and exactly how i pictured china in the first few books

A lapse in fate | 1

Pairing: Mercier x Betty

Rating: Teen and up (for now)

Word count: ~5.5k

Summary: WW2 AU. When Colonel Mercier recruits Betty for the Special Operation Executives— aka Churchill’s secret army—  it’s her chance to escape her fate, at least temporarily. It seems like a good idea until she overhears a conversation she shouldn’t have. She will have to work with Jean-François to stop a traitor in their midst.

Warnings: mental health issues (Betty’s mother); death (because war)

A/N:  You don’t need to have seen either series to understand. (see Ao3 for more)

I’m very excited (and nervous) to start posting this, I hope you will like it :D


Chapter 1: Leeds

“My heart wants roots
My mind wants wings.
I cannot bear
Their bickerings.”
― E.Y. Harburg

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anonymous asked:

sorry if this is a question you've already answered before, but can i ask where you get your resources? are you fluent in japanese, or do you use any english resources that you might recommend to others who are interested in the subject? :o

No. I don’t speak/read Japanese. Or well … I read kana and know a bunch of kanji, just enough to sound out menus and guess at the meaning/reading of signs and place names in context.

So, not knowing Japanese, I have a few things going for me. I’m pretty good at working with a Japanese online dictionary and Google translate and identifying information like dates and names from Japanese web pages. Google translate won’t give you meaning, but it hints in the right direction to look. Once I find something in Japanese, I can usually confirm it in English more easily. If I’m completely stuck, I’ll ask for a translation, but I don’t plague my acquaintances asking for translations all the time. 

One of the most important advantages I have is access to a university library and its online databases. The best and most interesting history/art/culture books are often hugely expensive and rare outside university libraries. And that’s a huge barrier for a lot of people interested in history. 

More encouragingly, there is a lot of information on the internet. Good places to start out:

My posts link a lot of specific resources and books, and the best way to search them is by browsing my tag cloud: explained in this post. 

@sparrowdreams , whom I reblog and converse with here a lot, is actually a Japanese historian, on the home-run stretch of finishing a doctoral thesis on the history of Sendai in Northern Japan. (That’s Date Masamune’s homeland, for those who don’t know.) She got her start in Japanese history through Rurouni Kenshin, and is always amazingly supportive of fans

None of the following sites is going to be 100 percent accurate, because Shinsengumi legend and history are so intertwined. I’m not going to be 100 percent accurate either. (I cringe to see things I wrote about Bakumatsu history a couple years ago, to be honest. Always so much to correct and clarify.) But these are generally good sites.

  • Shinsengumi no Makoto is a good resource for biographies and information about the Shinsengumi members but most of it’s not footnoted/sourced. The accuracy is reasonably good, but it’s not something you’d be able to cite on a paper.
  • Samurai Archives’ article on the Shinsengumi - The Samurai Archives is the best Japanese history site in English. You can follow links in the article to all sorts of related topics. They have both current and archived forums with a good quality of discussion on Japanese history topics. Some areas are much stronger than others. 

More Bakumatsu history links under the cut. Not an exhaustive list, but interesting stuff.

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kpop fandom info

Fansigns, live performances, homemasters, fandom culture…I wanted to create this post to inform international kpop fans on what it’s like to be a kpop fan in Korea and how to get into these fansigns and recordings if you ever choose to do so!

1. Fansign

How to :
On any groups’ official (daum) cafe “공카/gongka”, there will be a post that shows fansign schedule. Each fansign is linked to a specific store you have to purchase albums from. You have to go there, place your order, and they will take your personal information to be put into a computer. About a couple days later, they will announce the lucky participants and you have to make sure you take your ID and you’re in! This is open to all fans!

What is it like?:

Some groups will allow holding hands. Others won’t. Some accept gifts, other don’t. Rules vary depending on the group, but I can tell you that your idols are going to be SUPER SWEET, and some of them will remember your face if you see them frequently enough. For bigger groups, there will be Japanese and Chinese translators on site, but if you don’t speak Korean/Japanese/Chinese, communicating with the singer might be difficult (they will try though!)..unless you are Agasae, in which case, half of them speak fluent English anyway lol.


Now, I get this question a lot, and the answer is…it varies. Keep in mind that some stores will take the top however many buyers and let them into the fansign while others will do it completely randomly (I can’t disclose which ones). BUT as a ballpark figure, for groups like GOT7, VIXX, you’re looking at 30 some copies (around $500+). BTS, Beast, Infinite 50 copies and up ($700+). Exo has gone for over 80 copies, with some fans buying 100 to be safe ($1000+). The numbers are high because you’re competing against homemasters and very wealthy fans from China…which brings us to…

2. Homemasters (HM, “Homma”) 

What are they?:

All the photos of your idols at airports? All the nicely photoshopped sexy images you see floating around everywhere? Yup, those are taken by homemasters, who are basically owners of fansites or popular twitter accounts for the particular singer/group. They are basically the ones with the huge cameras.

