and everything is just falling apart around them

(4 days to season 2)

Nothing’s gonna stop us now

Let ‘em say we’re crazy, I don’t care about that

Put your hand in my hand baby

Don’t ever look back

They ran. Fingers intertwined and tightly clasped together. It had been a matter of moments since they had found each other again, but there was no time to soak in each others’ presence because there was a very real, very large threat just around the corner. The Thessalhydra.

They had literally bumped into each other, running to help Will - explanations would be given later, there was no time. Mike took one look, grabbed her hand and carried on running. Keep running, don’t look back.

And if this world runs out of lovers

We’ll still have each other

Everything was a blur, El had used her powers but things were falling apart around them, collapsing to the ground. Instinctively, El burried her head in Mikes chest. It was then that she realised how much he had grown in that year apart.

They knew that no matter what happens, they would still have each other. That was not going to change anytime soon.

The Thessalhydra disappeared in a cloud of smoke, similar to when the Demogorgon had been destroyed, but it had taken some streetlights and trees down with it, causing a storm of wind upon the mish mash group of kids, teenagers and adults.

El resolved then in that moment that no matter what happens, she wouldn’t let anything else stop her and Mike. Nothing would separate them, they would always have each other.

When someone is stabbed, you’re told not to remove the knife. Once it’s removed, everything begins to fall apart. In less than ten minutes, someone could bleed out.
She still isn’t sure which of them stuck the blade in her stomach, but she refuses to pull it out. Instead, she embraces it. 
“Do you love me,” she asks, still not facing him, “or do you just hate the idea of losing me?”
It’s silent, and she does not know how to read this situation. If she turned around, she knows the emotion would be clear on his face because he has always been an open book. For her, he will always be an open book.
She doesn’t turn around, though, and she realizes that she doesn’t want to see his face—see the destruction that she’s caused. 
He says her name then, and his voice is level; it twists the knife. 
He says, “Why do you do this?”
He says, “I’m not losing you. You’re running away.”
And he says, “I love you—god knows that I love everything about you—but we’re falling apart. You’re tearing us apart.“ 
Finally, she turns around, and she’s not sure what she expected, but it surely was not this. He’s cold, blank, torn apart and carelessly sewn back together. He is covered in her—covered in her heartbreak.
"I need—” He clears his throat, hides any slip of emotion. “I need you to let me go because I don’t have the strength to do it myself.”
And at that moment, she realizes this is no longer a game. All this time she thought she was being selfish with her heart, but this boy—This boy makes her wish things were different; he makes her wish that she was different. 
That’s why she sucks in a rattling breath, and that’s why she forces those selfless words past her lips. She swallows the pain and tries to cure the heartbreak when she says, “You should leave." 
He winces. He looks like he wants to take back his words. He looks like he wants to stay, and he looks like he wants to cross the room in three steps and pull her into his arms and stop her from slipping away like water between his fingers. 
Looks, however, have always been deceiving. 
He leaves, and he takes the knife with him.
—  H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #44
Glasses Fogged Up

Request: “Paladin’s reaction when they and their s/o are kissing- make out session is starting and s/o’s glasses starts to fog up from the heat? And after kissing a while s/o is like “babe I can’t see.. ”

“Hey I don’t remember if I sent this to you a while back or I just imagined it lolol. But I was wondering if you could do a fluffy scene with the paladins and their s/o like they are having a moment kissing but then their s/o just bursts out laughing?”

A/N: this is me…. my glasses fog up over everythingg

Their hands were in your hair, your lips moved in sync. Everything around you was gone, time stopped, and the world stood still. You felt your glasses sliding down your nose. You peeked out of one eye, and felt something build up in your chest. You pulled apart harshly, a series of giggles falling from your lips.

“Babe, I can’t see!”


  • He’s a little offended and very confused
  • Whyy are you laughing
  • When he sees that your glasses are fogged up, he starts laughing, too
  • And then you’re both just sitting there cackling
  • It’s pretty great


  • Very offended, very confused
  • He sees that your glasses are fogged up, and like the suave man he is, he pulls them off and goes right back to kissing you
  • It gets very ~interesting~


  • He’s not so offended, and he sees why almost immediately, so he’s not so confused
  • He starts laughing with you
  • And then he takes your glasses and puts them on and starts kissing you again
  • “How do you do this I don’t understand”


  • He’s so confused
  • Why are you laughing all of a sudden??
  • And then he sees your glasses
  • And everything is clear (lol i hate myself//punsss)
  • It’s very cute because he takes your glasses and wipes them off and gives them back to you
  • And then cute nose kisses


  • She thinks it’s funnier than you do
  • She is about to die from laughter
  • Will never let you live that down
  • “Hey guys one time when we were making out-”
  • “PIDGE”
Even’s world

Note: Okay so i’m not gonna lie I did ball my eyes out while writing this. - you were warned. 

Even’s fingers danced across Isak’s skin, his fingertips light as a feather gently tracing the outline of the purple bruised pattern in front of him.  He felt his body breaking under the touch of his world’s bruises. Of the pain he has created in front of him. 

Because that’s what he was. 

Isak was his world. 

And Even had ruined that, he had been careless, stupid in thinking that he could protect him from the darkness within him. The piece of him that always broke every single bright and good thing the universe blessed him with. 

Sometimes he thought the universe only gave him these things just to watch him go through the pain of destroying them himself. Of making them disintegrate under his touch. To burn near his presence. 

Even hurt everything

And then everything hated him. 

He shook, his breath shaky and uneven as he took a step back…it took him a moment to realise he was crying, breaking.
He felt his knees buckle, and he waited, waited for himself to crash into a thousand pieces on the ground, to fall apart and never return. To disappear. 

But it never happened. 

Instead he felt the world catch him. 

Felt the worlds arms wrap around him and hold him close. Their breathe right at his ear as the world whispered over and over again “it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault…It. Is. Not. Your. Fault.” 

The words caressed the scars wrapped around Evens heart and made the tears that fell soften into tiny droplets of hope.
He gazed up into his worlds eyes with an expression of pure despair, guilt and love. 

“I am sorry, I am- jesus Isak I knew it, I knew I would hurt you I-“ 

the soft hands of his world, upon his face, Isak’s cheek brushing against his, took all the words right out of him. They evaporated instantly, causing him to forget everything he was thinking as the world whispered right on his lips, 

“Don’t you dare be sorry” 

Isak rested his forehead against Evens as he gazed intently into his loves eyes 

“you never hurt me Even, you save me. Every time. Every damn time” 

Even felt himself inhale the words straight off of Isak’s lips, he felt them enter his body and materialise into a bright light that outshone the darkness and made him feel warm from the centre of his heart to the tips of his eyelashes. 

His arms consumed Isak and held onto his world for dear life. It became an instinct, pulling Isak close, close close, until he could feel, see, breathe nothing but the boy that took it away. The light that captivated everything awful and lonely and cruel in the world, and made Even see nothing but the bright green in his worlds eyes, the crooked tooth in his worlds smile and the warmth in his worlds kiss. 

Isak held him tight that night, and Even held him tighter. Their arms wrapped around each other, their legs intertwined. They lied on their sides, with their faces tucked against each others necks, chest against chest, heart upon heart. 

They slept holding everything they loved in their arms, whispering against each others skin every little thing they loved about the other.

Isak’s touch

Even’s laugh

The way Isak tells Even about every weird dream he has the moment he wakes up

The sound Even makes when Isak kisses the dimple in his cheek

How Isak dances to every song Even plays even if it’s one he hates-for Even he will try

How Even traces the beginning of a piece of art upon Isak’s skin when he can’t sleep, how he says that he doesn’t need a canvas when Isak is already a piece of art. 

How Isak made him believe that he’s not alone

How Even gave Isak a chance to show him. 

Even kissed every single edge and curve of Isak’s face until he was convinced that all he could see was love, not a single trace of the hate left. He let Isak’s body heat warm him and he melted under his worlds touch. He smiled when he felt Isak’s fingertips brush his hair and he whispered again in the night that he was sorry. 

Isak whispered back “say that one more time and I’m making you drink the mystery milk that has been there since we moved in” 

Even laughed and tackled Isak, until he was a writhing giggling mess beneath him.
“You wouldn’t dare” he said before kissing his world into oblivion. 

It was all and it was everything. 

He was everything. 

And he always will be. 

Just Friends, Part 3 | Jughead Jones x Reader

Part 1 

Part 2

A\N: please please please feel free to tell me what you think about the story. Hope you enjoy reading it xx

Originally posted by destinyhayden

   It happened almost a year ago. But the memory of it stayed so fresh and clear in (Y\n)’s mind and gave her the same heartwarming and exciting feeling as it did before, that you could probably think this memory was made just yesterday. The situation in Jughead’s family was starting to get tense. As much as he wanted to do something to stop everything from falling apart, he also sometimes tried to escape, tired of fighting and hoping to find peace. Finding peace was what he succeded in, even if only for a while.

   That evening him and (Y\n) were walking down the empty street after having some milkshakes at Pop’s with Archie and Betty. The road, trees and grass around them were a bit wet because of the recent rain. The street lamps were the only source of light, of enough amount of it to make a person able to see which way they’re going. Jughead was so involved in the conversation him and (Y\n) were having that he didn’t really look at the road and ended up stepping in a puddle making the water splash everywhere. The girl sqealed as the cold drops touched her skin and jumped aside. Her squeal made the boy flinch. He looked at her with widened eyes trying to figure out what just happened. They stared at each other and then started laughing.

“Sorry,” Jughead said when they calmed down a little.

“It’s okay,” (Y\n) replied with the brightest smile on her face trying to clean herself up with a wet wipe that she found in her bag.

   They continued walking and chatting. Everything seemed completely fine until they started to talk about their families. Jughead’s face expression got more serious as they went deeper into the subject.

“Mom wants to leave, wants to take Jellybean and go to live with our grandparents. She said she doesn’t know for how long she’ll be able to handle all of this,” Jug said assuming that if he would open up to someone he trusts, he’d feel better.

“To leave for… like, forever? Or just for a while until everything goes back to normal?” (Y\n) asked with a worried look on her face.

“I don’t know. I don’t even want to think about it.”

“What about you?”

“Honestly, sometimes I think about leaving too. But the truth is, I don’t want to give up on dad,” he sadly looked at her.

   (Y\n) nodded understandingly. They stopped walking. She came closer to him and took his hands in hers.

“I’m so sorry you have to go through that, Juggie,” (Y\n) said, looking at her friend while he stared down at the ground. “Just know that you’re not alone, okay? You hear me? You’re not alone.”

   Jughead looked up. Their eyes met. (Y\n)’s heart raced. Jughead tried to figure out if what he wanted right now was the right thing to do, but all the thoughts just mixed up in his head. He looked in her eyes for a little bit longer, then gently cupped her face with his hands and pressed his lips agains hers. The whole world turned upside down for both of them for only a few moments, but these few moments felt like infinity.

   (Y\n) struggled to fall asleep that night. She was constantly thinking about what happened between her and Jug. She felt confused and couldn’t figure out if it felt wrong or right. Did they truly like each other? Or did it happen just because they both were really emotional at that time? She couldn’t find the answer to any of these questions.

   They met at school before classes the next day. Jughead came up to (Y\n) and greeted her. They had a little chat about homework at first, but then Jug realised that he needs to speak about something more important now.

“Hey, uh… I wanted to talk to you about that… "moment” we had yesterday,“ the boy said. She could tell he was just as nervous and as confused as her. "Don’t you feel kinda odd about it? I mean… I’m sorry if you don’t, but…”

“Yeah,” (Y\n) interrupted him. “It does feel a little weird for me, too. I don’t know why though.”

