and ew i have school tomorrow

“Agh fuck,” he mutters as he slides into you, finally.

It’s been so long. Weeks? You don’t remember but you sigh as he begins moving his hips, groaning and slowing watching himself move in you, and you wrap your legs around his back to anchor him close.

“Mmm Jimin,” you moan as your hands smooth over his shoulders, fingers tracing the pale skin and the dips and curves of his collarbone. “You feel so good,” you whisper.

Sometimes the movies never portray how easy it is to slip into the busyness of life and marriage and kids, and just…forget. Forget to enjoy sex like this, unhurried and leisurely, solely for the sake of just fucking as a couple. As man and wife.

He maneuvers his hips in a way that angle his dick right against the spot inside you that has you cringing and arching your back. “Oh my god…” you can’t help but involuntarily squeeze around him.

“Oh shit, y/n, stop, wait,” he squeezes his eyes shut and stills inside of you, and you watch him patiently as he focuses on not cumming. To distract himself, he leans down to make out with you, slowly moving his lips against yours, and you smile and wring your arms around his neck because it finally feels like years ago, when you and him had finally tied the knot. It was a night to remember, full of flushed cheeks and questioning touched and a lot of giggles and “is this okay?”s as you both lost your virginities together.

He feels your smile against his lips and he quirks his eyebrows at you. “What are you giggling at?”

You smile up at him, pinching his cheek. “You’re so cute.”

He rolls his eyes. “Please don’t call me cute when I’m literally trying not to cum in you.”

You laugh out loud this time, almost snorting. The action makes you clench around him and his voice is strained. “Ugh fuck I feel like I’m in high school again. You feel too good.”

You laugh, pushing his hair out of his face. “You mean when you had big cheeks?” You cup his face in your hands and thumb his swollen lips.

He cringes. “Babe, forget about that. You didn’t even know me then.”

“But the entire world did. Twitter knew you.”

He groans but nevertheless gives you a sweet grin before leaning down to kiss you, roughly pushing his tongue last your lips and tasting you. His thick lips smooth past your jawline, pressing soft kisses down the slope of your neck as he reaches your breasts.

“It feels like forever since we did it like this.”

“Yeah.” You sigh as he massages them. “When was the last?”

“Since the kids got on summer break. 3 weeks.” He murmurs, glancing at the calendar on your nightstand.

“Shit…how did you not go crazy?”

He blushes. “I do. That’s why I begged Tae to babysit the kids.”

Cupping your breasts in his hands, he gently thumbs over your nipple and leans down to take one in his mouth, rolling the nub with his tongue, swirling around it and suckling with wet movements. You moan above him, carding your hands through his hair. “Oh my go—Jimin.”

“I wish we had more time you know?”

You roll your head back. “Mhm,” you grit out, the feelings of his tongue doing the best things to you and sending triggers of pleasure down to your core. “But you’re the one who didn’t want to schedule our sex. Oh fuck, I think I’m gonna cum soon.”

He hums around your nipple, letting it go and moving to the other with a loud pop. He begins to move his hips slightly again, gaining confidence as he feels your muscles clenching around him and his own orgasm is further down the line.

“Well, scheduled sex is just so…unsexy.”

You laugh, moving your hips along with him. “Yeah well so is talking about our kids during sex.”

He grins, quirking a playful eyebrow at you. “Not really. I think you’re the hottest when you’re my kids’ mom.”

“Oh my god, shut up or else I’ll make you cum first.” You clench around him as a warning.

Jimin was such a gentleman. But sometimes he felt a little embarrassed at how much in love with you he was. He was so enamored with your body and how pretty you looked with his cock deep in you that he came almost instantly when he lost his virginity. He’d taken years to recover from that guilt even though you reassured him it was okay. It was a little funny in your part but you knew he took that seriously. He glares at you and switches tactics.

He smooths his hands down your sides, and your moans become low and husky as he begins reaching deeper parts in you, trading hastiness for precision as he angles to get that spot inside of you that gets you cumming faster.

“Oh, right there,” you breath out, hands clutching at his biceps as he looks down at you. You’re as pretty as the day he met you. Ten years down the line, he’s still as 100% in love with you.

He leans down to kiss you, but the change in angle makes your moans stop because he no longer hits those spots inside of you and you’re too distracted by his lips to focus on your impending orgasm. “Mmmf,” you mumble into his mouth and he props himself up on his elbows to look at you. You smile sheepishly, “sorry, ah, I lost it.”

He stills inside of you, and You just grin and lean up to peck him. “It’s okay, just cum in me Jimin, it’s ok.” He rolls his neck because he wished that if there was just one thing he could have better control of, it was how fast he came compared to you. You were always so selfless about it though. That’s what pisses him off but also makes him want to kiss you and make you cum forever. Or something.

He finishes cleanly inside of you, and you coax him through it, cooing dirty encouragements into his ear and smoothing the sweat on his neck away and running your hands all over his body. He grunts and cries out your name hoarsely as he tenses and then caves into your softness as the last of his cum spills.

He’s panting. “Fuck,” he breathes, “sorry, I really wanted to make you cum first.”

