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Second bachelors!!! That's great!! May I ask what you got a bachelors in? I plan to go to an art school as well to work on comics and I don't wether it's best to work towards animation or illustration(everyone keeps telling me animation but that just doesn't make much since to me)...would you say it's wise to get a bachelor's in both? (Sorry for asking really lame questions but you really inspire me!!!!!)

Non-artists will tell you animation and then follow up with “because you’ll work for Pixar.”

Fun Fact: no, no you won’t. Nor do you want to

For comics and all things not drawn 300 times to make it move, illustration is the way to go. But also jk, animation is now all 3D. RIP traditional animation.

TLDR: illustration

Go away you fine art hippies, I’m onto you. You won’t convert another one!

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It's like you didn't read my message. I said it's okay for mod and diversity of opinions but some views contradict each other like important sorts of things (that are actually just your opinion and not facts) and considering so many young girls follow you and like it could be confusing for them. It's confusing to me.

i, don’t know what you expect me to do about that? of course we have different opinions on stuff,,,, we aren’t a monolith my friendo. i’m not just gonna force everyone to agree with me on everything so as not to confuse people

and like, it’s good for young people to be exposed to a variety of opinions on things! so that’s not really a bad thing

Shoutouts bc I'm a dork who has senpais

In honor of 100+ followers (which probably isn’t a lot bUT IT IS TO ME)
Here are ten blogs/people whom I think are super cool (in no order)
@carryonsimoncarryon@jeansbaz (the blog that got me into this fandom honestly)
@theinsidiouscinnamonroll (drEAM URL HONESTLY)
@fuckinnumpties (i rant to my irl friend about this blog a lot whoops)
and last but not least…. YOU! The person reading this! You are super cool too ily all

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No the 3rd one as in follow up haha I am the art project annon. I did my college piece on you. I had this big exam today and we had to use inspiration from modern art so I chose technology and then it had to be in existing word so voila I chose yours!

I am surprised out of EVERYONE you chose me jesus that’s SUPER HONOURING TO HEAR! I’m so honour wow I’m.. acutally really overwhelmed!! Jeez…

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Tbh IF Louis ends up with Sony (lets hope not) people would say that he was forced to be with Sony- now believe me, if he ends up with Sony i'm sure he would of have been forced to- but the same people were bitter and nasty towards Harry signing with Columbia as if Harry is free and made that decision himself without obligations and restrictions like i believe he had. So its really obvious that they're not all free at all and had to remain tied to some OT teams, part 1/2

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Niall is still with Modest, Modest Golf, SJPR. Liam is stuck with Chiam, Louis with JGG, SJPR and Simon, even Zayn is tied to Syco. The same people think Liam, Niall and Louis are forced to do things for OT but Not Harry because he has the Azoffs, well- the Azoffs dont have 100% control over Harry because Harry is still tied to OT like the rest of the boys are, why do some thing he did that because he likes Sony? Part 2/2

That’s something I wonder too, because to me no one’s free here 


((Over the course of like…..3 hours….Holy crap…..

I….uh…..probably won’t get to draw a welcome thingy for everyone, sorry ‘bout that….I wasn’t prepared for that to happen so quickly… so…uh….thank you everyone for the sudden follows!! I wasn’t prepared to see that!!

I’ll try and do some sort of commemorative post to include everyone, but I can’t promise that everyone will get a direct thank you. 

I obviously won’t be able to get something for EVERYONE, but if you REALLY want me to draw for your blog, lemme know via THIS post? 

50 follower gift results!

ok I passed out really early yesterday and didn’t get around to posting the results BUT,,

the winners are @lilchurrogames @babby-sims @sp00kyfruit @snazzyjse @josiesimblr !!

please message me details about what you want your sim to look like, whether you want it on the gallery etc. super happy for you guys and thank you to everyone that entered! <3

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Hello you don't post so much anymore, is everything well?

Hey, thank you so much for asking!  I realized i haven’t really updated or logged into this account since october….. YIKES.  I’m not dead!  I guess I should explain that I have this blog connected to an old account I don’t use anymore.  I often forget to check back on this one, and so I’ve missed a ton of messages and I feel really awful about that.  I think it might be time to make a new art blog thats attached to the tumblr account I currently use, so I can be more consistent and active on it.  I think a fresh start will do me good.  I’ll post here with an update when I have things figured out.  Thank you so much to everyone who’s been following along or wondering about me!!

Honestly, maybe I’m getting into one of my ’ sensitive / lost in thoughts ’ mood but, I wanted to really thank everyone that I follow and / or follows me. Seeing you guys on my dashboard helps lift my moods sometimes when some days are a bit tiring or rough since I first started writing here as Rinoa. You guys are the best and I wouldn’t change it for anything. 💙 I know I’ve been slacking horribly on things due to either being busy or not feeling quite up to it, you guys have been patient with me as always. Thank you, really. All of you. The comfort and nice distractions that I get writing Rinoa, even more because of how much I love her, it’s really relaxing here.