“Maybe… maybe because we weren’t ready for this to happen yet?” He suggested.

“Maybe,” (Y\n) replied and smiled. She felt some kind of relief. “So, we’re friends?”

Bestfriends,” Jughead corrected her and grinned. “I gotta go, the class starts in 5 minutes. You should hurry up too if you don’t want to be late.”

   Back to here and now, almost a year after that “moment” happened. (Y\n) was standing in the school corridor with Archie and Betty talking with them. Suddenly, they all saw Jughead walking through the corridor surrounded by two men, one of which appeared to be a sheriff, Kevin’s father. Jug noticed the friends too.

“Call my dad,” he said quickly.

“Yeah, yeah, we will,” Archie replied.

“Of course,” said Betty.

   (Y\n) didn’t have the time to say anything. She just watched Jughead and the two men go until they dissapeared out of her sight. She was so purplexed and didn’t understand any of what they all just witnessed. What’s wrong? What happened? Why would a sheriff want something from Jug? Why him?

   Later she found herself standing outside of the building with Archie, Betty and Mr. Andrews, Archie’s dad, while Jughead talked with his father. Betty held (Y\n)’s hand as they both watched. The raven haired boy was faced away from them when Mr. Jones talked to him convincing his son that he can make things better, that he can bring their family together again. When they finished, Jughead finally turned around and (Y\n) saw his face. He looked absolutely broken. And she hated seeing him like this. And as much as the girl wanted to help him, comfort him and be there for him, like she always was before, it was on Betty now. She came up to him, jently put her hand on Jug’s face and then her arm around him as they were walking away. Jughead glanced at (Y\n) just once before he was gone. It gave her chills.

   (Y\n) thought that she’d already move on by this time. She was so wrong. One part of her wanted to finally let it all go, but the other kept holding on to something. She still couldn’t understand why did they had to pretend like they forgot about everything. She was holding on to all the feelings, all the memories, all the things they used to do together. Holding on to what they used to be. Holding on to them.

Now I know in most common scenarios the kids have to split up for college and only get to see each other during holidays and vacations but can we take one moment to consider the fluffy fluff of: The kids not being physically able to be apart so they all end up going to the same college and sharing a cute little apartment in the city?
•It would be a small apartment only consisting of three bedrooms, the kitchen, a living room and O N E bathroom.
•Mike and Will sharing one bedroom, Dustin and Lucas too, and El of course gets her own.
•Lucas through the years remaining faithful to his role as the dad friend who makes a schedule for the chores of the apartment so everyone has responsibilities.
•Even though, most times the boys procrastinate to do them so literally everything falls into his and El’s shoulders
•Mike will some times help too but only when it’s Eleven who’s struggling with the chores.
•The five of them squeeze together in the living room’s couch marathoning movies
•Will somehow ends up making most of the cooking around the place and is literally the only reason these group hasn’t fallen into an endless cycle of take-out fast food.
•Even through the years, some of the stuff Eleven has seen will just simply never let her rest so there’s Mike and Eleven at the kitchen in their PJ’s as 3:00 AM talking about the universe and drinking cocoa from the same mug
•During finals, everyone becomes a coffee-addict except for Dustin who literally only drinks hot chocolate and still manages to be the most cheerful one always.
•The boys sometimes fall asleep at random places such as the kitchen counter, over the living room’s coffee table, or even the hallway’s floor and Eleven always getting a blanket from to closet and draping it over them like the house-wife she is
•Will having Arts Major struggles™
•Their first hallowed together they totally forget to buy candy
•and they’re so emotionally wasted because of school they get super
•They improvise, preparing some Eggos from El’s reserve, put them in bags and call it a day
•Eleven was devastated, she had to give up SEVERAL boxes of Eggos to avoid getting their door egged
•The next day, however, Mike drove all the way downtown to buy her many more.
•Thanksgiving is also a mess
•They almost burn down the building trying to make a proper meal
•They end up eating turkey sandwiches at the gas station at midnight.
•Also, Will being hella exited about decorating the apartment on their first Christmas living there
•"Will, we live in a tiny-ass place, the fuck you wanna buy the biggest tree in the store??“
•Dustin keeping his tradition of making sure Mike and Eleven end up under a Mistletoe at some point every year
•"Dustin?? We’ve been dating for??? Years now???? This isn’t awkward anymore, not even funny.”
•Pretty much, the kids living one happy life as the family they are.
Feel free to add your own!

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u answered my request for ur fave smut/fluff fics some time back and i really enjoyed them :,) i officially trust ur recommendations and i was wondering if u could rec some of ur fave jikook chaptered fics? preferably happy endings because im a crybaby lmao 💞 thank uuuu

Anonymous said:
Hi 👋 I love your blog so much i litteraly check it everyday ! So i was wondering, since you know so many jikook fics, if you could recommend some really good ones, like your favorite ones ? Thank youu 😊

Hello! Ahh it’s nice to hear from you again :) I’m so glad you liked them (I always get nervous when people ask for my faves like, are you sure? haha) But of course, I hope these are to both of your likings! And if these aren’t enough, I have recs for a similar ask coming up really soon (think of it as a small way to celebrate the comeback…and my birthday ♡ lolol)


Title: A Touch of Sin
Author: pettey
Rating: Explicit
Length: >100k words
Genre: Pining, Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Summary: After his transfer to a quiet seaside town, Jeongguk was prepared to face a year of uneventful CID work, but found himself dealing with a series of strange murders instead.

Title: After Hours
Author: pinkmonnie
Rating: Mature
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Angst, Fluff, Humor
Summary: Jimin has been working at the same place for three years, watching as the world around him moves along in a busy hype. Although he enjoys certain aspects of his job, particularly since Min Yoongi became his manager, over time he gradually felt the usual rhythm begin to weigh him down. Taehyung, his closest friend, comes to Gwanghwamun Starbucks for two reasons - free drinks or food if he’s feeling peckish, and to stare at Yoongi with a lump in his throat. One night, Taehyung brings along a new friend.

Title: Dream Maker
Author: graesun & Polkari Seuta
Rating: Mature
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst
Summary: Oh, dream maker, you heartbreaker / wherever you’re going, I’m going your way. Several days in the lives of Jimin and Jungkook living off instant ramen and lots of kisses.

Title: Heartwrecker
Author: yuuami
Rating: Mature
Length: 25–50k words*
Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff, Angst
Summary: “What if you accidentally fall in love?” Love had always been a literal game to Jeon Jungkook. His targets would be the playing pieces, and their emotions the mere obstacles he had to seduce, manipulate and alter through his acts. Win their hearts? Win the game. Yet when Taehyung asks Jungkook to deal with the relationship of his childhood best friend Park Jimin, Jungkook quickly discovers that “love” isn’t at all as simple as he thought would be…
Note: Not completed but I just had to include it :)

Title: I’ll Show You How a Real Pro Bends
Author: melanic
Rating: Mature
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Smut
Summary: Jung Hoseok, star airbender of the Bulletproof Boys and crowd favourite for this year’s probending championships is injured before a qualifying match. Not to worry though - Jimin and Taehyung are on hand, called in as last minute replacements. Shenanigans ensue.

Title: Muscle Memory
Author: PinkBTS
Rating: Mature
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Drama, Romance
Summary: Or, the heart never forgets. (AU where Jeongguk’s life starts just when Jimin’s seems to stop)

Title: Once Upon a Timeshare
Author: namakemono
Rating: Mature
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut
Summary: Jungkook is in desperate need of a vacation, but spending two weeks in Namjoon and Hoseok’s timeshare in Okinawa with his recently separated ex of three years was probably (definitely) not what he had in mind.

Title: Open Your Heart, I’m Coming Home
Author: DeadpanSnarker
Rating: Mature
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Smut, Slight Angst
Summary: ‘Falling for you was my last violent act unforgiven by the gods.’

Title: You Broke My Heart (But I Broke it Myself)
Author: Rose_gold715
Rating: Mature
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Romance, Angst
Summary: Jimin’s fiancé has abandoned him on his wedding day, and Jeon Jungkook, Jimin’s first love and worst heartbreak, is back.


Title: Him
Author: PinkBTS
Rating: Mature
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst
Summary: or “I mean a muse,” explained Yoongi, eyes traveling to Hoseok. “Someone that makes you feel the shots. Not only take them.” Jeongguk snorted. “You’re just whipped.” “Maybe,” agreed Yoongi, winking. “But it works.”

Title: Start of Time
Author: Fleurete
Rating: Mature
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Drama, Romance, Smut
Summary: Perfect student Jeon Jungkook isn’t fond of new kid Park Jimin. He doesn’t care if its irrational, he just can’t stand him or his pretty face. But as Jimin starts to worm his way into his life, everything Jungkook thought he knew about Jimin falls apart around him, and soon he is forced to discern for himself the truth of the mystery surrounding Park Jimin.

Title: Swim
Author: jiminlogy
Rating: Mature
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut
Summary: everything about the summer is temporary but jimin doesn’t want jeongguk to be that. 

In the Wake of Scandal: Factory Reset

This isn’t “canon” to In the Wake of Scandal….more of a …possible resolution with all its own problems. Manga spoilers

Miyaki Ruriko had silver hair like fine threads of jewelry. She tied it loose at the nape of her neck whenever she appeared on the evening news, so that its flawlessness became something effortless. The studio lighting gave it shimmer, a thin band of pure white warmth that crowned her head, bright like the circles of light reflected in her similarly-silver eyes. Those were deeply lined beneath, almost gaunt, yet they stayed lively, youthful, illustrious and penetrating. She was a fill-in news anchor on the most watched network, and somehow she always gathered a greater audience than the anchor she replaced. People were drawn to her bright charm, her wizened face, her shimmering hair, her enchanting eyes. The news station received letters, often, requesting that Miyaki fill in more… 

“It’s…probably time we bring Miyaki in. Let’s end this mess, before we really can’t control it…” Officer Tsukauchi sat slumped forward in his office chair, fingers kneading into his temple, elbows braced against his knees. He looked up and caught Toshinori’s horrified eye.

“Miyaki…? The news anchor?” Toshinori, frail in his true form, sat taller. He still made for an imposing presence when the tension in the air grew thick.

“Yeah,” Tsukauchi answered with a drawn smile. “I’ve spoken with the Chief. She’s probably our best bet now…”

“You called her after my fight with All-For-One… That Miyaki?” Toshinori asked, more fervent, more pressing.

“That, and other times. Usually whenever we need to clean up eye-witnesses who’ve seen things they shouldn’t.”

Toshinori stood with enough force to shift his chair back, a heavy leather-bound thing whose displacement left scuffs in the tile. “I oppose it. You called me in as a consult, didn’t you? I know better than anyone how to handle the public’s perception of the Number 1 hero, don’t I? So here’s my answer: Don’t. You can’t erase Shouto’s accusation from the public…” Toshinori’s hands twitched, anxious frustrated energy tensing them at his side. “You can’t send the message that a heinous crime shouldn’t be brought to light…”

“That’s not what we’re doing,” Tsukauchi answered, rushed, a bit harried. He leaned away from Toshinori’s presence. “It might…be beyond the capacity of Miyaki’s quirk…but we’re not assigning her the task of erasing Shouto’s accusation from the public memory.” He stiffened. “We want her to erase Endeavor from the public memory.”

Toshinori stared, and blinked, and blanched. “She can erase a whole person?”

