and everything moves so fast


Penelope hadn’t exactly planned on her life going in this particular direction. Everything had moved so fast, but it had all stemmed from the messy break up that had once been her relationship with Asher Barnes. There was no denying that she would never love anyone the way that she had loved him, no one even came close, but there had come a point in her life where her ambitions and desires were what eventually drove them apart. It seemed better to call things off before they got more serious. It had torn her apart but at least Asher wouldn’t be stuck following her around, waiting for her to come home from overseas meetings and company drama. It wasn’t fair on him and it wasn’t fair on her either.

Penelope’s long term list was mostly completed. She had gone and gotten her doctorate, Dr. Penelope Dashford sounding far too formal for a lawyer but she didn’t exactly mind the title, and her parents company had become her own after her brothers politely declined the offer to take over. She had turned the company into something far from what her parents had wanted, Dashford Consolidated now primarily focused on what Penelope cared for deep down, which was protecting mutant rights across the globe. Of course there were many other ambitions for the company, but Penelope was content with the direction thus far.

But there had been things that weren’t on Penelope’s plan. Getting married, for one, and then ending up divorced and a single mother a few months later. It was a messy story, and a relationship that she had never been happy with nor proud of. Pierce had been a distraction at best, the CEO of a rival company to Dashford Consolidated, who was charming and knew how to get a woman’s attention and play to Penelope’s vulnerabilities. Perhaps it was the fear of being lonely that made Penelope be swept away by the initial charm of the man who would become her husband. It looked good on paper, even more brilliant in the press and her parents had actually become pleased with her decision. He wasn’t Asher Barnes and that was what made Penelope ache.

Before Penelope knew it, she was pregnant, no more than a few months after being married. It was a surprise, far from planned, and for a moment she at least pretended to be happy with the fact that despite screwing so much up, she would have a little family of her own. However it seemed that Pierce had his doubts, and after everything that had happened at the wedding, nothing had been the same. A part of Penelope wasn’t surprised to find out that while she was a few months pregnant, Pierce had the audacity to cheat on her with some secretary as some sort of revenge. Asher had made a fool of him, ruined his reputation and his prestige. Penelope had to pay for that.

That meant doing things on her own. She worked as usual, taking her company and cutting all ties that it had with Pierces’. It was painful, every single day harder than the one before. Her son would never know his father if Penelope had anything to do with it. She would love him enough to make up for all of that, of not having a father and instead having a mother who would do anything to make up for the father she should have given him. And that meant battling every day in court for sole custody, of dealing with investment portfolios, company shares, estates and salaries. It was ugly, and Penelope was not used to being on the other side of the court process. The time she should have been spending with her son was wasted as she tried to destroy his father. 

Naturally, Stella’s invitation to a New Year’s celebration was more than a surprise. After her break up with Asher, Penelope had all but accepted that it meant losing her friends in the process. It was easier to cut everyone out and start all over again than to try and keep a grip on everything that had been falling apart. Whether Asher would be there or not, Penelope didn’t know, a part of her wanting to see him again, another part of her knowing not to ask. Asher hated her and Penelope understood that, but to think that there was a chance she could see him for only a second, Penelope was prepared to take it. 

Being a single mother, recently divorced, with a company to run and cases that were causing her to lose sleep, Penelope just needed a moment to herself. If she ever wanted to get her life on track again, she needed to start somewhere. A dress, a dark navy one that didn’t fit too tight considering her post-pregnancy body wasn’t what it had been before, her hair in loose waves over her shoulder. To say she was nervous was an understatement, to see all of these people that she had pissed off and angered, let down or broken their heart. But if she didn’t say something, or even attempt to make amends, then it would plague her for the rest of her life. Nothing in her life was certain anymore other than the love she had for her son.

The flight from New York was a quiet one, Penelope having left her son to her parents and her brothers who were spending the evening’s celebration together. If anything, her mistakes had brought her family closer together. After arriving at Stella’s place, Penelope sat in the taxi for what felt like half an hour, staring at her lap and reminding herself that breathing was probably a good idea. Why Stella had invited her, Penelope wasn’t sure, but she wouldn’t have done so if it was a bad idea altogether. 