You laugh. “Baby, it’s okay.” You squeeze your legs a bit tighter around him and wrap him in a hug and he relents, pressing a kiss to your hair as he pulls out of you. He helps you up and he gathers all the clothes and puts them in the hamper as you pee and arranged the blankets in a somewhat presentable way. When he finishes, you’re already wrapped in your robe and cleaned up, leaning against the doorway of the bedroom restroom. “Youre so hot when you clean.”

Jimin rolls his eyes at you and walks over to you. “You always say that. I have other hot qualities too you know.”

You laugh as he guides you to the bed, and removes your robe to card his shirt over your head. He puts on his own boxers before climbing in bed with you. “Hm yeah. That’s why I married you. Among other reasons too.”

He grins at you and draws you closer. “Like what?”

You cheekily begin counting off fingers. “Well first, your good genes. Can’t have my kids be ugly because I chose an ugly man. Second, your dick. Third, the really big engagement ring you bought me.” You stretch out your hand to show him, “cause damn, you did a really good job with this one.”

He giggles along with you, drawing you close. “I love you.”

You hum and smile as you press your nose into his bare skin. You were so addicted to the way he smelled. A little sweet, like the baby lotion he swore he didn’t use on himself, and with a hint of the aftershave and cologne set you bought him a few christmases back. He never used anything else.

“I love you too. I think that’s why I married you. Oh plus you’re hot when you cum.”

He furrows his brows. “Ew it sounds much better coming from me. Is this how you feel when I tell you you’re pretty when you cum?”

You purse your lips. “Nope. I like it.”

He grins, pecking your temple. “Perv.”

“You married this perv.”

“How long do we have till the kids are back?”

You hum, “Taehyung and his girlfriend are babysitting them until tomorrow. Why?”

“And you don’t have any schedules tomorrow right?”

“Yeah. I asked manager Sena to not sign me up for anything until the kids go back to school next month.”


“Why?” You mutter as he turns towards you.

He grins, and pulls you in for a kiss.

“Because,” he mutters, “I’m gonna make up for that by making you cum all night.”




“Jimin, babe, you know I can’t cum more than twice in a row right.”

“Shut up you’re ruining the mood.”

His not so little girl (Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader) Chapter Five: Almost a family day out

Note: Pure fluff

Pairing: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader; Steve x Tony

Words: 1195

(Y/N) couldn’t believe what she had done, she had disrespected Steve by calling him mom like that. She hid her face in her arms that were resting on her knees as she sat in the darkness of her closet, wishing for death. She heard the door to her room being opened as she looked out the crack to see Steve and Tony there. She swallowed softly thinking that he was going to be angry at her when the closet door slowly opened. She pulled her knees tightly to her chest when Steve bent down beside her as Tony crawled into the closet on the other side. “I’m so sorry.” She mumbled into her jacket making the sound muffled as Steve frowned. “Sorry for what?” Steve asked before chuckling softly. “Calling me Mom?” He asked as she nods not moving her face to look at him.

“It just… slipped out.” She sighed when Steve finally cupped her face before making her look at him. “(Y/N), you don’t need to apologize for that. It’s okay, and… it’s okay if you do want to call me Mom.” Steve smiled. “Can I call you Mommy then?” Tony grinned when Steve took Tony’s face into his palm before slamming Tony’s head against the wall behind him. “Ow! I was kidding!” He exclaimed as she giggles looking between the two. “Ignore your father.” Steve huffs before turning his attention back to (Y/N). “But as I said, it’s okay. We got worried when you just ran off like that. I’m glad that you already see me as a parental figure, even if it is mom.” Steve smiles.

“Really? You’re not upset or anything?” She asked as he shook her head. “Of course not, I couldn’t have kids back then, and being with Tony I can’t have kids… so it’s nice to have you, and we didn’t have to go through the hassle of adopting you.” He chuckles when suddenly she surged forward wrapping her arms around him as she buried her face into his chest. Steve smiles softly running his fingers through her hair while rubbing her back gently as she clung to him. Tony smiled looking at the two of them before he came up behind her as he wrapped his arms around both of them, or tried to. “We’re happy to have you here (Y/N), and I’m more than happy to have you come and live with us from now on.” Tony whispered as she looked back with both of them smiling.

“You… You mean it?” (Y/N) asked as Tony nods. “We still have to go get you things for you room to make it official.” Tony grins excitedly. “Maybe paint the room?” He asked looking at her. “Is Red, white, blue, and gold okay?” She asked as Tony quirks an eyebrow. “I’m guessing you like Iron Man and Captain America?” He asked when she grins. “I’ve been told they’re really cool people.” She said as Steve and Tony chuckle sitting there with her. “Iron Man is really cool, but I heard that Cap was a tool.” Tony grins as Steve chuckles. “And that’s why Captain America is leader while you aren’t.” He stood up as (Y/N) covered her mouth to keep from laughing at Tony’s expression. “Pushing your luck there Stevie.” Tony wiggles his eyebrows.

“Can we please just go get things for my room? As parental units and child?” She asked standing up with Steve. “Yeah come on Mom.” Tony stood up as he nudges Steve, causing his face to flush. “Let’s just get going.” Steve rolled his eyes as Tony grins to (Y/N) who grins back. (Y/N) suddenly linked her arms around both Tony and Steve’s as they looked to her before smiling softly. “Let’s Pepper doesn’t call me.” Tony said while they walked out of (Y/N)’s room. “Ew that reminds me that I have to go to school tomorrow.” She whines as they both chuckle. “It doesn’t last forever. In a few years you won’t even remember it.” Steve said with a shrug. “You’ve had seventy years to forget old man.” Tony countered as (Y/N) looks at Steve.