How they fit into the industry:

A lot of the times, HM make money off of selling the photographs they take or other “goods” with their idols’ faces on them. It’s completely illegal, but agencies leave them alone because they take such good pictures and promote the teams to potential fans. They are also responsible for the “b day ads” and other events (they collect money from other fans a lot of the times), and they arrange for international fans to get album group orders BUT DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They are using your money to get into fansigns (and it hurts sales). 

A lot of the time, artists know their hommas and will therefore make eye contact or even say hello. It is also wise to not anger hommas because they decide how flattering your faces are going to be online. Sad, I know. But there are also a lot of really nice hommas who provide us with amazing photos so that’s always a plus!

3. Live performances / TV recording (Inkigayo, M Countdown etc)

How to: 

Basically, this isn’t possible unless you are a member of their official fan club…as in you have to pay the annual fee and become a member through interpark or whatever site. A few days before the recording, you have to go on their fan cafe on a very specific date/time and “reply” to a thread “댓림픽/daet-lympic”. They will take the first however many people to “reply” with the appropriate information. Keep in mind that this happens in less than a second (literally) and unless you’re basically a machine or highly trained, I’d aim for the fansign. Plus, official glowsticks(?) and banners are required as well, and those damn sticks are near impossible to get a hold of sometimes.

What is it like?

There are 2 kinds. Preshow recording (sajeon nokhwa or sa-nok) and live recording. Preshow is where they perform multiple times to find the perfect one you get to see on TV. It’s just you, other people from your fandom and your idols in the studio. Typically, they perform about 3-4 times and if you’re lucky, you get to see them quite up close! 

4. Concerts/other performances

Ticketing is FIERCE and usually happens within seconds, if not minutes (especially for standing). Don’t think you have what it takes? Have no fear. You can hire professionals to do it! Some people have very extensive and impressive resumes on the concerts they’ve booked successfully, and depending on the concert you’re trying to go for, they will charge you between $20 and $100. 

5. Fandom culture

Fan wars and cutthroat fans…we know all about that. But the thing with being a fangirl in Korea is that it’s a LOT tougher. First off, every time you want to post something, you better prove that you’re streaming your idol’s song on MELON or any other chart (yes, actual picture proof). Second, one moment you say something wrong, be prepared to face a LOT of anger from a LOT of people. They are very passionate and highly competitive, which is why I personally stay away from the Korean kpop scene. Third, fan wars are REAL here. As in, fandoms form alliances to attack another fandom or downright get into dirty fights both online and offline. It can get very ugly, but I personally find it a bit amusing as long as it doesn’t get out of hand hehe.

(For example, EXO-L attacked ARMY in May, and when other fandoms attacked STARLIGHT with the exact same rumor, ARMY came to the rescue to defend STARLIGHTS and now there is an alliance between the two groups. Interesting, right? Luckily, Tumblr seems to stay out of these issues for the most part. I love tumblr.)

6. Shipping (because why not)

In Korea, ship names are based on who tops/bottoms! Tops are always put first to identify exactly what you’re into. So for BTS, I know Jikook, vkook, yoonmin are super popular….in Korea, they are written:

jikook > kookmin (apparently no one can imagine Jimin being top)
vkook > kookv (JK is a top in everyone’s mind I guess)
yoonmin > shoobmin (Suga is always SHOOB for some reason…)

(Just on a side note….it’s Jin (Seokjin), Shoob (Yoongi), Rap (Namjoon), Hob (Hoseok), V (Taehyung), Min (Jimin), Kook (Jungkook)…so combine any two….or three…and you got your pairing’s name in Korean! It’s like this for all other fandoms. Very systematic.)

So Kookmin and Minkook are the same thing, but depending on how you write it you’re identifying which one’s top! Frankly, I don’t venture into Korean fanfics bc I barely have time for English ones…but I’m sure they’re amazing lol. 

Well that’s it for now! Hope this was a fun read! ;)

Linguistic Vocabulary Unleashed… Again!

Bonjourno my polyglot peeps- I hope you are all well andwell-versed in the vocabulary of your respective languages as you enter month 2 of good ol’ 2015. I’ve been doing a bit of “research” here and there, trying to come up with new topics to blog about. In this case, research constituted finally starting a book I bought YEARS ago called The Life of Language by Sol Steinmetz and Barbara Ann Kipfer, which I will review after I finish it, and watching videos of various Polyglot enthusiasts on YouTube. (I particularly looked for TEDtalks, simply because I know those tend to focus on a particularly idea or action that I thought perhaps I could comment on, react to, or would spark another notion in my brain.) I came across a video on Singlish that, while mostly informative, made me cringe a bit.

Why? Because the persons in the video were mis-using the words pidgin, creole, and dialect. This has become a bit of a pet peeve of mine ever since I earned my master’s degree and so I like to take the opportunity to inform people of their actual meanings when I have a chance. And what better opportunity than exploiting my own blog in order to correct something that really BUGS me. I’m even going to throw in accent just for good measure.