“We’re not…sure. But she thinks it can be done. We’ll have a team working on it as well. Some specially-quirked people will be erasing message board histories concerning Endeavor. We’ve got another team who’ll work with the people Endeavor’s saved, sewing over their memory. And for the pieces we can’t catch…Miyaki thinks she can spin it so that ‘Endeavor’ was a fake hero coined by a group as a joke, and any reference left of him will look like a reference to that fictional character.”

The color had not returned to Toshinori’s face. “It…seems so drastic.”

“It is, definitely. But things will fall apart if we leave them like this. The unrest is overwhelming. The institution of heroes could collapse if this stress continues…but we can’t put Endeavor back on the streets. It would be easier, of course, to just erase all memory of Shouto’s accusation, and put everything back to normal but…” Tsukauchi paused. “…Having a man like that as our Number 1 Hero…that’s not ‘normal’…That’s the last thing I want to be normal.”

Toshinori lowered himself back into his chair. He clenched his hands around his knees. “I agree…That’s the very last thing I want…”

“Good evening, it’s 6pm and I’m your fill-in anchor for tonight, Miyaki Ruriko. In the wake of utter scandal, Endeavor’s court date has been set for the 6th of June, at which point he’ll be tried for his crimes of child abuse against his own son, Shouto Todoroki. Or…maybe that’s not true?” Miyaki flashed a smile. Her eyes were bright, enchanting, like glitter.

People on the street paused, catching sight of her on the televisions anchored on the facades of buildings. They smiled. They watched.

“None of that…is true. Endeavor was never arrested. Or…maybe Endeavor isn’t even a real person…?” She smiled wider, sweat beaded along her brow, though the studio lighting hid it. Her teeth clenched, her fingers tightened, and after a moment she continued just as illustriously as before. “Oh yes, Endeavor is not a real person. He’s a fictional character. We have no Number 1 hero currently. But ever since All Might’s fall, rumor has it the ranks will be shuffled up. Best Jeanist may see himself in spot Number 1, and how brilliant he would look in that position!”

People nodded along. Miyaki’s eyes were gorgeous, oh entrancing, oh yes… and yes, Best Jeanist would be quite a brilliant fit for the Number 1 Hero. How brilliant he looked in those jeans.

Tension left the air. People felt an unease leave their bodies. There had been an anxiety threading through the atmosphere, furrowing their brows, tightening their lips when the news started. But why? It seemed so silly. The only news was of Best Jeanist. And it was that Miyaki Ruriko speaking again…how dashing she was…how bright and lovely. People smiled.

And somewhere off in a holding cell of a prison people paid little mind to, Endeavor no longer existed. A man named Enji Todoroki sat there instead, no more or less known than anyone else in that prison. A man with a name, and a crime, and a court date, and nothing more.

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16 w jikook :)

i hope u know u have just corrupted me lmao

Send me a pairing + a number: jikook, “oh… sorryomgwrongnumber”

smut | sexting

Jimin wasn’t a virgin, he had a pretty good amount of sexual experiences on his back. But the thing was, sending nudes was a whole other different thing. It was new – at least for him –, and it made him nervous like a stupid high school boy with a crush. Except he didn’t have a crush, he just wanted to get laid – but his heart was racing and his palms were sweating anyway.
Jimin stared for another eight minutes at the picture taking the whole screen of his phone. He was with his back to the mirror, profile partially appearing over his shoulder as his hand held the phone high by the side of his body. It wasn’t the best picture he had ever taken of himself, but it was nice. His butt looked pretty, just like his hair. However he still couldn’t stop the nervousness bubbling up in his stomach, making him wonder if a stranger he met at a bar was worthy of that picture. Maybe Jimin was a bit too desperate for sex, trying to shove a certain mistake he had made with a certain someone to the back of his mind. But it didn’t matter – at least the bar guy  was cute, didn’t seem like an asshole – and for god’s sake it was just sex.
Jimin selected the picture and rolled the page of his contacts down until he found the newly added number. Jonghyun. He took a deep breath, placing his thumb just above the name and then squeezing his eyes shut – like that was going to stop the embarrassement of doing what he was actually doing – to click on the screen, instinctively dragging his finger to the send button afterwards – eyes still tightly closed. Jimin only allowed himself to open them when he heard the sound indicating that the message had been sent coming out of the speakers of his phone.
He released the breath he was holding back and stared at the sent picture – there was nothing to do now, it was done. Relief almost settled in his chest, the burden of doing the most difficult part having left his shoulders – when Jimin realized, in a silent gasp of horror and dread, that Jonghyun hadn’t been the one he sent the picture.

Jungkook – online

Jimin was mortified for a second until the sign of seen appeared on the screen and he completely freaked out.

You – 9:12 pm

He couldn’t fucking believe it. Universe must probably really hate him like crazy, because, fucking Jeon Jungkook from all people.
Fucking Jeon Jungkook, the stupid little shit Jimin had had sex with five days ago, because they were both too drunk to be thinking straight. Jeon Jungkook the biggest fuckboy Jimin had ever met – and surprisingly, the best friend too. He couldn’t fucking believe it. He had spent the last couple of days fucking and being fucked by plenty of different guys just to erase the drunken memories of Jungkook’s body on his – Jungkook’s lips on him, kissing him and sucking bruises with a hunger as if the world was falling apart around them. And even though it were just blurry flashes of a very fucked up night, it still brought things to Jimin’s stomach he didn’t want to bother finding out what meant. He just needed to forget everything and then it would be okay.

Jungkook – typing…

Oh god.

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
fuck hyung

Jimin’s heart stopped in his chest.

You – 9:13 pm
did u open it???

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
yeah it was kind of too late

Jimin wanted to die and bury his entire body into the biggest hole he could dig with his own hands. His cheeks were burning red, so hot it was tingling his skin. He didn’t know what to do, so he just kept terrifiedly staring at Jungkook’s name until the word ‘typing…’ appeared again.

Jungkook – 9:14 pm
hyung i know you told me to forget but how can i now
u have just fucked up my stability
i’m so hard

Jimin tightened the phone on his hands, the sides of the metalic thing burying on the skin of his sweaty palms, his breath hitching. He closed his eyes, trying to steady the flow of oxygen entering his lungs, but his phone buzzed against his skin again and his eyes snapped open in a heartbeat.

Jungkook – 9:15 pm
pls dont do this
u can’t just send me this and keep quiet as if nothing happened
i want to touch you
i want to touch myself thinking about you
hyung im really so fucking hard please talk to me

But Jimin was barely breathing. He could only feel his heart pulsating in every inch of his body, the furious muscle knocking against his ribcage violently. His own cock started twitching inside his pants, Jungkook’s words arousing him a lot faster than it should.

Jungkook – 9:16 pm
you have the most perfect ass
i want to get my hands on it again
my biggest and only regret of that night was not being sober enough to remember every single detail about you
i want to have you again so bad hyung
i could do whatever you asked me too
i could suck you so good you’d come in my mouth crying my name

Jimin whined out loud, not being able to repress the painful hardness between his legs anymore. Jungkook’s tongue and mouth on him was the most vivid memory he had of that night – and it was fucking up his head.

Jungkook – 9:17 pm
i could eat you up like you have never been before
i’d make you scream
and beg
you’d like that right

Jimin gasped this time, his hand going down to cup his painfully hard cock before he could realize it. He heard the tiny moan falling out of his lips as he rubbed it through the fabric of his boxers, precum having wetted it like it never did before.

Jungkook – 9:18 pm
fucking talk to me hyung
im touching myself and i think im going to come but i want u
i want you jimin please

Jimin took his hands of his boxers – a tiny whine of complaint forming in the back of his throat –, fingers finding the button he wanted on the screen of his phone before he could think about what he was actually doing.
Jungkook answered in the first ring.
“Shit.” Jimin heard Jungkook’s breathy voice at the end of the line, making him clasp his knees together in response, thighs pressuring the tingling head of his sensitive dick against his stomach, needing some kind of friction so he wouldn’t lose his mind, “Hyung, fuck. Mmmm… ha… H…hyung, say some…thing, please.” There was a pause, Jungkook’s loud breathing completely filling Jimin’s ears along with the obscene sound of his hands working himself up and down. Jimin moaned. “Shit. Shit, hyung, do that again. I need to hear your voice, please.”
He swallowed hard, throat dry and mind dizzy, too clouded from scenarios picturing Jungkook jerking himself off thinking about him.
When Jimin’s voice finally surged, it was deep and hoarse, drowned in a lust he didn’t know he possessed.
“Come over.” He murmured, breath failing on the last syllable. “Now.”

Yuri on Ice AO3 Fic Recs!

Hi. I am one of those terrible people that consume a lot more fic than I comment on, because I’m a shy and lazy child. So: fic recs. To promote lesser-known authors, I’ll list from least to most bookmarked (I’ve left out some really popular ones, you can likely find those on your own). Feel free to give me recs in return!

If you’re an author on this list (and somehow see this despite my small following) and are like “mothereffer who’re you we’ve never talked” I plan on commenting on all of these this weekend, because #ficrecdays.

Symphony in a minor by Anicaruscomplex: This adorable 2 part drabble was published around Christmas and it’s been with me ever since. It’s a slice of life, but also Yuuri dealing with the temporary nature of their relationship.

what he notices most is the quiet by fishingclocks: Long distance fic. Did you know that a scene about Viktor making blini in the morning could send your heart into conniption fits? Well, now I do.

Nightfall in Osaka by ryukoishida: A perfect and soft date night for Viktor and Yuuri at the start of them being competitors. Also, the author researched actual beautiful locations for them to go to.

Step three: I’m calling you baby by polly_perks: Viktor deals with the fact that Yuuri isn’t the same man he met at the banquet. It’s sweet and crafted so well.

Scents of home by espritneo: This is the best fic I’ve ever read about Makkachin. Have you ever heard of espritneo? NO? Allow me to introduce you to this gift of a human being. Everything espritneo puts out has wonderful characterization of both Viktor and Yuuri and everyone else in their lives. Also, espritneo is versatile: canon continuations, folklore AUs, sex, time travel, and this whole puppy fic. You have no excuse not to check them out.

Seagulls on the shore (that which we grasp) by Gintsuki: Everyone has daemons and this story makes me wish daemons were canon, because it works SO WELL. This story flows like poetry.

Heart Lines by thelonelywriter: Yuuri reads Viktor’s palm, Viktor is ridiculous, and it’s adorable. Thelonelywriter, despite being lonely, has written some very quality fluff, so check them out.

Infinitesimal being by sarahyyy: An Otabek/Yuri fairytale story where Otabek is an immortal goblin, and it’s… written from OTABEK’S POV sometimes. I feel like this is so rare but it’s done so perfectly, and the lore behind it is bittersweet.

Every inch of you is perfect by lazulisong: *fans self* Every inch of lazulisong is perfect and I’ll say it as many times as I need to. Just go read everything. You’ll thank me later.

Again and Again by grayclouds: A reincarnation AU that is heart-wrenchingly beautiful and unconventional. It’s a whirlwind of different forms of Victuuri and some have me turning over in my bed at night—in one of them they don’t even exist at the same time and it still makes my stomach flip.

The road that stretches out ahead by hellodeer: Yuuri and Viktor go on a road trip. THIS FIC. I’ve read it so many times, and it’s just raw and so convincing in its story of how Yuuri finally realizes that Viktor actually loves him and intends to stay with him. It doesn’t get all the attention it deserves.

Undertow by Mhalachai: *heavy breathing* this fic is beautiful and creative and almost made me cry for Viktor Nikiforov. It’s one of the few fics that demonstrates Viktor’s insecurities and doubts and does it by successfully using supernatural Russian folklore. I am so impressed by this piece and it’s still messing with my head—it also has a companion piece that’s Yuuri-centric.