“So it is true.” She mumbles in shock. “That’s crazy, but you seem really informed in the new era.” She smiles as Steve smiles back. “That’s because of Tony.” Steve shrugs. “Eh Tony is still learning some times too.” Tony pipes up as they look to him. “What I’d teach you again if given the chance. Maybe introduce you to some new things.” He chuckles as (Y/N) let’s go of his arm. “I don’t want to know what new things are.” She shudders as both of them bust out laughing together. “Trust me when I say, I wouldn’t let him.” Steve said smiling. “Well you did let me teach you how to–” Suddenly Steve’s hand was over Tony’s mouth. “Whatever it is, I’m sure she doesn’t want to know.” Steve’s face dared him to say another word when they walked out of her room and towards the elevator.

“We don’t have to get a lot of things too Dad, I just want what I need, not what I want to have.” She said as they stepped onto the elevator. “No promises.” Tony chuckles as Steve smiles softly. “Don’t fight him. I’ve learned you are talking to a brick wall at this point. Oh wait at least the wall would listen.” He countered as Tony stuck his tongue at Steve. “You know I’m starting to feel more like the parent in this situation.” (Y/N) mumbles as they all three smile. “Oh no another smartass to deal with.” Tony rolls his eyes playfully as they get off and go into the garage. “She’s your daughter.” Steve grins before opening the back door for her as she smiles thanking him. “I’d rather be a smartass than a dumbass.” (Y/N) comments. “The mouth on you.” Steve shook his head. “Oh you aren’t any better Cap.” Tony said as Steve glares at him getting into the car.

“We are supposed to be teaching her to be better than us.” He said as Tony starts the car with a grin. “She’s already better than us.” Tony points out as (Y/N) smiles softly looking in between her two fathers. “I’m sorry to interupt your family time, but there is an attack downtown and they need Iron Man and Captain America.” Jarvis spoke as they both looked back to (Y/N) who waved it off. “Get going. The world needs you. We can go pick things tomorrow, or after you get back.” (Y/N) said before leaning over the console as she kissed both of their cheeks. “Now get going.” She said as Tony smiles softly. “Definitely better than us.” He comments as Steve nods. “Come on, we’ll be back. Don’t forget to eat.” Steve said as they got out of the car. “Will do Mom.” She chuckles softly when they went to the elevator. She got out when suddenly the door to the garage opened up to reveal Spider-man as her eyes widened. “Uh.. Hi.” He waved awkwardly to her.

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Ren: I should get back home, I still have a curfew.
Grady: My bad, I never realized they call home if you miss school… Guess my dad just ignored it.
Ren: :/ It’s ok. Hey, do you want to come over to my place tonight!? 
Grady: Maybe tomorrow, I have to go home and do some… chores.
Ren: Ew gross chores. That sucks man, C’ya later.


Imagine #37 || Request #34

Well, school officially starts for me and wow I hate Mondays even more. My monday sched is from 7am to 7pm, I’m so happy *can you hear the sarcasm? But anyway, here’s another imagine sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday. Hope you guys enjoy this one :) btw this imagine is the Condition Terminal episode and the request is from wattpad :)


“I’m not his babysitter,” you growled, struggling to get out of Theo’s tight grip on your arm.

“Just keep an eye on him, Y/N.” your brother growled back, his teeth slightly baring as he let go of his grip on you and walked back to where he was but still standing close by to make sure everything goes to plan.

Walking by the bar, still at a safe distance from the chimera, you watched each person in the club-observing and trying to decipher them from the way they moved on the dance floor as well as how they interacted with each other.

Just as you turned the bar stool to face the bartenders flaring and entertaining the people, you were greeted with a face you recognized all too well exit the dance floor sporting a green shirt that seem to show his sculpted chest through it. Your heart skipped a beat just by the sight of him, his smile widened when his green eyes landed on you. Immediately walking to where you were, you pretended to not notice him and just kept the act up of looking around.

Looking back at the flaring action of the bartenders, flipping the bottles and catching it before twirling the cups and liquor on their hands and arms, you then felt warm hands cover your eyes while a breath tickled the shell of your ear, “Guess who.”

It was these moments you felt really drawn to the werewolf and just forgot all the pain and punishment you endured from both your brother and the Dread doctors from not following their directions or trying to intervene into one of their plans, the butterflies in your stomach started to tickle when you heard Brett’s chuckle when you tried to pry his hands off of your face.

“Brett, I know it’s you.” You replied once you felt the hands pull back, Brett leaned down to give you a peck on the cheek-a gesture which made you blush every time he did it.

“So, what’re you doing here? Don’t you guys have school tomorrow?” He asked after ordering a drink, his hands resting on the small backrest of the barstool.

You looked at him weirdly before laughing lightly, “What are you? My dad?”

“I can be,” He joked, but it took you a few seconds before you understood him with wide eyes at the realization.

“Ew,” you smacked his arm. “I don’t have any daddy kinks, Talbot.”

“I’m kidding, babe.” The pet name used made your insides tingle. Once his drink was served, Brett took a sip before suddenly looking cautious making you nervous that he might’ve caught on to something you and Theo were planning with the Dread Doctors on Lucas.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

Turning to look at the crowd behind him, you saw Brett’s eyes search for something before he looked back at you. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” you smiled before he left his seat and you returned to your drink.