So, forgive me, but today is going to be another linguintastic vocabulary day… if it bores you, you are welcome to move on for today and we’ll see you next week… hopefully. J

Okay then, let’s get to it:

External image


Dialect is a very interesting word, because it really ends up being a political plaything. In linguistic terms, dialects are mutually understandable versions of the same language. They may vary a bit in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary, and even a bit of syntax here and there, but the CORE of the language is still the same. Most of us can think of obvious examples with English- there’s various American dialects, British dialects, Australian dialects, Indian dialects and more. Generally speaking, these variations of English are mutually understood by English speakers of other regions, though they may take some getting used to or some clarification on new terms.

BUT there can be a lot of debate as to when a dialect is sufficiently different enough to be considered its OWN separate language. My professor in TESOL, who had learned both Mandarin and Taiwanese, stated that China calls all the different regional tongues dialects but that they are really very different languages. A Chinese friend of mine disagreed with this, and I admit I am nowhere near educated enough to make an argument for either. That isn’t really the point here- the point is that there IS disagreement. Many times a political region WILL opt to call different languages dialects instead in order to try to create unity or normalize the use of a single language in the educational system. Other times, groups will take a firm stand that their dialect is really a different language in order to separate themselves culturally (and sometimes, legally and politically). I learned Spanish but I can have a pretty deep conversation with someone who speaks Portuguese in our respective tongues and completely understand one another. Portuguese and Spanish are considered different languages yet are close enough that they can be mutually understandable… one could make an argument that dialect is a more appropriate term. Sometimes dialects will even give themselves a new name to separate themselves from others. Spanish in Spain is often called castellano rather than español in order to separate it from Latin American Spanish and some would argue this is done to establish prestige in the separateness.

Because of this, I tend to use dialect almost in place of the word language because everyone speaks their own dialect of their language and some people may be bi-dialectal as much or more than bilingual. For example, many people through education learn to speak what is often called “proper” English. This is the dialect we all hold in esteem. BUT in reality, people’s native dialects- be they southern, inner-city, ebonics, etc… are actually JUST AS linguistically grammatically accurate and consistent within themselves as the “proper English” dialect. It’s simply a matter of what dialect has received the society approved seal of prestige. (I do NOT wish to start a big sociolinguistics argument about prestige, power, and so on right now- but obviously, those with power often choose to give THEIR dialect more prestige.)

Dialects are also often confused with another word and that is…


Linguistically speaking, one does not have a “Southern” accent or an “Irish” accent and so on. One is speaking in the dialect of their region. In linguistic terms, one can ONLY have an accent on a language that is NOT their native tongue. An accent is, linguistically, the effect one’s native language has on how they sound in a target language. This is why people will discuss accent reduction where they try to eliminate their native language influence on their new languages.

Now, here’s the thing. You’ll notice I kept using the word linguistically in that paragraph. There is a lot of debate over how to define accent outside of this field, and even for some inside of it. Some argue everyone speaks with an accent, others argue that no one does, and so on. I still will say I’m imitating a Southern or British accent at times, even though I know that’s technically not correct. This one doesn’t bother me like the others do- BUT if you are interested in learning languages, it’s nice to know how books may be using the term. And if you are advanced and trying to get those few nitpicky improvements, searching using the name of your language and the words accent reduction may help you do just that.

Now onto two of my FAVORITE topics in all of linguistics, because they show just how AMAZING our brains are.


Pidgins are often referred to as “simplified languages” but that’s not really the best definition. Pidgins are communication systems that arise out of necessity but lack the grammatical complexity to be considered full languages. Slaves often developed pidgins among each other before they learned English, using words from each group’s native language as well as English (and perhaps even making up a few here and there) to communicate with one another. Pidgins generally contain no function words; that is, the small words like articles, conjunctions, auxiliary verbs, prepositions, pronouns, and others. In pidgins these just aren’t needed- the goal is to communicate using what one has as best one can. This is the part that upset me in the video on Singlish- they called it a pidgin language which is frankly INSULTING to Singlish. Singlish can either be described as a dialect of English or as a creole which we will get to a minute, but it is a complete language with its own consistent grammar. Calling it a pidgin implies it is underdeveloped, which is just not true.

Let it be clear- pidgins are not fully developed languages but that doesn’t mean the people who use them are underdeveloped. Pidgins only exist as second languages- they are created among people who already have fully developed first languages and, through circumstance, need to devise a way to communicate with one another. In many ways, a visitor with a phrase book visiting another country and speaking with a local who has a few words of their tongue memorized would have to resort to using a pidgin- making do with what words they had, lots of gestures, and a heap of patience to make sense of what each other needs or wants out of the interaction.

(**Quick sidenote- While looking for a picture for this, I did notice a lot of pictures about Pidgin and Hawaii… perhaps there is another word/kind?  I’ll do some research but if anyone knows anything and wants to share, I’d love to hear it.**)

Onward to my favorite thing linguistically EVER!


If there is one shred of definitive proof that the human brain is designed to create and understand language (and not merely parrot words and phrases), it is creoles. This is a quality definition:

A mother tongue formed from the contact of two languages through an earlier pidgin stage.

