moved or said anything, I watched the range of emotions go through my moms face and I thought back to the discussion we had about Jackson and Newt and the feelings I was having. I prayed and hoped that she would go back to being my mom, the one I told everything to and the one I felt was my closest friend.

Finally, my mom stepped away from the door way and motioned for us to come inside. We both moved forward and into the living room, sitting down on the couch. Newt never let go of my hand and he never took his eyes off of me, not until my mom spoke.

“What do you want to do?” She said softly. 

I stared at the floor and clutched onto Newt’s hand. “Keep it.”

My mom stifled a cry, but she nodded. “You must finish school…I won’t let you drop out to raise a child. I will help you, but you need to kee-”

I rushed forward and hugged her, sobbing quietly. She held onto me and than she looked at Newt. “And what about you? What are you going to do?”

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Newt sat up straighter and looked my mom in the eyes. “Take care of her and our child…And anything else she needs me to do.”

“Your parents?”

“They won’t want anything to do with it or her.” He answered truthfully, frowning a bit.

My mom nodded and than she explained that she qould allow us to move back to our hometown, so I could finish school with my friends and so that Newt could stay with us to help during the pregnancy and with the baby, if his parents really did tell him to leave. 

Four months into the pregnancy, Newt gave me a ring and told me we would get married, no matter what. Whenever I was ready. 

It took awhile, but I finally became pretty good friends with Thomas, even Amerie and Emery…And after a nice slap in the face…I forgave Peter.

Newt and I are expecting a little girl, to be named Lizzy, after Newt’s sister who passed away when he was younger.

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Double Booked Part Three

Part one: (x)

Part two: (x)

Part four: Coming soon

word count: 3,290

Warning: Pretty graphic fight scenes, death, blood, cursing, kidnapped

pairing: readerxreid (sorta)

Summary: You awake in the warehouse of your captor and have to find a way out, even if there is only one. 

You open your eyes to see a warehouse with the mayor talking to the sheriff and two police in the corner.

“She’s awake” another cop who was apparently standing over you state, eyeing your carefully.

It is then you take in that you are handcuffed to a beam in the middle of the floor of the warehouse. Then the pain of your head starts to pound, the scrapping and tightness of the cuffs suddenly making you shift uncomfortably, only to be made more uncomfortable as your knees begin to ache from you putting your weight on them, arms outstretched in behind you.

“Nice to see you again agent (Y/L/N). You really shouldn’t have fought back. You ruined our whole plan. Now we have to kill you bloody. And I hate messes.” The mayor said, walking towards you, talking with the same patronizing tone he did as when you first met him at the station.

“If you hate messes then why are you killing the people of your town and leaving their bodies dumped in public?” You spit back, testing him.

He squats down next to you, brushing your hair back with his sweaty hand, you jerk your head away, causing his to cackle.

“Because they’re scum. No one wants them around. They don’t want to see them around living the way-“he holds himself back from becoming angry “They are the trash and I am taking them out. With the help of these fine men and women in uniform” He gestures to the three cops standing smugly in the corner of the warehouse.

“Why don’t you do it yourself? You’re not taking out the trash. You get other people to do it for you. You couldn’t do it.” You want to anger him so he loses control. He would either kill you, or make a whole new decision. You could see him cracking. You had to push him farther.

“Because” he spits, getting about two inches from your face grabbing your hair so you have to meet his eyes “I’m an intelligent man. I have them do the dirty work and I get all the credit. Ever since I became mayor of this god forsaken town the streets have been clean. No more soccer moms having to be begged for money by some bum. No more preteens buying dope from lowlife drug dealers. No more bangers stealing from good business owners. They need me and they know it. They’d be nothing without me. They plaster me all over there city just to thank me. I’m their God” He breaths heavily as he speaks. Voice shaking with rage.

You got him.

You say nothing to him, looking down, to show him your submission.

“Reynolds! It’s about that time. Start the patrol” He yells to the sheriff, walking over to them in a hidden room, you assumed to be the front room of the warehouse.

You heard them speaking but couldn’t make it out. You knew you had little time. The team would have to go catch the dirty cops in the act and they would all be split up. You take a deep breath as you feel your hands, handcuffed behind you, around the pole. You focus your energy, you were running out of time already. You knew you had to dislocate your thumb to be able to slip out of the cuffs to call Reid on the phone you still felt digging into your side. You close your eyes, rub your right hand across the left thumb, you bend it, take a deep breath and squeeze it until you hear a snap. You squeeze your jaw to stop from screaming. You still hear talking in the other room, you dig the phone out of the hem of your pants and dial Reid, hoping to anyone or anything listening you would be able to reach him in time.


At the station the team was all together in the office, door shut, they had been waiting the call from Garcia but she wasn’t done yet. They were all tense, trying to not show visible signs of distress, Time was running out.

Suddenly a phone started ringing, they all look over to Reid eagerly, he was already fumbling to get his phone out, not bothering to look at the number on the screen.

“Garcia?” he asked

“Reid…Reid it’s me” His heart dropped. His face showed it. He had been suspicious of you leaving with the sheriff. His mind allowing dark thoughts in and the sound of your voice affirmed his worst fears.

“Put her on speaker, Reid” Hotch ordered, not knowing yet it was you

He did as he was told and dropped down the phone, onto the table, looking numb

You continue without his reply “Reid, I’ve been taken by the mayor, sheriff Reynolds, and three dirty cops, I can’t make them out but they’re on their way out to start the killing again. You and the team have to stop them.”

“(Y/N), (Y/N) where are you?!” Spencer sounded tense, almost angry but also like he was about to cry.

“Don’t worry about me Spence, I’m…I’m not making it out of this one. I broke the mayor. It’s only a matter of time now. Please just, save those people. Please Reid” You start silently crying, imagining his reaction to what you’re asking of him.

“(Y/N). Tell us where you are, right now” You hear Hotch order. Of course you were on speaker phone. You start to chuckle. Feelings of your team overwhelm you.

“Aaron, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to come back in here soon and kill me. I made him. He’s losing it. Getting sloppy. We- you can catch him now”

“Goddammit (Y/N) just tell us!” Morgan yells at you

“It won’t make a difference. I love you all so much. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Please.” You start to break again, trying to keep quiet “And Morgan?”