After another round of drinks of trying the the different varieties they have, someone sat down beside you and spoke, “You’re supposed to be keeping watch.”

You didn’t turn knowing that it was just your brother, his voice sounding angrier than before.

“I’m not Lucas’ babysitter, Theo. Haven’t I already mentioned that to you before?” You answered back, looking at him-his jaw clenched with his eyes not looking at you. You knew that he was controlling himself and not hit you and make a scene in the Sinema Club.

“You better not screw this up, Y/N or I won’t be there to save you from them.” He warned, more like threatened really, with the tone he used.

You just rolled your eyes and before you knew it, he was gone from his seat. You turned to look for him in the crowd trying to catch his spikey hair only to come face to face with a chest. Looking up at the owner, you saw Brett with a smile plastered on his face.

“Let’s dance,” he pulled you out of the chair and away from your drink, much to your disappointment, and led you to the platform where there were people already filling the space with their sweaty bodies grinding against each other.

“Wait, my drink-”

“That can wait, c’mon.” He was smiling as he wrapped an arm around your waist to keep you from getting away.

“Brett,” you groaned, knowing that the werewolf was not going to give up on something he wanted; especially you.

With his hands making your arms wrap around his neck, he closed the gap between the two of you as he held you close. You can still see the smile he wore on his face that seemed to get wider as he leaned down, you smelled the alcohol he drank when his breath fanned your cheek. Feeling his lips brush against your jaw, it planted kisses up to your ear; tickling you and sending shivers up your spine.

With his hands on your hips, he started to move in a swaying motion before he pulled away and held your hand up and twirled you around making you laugh at the carefree feeling you enjoyed whenever you were with him especially now.

After some time you spent on that platform with Brett, you felt a sudden change in the atmosphere and you knew Brett felt it too because the two of you looked at each other questioningly. With the silent looks you shared, you knew instantly that something was wrong.

Stepping down the platform, you followed Brett through the crowd and into what was another space behind the club itself. You didn’t know what happened next because all you knew was that you saw the spikes already out of the chimera’s arms and back and he had his target where he wanted to. Brett immediately went in and pried Lucas off of Mason, throwing him as far away as he could from the human before telling him to run. When you felt Mason was not going to move any time soon, you went in and pulled him out of harm’s way and into a safer corner.

“What was that?” He exclaimed, his breathing erratic from panicking and in a state of shock at what just happened. The both of you watched as Brett was thrown against one of the metal stands with a loud bang before he replied with a kick to the gut, sending Lucas off of him.

You knew at this point you’ve already screwed up the plan with Mason getting involved and in time, getting the McCall pack deeper in this situation without any of them giving up. But it doesn’t matter now, because all you knew was that once you heard Brett’s pained growl, you turned your back against your brother as well as the doctors and started to feel the pain in your bones as it cracked and morphed into a new and different structure before you fell on all fours on the floor.

“Y/N?” you heard Mason whisper as he looked at you with concern and a hint of fright in his voice. (A/N: I didn’t really mention the fur color coz I know once I tell you guys that the color of the fur is the opposite of Theo’s fur color (which is white), all of you would go ‘ugh, not again’ over the millionth, sooo overused, and not special anymore white wolf created on wattpad.. because I know I would, so I’ll just leave it up to you guys to imagine whatever fur color you want)

You barked a growl and got the attention of the Chimera before you launched at it, the size of your body being larger and heavier in comparison than a normal wolf’s size helped in sending the chimera to the floor. You scratched and bit at it, careful not to touch any of the poisonous spikes protruding out of his skin.

Once Lucas took control of the direction of the fight between the two of you, he was fast as he struck you on your side and sent you flying back. Standing to his full height, he stalked you and readied himself to attack again. But before he can do that, someone already knocked him off and arms carefully maneuvered you out of the way.

Trying to stand up and ignoring the pain that shot through your sides, you whined and made your way back to try and help Scott, knowing now full well where your loyalty lies now.

“Y/N,” you saw Brett in front of you with his hands up in a way of stopping you from going any further. “You’re hurt.” He gestured to the patch of fur that was starting to grow redder as your fur absorbed the blood, ignoring his own hurt the way the scratch on his side bled also.

You only ignored him and made your way back to where Kira was fighting off Lucas with her katana, the Thunder Kitsune having the upper hand. With Lucas rebounding off of the wall from Kira’s kick, he ran towards her ready to hit which you took it as an opportunity to lunge at him and kick him full force which then sent him falling to the floor with a loud thud.

When the dark color that filled his eyes turned back to his normal ones before it finally closed, everyone was quiet from what they just witnessed. But the silence was over as quick as it happened when you saw Kira started swinging her katana and speaking her mother’s native tongue with eyes that glowed a fiery color that you recognized were set on one target to finish with a killing blow.

As fast as Kira ran to Lucas’ unconscious body, Scott was already there to stop her from taking someone’s life. When he saw the look of recognition and realization on his girlfriend’s face, he then looked around and asked if everyone was okay in which the people in the room nodded in reply.