What’s that mean exactly? It means that the children of those speaking a pidgin language will not speak that pidgin language. They will speak a creole- a COMPLETE grammatically sophisticated and complex language that has aspects of the various languages used to create the pidgin. This means that where there were NO function words, children will inherently create them because their brains KNOW there needs to be something there. How cool is that? A sentence in a Pidgin that essentially said “ROCK-GIVE” becomes “Give me the rock.” No one TELLING them they need those three middle words or to re-arrange the words in any way- the kids simply know. Creoles, therefore, are new languages in their own right- born out of necessity and the brain’s inherent ingenuity and innovation. One could call Singlish a creole. It has elements of several Asian languages and of course English. I have listened to examples of it and it is quite different from the English I speak and I find it a bit difficult to understand. It has quite a few interesting syntax features as well. One could argue that rather than be a dialect of English, Singlish is really the child of English and the Asian languages it came in contact with- making it a creole. Again, these are fine lines to draw- others could argue it IS a dialect but with a lot of loan words. Either way, it is most certainly not a pidgin.

I hope you find this vocabulary useful and that you will be mindful how you use it. Some of these terms have regular use in our society in ways that aren’t academically accurate. Some of them, like accent, may not really be that harmful. Most of us don’t get offended nowadays if we’re told we have an accent, so its layperson use is fine. BUT calling a language with a full grammar system a pidgin is definitely degrading it, and referring to a different language as simply the dialect of another could be insulting. We need to be careful in how we discuss and define one another’s speech. After all, I think most of us could agree that the ultimate goal of learning another language is to understand others, be it through conversation or media. In that understanding, there also needs to be tolerance, acceptance, and proper recognition of their validity and complexity.

Until next time, may your language quests be pleasant and bright!

[Interview] 140419 Cosmopolitan May Issue w/ Super Junior - M

“I have a ‘funny’ image from variety, and I worry that people would see that (image) even when I sing sad songs. So I want to show me singing on stage many times from now on.” - Kyuhyun

“No matter what it is, I think 'since I started on this, I should do well’. Sometimes, I would feel 'ah whatever’, but in the end, I find myself working hard.” -Donghae

“Ryeowook felt a bit weird and a bit sad while watching Eunhae concert, because there were only those two from opening vcr to the stages. He wondered how it would be, if there wasn’t SJ and only that unit, and felt very sad.”

Q | Why do you think you guys are receiving so much love in Korea and China?
Henry: because we’re handsome?
Everyone: hahaha
Kyu: ZhouMi hyung is Chinese, and he’s very popular in China. It’s also thanks to his popularity.

Q | How many languages can Super Junior speak?
Eunhyuk: All

Q | Show them
Eunhyuk: We can only (speak the language) in those countries.

Q | If you guys were really normal office workers, what characters do you think the members’ would have?
Henry:I think I’d be a sexy&serious worker
Eunhyuk: Henry would be fired very quickly hahaha. Henry is really a trouble maker.
Kyuhyun: Eunhyuk-ee hyung would be the type who can suck-up to superiors well, and get promoted quickly by getting on the right 'line’
Eunhyuk: Yes, the type to be promoted quickly for skills outside work.. Donghae: and he’s a great mood maker so he would be loved

Q | How does Super Junior relieve stress?
Sungmin: We each have our own ways (to relieve stress). Kyuhyun-ee plays games.
Kyuhyun: But I have stopped playing games these days. So I keep receiving stress. I have so much stress
Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun: Ryeowook likes cooking/feeding others. Ryeowook: Yes, my hobby is breeding/raising others!

Q | What’s the secret to being long-run?
Eunhyuk: Being young looking?
Ryeowook: Ai~ hyung, you can’t say that
Kyuhyun: Hyung, you don’t look young

Q | How would you guys look 10 years from now?
Donghae: I think, we’d be the same as now?
Ryeowook: We’ll know when (you (Cosmopolitan)) interview us again when we’re in 40s!

Q | If you were given a vacation, what would you like to do?
Donghae: I think I would just wander around..take pictures, meet friends and chat and learn English.

Q | I’ve never met a celebrity who is so passionate about improving themselves
Donghae: I want to speak at least few words to foreign fans, and be well to them. So I continue to memorize (points to his wrist) and sometimes (I) write it down. I also want to do well when I am given the chance to show myself. I find every minute important, so I live on a planned schedule when I am in Korea. Like 1-3 is buying this and that, 3-5 is exercising.. like that. Only then, I feel like I’ve spent the day meaningfully.

Q | If you are given a week off, what would you like to do?
Eunhyuk: Definitely traveling.
ZhouMi: I’d like to be outside Korea and China. I'm always going between these two countries to work. I want to go to a country that doesn’t use Chinese and Korean. Countries that use languages that I don’t understand.
Kyuhyun: I went to Santorini, Greece before with members. It was really nice. I want to go there again.

Q | SJ members always seem to have great teamwork
Eunhyuk: I think it’s because we’ve been together for so long. Now, we know what the other is thinking just by looking in their eyes.