“Yeah baby girl?” He asks, voice cracking

“Don’t let Reid see me. When it’s over. Promise me. Keep him away.”

He pauses for what feels like forever when he then says “I promise”

You smile, feeling relieved

“(Y/N) Please…please I’m begging you. Don’t leave me. I need you. Please. I love you” You hear Reid pleading

“I love you Spencer Reid. I always have. I’m so sorry but please. Don’t stop living because of me. Please. Don’t.”

“Don’t ask me to live without you. Don’t you dare do that” He plead, a tone of anger in his voice

“Take care of yourself Spence.” You say, the mayor walked back in with the sheriff, quickly spotting you with the phone. Starting to yell. Spencer pleads on the other side of the phone. You quickly hang up, not wanting him to hear what is about to happen.


“You stupid fucking bitch!” He runs to you grabbing the phone you already cracked when you threw it down, smiling at him. He lands a rough hit to the side of your head. Your head cracks against the concrete ground as you hits you.

Grabbing your hair, ripping it he orders the cop to handcuff you again. They notice your dislocated thumb and he stares into your eyes as he snaps it back into place, causing you to scream.

“There’s no point in tying her up again. She’ll just break out of it. It’s time to take her out.” The sheriff says looking at you. You return the gaze, not showing your weakness as your body screamed in pain.

“I need to call them back. They’ll catch them. Shit. Fuck!” He said pacing back toward the sheriff in a daze of confusion. Reynolds takes out his phone and begins to dial for his team to retreat. But you can see them panicking.

You lay on the floor, one hand still in a cuff. You start cackling at them. Causing them both to spin around to face you.

“What the fuck are you laughing at” the mayor spits at you

“You. You’re going to lose. They’re going to put a bullet through your skull. Both of yours.”

“And you won’t be here to see that happen” The sheriff says, drawing his gun on you. You smile at him. You knew you wouldn’t survive this but the team would. Your family would still be alive and that’s all that mattered. Reid would live. You didn’t want to die but you would for them. Peace rushed to your body. You forgot to be afraid. A shot rang out.


“(Y/n)! (Y/N)!” Reid screamed as you hung up the phone

He sank down to his knees, as JJ ran over to him and wrapped him in her arms

“It’s happening again. Just like before. I loved her too late. God, it hurts JJ.”

She looks over to Hotch desperately as the rest of the team looks too, numb and broken at the sound of Spencer begging you to live.

“Garcia did you get that?” Hotch asked towards the laptop monitor, causing everyone, even Reid to look up in confusion

“You bet your sweet ass I did.” Garcia said

Hotch ignored the inappropriate reply, all he cared about was getting you back

“Wait, when did you call Garcia?” Prentiss questioned

“Right when (y/n) called and said she was taken” Hotch answered

“Did you get the address?” Reid, asked suddenly standing, tears drying on his face.

“Shit.” Garcia said

“What is it” Morgan asked, impatiently

“Okay so I got the area but I couldn’t get an exact location. It’s in the warehouse district which will be difficult to search with just the six of you since you can’t trust anyone else” She replied, eyes still glued to her other monitor, typing rapidly

“Should I call for backup?” JJ offered

“No. Not anyone here. Call in another department. Give them the profile and send them on their way to the nightly patrol to catch the three cops.” Hotch ordered

“No” Reid said

“What?” Rossi questioned, confused

“He’ll order them back. He knows that we know he took her and he’ll have them come back to him. To protect him when we come to get (y/l/n). He’ll likely assume she told us where she was being held. We don’t have enough time.” He eyed Hotchner waiting for the go ahead, although everyone knew he would only wait for so long.

“We’ll split up. You go with Morgan and Prentiss to check one location. David, JJ, and I will go to another. Garcia, send us the addresses and put out a APB for the three cops who clocked in for their patrol, sheriff Reynolds, and Mayor Wilson.” He ordered and clicked out of the face time.

With that, everyone grabbed their guns, vests, and headed out to the SUV’s.


Your eyes flutter open and closed, your vision is blurry as you try to focus your eyes. You hear yelling and muted shots ring out in the distance and as you tried to push yourself up your hand is met with warm, thick, liquid pooled around your leg. Pain shoots though your body and you can’t help but scream out, and fall back down.

More yelling, grunting, heavy things falling and breaking. You look at the empty room for a weapon as you crawl to a pipe the door swings open and you meet eyes with the mayor, he was clearly attacked and gotten away. You hoped it was your team but you couldn’t think about anything other than grabbing the pipe at this point as you crawled towards it. He started running towards you but fell to the ground just when he was about 10 paces away just when a gunshot rang out, and a circle of blood started expanding on his shirt, on the left side of his chest. It went straight through his heart. As he falls you see Reid behind him, gun still drawn. As you meet each other’s eyes the door behind him slams shut as you hear Morgan and Prentiss call out his name from behind the door.

Sheriff Reynolds appears behind him and delivers a blow to the back of his head, a loud crack rings out in the warehouse as he collapses onto himself. Your entire body aches and twinges at the sight and sound of it.

He drags Reid over to the corner and start delivering blow after blow to his weakened body. The sounds of cracking and skin against skin made you shake with rage. A rush of adrenaline fills you as you grab the pipe, stand and run over to the two men. Spencer was being knocked nearly unconscious, blood pooling out of his mouth and down his face, body slumped in a horrifying disfigurement.  

You hit Reynolds with all the strength you can over his back. You should’ve hit him in the head, the fight would’ve been over, but you wanted a fight. You wanted him to hurt for laying his hands on Reid.

His back arches in pain as he turns around to grab you, you wait for him to stand, wanting a fair enough fight. He swings and you let him hit you, your head snapping to the side. You knew how to take a hit. Since he’s in a state of shock that you’re still standing, you take advantage and grab his head with both of your hands and kick him directly in the kneecap. His leg snaps backwards and as he is hunched over in pain you bring his head down onto your knee as hard as you can, throwing your entire body into the force. 

You use the momentum and throw yourself on top of him. Pinning his arms down as hard as you can with your knees you start pounding on his face. You ignore the excruciating pain coming from your legs and throw your body into every blow to the man’s face. You hear cracking and breaking of bones and skin but all you see is the memory of Reid being beaten to near death and you can’t stop. You feel yourself start screaming with every hit but you don’t hear it.