Once you felt that everyone seemed to have calmed down from the adrenaline, you inwardly groaned in a corner when you felt your bones mold back to its true form. Brett was immediately on your side, a jacket in his hands that covered you well enough. You knew that you had a lot of explaining to do to Scott and his pack the way their eyes saw the transformation.

With arms wrapped around you protectively, you watched from the side as Scott and Liam started to lift and move Lucas’ body out of the club. But before they can even move him an inch, a spike shot out of nowhere and straight through Lucas’ mid torso. Brett’s arms tightened almost immediately while the spike was reeled back from the body to its owners, the gasps sounded over the booming songs from outside in the club as all of you followed the direction from where the spike was coming from.

“Why did you do that?” Scott yelled, looking up at the three figures standing on the rafters and lightning rig.

“His condition was terminal,” You recognized the modified voice of one of them, the clicking noise from their suit sounding as they started to move away.

“What does that mean?” Scott asked again.

“Failure.” At that, you watched them walk away.

But before they all left, one of them spoke again.


Brett could only growl and move you even closer to him as he looked at them with yellow glowing eyes, his anger showing as he bared his teeth at them in a territorial manner. Feeling tears start to blur your sight, you breathed in deep and regained control of your thoughts. You were now sure where you belonged to and what to do to stop your brother and those scientists from creating anymore abominations.


Hope you enjoyed this one! Also, a reminder on me having already started my second semester this week, I’ll be posting imagines at a slow pace since I’m going to be back having such busy schedules and with the requests you have in mind, just keep on sending them because even though you won’t see me post yours right away, I will surely be doing them :)

Kid In Love (Part 1)

A/N: This is inspired by Jenny Han’s To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before series. I’m so in love with it and I always picture Shawn as Peter Kavinsky. 


‘Ynah, c’mon we’re getting late!!!!’ My 8-year-old little sister, Kina shouted.

‘Coming!!!’ I shouted back while trying fixing my hair. I’m wearing my favorite pink culotte pants and black top with my favorite pair of white shoes. I ran downstairs knowing Kina will not stop shouting until I’m not there. One thing about my little sister is that she doesn’t want to get late to school. She hates it so much.

‘What took you so long? You’re so annoying, we’re always late because of you!’ Kina said who’s so annoyed.

‘Alright, girls. Stop bickering already, Kina, your sister is already here so stop being so annoyed now just hop in the car.’ My dad said. It’s been 5 years since my mom died from a plane crash. So it’s just me, my older sister Clarisse, my dad and Kina. It’s hard for all of us since we’re so close to my mom. Also, to my dad who’s a surgeon. It’s hard for him to be a mother, father, and surgeon at the same time to his three girls with different personalities. There’s no day we didn’t miss our mom. But we all know that she’s watching us and doesn’t want to see us sad. That’s why we’re all staying strong for each other.

We drop off Kina first because she doesn’t want to get late at her first day of school and she wanted to make new friends that’s why she wanted to go to school early.

‘Are you excited for the first day of school?’ My dad asked while looking at the road. 

‘Yeah.’ I said.

‘Well, you don’t sound like excited.’ My dad joked.

‘I mean, Clarisse isn’t there anymore I’m not used to it.’ I said. My sister, Clarisse went to college now in NYU. I’m used to have her with me we’re like twins, my mom used to dressed us with the same dress. Almost everyone thought we’re twins, except at school because everybody knew her, she’s this popular kid while on the other side, I’m this girl who loves to bake, who doesn’t have her first kiss, and has one friend.

‘Well, Dani’s there she’s your best friend right? And you’re already Senior, have fun!’ My dad said while he glanced at me and looked at the road again.

‘yeah.’ I answered.

‘And make some friends, Ynah. You’re awesome I’m sure these millennials will like you.’ My dad said trying to lift up my spirit.

‘Alright here you go!’ My dad said after a few moments. ‘Call me if you need a ride home, alright? And don’t pick up Kina, Bianca’s giving her a ride.’ My dad informed me.

‘Okay. Bye. Love you!’ I waved and went inside to find Dani, my best friend since Grade 7.

‘HEEEYYYYY.’ Dani shouted and ran to me. We hugged so tight since we haven’t seen each other the whole summer because Dani went to London while me I’m helping my sister Clarisse to unpack her things at NYU.

‘I missed you!’ I said and she pulled me away from our tight hug.

‘Me too! How’s my favorite Asian?’ She asked.

‘Great! I cannot wait to go home!’ I jokingly said and she just rolled her eyes.

‘Girl, trust me. Me too!’ She said. ‘Your boy looks so hot btw!’

‘Who?’ I asked while getting my biology book in my locker.

‘C’mon! Don’t act like you don’t know, your crush since Grade 8. The one and only Shawn Mendes! The Troy Bolton of this school!’ She said and I laughed.

‘Well, I guess he doesn’t want me to be his Gabriella huh?’ I said when I saw Shawn with Hanna.

‘You’re prettier than her!’ She said while looking at the two.

‘I agree with you!’ I said. ‘Let’s go, I don’t want to be late to Ms. Lopez. Clarisse told me she’s kind of strict!’ I said and me and Dani run into our first subject like we always do.

School went by so fast, thankfully. Shawn was my classmate in literature and until now he’s driving me crazy. I like him since Grade 8 and up until now I’m still into him. He’s a varsity player, he sings as well and he knows how to make all the girls swoon. We used to be friends when we were Grade 8 but when he started dating Hanna he became distant. I just don’t know why. But I don’t care anymore. I still like him, but I don’t care about his relationship with Hanna anymore.