Q | I think it’s because there are many different types of personalities, fused together?
Sungmin: Ah yes. Our personalities are really different.
Donghae: Our blood types are all different too.
Eunhyuk: Sungmin-Donghae-Kyuhyun are A, Henry is AB, ZhouMi-Ryeowook-and I are O. All the different characters are here.

Q | What books are you reading these days?
Ryeowook: “Betrayal of Eating Vegetables”,“Poison of Milk”.. I have many interest in health.

Q | What do you also want to challenge from now on? 
Ryeowook: I want to date many different types of women. Hahaha. I’m 30 soon, and my dream is to have many dating experience before getting married. (just a) dream (though)!

Q |  I personally like Kyuhyun-ssi’s solo songs. If you were to do solo activities, what would you like to try? 
Kyuhyun: I want to continue to sing ballads like I have in OST songs. But I won’t dance. Haha.
I’m a maknae in the team & in my family, so I’ve gotten to have more aegyos. So I think these days, I would be okay w older girls too.Is it too late? haha.

1:1 Interviews

○ Mr. Handsome Personality, Eunhyuk
1. You are working very actively these days. It must be hard to control your condition. How are you doing it?
- I think it’s good to eat well and sleep well. I’m the type that doesn’t gain weight, so I eat whenever I get a chance to.

2. What kind of food do you like?
- All of our members aren’t picky. We had a comeback after a long time, and went to Yeouido to eat, and (I) ate ramen every time. I also like ttokbbokki.

3. You’re practically the leader right now, right?
- Yes; because Teuk-ee hyung is serving the army right now, I have been entrusted with the spot.

4. You must feel a great sense of responsibility. Are there any hard parts about it? 
- I didn’t know about it before, but now that I am a leader, I feel that each members have distinct individual charms. And we also talk a lot, so we’re very noisy. Haha. So I think Teuk-ee hyung, who gathered us into one and lead us to here, is really amazing.

5. But I think you will do well. You’re very sharp(quick witted, quick to notice atmosphere), right? 
- I think so. Even when we are practicing choreography, we (teachers and members) take turns and give opinions. And this is all possible because members follow (the leader) well.

6. You are doing your first unit Japan tour with Donghae-ssi. What is the concept? 
- Cute oppa who knows how to play (?) kind of concept. Haha. The song we released in the concert when we released the D&E unit was “Oppa Oppa”. We wore red and yellow suits back then, and the reaction were great, so we even got to doing official activities as a unit. 

7. Many are missing you on variety shows. Do you have any programs you want to challenge?
- I’m watching <Grandfather Over Flowers> these days. I love traveling, so I watched it with attention, and Na PD really edited (the show) well. I even wanted to follow them as a porter. I’m receiving healing from watching that program.

○ Mr. Hard Worker, Sungmin 
1.The suit really suits you well 
-Haha. Thank you.

2. If Sungmin-ssi was a normal office worker, what character would you have?
- I think I would have been an honest office worker. I’ve lived an honest life so far, and I’m not good at doing things that makes me feel guilty. I’m not good in compromising, so I’m a character that hears curses for being too (honest). And also (one) who works very hard. I’m really confident in working hard.

3. I heard Sungmin-ssi is very *FM. You have a schedule for your days? -Yes. I wake up early and exercise, warm up, and start the day practicing guitar. After schedules, I sleep at a set time. It’s comfortable for me to do that.

*FM is 'Field Manual’, meaning that he follows regulations/schedules/does work exactly as the guideline says/etc

4. What are you more comfortable with, variety or acting?
- I like acting more. Variety is a bit hard. I’m not good at telling funny stories. Instead, I like things like dramas and musicals, where I work hard and prepare a lot to show. I want to try a (acting-focused) drama 

5. Is there a specific role you want to try? 
- An idle (jobless) man who eats and plays at home!

6. It’s very different from your image? 
- Yes. I want to try a character that always get nagged by his wife. A pitiful character.

7. Why do you want to try a role like that? 
-For some reason, I think I would be able to do that role very well. Don’t you think you would see new charm? hahaha.

○ Mr. Positive, Donghae 
1. What are you fixed onto these days? 
- (Taking) Pictures and English.

2. How do you study English? 
- Usually through music. I don’t know many English (song) lyrics, and I write down words I don’t know in a note. I also watch many movies and talk with Henry and with friends (who are Koreans residing abroad) often.

3. Do you have any fantasies about women working in offices? What type do you think would be attractive? 
- As for me, personal secretaries? I think I would have liked (their) gracefulness and how they speak little.

○ Mr. Cutie, Henry 
1. What type of music are you fixed onto these days? 
- I’m listening to Daft Punk musics. Songs that make your mood go up.

2. Do you think about composing songs with inspirations from 'Real Man’? 
- I actually made a song after the first time. It’s not finished yet. It’s a serious song. My songs are usually bright and exciting. I also was surprised by how I wrote a different style after 'Real Man’. I’ll let (you guys) listen to it later.

○ Mr. Pure, ZhouMi

1.Your legs are so long. How tall are you?
- 186CM.

2.You speak Korean very well. Was it hard to learn?
- The company purposely made me speak as least Chinese as possible. Using Korean whenever possible. So I was able to learn faster.

