and everything else to meet them

The kids you knew when you were six years old sell drugs now and I want to stop them but I don’t know how.
Your sister left feather boas and fairy wings somewhere far away, back when life was good and everything was okay.
I thought I would be someone else by now but I haven’t become the person I thought I might be. Pull me in by the waist where the sun meets the sea.
Tell me you’re in love. Tell me you’re sure. Turn me right around when I turn for the door.
I don’t know what I’m saying and I don’t know how I feel but I know that I miss you and I know this is real.
—  #189- excerpts from the book I’ll never write

fun fact: procrastination happens to animals too. it’s a naturall thing.

animal equivalents for scrolling tumblr include:
 - hamsters starting to wash their faces in inaproppriate situations
 - hyenas stopping everything and starting to dig holes in the ground.
 - seagulls starting to ruffle their feathers instead of doing important things

this happens for two reasons: 

1) an animal is in the situation where none of the standard scenarious it has are fitting, so it does the next best thing 
(example: hamsters were put in a vibrating bowl, they couldn’t run or attack, so in about a minute they stopped everything and started washing their faces.)

2) an animal has two conflicting instincts fighting for dominance, so the third one, usualy suppressed by them, kicks in.
(example: when two hyenas meet at the border of their territories, they have an instinct to protect their own territory conflict with an instinct not to cross someone else’s. they don’t know if they need to attack or leave, so both start digging holes in the ground.
example: a seagull sitting on the nest needs to protect her children, but also has to go get some food. instead a seagull settles for ruffling her feathers for two hours.)

with humans it’s usually the second reason.
(example: I’m tired and I want to go to sleep, but I should write an essay for tomorrow. both these things are important, so I’m procrastinating them by writing this post.)

nature is beautiful.
I’m gonna go to sleep now.

The truth about a long distance relationship

They aren’t all cute airport meetings and the cute photos in between, they are so much more.
Tears become a daily routine and missing them hurts more and more. Being long distance will test you in every way possible and believe me, it does but it should never test your love for one another.
Having them around makes you feel as though nothing else matters, everything is okay and you could stay so content like that forever…but all of that is always short lived because that is distance for you, distance is a living hell and it is something that requires so much strength, communication and most of all Love.
Please do not give up, because all of those tears are worth it in the end.

i truly feel bad for all the people who have ever hurt me/treated me badly. i will recover and i will move on but the people who have not treated me the way i deserve to be treated, well, they won’t hear from me again. and i don’t mean to sound conceited or arrogant, but i am a lot to lose. i am only human and i make mistakes but i am good. i am good and i swear i have a soft heart. it has caused me a lot of pain over the years, but i have a heart so big it can’t help but love in big amounts. you will never meet a person like me. i have battled my own heart for years, trying to get it to stop loving people the way that it does. but the people i have loved haven’t left without my love engraved into their minds. they will always search for the kind of love i gave to them in everything and everyone else, and they will not be able to find it. i don’t love like a normal person. i never have. and that is my advantage. you can call it my weakness or you can call it my strength. either way, there is no forgetting my love. you will always remember how it felt, sort of like a warm sweater on a chilly day and you will be freezing without it. and i, well, i will always be okay. i have a big heart and it warms up my entire body. it always has. you will miss the warmth of my heart. you will always miss my warmth. 

KINDRED (A Reylo fanfic)

They are kindred, him and her…

Young Ben Solo is tired of disappointments, tired of his father always putting him second, so on his sixteenth birthday he finally does something about it when he steals the Falcon and dumps it on Jakku, leaving behind both his childhood and something else.

Wasting my time making cover art for my new fic instead of, you know, writing. Forced myself to work without lineart, and it was fun! … if difficult. Inspired by the ever amazing Ian McQue (go look him up. it’s worth it).

Scene is from Chapter 1, when Ben ditches the Falcon on Jakku and meets a recently abandoned little girl by the name Rey before he leaves and everything starts going downhill for both of them. 

