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Being Negan's daughter and dating Arat would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-You and her at first trying to hide it from your father, unsure of how he would react to it

-Him just thinking at first that you are both very close friends, however slowly having a change of heart as he sees how protective Arat is of you

-Her wanting to show affection to you but refraining from fear of your father, making you be bold and do it when you notices he isn’t around only for him to catch you both one time

-Him giving you both a scare about your relationship, only to end up laughing and tell you that everything is fine, making you both more comfortable

-Her getting jealous when others flirt around with you, only for your dad to notice and just help her out a little by telling anyone to back off from you

-Your father threatening anyone who mocks you both or make inappropriate jokes about wanting to see you both get intimate

-Her being comfortable around you and opening herself to you even more

-Her asking your dad about what she should gift you whenever a special occasion comes up, making you smile to later learn that they both get along

-Her still sneaking into your room at night as she tries to be discreet about everything, only for you to laugh

-Her being glad to have met you and thanking your father for letting you both be so happy together


the feeling of waking up with loved friends and family, tired from spending time with them the night before, is my new favorite thing. feels wholesome. satisfying? even if i’m a little hungover. lately i’ve been wondering what’s overly romanticized and damaging to my actual perceptions but i’ve realized i’m just actually forming healthy relationships and making regular choices for the first time in my life instead of holing up under all my blankets and waiting for the next day again and again. being healthy feels like a constant high and even if my emotions run out of check they’re so much easier to understand and navigate now that i’m not alone. and falling in love with everything is fine by me because i should have done it a long time ago.

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You know aircraft. Quick question: Can an Apache fly with 1 pilot, or are both the pilot and copilot/gunner needed for the aircraft to function properly? Wikipedia says both seats can do everything (in terms of flying and fighting), but didn't specify if both are necessary for it to operate, or if just one pilot can fly it.

As far as I know the pilot can fly it alone just fine, the reason for the dual controls being a safety measure.

Fun fact: There has only been one single-seat attack helicopter, the Ka-50 Black Shark:

And while a successful machine, field testing proved that it was too much for a single pilot to be the gunner as well, specially when dealing with guided armament, hence production of this machine was stopped, and a twin-seat modification was born, the Ka-52 Alligator

Helicopters are much harder to fly than planes, that’s why there’s always a necessity for a second pilot, while many combat aircraft operate just fine with just one, the A-10 and Su-25 being prime modern examples of this. 

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They clearly have abandoned all that has been established from past seasons this season. Why she wouldn't immediately be suspicious of him just leaving is so damn dumb. I'm so freakin over this storyline. It's stupid and makes no sense. This is all they could come up for them, like seriously?

I was actually on board until the promo. Like everything was fine until the BS line in the promo. Like Killian needing a night to himself after what she said makes sense. But for her to jump (seemingly instantly?) to “I need to move on” when she KNOWS they are True Love just feels fake. Like do they really expect us to believe that?

They are doing Emma a gross disservice with this storyline. After all the ways and times he’s found her, she thinks THIS is the end? Makes no sense. If they don’t fix that by the end of the episode (even if Killian’s not back yet) then I will be super pissed.

Hiding Overload Reactions

I’ve always wondered why none of my family had ever made the connection between my behaviours and autism. Then I realised I’ve always been good at hiding myself, often unconsciously so.

At big family events, when I used to get overloaded, I ended up so tired that I started shivering and shaking and was really cold. So naturally everyone assumed I was sick and sent me home early. Of course once I was home alone and everything was dark and quiet, because everyone else was still at the party, I slowly got better and the next day I was fine, if a little “hungover”.

My meltdowns were usually attributed to me being a crybaby or just really sensitive, and due to difficult circumstances at home, nobody was really surprised by that. Meltdowns for me usually weren’t really violent to the outside anyway, if at all they were violent to myself, but usually I was just crying and feeling terrible. Partly, I think, that’s due to my mother being verbally and physically aggressive towards “unnecessary crying” and “tantrums”, so I learned to adapt and not take up too much space.

So I think it kinda makes sense nobody really noticed things enough to get me diagnosed, because everything was kinda masked and the physical and verbal abuse at home trained me to be less visible (at the price of having other issues).

This is #ASDmemory but not to be posted on the blog, because it’s not a happy memory, more of a realisation on my part. The blog is too cute and happy.