You hear the sound of the warehouse door being kicked in and Morgan yelling your name.

“Emily! Get in here!” He yells as he runs over to you, grabbing you by the waist and lifting you off the man. You know its Derrek but you fight against him, trying to get back to the man lying limp on the floor. You start screaming for him to let you go as he picks you up and carries you out of the warehouse.

Hotch and Rossi arrive with JJ and go to the sheriff who’s face is now near unrecognizable against the blood and swelling and they call for the backup to take him out to the cars. Also observing the dead mayor, lying face down on the ground.

They turn to JJ and Prentiss who are at Reid’s now, slowly awakening side.

“Reid you son of a bitch don’t ever do that again!” Prentiss yells at him shoving his shoulder as he tries to sit up. Knocking him slightly back. Mad that he went off without her and Morgan.

“What happened? He says looking around, growing frantic “Where’s (y/n)?!”

He stands up too fast, almost falling over as JJ catches him.

“Morgan took her outside” Rossi replied, walking over

“Oh god, oh god” His mind went a mile a minute as he assumed the worst. Morgan took your dead body outside because you told him to let him see your body.

“Reid, Reid! Relax. She’s alive.” JJ said, grabbing his face to bring him back to reality

“Is she hurt? Why did he take her outside?” He asks, still frantic

“Are you kidding? You didn’t see her?” Prentiss asks him, nearly laughing

“No what happened?” He asks, concerned, now able to stand up by himself

“She beat the hell out of the sheriff. You should’ve seen it. I’ve never seen her like that” Rossi said

“Yeah it was amazing” Prentiss said, clearly impressed

JJ turned towards Emily, giving her a look

“What? It was! I knew she could handle herself but I didn’t she had that much rage” Emily stated

“I need to see her” Reid said, trying to walk but being held back by Hotch

“Take it easy Reid, you’re still badly hurt, we need to get you a paramedic”

The four agents held him there while they waited for paramedics to reach them in the back of the warehouse, even though he was fighting to move the whole time.


You finally calmed down enough to stop fighting Morgan as he put you in the back of an ambulance that was already standing by. Morgan stood in front of you, arms crossed, making sure you weren’t going to make another break for it but the pain in your leg became overwhelming as the paramedic was working on it, sewing the apparent “not serious” wound. You didn’t think you could even stand anymore, let alone run off to Spencer. Once you started crying in pain, he jumped in the back and held your newly bandaged hand as you sat up on the stretcher and choked back your screams and whimpers. The paramedic bandaged you up, wanting to quickly take you to the hospital for more treatment but you threatened to hurt him if he tried to leave without you seeing Reid first. He was nice and you felt bad about it but with a nod from Morgan he didn’t ask any more questions.

You just looked at Morgan for comfort as the paramedic tried to bandage your other hand, tears escaping your face from the pain you were feeling, but it wasn’t just because of your hands.

“Thank you Derrek. For taking care of Reid. I know you always do but…just thank you.” You smiled at him weakly

“From what I saw, you were the one taking care of Reid” He smiled his classic Derrek Morgan smile at you

You laughed but then got serious “I don’t know what happened to me in there. Just seeing him like that. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t even see after a while I just-”

“Shh, shh” he soothed, brushing your hair away from your face “I know, I know. But he’s safe now and so are you. You did good kid. It’s what any of us would’ve done” He rubbed your back reassuringly, sending a twist into your stomach as the feeling reminded you of Spencer.

“(Y/N)!” You recognized Reid’s voice calling to you, fighting the paramedics to try to jump off the stretcher but they hurriedly put him into the back of the ambulance and closed the double doors after JJ hopped in after him.

“Where is he going?” You turn to Hotch who is now approaching you “Is he okay?”

“He’s fine. Just as injured as you, they think he has a fractured rib and he needs to be scanned for his head injury” He replies, calmly

Prentiss and Rossi walk over to you with smiles on their faces “Hey (y/n). You feeling good?” Rossi asks.

“Never better” you say with a twinge as the paramedic finishes with your hand

“How is she actually doing?” Rossi asks the paramedic

“Her hands are damaged. Likely a few broken knuckles. A dislocated thumb, and a deep flesh gunshot wound but besides that she seems very…responsive.” He says, clearly making fun of you for threatening him earlier. You chuckle at his joke with the rest of the team.

“Morgan you ride with her to the hospital. We’ll meet you there.” Hotch ordered, looking over to you and smiling “I’m glad you are okay (y/n)”

“Thank you Hotch” you say as he closes the ambulance doors.

You lay down on the stretcher as Morgan grabs for your hand again as you ride to the hospital


Forbidden Love Ch. 16

Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 Ch.8 Ch.9 Ch.10 Ch.11 Ch.12 Ch.13 Ch.14 Ch.15

Summary: Your father is now married to a woman with 7 sons. Tension starts to build up as you move in with the 7 handsome boys.

Request what you want to happen next or a normal scenario :D

A/N: Next chapter will be up on friday ;)

(2040 words)

Reader’s Pov


“Y/N.” You heard the teacher say your name, inturupting your stare off with the newbie and stand up from your seat. “Ne!” “You will show the boy around the school, don’t get him lost.” You bowed in response and the boy sat not far from you. The teacher carried on with the lesson and you felt like someone was watching you. Jungkook looked at the kid who was staring at you the whole time and he balled up his fists in anger.

The bell rang and class was over and lunch starts. You walked over to the boy who stood up, not knowing what to do. “Come on, I’ll show you the canteen.” He nodded and smiled at you. You looked over at Jungkook and smiled at him. “Wanna come Jungkook?” He nodded with no facial expression, which you found strange. The three of you walked out of the classroom and the boy was talking to you non-stop and it irritates Jungkook so much. He intertwined his hands with yours and you looked at him with a weird look. He didn’t say anything and you just let him hold your hand. The boy saw how your hands were intertwined with his so he thought that you’re a couple so it made him shut up. You entered the busy canteen and you told him what each stands serve. He nodded to everything you said. After lunch, the three of you went around the school, making sure not to miss a single thing. Before the bell rung, the boy asked for your number, in case he needed help around the school and you gladly gave it to him. Jungkook saw how the boy looks at you and he boiled in anger.