Bonus zoom-in:

You betcha’! I kind of wanted to try to write something more light hearted in lieu of everything that’s going on.


  • this man has been waiting for this day for so long
  • he can’t stop how excited he was to meet them
  • before the babe is even in his hands HE’S IN TEARS
  • one of the first few feelings this baby will have is their father’s tears on their skin
  • you as a new mama bear:


  • the day finally came
  • Jaehee was there for you every step of the way and your child 
  • when she held them in her arms
  • she realized everything she had and everything that she worked for
  • all that happened her lead her up to this
  • if it weren’t for certain misfortunes, she wouldn’t have met your or your child
  • and she thanks God for that


  • during labor he was trying to keep his shit together for you
  • every scream he wanted to punch whoever was putting you through pain
    • but he’s not going to punch his smol child
  • there was only two things in the world that took his breath away:
  • the first time he met you
  • and the moment he held his child in his arms
  • honestly can’t stop staring at them


  • you were lucky he could get you into the top hospital with the best doctors to ensure your comfort
  • but no matter what you were still in pain
  • you actually bruised his hand
  • but it was all worth it in the end
  • when he held his small child in his arms
  • everything just felt so surreal
  • he honestly thought he would never get a chance like this
  • while you’re sleeping, he sings to them to keep them calm


  • low key panics during your labor
  • you’re screaming and there’s nothing he can do besides just stand beside you
    • he’s said countless of times he would be willing to carry the baby
    • no Seven that’s not how this works
  • but when your child was delivered happy and healthy
  • he’s in tears
  • he was so grateful for you, Saeran, and your child
  • now he had three people he had to protect
  • mutters silent prayers to the child to bless them coming into the world


  • everything was just so overwhelming for him
  • but he couldn’t focus on his insecurities while you were in labor
  • so he held your hand while giving you encouragements
  • but through all that pain he’s able to hold his child
    • the nurses were a bit :/ about him holding the child
    • but nerts to them you trust your husband
  • he felt the weight in his arms, the raising and falling of its body, the warmth of the blanket
  • he only wished he could see them
    • he imagined they look exactly like you
  • doesn’t believe he deserved you or this beautiful creature in his arms
  • but in that moment, he felt truly happy for what he had
  • it felt like true redemption (´,,•ω•,,)


  • he was so terrifed when you were in labor
  • never before has he seen so much PAIN
    • he’ll think twice before he’ll pull the sick card on you
  • he’s all anxious 
    • his mind is running 10 miles a minute
    • and he fears that he may lose you
  • but all of that disspiated when he heard the baby’s cries
  • when you hand him your child
  • he’s just staring at them
  • his entire life has been one pile of shit over another
  • but this thing in is arms gives him hope
  • he promises right then and there that they WILL be loved

06/12-2016 has been the best day of my life. I’ve never been happier than I’ve been today and I don’t think I’ll be this happy again for a looong time. Thank you so much for today, it was magical. I’m so proud of Dan & Phil and I’m so glad I got to experience everything myself; their warm embraces and kind words, the lovely people who went to see them and of course, the show that they created together. Well, I don’t know what to say anymore..Just, thank you @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil

Dear Anonymous:

1. I hope she reacts well to your inclinations. I used to love someone like that too. I hope she loves you back. I hope you’re happy.

2. I just want to love too. I think soulmates work that way because life’s too short to be stuck to one person, but one person can change your whole perspective– one person is all it takes to fuel the rest of your life with passion. It’s always worth the rejection. We were built to break and rebuild. Sometimes heartbreak is the way in, but it’s also the way out. Timing is everything. Timing is everything… if you didn’t meet them when you weren’t ready, you’ll never be ready for someone else when they’re ready for you.

3. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay– love is love, right? Who cares if you’re in love with a she or a he, they’ll break you apart or keep you together. It’s such an odd thing. To die and live in a simple three word sentence.

