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Gen 1: White (Founder)

  • Max Painting Skill  ✔
  • Make money selling paintings ✔
  • Sell 5 masterpieces ✔
  • Mate’s Career: Detective ✔
  • Have a total of five children with two different Sims (Pink Sim & Purple Sim) ✔
  • Paint portrait of your heir to hang proudly in the family home. This will be done during Gen 2.

WOW! I can’t believe Sugar’s generation is over. It’s been over 5 months since it started! I’ve had so much fun playing with these guys. Sugar, Lupin and Pepper will always be special to me. ♥

Thank you guys for all your support and kind messages to me! They always make me smile. :) I’m really glad you’re enjoying the Gumdrops so far and I’m really excited for Figgy’s story.

Also a HUGE thank you to @berrysweetboutique‘s for her fun challenge and amazing story which inspired me to start my Simblr. ♥

Star Pie - An “My Hero Academia” Story

Well, we are finally here in Izuocha week! I am very excited to present the stories I have written for you all and I hope that you enjoy the adventures between our two favorite cinnamen rolls.

Thank you to @izuochaweek for hosting this event! 

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia is owned by Kohei Hirokoshi and Studio Bones. Thank you for all that you do for MHA (BNHA)!

This story is set in the Fantasy AU that Hirokoshi drew. For reference you might want to check the show’s third ending. 

Hopefully it is not too cringeworthy, and I hope you all enjoy! 

This is Day 1: Firsts.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

Ochako looked out at the stars, smiling. She was sitting out in a field, near the campsite. Her robe’s hood was down, and she was basking in the moonlight. No clouds, no storms. For once, the world was at peace.

Ochako had a book of constellations in her hand, her wand in the other. She was practicing different gravity spells. Mage magic was strictly tied to astronomy. Not that Ochako minded. She loved the study of stars. Nights like these always made her feel at peace.

She heard footsteps and turned around, startled. Her features softened when she saw the green eyed hero before her. In one hand was a satchel, in the other was a leaf-wrap. He smiled at her shyly when she looked up at him.

“Would you mind some company?”

Ochako laughed. “No Deku. Come here!”

He smiled and walked next to her and sat down. He placed his belongings on the grass next to him and hugged his knees, looking up into the stars.

Ochako couldn’t help but grin. The stars twinkling in Deku’s eyes were so pretty and nice, his eyes being the just right shade of green to make it look like you were staring at a nebula. It was quite extraordinary.

To be a hundred percent honest, everything about Deku was amazing. His will, determination, bravery, cute fluffy hair…

Ochako shook her head, her cheeks heating up. She dared a look at Deku and quietly sighed in relief when she saw his eyes unmoving from the sky.

“So you like the stars Deku?” She finally managed to ask after a long moment of peaceful silence.

He looked up at her and nodded. “Before this entire… quest began, I always liked to stay up on nights like this and just… record the constellations.” He blushed as he chuckled nervously. “Call it one of my many weird habits.”

Ochako smiled. “What are you talking about?” She showed the young hero her spell book. “All mages need to learn some level of astronomy. I love to look at the stars too!”

Deku’s face lit up as he grabbed his satchel and pulled out a very thick book. He flipped the pages to show the young Mage the notes upon notes of astronomy. Ochako’s eyes widened in amazement as she realized that Deku basically had most of the night sky charted in his book.

“Oh my God, Deku!” Ochako exclaimed, making the hero blush. “This is so cool! I shouldn’t have expected anything less from someone as amazing as you.”

Deku looked at her, his face going different shades of red, making Ochako realize what she had said. She turned around to look at her book, desperately trying to mask her blushing face.

Good God this is so embarrassing! She thought to herself.

“Th-Thank you Uraraka.” Deku replied quietly. Ochako could just feel his shy, bright smile burning into the side of her face as she nodded in reply.

“A-anyways, how do you study astronomy?” The green-eyed hero asked.

Ochako finally turned towards him and shrugged. “I don’t know, I just study the constellations that help increase power in my spells.”

“So you know the basic ones right? Orion, Polaris’s Ladle, right?”

Ochako nodded, fighting a grin. Seeing Deku so excited when talking about stars warmed her heart. Why was it that everything he did he did in such a perfect way?

Deku slowly rubbed his neck. “We have one more stop before we get to the city.” He looked down, rubbing his index finger along the spine of his book. “Do you think they’ll let us join the trade route?”

Ochako sighed, remembering their quest. It was like Deku to always be worried about even the most guaranteed things. Ever since their group met Momo, they have gotten clearance to join a royal trade route that can bring them to the mountains, where their next destination for the quest resides. However, if they don’t make it to Momo’s city in time, they’ll miss their chance.

Even though they still had a week to get there, which was more than enough time, Deku still worried.