After school, you and Jungkook got in the Jin’s car and you drove off home. “So Y/N…what do you think about…Minjae?” You looked at him to see he had an unreadable expression. “He’s kind and I hope we could get along well.” Jungkook nodded and silence fell between you. You entered the house and in to your room. You took out your homework and started working on it when an unknown number was calling you. You answered with a “Yeobeoseyo?” “Hey Y/N! It’s Minjae.” “Oh, hi Minjae, is there something you need?” “Yeah, about the homework, how do you do it?” You chuckled and explained the formal and how to get the answer. “Ah…I see. Thanks Y/N” “No problem.” You were about to hang up when he was calling for you. “Yes?” “Jungkook? Are you going out with him?” Your face blushed at his question. “No, he is brother.” “Oh! I’m sorry, that was an awkward thing to ask.” You laughed lightly at his panicked tone. “It’s fine.” “Well I was wondering…. this coming weekend…we could hang out…you know for a coffee maybe.” You blushed at his invitation. “Like a date?” “Umm…I guess you could call it that.” “I’d love too.” “Cool, goodnight Y/N” “Goodnight…” You hanged up and you felt your heart beat. It’s been a longtime you went out on a date with a boy.

On the weekend you put on a simple summer dress and went out, leaving a note on the fridge for the boys. You didn’t tell them about the date, they probably threaten poor Minjae like every overprotective brothers does. You arrived at the café where you were going to meet and you saw Minajae sitting at the corner waving at you. You took a seat from across and you ordered a simple latté. You guys had a simple chat and got to know each other better. He wasn’t actually so bad, he was sweet and kind.

Back at home Jungkook was sitting on the sofa with two of his older brothers. He didn’t pay attention to the movie, all of his thoughts were going to that new kid who liked you and who knows, that you also likes. “Jungkook-ah! What’s wrong? You’ve been like this for the whole week.” Jungkook looked at Jimin who had a worried expression on his face. “There’s this new kid in our school. I saw the way he looks at Y/N, like he is in love. I don’t know what is this feeling; I don’t think this is a feeling of a protective brother. This is more like a if I see him with her I want her to myself.”

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Jimin looked at Taehyung and knew what he was feeling…and he wasn’t the only one. Taehyung’s heart somehow hurts, thinking of you with someone, being like a couple. Jimin felt like he couldn’t breath, seeing you kissing someone while he was watching from the distance. “Where is Y/N though?” Jimin asked his younger brother. “I found a post-it on the fridge saying she was out with someone.” “It’s probably him.” Jungkook said with no emotions. He hated this feeling so he got up and went to his room. He buried his face in his pillow, he was frustrated.

The date went well and he took you home. His eyes went wide at the size of you house. “How many people live in that house?” He asked in surprise. “Just me and my brothers.” “And how many brothers do you have?” “Seven, but their by step brothers” You said with a sheepish smile. Minjae nodded and silent fell between you. “Are you free tomorrow. I saw this really nice restaurant and I thought we could go there tomorrow night.” You looked at him and nodded with a smile. “Okay then, goodnight Y/N” He leaned in a kissed your cheek before walking off. You blushed as you went over to the front door and entered the house. “Y/N?” You heard Jin calling you. “I’m home.” Jin came out of the kitchen with a pink apron on him. “So where were you? Why is your face so red?” You were about to answer when Jimin interrupted you. “You were on a date weren’t you?” How did he know? You slowly nodded and you saw Jin smiling, but this smile was more like he is hiding something that hurts. “I see, well why don’t you clean up? Dinner is almost ready.” You nodded and headed upstairs. As you were walking down the hallway, you met up with Jungkook. “Hey, I heard you were hanging out with Minjae?” You nodded. “Ah…well at least you had fun.” He ruffled your hair and walked passed you. The entire time at dinner, the boys haven’t been talking much. You sat on your bed confused. Minjae was cute, handsome and kind. You thought you should move on and it was good opportunity.

The night came and you dressed yourself in a simple jeans and white T-shirt with a leather jacket since it’s cold outside. You went downstairs and the boys looked at you all dressed up. You looked outside the window to see Minjae waiting by his car. “So you’re going out again?” Hoseok asked. You nodded. “I’ll be back soon, don’t wait for me okay? Love you.” You walked out of the front door and the boys rushed over to the window and saw you getting in car. “Just forget about it boys, Y/N is moving on, there’s no way we could stand a chance.” Yoongi said as he went over and sat on the sofa. And he was right. Taehyung took his jacket from the hanger and went out of the house, just like that.

You enjoyed the dinner that Minjae took you and you laughed along with him. You were eating soup when Minjae reached over and wiped you lips. “You had a little cream there.” You laughed and thanked him. Ten minutes later you got a call from Jin. You had a questioned expression and took your phone. You looked at Minjae, afraid that the call was interrupting him. He nodded and you answered the call. “Hey Jin, what is it?” You let Jin talk and you eyes widened. You quickly walked out of the restaurant, leaving Minjae their. “WAIT Y/N!” but you didn’t you ran, not bother taking a taxi. Jin’s words lingered in your mind. “Y/N…Taehyung was ran over by a car and he is at the local hospital in the emergency room, he said he wants to see you before falling unconscious…please come.” You kept running until you arrived at the local hospital. You rushed over to the front desk and asked the lady for the room Taehyung was in. “I’m looking for Kim Taehyung.” She typed in her board and looked up at you. “3rd floor, room 304.” You didn’t thank and rushed to the stairs. You ran on the 3rd floor hallway and found your brothers sitting outside the room. “Is Taehyung okay?” You panted. Namjoon looked up at you. “He is unconscious right now, but he just broke an arm. So far he is okay.” “Can I see him?” You asked worried. “Sure, but he’s not going to be awake.”

You entered the room and the scene broke your heart. In bed; with bruises and a cast on his arm. Needles were stuck in his body and he looked like he was in a lot of pain. You approached his bed and stroke some hair away from his forehead. “You pabo…why would you go out so late at night…” You had tears streaming down your cheeks. The call Jin made with you scared you to death. You placed a hand on his and it was cold so you took both of your hands and held them to warmth. You felt his hand lightly tightened around you. “The reason why I’m like this is because of you Y/N” You looked up to see Taehyung’s eyes open.