4. A book? By the end of this year, it’ll happen.

5. I am from the darkest corner of your thoughts, the sun crawling through your curtains– I’m the cup of coffee that needs a fuck ton of sugar. I’m the distance we had to keep, I’m the apologies that made us weep.

6. An apology seems to be my only way to start the day as of lately. I’m sorry too.

7. Love is a coffee shop, we’re just the misplaced books. We’re the sentences, we’re the typos. I’ll be the incorrect emoji for the moment, if you’ll be the text sent to the wrong person. I’ll say I love you if you never say it back. I’ll love you if you don’t love me back. You can be sure about that. You can be sure about that…

8. My mind feels kinda broken, I guess we’re all kinda messed up sometimes.

9. This is not talent, this is hard work. Don’t confuse the two. I was not born with this, I woke up one morning like this. I will die with this, I will ink my whole life into your skin if you let me.

10. You loved them enough to let them go. There’s nothing more beautiful than that one simple realization. I will love you from afar and we’ll both grow. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? I don’t think it would’ve worked out anyway, we need this. This time spent apart, we need this. All of it.

11. “Don’t ever make someone your person when they don’t even know how to be their own.” Realest shit I ever read. Big ups.

12. I will never quit writing. She’s always reading. She’s always reading.

13. I’m sorry, I think we’re all in need of assistance. We can’t do it alone. Go out and make a few new friends. They’ll help. I promise.

14. Shit, I don’t know either. I wake up like that. It sucks, but you’ll figure out the truth eventually. I promise.

15. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. How can I answer you if I don’t even know the answers myself? I’m just human. I’m just like you. Nothing new here, just more human frailties.

16. It’s been a year plus, but I still love her too. We’re all missing someone, we just need an outlet.

17. Love doesn’t like to break even, love doesn’t like to remain still– love should feel like a few broken ribs, love should feel like a few torn heartstrings– but love should also feel delicate, love should also be soft.

18. I don’t know what language you’re speaking in, but I’m pretty sure it’s definition is beautiful. Stay beautiful.

19. I fade away every night. If you want to be nothing, I get it. It’s the easy way out. The shortcut to the end. Who doesn’t want that? But choosing to live, choosing to figure it out. That’s commendable. Always is. Always will be.

20. You need to let go of him because until you do… you’ll always be dependent of him. You’ll never be yourself. There is more oneness in loving yourself first versus oneness in loving someone for the sake of feeling whole. Love is an illusion.

21. If I am the Galaxy, then explain my black holes. How many times must I die before I feel like it’s time to live?

22. People can die from a broken heart, but people also forget that they’re a garden. You are the roses. You are the florist. You are the sun. You are the sun. You are the blossom. You are the growth. You are the bees. You grow into me, like how I’ll grow into you.

23. Thank you doesn’t even start to explain you.

24. Fear is a powerful tool for motivation. Use it wisely.

25. If you don’t want it to end, then write it down. Because some day, he might not be there. Some day, all you’ll have are those words. Nothing lasts forever and that’s just something that we must remember. How can you love yourself if you don’t keep that in mind?

26. I’m sorry. I’m not him. I’m not you. How can I possibly give you some ending? We’re all looking for more poison to fill our veins with.

27. I slept for 24 hours, but I’m still tired.

28. It’s hard to backtrack too.

29. It ends when your heart gives out on you. It ends when your search hits a brick walls it ends when your lights dim just enough for you to read the truth etched into your skin like a story that was never supposed to be told. We were meant to feel the love stories, but we could never keep the last page from ringing true. The truth is I love you too.

30. I’ll let you know right now. I am not your ex. And if in some way, I am… then know that no one is out to get you. The only person that’s doing that is you. Waking up to fear is no way to live. Letting go… it’s an excellent start.

31. My opinion on loving someone that doesn’t love you back anymore is this: if you’re doing it. Stop. Just stop. Save yourself some time. Stop yourself from that mistake. It doesn’t end well for you. It doesn’t end well for your emotions. Start with you. It’s a good place.