3. Did anything happen when you weren’t good in Korean?
- I am close to Victoria so we went to watch a movie together, and we both pronounced “Avatar” as “APaTa” and almost didn’t get to buy the movie tickets. Haha.

4. We watched your solo stage, and you sing very well. You sang a Chinese song; do you have any thoughts about singing Korean songs?
- I didn’t know Korean songs well, but these days, I ’m enjoying singing and listening to “썸”

5. If you were to date a Korean girl, what style would you like to date?
- Pretty and kind girl. Haha. I want to date a younger girl. I really like it when Korean girls call me “oppa”. In Chinese, you call both hyung and oppa “끄그” (gege) so it doesn’t feel any different.

6. If you were a normal office worker, what type of girl do you think you would date?
- Fixing? If I am the superior, I may be scary when working but when I am kind, I am very kind.

Trans: youngwoonjunsu via scans by fibabo and _ChoMinAm 
FYI: The translator said she skipped some parts of the interview.

Sightseeing - Pic pref (1D and 5SOS)

A/N: Hi guys so just I want to apologise, I know this isn’t what I was going to write next but as stupid as it sounds I have hurt my wrist and it actually hurts to type so I just couldn’t get through a full written pref. Anyway moving on I hope you like this anyway!

Liam: Your eyes lit up with excitement the moment you arrived in Paris, you were like an excitable toddler bouncing on the balls of your feet waiting for Liam to be free to explore with you. You hated to be the typical tourist, but you were dying to see the Eiffel Tower, especially with Liam by your side. When you finally got to head out into the city, you held tight to Liam’s hand, your eyes scanning everything you could see, soaking in the French culture. Once you had a good view of the tower, you were content to settle down with Liam, cuddled into his arms, watching the sun set behind the monument creating the perfect view.

Harry: San Francisco was one of your favourite cities you had ever been to and you insisted that Harry accompany you on a trip there, where you planned to do exactly all of the clichéd things. So you spent the morning at Alcatraz, had lunch at the fisherman’s wharf  and now were walking along near the shoreline, trying to find the perfect angle for a picture with the golden gate bridge. Finally deciding on a spot you asked a random passer-by to take the picture for you and just before the picture was snapped, Harry leant down and swung you into his arms and over his shoulder. You laughed through your squeals, telling him to put you down. He just chuckled, “Y/N what are you doing, smile so this lovely lady can take the picture” he told you.

Louis: You and Louis needed nothing more for a holiday then the two of you and a beach. But Louis had well and truly out done himself this time. You dropped your bags in the room with a sigh, heading straight for the glass doors. Opening them, you saw a beautiful white sanded Tahitian beach spread in front of you, an island visible on the horizon. The two of you didn’t even begin to unpack before you were changed into bathing suits, and you grabbed Louis’ hand heading for the two deckchairs side by side. You collapsed down into it, slipping your eyes closed and soaking in the sun’s rays. You only reopened your eyes when Louis nudged your arm, you opened them to reveal a cool fruit cocktail and you smiled happily, “this is perfect.”

Niall: Although the boys had of course already been there before you really wanted to see Niagara falls and Niall wasn’t going to deny you that moment, so when his next holidays came he booked a trip for the two of you to Canada.  When you arrived at the falls, you were absorbed in the view, squealing as the cold water still managed to spray you. Meanwhile, Niall was caught up in watching you; the soft smile on your lips and the giggles that left your mouth each time the water caught you by surprise. “Niall aren’t you going to look?” you asked Niall, gesturing to the binoculars. Niall smiled and had a quick look before he was once again distracted by you, “you know, you look much more beautiful with that backdrop than the boys did” he told you, making you laugh.

Zayn: You and Zayn admitted that neither of you were the fittest person in the world, but of course while in China you had to walk the Great Wall of China. So you set out for the day at a casual pace and strangely enough you really didn’t notice the distance you were covering as the two of you caught up with each other and took in the amazing views that surrounded you on both sides. However it still came to a point that Zayn suggested the two of you take a quick break, just to rest your feet for a moment. There weren’t many people around the two of you and so you choose one of the high points of the wall and sat down so that you had a beautiful view. You made sure to leave room for people to pass you, you tucked into Zayn’s side his arm snug around your shoulders.

Ashton: You and Ashton, when planning your next holiday, decided that you wanted to go somewhere, neither of you had been before and somewhere along the line you had arrived at the conclusion of Egypt. Your second day in the country you ended up on two camels, Ashton taking pleasure in laughing at the look of fear on your face as the animal launched forward before lifting you into the air on its back. Once you had both gotten into the rhythm of the walk, Ashton daringly reached out for you, making you squeal in fear before he connected your lips in a quick kiss.

Luke: Although Luke was from Australia, home to one of the most famous coral reefs, surprisingly enough he had never been snorkelling before. So when he was home, the two of you decided to head up to Cairns and go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. Luke was quite nervous to go snorkelling, but as soon as the two of you had seen the first fish you set into a nice rhythm swimming alongside each other, every now and then one of you pointing out a particular fish or coral to the other person who would reply with a thumbs up or in Luke’s case a smile that almost made him choke on the water it let into his snorkelling mask.

