and everyone that follows me really

I just want to say a quick thank you to Lance. 

Thanks for reminding me it’s okay to miss your family and your home when your older. 

Thanks for inspiring me to follow my dreams that everyone told me were too far off. 

Thanks for teaching young kids about self care and loving yourself despite what people say or think about you. 

Thanks for reminding me my insecurities are a small, tiny part of who I really am. 

And even if it’s never canon, thanks for helping me feel more confident in my bisexuality than I ever was before.

Lance is a character that holds a special place in our hearts and probably always will. He inspires us and helped us through difficult times with his own struggles. He’s more than just the trope he is sometimes portrayed as. He’s what we want to be when someone looks at us. 

Love you tons, happy birthday, Sharpshooter 💙

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🌷💕 for the ask thingy

🌷 = favourite blogs

can i just give you my entire blogroll? it’s tempting. jk (but not really). the blogs that i tend to stalk are: @thomasdean @krvm @aurrorevans @hollandstcm @paddfoot @roxanncweasley @moonyinstincts @ginniewheezie @ginnyweaslcy @cho-chang @siruisblack @nerville @jillys @deerjily @meraudurs @smlfoy @scourgify @prongsno @howlingremus @mxrcusflint @nevelles @txmriddlx @angelinajchnson @flntwood @chvchang @pctter + everyone mentioned in the next question

💕 = tumblr friends

let me just tell you about the all-time greatest people ever. i haven’t had much time to talk to people since joining mostly since i haven’t been here very long, but the following people have made me feel so insanely welcome that i just need to say a little something about them:

@hermioneganger ava is just too precious and kind for this world. even though we don’t text a whole lot, ava has been super kind and welcoming and warm and supportive of me being new here and they just do something almost every day that just cheers me up ?? just seeing them on my dash of getting to send in a question to them and see it answered cheers me to tbh. literal angel.

@rvvenclaws is super sweet and welcoming and kind and along with the harry potter talk, has made me feel relaxed and welcome with all of our ridiculous puns - i honestly feel like i could come talk to them about anything if i needed to.

@delacouvr has been so insanely kind and sweet to me ever since i joined the harry potter fandom, and they have thrown headcanons around and cried with me about characters and have just made me feel so welcomed here.


@auroremus another really kind and sweet person that i am grateful i have the opportunity to interact with and want to interact with more.

send me things. | accepting!


☆ Hi everyone! Thank you so much for 15k despite my inactivity this year (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I truly appreciate all the support I’ve gotten! (btw, I’m travelling for all of August so I’ll be running on queue) While I am extremely grateful for this milestone, this follow forever is mainly dedicated to the conclusion of my first anime, manga, and fandom — Fairy Tail. Although I have found a love for new animanga over the years, Fairy Tail holds a special place in my heart as the anime that really dragged me into anime, and I am so sad that it has come to an end. Though it has had its ups and downs, it will live on in my memory forever ;a; anyway, that’s enough of me being all sentimental. To mark the beginning of a new era (for me), here are some lovely blogs that have really brightened my dash! Their edits amaze me and inspire me to improve my own~

(hover for messages!) talented mutuals / amazing friends

@8ay @a-sakuras @aizawashoutta @akaashixkeiji @amahjiki @ayumiko @bokuboob @cruvcio @dirkgentlyx @erenyegar @escarletes @genosus @hyoudu @ichimatsus @ieyasus @itoshikis @iwanari @jolynecujo @kageyamastobio @komaedas @kovuku @lahviis @laynce @lucy-ft @miidoriyas @mukoros @nagisakazuki @nanzse @nikiphorov @nozakis @oizumi @okita-senpai @ootsukis @plisetski @ponchizs @rinsuokah @scarletail @sesukes @shizukku @shotous @sukerokus @t0ukas @tartatail @tachibana–chan @tobioskageyama @todorokih @todorokii @toshinorie @tovbio @tsukis @yushiyuki @yuukaanda @zakuras

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hey some of these anons are really. gross. the ones saying being trans is a mental illness is really transphobic so can you maybe tag as 'transphobia tw' or something because im trans and its really bothering me

I don’t think they are gross. They just have a different belief system and worldview than you and me. 