32. I’m not Filipino.

33. Hello.

34. Pretty crimson leaves used for a pretty crimson sneeze.

35. We’ll never be the same. Change is the only way to live your life.

36. I’m from the same place that all poets were born into. A Silk Road of heartbreaks and slow songs.

37. We’re all unique. From your first thought of today to your DNA.

38. Maybe kiss him today? Fuck it. Life’s too short. Let the make out sessions begin.

39. My thoughts sink us into tomorrow.

40. They say that the smaller you write, the more you care about others. The bigger you write, the more love you’ve got for yourself.

41. I’m afraid that you’re right.

42. There’s always beauty in loneliness. The way he reads that book from across the street. The way she pulls back her hair to drink her tea. The way they fell in love made yesterday like a today we’ll never share.

43. The question is the answer.

44. I’ll call you some day.

45. I’m looking for myself. Shouldn’t we all?

46. You’re a beautiful creature too.

47. Two strangers? The start of every love story.

48. You can call me K.C.

49. Twice by Madeline Stauffer

50. Nothing is wrong with you. There is only more to love.

51. And that’s exactly why I’m answering all of them in this post.

52. I changed my URL because I wanted it to be less about her and more about me.

53. Take a break and walk around. Artificial lighting can hurt us. The sun’s good too.

54. No comment.

55. I’m a robot.

56. I don’t answer anonymous asks anymore because how can I help others if I can’t even help myself kinda realization. My apologies.

57. Poetry about being viewed for only sex… hmm… you sound like somebody I know.

58. Pick yourself first. Always pick yourself.

59. Don’t die. Do not die. There’s so much more out there.

60. Sticking to yourself is a good start.

61. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s only more to love.

62. I don’t know. I’m still figuring it out myself actually.

63. I’ll draw more once my mind is less exhausted.

64. There’s nothing wrong with reading poetry.

65. Love is something that’s immensely felt and hard to measure.

66. I’m trying to be more than just another broken heart.

67. I feel like a disappointment to myself constantly. We’re too hard on ourselves. It sucks.

68. Maybe they should profess their love to each other?

69. I’m sorry.

70. You should listen to your mother. If she’s your guardian, respect her wishes until you’re of age.

71. Drinking and smoking– there’s nothing wrong with it. Although it is nice to give your body a break here and there.

72. I think you’re right.

73. You need to lean on yourself. Remember that people need space from us. People need room to breathe. You can’t smother them.

74. I love you too.

75. I’m sorry. Maybe you should stay away from him. You’re obviously catching feelings when you shouldn’t.

76. Falling in love with your best friend? That sounds terrific tbh.

77. Are you alive? Suicide isn’t the answer.

78. I’m sorry. You need to give yourself some time to heal. Maybe you’re not ready for love.

79. Sometimes I think I’ll die at an early age too.

80. I love them both.

81. All love stories should hold mysteries.

82. Life is full of regrets– you just need to pick the right ones to live with.

83. You deserve to love yourself first.

84. I’m sorry. Empathy is a bitch, isn’t it?

85. “But it’s the way she smiles, like every bullet missed her…” the only way to smile.

86. I would never give up this part of me.

87. I understand. Give yourself more time.

88. Because people are just as lost as you are.

89. I’m trying to be better. I promise.

90. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

91. Who hasn’t fucked up? It’s learning to be better… that’s the only thing that fucking matters. You’re still here, right?

