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Atsushi: Mmm…mmm…zzz

Have a sweet dream, everyone~ (*´ω`*)

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a - age: 19

b - biggest fear: all

c - current time: 12:45 am

d - drink you last had: water

e - every day starts with: hitting the snooze button 4 times

f - favorite song: I have lots but my top 3 rn are Silk Wolf - Alice, TT - Twice, and subliminal - Ling Tosite Sigure

g - ghosts, are they real: you know it!

h - hometown: Unavailable at this time

i - in love with: sleeping

j - jealous of: everyone tbh

k - killed someone: directly? no

l - last time you cried: a few days ago when Silv said something really kind/inspiring and I was overwhelmed with joy

m - middle name: I have two: Marie Catherine

n - number of siblings: 3, two older brothers and an older sister

o - one wish: to be happy with myself

p - person you last called/texted: my friend Katie

q - questions you’re always asked: when are you going to college?, you draw??!?!, did you water the plants today?

r - reasons to smile: friends/family, cool animals, the sky, art is a thing, so are fanfics, music, flowers and other plants

s - song last sang: Sanctuary - Utada Hikaru

t - time you woke up: 1:30 pm

u - underwear color: black

v - vacation destination: new zealand would be neat

w - worst habit: picking my skin/biting my lips

x - x-rays you’ve had: all the times I’ve had dental work, one time when I smacked my face into a wall (cracked my orbital bone, woo!) and another time when I sprained my ankle

y - your favorite food: spaghetti is pretty good

z - zodiac sign: Taurus 

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to the most humble, hardworking, talented, funniest, and most handsome 13 boys that we all love, happy 2nd anniversary, Seventeen. Stay healthy and let’s stay together forever. #2YearsWithSEVENTEEN


Just translated the manga sample released on ffxv’s official Japanese twitter! Originally published as a bonus to Dengeki PlayStation Vol.641. Art by Hanten Sharou.

“Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology” will be on sale on July 27.

FFXVJP’s twitter post

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last monday, but I figured  Arin would be a good one next for yall, and as a bonus, as per the grump, heres the rest of his tweet aahaha

Now this just hurts me physically >.<


If the boys’ volleyball uniform is like the girls’ volleyball uniform

*edited noya’s*


I don’t have an excuse for uploading this. I just want your eyes to hurt.

*edited noya’s*

(recolored anime screencap)