Everything happened so fast for Taehyung. Walking down the streets thinking of you, finding you at the restaurant that you and Minjae were at, the way he wiped your lips and the way it pierced his heart when you laughed with him.

How he crossed the street without paying attention, hearing the ambulance and being pulled on the stretcher. Jin arriving with the boys and running with him on the stretcher, telling him it will be alright and Taehyung asking him that he wants to see Y/N. And seeing you here with him already warmed his heart. “When I see you with Minjae, it hurts, here inside. Is that what jealousy feels like?” He pulled your arm down and planted his lips on yours. It was soft and warm and he places a hand on the side of your face. He pulled away, his face still close to yours. “Don’t go out with Minjae please.”


You were in the car driving home from the hospital. Taehyung had to stay in the hospital for a few days and then he may go home. You called Minjae and apologized for leaving him there and said that you would make it up for him. He agreed and you hung up. Your eyes felt really heavy and it wasn’t long until you fell asleep from exhaustion. Jimin was sitting next to you and he pulled your head on his shoulder and brushing some hair away from your face. “She ran from the restaurant all the way to the hospital.” Yoongi was impressed at how caring Y/N is. “Of course she would be so exhausted.” Yoongi looked at you from the front seat and smiled at your peaceful expression.  

Jin parked his car in the drive way and quickly got out and opened the back door. He placed an arm under your legs and around your shoulder and carried you bridal style. “Can someone open the front door?” Yoongi took out the house keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. He carried you inside and into your room and closed the door. He gently placed you on the bed and tucked you in. He kneeled down and stared at your face for a while. “Do you know how we all feel about you? We love you, not as brothers, as men. One day you will have to choose one of us.” He leaned in and softly planted his lips on yours. He pulled away and looked at your face once more. “….

I love you.”

“It’s Been A While”

“Can I look now?” Brooklyn whined stomping her feet on the ground. A tired Aug rolled his eyes at his spoiled girlfriend before grabbing her with a little too much force standing her five foot even frame in front of his six foot one stance.

Brooklyn sucked her teeth stumbling over her small feet and opening her mouth only to close it back when the blindfold dropped in a puddle in front of her Balenciaga sandals.

“Baby!?” Turning around Aug nodded inwardly patting himself on the back as the smile on her face grew and those beautiful dimples he loved deepened as her cheeks darkened.

“It’s beautiful. Like how?” August chuckled handing the bellhop a tip when he sat their bags down. “Thank you, enjoy your stay here in Bali.” His thick accent made Brooklyn smile slightly before her attention shifted to their beautiful villa.

“I love it!” She smiled twirling around. The teal blue maxi dress hugged all of her newly formed curves and the large promise ring that he was soon going to be replacing..little did she know shinned brightly on her finger.

August let out a silent thank you when he noticed Brooklyn had no panties on. His tongue swiped slowly over his bottom lip and everything he had set up for tonight flew out the window.

Pulling off her sandals Brooklyn opened the glass door which separated the main room from the bedroom. “Babe look fish!” Her excitement made him smile and as bad as he wanted to sit around and explore with her he had other plans of doing some exploring of his own.

“C’mon Gi.” Just by his voice Brooklyn knew what August wanted and happily followed his lead. August let Brook go first watching her ass and hips each time she crossed the pathway. Reaching the wooden ground she went to what she assumed was the bedroom but stopped when August grabbed her hand.

Turning around she looked up at him her tiny hands holding his face. “It’s been so long.” It wasn’t just the love making she was talking about. It was the intimacy she craved as well. The way his hands held onto her body, his lips against hers, his voice, his grunts in her ears, the way he made love to her with only his hands. That’s what she missed the most.

Looking into her almond colored eyes August felt like the man of the world knowing that the Goddess in front of him only had eyes for him. He was lucky to have someone like Brooklyn to enter his life. She came out of nowhere.

The first night he laid eyes on her at that club he had made a mental note that she was going to eventually be his. Everything about her was amazing. Her flawless skin, her natural beauty, the way she effortlessly put a smile on his face and most of all because she gave him something he didn’t want with anyone else but her.

A son.

“Baby I love you so much and even though we’re young right now I can’t fathom life without you. You make me happy and I just love you so much.” Brooklyn confessed her arms locked around his neck while his stayed around her waist that she was working hard on getting back.

Brooklyn Giselle loved August Anthony Alsina so much that some would call her crazy, but when you’ve been through what she’s been through one would understand.

August brushed Brooklyn’s blonde hair behind her ear leaning down and kissing her soft pink lips. Usually he would fuss about the lip gloss or the lipstick she wore but he didn’t care right now.

This moment. This very moment all he wanted to do was please his girl and be in her presence.

“I love you more Giselle babeh. Ya ma’ world ma.” Brooklyn secretly adored when he called her ma even though she hated it in the beginning but now she cherished the times he would call her that.

Brooklyn stood on the tip of her toes. Her bare feet pressing against the hardwood floor. Placing her tiny hands on either side of his face she brought his lips down to hers kissing him slowly before she slid her tongue along his bottom lip.

August parted his lips allowing her to entangle her tongue with his. His long tattooed covered arms wrapped around her waist, his hands planted firmly on her butt. Gripping both of her ass cheeks in his hands he pulled her up and like always her toned legs wrapped around his waist.

Their lips never left each other as he walked them to the bedroom. 

Her fingers felt like silk to him as she massaged his hair gently digging her nails in his scalp. 

Brooklyn felt the softness of the expensive Sferra Italian sheets felt good against her skin.

Dropping her hands from August hair she spread her arms out feeling the coolness of the blood red silk sheets.

August stepped back some staring down at the Angel in front of him. Her flushed red cheeks and bedroom eyes had just about everything on his body standing at attention. Brooklyn licked her lips slowly biting down on her bottom lip before giggling and turning her head.

Even when she tried to be sexy she always ended up laughing.

August grinned grabbing her ankles lifting both of her feet and placing them on either side of his shoulder. 

Taking her right leg he massaged her feet and she sighed in content enjoying the massage her boyfriend was giving her. He showed the left foot the same amount of attention before he worked his way up her ankles past her knee caps and to her thick thighs.