92. Hold his hand and call him yours.

93. I’m sorry. I can barely understand myself. How can I explain you for who you are?

94. You say that I’m a little harsh. Life is rough. Why would I sugarcoat the truth?
—  The truth about you

okay but not only are Fred & George master pranksters and know Hogwarts inside out but they would also know everything that went down in Hogwarts – thanks to the map. like they would know who was hooking up with who, which teachers were going at it, everyone else who snuck out after curfew. like just imagine them making bets about whether or not this person was going to meet up with that person tonight (“I bet you Seamus is going to sleep in Deans bed again tonight, George” “oh come off it Fred, they’re only 2nd years!” “… pay up”) and then coming up with ingenious ways to make the people feel guilty or if it was a couple they had been wanting to get together for a really long time they would find little ways to celebrate. and just think of how insane they would make all their teachers (pranks aside!) just by dropping really sly hints about how much they knew but never enough to really get in trouble…

and I’m sure they knew about the invisibility cloak. how could they not if they’re just watching the map and then every other night or something, Harry’s footprints pop up in the restricted section again and they’re just like “smh at it again Harry there’s my boy” I mean, that’s probably how they decided he was fit to own the map after them was bc of how often they watched him sneak out.

so that post about the soulmate au where your life turns color when you meet and then black and white when one of them dies.

like…. supernatural where everything else is the same except for that.

sam literally has no memories of life being black and white. he’s known dean since he was born. and dean’s only black and white memories are from before sam was born.

so it’s like… the biggest shift and shock when dean’s world slowly fades to gray at cold oak. and the last color to leave is red, so the last color he sees is sam’s pink lips.

and then he knows after the deal that it worked because his world bursts into a shock of colors again. and sam would never need to know because he lost consciousness in a color world and woke up in a color world. he never would have known if it weren’t for jake’s big mouth.

and then…. sam finally experiences it… over a hundred times in mystery spot. 

and so on…. and their colors shift and go away and come back so many times…

Circle time was ending. Besides, she knew now why her mind had felt so unraveled, and that was a help. She couldn’t hear the ghostly thoughts of all the other Esme Weatherwaxes anymore.
Perhaps some lived in a world ruled by elves. Or had died long ago. Or were living what they thought were happy lives. Granny Weatherwax seldom wished for anything, because wishing was soppy, but she felt a tiny regret that she’d never be able to meet them.
Perhaps some were going to die, now, here on this path. Everything you did meant that a million copies of you did something else. Some were going to die. She’d sensed their future deaths… the deaths of Esme Weatherwax. And couldn’t save them, because chance did not work like that.
On a million hillsides the girl ran, on a million bridges the girl chose, on a million paths the woman stood…
All different, all one.
All she could do for all of them was be herself, here and now, as hard as she could.
—  Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

Based on a conversation I had with @sixelamarr

Lotor, looks like space legolas bc he has limited shapeshifting abilities and can only change from galra to semi-altean. And maybe Lotor likes looking like a purple altean because he figured out early on that his galra form strikes fear into the hearts of anyone that sees him bc he’s a splitting image of Zarkon and while that definitely commands respect, it gets a bit… tiring after a while. 

He figures his altean form is more comely and he likes the way everyone seems to preen and swoon at him when he looks like that, also they dont cower in fear all the time and thats?? unexpectedly?? nice?? he loves the attention. 

So Lotor only looks Galra for official functions and hot space prince for absolutely everything else.

And what if the paladins stop at some faraway planet to rest or whatever and while they’re all off exploring, maybe there’s an attack or they just run off and get lost, either way Lance gets separated from them and ends up meeting this stuck up but strangely attractive purple being, and maybe Lance tries to flirt at first but backs off once he realizes Lotor is a dude, and Lotor in the meanwhile is like what is up with this beautiful infuriating creature, he was flirting a while ago but now he doesn’t like me?? and he just has to get Lance to like him. 

Its a bit of a challenge.A fun little thing to divert his attention because Haggar is calling again, holy quiznaks can she not?? he’s not interested in running his dad’s stupid empire when he could be out partying instead. lol tell her I’ll call back. 