Penelope slipped inside the house quietly, the party seemingly already in full swing and she was already out of her comfort zone. It had never been something she had been used to, Asher was always the one to bring her out of her comfort zone, but these people were once her friends, and one individual was, in some way or another, still the love of her life. Not the father of her child, but still equally as important even if he did not view her the same way. There was no use in thinking about these things. This room was full of familiar faces, but they were faces she had let down.

Too Slow

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Peter Maximoff x Reader

Too Slow

Author: Morgan

Note: The FEELS are at it again. Watching American Horror Story doesn’t help matters lmao. (Season 3 is da bomb)

“Wait, I don’t exactly understand. What happened to Peter?” you asked Hank after he analyzed your best friend and long-time crush. In a battle, Peter had crossed paths with a weird chemical, and he hadn’t been acting the same since.

“The chemical he spilled all over himself seems to have sapped his powers. Temporarily. I think. Basically, he’s human. Moving at our pace.

“Everything is moving so fast. Why is everything moving so fast?!” Peter’s eyes were wide. He looked around the room as if there were oncoming trains all around him. “Is it always like this?!”

“Yes.” you and Hank answered together.

“Is there anything we can do?” you asked, rubbing Peter’s back. He leaned into your touch for support.

“It should wear off after twenty-four hours. If it doesn’t after that, then I can try to speed up the process, but until then…”

“So I’m just stuck like this for an entire day?!”

“Peter, stop shouting.”

“Sorry.” he apologized quietly. “But really? Twenty-four hours? Come onnnnnn.”

“Pete, let’s go watch some TV or something, huh? Maybe you could take a nap or-”

“I get it, I get it. Quit bugging Hank.” Peter stood up, following you out the door.

“Thanks Hank!” you called.

“Thanks…Hank…” Peter mumbled. Hank chuckled. You would certainly have your hands full today. He was thankful he wasn’t you.


“(Y/NNNNNN) Everything is moving too fast!” Peter whined, head leaning back against the couch.

“Maybe you’re moving too slow,” you smirked from the other side of the room.


“What? Do you want me to get you water or something? I can make more popcorn.”

“No…Can you…I dunno…cuddle with me?”

“What?” you laughed. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” a smile tugged at the corner of his lips. Your laugh faded away when you realized he was serious. “Please?”

When you didn’t answer, he slumped over, laying down on the couch and resting his hands behind his head. You walked over slowly, crawling on top of him. You pressed your ear to the fabric of his Pink Floyd shirt. His heart, for the first time ever, was beating at the same pace as yours. You smiled. Peter’s eyes flicked across your face, searching your expression. One of his hands came to rest around your waist and the other brushed the small hairs at the front of your head out of the way.

“What?” he grinned in amusement.

“Your heartbeat.”

“What about it?”

“It’s the same speed as mine.”

“Hmm.” he hummed thoughtfully. “You know, I think the cuddling is helping.”


“Yeah.” he kissed your forehead. “We should do this more often.”

“I think so too.”


160630 21:20. the end of june is approaching – and just like that, the year has gone halfway to the end. time is so weird with its speed. i can’t believe i’m going to year 10 in just like, one and half months? ughhhh that’s scary. i’m not ready for my last year of ib myp…

first picture is a closeup of my current wall! thank you @arystudies for making such a great calendar printable, i love the grid lining. and on the right handside i have sort of a goal list for this school break. and then beside it is my ibdp subject choice planning. i can’t believe it’s just a year from now. everything is moving so fast. T_T

i’m currently journaling my reflection on the 2015-2016 academic year – it was a rough, patchy one, but i’m glad i went thru it.

Everything in this industry moves so fast. Thank you, HarperCollins, for this reminder to stop and celebrate.

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Wake Up

I got this prompt from Angie. My writing blog is writingandimagining.

Imagine getting severely injured in the fight against Ultron and you boyfriend, Steve, is very worried about you.

Word Count: 1377

Everything had been moving so fast that Steve had never had time to check to see if you were with them at the core. At the time he had been too preoccupied with protecting the city and the people.

“Where’s (Y/N)?” Steve called.

“Last I saw she was flying through the city,” Natasha said, pointing towards the Eastern part of the broken off city.