Understand Someday by triste: A wonderful piece of Victuuri family fluff, starring Yurio. You will want to hug the little tiger by the end of it. Triste has other excellent works, too!

Rumour has it by lunaetude: Viktor and Yuuri are at Hogwarts together, and are ADORABLE and very in-character, and it alludes to Viktor’s loneliness softly but emotionally. Lunaetude has multiple AUs for YOI that are gorgeous, so go read everything by that author, even if you don’t think it’s your cup of tea, because you WILL like it.

Of Dahlias and Deadlines by ingthing: have you ever read a fic and been like, this is so cute? Why isn’t this a show all by itself? Well, ingthing has a florist/wedding planner AU series that makes me say this every time they post, and everyone should read it. Viktor was born to be a wedding planner.

Easy on my knees by ineptshieldmaid: A Viktor-centric relationship study that has such a careful and touching path to them getting together, and Viktor trusting and loving Yuuri. Ineptshieldmaid has written other equally squeal-inducing fanfic, too!

High-Flying, Adored by terra_incognita: I’m a sucker for superhero AUs and this is amazing. Everybody has secret identities and it’s a love square between Viktor and Yuuri and their superhero personas—it’s quirky and emotional and addictive. Also, Yuri Plisetsky is amazing in it. You will have to suspend your disbelief a bit though, because Yuuri somehow doesn’t realize that two silver haired Russians arriving in town at the same time ARE THE SAME PERSON.

The measure of the year (the mind of men) by geckoplasm: A fic where Yuuri and Viktor are a real couple with actual communication issues, just like in the show! They screw up and make up and you always get both sides of the story in a way that is personal and eye-opening as to how two people that love one another can still have misunderstandings and cause major damage.

Adoration (noun) by crossroadswrite: pre episode 10, but an incredibly convincing and thoughtful explanation of how Viktor fell in love with Katsuki Yuuri—an AU where Viktor had originally intended to leave Hasetsu after a year.

Chasing Tail by Metallic_Sweet: This is the only fic on my list that I think is probably dead but please read it just for an A/B/O experience that you’ve likely never had before. Viktor has his scent glands removed and he is calculating in a way almost nobody depicts him as, but which I think is true to canon.

From june to September by bigspoonnoya: “This is the summer they fell in love.” This fic is essentially canon to me, it’s so well written.

Body music by fan_nerd: Um, everybody probably already knows fan_nerd because they’re a magical presence in the YOI fandom, but their reverse AU is the best. Viktor looks up to five-time champion Katsuki Yuuri and some things stay the same (being drunk at the banquet) and some things hilariously change (Yuuri actually emails Viktor before he just shows up at his house).

Dear Mama by Ferrero13: Viktor writes letters and emails to his beloved mother throughout the YOI series, and it’s HILARIOUS. Also sweet. Viktor’s writing and drama is spot on, and this whole fic is just well done.

Specks of silver in the evening sky by winchilsea: “Viktor’s kink is taking care of Yuuri” in a way that’s both eros and agape. This fic is breathtaking. *sobs into hands* I love winchilsea. Sometimes I read things by winchilsea that I don’t even know about (I read a Pacific Rim AU of YOI and I’ve never glanced at Pacific Rim) and it doesn’t matter because they are such high quality.

I’ve been up nights making you my god by kevystel: Oh, kevystel. I’m reccing this fic because it’s one of the first I found, but anything by kevystel is golden. It’s a brilliant and gorgeous relationship study.

On top of the world by springsoldier(ladydaredevil): Another superhero AU, where superman Viktor takes on Yuuri as his superhero protégé and Yuri Plisetsky fails terribly in his attempt to be a villain (he rescues kittens, y’all). It’s so, so precious and I love its Viktor.

I have my body (and you have yours) by astoryaboutwar: *UNINTELLIGIBLE SCREAMING* if you haven’t read any of her works, you need to go read astoryaboutwar RIGHT NOW. This is a heart-stopping soulmate AU where Yuuri keeps his soulmate a secret and then everything is emotional and stunningly written. *points helplessly at ‘our doubts are traitors’* Look, she’s writing this too and nobody is worthy of it. Nobody.

Nerve Endings by Phyona: Yuuri moves to St. Petersburg, and they deal with Yuuri’s anxiety. Yuuri has A LOT of anxiety, and it’s depicted at length here in ways that feel real and devastating. Later, Viktor has anxiety too, and overall I was just sitting there clenching my head in my hands, having a lot of feelings. 

Healthy Impropriety by mtothedestiel: Viktor and Yuuri in Victorian times!! Viktor is EXTRA extra, in the most perfect way, and Yuuri is just a normal Victorian guy trying to live his life. The author clearly worked really hard to keep it true to novels written during that time (Pride and Prejudice, etc).

Closer, Still by sciencefictioness: *spits out beer* did you know that A/B/O could be incredibly poetic and full of gorgous yearning and make you feel like you’ve been missing out on someone for your entire life?! Go read this.

The naming of cats by csoru: Another Yuri/Otabek rec. It’s realistic and Yuri is so in character it hurts. It actually spends time depicting their ice skating careers, and doesn’t just focus on their relationship, in true YOI style. Also it’s wonderfully written, so go check it out.

Stargazer by Fahye: No ice skating, just amazing space AU sports. Yuuri is a commoner that gets taken under the wing of space royalty to learn how to ballist.

From Almaty, With Love by BoxWineConfessions: another one that I probably don’t have to rec because if you like Yuri/Otabek, you’ve already discovered it. Yuri goes to visit Otabek for a summer and they fall in love. It captures both of them very well, and its scenes are written out so stunningly that even them lounging around in Otabek’s apartment is like a painted picture in your mind. I’m not even a huge Yuri/Otabek fan and this fic is just… sigh.

Always My Soulmate by Watermelonsmellinfellon: obviously, I’m a sucker for soulmate AUs and compilations and this is a good one. Watermelonsmellinfellon contributes a massive amount to the YOI community, and has done everything: soulmates, an AU where Yuuri is deaf, and time travel, and they actually research everything. So, so impressed.

A glide in your step by Yuu_chi: this was one of the first fics I read that threw me into the pit of YOI. It’s so, so sweet and masterfully crafted and something I always go back to; it’s a beautiful depiction of how Yuuri and Viktor got together in Hasetsu. It’s pining Viktor written before pining Viktor was even canon.

Maelstrom by feelslikefire: Viktor relives the a day of the Sochi Grand Prix over and over. A fic in which Viktor is actually initially a terrible person that gets to do character development, AND the worst day of Yuuri’s life is handled masterfully again and again.

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing: so I would like to recommend both the story and the author, who despite being a writing god constantly descends from heaven to grace everyone with reviews and tumblr musings (her tumblr is the same as her author name on AO3). Yuuri doesn’t fail the Japanese nationals after GPF1, makes it to Worlds, and Viktor Nikiforov steamrollers him with love that Yuuri is incredibly confused by. Go read everything by this author and pray that she updates Viktor!!! With Swords at some point.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya: They’re rivals! Do I even have to rec this? It’s so frickin popular and THERE’S A REASON. I daydream about this fic and the worldbuilding for the AU is sublime. The author plans everything out so beautifully. In case you’ve somehow missed it, Yuuri meets up with Viktor as a kid, Viktor is Viktor and is blunt, and Yuuri’s heart breaks, resulting in him ferociously working to beat Viktor in competition. Then, there’s incredibly respectful one-sided hate sex.

Like your French girls by ebenroot: Viktor is an artist, and Yuuri his figure skating muse. Everybody knows this fic. It’s perfection.

Alright. Long, pro-Spuffy post.

Here we go.

Things to know before we start: I am pro-Spuffy, anti-Bangel. That being said, I do not hate Angel. At all. Or Buffy, even though I get a little heated about her in the post below. I didn’t watch Angel or read the comics. I read the synopses of both and watched the Spike scenes of S5 of Angel (because I love Spike). I am not forgiving Spike for attempting to rape Buffy. So, when we get there, remember I said that. I’m probably gonna be really thorough because I’m really obsessed with this show right now as I just finished it a week ago. Finally, I don’t like comparing Spike and Angel. Whether it’s with a soul or without. However, it’s sort of necessary to explain why I love Spike for Buffy. So, that’s why I’m gonna say again: I don’t hate Angel. But I need to compare the two because, basically, that’s what Buffy has had to do to make her choice. Soooo let’s get into it.

Basically I’m gonna break this down into three-ish Spikes. I won’t, like, stick to it very well, but it’ll be a basic outline. So: Pre-Buffy love, Post-Buffy love, Post-Soul. I’m gonna talk about Human!Spike as well and by the seasons. But let’s start with the Angel/Spike comparison to get it out of the way.

So, many people have said this before but, Spike fell in love with Buffy before the soul. This is important. We’ll come back to that. But let’s get something straight: Angel and Angelus are the same person. Okay, if you lot don’t wanna separate Soulless!Spike and Ensouled!Spike and want to say things like “How can Buffy love him after he attempted to rape her?!”, then we’re not gonna separate Angel and Angelus. Know what that means? Oh, yeah, you do.

It means that Soulless!Angel was, by and large, worse than Soulless!Spike. And not just because of what we saw in present day Buffy. Because of the flashbacks as well. William was once, even without a soul, a sentimental sweetheart. Yes, he still drank people, bad Spike. But it wasn’t until he had been broken and beaten down that he became “William the Bloody.” I mean, look at Angelus and Drusilla. Poor William was crushed when he caught them together. We saw that in S2 of Buffy when Angel was soulless, as well. On the other hand, Angelus didn’t give any shits about anything he did, who he did it to, or what it meant. For Spike, it was power that drove him. For Angelus, it was evil. Angel even said so in Angel. So, back to the before the soul love we were talking about. Spike was capable of it, even sought it out. Angelus could have been capable of it, who knows, but he didn’t want it. He wanted ruin. And, I know we’re all tired of hearing it, but it’s an important point that Angel had 100 years to grow into the soul and where he ended up when we met him in 1997 was basically where Spike was after 1 year with a soul. So. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I wish Angel ill, at all. The whole “Angelus was cursed, him having a soul doesn’t count” argument doesn’t work except to backup what I just said: he didn’t want to be good, until he was forced to be. But he did become good. He tried and he felt the guilt and he atoned and at the end of the day, Angel is one hell of a guy. 

But he’s not the one for Buffy. Here’s why:

When Spike fell for Buffy, he did not do a 180 all of a sudden. Obviously. He was still bad (as much as he could be with the chip) and he was still a douche. The reason that many of us still loved Spike at this point is because that’s Spike. Spike is crass and brutal and a sarcastic little shit. We wouldn’t want it any other way. But he changed. For her and because of her. And that story is so, so powerful. Shall we take a tour?

So, in “School Hard,” Spike comes to Sunnydale. He’s young, free, and in love. He’s also out to bag a third slayer. Who could blame him? He is a vamp, that’s what they do right? Throughout S2 of Buffy we see Spike go through an arc, from a cocky, entitled vampire to a broken, embarrassed, and hurt one. 

Sidebar: I love how, at any given point during Buffy or Angel, you can just tell that Spike is the “baby” vampire between him and Angel. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just a really great relationship that they have, Angel treating him like an annoying brother and Spike lashing out at him while still feeling inferior.

Back on track. So, he teams up with Buffy. Our first glimpse at a mutually beneficial relationship for the two. Here we get a solidified notion of what Spike+Humanity would look like. The next time we see that is S3 of Buffy, “Lover’s Walk.” Such a great episode for Spike. It shows how much love can drive him crazy but also fill the empty space in him where his soul should be. And it establishes Spike as an extremely intelligent creature, not just the mindless animal we thought him to be before (I’m talking about the “you’ll never be friends” speech, here). 

