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The game is first-person, so you see everything through Henry’s eyes. The only part of him players are supposed to see are his hands, legs, and, strangely enough, his crudely drawn penis. Here’s a screenshot of what most of the game looks like.

It’s lucky Firewatch takes place from Henry’s perspective, because Henry himself is a terrifying monstrosity. His arms are four times the size of his legs, his eyes are vast pools of all-white emptiness, and his head is the size of a Pizza Hut Express. He looks like a man one frame away from exploding in a Scanners movie. Watch here as Henry breaks from the woods and sprints into your brain, where he will forage in your nightmares for the rest of your life.

In order to get the perspective of the game to look right, Henry had to become something that wasn’t quite human. He looks like something that would steal Bavarian children in the 17th Century. And it gets weirder. Sometimes, Henry’s goddamn head would fall off.

6 Alternate Points Of View On Video Games You Can’t Unsee 

day three of @beyondthebridge‘s 12 days of christmas

It takes barely a second;

Aaron says I love you, please just go. 

Robert refuses, denies, can’t think about doing so. He doesn’t know when things changed, doesn’t even remember slipping from nothing to me to i’d die here with you. It’s a natural progression. A beat. Barely a skip of his pulse. Aaron’s become everything, becomes it

Robert can’t leave, won’t leave. He dives underwater, Aaron still trapped. It feels like an exercise in futility to keep trying. Robert does anyway because it’s the only thing he can do. 

It takes barely a second;

He comes up for air, pauses. 

His lungs scream, his chest aches, he can’t do this for much longer, but.

Aaron needs him to keep going. Trapped and vulnerable, Aaron’s not even trying anymore so Robert has to. The alternative scares Robert. Aaron will die, and then Robert will die too. Maybe not right away, maybe he’ll even fake it, but he’ll die. Without Aaron -

It takes barely a second; 

Robert dives back underwater, tears at the steering column and thinks please, whoever’s listening, please. He’s not the praying kind of guy, not really, but in this he can make an exception. For Aaron, he’ll always make an exception. 

It takes barely a second;

The steering column gives.

I just realized the Dwarves probably thought they were supposed to eat everything (literally everything) Bilbo had. After all, Bilbo’s about to embark on a months-long quest. He probably won’t be back for at least a year, if ever. They can’t very well leave all these perishables in the pantry to rot while he’s gone. 

It’s like when your refrigerator breaks and you call over all your friends and neighbors to help you eat everything before it goes bad.

Unfortunately, Bilbo did not get the memo that his fridge was broken.

It’s okay to enjoy someone’s presence without having a “label” on what you two “are”. 

Let everything fall in place how it’s supposed to. 

You made it your life mission to make Jared laugh when he was feeling down.

This convention wasn’t at a great time for him, so you’d all agreed to do everything you could to make him feel better.

It was during his solo panel that you knew he’d need it most.

You were supposed to be in autographs, but as a minor cast member, your line was short, so you got through it quickly and made your way to his hall.

Outside, you saw Kim and Briana waiting, Ruth and Katherine making their way behind you to join the group.

“I’ve only got a few minutes,” Briana told you, “I’m supposed to be in photos.”

“I know,” you nodded, “Thanks, he needs this.”

“You’re a good girlfriend,” Ruth told you, and you laughed.

“Sure,” you rolled your eyes, “Let’s go.”

The five of you burst your way into the hall, singing Jared’s favourite song accompanied with the terrible dance routine you’d haphazardly thrown together.

Jared’s grin turned into a laugh as you ran towards the stage, pulling him to his feet and making him dance with you as the others continued to sing.

“You didn’t have to do this,” he told you, quietly, still moving to the song.

“Yes I did,” you smiled, kissing him softly, ignoring the cheers and flashing cameras of the crowd, “I’ve always got your back.”

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The way Han’s gaze drops onto Luke’s lips when Luke says that Han’ll get his reward ♡^▽^♡

Is it stakes yet?

I’m really hoping there’s bubbline in there somewhere. But after hearing Everything Stays (which is absolutely fantastic btw) I just realized that Rebecca was supposed to be the voice of Marcy’s mom. so I’m thinking that stakes might (most probably) focus on the mom thing. Of course I’d love to know about that and the mom’s relationship with Simon. But I really hope they’d squeeze in a bit of bubbline at least (PLEASE)

Based on the tags @amgkatt​ put on this video XD(if they all lived together during like, their college/uni years i can imagine their house being vaguely chaotic lol)

[SUMMARY: Daryl goes out on a run with Jodie to get supplies after Negan took much of their stuff. A herd of walkers come their way forcing Jodie and Daryl to separate. She falls, hits her head causing short term memory loss when she is found by Negan. Negan takes advantage that she doesn’t remember what he’s done.]


