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Top 20 McCall Pack Dynamics: (as voted by my followers)
   ⇾ #11. Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles Stilinski

“I remember when Stiles first got his Jeep. It belonged to his mother. She wanted him to have it. The first time when he took a spin behind the wheel, he went straight into a ditch. I gave him his first roll of duct tape that day. He was always getting into trouble. But he always had a good heart. Always.”

Reasons why the small Twilight fandom of 2017 is great…at least on Tumblr (and like always….TYPOS):
1.). You post anything under the twilightsagaedit tag, it’s going to be seen. It won’t get lost in a ton of other edits. Sure, it may not get hundreds of likes because there aren’t that many active Twi fans on Tumblr to make that happen, but if you get about 30 notes, that means everyone has seen it. All art and edits are appreciated. Your hard work and effort doesn’t go unnoticed.
2.) You basically know everyone?? Like by name….it’s so great.
3.) We can have discussions about literally anything where no one gets butt hurt unlike the old days. We can bring up our opinions on characters, plot, cast, the writing, the movies, parts of canon we don’t like, headcanons, dynamics of the creatures, literally ANYTHING! You pose a question or a discussion, YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER! You don’t get ignored. All opinions and points are seen as valid and are respected. It’s seriously so great.
4.) Team Edward/Jacob still exists, but it’s not intense. You can state your side without being attacked.
5.) We are mature and intelligent enough to recognize the not so good things of Twilight (unhealthy relationships, exploitation of the Quileute tribe, touchy backstories, all vampire are canonically white, etc.) without hating on it and being 100% negative towards the series as a whole. (Check out @panlight and @kyilliki for discussions)
6.) We have poc and lgbt+ edits for like anyone. You say “_____ is trans” no one will argue “No they’re not !1!1!1!” Headcanons will be throw out immediately, along with edits because we aren’t disgusting homophobes. Or if you post something like “Here’s the Cullens as poc” it will get nothing but love cause we aren’t racist idiots. (Check out @alilaro for poc/lgbt+ Volturi art and @midnightsuntrash for lgbt+ funny posts and headcanons)
7.) We have Keeping Up With the Cullens!!! It’s hilarious. We are so blessed. (Check out @keepingupwiththecullens )
8.) All new Twilight blogs are like 100% accepted in and it’s like they’ve always been there. I’ve literally never been so accepted into a fandom so quickly and felt so comfortable. It’s great. Completely toxic free and so inviting. No one cares if you’ve been there since 2005 or if you just became a fan yesterday.
9.) We think the hate people reblog on our posts is funny (well I get super annoyed but others are cool with it)
Check out this post:
10.) Our shitposting is honestly so pure and hilarious.
11.) If anyone seriously needs anything like everyone is so quick to help. There’s been countless times where I’ve needed something and immediately I had people in my inbox and replied giving me what I needed. And when people are going through rough times, there’s always love given to them. It’s so sweet and pure and I love it.
12.) We all just love. Twilight. So. Much. So much nostalgia and good memories are shared. We have nothing but love for this series and it shows in everything we do.
13.) We support the cast still today! Yes, some of us don’t like everyone, but everyday I see posts of various members of the cast, not just Kristen, Rob, and Taylor. We even support the directors. I saw some posts from people in the fandom who went to see Beauty and the Beast were just like BILL CONDON!!!!!!! while everyone else was like Emma Watson!! (He directed Breaking Dawn Part 1&2 and BATB) It was so cute.
14.) Side characters are appreciated SO MUCH. The love triangle is not the only focus. Minor characters get so much love. Basically all characters in Twilight are talked about and edited.
15.) We all like collectively hate imprinting and Breaking Dawn in some way. It’s great.
16.) In our edits we don’t whitewash!
17.) Twi hards are still the geeks and fangirls/boys they were many years ago…it’s just more low key.
18.) Editing skills have evolved. Twi fans make some of the most beautiful gifs and images I have ever seen. So much heart goes into them.
19.) We have accounts dedicated just to the atmosphere of the series. This is one of my favorite things. Just scrolling though these blogs makes you feel like you’re in Twilight AHHHHH. And it’s a lot of blogs really, not just atmosphere dedicated blogs, that reblog posts like these. I. Love. Them. !!
20.) Last but not least: We defend Twilight with everything we have. Doesn’t matter if its characters, the plot, cast, etc. We are defensive and protective of what we love. We argue and we attack. No one comes to talk trash about Twilight and it’s characters without being intellectually and respectfully shown why they’re wrong. We own up to the faults of Twilight…we don’t argue these points. We argue those who are wrong and go off basis of opinion/the movies. We protect our beloved series!!!

Kara/Alex ficlet: "i think i've been lying to myself"

Rating: M

Story tags: Character study, mentions of sex (small mentions of explicit acts), Kara/Alex sexual/romantic relationship

i think i’ve been lying to myself

The Danvers family cabin is very secluded; a fact Alex had resented in her youth, having to bike nearly a mile up the gravel backroad to hang out with her vacation friends during the scant few days their vacations overlapped.

But now, well into adulthood, and years past the last time any of their closest neighbors had found the time to make the trip, Alex is grateful for deep seclusion, not bothering to throw a shirt on over her flannel pajama pants as she pads out onto the back porch and into the warm summer night.

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i was never close to linkin park’s music, and i barely new chester bennington by name, but i grew up with songs like in the end playing in the background. you know, you lay in the grass at the public pool and they play this song over the radio and you always hear it from then on and think “i needed that”. because who would i be now if i wasn’t able to recognize these songs as i grew up? certainly not the punk wannabe i am now. it hurts a lot to hear that more and more of these people are leaving us, and i’m sorry to all the people who were close to chester and his music

oh damn also since raw can’t even try to care about more than one women’s storyline at a time we never found out what emma was up to when she pulled dana away from the GBoF preshow so i’m declaring that she was like “hey i hate to do this but me and the other girls are rolling character sheets and we need a fighter to balance out our party, are you in” and now this is happening

anonymous asked:

Cress wad a 16 year old girl who had never had any other human interaction in her life besides her abbusive guardian so she probably had a warped sense of what relationships should be which is why I don't blame her for have a crush on Thorne but Carswell Thorne was a grown man who mocked cress many times and lead her on until it seemed like she had gotten over him then suddenly he developed real feelings for her idk about that

we’ve talked about the positives and negatives of cresswell a billion times on here, I think we’re all aware of this now

within the world of the series I think cresswell is a good ship only because thorne is shown as keeping his distance and being wary of her advances (as in, he’s pretty sure she’s just a young fangirl which she is) but then as Cress gets some real world exposure and finds out Thorne’s true nature, their relationship develops. TBH Marissa could have been a little more careful in handling their dynamic (especially their age difference), but within the series I just think they’re the token ‘cute fluffy romantics’ couple.

I haven’t read wires & nerve but I can assume this is only further developed

Though in a real life situation I would 100% be wary of such a relationship.