S4. So Spike’s in Sunnydale looking for invincibility (lol, that lasted a long time, huh?). And then the chip happens. Oh, the chip. This is so important to his arc and, eventually, his and Buffy’s. So, as much as I would like to believe otherwise, Spike wouldn’t have reached for goodness or fallen for Buffy like he did without the chip. In my opinion, he still could’ve “fallen for her,” but it would’ve been much more of a “I want to get in your pants” deal than a “I want you to love me back” deal.

So, the chip neuters William the Bloody. And so he has to integrate himself into the Scoobies as much as he can, not only to get money, but also to kill…demons that is. Mini-sidebar: I love how Spike goes from “I guess I’ll have to kill demons instead” to “I know it’s wrong to kill people, so I’ll kill demons so I still get to kill” to “It’s wrong to kill, but demons are bad, so I will do it to protect the world.” Amazing.

I know, I know. This isn’t a Spike post! Get on with the Spuffy! Sorry, I just love him so much.

Here we are, S5. Spike realizes he loves Buffy. Here’s my take: S5 was Spike’s “unhealthy” phase (for the most part) and S6 was Buffy’s (until the attempted rape, obviously). S7 was peace, but we’ll get there. Okay, so Spike is obsessed with Buffy, right? Not in a cute way. In a I-steal-your-underwear-and-pictures-of-you-from-your-house-and-also-sometimes-also-stalk-outside-the-house-and-I-also-made-a-sex-robot-of-you way. I’d almost go so far as to say he reached actual stalker level what with the chaining her up in his crypt thing. But he didn’t, like, kill Riley or try to hurt her (and he wouldn’t of, either, regardless of the chip because he doesn’t hurt Buffy), so I’ll refrain from calling him a full blown stalker. 

Okay, so from here on in, I’m gonna say something frequently that a lot of you won’t like: I was pissed off at Buffy and Buffy’s treatment of Spike to the point that I can’t go back and watch the full Spuffy scenes that involve her being “revolted” or rejecting him because it just pisses me off so much. 

In S5, Spike’s love for Buffy was incredibly immature. You know when you get into your first relationship and everything is be all, end all? Like, everything they do makes you squee and you have to be around them all the time, but if you have a fight you just get so beyond pissed and sad that your life is falling apart? Yeah, that was Spike. Buffy obviously wasn’t his first, but I do firmly believe that he didn’t hold this type of love for anyone before. His love with Drusilla, for one, was mutual and they were on the same side. I think loving someone that was so opposite him really messed Spike up. He didn’t know how to love her. Not until the soul. 

Okay, Buffy dies. That part where Spike cries??? Jesus Christ, ow. I thought I was dying. S6 now. Spike watched out for Dawn. Just like he said he would. If you don’t think that’s intensely powerful, who are you? He easily could’ve said “Nah, I’m just gonna go back to being alone” and left all of that behind. He didn’t know she was going to come back. But he loved her so much that he erased everything he had been for 100+ years to do the one thing she’d ever asked of him. Not to impress her, but because he knew it was the right thing. Because she treated him like a man.

When. He. Saw. Her. Alive. Again. Oh. My. God. Broke my heart. He counted the days. He was so gentle with her. He let her talk about whatever she wanted, he let her use him, let her do anything and everything just so she’d feel better.

The first real kiss: “Once More, With Feeling.” Oh, yeah. We’re gonna talk about the musical. A lot. Rest in Peace is such a heart breaking song. Because, honestly, Spike is 100% right. He shouldn’t have to suffer because he can’t have Buffy. Confiding in him is one thing, but what Buffy started to do was take advantage of him. That line in the song “You know/you got a willing slave”, explains it perfectly. Walk Through the Fire is a brilliant song, for one. But it also shows how much Spike wishes he could hate her, how he 100% knows that he’ll never do anything but love her, how he’ll follow her to the end of the world, and also how much he understands what it is that she’s going through, like no one else can. Something to Sing About, that little bit at the end that Spike sings to Buffy is so beautiful. All he wants is for her to live. And to want to live, to want to try. Where Do We Go from Here? is a group sing, yes, but for Spike and Buffy it’s sort of like a red herring combined with a really ironic ending (the kiss). It explains why Buffy hadn’t reached out to Spike before then, but also why it failed at the end of S6. It’s all about walking “alone in fear.” Buffy never allowed herself to be loved or to love.

That was too much on the musical, sorry. This is a long ass post. We rage on!

Important Sidebar: Spike never, even in S5-6, expressed his love for Buffy just to get in her pants. Never. He always wanted her to love him back. As fucked up and destructive as the two ended up being, the love Spike had for her was as genuine as it could’ve been at the time. Remember, he didn’t use her, she used him.

So, here’s the thing that pisses me off from this point forward: they kiss, Buffy brushes it off; they have sex, Buffy waves it away, and yet Buffy keeps coming back. Look, I don’t totally blame Buffy. Obviously. I mean, she got pulled out of heaven and then had to dig herself out of her grave. She has her own issues. I respect that. And she didn’t just take it out on Spike. She abused Giles and neglected Willow and whole bunch else. But the bottom line is: by the last third of S6, she knew what she was doing and she was totally clear headed about it. She knew what she was doing before, but she couldn’t stop herself. She needed it, so she could feel. But right around the time Riley showed up and she went to Spike’s and said “Tell me you love me, tell me you want me”, I knew she knew she was tearing into Spike and she didn’t give a damn. From there, the blame falls on Spike.

She breaks it off with him because she doesn’t want to keep using him (further backing up the fact that she knew what she was doing). And Spike loses it. 

Here’s the thing: Rape is not okay, never, ever, but that wasn’t Spike. And I’m not talking about “not Spike” in a soul/no soul way. Spike is Spike, before or after the soul. And besides, people rape other people all the time, and they’ve got souls in them, right? This has nothing to do with the soul. I believe the episode title for the attempted rape episode is “Seeing Red.” That’s what it was. It was Spike in the sense of his body, personality, memories, etc., but that was not Spike’s mind. As I said before, he lost his mind. That’s not an excuse, but you can clearly tell that Spike knew instantly that he’d done something terrible, unforgivable. He was broken and hurt and an empty shell of pain. And the fact that he left Sunnydale to get his soul back, not only for Buffy, but to be a better man testifies that the bathroom scene was simply not him. He wouldn’t of done it as a human, he wouldn’t of done is at William the Bloody, he wouldn’t of done it when he was with Dru, it was a blind, senseless act that he’ll regret until the day he’s dust. That’s not me forgiving him, that’s me saying that all of us do despicable things and if we never reformed or help others reform, we’d have one hell of a miserable world.

Okay, S7. Spike was being controlled/tortured by the First, yes, but I do think that his new soul had something to do with his crazed state. Not as much as the First did, but some. And I say that because, remember Angel? Remember how sad and dilapidated he was because he was wracked with guilt? That’s what happened with Spike. It was just amplified because of the First.

Buffy is wary of him, and that’s good. She should be. But I think she also recognizes immediately, at least on some level, that Spike has changed (more than the obvious I-live-in-the-school-basement thing). When Spike is lucid, she has every right to be nervous like she was in the first chunk of episodes. 

But by the end of S7, the fact that their relationship grows to the point of trust and love demonstrates just how much Spike changed and how good of a man he is.

So, I wanna talk more in depth about the pre-post soul thing. Here’s what I believe: part of the change Spike went through was due to the soul (the guilt he felt forced him to see everything in a different light than before, for example), but part of it was done on his own. Meaning, after the attempted rape, Spike would’ve taken steps to improve who he was anyway. The soul was one of those steps, and it helped him to “recover” fully, but he would’ve had some degree of growth regardless.

So, here we are, with my favorite version of Spike. I know some people don’t like “love’s bitch” Spike or “mushy-gushy” Spike, but I love it. Not because I’m gushy. Jesus, I’m so far from gushy. I love it because Spike went through a huge arc. We met him as William the Bloody, learned about Willy and his past, and what we’re left with at the end of the series is just purely Spike. He’s still sarcastic and a fighter, like William the Bloody, but his humanity and compassion shines through, like Willy. Spike is the perfect, final product of an epic journey of discovery. 

Sorry, back to Spuffy.

Buffy learns to trust Spike again. Because she recognizes that the “bad” things he did (in S7) weren’t his fault, because she recognizes that he’s changed. One of my favorite things to talk about with Spike in S7 is his total backseat attitude when it comes to Buffy. He doesn’t try to get back with her, he tries to be conscious of how/if he’s touching her, he doesn’t make sexual comments/suggestions, he doesn’t confess his love over and over or beg her to forgive him or feel sorry for him. He’s totally and completely letting her have the control. That’s the real reason she trusts him again. Because he’s pure. He doesn’t need to say he loves her over and over or convince her he’s changed because it shows. Even when he doesn’t intend it to, his light shines through and draws Buffy to him once again.

Finally, I want to talk about the last three episodes of the series. The Spuffy moments, that is. At the point of “Touched”, Buffy trusts Spike again. This is one of the few times in the season Spike voices his feelings without filter, and it isn’t for selfish reasons like it sometimes had been in the past. It was to give Buffy confidence and worth. Because he loves her enough to that for her. The speech he gave is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s totally selfless. And when she asks him to stay with her, he’s prepared to sleep in a chair to make her comfortable; but then she asks him to hold her and, no hesitation, he goes to her. The fundamental difference between this Spike and the Spike in S6 is this Spike thought of Buffy first. He heard that she needed him and he went to her. I’d wager that he didn’t want to let himself think “this is the best night of my life” because he didn’t want it to be about him, he wanted to focus on her, be there for her.

And that brings us to “End of Days.” God, the dialogue between the two of them in the last three episodes is just amazing, yeah? The talk they had in the kitchen was so beautiful. Same thing, Spike didn’t want to make that night about him but he admitted that it was the best night of his life, and Buffy glowed. This is the first time, in my opinion, that Buffy got that fuzzy feeling in her belly because of Spike. Before, anything close to “I love you” from Spike made Buffy react like “Please don’t say that, I don’t want this to be serious, that’s too much to think about.” This conversation is the first time Spike says something like “I love you” and Buffy thinks “Oh my God, this amazing man thinks watching me sleep and holding me was the best night of his life.” 

Okay, “Chosen.” I’m gonna cry. Pull it together! The basement scene. Buffy left Angel for Spike. She said she was “baking,” but, at least for the night, she was done baking and Spike got the cookies… Okay, ew. Sorry. Moving on. Spike being jealous of Angel in the way he was jealous of Angel was so sad and beautiful and sweet. It wan’t angry or even bitter. He wasn’t cursing Angel or thinking “great, he’s taking my woman again.” He was hoping, praying to anything and everything that he wouldn’t lose this girl. Not the one he really, truly loved. Not the one that brought out the better side of him, the one that he’d forgotten. Not Buffy. 

And Buffy calling Spike a champion, kill me. It’s too beautiful for my heart to handle. And did you see how Spike glowed? He just felt so special, sort of like that moment in the previous episode with Buffy, you know, the “Oh my God, this amazing man” thing? Yeah, that. That’s how Spike felt. Seen, cared for, important, warm, hers. 

Buffy caressing Spike’s face, and then Spike holding Buffy again just topped off the episode for me. Beautiful.

Okay. Now the hard part. 

“I love you.”

“No, you don’t. But thanks for sayin’ it.”