I’m so sorry for making you feel insulted. That’s not the purpose of this blog.

I always try to public all the messages I got because I think everyone’s opinion needs to be treated with respect (except ones that contain harmful and malicious contents. My friend, you will be deleted and blocked). However, it seems like some messages I’ve received so far hurt other people who follow this blog and make them sad and sadness is the last thing I want to give you as a follower of tokkeki. 

I love communicate with you guys but the ask will be closed for at least a few days.

Wow, I did it!

I was going against making this post because I didn’t want it to seem like I am bragging or something. But I’ve decided that I should because I would feel even worse if I didn’t. I HIT 3,000 FOLLOWERS. I did awhile ago but again, I was going against this for awhile. Thank you to everyone who followed and supported me or even just requested something. It helps me a lot. I never knew my blog would get this big. I thought my posts were stupid and that no one would even look at them twice. I guess some people proved me wrong. 

I’d like to especially thank my best friends @kpoplover2313 and @rpsarang (check them out by the way please, if you can) for supporting me through all this and not treating me any differently because I have a ‘popular Tumblr blog’. But really, thank you everyone who gave my crappy blog a chance! I love you all so much!

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20 Questions

I was tagged by @justholdon-sweetcreature; thank you so much!

Name: Anneliese (pronounced On-uh-lee-zuh)

Nickname/s: Liese (pron. Lee-zuh) by everyone, Lees by my best friend, Peaches by my sister

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5'7ish

Orientation: I really hate labels but probably closest to pan/demi

Ethnicity: White

Favorite Fruit: Shoutout to all the pears

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter

Favorite Flower: Yellow tulips :)

Favorite Smell: Lavendar

Favorite Season/s: Fall into Christmastime

Favorite Animals: Cows

Favorite Color/s: Lavender and lemon

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?: Tea

Average Sleep Hours: 6-7

Favorite Fictional Character/s: Bucky Barnes, Sirius Black, Elizabeth Bennet

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1-2

Dream Trip: France

Blog created: I think the summer of 2014 but I could be wrong? I’ve been on tumblr since 2012; follow @slytherinmarauders for all of my other fandom crap.
Number of followers: 170-something I think? I don’t remember and I’m on mobile so I can’t check.

I tag: @p-p-prongsisthebraveone, @cheshireflowers, @theloubum, @crystalcrownforthegirlalmighty, @cominbacktolou, @littleglorydays, @aceniall, @kinglarrie, @yvesyaintlaurent, @haroldtwerkin, @backtoyou-mp3, @jadebabe, @electricharry, @officialpinkalbum, @adida

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I can’t believe that I actually hit 1k followers!!! Thank you guys all so so so much for this. Like, it’s been 3 months, okay. I expected maybe like,,,, 50 followers and here I am with 1k like I’m still in shock. Everyone has been so amazing and supportive of my writing and everything and it’s really gotten be back into the groove even though I haven’t posted any writing lately but I’m so ready to start again and I owe everything to you guys!!

A big thank you and shout out to my mutuals and friends that I’ve talked to:
@attack-on-stalking, @dinklebert, @crookedcherryblossoms, @lord-of-the-round-abouts, @lavenderhedgie, @nutella-and-ereri, @pinkheichou

You guys have really helped me through things and thank you guys for everything. Thanks everyone for everything. 

Everyone is amazing and I just aw;gjslgjdiajdi;lhgrhae;ighaj, if that makes any sense lol. Okay, I’m done with my ramblings but I love you all and don’t be intimidated to shoot me a message because I don’t bite and I’m here to listen if you ever need someone <3 

Have wonderful days!!!

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I really only follow you for Valenna pics and news cause you're on top of it, but..I do get that Val seems very cautious in his relationship with Jenna. Very different from his behavior with Amber, but could be because he is protecting this relationship and maybe to some degree his DWTS persona, the hot single guy. The German pancakes were a nice surprise though lol.