Message from Rebs 💛

Hello everyone! I just wanted to reiterate that I am Okay. I didn’t really delete because of the pressure or hate or anything, it was just that I felt like I was making things worse by being around only to be negative when I feel like people followed me to find some positivity to start with. For that reason, I’m really sorry that me leaving has upset people, I didn’t really realize it would, I kind of felt like everyone would be relieved to not have to see that side of me anymore and could just remember the happy stuff I had done in the past.

All of that said I definitely do feel relieved to not have so many eyes on me right now. This is allowing me to feel a lot more removed from the situation, so I think my channel is safe from being deleted for now because I can kind of pretend if it’s not there. If I change my mind on that I will try to give people some notice. I already saw that @artfulkindoforder​ is working on archiving them which I really appreciate.

Thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last few years and everything you’ve done for me. Please know that I am okay and I really want you all to be happy and have a good time here, and I hope that in the future we all get to see the kind of positive, landmark representation we were looking forward to. I wish you all the best!


PS: please don’t pester Liddy about where I am or messages for me, xe very kindly agreed to post this for me but xe is not my delivery person <3

After the discourse yesterday, I realized that for every person calling me an apologist or a shitlord or an idiot, or for every person who told me or anyone who supported me that they should die, there were 30 people telling me that i was in the right and that they were overreacting and really reaching for something that wasnt there.

additionally, i lost a good chunk of followers yesterday, but as of right now ive gained all of them back, with an addition of 100+ more

so i want everyone to know that i learned nothing and everyone who said i was a bad person after my apology, or put more than an hour into thought into what went down, your efforts were in vain and if anything i am a worse, more bitter person because of it

thank u


I can’t believe this is real tbh, i really have no words

I started this blog in june/july and in less than 1 year i got 20k followers. That’s???? Incredible???? How??? 

Really, thank you so much. Running this blog makes me so happy everyday, drawing for you makes me so happy, talking to everyone makes me so happy. Now it’s really hard for me to answer to all the asks but I read everything and I love you all a lot. I get so much love everyday and everyone is always so kind to me and omgI’memorightnow.

I’m not good with words so i’ll stop here but again thank you to everyone following me and supporting my lil drawings, and thank you to all my friends AND OMG I LOVE YOU ALL

Guess who’s back! Me!) And I am so glad to draw my suffragettes again. 


I think that soon I will draw more Lapis and Peridot humans, because I like any different AU with them. Some ideas are really curious, interesting and unusual… (actually, I’ve read two fanfics and both of them kinda explore my mind. But the first one is really-really violent. I didn’t expect that i will read it. But I did and loved it.)

I’ve never draw violence, and I will not, but I want to draw some touching and romantic scene from it. They were so natural!

but suffragettes will come again)

And the last warning for this day I wanted to say. Maybe I will be late with posting my sketches because of my short film. I need to work a lot for the good graduating. 

Thank you everyone for likes, reposts and following me!) I hope I will draw better day by day and you’ll see my progress) Have a nice day!

A quick rundown of characters and such: The characters in the campaign are a Ranger (me), a Slayer, a Summoner, a Paladin, and the current NPC that we had just saved from an assassination. We had to take shelter in a cave and during this time our Slayer decided that she really really wanted to romance the NPC and she had already been trying to for about thirty minutes. Then the following happened.

DM: Okay, everyone take trail rations out of their inventory.

Ranger (OOC): The NPC doesn’t have any does he? Someone will have to share.

DM/NPC: Hey, Slayer, do you have any extra food you could spare?

Slayer: Ugh, no, not really.

Ranger: Oh! I’ll share with you! I have quite a bit of extra.

DM/NPC: *winks at the Ranger* Why thank you.

The Slayer then proceeds to let out a very loud screech and leaves the room until she can calm down. Our other characters proceed to cockblock her for the rest of our time playing that night.


Heya everyone!! Su is here!! this is my 3rd follow forever!! i havn’t reached 3k yet but i just need a little more to reach there…but well i grew impatient and decided to make a ff lol!!! 2017 just started yet 2 months flew by so quickly. i wish everyone good luck this year!! i hope everyone reaches their goal and be happy in their life!! 

and so i wanted to say thank you to all my mutuals and followers for following my blog and supporting me throughout this year!! i made a lots of memories here and tbh rather than my real life i enjoy spending time here more!! you guys know me more and you all are so kind and nice to me and really!! you all are so precious to me!! i always want to help and support you guys at any means but i cannot do much ughh ><

but really thank you guys!! i really love my life because of you all~! i am really glad that i made so much sweet memories with you here and they are one of the sweetest memories in my life!! ily~!