Spike!!! But she does love you!!! And you didn’t believe it!!! She loved you as soon as your hands clasped. As soon as she looked into your eyes and saw everything she had, what she stood to lose. As soon as she saw you looking back at her. God that scene will forever make me want to die while singing the songs of heaven. 

Buffy’s last word in the series being “Spike” is perfect. Fuck you if you don’t think so. Sorry, I’m not usually mean, but he deserved it. He’s a beautiful, lovely man. A good man.

I wish they’d had just one more season. Because the mature love they shared in that very last moment was just blooming and it deserved one more season. Alas. We get it in the comics, though. And we get some Spuffy dialogue from Spike in Angel. I just can never get enough of the two of them. They’re the most beautiful, heart breaking, transcendent love story I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. And I’m a hardcore Destiel shipper. It’s hard to get me to pull away from that. That’s how amazing Spike and Buffy’s love story is. 

If you’ve made it this far, good for you. I just needed to say it, all my thoughts. I love them so much, they mean so much to me. Spuffy forever. Always. 

Come On Eileen

Summary: Lots of things changed since Richie last talked to Y/N  

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: Some swears

Poor old Johnny Ray, sounded sad upon the radio
But he moved a million hearts in mono
Our mothers cried, sang along, who’d blame them


It wasn’t a fight their relationship problems were about, Richie discovered from Beverly the next day. It was something that was going to affect everyone, not just Y/N and Bill. Bill was moving to Portland. Without Bill, everyone feared the worst. Bill was like the glue to the Losers Club. No glue, no structure. Everything was going to fall apart. And eventually it did. Not as quickly as Richie thought it would, but still. They all drifted apart, forgetting, the one thing they all promised not to do, until 27 years later, when they each got a phone call and everything came back.


Richie parked his car outside the restaurant where all of them had agreed to meet. God… He looked around at his surroundings, almost feeling sick at the nostalgia and the memories that flooded back in his mind. Turning abruptly to the door of the restaurant he opened it and entered, searching for them all. The Losers Club they had called themselves back then. He heard them before he saw them. Or heard her was more like it. Richie had to steel himself as feelings and voices surged at him from when he was young. 

“..That sounds like Eddie having a fucking asthma attack but in a good way.”

 He made his way over and was struck by familiar yet not so familiar faces. Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon… No Stan Uris, Richie noted, but Y/N L/N. 

“Is this who I think it is?” Y/N smiled, almost wonderingly as she looked at him. 

“The one and only.” Richie grinned as she laughed again. 

“You’re late. As always.” 

Damn right. Even for this. A voice in his head spoke and he pushed it away.

“Hey now, I think the one who’s really late is Stan.”

“Oh, c’mere you.” She pulled him closer, giving him a hug. “I’ve missed you.”

Richie’s mouth went dry. Dammit. 27 years later she still has that effect on you, huh Rich? Pulling away, he greeted the others before sitting next to Beverly.

“27 years has been too long Richie. Just grow some balls and do it already.” Beverly sniped quietly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t lie. I saw your face. It was the same expression you had back then. She’s not with Bill anymore or anyone for that matter. Just do it, for god’s sake.”

You’re grown, so grown now I must say more than ever
Come on Eileen
Too ra loo ra too ra loo rye aye
And we can sing just like our fathers

Richie sighed. “It’s different. We’re all older, and I never even thought about her as soon as Bill moved and everyone split.”

Beverly was quiet, then spoke softly. “We all forgot. That’s all. But Richie, you know why we came back here. And if something happens…” She left it there. 

He knew she was right, just as he did when he first talked to her about Y/N. Richie looked over at Y/N. Age did her good. He always joked that he was like fine wine when they were young and she had always hit him, but the term was better for her. The dinner went on, full of chatter and laughs like the good old days, and before Richie realized it, it was dark outside and the restaurant was getting ready to close. One by one, they left after making plans for tomorrow until only him and Y/N were left.

“Where are you staying?” 

“Just down the street at the little motel. I walked here.”

“I’m staying there too. Want a ride?” 

Nodding, she walked along with him to his rented car. 

Come on Eileen, oh I swear what he means
At this moment, you mean everything
You in that dress, my thoughts I confess
Verge on dirty
Ah, come on Eileen

The promotion issue is that Gabriel never wanted it for any of them because he knew what it would do. And the rift relating to it came because he told Jack what it would do to him and Jack took it anyway. And it became this big cycle of biting down ‘I told you so’ over and over again while the position ruined him.

(You can’t turn war hound Morrison into a show pet. You can’t turn a soldier into a diplomat after what they had to do.)

And he rags on Jack (and his statue) because that’s their relationship and has been since they met. But Jack’s stressed and bites back harder than he used to. So Gabriel stops but it just feels like it makes things even worse.

(’there are things I wish you’d do more often / like laugh, and talk to me’)

And Jack doesn’t realize until everything starts falling apart around them that this isn’t what he is. That he and Gabriel were cut from the same cloth and they’re meant to Do and Act and Save. That he’s lost sight of the Solider he was during the war. The person who made it through by sheer willpower and the ability to trust the people at his back.

(Because you really can teach an old dog new tricks but you can’t teach it to be another animal instead.)

So he’s a Soldier. He’s not a Hero or Commander or even Jack for a very long time. He lives to try and make Gabriel proud again.

(And Gabriel’s not so sure he actually hit the mark right but he’s proud of the sentiment at least and that’s a lot.)

But that old story is always gonna stay that Reyes wanted that job and started to hate Morrison for it. That he tried to kill them both over it. They found a red herring and ran with it and Gabriel’s never been one to correct a mistake he can use to his advantage. So he tells Talon ‘yeah I hate him’ and ‘yeah he took everything from me’. And maybe for a brief moment he means it but not how they think.

(He let them take him from Gabriel and it hurts. It hurts like they chopped off his right hand. It hurts like they yanked his heart out. Because they really did.)

Jack feels like his first mistake was stepping out from beside Gabriel. That moment when he forgot he’d follow that man into hell. That brief pause where he let anyone make him think he could possibly have belonged anywhere else.

(He doesn’t remember finding Gabriel’s body in the rubble. Doesn’t remember holding his hand to his bloodied face and telling him ‘don’t go where I can’t follow you’. But part of him knows, deep down.)

(Gabriel remembers. Somehow. It haunts his damn nightmares in the time between them finding each other again. 'You left me,’ feels like more and more of a lie every time he tries to say it.)

And there’s still so much they don’t know or understand when they find out they’re both alive. (More or less.) But they know each other. Because they’re Soldiers and they’re Good People, even if no one else believes them now. Because often what is Good isn’t what is pretty or easy to look at.

So when Jack sees Gabriel, wearing a mask and flanked by Talon, he remembers. He remembers that thing he said years ago sitting in the rubble of what was once a building during the Crisis.

('You with me, Jack?’ 'I’d follow you anywhere, Gabe.’ 'Anywhere?’ 'I’d follow you into Hell if you asked.’)

(It wasn’t 'I love you’ because they weren’t there yet but it might as well have been.)

So he follows him. Because he trusts Gabriel. Because he owes him that, after everything. Because he made a promise and he might have messed up before but he’s going to keep it now.

And Gabriel sees him. And even if he has his own things to do, his own way to do it, it’s the first step in fixing everything broken between them. Because his right hand is back. And it might be out of reach where he is but he knows it’s there now. And that’s what’s really worth something.

(Getting sentimental? No, never, not him. He’s just finally feeling complete again.)

And they’re never going to be the same. Because that was broken and flawed. But they can pick up the pieces and make something new out of them, something better. Because they can renew promises and actually keep them. And maybe that’s idealistic. But it’s who they are.

(And that’s what they fell in love with each other over in the first place anyway. So maybe that’s no so bad.)

Nobody Needs To Know

Here is Part One in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1257

-Jensen and the reader have been hiding their problems from everyone. Will they be able to work things out?-

Warning: angst. The whole first part is angst…I’m sorry.

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You took a deep, shaky breath as you made your way from your car to your trailer, hoping to get there without anyone seeing you. You still needed some time to get calmed down enough to be around people.

           You honestly never thought this would be your life; hiding away from your friends that were like family. Hoping they didn’t sense something was different. Hoping they didn’t ask too many questions.

           It was the fourth morning you had arrived on set separate from Jensen, so you were sure someone would notice something soon. You didn’t know how you would handle it. And you didn’t know what their reactions would be when things did finally come out.

           You got to your trailer just as you heard his voice. He and Jared were talking and walking in your direction. Did he realize that?

           “I don’t know what else to do, Jare,” he said, “I thought it was forever, but things just got too … I don’t know.”

           “Dude, maybe you guys need to sit down and talk about everything,” Jared said, “You two have been together for too long to just give up.”

           “We’ve tried talking.”

           Your heart sank. It was like he had already given up. Like it wasn’t worth time to keep trying.

           As soon as they realized you could hear them, their voices stopped. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at them, so you hurried into your trailer. The great thing was, he had Jared to talk to. Who did you have?

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For Better or Worse - Part 5

Again, I am so sorry for the wait!! I do actually have an excuse this time, I moved to another part of the UK last week and everything has been so hectic for me. But, anyway, I’ve finally managed to sit down and write and part five is here! It’s also much longer than part four, so I hope that makes up for it a bit!

A few of you have been asking me if I’m going to post this on AO3 - I have looked into it and I do really want to, but I’m still waiting for an invite to join. In the mean time, I hope it’s ok on here & thank you for continuing to read :)

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4


“It’s Toby,” she breathed.

Betty’s grip on Jughead tightened. “What? What do you-”

“I think he’s alive.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jughead quaked, shielding his eyes from the rain.

“If you get in I will explain what I know. But it has to be now.”

Betty’s heart was pounding against her chest. “Why?”

“Because,” she replied, “your dad has lost it.”

Betty shook her head, removing her hand from Jughead’s as she pulled her hair out of her face.

“What do you mean, lost it?”

“Please, just trust me.”

Amidst all of the craziness, the darkness, the nights of nothing but emptiness, Betty knew one thing for sure: she trusted Veronica with all of her heart. But she wasn’t sure if Veronica trusted her anymore. At first, the drive encompassed nothing but silence. Instinctively, Jughead reached out and squeezed Betty’s hand, to which she squeezed back.

“V, what’s happening?” She finally said, her voice barely a murmur.

“I don’t know all of the details,” she replied, “but after you left everything kind of went into a frenzy.”

Betty frowned, looking down at her dress which was still soaked through with mud and rain.

“Your mom and dad went into the hallway to talk,” Veronica continued. “I was about to leave when I overheard them. Your dad was telling your mom to keep quiet about something; she was pretty upset with him. They mentioned a child and that you would never speak to them again and all your mom did was cry. I kind of put two and two together.”

“I don’t understand. How could he possibly- How could we not know?” Betty wanted to cry, but she was so overwhelmed that nothing would come out. Terrified of losing her son all over again, she ran scenario after scenario over in her head, but nothing she could muster up seem to make sense. Toby, their baby, alive after all of this time? After years of mourning and misery and emptiness. How could he be? And, more importantly, why?

“Where are you taking us?” Jughead’s voice cracked as he watched the street lights fly past with every passing second.

“The Register. There must be some kind of information there. Don’t you think?”

“Maybe,” Betty said, “or perhaps they’ve hidden something in the house.”

“We can check there too, but we’ll probably have to be quick.”

“Why would they do this?” Jughead asked.

“I don’t know,” Betty replied. “They didn’t even like Archie when we were in high school, you know? I could never figure out why they wanted me to be with him so badly.”

“If Toby’s alive,” he started, unable to finish his sentence.