“Deku, don’t worry. We still have a week to get there. Not to mention Momo will be there to help delay just in case. We’ll make it, don’t worry.”

Deku continued to play around with his book, his face clouded in thought.

For a moment, Ochako was rather proud. Deku wasn’t one to confide in anyone about his troubles. The fact that he came to her was a bit of an achievement. She wanted to help him just as much as he helped her. The green-eyed hero made that very difficult, however.

She placed a hand on his cheek to force him to look at her. “Look Deku. I know this quest is very important to you. It’s important to all of us! But you need to remember to not overwork yourself. You won’t be able to help anyone if you collapse from exhaustion. Wc care about you Deku. I don’t want you to wear yourself out!”

You’re too beautiful to be ruined Deku! Don’t do this to yourself. She thought to herself. She looked up to see the green-haired hero stare at her with admiration twinkling in his star-filled eyes. His grin lit Ochako up, and she smiled back at him.

Suddenly, she remembered the leaf-wrapped package Deku brought with him. She pointed to the wrap. “What is that Deku?”

He followed her gaze and suddenly perked up. “Oh! Oh yeah!” He grabbed the leaf wrap and untied it, revealing a pie in the shape of a star.

Ochako’s eyes lit up. “Y-you, How did you?”

He smiled sheepishly. “Remember when we were walking through the nearby town? I saw you and Asui in the bakery. You seemed very excited about the pies. You looked upset though when we had to go. I assumed you either couldn’t buy it, or didn’t have enough time. So,…”

Deku gently pushed the pie into Ochako’s hands. “I got this for you. You had said that you loved cherries, so I got the cherry pie.”

Ochako just stared at the pie. She could feel her eyes slightly stinging with tears. The dessert brought back memories of when her parents made pies to sell at a bake sale for her village. It reminded her of all the times they had where something good went in their family trades (for once), and the entire family came together to celebrate. It reminded her of the story her father would tell her; he would talk about how he and her mother shared a star pie together back when they were young. Her father had said that this was when he realized that he loved her mother.

And now, looking at Izuku, and then back at the pie…

He… He got me a… I was upset about food, and he got me a pie.

Ochako looked up to see Deku’s worried expression. “D-do you not like it? Oh no did I miscalculate? Maybe you were looking at the honey buns instead I-”

Ochako placed the pie down and leapt into his arms. She hugged him tight, laughing into his shoulder. “You’re so sweet Deku.” was the only thing she managed to whisper as she felt him relax into the hug. She could feel his cheeks flaring and his nervous hug clued her in.

Oh Deku, you’re always so embarrassed! She thought to herself with a smile.

They finally separated and Ochako grabbed hold of the pie again. She smiled widely at Deku. “So, do you want to share it with me?”

He was surprised for a moment. “Uraraka, I bought that for you! You should enjoy all of it.”

She playfully punched his shoulder. “I would enjoy it more if I shared it with you.”

What seemed like the hundredth time today, Deku blushed again as he smiled at her.

However, before he replied, the two of them turned around in the direction of the camp upon hearing Todoroki’s voice.

“Midoriya! Uraraka! Do you want to go into town for supplies? We need to get more craft supplies for the tents.”

Uraraka looked down, not responding. She felt a fire in her grow. We’re kind of having a moment right now Todo. I-I want him to-

“I’ll stay and keep watch of the camp. Kacchan and Iida had gone to hunt. So Uraraka and I should stay.” Deku called back.

Todoroki looked at him, surprised for a moment. “Oh! I did not know that the two of them were not here. My apologies! I’ll be in town then!”

“No problem Todoroki!”

“Be careful!” Uraraka managed to finally say, waving along with Deku to Todoroki.

They turned back and looked at each other. Then Deku took out a knife.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe I do need a little break.” He said as he began to cut the pie.

Ochako giggled. “Let’s hope Bakugou doesn’t come back in time to see this.” She said, gesturing to the pie.

Deku smirked. “Yeah.”

As the two heroes started eating their desert, it dawned on Ochako that this was the first time she and Midoriya actually hanged out together. Alone.

And it was amazing. Just the two of them, sharing the pie, naming constellations without looking in their books, and then playing connect the dots, making up quirky names of random images they found in the sky.

Ochako didn’t remember when she fell asleep. All she knew was that when she woke up, her head was resting on Izuku’s shoulder. He himself was asleep, his head resting lightly against her own. This of course sent the young mage into a blushing mess, to which Tsuyu just laughed when she walked up to them. The frog girl smirked as she put up her hands to make a love shape, to which Ochako blushed even harder at. She glanced in the direction of the camp, and saw Iida and Todoroki both giving her thumbs up. She glanced down, wondering if it was possible to be any more embarrassed.

She gently looked to see Deku. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. It was truly mesmerizing.