And maybe in his quest to get Lance’s attention they end up having a nice fun day and getting into all sorts of messes, and Lance is like ‘holy shit?? this is nice?? this guy actually likes me??’ and Lotor is like ‘wait this is different, this doesn’t feel like all the other fun little games’ and then SHIT HAPPENS

Maybe an accident happens and Lance is going to get hurt and Lotor is all my galra form is stronger and i can help him but also what hAPPeNS iF hE fiNDs OuT Lance was just starting to like him, that could all go away if he finds out Lotor is Zarkon Jr. but the power of friendship wins out in the end and he transforms into his galra form to help Lance.

And at first Lance is like wait no you’re galra?? and Lotor is so ready for this to become a Problem but its Lance and he’s apparently never seen Zarkon before (I think Keith and Shiro are the only ones that ever fight him face to face so it makes sense that Lance… doesn’t actually know what he looks like?) so anyway Lance thinks this through and is like you know what. You saved my life and you’re a cool dude so you’re not half bad for a galra, im cool with this I mean it’s not like you’re Zarkon or anything right?

And Lotor is at the same time over the moon that Lance is cool with him being Galra and also confused because how does he not realize?? what rock have you been living under Lance?? and they exchange secret communicators and part ways as pretty good friends.

So Lance goes back to the paladins and Lotor goes back to the Galra Empire and they call each other a lot. LIKE A LOT. and sometimes they happen to be in the same star system (bc they’re fighting EACH OTHER but sshhh they dont know that) so they meet up and are like ‘whoa you will not believe the shit i had to go through today’ and basically they’re both oblivious dorks that maybe sort of stumble their way into falling in love.

And then of course just when things are going good, they finally figure out they’re fighting each other, and angst and drama and maybe a screaming-fighting match happens where they yell at each other a lot about dishonesty but finally sit down and make up in the end, and then makeouts happen and just when things are starting to get a bit steamy- the other paladins barge in to rescue Lance from the evil Galra.

Does anyone else have identifiable phases of going through fps like for example for me I meet a person and I’m like “hey this person seems cool I think we’ll get along” and then very quickly (like after a few days) I’m like “THIS IS THE GREATEST PERSON IN THE WORLD I CAN’T BELIEVE I FOUND MY SOULMATE” and then there’s the clingy phase where I start second guessing everything and I message them all of my thoughts and feelings to try to get them to care and lastly I either split on them or imprint on someone else and the cycle continues

exo secret admirer! au (pt.1)

A/N: (Requested) This was so different in my head and I didn’t expect it to be so long. So, I’m going to put it in two separate parts! >< I wasn’t sure how to write this it so I turned them into smol drabbles!


It’s been 2 years since he debuted and his life has been hectic ever since. Through all the numerous concerts, fan meets, interviews, and everything else that came with being a top idol, Kyungsoo barely had room to breathe. But don’t get him wrong, he really loves what he does, but sometimes he just needed a break. So whenever he had time off, he goes back to his hometown and visits the bakery he used to go to all the time. The shop owner’s daughter, Kaya, was his classmate in middle and high school. They’ve been good friends for a long time, and they often baked together. At first, he only saw her as a friend, but he slowly fell in love with her charms. However, during the time Kyungsoo was away, she got herself a boyfriend. He was heartbroken when he saw their pictures on her phone, but he didn’t blame her. He never stopped going back to the bakery, because it took away all his anxiety and  stress. Kyungsoo wasn’t sure if it was her warm smile and sweet voice, or the nostalgic aroma of the pastries that they once shared together.


The puppies stared, confused, wagging their tiny tails at the tall man hovering outside the window. He held a black, fluffy, Bichon pup in his right hand. Chanyeol took a deep breath, checked his reflection in the shop’s window, and opened the door to the pet shop he had been coming to for the past few months. The shopkeeper put down the cage she was fixing and ran over to him. “Oh my gosh, how have you been? I’ve missed you so much dear!” she cooed with a big smile. Chanyeol felt his face burn up and he froze in place. His heart wouldn’t calm down and he thought he was faint on the spot. Just then, the shopkeeper took the pup from his hand and hugged him tight. “How’s my little Thoven doing? Has your owner been taking good care of you, little baby?” Chanyeol snapped back into reality as he watched the girl he fell in love with at first sight, cuddling and kissing his little pup, and he bit his lip. “Damn it, Bee Thoven,” he mumbled bitterly.