“I know,” she said quickly. “I know.”

The lights were off in the Cooper household, meaning that nobody had gotten there before them just yet. As soon as they made it inside, Betty and Jughead searched the place top to bottom as Veronica kept watch from the window.

“I can’t find anything,” Betty exclaimed as she bounded down the stairs. “There’s nothing here.”

“Same,” Jughead replied, emerging from the dining room. “Nothing.”

“I’ve had an epiphany,” Veronica said suddenly, her eyes lighting up after considering admitting defeat. “Forget The Register. Where’s the one place your parents knew you’d never go back to? The place you couldn’t face?”

“Oh my god,” Betty replied. “That’s it.”

Jughead’s eye flickered from Veronica and then back to Betty again. “Where?”

“The Blue and Gold.”

After quickly changing into some dry clothes, Betty and the two ghosts from her past found themselves rushing to a place they hadn’t stepped foot in since they were just a group of kids falling in love, falling apart, and putting themselves back together again. Riverdale High.

“I thought the Blue and Gold had died out,” Jughead remarked as they snuck around the side of the building, “you know, after everything.”

Betty flinched, her gaze falling to the floor. “It did,” she replied, composing herself, “but I insisted that everything be kept in its place. I couldn’t let it go. Not that it mattered, because I couldn’t even bear to look at any of it after you left.”

She looked at him then, her eyes burning into his for just a split second before Veronica tore them away from one another.

“I know a way in,” she exclaimed, gesturing for them to follow. “Come on.”

It was dark, the moon reflecting an icy cold glare amidst the deceivingly warm breeze, and providing them with their only source of light. Successfully picking the lock of a small, old back door with a hair grip, something Betty had taught her a whole other lifetime ago, Veronica opened the door and hurriedly turned on the flash on her phone to use as a torch. It didn’t take them long to find the room that they were looking for, the room that had once been the home of the Blue and Gold, responsible for much more than just bringing Betty and Jughead together in the first place. There was a sense of familiarity and nostalgia in the air as they carefully made their way down the old hallways, almost as if they had never even left. As if all of those years away had vanished into nothing.

“Stay here and keep watch,” Betty whispered, effortlessly throwing her dampened hair up into a ponytail. “I’m going in.”

“Betty-“ Jughead interjected, grazing her arm gently.

“It’s ok,” she replied. “I’ll be quick.”

A few moments passed, Jughead intently staring after Betty as Veronica allowed her eyes to run over the vacant hallway before her. She could see her old locker, and that sparked something in her. She tried not to think of Archie and all of the memories that were flooding back to her now that she was here, how he stole her heart and broke it, just like every other girl in this place. But not Betty. She had always known better, and that’s why the news of the engagement had initially shocked her so much. Now, after the plot twists of all plot twists, Veronica knew that Archie could never have broken Betty’s heart again, because the truth was that she never really gave it to him to begin with. Deep down, she’d always known that. She took a deep breath, eyeing the broken, dark-haired boy stood beside her.

“So, not to divert too much from the kind of humongous issue we have on our hands but-“

He didn’t move, although surprised by the sudden sound of her voice. “What?”

“I just didn’t expect to see you back there at Pop’s. You know, both of you. Together.”

Jughead turned, scanning the space around them. “Well, it sure is a day for unexpected instances.”

“Whatever’s happening,” she said, “I’m happy that you’ve found your way back to each other.”

He looked down. “We haven’t really had time to talk about it. You know, too busy almost getting married, breaking into high schools and finding our dead son.”

“Well, it’s nice to see that your sardonic humour hasn’t gone anywhere,” she smirked with a sigh.

They smiled at each other, only briefly, as if forgiving one another for something unsaid. An acceptance and understanding passing between the both of them.

“She never stopped loving you, you know?”

He flinched as he broke their gaze, his breath catching in his throat as he looked towards the ground once more, his face pained.

“Her parents practically pushed this wedding onto her, she didn’t even really have much of a say,” she continued. “I didn’t blame her for it. I still don’t. It was just too much, you know?”

Jughead momentarily closed his eyes, nodding ever so slightly. “I know.”

“Maybe things are about to change.”

He pursed his lips together, turning back to face the door as he remembered how he had stood here back when he was just a kid, fighting with himself to go in and talk to the girl he had been in love with ever since she had smiled at him in middle school. Little did he know he’d be the love of her life. He gulped.

“There’s no ‘maybe’ about it.”

Encased within four familiar walls, Betty didn’t know where to look first. This room was used for nothing now except storage; it had almost been forgotten about, but never by her. She thought back to all of those years earlier, gazing at the exact spot where she was stood across the room from Jughead, pleading for him to come and write for the paper. Neither of them could ever have imagined what was to come for them back then. How they’d be one of the most important parts of each other’s lives, how they’d fall in love, get engaged and have a baby. How it would all fall apart. Then slowly, somehow, come back together again.

Rummaging through every drawer before her, clutching onto Veronica’s phone for light, all she could seem to find were pages and pages of nothing but emptiness and irrelevance. Old paperwork from Jason Blossom’s murder, issues of the paper smothered by dust, pens drained of ink, faded class photographs.

“Come on,” she whispered to herself, “there has to be something.”

And then, just when she thought she might be wasting her time after all, something caught her eye. It was an envelope, wedged right down the back, crumpled and creased. It stood out to her because of the handwriting on the front. She would’ve recognised it anywhere. Jughead’s. Her face furrowed in confusion, ripping it open and retrieving a single piece of paper. It was a letter, dated seven years earlier. A letter she had never seen before now.


I’m not really sure how to word this, which is funny, really, seeing as I’m supposedly so good with words. I guess I just need to say that I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I’m sorry that I left, I’m sorry that I hurt you, and I’m sorry that it’s taken me a whole year to do this. I know that probably doesn’t mean a hell of a lot, but I need to say it anyway.

I love you. No matter what happens, I guess that I always will. I want to marry you and start a family again and give every part of me that I possibly can. I never thought I could love or be loved by anyone the way that I did with you and with our son. I understand if you want nothing to do with me, but please, if there’s any chance you do, will you write back? I’ve tried calling but your parents keep telling me to stop. I even called Archie but he’s been nothing but vague and distant. I’ve left my current address on the back of the envelope – it’s completely your call.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I love you.


She stood completely still for a moment, slowly absorbing the words strung out in front of her. If she’d have gotten this letter everything would have been different. The calls that she’d missed and the letters that had gone unanswered, all of which she was completely oblivious to. Her parents were controlling her life in a way she couldn’t even have imagined. How could she have been so blind to what was right in front of her for eight whole years? Not only had Jughead tried time and time again to reach out to her, he clearly thought that Betty’s silence had meant that she didn’t want to hear from him and had no intention of responding. Something in her broke at the thought of that, especially because it couldn’t have been further than the truth.

But that wasn’t the only envelope that had been hidden.

“Is everything ok?” Jughead’s voice dragged her out of her own thoughts, the sight of him in the doorway filling her with a surge of sadness, desire, uncertainty and longing. She gripped onto the envelope a little tighter, taking in every part of him in while she could. His black hair lay scruffily against his face, dripping slightly from the rain, his eyes piercing straight through her as he held onto the door. How could he look at her and make her feel like no time had passed at all? She breathed deeply, before opening it up and inspecting what lay inside.

“These are letters,” she finally breathed.

“Letters from who?”

“A family in Silvercross, wherever the hell that is. They’re all addressed to my mom, talking about a boy… a boy called James? There’s a letter for every year. All eight of them.”

Jughead allowed the door to close, gradually walking closer as he spoke. “James? You think that it’s?”

“I don’t know,” she said quickly, struggling to keep up with her own thoughts.

“What do they say?”

Betty swallowed, clearing her throat as she began to read the words aloud as quietly as she could.

“This one’s dated three years ago.”


We have just celebrated James’ fifth birthday and I thought that I would check in with you. He’s healthy and he’s happy, first and foremost. He’s drawing now and he’s actually pretty good at it for his age. He’s always quite content with a crayon in his hand. He’s a smart kid, which I’m sure you saw for yourself when you met him, and he’s always asking questions about the lady with the blonde hair and when she’ll be coming back. We appreciated your visit and we hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes from all of us,


“Who the hell is Marie?”

Betty dropped the paper onto the desk before them. “I have no idea,” she muttered, “but whoever she is… she might have our son, Jug.”

“Do you really think that it’s him?”

Abruptly, and before she could even think of how to reply, the door flung open as alarms started to blare. “Guys, we need to leave. Now.”

Frantically gathering the papers before her, including the letter she’d found at the start, she seized a hold of Jughead’s arm and headed for the door, following Veronica’s lead.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out.”

in light of recent postings about alters and angra mainyus it is time for me to bring up another topic that has no explicit canon answer, namely the reason it was shirou who ended up being angra mainyu’s vessel in fate/hollow ataraxia rather than anyone else

obviously the main reason is that it was just convenient. shirou is the protagonist, we’re used to him being the narrator, and so having angra use shirou as vessel would allow for the twist of not just the world itself but the very eyes through which we see the world of fha being not what they seem. in-universe however there is no specific reason given why it was shirou specifically who became angra’s vessel rather than one of the many other people in fha’s world he could have used. you could chalk it up to a coincidence, but seeing as the series is literally called “fate” and it concerns the main characters of the game there is very little I am willing to call coincidence here rather than, well, fate. 

SO with that being said here’s some things I believe are contributing factors in angra possessing shirou instead of anyone else

  • angra mainyu is “nothingness” and would thus be drawn to a blank slate of a person like shirou. under normal conditions he’s nothing but a void without any personality who technically doesn’t even exist. someone without any self to speak of would naturally be compatible with someone with a poor sense of self like shirou. due to being nothing angra isn’t actually able to overwrite anyone’s personality (since there is nothing to overwrite it with), but even so someone with a weak identity would be an easier and more familiar personality for angra to borrow
  • shirou is implied at several points to have grail mud inside his body. even if this is only metaphorical, shirou is still tainted by angra mainyu thanks to the fuyuki fire and would thus be an easier and higher priority target for possession than someone angra has no connection with whatsoever
  • angra’s sole wish was to lead an ordinary life, even if only for a while. he was made into the embodiment of all evil before even reaching adulthood and never got appreciate the boring days of doing groceries and cleaning the house and meeting up with friends before they were taken from him in the absolute most cruel way possible. meanwhile shirou, despite his heroic ambitions, is also the king of creating an ordinary domestic atmosphere in the most trying of times. shirou’s first instinct in a crisis is to make dinner. shirou’s life outside the whole holy grail war business is exactly what angra longs for, and since the world of fha is built on not just bazett’s but also angra’s wish, that is the life angra temporarily obtained.
  • angra is in an incredibly backwards way just as much of an idealist as shirou. angra is the victim of the world’s greatest injustice, and to make sense of it somehow and pretend the world is just after all he decided to become the person who deserved it. he’s the logical extreme of the unwillingness to accept that the world is a neutral force that lets bad things happen to innocent people that is found in shirou’s ideals and has every right to hate that sense of justice more than anyone else, but in the same backwards way becoming all the world’s evils made him a heroic spirit because it eased the minds of the people who forced him into that role, he still likes the world and tries to help it by taking the blame for everything evil happening in it. angra ultimately wants the world to be just, and to make it so he claims all acts of injustice are because of him, a convenient evil for heroes of justice to defeat. when the world of fha starts falling apart and angra’s own personality becomes more apparent over shirou’s he mocks the sense of justice of his borrowed personality, but still follows the hero of justice role eagerly, saying it’s not so bad to have those kind of idiots around. ultimately both of them try to save people even if it destroys them

10 DAYS OF BUGHEAD (11/10)  → countdown to season 2 (BONUS)
↳ gifset: @jemmablossom  | story: @easyminds

Suggested song to listen to: Perfect by Ed Sheeran [x]

They were two friends caught in a on-again-off-again storm that engulfed a town they both loved dearly, of which they both felt they were the only two competent people in the town to solve the mystery that was this storm.