‘Hey, Song!’ I heard someone called me, a familiar voice. My heart beats so fast, when I turned around I saw, Shawn.

‘Oh, hi!’ He and Dani were the only ones who calls me Song, my mom’s family name since she’s Korean and we’re half Korean. It’s the first time again he called me Song after such a long time.

‘How are you?’ He asked. ‘Can I?’

I just looked at him confused.

‘Can I walk with you?’ He asked.

‘You’re already walking with me.’ I said. He just smiled.

‘You didn’t answer my question!’ He said.

‘Mendes, you’re already walking with me.’ I said.

‘No, I mean how are you?’

‘Oh, great!’ I said and smiled. ‘Where’s Hanna?’ I asked.

‘with her new man.’ He told me and pointed Hanna with one of Shawn’s friends, Michael. I feel bad for him, he doesn’t deserve it.

‘I just saw you two earlier.’ I said.

‘She just broke up with me.’ He said.

‘Where’s Matt, Ian, and Brian?’ I asked.

‘Mr. Arthur still talking to them about something so I’m alone and I saw you and why not talk to my old friend right?’ He said. ‘Oh, where’s Dani?’

‘She went home already since her last class went by so fast.’ I said.

‘So you want a ride home?’ He asked.

‘Nope, no need. I’m just gonna walk.’

‘No I insist, let’s pick up Kina as well.’ He said.

It’s nice that even if we haven’t talked for years now he still remember all the little details about my life, how I used to pick up Kina every after school, how I used to walk with Dani and he’s still calling me Song because he thought that it’s cute because he likes to sing.

‘Alright then.’ We went straight to his new car, kind of fancy for this child.

The car ride home was kind of awkward. It was so silent until he broke the silence.

‘So how’s Clarisse and Kina?’ He asked.

‘Well, Cla’s in NYU while Kina, Kina’s still the same. The sassy and the friendly one.’ I said and giggle.

‘Oh yeah where did she go?’


‘You guys are a family of smart people.’ Shawn said. ‘Well, I missed Kina’s sassy attitude!’

I just smiled. ‘What about Aaliyah? How is she?’

‘Great. She’s having fun at high school.’

‘Well, that sounds great!’

‘What if we go grab some food first?’ Shawn asked me.

‘Yeah, sure! Kina will be home late since she’s going to her classmate’s house.’ I said.

‘Alright then.’

We went to this pancake house near my house. I love their pancake with bacon inside while Shawn ordered a blueberry pancake.

‘Where do you plan to go in college?’ Shawn asked.

‘To be honest, I haven’t decided about it yet I mean as of now but maybe when it hits me that I’m already senior maybe I’ll be cramming to send applications.’ I said while feeling my pancakes.

‘Me too, I haven’t decided about it yet although I plan on going to Toronto University.’ Shawn said who’s sipping his mango shake.

‘That sounds great. I actually want to go to NYU as well but I don’t know.’ I said.

‘Well, you’re smart, Song for sure you’ll get whatever school you wanted.’ Shawn said and smiled at me. I smiled back, I miss his smile though. He’s still so sweet and genuine.

We talk for like 3 hours until I got a text messages from Dani who’s at home with my little sister. That’s when I told Shawn that we needed to go he drop me off and I asked him if he wanted to go inside but he refused since his mom is making some pasta.

‘Hey there!’ Dani greeted me who’s sitting at the sofa while Kina’s painting her nails.

‘Where have you been?’ Kina asked me who’s so busy painting Dani’s nails. ‘What color do you like? Pink or sky blue?’ Kina asked Dani.

‘Sky Blue I’m not like your sister who’s so basic.’ Dani said and looked at me. I just rolled my eyes and sat next to them.

‘I know who owns that car.’ Dani said. I just looked at her.

‘Don’t give me that look, Song! I know you, that’s Shawn?’


‘So what’s up with him now?’

‘Nothing, we just went to grab some pancakes.’ I said and opened my phone because Shawn texted me. And I can’t help I smile so wide that both Dani and Kina are looking at me and judging me.

‘Okay, earlier we saw that guy with Hanna and now he wants you to be his Gabriella Montez?’ Dani asked.

‘We’re friends remember?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. But you guys didn’t asked me to go with you since I’m also your friend remember?’ Dani said and rolled her eyes.

‘Okay, I don’t want to hear you both anymore and I’m done with your nails, I’m out!’ Kina said and went straight to her room.

‘I like your sister’s attitude!’ Dani said.

‘Yeah right!’

‘So what’s up with Mendes now? Isn’t he with Hanna?’

‘They broke up!’ I said.



‘with who?’

‘Michael.’ I said.

‘Well, I’m not shocked.’ She said like its normal to see someone break up with her boyfriend and get another one so quickly. But for Hanna that’s normal.

‘Well I’m here to tell you that I’m inviting you to Malibu this weekend since my parents are going to Hawaii and they’re sending me to Malibu over the weekend.’ Dani said while looking at her nails. ‘Ask Mendes to come with us, I’ll ask my boyfriend to come with me so that you won’t feel left out.’ 

‘I’m not sure if I should go ask him.’ I said. I don’t want him to feel that I’m so into him even though I am really into him.

