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the struggles of a little Bean to go to the jungle: the sequel

Lupe is my new favorite Adventure Zone character, okay?

Fake Chats #212
  • Namjoon: listen, do you hear that?
  • Hoseok: I hear it.
  • Taehyung: wow, it's like an angel's voice!
  • Jimin: let's sneak a little closer.
  • Jungkook: the sun really makes him look like an angel.
  • Yoongi: his voice is so nice.
  • Seokjin: *continues singing*
  • BTS: *in awe*

Some Clace to fight the artblock I’m having right now. I only feel like finishing Crown of Midnight to start thinking about my next Celaena painting ahhhh. 

This wasn’t a total disaster, I’ve been wanting to draw them since I first started reading the series when I was thirteen (I always pictured Jace with emo hair) ♥

Characters belong to @cassandraclare

pyrophoricitee  asked:

Would it be possible to have a badass bun ? :) Judy a few years older and wiser, street harden cop with some scars to show she isnt a meek bunny ?

AAAHHHHH finally i had the time to finish this!!

so yeah, Judy has been on the force for a looong time, she has also received a lot of commemorations because of her courage and bravery on the field (and she is also married with a certain fox :v) 

hope you like it! @pyrophoricitee