Michael: Michael knew how much you loved Disneyland and basically everything Disney, but he didn’t think it was enough to just go to one Disneyland. No, over the course of a few holidays together the two of you managed to visit Disneyland and Disneyworld in Orlando, Paris and Japan. Somehow it never got boring though and you would always find yourself laughing at both of yours childish behaviour as you explored each park. You always made sure to take the same photo in front of the castle and at the last park the two of you visited together it was no exception. The two of you stood in front of the castle, arms wrapped around each other as you smiled for the photo. “How about something a bit different” Michael said just before he gripped your waist tighter and dipped you towards the camera, your hair spraying out and a large grin on your upside down face.

Calum: You had been quite stressed lately and Calum had made the suggestion that the two of you escape on a holiday together for a while. He had decided on Thailand and had planned the whole trip for you, making sure everything was perfect. This lead to the moment when Calum was leading you by the hand, your eyes closed, to your surprise on the 3rd day of your holiday. You opened your eyes to see an elephant towering above you, a wooden chair on his back and painted patterns decorating its trunk. You grinned excitedly, happily allowing the guide to help Calum and then yourself up onto the seat, Calum quick to wrap his arm tightly around you and pull you into his side as the elephant started to slowly move through the Thailand jungle.

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This new album by 30 Seconds To Mars is a big surprise!
J.L.: Oh yes! But before you surprise people, my goal was especially surprising myself. I hate complacency. Conversely, the unexpected is a feeling that I love and I think “love lust faith + dreams” surprise as people who have never listened to 30 seconds to mars than those who think they know who we are. I immediately imagine the fans reaction: “Wow, this is really 30 seconds to mars?” I like it in advance. This disc is a real trend, it is very dynamic and diverse, with powerful guitars, beautiful orchestrations, electro and more intimate times.
The electronic side may be the most surprising. This is the first time you go as far in the genre, on the single “Up in the Air” in particular.
J.L.: On our first album, we still experienced a lot of electronic music. “Hurricane” is also a very electro title, like “Stranger in a Strange Land.” This is something that has always appealed to us, but it was perhaps more buried under the surface. What is different today is that a title like “Up in the Air” is much more simple and minimalist, so the synthetic elements stand out more when the guitars are absent.
However, there are titles where the guitars are very aggressive, as the heavy almost vehement “Conquistador”.
J.L.: This is an intentional guitars 70’s return, this title is much like our first pieces, but far more nervous and saturated. This is the kind of song that causes us to lose control. I think it will wreak havoc on stage, it will be relentless.
Do you feel like conquistadors when you step on stage?
J.L.: Sometimes, yes, we seem to be warriors. We must be in this state of mind before stepping onto the arena, you have to be ready to fight a battle. It is also the rock'n'roll: a clash of every moment.
On “The Race,” we see the perfect fusion of electronic and rock. There is a feeling very Depeche Mode
J.L.: This is one of the groups most important of my life. They had a huge influence on me and Shannon. I have always been fascinated by the peculiar way the synthesizers merge with more rock elements. But more than anything, I’m crazy about their songs. I mean, it’s easy to make a dancing title with boxes to beats and synths. Except that in many cases it is hollow. With Depeche Mode, there are excellent songs, and just play the acoustic guitar to realize their potential. These are very great songwriters, and this is one of the few groups to have me adhere to electronic music. So obviously when we started working on the electro parts, we immediately worked with Depeche Mode in a corner of our minds. It was the gold standard, the way to go.
The album also contains a beautiful piano ballad, “End Of All Days.” In this song, you say “I’ll punish you with pleasure, I’ll pleasure you with pain.” It’s very sadomasochistic, right?
J.L.: Indeed, and on reflection, I have come to the conclusion that life itself is a matter of pleasure and pain, don’t you think? The album is called “Love Lust Faith + Dreams” and each song sticks to one or more of these words. “End Of All Days” develops the theme of faith and lust. “Up In The Air” evokes dreams and lust … The artwork will include a chart that will allow people to know the theme of each song. “End Of All Days” is a special piece, it is very important to me. I made up ​​on acoustic guitar. Initially, there was this very dark bluesy approach really. Then I transposed the piano song into a gospel kind of dark, a mantra about faith and commitment. It’s a very passionate song, but also excessively sexual.
Is love, lust, faith and dreams are words that define you?
J.L.: Yes and I think they also define each of us. I think it is not possible to live a fulfilling life if it is devoid of love, lust, faith and dreams. But lust is not necessarily linked to sexual appetite, some people can see the attraction there for good food, for art or for life in general. I remain firmly convinced that these four themes are essential to the development of each. In this sense, we can say that “Love Lust Faith + Dreams” is a concept album.
“Bright Lights,” one of the tracks on the album, is very effective. It feels like the second single …
J.L.: Indeed, there is a good chance that it becomes … I love this song, it inaugurated a new era for us. The synthesizer, in general, reminds me of my childhood. My first instrument was the piano, but the second was a synth. I bought it when I was twelve years old used synth spotted in the classifieds. I loved the sound of this thing, it was so different from other instruments. Everyone played the guitar, while the synth sounds were unique to my young ears. I thought it was cool.