No matter how hard Gi tried losing her thighs from the wet gain it just wouldn’t work and August had no problem with that. He loved thick Gi. 

‘Thick thighs keep the pussy warm and Gi’s was definitely warm’ he thought to himself with a smirk on his face.

Each time his hands went higher so did her breathing. Her chest caved up and down and she prayed to God that he would stop playing and just make love to her right now but from the playful glint in his brown eyes she knew her prayer wasn’t going to be answered.

“You missed me?” The huskiness mixed with the New Orleans accent made her clench her walls together and she immediately regretted not wearing any panties.

August kept the same glint in his eyes as he trailed his fingers up higher brushing against her freshly waxed box. Brooklyn gasped staring at him, begging for him with her eyes to just give it to her already.

“I can’t hea’ ya B.” His long finger slipped in between her ‘lips’ and she let out a low moan spreading her legs for him. 

August dick jumped from just the feel of her. It’s been way too long since he’s been inside her. With his finger her rubbed against her g spot biting his lip when Gi arched her back up off the bed.

She tried her best to keep the moans in but failed miserably when he slid another finger in her. Staring down at his flustered girlfriend he ripped the teal blue maxi dress from the top grinning when her full D cup breast spilled out. 

Brooklyn was too gone to scold him about it but best believe he would hear her mouth as soon as they were finished.

Latching his plump lips around her breast he squeezed it in his hands and quickly pulled back. “The fuck?” Brooklyn giggled, “I’m still breastfeeding dummy.” He groaned not understanding how AJ could drink that nasty shit.

Groaning he shook his head before moving her neck all while his finger continuously worked inside of her. Her scent was a turn on to him. She smelled of Chanel and Dove soap. Licking her neck she moved so he could have more access.

August pulled her skin between his teeth moving his fingers from her gripping her thighs. Despite him being rock hard all he really wanted to do was please her…let her get hers before he got his.

However, Brooklyn had other plans. 

Rolling them over she sat on top of him ripping off his shirt not caring that it was his favorite Polo t-shirt. Trailing her cat like nails up his chest she licked her lips at the little six pack he was forming. Her nails trailed over her name and she grinned bending down and tracing each letter with her tongue.

August felt like a bitch when he closed his eyes and letting out a low noise. He couldn’t help it though, Brooklyn always seemed to bring out the bitch in him when they were in the bedroom. However, he still let her know who ran the show.

Brooklyn giggled trailing her tongue down to his navel before leaning up and pulling off the HBA black jogging pants. 

August chuckled watching her bite hard on her bottom lip when she seen how hard he actually was. Sliding off the bed Brooklyn got on her knees and momentarily shook her head at herself. 

She was never into giving oral sex. It wasn’t something a women in her caliber did but when she was with Aug all she wanted to do was please him. No matter how much she knew August loved her she knew somewhere deep down that if she wasn’t doing it somebody else would. 

And she would murder him and the bitch if she ever found out.

Besides, the freaky side of Brooklyn actually liked doing it. Like now her mouth watered just thinking about it. She loved hearing him moan her name and the way his toes curled and the grip he had on her head. The way he threw his head back when he was about to cum.

Ridding her thoughts she focused on the task at hand. Hooking her thumb against his Calvin Klein boxers she pulled them down throwing them carelessly by her foot. 

As soon as she went to wrap her lips around him, he pulled her up placing her directly on his face. “But..” “It’s about you babeh.” Was his only words to her before he was drowning in her wetness. Brooklyn gasped when he sat up getting off the bed.

Never letting up she held onto his head for dear life gasping when he pressed her against the glass wall in their bedroom. Brooklyn moaned, hollered, cried, and screamed as his tongue danced between her lips.

Holding her up by her ass Aug breathed heavily going harder sucking on her clitoris while he tongue fucked her like it was the real thing. Brooklyn clawed at anything she could trying to get down but the grip he had on her prevented that. 

Squeezing her toes together she shut her eyes tightly and moaned when Aug slipped a finger in her tight hole never letting his tongue stop exploring his favorite meal. Brooklyn moaned and cried tears falling from her eyes as she screamed out August name. 

Looking up at her love faces August knew just by her faces that she was on the verge of cumming and he was ready for every bit of the sweet juices that flowed from her.Moving his mouth Brooklyn looked down at his glistening lips licking her own as his fingers went faster. 

The sounds of how wet she was, was music to his ears..inspiration for a new track he thought to himself. “Ya luh me?” Brooklyn shook her head rapidly gyrating her hips to match the rhythm of his long fingers. “Use..ya..words…B.” With each word his tongue did circles around her slit before he sucked on her pulsing pearl. 

That was all it took before Brooklyn was literally creaming and yelling out how much she loved him. August grinned holding onto her meaty thighs licking up every drop of her sweetness. Carrying a now limp Brooklyn over to the bed he laid her down and chuckled at her closing her eyes. “Ya tappin’ out on me?” He questioned amused and Brooklyn rolled her almond eyes

She couldn’t..not after all the shit she talked over the plethora of late night phone conversations they had. 

“No but I’ll make sure you will.” Sitting up on her knees she crawled over to August grabbing his already hardened member in her tiny hands. The feel of her small soft hands wrapping around his healthy size shaft made his knees week and Brooklyn smirk. “Already papi?” August secretly loved when Brooklyn spoke Spanish. She wasn’t a lick of Spanish but she spoke the language like she was born and raised in the Dominicans her entire life. “Fuck up.“ 

Brooklyn grinned cutting the small talk and wrapping her full lips around his erection. She started off by swirling her tongue around his dick before laying it flat against him and dragging it up to his head. Licking it like a lollipop, the slurping sounds had August grabbing a hold of her hair and closing his eyes. 

The taste of his pre cum turned her on even more. Brooklyn was a freak and August loved it. Their sex life was never lacking and Brooklyn had no shame in her game. Moaning she looked up at him trailing her dainty hands up his thighs before grabbing his balls. 

Massaging them in her hands she bobbed her head up and down never once taking her eyes off her man. She loved him and it was no denying as August stared down at her fighting to keep his eyes opened. 

Brooklyn relaxed her throat before taking him all in her warm mouth smirking on the inside when August mumbled a low ‘shit’. August toes dug into the white cashmere rug as Brooklyn pleased him. 