And as the sun beamed down on them, Ochako couldn’t find it in herself to look away from the green-haired hero, who showed her a nebula of sweet stars that night.


So there was a single, solitary kiwi on our counter in the kitchen.

And I decided to make fun of my roommate for it, because who buys one, single, solitary kiwi? So I asked her that.

Roommate: I didn’t buy a kiwi.

Me: This isn’t your kiwi?

Roommate: No?

Me: But this isn’t my kiwi.

Roommate: That kiwi was there when I got home.

Me: I don’t even eat kiwi!

As you can see, it’s a real kiwi. Here it is, on my counter, giving away nothing.

But I was still confused as to where it came from. Did one of us accidentally buy a kiwi at the store? 

So I looked up the Kiwiny company to figure out which stores it’s sold at, to see which one of us might have bought it, since we tend to use different grocery stores.

Kiwiny doesn’t have American retailers.

There is literally no reason for this kiwi to be in my kitchen.


lots of people have been asking me if I ever figured out where the kiwi came from. So to provide an update on the magical kiwi … one day I took a nap and had a dream about those creepy spiders that hide in bananas and I thought like oh my god this kiwi is gonna be full of spiders. So I woke up and promptly put the kiwi in a ziploc bag. To contain the dream spiders.

The kiwi sat on the counter for a few days, then got moved to the top of the fridge to get it out of the way. It sat there for a couple weeks. It never appeared to go bad? I did eventually throw it out, just because I was confused about it and neither of us were ever going to eat the kiwi.

Never found out why the kiwi was in my kitchen. I guess we’ll never know.


Kiwiny is following me on twitter now.

[image description: Shuri and T’Challa grinning, standing back-to-back, arms crossed over their chests with their fists closed and the Black Panther symbol on the backdrop behind them]

screams a lot about these siblings and their secret/special handshake

My crops are watered, my family is fed, my skin is clear

Not only are Matt and Shiro both obviously alive, but they’re together and reunited?? And they look ready to kick some ass? Like look at those looks of determination - especially from Matt??? Last we saw of him, he was terrified, small, and being protected by Shiro.  And now look at him, he looks confident, ready to go, and he’s outta that lame ass crop top and in a much cooler outfit. 

“So how do you feel knowing Voltron Season 4 starts in a week?”

Personality prompt #20

“I could run a marathon. Right now. I’ll do it.”

“Its literally 2am.”

“I peak at 2am you should know this.”

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.


“You are alone.

The cosmos stretch before you, endless, 

and the sea of stars drowns you in its vastness.”

Finished my first digital piece based on a story I’ve been working on!

In a complicated fiasco last year with my friend’s very conservative and anti-gay parents, I was forbidden from ever seeing her again purely based on the assumption that all girls with short hair are gay or trans and looking to sleep with her daughter. Anyways, I figured I’d just convince her mother that I was, in fact, straight, she’d let me see my friend. And what’s straighter than having a boyfriend? So I asked my guy friend to pose as my boyfriend in some pictures—which was just as awkward as you would assume. Naturally, our overbearing friends stepped in to help, telling us to move closer and whatnot. It was still awkward. And what’s the best thing to do in an incredibly awkward situation? Embrace it. We started calling each other fake-boyfriend/girlfriend, shouting cliches in the hallways, or texting heart emojis (ironically, of course). Anyways, that joke kinda fades out within the next few months but it’s still brought up occasionally. At one point, I told my cousin about it and of course she questions whether or not it’s actually fake saying, “I did that in high school and I ended up marrying him.” (Queue the “yeah right we’re just friends.”) Well it turns out she was on to something. A year later, I’m dating him and I had to explain to my cousin that yes, my current boyfriend is the same as my fake boyfriend. So she got to say ‘I told you so.’

In summary, if you think the whole “fake boyfriend” plot is unrealistic, think again.


welp here’s the art career au i was busy about for the past few days :’D

in this au, everyone has an art related job! jay’s a photographer, lloyd’s a famous singer, zane’s an art teacher, cole’s an art critic and kai and nya are stage performers!

i made a blog for it, @artjago​, its like an ask blog and you guys can totes send in asks for the characs if you wish haha

On Thursday, we reached the absolute a special number!

That’s right! Caretaker AU now has 9,999 followers! The community built around this blog is something far beyond our wildest dreams. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys! And that’s why we want to say…

Thank you!

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We are so happy and thrilled to have such supporting and wonderful followers. Your excitement and love for this comic gives us DETERMINATION.

The story is far from over, and we hope you stick with us until the end!

A @batfamreversebigbang prompt for @corruptedempires, who wrote:

New Rules by Empires

( Jaydick, Mature, Mild H/C )

Summary: In the days since his infamous return as the Red Hood, Jason has established five rules to keep him focused on his personal mission to protect his city his way. Too bad he winds up breaking every one.