So, how did their love story begin?

Well it was pretty normal, or normal as any high-school romance starts off. The girl liked a boy who didn’t like her, while a boy liked the girl whom he thought he’d never have a chance, just like how he thought he’d never let her know.

Yet feelings always find a way out, and when the boy found out that the girl, with her always perfect pony-tail, had been rejected by the boy he liked, his best friend, their childhood friend. His feelings nudged him towards taking a chance.

That day, when the boy took that leap in her bedroom, after bad boy-styling it and crawling up and through her window, she, out of the two of them, was the one who least expected to be kissed. And even more so, hadn’t anticipated the butterflies that fluttered around endlessly in her stomach.

From that point on, things just. Well, happened.

His comfort when she felt her family was falling apart, her sadness when he lashed out his anger and saw how hurt she was by words that he didn’t mean but needed to say. The cut on his lip and the wounds on her palms as they both had finally after everything they went through, really, I mean really, opened up to one another in a booth at a really great diner.

And sure, after that they still had some bumps. Who doesn’t when you are both waist deep in a murder mystery and your town is going insane, but by the end of all that, when they both had a moment to themselves, a weight was lifted and the two of them finally had a moment to just be them. Together.

To say the least, it wasn’t a simple romance, it wasn’t a perfect romance, but when she was with him, and he was with her. They both felt loved, wanted, cherished.

And in the end, they both said those three heartwarming words.

“I love you.”

jack and gabriel doing tons of timezone balancing when they’re apart, staying up weird hours to vid chat and talk on the phone. those conversations that are literally one saying goodnight and one saying good morning. jack in a big meeting texting under the table because gabe’s sad and lonely and he can’t talk but he can send 16 emojis in a row.

balancing schedules and flights so they can meet each other at the airport. and they do that romance movie jump and spin hug and smooch like they haven’t seen each other in years even if it’s only been a week. sometimes jack carries gabriel all the way to the damn car because he cannot, will not, let him go because it’s been too long. (and gabe loves every second of it and it’s only half because he’s too jet lagged to walk in a straight line.)

the first time they’re apart after getting back together post-fall and it’s just a MESS of sap and long phone calls and grouchy old men to every poor soul who has to be around either of them. and when gabe gets back they try to do the same dive and hug thing but jack’s knees just give up and they end up on the floor laughing and squeezing the life out of each other. it’s so gross and adorable, people are touched, someone is crying, everything is beautiful.

Save Me From Myself - Part 12

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x Reader

Summary:  Y/N was the leading medic on the team catering to the Winter Soldier under the watchful eye of Hydra against her patriotic will. After helping Captain America and the Falcon  to track down her ‘patient,’ Y/N took up a job at the Avengers Tower.

Recap: Y/N and Bucky had been getting closer until a mission called him away. Then a late night distress call about Bucky being hurt set things in motion to put distance between the two.

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A/N: I’m so sorry I took so long (2 years so long) to write the ending to this. I apologize profusely if my writing sucks. I’m a little rusty I’m afraid! :( Anyways…here’s the last part to Save Me From Myself. You’re always welcome to message me! <3

Y/N was avoiding him. She did come to see him when he was in Med Care but it seemed like she made it a point to only visit when he was either asleep or when she was accompanied by Steve or Natasha. More often than not, he pretended to be asleep just to be in her presence longer and he felt like a fool for it.

There were many things he still didn’t understand about himself and where he fit in this new world, but this was what ate at him the most. She was there, but she wasn’t. She spoke to him but all the inside jokes and stupid banter has been pushed aside to leave behind just polite pleasantries. She was close enough to touch and yet never has she been furthest from his reach. He did not understand at all.

Talking to Steve put things in perspective as it usually did.

“So she saw the surveillance footage of the last mission?” Bucky asked just to make sure he was hearing things right. Steve nodded curtly. “How did that even happen, Steve?”

“She walked in while I was reviewing. I think she came to update about your condition post-surgery.”

“How much?” Bucky breathed out. “How much did she see?”


It was devastating for Steve to see the emotions warring against each other within his friend. The tension and horror was almost palpable. That mission had not been pretty, and Bucky…what he was capable of was not mild.

Enough. The word reverberated through Bucky’s mind. No wonder Y/N wanted nothing to do with him. She saw just how much of a monster he truly was – the killing machine. She finally knew that no matter how many shows they binged watched together or how many hours they spent idly chatting about life over coffee, there was a part of him that would never be erased. The greatest part of him. The worst part of him.

“Bucky…” Steve reached out to lay a hand on his shoulder but he flinched away.

“I should have known,” he whispered in resignation, eyes closed, almost as if the words were uttered to himself.

“Known what?”

He looked Steve in the eye and there was such a sense of defeat and even a slight hint of anger simmering in the blue. “I’m not meant for good things.”


“That it was just a moment in time and soon reality of who I am would set in. I should have known but I thought she was different.

She is in love with you. Steve almost blurted it out but in the end he was glad he didn’t. It wasn’t his place to say it and even if it was, now was not the time.

He watched Bucky walk out. He hated seeing him that way. He hated that he felt he didn’t deserve good things in his life. Steve couldn’t help but feel angry at Doc. She knew who Bucky was. She’d known from the very beginning what he was and what Hydra made him out to be. If she couldn’t handle what he came with, she shouldn’t have let him get so close to her at all.

But in the end, it was between them and Steve couldn’t interfere.

Y/N was typing away on her laptop when she heard the door to her lab open. She looked up to find Bucky closing the door behind him.

“Hey!” She greeted him with a smile but her hesitance was obvious and the smile didn’t reach her eyes.

In that moment, all of his well thought out intentions gave away and his anger took over. “You’re avoiding me.”

It wasn’t a question but she answered none the same. “Yes.”

“You saw the footage.”


He took a deep breath, as if bolstering himself up for the rest of the conversation. “So that’s it then, is it? You finally saw what I truly am and everything we had is just thrown out of the window, just like that? Is that how little it all meant to you or am I so despicable that even having a fucking decent conversation with me is so damn disgusting to you?”

He waited with bated breath, anger evident in every bit of him, his stance defensive. He prayed she’d deny it. He expected her to shut him out.

She walked towards him so fast he didn’t see it coming till her fist collided with his chest. It didn’t hurt but the shock of it made him cry out.

“How dare you?” She yelled.

Y/N never yelled. Y/N was never physically violent. But here she was screaming her head off at him and punching him with every word. Bucky was too confounded to respond or even understand why the hell she was angry.

“Is that how little you think of me?” she asked, continuing without waiting for Bucky to say anything. “That I am disgusted with you? That I am afraid of you?” She pushed him and walked away.

“What else was I supposed to think, Y/N?” Bucky asked, his voice devoid of all anger now. All he wanted was to understand, to go back to what they had. He did not want to fight with her. He did not want to be mad at her.

She turned around to face him once more. “I was afraid for you.” She took a few steps closer so that once again they were chest to chest with just mere inches between them.

Usually, such proximity unnerved Bucky. He was not still used to it. Yet, right now, he was so mesmerized by the emotions warring in her eyes to even think about putting distance between them. “What?” he asked, not fully comprehending what she meant.

“You walk into battle like you are immortal…like you’d never be hurt,” she whispered laying a gentle hand on his cheek. The few hours’ stubble prickled her but she didn’t care. He leaned into her touch subconsciously, craving her as he always seemed to. “But you’re human, Bucky. Stronger than most but still human,” she continued. “Do you know what it was like for me, to get that phone call in the middle of the night? To see you hurt? To know that there might be nothing I could do to save you?”

He didn’t answer. There was nothing he could say anyway.

“You mean so, so much to me,” she said, and her words set his heart racing with hope and anticipation. So much so that she could probably feel it, as close as they were to each other. “I don’t know if I could ever be okay with you being so reckless with yourself. I don’t know if I would survive a minute while you are away at some mission, not knowing when or if you’d come back,” she sobbed gently, looking down at her feet, unable to let him see so much vulnerability anymore.

Bucky gently cupped her face and made her look at him. It was imperative that he had her full attention for what he had to say. “I wish I could be someone else, too. Someone safe. Someone normal. Some nights, I can’t sleep. I stay up thinking of what could happen to you when I am not there. Mostly though, the thought that tortures me the most is what if something happens to you because of me? I wish I could stay away from you. That would be the right thing to do. The safe thing.”

“Then why don’t you?” she whispered.

Bucky smiled. Even in such a heartbreaking moment, she was not going to let him off easy. She wanted the words. Who was he to deny her? “I love you, Y/N.”

He waited with bated breath for her to return the words but they didn’t come. She leaned in and kissed him instead.

She tasted as sweet as he imagined she would be. Things started off innocently enough, but soon her hands were tangled in his hair, pulling, demanding, and his were grabbing her by the hips trying to be as close as they could physically be.

He walked her back to her desk and she found herself half sitting, and half wrapped around his hips. She wondered why she was not more awkward or cautious about it but whatever that was happening with him right now, felt like an ancient dance they were both aware of. When he unbuttoned her top, she turned her face, giving him access to her neck. When she reached for the bottom of his t-shirt, he raised his arms allowing her to lift it off him barely even breaking their kiss.

Skin to skin, they were all deft movements and sensations. When Bucky plunged into her in one stroke, she held on to his shoulders seeking something just beyond her reach. He wanted her to find it too. One hand held her head, cradled, while the other slipped between them to her center, coaxing her to fall apart in his arms.

There was no sweet slow lovemaking. It was fast, hard, and urgent – both of them seeking confirmation in the other. When she came around him, screaming his name, he let go and allowed himself to come hard within her.

Later, they held on to each other, coming down from the high, half-dressed and half not. She hid her face in the crook of his neck. “Just so you know,” she said, in between trying to catch her breath, “Sex is not the answer to everything.”

He chuckled. “Well no,” he agreed. “Sex is the question, and yes should always be the answer.”

Smiling, she pushed back on his chest to look up at him. “I’m serious though. We haven’t really worked out…”

“Y/N,” he interrupted her. “I have been on the wrong side of history for far too long. Whatever I can do to even the scale… I have to do this. This is who I am. I wish I could promise you ‘safe’ but I can’t. All I have is myself. I can promise to try and be careful, to be better at it but this is what my life is. I could be walking down the street and get hit by a bus for all I know.”

“Except you’d be running towards a freaking train head on every time you are away,” she pointed out.

“All I know, is that I love you. All I can promise you is that I’d try better at being more careful,” he told her solemnly. What was unsaid was that she could either have him as he was, or she could choose to ignore all that was between them out of fear.

She wanted to be mad at him, but was this not why she loved him in the first place? Hydra tried to break everything out of him and yet, his conviction and sense of duty remained, dormant for a while, but still there.

“Alright,” she whispered, agreeing. “For the record, I love you too, Sergeant Barnes,” she said dragging him down for a kiss.

Things weren’t perfect. Things weren’t all planned out. Yet, she was his and he was hers. They had been each other’s for longer than either of them even knew…and that was all they needed. His past was still his past. Her fear was still in her heart. Neither of them were naïve enough to think that love would conquer all, but they were brave enough to try. It was enough. It was all they had, and it was enough.

The End.