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Testing out a new brush and this picture that everyone really liked became the victim lol. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


Rundown Kitchen Series 100 followers gift

Hi Everyone!

It’s finally done!!!! 🤗😁 it’s 23:58 PM (close call😅) over here so didn’t break my Pinky Promise 😆. Tired of your sims having a picture perfect start up in life? Wanna give your sims a more realistic approach of simslife? Then this serie will help you achieve that!

It took me a bit longer after last weekends pc break down but I’ve run them through quite a few times. I’m a big perfectionist unfortunately.  Hopefully my new iMac will arrive soon with A LOT more fire-power 😉😇. 

To my followers😘❤️: Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm! This really kept me going when I lost some files a few weeks ago (oops…) 100 is a lot for me! Also a small ‘shout-out’ to fellow dutchies @eenhoornsims and @martinessimblr for your encouraging words on my updates☺️.   

A small side note; you’ll notice a shadow on the corner cabins (see unedited screens above), this is a issue that’s been reported at EA/Maxis for a few months now. This effect also occurs with curtains sometimes. It’s unfortunately not something that I can fix now. 

Some (technical) info:

  • I don’t use Adfly.
  • These are Standalone recolors; Bas Game Compatible (BGC).
  • They were made with Sims4Studio Jackpot
  • The last 2 screenshots are unedited screenshots of the Kitchen items.
  • The set has been tested tested in both OS; Windows and OS X.
  • Items are properly tagged; search for ‘rundown kitchen series’.

Terms of Use

I should not have to ask this but please… respect my TOU;                          Don’t re-upload these items. If you want me to see your sims kitchen remodel then @ me of #renorasims.

Simfilehare (SFS)

Separated and merged package files 

Choose merged package file or pick the separated package files!

And last but not least… let my know if you guys like them! I’d love to hear for you!☺️

a year of writing in 2016

This is everything I’ve written this year in the Haikyuu!! fandom! I can’t believe how wonderful a ride this has been, I have met so many wonderful people and have somehow managed to write 419,270 words over a course of 42 works! Over 50% rarepairs! Thank you so much to everyone who reads, comments, leaves kudos or just enjoys my fics; you’re keeping me writing! Comparing my old stuff to more recent work makes me so proud as I feel like I can really see growth. Here is my Haikyuu!! fanfiction masterpost!


When Colours Mix -  204k words

- Beam Me Up, Hajime! - E. IwaOi, main focus. 186k words. Incomplete, ch. 96/100

- I’m Not Good With People… - E. KenLev. 17k words Incomplete.



First Snowfall T. 2.6k words.

Together, We’re Infinite M. 9k words.

The Schedule M. 2.1k words.

Volleybeer E. 3.5k words.

What Matters Most E. 14.5k words.


Sometimes You’ve Gotta Fall Before You Can Fly - M. 52k words.

The Cure For Sleeplessness - T. 2k words.

Are You Serious? - T. 1k words.

Hold Each Other - G. 1.5k words.

Everything is Grey - M. 3.5k words.

The Bento - T. 657 words.

Who Do You Love. M. 1.2k words.


Youth - M. 6.5k words.

Blackout - T. 1.2k words.

Miscellaneous Rarepairs

Is It Wrong? - M. IwaOiKage. 5.5k words.

Too Close - G. IwaOiKage. 2k words. 

Inked - G. KageTsuki. 2.8k words.

Escape from the Rain - E. BokuTsuki. 2.4k words.

More Interesting than Calculus - E. BokuTsuki. 1k words.

Stronger, Smarter… and more Sexually Attractive. M. IwaOiTeru. 1.2k words.

That Was Sick - E. IwaOiTeru. 2k words.

Learning to Fly - T. IwaTeru. 13.5k words.

Words Are Hard - G. IwaKyou. 1.6k words.


You’re My Ace - IwaOi. 16.5k words.

- Five Reasons Why. G. 13k words.

- Happy Birthday, Hajime. G. 1.3k words.

- My Favourite Constellation. G. 1k words.

- Strength and Loyalty. G. 1.3k words.

IwaOi Oneshots

First Christmas. M. 3.7k words.

It’s Just Us. G. 2.1k words.

It’s… Something. M. 2k words.

Snow Day. T. 1k words.

Trying to Find A Balance. G. 1k words.

Tuesdays. T. 867 words.

We Made It - G. 1.3k words.

We’re Better Together. M. 2.5k words.


Enough is Enough - E. KyouHaba. 4.2k words.

Light The Sky - G. KenHina. 1.6k words.

Pushing Buttons - M. BoKuroo. 560 words.

Drabble Collection