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DJ, is everything alright? This blog hasn't updated in a while…

Hey, just want to let y'all know I’m fine, I just am kinda on am unofficial break from my Tumblr blogs for now. I’ve got a lot of other things going on, like planning a wedding, for instance, and I just don’t have the spoons to manage this or my other blogs right now. Sorry, everyone. It shouldn’t be dead forever, mind, but I don’t know how long it will be. Love you all.

Confide In Me

I wrote this after seeing the cuteness that was Amelia snuggled up on Meredith’s bed, because I couldn’t help thinking about why she was there, what had happened before that scene, then this fic happened xD

“Amelia…” Meredith called, noticing Amelia walking past the bedroom door and hearing a very noticeable sniffle.

Amelia just kept walking. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t even pause. No acknowledgement that she had heard, no anything.

“Amelia!” Meredith said louder, making sure Amelia would definitely hear her this time, and she was just going to keep going until Amelia was standing in that doorway.

Amelia stopped in her tracks and stood still for a couple of seconds, looking up at the ceiling and letting out a sigh. She turned around and walked back towards Meredith’s bedroom, standing in the doorway and trying to make it look like everything was 100% completely fine. It wasn’t like her and Meredith had the best relationship, conversations would often turn into disagreements, and Meredith hadn’t entirely hidden how she felt about Amelia.

“Sit.” Meredith pointed to the edge of the bed, resting the book she was holding on her lap. “Come. Sit.” She repeated, gesturing for Amelia to come over and join her.

Amelia walked over to the bed and perched herself down, not quite sure where this was going and if she should just get out before everything went bad. She wasn’t sure she had the energy to fight, emotionally and physically.

“Meredith, I-” Amelia started, getting cut off by Meredith before she could even really say anything.

“Talk.” Meredith said, as if it was some kind of order. She didn’t speak sternly, but there wasn’t any warmth to her voice either.

“I-I… I’ve, Meredith…” Amelia said, confused and conflicted because things could go wrong in less than a second, she didn’t entirely feel comfortable spilling her guts to Meredith, especially now.

“Amelia.” Meredith said, her voice more soft this time. She put down her book upside down so she wouldn’t lose the page, and turned her full attention over to Amelia who looked like she might just be on the edge of tears.

“I don’t know what to do… I can’t- I can’t talk to Owen, I can’t even think about talking to Owen. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I thought I could be happy, I thought we could be happy. He is just so good, and so kind.” Amelia sighed, she was just so scared and she couldn’t see any way of moving forward. She just wanted to make it all disappear, make everything happy again, hit some kind of rewind button to before she had taken the pregnancy test and felt like she was dying. Before the soul crushing fear had set in, before she had hurt the man she loved more than anything else in the world. Before everything had gone so terribly wrong.

“You’ll get there. One day, you’ll get there. Happiness, it’s not impossible. Owen loves you.” Meredith encouraged, something that could be considered as a little bit of warmth radiating through her voice as she spoke.

Meredith had once been the person who didn’t think happiness was possible, she didn’t like happy people, she just didn’t do happy, self-diagnosed ‘dark and twisty’. She had learnt however, that sometimes good things do happen and sometimes you should have hope. Sometimes not everything is always dark and horrible. It was obvious how much Owen loved Amelia, it was real and it was there, it was everywhere. Sometimes good things happen.

They talked for a good long while, which was nice for both of them even though neither of them would actually admit that. They were family at the end of the day, even though a lot of the time it didn’t feel like it. Their relationship was usually pretty strained, but when push came to shove they were there for each other, they could do that. They were more alike than they thought, and about a lot of things they could get to a place of understanding each other. Eventually Amelia fell asleep, snuggled up in the same place she had been sitting, it didn’t even take a minute for her to drift off into dreamland. Meredith didn’t say anything, she didn’t do anything, she just let it happen. It was fine, sometimes Amelia was fine, sometimes it was nice to have her around.

