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You should draw Jack in a dress, that's always helped creative blocks of mine :)

Thanks for sharing your tip with me! :D It’s super helpful! I think I’m gonna use it from now one, ‘cause it was super fun :D I feel better already :P

I mean, what more can you say, he looks great! Aaand fabulous!
I really like how it turned out, //especially the dress, colors are nice >u< I’m jealous now// hope you too guys like this little doodle for good night C:
Also quick message, I’m leaving for 5 days (gonna meet my lovely friend and I can’t wait!), so don’t expect any doodles in this time ^^ But we’ll see what will happen when I come back ;)
So branoc everyone, sweet dreams! :D See ya soon!


for some reason the monsters in Monokuma’s Test hate Hajime with a passion and only attack him when i play

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Do you prefer the style of dbz from the 90s? I prefer the old style just cuz everyone was a lot more softer and expressive I guess? That and the way the girls look in it now look a bit weird now idk why it just ain’t the same.

bro do you even need to ask fucking 90s STYLE HANDS DOWN UP DOWN ALL AROUND 

the manga, i havent read but have seen screenshots of pages, i know its another artist drawing it, but still its just so.. meh. and eh. and errrrggggggghmmmmmmmm. the anime though EW. EW. NO. GET THE BROOM. 

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Minor spoilers for Legacy of Camp Blood (like, it was an inevitable conclusion but like, I guess I should put a spoiler warning on it?)

I know I’ve been very slow in doing much of anything this month, and I’m honestly very sorry. Between the cold and general lack of motivation, I haven’t felt much like doing anything. But, I am trying to do things again, so I managed to sketch something up for y'all today.

My earlier sketches for the end of the story looked fairly different from the way it actually went down when I finally wrote it, so I figured I should try drawing how Tommy and Deborah look right after they finally kill Jason. Pretty worn down, Tommy’s arm is crudely bandaged (and he’s probably still damp from swimming), and both are in somewhat of a state of shock at what just went down. Tommy in particular looks like he needs a full weekend to recover, if not more.

So, yeah, I hope this helps make up for my slowness with both art and writing and everything. <33

i was so certain when the show was originally airing that will/alana was the obvious inevitable endgame ship and i’m so delighted that it wasn’t

Tonight was fantastic in every way haven’t had this much fun sober in so long

“Dreamers” - amazing art by the wonderful @panda-capuccino - [Read on AO3]

During young Ben Solo’s darkest nightmares, there’s a girl that helps him cope. At first he just feels her presence, but her image becomes clearer as dreams go by. When he learns that she needs his help too, he is willing to disobey his uncle’s wishes and do whatever it takes to reach her. Only together, they can figure out what this powerful bond between them is about.