He had already made up his mind that he was proposing to her. She was going to be his wife. 

For real this time. Brooklyn continuously bobbed her head up and down wrapping one hand around his now pulsing dick which was coated in her saliva. Sloppy was the best type of way to please her man. August loved it and so did she. 

Feeling him swell in her mouth Brooklyn went faster letting August guide her head the way he wanted as he called out her name. Only after two strokes Brooklyn leaned away stroking his erection before he was spilling his warm seed in her hand. Instead of letting her take a breath August abruptly picked her up placing her right on his dick. 

Brooklyn called out his name clawing at his back as he fucked her standing up. “I love you!” She cried his name happy that the villa was secluded. August grabbed both of her ass cheeks bouncing her up and down before grabbing her face and kissing her with urgency.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed Brooklyn took control placing her arms around on his shoulders bouncing up and down. Clenching her walls around his dick Brooklyn leaned backs massaging his balls while August took one of her nipples in his mouth sucking on it like it was a piece of divine chocolate.

August and Brooklyn both let out low groans at the way it felt. Licking and sucking her breast he held onto her waist as she rolled her hips in a figure eight before sliding up and only riding just the tip. August bit down on his bottom lip before burying his face in her neck.

“Baby I’m about to cum.” Brooklyn cried out going faster. August held her waist stopping her movements before he fucked her from the bottom.

August gave Brooklyn deep long strokes. So deep she could feel him in her stomach..literally. “Yes baby right there!!” She screamed staring at Aug who kept his eyes on her flushed red face. Her 34D cup breast bounced up and down making August look down burying his face between her full breast.

Removing his face he held her against him never letting up from the assaulting he was putting on her now swollen kitty. The feeling of her clenching her walls together and the sharpness of her nude painted nails digging into his tattooed back only meant one thing. She was about to cum.

Focusing on pleasing her he let her take control as she rode him to her liking before she milked his already coated wood with her creamy substance.

Catching her breath Brooklyn pulled her blonde curly hair from her face before licking her lips at Aug. “I missed you.” She smirked her eyes glossy and filled with lust. August mirrored her facial expression kissing her pouty lips. “I missed ya too. Come throw dat ass back on ya nigga tho.” Grinning she swung her leg over standing up before placing her hands on the edge of the silk sheets.

August smirked standing behind her and slapping her ass which jiggled with each slap. Brooklyn moaned poking her ass out more for him arching her back. “Like that daddy.” She spoke in a sexy voice looking at him through the mirror on the headboard. The sight in front him only had him that much harder to the point it actually began hurting.

Keeping his eyes on the sight in front of him he gripped the base of his dick pushing the arch in Brooklyn’s back further down before he slowly eased into her. Brooklyn moaned out closing her eyes as Aug did the same throwing is head back embracing the feel of her warm tightness sucking him in.

Each time he thrusted into her she met him half way throwing it back like the pro she was. August bit his bottoms lip looking down at the ripple effect her ass created each time his dick slid in and out of her.

Brooklyn tried containing her moans and was doing a hell of a good job up until Aug grabbed her right leg placing her foot flat against the bed. This permitted August to go deeper and for her to scream out every word known to man calling on God like he was going to save her.

A cocky smirk was placed on August face despite him letting a moan slip when she twerked and popped her ass on his dick. Reaching one hand to her hair he pulled it yanking her back against his chest and biting on her neck. “Ya feel so good babeh.” Her eyes only rolled to the back of her head as she slid her hand down her sweaty body and to her pulsing clit.

Squeezing it and playing with it like she would do when August was away she screamed his name from the overwhelming sensation speaking in a completely different language. “Cum fa me babeh.” He encouraged her moving her hand and rubbing against throbbing clit.

Brooklyn grabbed onto his arms bracing herself for the intense orgasm she felt flow through her body. Kissing her on her neck August laid her on her back sliding into her.

This time it was different he didn’t want to fuck her, he only wanted to make love to her. The glass covered rooftop allowed Brooklyn to look up at the sky, the full moons light shining down on her beautiful boyfriends smooth coffee colored skin.

She held onto him tightly her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his shoulders. He held Brooklyn into him kissing her softly as his strokes stayed at a steady pace but still long and deep.

August pulled away from her lips seeing her eyes glossy and tears rolling down her cheek. “Why ya cryin’ babeh.” His words were choppy and it was hard to answer when August was constantly disappearing in and out her wetness. “I..I love you!” She managed to say before kissing him with everything she had. August sighed into the kiss feeling his heart beat quicken. He loved her..scratch that he was more than in love with her.

“I love you too Brooklyn.” He got out before he was shooting his kids deep inside her. Even though AJ was only a couple of month old the thought of his Queen carrying his Princess made it all worth it.

August and Brooklyn made love that entire night before falling asleep in the comfort of each others arms.

Brooklyn got dressed in her deep burgundy Celiné wrap dress which fit her body perfectly. It showed enough just to tease her boyfriend yet keep it just as classy. On her feet were a pair of Sergio Rossi black sandal high heels with dark bronze and burgundy details embedded making the outfit pop. The fifteen thousand dollar heels were worth every bit of it and a graduation gift from her father who was so proud of his baby girl.

Brooklyn styled her hair in a half up half down ponytail her golden hair reaching the bottom of her butt and her baby hair laying down perfectly. She smiled into the wall to wall mirror rubbing the coconut oil on her breast and thighs she sprayed her favorite Prada perfume on her body before giving herself a once over in the mirror.

Popping her lips she neatly applied her favorite MAC lipgloss ‘Moth to a Flame’ on her pouty lips before deeming herself as ready but not before grabbing her bracelet and necklace August gave her throughout their relationship.

Her nude colored stiletto nails latched the necklace together before she picked up her black and burgundy Chanel clutch and left out. Her heels clicked against the hardwood floor before she walked across the water walkway to get to the living room.

Through the glass she could see August on the phone clenching his jaw looking like a sex God dressed in the black Versace Python Joggers and the matching shirt. The golden chains she bought him during the beginning stages of their relationship made her gleam with happiness especially when she seen he was sporting the fifty thousand dollar Rolex she gave him for Christmas.

She cautiously walked across the pond grinning at the tropical fish finally reaching her boyfriend. She tried to be quiet as she walked up behind him but he surprised her grabbing he by her tiny waist and pulling her in front of him.