‘Well, we’re all friends so that’s no big deal!’ Dani said. ‘And, we’re just going to be there to have some fun, I mean me and my guy.’

‘Ew. Whatever.’

‘Hey, that’s not what I meant. You have a dirty mind!’


‘Well, I have to go now, I’ll see you tomorrow at school!’ Dani said. ‘Oh, and let’s grab some coffee tomorrow!’ She added.

‘Yeah. Bye!’ I said and hugged her before she walks out the door.

Today has been a great day, being with Shawn again, being able to talk to him again like nothing’s changed. It’s nice. I feel like we’re back to normal. I missed him so much, and I want our friendship to work out this time. And I hope that this time our friendship will not be ruin by someone else. 


wonholdmypurse  asked:

/whispers/ 30 and monsta x... you know I'm a sucker for your writing ;)

[30] » “I swear; if you die, I’ll kill you.” + Wonho

You’re sure you’ve never seen a tower taller than the one you’re staring up at right now.

It’s so tall that even though it’s the middle of summer, the shade the tower creates feels cold from being deprived of sunlight.

Or maybe it’s the fact that you’re about to go up to the top floor of that building, and bungee jump right down. Or maybe it really isn’t exactly about either of those things, but more about your boyfriend clutching your hand so tightly that you’re sure he’s obscuring your bloodstream.

“I’ll be fine,” you assure him as you try to give his hand a squeeze, but he’s already squeezing so hard that you’re sure he doesn’t feel it.

“Why- Why would you want to go up there?” Wonho asks as he stares up at the tower, and then he looks back at you. “No one in her right mind would want to go up there!”

“You did this before.” You place your other hand on top of your intertwined ones to assure him that it’s fine. “And it was fine, wasn’t it?”

He seems to shiver at the memory, although he knows how proud you are of him for facing his fear of heights; and he’s proud of himself too. He just doesn’t want you to go up there and jump down, because that thought is somehow scarier to him than being up there himself.

He’s in a small state of panic by the time he mutters a “Do you really want to go? Really, really?”

You press your lips to his cheek to once again assure him. “I’ll be right down, okay? I’ll see you in twenty.”

He shakes his head. “I’m going with you.”

He still watches the tower with anxious eyes, but he holds onto your hand in determination, and wipes the worried look off of his face.

“Yeah?” You’re surprised that he’s willing to go up, but nonetheless so, so proud of him. “You know you don’t have to–”

“Yeah.” He starts walking towards the entrance of the building, holding onto your hand tightly with fresh determination and the need to make sure you’ll be fine. “And I swear; if you die, or if I die, I’ll kill you.”

Well, obviously I had to write about your bias.

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[ Chris extended imagine ] Tutor.

Original imagine: Imagine: Chris being your tutor.

Written by: A.Wölf.

{ Requested by: @voicesandvoicesandmore


-It’s Fridaaaaay! –sung Donna washing a few mugs in the sink.

-Thank god!- I exclaimed.

-What are you up to this weekend?

-I actually have to go to school tomorrow morning.

-Ew…Saturday morning at school? Pffft!

-Yeah, well, they had the whole week to assign me a tutor for my thesis but no, they had to be untimely.

Donna smiled apologetically.

The bell hanging above the coffee shop’s door rang as a costumer walked in and

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Bad Boys - Part 1 (Omaha Squad)

“Do I have to come with you?” my dad asked when we were sitting in the car next to my new school. 

Well to make a long story short, my parents divorced a few months ago, my mom leaved me and my dad behind. And me and my dad moved to Omaha two weeks ago. 

“No, It’s fine, dad.”

 “Okay, I see you after school”

 “Bye” I said and he drove away.

I walked in the huge hallway, there were people talking and laughing at eachother. I was searching for the reception for my schedule, untill my eyes fell on four boys. 

One with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

A boy with dark brown hair, a tank top that were showing his tanned muscles. 

Another boy with tattoos on his arms and a snapback on. 

And a boy with hazel brown eyes and when he smiles his dimples showed 😱. 

When I snapped back to reality, they were already looking at me with a smile on their face. The began to walk in my direction and I didn’t know what to do. 

 “Hey, are you new here?” the one with the hazel brown eyes asked. 

“Euhm, yeah I’m new here. Uhm, do you know where the reception is?” I asked.

“Yeah, of course, we will walk with you to the reception.” 

“You don"t have to do that” I said. 

“It will be an honor” the tanned boy said. “What’s your name?” the boy with the tattoos asked. “Y/N” “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he said, I blushed and looked at the ground. “I am Sammy and these are Nate but we call him Skate and jack and jack. The blonde one is Jack J and tje other one is Jack G, that’s easier.” Sammy threw his arm around my shoulder and said; “Well, we will go with you to the reception and then we can see if you have the same lessons as us. So you don’t have to be alone” he said and looked down at me smiling. “You guys don’t have to do this for me” I said. “But we want to do that” Jack G said smiling at me.

We just got my schedule and compared it with the schedules if them. The bell rang and the Jacks and Skate said goodbye and started walking away for there firt lesson. 

“So Y/N, ready to go to your first lesson?” Sammy asked. “Yeah” I said sighing while looking at the ground. “It will be fine, I’m there with you, I promise I will help you” 

It’s weird because I met Sammy and the rest of the boys like 10 minutes ago and I trust them already. I feel I can say everything to them, I feel comfortable around them. 