“Maybe five minutes ago. She’s fine Steve. We need to keep going and get all of Ultron’s copies. We can’t let them get away.”

Steve wanted to protest, but at the same time he knew you could take of yourself and if things got hairy he could count on you to communicate with them.

Your powers of flight had been more helpful in taking down the enemies in the sky and checking the city for any of Ultron’s stragglers than fighting on the ground with your boyfriend, Steve. That was how you had gotten trapped in a building.

Three against one; you knew you never had a chance. These robots were too advanced for you to take three of them on in such a small space.

A particularly harsh blow from one of them had you stumbling back with no way to defend yourself from the next robot grabbing you and tossing you through the wall. You heard something break and you felt incredible pain in your right leg and chest.

The house wasn’t stable, the back half was gone and the first floor was in ruins after the fight. The wall you crashed into was the last straw. A soft rumble and it came crashing down, at the last minute you used the last of your energy  and pushed yourself out of the house.

You lay in the sparsely covered backyard blinking your eyes and trying to keep them open. Black spots danced in your vision and you groaned.

Your left arm felt less injured so you reached up and pressed against the communicator in your ear.

“Steve,” you croaked, but all you heard was silence. “Steve.”

No answer.

You cried out in frustration and let your arm fall back to the ground, hissing in pain when the motion jostled your chest.

“Steve! We’re going!” Clint shouted.

“We can’t leave without (Y/N)!” Steve yelled back, fighting against the hold Clint had on him.

“You’ll die if you go back there! It’s going to blow any minute!”

Steve slumped at that, the fight leaving his body. He felt numb. Here he was, a super-soldier, and still he was always powerless to save the people he loved. Peggy had slipped through his fingers, Bucky was god knows where, and (Y/N) was doomed to die in an explosion because he hadn’t been aware enough to look for her earlier.

“She’s a fighter, Steve. She’ll get out,” Clint tried to assure Steve, but it sounded hollow even to his ears.

Steve opened his mouth, but a second later the city exploded leaving Steve’s stomach to drop and his fists to clench. He closed his eyes and turned away, shoulders stiff as he tried not to break down.

“Steve, look,” Clint said.

“Barton. Stop,” Steve commanded

“Look,” Clint ordered.

Steve couldn’t help himself as he turned around to look. It took him less than a second to see something, someone, hurtling towards the ship.

Seconds later you landed on the ship with a heavy thud and a ridiculous smile.

“Didn’t want to wait for me, did ya?” you joked before falling unconscious against the wall. Steve made a choked off sound and ran to your side.

“Get some help,” Steve barked out, laying you down gently.

“It’s been a month,” Steve said, his voice broken as he watched you lay motionless in the hospital bed.

“She almost died, Steve. Give her more time to heal,” Natasha said softly.

“What if she never wakes up?”

Natasha didn’t have a response for that and she didn’t know how to comfort her broken friend. The only time she had seen him this shaken up was after Bucky had reappeared.

“We don’t know that yet. The doctors think she has a better chance of waking up than staying like this.”

Steve sighed and Natasha left him alone after she decided there was nothing she could do to help him.

To Steve it always seemed like his fault. Everyone in his life had died or suffered unfortunate circumstances. His mother had died from an illness, Peggy had developed dementia, Bucky had been captured by Hydra, and now you were lying motionless in a bed with a distinct possibility of never waking up.

“Fuck,” Steve cursed, slamming his hand on the wall.

“You’re punishing yourself for something you have no control over,” Vision said by way of greeting.

Two more weeks had passed with no real change in your start. The only reassuring thing was that you were still healing, albeit very slowly.

Steve didn’t reply.

“(Y/N)’s condition is no fault of yours.”

“Then who’s is it?” Steve lashed out. Vision looked surprised at the display of emotion, but not offended by it.

“Nobody’s, but does that really matter?”

Steve once again stayed silent and Vision hummed knowingly.

“She’s is getting better.”

“She still hasn’t woken up.”

“No, but these kind of things take time. You would know.”

Vision left him alone with his thoughts. Once more Steve cursed his luck and himself.

It took you two full months to wake up and the first time you did all you did was open your eyes, see Steve sleeping at your side and you fell asleep again.

