and everything was just perf

We call everything on the ice “love”.


thank you everyone for waiting! this painting was huge (my first 18″x24″ watercolor!) and took a while for me to sit down and scan (on a letter-size scanner ;__;), but i finished it weeks ago and figured i ought to continue my yuri on ice spree, haha. everything about yuri on ice was lovely. it’s so full of love. it filled me with love and now i have to try to love waiting for season 2 i guess

i’m bringing this as a print to some cons in march, and i’ve still got more paintings on the way (and potentially larger yoi projects down the road….), so keep an eye out! until then, SEE YOU NEXT LEVEL <3


people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy


Family meetings be like.

Bonkalore did an amazing illustration of Saladin and I’m just in awe how it came out. Everything from the expression to the movement, the items in the room, all the nice details on the feathers, hookah, and pillows, and just the feel of the scene and how nice and intimate it is. Bless ya Bonka! 

I’m so happy to see Justin acting like a cute dork again and being his happy self because in a lot of ways we really lost that in 2013 and seeing him in a good mood recently has made me feel so

anonymous asked:

What are you favorite aokise fics?

hi anonnie~  heres some of my forever favourite:

1. here comes the sun, sweet on you and ride by pyradynamo (these are always always ALWAYS my favourite)

2. You Were a Kindness by shingekinokyojin (smut, angst, fluff and everything you could ask for)

3. One Day, He Says by moustachiopenguin (mannnn words can’t explain this fic pack your things kids we are going to feels trip or just read everything by mo they are just perf)

4. We Found Each Other In The Dark and the stars behind my eyelids by sheelia / plaire (short and sweet, aokise college AU done so well made me wanna shove brick down my throat)

5. When it Rains, it Rains Bullets by kaijoskopycat (i just read this recently and OH MY GOD KISE RYOUTA IN THIS ONE THO)

6.  Same Old Routine by limitlessmonster & kaijoskopycat (domestic aokise, fluff, cotton candy, rainbows and everything nice, sachi… . .  SACHI THO)

7. Permanence series by bunnyhips (the timeline in this fic is so good, different POVs done right, we have my lovely momoi in this one– we just– we’re on emotion rollercoaster ride in this one everyone)

8. Lost and Found by cimberelly (the way aomine been described in this fic just got me)

9. Familiar Strangers by ninanna (ao and kise interaction in this one is A+ have u ever laughing so hard reading a fic? because i do with this one)

hmmm i am pretty sure i miss a lots of fics I AM VERY SORRY, i’ve read a looooot but i just can’t recall them but these are the one that got stuck in my head aaaand check out kaikazecchi and donotkawaii for awesome HCs and drabbles haha thanks for asking anonnie~