Kissing her neck she giggled taking in his Tom Ford cologne. “Jus’ have it done. I’m on my way.” And with that the call had ended and he could now place his attention on the vixen before him.

“Hey gorgeous.” Brooklyn blushed kissing his exposed arms. She admired his new tattoo for a second before turning in his arms.

“Hey handsome.” Playing with his chains she looked at him through her long eyelashes before blushing and giggling. August made her happy and she couldn’t help but act like a little girl with her first middle school crush when he was around.

Stepping back he admired her style and grinned in approval as she did the same. He loved that his baby could dress. She claimed she was the one with fashion sense in the relationship but Aug thought otherwise.

“No picnic table shirts. Color coordinated and you don’t look like Migos. Mhmm mama put it down last night.” She boosted popping her imaginary collar.

August sucked his teeth giving her his finger before guiding her to the door. His Balenciaga sneakers collided against the cherry wooden floor.

Brooklyn had absolutely no ideas where he was taking her but the sight of the cocaine white Maybach made her eyes widened. The top was down and a short Indonesian male stood off to the side with the drivers side door opened.

Brooklyn stood speechless letting August walk her over to the passenger side. She had a lot of questions but decided to go with the flow.

Shortly after August spoke with the Indonesian they were driving down a highway which overlooked the ocean blue water. The soft sounds of Sade mellowed an apprehensive Brooklyn out as she hummed along to one of her songs.

August held onto her hand twirling the promise ring around her small fingers feeling pressure in his pants pocket.

“Babe where we going?” Brooklyn inquired trying her best to keep her hair away from her face. August didn’t answer her and after three failed attempts she eventually gave up and sat back.

On their own her eyes closed and before she knew it she was sleep.

A hour of being on the road the two finally reached their destination and Aug aggressively shook a now annoyed Brooklyn and laughed at the glare she sent him.

“Get up Goldie locks we hea’.” Rolling her eyes she looked around not seeing anything but sand and water. She could admit it was gorgeous but her stomach was only focused on food and so was she.

“C'mon.” Sighing she tapped Augs shoulder and he bent down as she jumped on his back. “I’m hungry.”

“Chill out fat ass im'a feed ya.” She pouted pulling his ear. “I miss my baby Anthony.” She missed her pumpkin and they’ve never been apart for this long especially in a different country.

“He miss ya too. Ki called when ya was sleep. She had jus’ got em ta stop cryin’.” Brook pouted she couldn’t wait to get home to her little Prince and kiss his chubby face.

“And we hea’.” Stoppin’ in tha middle of the table with candles and lanterns lit all around Brook gasped sliding off his back and pulling off her shoes.

“Aww babe it’s pretty. But I’m hungry where the food.” Shaking his head at his baby mama he guided her to her chair just as one of the servers he hired approached the two.

The menu was surf and turf both Brooklyn and August favorite foods. The porterhouse steak. King crabs with lobster tails and scallops were topped with asparagus, baked potato and zucchini.

Brooklyn moaned at the food that was placed down in front of her before grabbing the steak sauce and going in.

August chuckled..

Classy as fuck but still eat like a fat nigga who ain’t never had food. He thought to himself while laughing.

The two made light conversation occasionally joking and laughing. The two were now walking along the shore the cool blue water brushing against their bare feet.

“Remember when we walked along the beach?” Brooklyn asked swinging their arms looking at her feet which sink in the wet sand with

“Yea’ dat was tha day I think I really fell in love wit'chu.” Brooklyn felt butterflies in her stomach and she smiled. “In spite of what happened that day it’s one of my favorite memories.” She confessed.

August stopped abruptly causing her to stop and pull her in his arms wrapping her in his body. “Next trip it’s jus’ you, me, n’ ma lil yungin.” Brooklyn nodded in agreement basking in this moment.

“I found tha spot bae.” Brooklyn squealed jumping up and down. August had been trying to find a studio so that he could work on his own label. He told her one night that he wasn’t feeling the lifestyle anymore. He just wanted to be Aug..not the singer.

Brooklyn suggested he open up his own studio and record label because he still loved music.

“Really where!?” Her excitement made him grin. “It’s a surprise Kai found it.” Brooklyn pouted because he wouldn’t tell her but nodded.

August thought now was the perfect time to give her what’s been weighing his pockets down since he got dressed. Turning her around she looked down in his hand immediately noticing the Harry Winston box. She looked at August confused hoping it wasn’t a ring.

They both agreed marriage wasn’t something they were ready for. Especially Brooklyn she liked where they were at. “Chill it ain’ dat. I ain’ tryna marry ya ass no way.” Relaxing completely August shook his head chuckling some.

Rolling her eyes she punched him in his chest walking away from him. August laughed running to catch up to her. Pulling her into him she tried to get out his grip but failed and gave up.

“I’m fuckin’ wit'cha. Ya kno’ I’ll marry ya petty ass in a heartbeat.” She giggled snatching the box out his hand. “This better be my push present seeing as how I ain’t get one.” August waved her off. He wasn’t getting her no damn push present. If that’s the case he needed a ‘deal with Brooklyn present’ that was a headache in itself.

“You even talk shit in your head but I love my earrings baby.” She smiled staring down at her white gold diamond studs.

“Ya welcome ya lil brat.” She shrugged putting them in her ears. She was happy she chose not wear earrings tonight.

The two stayed on the beach for a good while before it was time to head back to the villa and pack. “Thank you baby. I really had fun this weekend.”

August nodded leaning over and kissing her lips. “Ya welcome Squirt.” Content she smiled softly.

She loved her baby but now it was time to head back to the states and cuddle with her other baby. She was missing him.

Part 2 of this request! It’s the drabble, using female pronouns ^^

Kuroo smothered a yawn with his hand as he leaned on his desk and drowsily returned his friends’ greetings. He was so out of it; another restless night had resulted in heavily lidded eyes and hellish bedhead. Kuroo reached up to adjust his earbuds, stopping short when the seat beside his moved.

The girl who sat there paused to smile at him. “Good morning, Kuroo!”

Geez, she was really good at throwing him off first thing in the morning. Kuroo pulled out his earbuds, his quickening heartbeat finally doing the job of waking him up.

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