Negan and Jodie.

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Here is a masterpost of all my favorite bellarke fics. These are not my fics. Theyre all Ao3 links. To read them on mobile download ibooks or the kindle app and then download the epub or pdf file from ao3 or just read them on your computer.

  • Hello, Princess - (45391 words) AU with Clarke in college as a pre-med student, and Bellamy her Calculus TA. More characters and tags will be added as they are introduced.
  • I’ll Take My Time If You Want To - (17940 words)  Ark AU wherein Bellamy’s a member of the guard and Clarke’s a medical apprentice, and among everything that’s going on, they meet, they talk, they fall in love, and they both realize there’s so much more to the other than meets the eye.
  • Same Time Next Week - (30134 words) "You’re awfully hung up on rules, aren’t you?“"You’re awfully not for being the one who’s supposed to enforce them,” she said, confrontation in her voice.“Someone has a problem with authority,” he said, amusement in his.
  • The Conversation - (44589 words) AU where Clarke left her phone number in a library book that one time and Bellamy finds it a couple of years later and decides that he has nothing better to do.
  • the pedal’s down, my eyes are closed - (33792 words) “You’re the one with the Masters funding.” He says it like he already knows, is already using it as the whole basis of her personality. “I’m Bellamy Blake.”“Nice to meet you,” she lies through her teeth.Clarke Griffin is the newest member of the Classical History Review and Bellamy Blake is at the bottom of her list of people to befriend. Well, she’s been wrong before. AU.
  • 100 Ark Street - (34089 words)  Bellamy moves into a new apartment; he couldn’t have asked for better neighbors.
  • Pistols at Dawn - (33236 words)  Bellamy Blake’s political star is on the rise, until his opponents throw some dirt that sticks. So he calls in an expert: Clarke Griffin, professional crisis manager, has helped many a powerful person weather outrageous scandals with her team.
    But Clarke has no idea that saving Bellamy Blake will unearth secrets that should have stayed buried – and change both their lives forever.
  • Love Will Come Through - (23251 words) “The vows were short, perfunctory; Clarke was asked to say I do, and she did. There were rings, too: Bellamy’s fingers were warm against her cold skin when he slipped a ring on her finger, and she put a ring on his. They were instructed to kiss. His lips were dry, pressing against her mouth for a moment, and that was it. They were done.She was a wife, and her husband was a stranger."AU. Clarke winds up in an arranged marriage with Bellamy.
  • We Could Be - (58826 words)  Modern AU. A peek into a couple years at college where Bellamy and Clarke slowly get to know each other.

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Imagine Regina and Emma finding out Henry likes you and constantly teasing him about it…

Henry huffed out a long sigh, desperately trying to fix his hair. He had tried to style it with some gel his grandfather had let him borrow, but it just ended up looking greasy. He had washed most of it out but was now scrubbing at his scalp, trying to dry it. He wasn’t even dressed and was meeting her in fifteen minutes.

               “Hey, kid” Emma smiled, groceries balanced in her arms “Everything okay?”

               “I-I” Henry stuttered, frustrated “I-I’m fine”

               “Are you sure?” Regina asked, falling into step next to the blonde “You look upset”

               “It’s just…” he sighed as his damp hair fell into his eyes “I’m meeting (Y/n) today and well” he motioned to his face.

               “What’s that supposed to mean?” Regina frowned.

               “It means our little boy is going on a very important date” Emma grinned “And he’s nervous about the way he looks because he wants to impress her”

               “Mum!” he exclaimed, cheeks bright red “It isn’t a date”

               “Oh Henry” Regina chuckled “It’s nothing a hair dryer can’t fix”

               “Did you hear me?” he growled as they fussed over him “This isn’t a date”

               “Sure” Both replied, Emma helping with his hair as Regina picked out some clothes for him to wear.


Henry stood by the door, hands shaking. He was about to go meet her. Was he really going to do this?

               “You alright, kid?” Emma asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.

               “I’m…” He sighed “To tell the truth, I’m really nervous. I was thinking about asking her out but-“

               “No buts” Regina interrupted “She’s been in love with you for years. She won’t turn you down, so don’t be nervous”

               “Go get her”

               The three mebraced before he ran out the door, a large grin on his face.


Hi! I love your writing! Can you do 81 and 101 with Juice when you get time? :)

“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!” ((This is preferably where they just go for it with a kiss.))

I cleaned around the house, making sure everything was tidy since I only had the weekend off and exams week was coming for the kids. Now me being a third grade teacher and cleaning my house every Saturday was nothing out of this world, but my relationship with a Son was another story.