 He tilled my chin up and looked me in the eyes. “I promise if there’s going something wrong, I will help you. Promise” he said. We walked in the classroom, there were a few people already, looking at us. We choose the table in the back of the class, next to each other. Not much later the teacher walked in. “Hello class, I’m Miss. Anderson, I will be your English teacher.” She looked around and her eyes fell on me and she smiled a little. “I see we have an new student. It’s Y/N, right?” “Yes, Miss. Anderson” “Well, what if you come over her and introduce yourself to the class” I walked to the front, a little bit nervous. 


 The bell rang and me and Sammy walked to the school restaurant. Skate and the Jacks were there already. I took a seat next to Jack G and for me was Skate. “So how were your first lessons?” Jack G asked me while he laid his arm on the back of my chair. “It wasn’t horrible at all” I said smiling. “See-” Jack G was cut of by girl, a girl with blond hair, correction fake blond hair. A shitload of make-up, high heels, a skirt just under her ass and her boobs almost falling out of her skinny top. She glared at me with a dead stare and talked to Jack G. “Hey, babe” she said. Before Jack could say something , she sat herself on his lap and started making out with him. Ew, gros, get a FUCKING ROOM, o my gosh. Sammy, Nate and Johnson began to make really gross faces towards G and the girl. I almost bursted out laughing. 

School was finaly done, well it wasn’t that bad for my first day. I was walking out of school, untill Sammy shouted at me. “Hey, Y/N, Wait!” he said while running to me. “Hey Sammy, wassup?” “Do I have to walk with you to your home?” “No, it’s fine you guys did already enough for me, especially you Sammy” I said smiling at him. “Well okay,I see you tomorrow then” he said. “Yeah, seeya” I hugged him, he was kinda suprised that I did that, but he hugged back.

I was currently making food for me and my dad. “Y/N, I’m home” my dad screamed. “How was your first at school?” he asked. “It was fine” I said smiling while turning my head to the food. “It was more then fine. Oh no, you met a boy didn’t you?” “No” I said looking at the ground. I wasn’t lying, it was more then ONE boy. “It was a boy. I prepared my whole entire life for this.” he said laughing. “O my god, dad, stop!” We were lauging our asses of, until the doorbell rang. 


Do you guys want a part 2? Let me know and send me requests please! Love you 😘

Signs When They See Back-To-School Commercials

Aries: nnNNOOoOOoOO

Taurus: aight

Gemini: at least I get to see my friends again

Cancer: “mom? where’s the car? i’m scheduled to go back to hell”

Leo: i guess this is good????

Virgo: GREAT we’ll get started tomorrow at 5:00 A.M. just to be safe

Libra: what but i dont even like school WHY IS SCHOOL A THING


Sagittarius: what sorry i wasnt paying attention

Capricorn: K

Aquarius: f!ck th!s sh!t pls

Pisces: what? nono i guess sure idk whatever actually

it’s a new year and there’s a lot to be thankful for in the past year - even after the upsetting 13/14 season, tito, some of our favourite boys (cachai, cesc, PUYI, pinto, valdes!!!) leaving, our board f-ing shit up as usual, the world cup final, etc - and there’s also a lot more to look forward to, you guys know it. (: if we survived the 13/14 season, we can survive anything.

2015 is a v busy and v important year for me, because this year i have A-Levels. i’ve also committed myself to other projects which i really want to see through, and at the same time there are people i want to spend more time with. so this is me, taking a year-long hiatus from tumblr starting monday (will still be actively pursuing football! just not on tumblr). i’m planning to come back in november or december, but who knows. if you want to stay in touch, there’s twitter and instagram, or message me off-anon for anything.

this is in a way also a goodbye and thank you note to everyone. i’m shy here, i’m not funny, i don’t make good edits or gifs, but thank you for following me and talking to me. even if you aren’t listed here, thank you for making my tumblr experience so wonderful; it has been a lovely three (or two? and a half?) years here. stay safe and lovely and wonderful and healthy, you guys, and always remember to check your sources before posting or reblogging anything!!!!!

bolded are my mutuals, here’s my blogroll and my previous ff, source for photo used here

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and those blogs which aren’t active anymore, here’s a tribute
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at the same time here’s a shoutout to the people who’ve made the biggest difference in my tumblr experience. there are constants here who i appreciate so much, then there are those who i’ve only just seen and started talking to this year. you guys are the real inmessionante, and you know who you are (:
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Quick face and life update!
I’m now on my way to a math course for my finals and tomorrow will be the last day yay
School starts on Monday ew and everything has been very stressful 😩
I hope all of you are having a good week ily all so much keep your heads up 💕

The Love Slug - A Yatori Oneshot
    Pairing: Yatori
    Theme: Possession
    Author's Note: Usually I don't write stuff like this but I admit, I like reading them. So here ya go, eat your heart out!

“Um, excuse me!” Hiyori picked up her bags as the train car came to a halt.

It was becoming dark outside, the kind of dark that phantoms thrived in. Hiyori didn’t want to risk loosing her body late at night without Yato or Yukine by her side, so she was in a rush to get home. Unfortunately, she didn’t account for the phantoms that didn’t need for her to be asleep in order to possess her normal body.

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