Loud screams and heavy music clashed as they filled Jongin’s eardrums. He pulled his hood down to his eyes and readjusted his mask back in place. His heart was beating quickly, was it from the shaking in the arena or his own anticipation? Suddenly, the flashing lights turned off simultaneously and only the stage was left illuminated by white lights. The music turned off, the screams stopped, and all Jongin could hear was his breathing and impatient heart. Three girls appeared on stage, greeting the crowd, and were welcomed with countless cheers. Jongin’s face lit up. He has been a fan of SKY since their debut, but they still weren’t that well-known, hence the small venue they were at. Jongin never failed to secure himself a ticket in the pit, and has never missed a concert, unless he had a schedule then. The three girls were all amazing, but Jongin couldn’t keep his eyes off Kisoo, the lead dancer. His eyes sparkled as he followed her movements across the stage, and he’s never felt this way before, even towards the renowned dancers in his own industry. Her charisma, stage presence, and fluid moves had him intoxicated. Jongin longs to be able to dance alongside her, but for now at least, he can only watch from afar.


The sun had just peeked over the horizon and Minseok sat at his table, watching it color the sky orange. Just then, he heard the cafe door open, followed by the tinkling of the bells that hung from the top. And there she was. She went to the counter and placed her order. “Ah, she got an hazelnut macchiato today,” he thought to himself. She always got something different everyday, and Minseok was always curious. She got her order and sat down at her usual spot right next to the windows. They’ve both been frequenting the same cafe for as long as Minseok can remember, but he never dared speak to her. He would just steal some glances and wonder to himself, how can anyone look that good just drinking coffee? He has thought of ways he can talk to her, but the idea of him going over to talk to her didn’t seem realistic. “Hm… maybe I’ll just be a barista here,” he pondered.


Progression Of A Rilaya Shipper:

Stage One: Aw, they’re kinda cute together, I can see why people ship them

Stage Two: Alright, they’re growing on me more than I would admit

Stage Three: Okay, but who wouldn’t ship them? They’re adorable

Stage Four: No other ship could ever compare to them! They’re perfect for each other!

Stage Five: Screw boys! These two adorable little cinnamon rolls only need each other because they’ve been through everything together and they don’t need anyone else!


Super Secretary

Prompt: Maybe some Tim fluff with his secretary at WE?? 😘😘please by @jadedhillon

“Mr. Drake? You have a meeting at three o’clock. Do you have the papers I left on your desk this morning?” Y/N asked as she opened the door to her boss’s office. What she found was a messy desk and a CEO passed out on the couch that she had ordered moved in here just for this purpose.

Y/N sighed and walked over to the desk. She found the phone and dialed the conference room. “Hi, yes, this is Y/N L/N. Tim Drake’s secretary? I am afraid he will be unable to make it to the meeting. Please send up any critical information and I will make sure he gets it. Thank you.”

Y/N started sifting through the papers on the desk. She put them in two piles: papers that pertained to Wayne Enterprises and everything else.

Once she had organized the room, she made a pot of coffee.

The smell of the coffee started to rouse the man on the couch. He grunted and sat up, squinting as though he had forgotten quite where he was.

In all honesty, he probably had.

She found a clean cup, filled it with the strong dark drink, and then handed it to him. He moved over and patted the space beside him. She sighed and sat down. Silence stretched between them for several minutes while Tim sipped on his coffee.

“How long was I out?” He asked, his voice still rough with sleep.

“I don’t quite know. You were working when I came in at eight, but it is three o’clock now. It probably wasn’t long enough though. How long were you up?” Y/N asked, taking his now empty cup and refilling it again.

