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you guys are gods with use of space like your graphic design skills are the best i've ever seen anywhere

oh hey wow shit thatsz rly extremely nice of u

mangos in school and stuff officialstyle for it but i mostly kinda just feel stuff out…i like arranging stuff. im good at arranging stuff. if evryone wants to edit this ask n talk a gang of shit abt how good u are at arranging stuff too u can. i didnt wanna rank everybody in order of compositional ability frankly bc i didnt want to have to dunk on james like that. anyway tytytytytyty

james edit: thanks this is mostly me and the crayon tool on paint its good i know

i love the term “bear with me” because it could mean either 1 of 2 things:

  • asking someone to be patient
  • confirmation that the zoo heist was a success
How TDA characters text
  • Emma: She punctuates unnecessary emojis 🏜💽💡🔫💎 at the end of her sentences 🔪🔪🛒 but she uses 💕❣️💜💝 a ginormous amount of hearts when she's texting Jules 💚💚💙💖
  • Julian: Doesn't see the point of emojis, uses proper grammar and punctuation whilst texting everyone.
  • Cristina: She goes old fashioned with :) and <3 when she texts. With Mark, Kieran and Emma she'll get a bit wilder with ;D and :').
  • Mark: Constntly texts typos adn it pisssrs off EVRYONE.
  • Kieran: doesn't use capital letters or punctuation he just types long massive sentences with no breaks whatsoever
  • Diego: Uses odd capital Letters at Random points In sentences. turns Out perfect diego Isn't so perfect After all.
  • Jaime: Uses punctuation,,,, several times!!! For emphasis???
  • Diana: Same as Jules, except she uses the occasional <3 when texting Gwyn. ;).
  • Gwyn: Doesn't. Just receives texts and doesn't respond. Only texts Diana back.
  • Ty: He rarely texts, but when he does, he types with precision and his use of vocabulary and grammar is excellent, better than Julian and Diana by far. When he texts Kit he usually slips a couple of ❤️'s in.
  • Kit: Uses ngl, lmao, tbh, lol, imo and literally every other acronym. Nvr txts a whle wrd.
  • Dru: Jules wouldn't let her get a phone >:(
  • BONUS:
  • Zara: Uses full stops excessively. Just to be petty.

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gud supercorp headcanon: lena Cries the first time kara says "i love you" because no one had ever said it to her and Meant It

OK BUT LIKE I ALWAYS GET FUCKED UP ABT THIS CAUSE CAN U IMAGINE kara not seeing the big deal cause she loves evryone and everythin and shes like “i love u” to lena like deadass out of the blue cause lena got her potstickers or opened the door to kara or something and lena jus standing there like “wait wha” and kara’s like “wha” and lena’s like,,, u ,,,,,,, love me:??????? and kara jus standing there like “i thot it was obvious????????????” IM FUCKED UP

  • someone who plays video games for fun: man this game isn't that great
  • The Gamers of Tumblr™: uh oh! looks like someone needs to..............heh heh...........check this out it comes....................they need to ...... gET GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *begins furiously orgasming all over their keyboards*
  • gamers: why does nobody take us seriously