Juice and I met a couple years ago when he was picking up Abel and Thomas from school, back then I was working with the first graders and Abel was part of my group. I was really nervous when I first met the club but they were as lovely as the little blonde boy so we became good friends over student fairs, and school activities and two years later we were stronger than ever, as friends at least.

“Hello?” I said as I picked up the phone “Sure, I’d love to” I said as Gemma invited me for a family hang out “Do you want me to bring something?”

I arrived at Gemma’s house, chocolate cake in hand because I knew it was the kid’s favorite, I was soon met by Gemma who kissed me before taking the chocolate cake to the kitchen.

“Everyone’s at the backyard” she said and I walked there to be met by Tara at first who hugged me tight, Abel following closely behind.

“Hey Miss YN” he said and I smiled before ruffling his hair.

“I got you a surprise” I said crouching down to his level “Chocolate cake” I whispered and the little boy smiled at me before hugging me and telling his mom. I walked through the backyard looking for the Puerto Rican boy I wanted to see so bad and I found him at the back of the yard surrounded by some of the other boys.

“You should man up, Juicy boy” I heard Chibs say so I decided to stay back for a second to hear the reason behind their teasing. “YN is a beautiful lass and if you don’t man up someone else will”

“You don’t understand, she’s so beautiful and perfect and I’m an outlaw from Queens” he said “I think I love her” I looked at them like if I just saw a ghost, was this a joke? And Juice finally noticed my presence.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” He said and I nodded looking at him, before taking his hand on mine and taking ourselves somewhere more private. “You don’t have to like me back, YN. Don’t worry I understand” he said.

“I want to know what you feel about me, about us” I said in a whisper looking at him.

“I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!” he leaned in front of me before kissing me slowly and I kissed him back immediately, putting my hands on his back while he put his hands on both sides of my face.

“I love you too” I said when we both separated to catch some air “I was really scared you didn’t like me back and I was just dreaming” I said and he looked at me deeply

“I’m such an idiot, I could have lost you” he said but I denied

“I’m just glad I paid attention to the teasing for once” I said looking at him before kissing him once again and hearing the voice cheer.

“YEAH JUICY, GO GET IT” screamed the boys and I laughed before denying slightly.

IMAGINE: Kylo using the Force on you when he promised not to. 

[gif is not mine, it belongs to the fab creator!] 

warnings: contains the words rape and violated. 

‘Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.’

The man, who was usually collected and passive, had tears streaking down his face –an uncommon feature, mind you. He reached out his hand and felt his heart shatter for the millionth time that night when he saw her flinch from him. The person who would usually grasp his hand without hesitation flinched from him. This action alone made him fall apart on the inside.

“I didn’t mean to,” Kylo started but unable to finish his sentence. How were you supposed to put a sentence together when you couldn’t even think straight?

(Y/N) laughed bitterly, “You mean everything you do Ren,” she spat his name like it left a bad taste in her mouth, “that’s why I loved you.” They didn’t miss the past tense in that word. Kylo bowed his head.


“Please what?” She moved forward and pushed him, “Forgive you?” At his solemn nod (Y/N) felt fury rise up within her again, “YOU RAPED MY MIND KYLO! AFTER YOU PROMISED NOT TO!” She pushed him again. “YOU VIOLATED ME! THE PERSON THAT I TRUSTED THE MOST VIOLATED ME!”

“It wasn’t-,”

(Y/N) cut him off with a growl, “Shut the fuck up! Don’t you fucking say that it wasn’t like that, because that is what it was! There is no other explanation for it!”

“The treason-,”

“HOW DARE YOU!” She yelled, “Do you really think that I would ever betray the First Order? Betray you? Us?” Now that (Y/N) was saying out in the open Kylo knew that she never would. She was loyal through and through, that’s what he loves about her.

Kylo never stopped the tears, hoping that it would soften her a little, “I love you, you’re the only one I care about.”

(Y/N) scoffed, “If you truly loved someone, I mean really love them you would never, ever hurt them in any possible way.” She walked over to the door, with every intention of leaving until Kylo grasped her hand. “LET GO OF ME!” She spun around and faced him, “Leave me alone! You’re nothing but a monster,” she snarled watching and enjoying the hurt wash across his face. She roughly tugged her hand out of Kylo’s grasp and walked out the door.

Kylo stood watching as she left without a backwards glance. When things usually didn’t go his way he would tear everything up, smash everything in his path, but now…now that she left him he found that he couldn’t do anything. With a heavy heart he sat down at the foot of the bed, never taking his eyes off the door. He wished with everything he had that she would walk back to their room, back to him. But he knew deep down that he truly hurt her, betrayed her in the worst way, broken a promise that was never meant to be broken, and because of that she will never come back. For the first time in his life Kylo Ren- a Knight of Ren- didn’t know what to do except whisper the name of his beloved into the empty room.