“Five days? I tend to lose count after the third one.” Tim answered as he took the mug from her. “Don’t give me that look.”

“What look?” Y/N asked as she sat next to him again.

“The disapproving look. The one that says ‘I signed up to work for this. I made the choice to continue working like this even though I knew what this job entailed.’”

“Actually it is the disappointed look that says ‘My boss who is a really smart man makes really stupid decisions regarding his health and mental state and it makes me worried about him.’” Y/N corrected gently.

Tim smiled as he took the final sip of his coffee. “Thanks, Y/N. I don’t pay you enough to deal with all this.”

“You pay me just fine. Now, it is almost 5 o’clock and work is pretty much over. You go home and get some real sleep. I’ll have the information from the meeting you missed on your desk in the morning.” Y/N said as she got up and poured the remaining coffee from the pot. 

She went to her desk and didn’t leave until Tim exited his office to go home. People don’t realize just how hard it is to raise your boss.

Embrace your uniqueness

By Joyce Meyer

book title: The power of simple prayer: [ chapter 1: page 7]

We need to go before God just the way we are and give Him the pleasure of enjoying the company of the ‘original’ He has made each one of us to be. We need to approach God with our own strengths, weaknesses, uniqueness and everything else that so wonderfully distinguishes us from everyone else in the world. God enjoys meeting us where we are, developing a personal relationship with us and helping us grow to become everything He wants us to be. Psalm 33:15 says, 'He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works’.. Because God has fashioned our hearts individually our prayers need to flow naturally out of our hearts and be consistent with the way He designed us. As we develop our individual styles of communication with God, we can learn from people who may be more experienced than we are, but we need to be careful not to make them our standard. I hope to be an example to many but I want Jesus to be their standard. There is nothing at all wrong with incorporating something some one else is doing into your own prayer life if you truly feel led by God’s spirit to do so. But it is wrong to force yourself to do what others do if you are not comfortable with that in your spirit. Do not try to keep up with others or copy their prayer styles - and do not feel compelled to use every prayer principle you have ever learned every time you pray. Most people are afraid not to be like everyone else. Many people are more comfortable following specified rules than daring to follow the leading of God’s spirit. When we follow human made rule we please people, but when we step out in faith and follow God’s spirit, we please Him. We do not need to feel pressured to pray a certain way or for a certain length of time or to focus on specific things because other people are doing so. Instead we need to be free to express our uniqueness as we pray the way God is teaching us as individuals. Somehow we feel safe when we are doing what everyone else is doing but the sad thing is that we will feel unfulfilled until we learn to untie the boat from the dock so to speak and let the ocean of God’s spirit take us where ever He wills. When we let God’s spirit take the lead, we are in for a lot of surprises in life. We need to be determined to be ourselves and refuse to spend our lives feeling guilty because we are not like someone else.


When You Laugh At Everything Jaebum Does

Request: Anon said “Fake text about how the got7 members tease you because you smile at EVERYTHING jaebum do (something weird, something normal, etc (?))”  I hope this meets your expectations!! :)

A/N: Yo tbh I feel like I’m shit at making funny fake texts so if you want me to stop making them just ask (nicely pls I’m fragile) and I’ll stop lmao. ((P.S: You might see that I only gave Jackson a nickname and nobody else but that’s just because Jackson’s was the first done and I took a break to eat then forgot to give the others nicknames. I’m too lazy to go and fix oOPS))

- Admin Bekah

Just a fucking reminder

that being excited about OUAT and not being a pissy negative nancy about recent spoilers does not mean that we are unintelligent

It doesn’t mean that we are brainless and that we’re happy with everything the show has done.

Speaking for me personally, there has been a number of things in my opinion that OUAT has messed up and dropped the ball on. I have high standards for this show and sometimes it doesn’t meet them. But I’m not going to just shit on every spoiler that comes out.

Being happy and optimistic does not make me nor anyone else stupid or naive.