I think he is protecting his relationship because it is special and important to him.  No two relationships are the same and Val and Jenna can really in no way be compared to Val and Amber other than Val dated both of them.  It is also of note that Amber did most of the posting and talking about their relationship and her career is based more on being out there in gossip magazines (not a dig, just a fact).  Here is a pretty picture for you……

I love it here

I just have to say that out of every social media platform I have, Tumblr is where I feel the most welcome and safe. Other platforms are really intimidating to me. I feel like I can’t even be myself. And it feels like no one cares about me or my feelings. But here, I know people actually do. When I posted a few months ago about wanting to hurt myself, I got an overwhelming amount of people checking in on me which made me feel better. Half of them weren’t even my followers! And a few days ago when I posted about my anxiety, I got the same response. I know if I had posted about those things anywhere else, no one would really even care. So I just want to say thanks to this community. Thank you everyone for helping me through difficult times and being so kind. I hope that we can keep this community how it is now for as long as Tumblr exists.

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Talking for myself (maybe other people as well), at times when you're just a small blog, made of reblogs and a handful of followers, not really relevant, but still very thankful and inspired by your posts, going anon helps. Anon mode keeps things more 'even', and makes it easier to approach and appreciate the bigger blogs, at least for me. :)

Oh I absolutely understand and love the anon feature!! And I certainly didn’t mean to intend that people shouldn’t use it, I’m so sorry if that’s what my post implied! I just meant to say that the asks and the people who send them mean so much to me 😊 please @ everyone never stop anon-ing me! 💛


I am slowly reaching 2,000 followers, but I don’t really want to wait for that to do this. I’m opening up requests as a way to thank everyone for following me!

I am still working on the palette challenge from last time, but I added a clothes challenge which is by @hoopoeghost because I want to draw the sailor moon girls in cute clothes.

Rules: Send me a color palette, a clothes set (example B3), and a sailor moon girl. ONE (1) request per person! Send the request to my ASK BOX, please DO NOT send me request through direct message!

I have uploaded a version with palettes that have been crossed out because I don’t want to repeat palettes. There’s still 67 remaining so there’s still plenty of choices! The ‘8 pending’ written are things I’m personally working on; that isn’t the limit to the requests that can be sent in. Give me some time to work on them. Thank you guys again for following me for the past years!

“To my favorite Superhero - Thomas Sanders !”

Thank you for being such a fabulous individual and always managing to put a huge smile on my face. Thank you for being so appreciative and loving, and a big role model for me <3 Thank you for being such an amazing, positive person and for giving your followers and everyone around you the feeling of being accepted, appreciated and loved.

You’re a superhero in real life for me and many others !
- @thatsthat24

( Note : I know this pic could have been gayer :)


Thank you all so much for following! I’m really grateful to everyone here in the community because you’re all so lovely and sweet. I hope to maybe develop my blog a bit as the time goes on and I finish with my other blog because I know it’s slaking hahaha. But it will get better and I will start posting more frequently in the future as well :)

50+. It’s really hard to believe that only today two weeks ago I was only on 25 followers. You are all awesome! Thanks so much.

I don’t really know what do for hitting this milestone. So if you wanna give some suggestions I’d love to know them :) And I’ll be sure to follow through with this post with something in the future. Whatever gets suggested the most I guess I will just go with that!

I love you all so much! Keep being amazing :) <3

I would like to thank @tiny-notes again for the amazing milestone badge! I’d also like to thank @autodidactylous @sleepyteen19 and @problematicprocrastinator for being amazing followers too. If you haven’t followed them yet you should because they’re great!

Listening to Don’t Stop The Party by The Black Eyed Peas

Uhh I just wanna say I’ve been feeling like shit lately but I really appreciate everyone who’s sent me anons or asks bc interacting w people makes me feel a lot better so uh yeah I love my followers ??? You’re all great

*randomly reads a few tags*

… wait there are people who follow me (an ultimate MM trash) && don’t play MM and/or aren’t in the MM fandom? *o*

(( if that’s the case i’m so sorry i draw like 97% MM all the time i just really love the series and it really helps me relieve stress from work akjsdhkdf im surprised you still follow me ;;-;; ♥ ))