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Hey I just wanted to say that I'm dealing with some stupid fuckshit from some guy, and your blog was a nice reminder that it could be waaaay worse! I sure do appreciate the work you're putting in!

thank u!! i do enjoy running this blog tbh, i hope everything works out ok for you

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Why are you feeling bad?? Something's wrong??? Tell! :'( If you'll feel better.. This is for ya! BIIIIIIIIG HUUUUUUUUUUUUUG OF SWEET'S AND HAPPINESS!! Love you Senpai! :3 Hope everything will be ok! ^^and again Big hug! But this time of Live and Cuties ^^

Thank you for your offer to help, but I dont like talking about my problems. 

I don’t like fucking drama in web xD


THE GREED!HUGHES FIC IS UP. My computer is on it’s last legs, but I finally managed to get it typed. Really pumped about this fic, actually. I hope you enjoy it as well. Definitely moved cannon around to make this work. @ladywiltshire @dailymaeshughes

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Bido crept after the Fuhrer. He knew in his heart this was a bad idea, but the Fuhrer had Greed, and everyone else… everyone else was dead. Bido scrunched his eyes shut for a moment. He couldn’t think about that right now. If he just followed Greed… Maybe, just maybe, everything would be ok.

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all the fics I'm reading (because of your blog) are in the angst-momento and I hate u so much bc of that omg, I know how you feel but everything is gonna be ok, ok? I need the new chapter so so so so bad (or more slow burn fics tho)

Literally angst follows me wherever I go… I can’t escape it

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i've spent the last two days painstakingly soaking and working off severely stuck shed from my SO's hatchling bp. my question, as a result, is how do you lovingly tell someone they need to get their shit together and take proper care of their animals? i'm quite frustrated that he let it get so bad.

that’s a great question. i often times find it very hard to speak with people i know honestly if their animals are suffering. I guess I would start out by mentioning the reason the animal has stuck shed is from dehydration which isnt really fair to the animal. something like “hey i soaked your snake and removed all the stuck shed from it. is everything going ok? im a little worried because stuck shed means the snake does have enough humidity and that can be dangerous for them. do you need help figuring it out?” or something.
I would also encourage them that its ok to rehome the animal if they dont have time or its not really a pet they are interested in anymore.

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