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I just found your blog and I love it.. I mean first that awesome Davos meta,and then I find you love both Jaime AND the Starks which I love bc i love both of them

Also I love your thoughts on Jaime mostly bc they echo my own.. Yes he’s the valonqar no he’s not gonna kill himself + (decent person once >> shit happened. you turned into an asshole >> more shit happened and you realized you could still be the decent person you used to be) is also how I see him

HEEEY HI FELLOW STARKS + JAIME PERSON WELCOME TO THE MADNESS :DDD *high five* honest I guess it’s not much of us liking both jaime and starks in general but… eh. I do what can I do about it, back when I had read just GOT my two faves were robb and jaime in that order which is saying everything I guess xDD but YES THANKS SOMEONE ELSE WHO AGREES ABOUT JAIME’S ARC good I feel less alone. I mean I know it’s not a popular opinion but I’ll be here waiting for grrm to prove us right. ;) (I just would like to kill the ‘he’s a horrid person at the core’ theory always along with the idea that he actually wanted to go to riverrun in affc but whatever

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Charm bracelet

I’ve had this top for a few years and just realized the print is a charm bracelet, and includes a shoe!  I love charm bracelets and I love shoes, so how those things could go unnoticed baffles me, but I guess I was just dazzled by everything else.

Top: Express; Skirt:; Pumps: DSW; Beads: Community Thrift; Earrings: Salvation Army; Bangles: thrifted all over; Sunglasses: F21.

Photos by Laura at Evans Hall, 7/27/16.

What I took away from  Season 3 trailer:


FreKIn SABINE jUst- just YES EVERYTHING- Darksaber!? YES! Jetpack? ABOUT TIME!!! Also Ezra clinging onto Sabine as they fly away is precious




Governor Price, it’s nice to finally meet you but

TTTHHHHHHHHHRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNNNN! And the facts Hera knows of him AND he’s studying artwork like he’s suPOSED TO-

Also Wedge!

And Kanan’s beard!

And more Force stuff! maybe shatterpoint? can we have that too?

But mainly I’m freaking out because T to the freaking HRAWN.




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women in musicals: safer from first date? let me be your star from smash? mama who bore me + whispering from spring awakening? good girl winnie foster + everlasting from tuck everlasting? i know it's today from shrek? everything else from next to normal? i guess i'll miss the man from pippin? impossible + it's possible from cinderella?


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ableistofficial group: dont make fun of mentally ill minors uwu!!!!!!!!! you guys: hey that also means the mentally ill minors that you dont like ableistofficial group: um wait... these "minors" are actually *spins wheel* 10,000 years old because *pulls slip of paper out of hat* theyre from the future and thats #problematic ableistofficial group: anyways no because its not ableist or bad if we do it!!

its literally respectability politics though but i guess that, like everything else, is okay when they do it!!

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Hi! Do you think Mirror's article just for attention for Vardy's film? Or we have any hopes..? I know Louis is MIA but if he in UK it's really good point.

I think anything the Mirror does is for attention. That’s pretty much the reason of its whole existence.

I don’t know what’s going on with the Vardy movie, if it’s going to stay a UK release, or worldwide, and who’s gonna play him, Louis or someone else, no idea. And I guess as with everything else we will have to wait and see. 

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So we've gone from rumors of Liam being managed by Larry Rudolph to Simon Oliveira, a guy that manages Beckham and Neymar? If this is true, what a strange choice by Liam to launch his solo career. Business deals, sure. Great choice. But a solo music career?

It is indeed an interesting choice, if it is the truth. I guess like everything else we’ll have to wait and see. 💤💤💤

{I’m actually gonna make some more Overwatch skins for my sparkly garbage gremlin here, as if they need more outfits pffft. I’m slowly getting more sucked into the Overwatch fandom everyday and I’m so deeply interested in it! I also might update on Kuroda’s About and everything else I guess?}