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A little while ago i thought, 'wow retrogrades are really great i don't get why people hate them i always learn so much' but this fUCKING VENUS RETROGRADE is hitting me SO HARD

LMAO I RELATE. before every retrograde I’m like “it’s gonna be fine, nothing will happen. just continue on as usual” and then EVERYTHING HAPPENS AND IM LIKE WHAT WOAH WHY

(I am entirely NOT okay with Zedd being mind controlled like that. Like when I saw it I literally could not believe for a moment that they let this go and that ZeddRita is such an accepted thing when it is literally what you said DX)


Here;s the thing. Once they break the love potion thing, and he still loves her? That i’m fine with. Because it makes sense that he would love her for such an underhanded trick, for something so evil. That’s just how Zedd is. 

There’s nothing wrong with loving Zedd and Rita; hell I love them together because they are a good couple. 

But having said that, you can’t forget how it started, and I really think that they shouldn’t have done that the way that they did. 

Like, once Goldar breaks the spell, everything from that point on is fine. But you can’t just ignore the fact that it started with him being brain fucked when he slept for the one time he has to every century and thus was at his weakest. 

Even if he respects Rita for being so evil and underhanded as to do that when he was that way because he’s evil. But that’s probably not what you should be showing children XD

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Depression is an ass. Depression kicks us all down, even when we believe in better and we want better. Some people say all it takes is hope, but it really isn't. If everything could just be fixed by believing in ourselves, a lot more people would be perfectly fine right now. However, while hope isn't everything, it is still something and it is still important. Depression is attacking us right now, but our hope in the future can keep us alive. *hugs* Do your best to stay alive. We all love you <3

Thank you sweetie

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Um hiiii... I just have like a stupid story idea. So um what if like the reader is a hunter and has been hunting with sam and dean for like ever. Anywhoosies they find like this spirit that only hunts after people who have attempted suicide, and everything is fine until it goes after the reader. And then you know dean is all upset because that's how he finds out the reader attempted suicide. And ya so this would be a dean x reader thing... ya anyway... love your work yay!!!❤️

I’ve got something similar in my drafts to come out soon (not exact but in the same realm) that’s Dean x reader that I think will fit this pretty good :)

Ode to Tumblr

I want to start this post by offering the sincerest “Thank You” I could muster to those that reached out to me concerned, wondering what happened to my blog, asking me if I am OK.  I can safely say there are about 20 out of 66 that followed me that extended me this gesture.

For the record, I am fine.  Everything is good.  This blog is here but it will just take up space and have absolutely no meaning to anyone.  I have moved my blog back to Ello (  I feel compelled to give you the reasons why as so many of you have asked for an explanation.

  • Ello allows me to comment on posts, with pictures, video or anything I want and not have to reblog to do it.
  • You can reblog if you wish but are not obligated to in order to put your two cents in so that everyone can read your comment.
  • Ello has no advertising….
  • I am not constantly blocking porn bots on Ello.
  • Ello is not high school, which it seems Tumblr has turned out to be.  We discuss relevant topics.  We share ideas.  We don’t bicker over politics, sexuality or constantly beat the dead horse over topics like sexuality, depression, that fact that you can’t get a date, the “what’s wrong with me” posts, etc.  Now, I know that these are all important issues.  I get it.  But you have to admit that something is wrong when 9 out of 10 posts are about the same thing.  Fix the problem and move on.
  • Ello has no cliques.  I make new friends every day on a variety of different levels.
  • Ello has no selective algorithm.  Ello shows you everything, not just the things that “It Thinks” you will like.  As I sit here I wonder how many of you will see this post immediately versus a few days from now, versus a week, month or year from now simply because Tumblr thinks that is what you want to see.

There are only two drawbacks to Ello that I can see right now.  First, the Art community has taken it over.  Lots of photography, lots of Artwork, lots of graphic design work.  Secondly, Ello has no formal messenger app like Tumblr does.  But I feel that is a good thing.  I sometimes wonder how many backstabbing messages Tumblr has in it’s archives. (So, high school…)

I am keeping this blog because I know that there are a few people that will never leave here and these people are important to me.  As many of you have seen, I do respond to asks still…and I do respond to messages sent to me.

Some of you have accounts on Ello….all you need do is reactivate them and get active there again to follow me if you wish.  I would love to have all my followers come and join me on Ello.  We would make a great community.  You would make a whole bunch of new friends there.  Tumblr was a great place to post, but I have graduated from High School many years ago………

……….I’m on Ello now, and as you can see, I’m a lot happier……..