The second time there was nobody in the room. You panicked for a minute and a nurse came bursting in the room, notified at her station by the abrupt change in your heart rate.

“Patient 12 is awake,” the nurse yelled and you wondered where everyone was.

After a lot of prodding, ice chips, and questions you fell asleep to the doctor’s assurances that you would be able to leave within the week.

“She woke up,” Natasha said the second Steve picked up the phone.

“When?” Steve asked, his voice breaking on the word. Thankfully Natasha didn’t mention it.

“Last night. They didn’t tell any of us until this morning.”

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

“You live 45 minutes away, how-“

Steve slammed the phone down and Natasha was left to ask her question to dead silence.

You were sitting up in bed playing with the straw in your drink and amusing yourself with some drama show the nurse had switched on when she came to switch the IV bag when Steve entered the room.

You didn’t notice him and he took that time to collect himself. The entire ride over he had been thinking that this was a trick, that you weren’t really awake. Yet here you were smiling and watching a show as if you hadn’t been in a coma for two months.

“(Y/N)?” Steve voice broke your thoughts and you looked up.

“Steve!” you replied with a bright smile. Steve seemed to lose the miserable look on his face when you smiled at him and he was immediately at your side asking too many questions for you to answer.

“Babe! I’m okay,” you interrupted, grabbing his hand with your left one. The right was still sore even if you hadn’t had to undergo the pain of a cast for two months.

He looked down at you and suddenly wrapped you in a tight hug.

“Please don’t ever do that again.”

“I can’t promise you that, just like you can’t promise me the same thing,” you replied.

“I thought you had died,” he admitted.

“I would have died saving people. Besides I would haunt you in the afterlife, so there’s no need to worry about losing me,” you joked, trying to lighten the mood.

“That’s not funny,” Steve complained, tightening his grip on you.

“It kinda is. Now stop squishing me,” you said, poking him in the side.

Steve let out a watery chuckle and slid off the bed into the chair by your bedside.

“I love you,” Steve told you with sincerity in his eyes.

“I love you, too. Now let’s watch crappy TV dramas together.”

(Written by @writingandimagining, this is super awesome and I love this so much, please go over and check her out. <3 - Rosalee)

Warren ends up being the first one Nathan comes out to. He was planing on telling Victoria first but somehow he just ended up saying it to Warren when they’re hanging out one time.

like, “Warren, I think I might be gay but idk”

and then Warren is really chill about it and responds “Oh cool, I’m bi.”

and Nathan is shocked and is all “whoa really?”

so then Warren tells him the hilarious story of how he accidentally kissed a guy at some party and ended up really liking it. So then he suggests “we can do some stuff if you wanna see how you feel about it?”

And Nathan get’s really flushed because whoa everything is moving along so fast here and he says “What stuff?”

“How about a kiss?”

Nathan nods, “Y-yeah…. okay.”

So then Warren leans in and it’s really awkward and sloppy and gross but they somehow end up making out anyway and once they’re done Warren leans back, gives Nathan a big smile and asks, “How was it?”

And Nathan is so overwhelmed he can’t even talk and is just a mess and idk someone help me

  • Me:*cries*
  • Mom:What's wrong?
  • Me:Taylor Swift just promo'd Troye. Like he's getting to be more famous by the day. He's no longer just the boy in his livingroom talking about green screen paint. I just didn't need this today. She's currently like the most popular pop singer in the world, and she gave my smol little Troye a promo on Twitter, Instagram, and on her Tumblr. Like, now everybody will get to see my son and how beautiful his voice is. She's so nice, and Troye is so nice. Everything is moving too fast.
  • Mom:...

To the boy your mother thinks you still love, 

remember the still part 
remember the empty half swallowed  
dark room, waiting to squeeze itself shut and open 
inside another home 
he was there and then he wasn’t,
just like you

remember the bits of leaving 
the car door closing 
the buzz of whatever it was screaming 
everything moving so fast that it almost 
felt like it wasn’t if you slammed
your eyes shut just right

He asks if youre good with matches
and you laugh and show him the ring
on your knee from when
a boys cigarette danced
itself away
by accident

You don’t talk about burning things with burning boys anymore

—  moon boy