Does that mean you play all synthesizers on the album?
J.L.: Yes, almost all. Shannon also plays a bit.
The song “City Of Angels” is one on which we recognize as the contemplative key 30 Seconds To Mars. Is it an ode to Los Angeles?
J.L.: Yes, totally. I wrote this song years ago, but I had never finished. I was not ready, I needed to grow as a musician. It has long been at my side, it was comforting somehow. “City Of Angels” is about my home, a place where I feel safe and allows me to use my creativity. It’s a song that evokes the influence of the environment on self and art. It turns out that my house is in Los Angeles, but for others, it could be Paris, London or New York.
Los Angeles is also a city that fits perfectly with the themes of this album …
J.L: It’s true, I had thought of it. Los Angeles is the epitome of California, a place where all dreams are possible, especially with the film industry. There is a certain magic in this city, something romantic, mysterious and dark at once. It is a universal city. Even if you’ve never been to Los Angeles, you imagine yourself exactly how it can be exhilarating to race down Sunset Boulevard in a nice car board, listening to loud music and watching the hills above you. Or at the edge of the ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway. Yes, this record offers Los Angeles.
There are also particularly epic titles like “Pyres Of Varanasi” that evokes the sacred city of Varanasi, India.
J.L.: Well done! It’s a beautiful place, it’s where the song was composed. It is where they burn the bodies of the dead, on the Ganges, for over five thousand years. They say that if your body burns in Varanasi, then it means that the cycle of reincarnation is broken and your mind will go straight to Nirvana. This is a very important place in Hinduism.
Have you bathed in the Ganges?
J.L.: Yes, but be careful and keep your mouth shut.
How long did you stay in India?
J.L.: A few weeks. It was a great trip, a collision of sounds, colors and thoughts. I miss the country. It inspired me a lot, it was a catalyst for creativity. I also took lots of pictures, I think I’ll release a book of photographs on the subject … Going to India is one that changes your perception of life experience, you come back transformed.
For this album, it seems that you have been wanting to take control of the production …
J.L.: Indeed, Steve Lillywhite coproduced four titles, and I am responsible for the rest. I have always held the position of co-producer, but this time I really wanted to oversee all stages. Anyway, it does not change much because at the end the producers who worked on our previous albums were only following my instructions. It’s just that before, I do not necessarily had the experience to take care of it myself. Today, I feel comfortable in the chair manufacturer, much like when I realize our videos, I do not have to answer for and I can give life to all my desires. I always had the habit to manage all the group: the clips, songs, aesthetics and even our press photos! It was natural that I come one day to take care of the production.
Does that mean you have trouble trusting people when it comes to your baby?
J.L.: No, I trust. I have a great team around me, I can not do everything alone. I, Shannon, Tomo … Everyone contributes in their own way, but because I am the sole songwriter for 30 Seconds To Mars, I bear the responsibility for the project on my shoulders alone. I am the only one to have an overall vision of the project, so it’s my job to manage up to things. I wish I could take care of everything, but I am not superman. I am therefore obliged to trust people … but not just anyone. I can be strong at times, but for the quality of the project. One must understand that shooting a video, it’s total chaos. You have to control it all with an iron fist, otherwise you risk losing all substance. You being just the captain of the ship in a storm.
You can imagine the chaos during the filming of the video for “Up In The Air,” with many extras and a multitude of visual ingenuity.
J.L.: This is a very ambitious video. Not in terms of location, since there is no ice or Wall of China, but rather in terms of visual impact. There were lots of cameras that turned into different formats, it was quite a challenge for me in terms of production. The cast was pretty incredible, classic. I wanted to use visual metaphors to cause a feeling in the viewer
What is the meaning for example the zebra, which also appears on the cover of the single?
J.L.: For me, it symbolizes the dream. We also see a lion, love, a snake, lust, and a wolf that evokes faith. Each animal that can be seen in the video refers to the title of the album
Dita Von Teese appears in the video. Is the embodiment of lust?
J.L.: It would be hard to say otherwise … She is the personification of lust, that’s probably why I chose her. Also because we are friends, we know each other for a while. It was really fun to work with her.
If “This Is War” sounded like a declaration of war, you seem calmer on “Love Lust Faith + Dreams.”
J.L.: “This Is War” deals with conflict, survival and the fight against the corporations, the millions of dollars thrown through the windows of this dying industry record. There was rabid and rage every moment in this record. But we survived it all, we got out alive from the ruins and we exult on every song “Love Lust Faith + Dreams.” We have hope, this record symbolizes our rebirth. I think many people will be surprised by the optimism that emerges. The final song, “Depuis Le Debut” transcribed out this impression.
With the sound of this music box to complete the record …
J.L.: A symbol, since this music box is the one that is used from our mother we fell asleep Shannon and I when we were little. Good night… (in french, Ndr).

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