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hey alice! i wanted to ask you if it's ok that my sexuality seems to fluctuate?? i don't mean to say that one moment i'd identify as being gay and the next i'd be straight. but although i used to feel comfortable with being pansexual, i find that the sense of belonging i once knew is no longer there and i feel more comfortable saying i'm aegosexual/panromantic (is that even a thing?). i just feel confused is all and i thought you would understand.

of course it’s okay!! sexuality is a concept that humans don’t even fully understand yet!!! we have no idea what it is or why it happens!!! it can be anything! you can use labels or you can not if you don’t want to!! whatever makes you feel good and safe and okay!!!!! everything is fine!!!!!!!!

Dear Diary (day 1)

This wasn’t planned
It was given as a gift
Logging down things wasn’t for you
Yet hand across paper, the mood shifts

Relaxing in the Thunder Dome
Blue pen to black lines
The crowded halls disappear
Everything is just fine

Joining these girls wasn’t planned
It works out in the end
Finding a guy with a gun
You suppose he can replace your friend

She wasn’t supposed to die
He comforts you that night
They weren’t supposed to die
His smile now causes fright

He blew his top
What were you supposed to do
By your side they now stand
All in pink, yellow, and blue

He was just an accident
Just as she was and them
That’s how its done in the Thunder Dome
Everything on a whim

Its all logged down
Events from good to very scary
Its all in the leather book
Pages starting Dear Diary

Okay so I decided to participate in a thing called Heathers Week to show some appreciation to a good thing while also practicing my writing

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Is it alright if I ask you why you think Heather M did everything wrong?

Yeah, it’s totally fine, Anon!

My blog is musical-oriented so MOST of my reasons will be based on the musical, and I’m sorry if that bothers you.. but you’re clearly someone whose seen my blog, so you should already know my preference to the musical.

She was just as big of a bitch as the other two Heathers at the beginning (in both the musical and the movie) … She was still a bitch to Veronica, just like the other two. She let Kurt and Ram be disgusting pigs to Veronica (Remember? She’s the one who called Veronica and volunteered her for date rape.. and then her and Duke wouldn’t help Veronica when the jocks were being sleazy) She was still a dick to Martha with the PINYATAAAAH scene. She and Duke BOTH made fun of Veronica after “Blue” and encouraged the rumor about Veronica being a whore. She was still just, basically, a royal cunt.

HOWEVER, Mac was not a bad person entirely, she was redeemed… as shown in Lifeboat, Shine A Light Reprise, and eventually Seventeen Reprise. (Mac breaks away from Duke and grabs Veronica’s hand) …

So yes, Mac was a fucking cunt just like Duke and Chandler and she should be held accountable for her behavior… because it was fucked up. BUT– she wasn’t a totally bad character and she redeemed herself in the end.

You guys gotta understand that I love Heather McNamara and she’s probably my favorite Heather.. but she was still a dick.

Just like I love JD, but he killed people and that’s terrible and inexcusable. But I still love him. Shhhh.

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it's cold as bollocks and ethan is feelin a little cooped up from stayin inside all day so he convinces ty to come out for a walk with him. they start walking and everything's fine and dandy™ until tyler looks back at ethan - there are snowflakes in his hair, he's all relaxed and he just looks so cute bundled up like that and tyler's just like *o boi* idk where this was going,, just seemed cute

!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the cutest.., most pure thing ive read all day. u have blessed me

Ah, strongholds. I built a big Nar Shaddaa one because subscribers got rooms for free. I built a Coruscant bolt hole for Summary Execution Trooper. And I built a Dromund Kaas stronghold for Ruth. It had a big desk. It had Imperial banners. It had a big garden outside, the kind you could get lost in. Its operational room had an auction house, a mailbox, two banks, three battle droids, and no human contact. And it was dreary. All my other characters operated out of Nar Shaddaa. Ruth, this being her canon post-Act 3, brooded.

I can just imagine it now, Wynston having taken Ruth up on her offer of shelter for once:

WYNSTON: I used your estate. I needed a place at a certain distance. Thank you.
RUTH: I trust everything was in order.
WYNSTON: Yes, it was fine. Just fine. [beat] Ruth…
RUTH: What?
WYNSTON: You need help.
RUTH: My, would you look at the time. You have someplace to be.