and everyone has seen this movie of course

types of singlets/singletons

Solider For Singlets: *grabs megaphone* “fictives aren’t real! all of you are faking unless you have a diagnosis! DID is so serious no one knows they have it!! you’re all attention seekers!”

The Oblivious One: “huh? DID? what’s that! i’ve only ever heard of MPD—” 

Knows It All (but not really): knows one person with DID and so therefore, they think they know everyone about all people with DID as apparently, everyone’s the same, has read the WebMd article on DID

The System Helper: has read several research papers/articles on DID and/or has spent hours on forums, reading lots of accounts of people’s expierences, is as understanding as a singleton could be, calls out people’s misconceptions 

The System Medic: “of course you’re real! :D”, gives out free hugs, validates everyone in your system, does kids stuff with your system’s kid alters, is innocent and helpful 

The Fiction Lover: has seen most movies made about DID, except for the non-horror, non sensationalized ones, takes them seriously and thinks their portrayal of DID is No Big Deal and effects absolutely no one

The Crusader: Lots of righteous indignation towards mean singlets, gatekeepers, and persecutors/abusers. Actually scares or has scared your abuser introject a few times. Often right there when System Nonsense ™ is happening.

The Fanatic: Doesn’t know much about DID, but thinks it’s really cool. The more fictives there are, the more cool it is. Might still call it MPD, and might decide that they should call bullshit when there are more than a certain number of alters or fictives, but really, what does that do?

The Fetishizer: Finds out there’s a M/M couple in your system and wants to know about their sexual exploits because “soooo hawt and sinful!!” May overlap with The Fanatic.

singletons/singlets can only rb this if they’re tagged in it. let your friends and enemies know exactly what kind of singleton they are. 

inspired by that ‘kinds of allistic people’ post 

feel free to add some and i’ll add them to the original ! 

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He’s Not Good For You

This was requested by @snapplejuice 

You have been dating Curly Shepard for around 3 months. Even though he is stupid sometimes, he’s actually pretty sweet. He goes to jail pretty often. Today is the day he was being released from a month’s sentence (he’s being let out early) It’s only been two weeks, but you’re excited to see him. He told you to wait by the lamp post, the one close to the Dingo. You’re bouncing on your feet in anticipation.

You see him walking down the street and you  take off down the street. As soon as you’re close enough to him, you jump into his arms.

“I missed this,” he says with a slight laugh. He sets you back onto the ground smoothly.

“I missed you,” you whisper into his shoulder. He gently runs his hands over your hair and down your arms.

“Come on,” Curly says, taking your hand in his, “I want some decent food.” He ushers you inside the Dingo.

After lunch, Curly took you outside, but not after attempting to dine and dash. You paid the bill and he dragged you outside. While holding his hand in yours, for a split second, you thought he was taking you on a walk. But he pulls you around to the side of the building.

“Curly….I’m not gonna help you steal after that woman almost caught you—” you begin to say but his lips cut you off abruptly. He kisses you passionately and rough. Curly pulls back slightly.

He smiles a toothy grin and sighs. “I’ve been wanting to do that since the cops said I was under arrest.” You think back to that night. When the cops came while you were both sleeping in his bed. He wasn’t able to kiss you goodbye that night.

“Then don’t stop,” you tell him. His lips graze against yours. This time, he’s more gentle and sweet, caressing your lips into a soft kiss.

“Hey, Curly glad to see you’re outta—(Y/N) Curtis!” Suddenly, Curly is ripped away from you. You turn to see none other than Steve Randle holding your boyfriend by the collar. Curly’s hands are covering his face and Steve’s knuckles look torn. 

Feeling slow and unable to move, you shout, “Steve stop!”

“(Y/N) what the hell was that?”

You dash over to them. “What are you doing here?”

Steve huffs out a breath. “I believe I asked you a question first.”

“You’re not stupid, Randle. You know what that was.”


You interrupt him. “Your turn. What are you doing here?”

Steve rolls his eyes and drops Curly from his clutches. Not two seconds later, Curly is behind you, his hands around your waist. “I was getting lunch,” His eyes side to Curly. “Why were you all over this idiot?”

“Again, Steve. You’re not stupid….” He gives you a look. “We’re uhhh”

“We’re dating,” Curly blurts.

Steve goes stiff. “How long has this been going on? Wait. Is he the reason you’re never around anymore?”

“I haven’t been around because I do have other friends besides the guys in my brothers’ gang.”

“You’re seriously dating that? Come on (Y/N). You’re better than this. You’re my best buddy’s hot younger sister.”

You almost roll your eyes, but you think better of it. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

He sighs. “Fine. I won’t say a word. But if you want to do anything with him,” He jabs a thumb at Curly. “You have to tell your brothers you’re dating him. That’s my deal.”

You look at Curly. He nods and looks down, “Deal.” You stick out your hand and Steve shakes it.

Tonight, everyone is hanging around at your home. All the guys are over and Pony suggested that it’s movie night. While, yes, you’d love to sit and relax with a movie, you haven’t seen your boyfriend in a week. Steve’s told you that he;s fine, but you want to see him.

After Steve left that day, you and Curly had kissed and you suggested that you could see each other in secret.

“(Y/N)…Are you embarrassed of me? Is that the problem?”

You couldn’t stop thinking of that question. Of course, you’re not embarrassed of him. He’s just not the guy that you know everyone would approve of.

“Aww Ponyboy has a crush!” Soda squeals.

Pony’s cheeks are bright red and before your little brother does anything, you already know what he’s going to do. “(Y/N), you got a crush on anyone?”

Then Steve with his loud mouth shouts from across the room, “She better have a crush on that boyfriend of hers.” From the kitchen you hear a pan drop. Darry. And all the other boys are looking at you.

Love Birds and The Annoyed Alien

This is a amazing idea send to me by @ao3-writer! They have a beautiful account and is an amazing writers! 12/10 would recommend!!!

Prompt: Okay, hear me out:
It’s Tythan but they’re madly in love with each other and they don’t realize it until someone from teamiplier makes a date for them.

Ship: Tythan!!! (plus a little bit of Amyplier)

Tyler’s POV

“Tyler! Earth to Tyler! Helloooo~” Mark’s voice grabbed my attention.

I had been staring at Ethan again. I can’t help it! We were all playing some silly improve game that Mark found online. It wasn’t for a video or anything, Mark, Ethan, Amy, Kath, and I where all just really bored. The game went that someone would give you a person and who ever you were with would have to guess who or what you were.

“Ty, you’re up!” Mark laughed as I stood clearly dazed “okay Ethan plug your ears!” He did “okay, Tyler you’re going to be a crazed Jack fan, good luck!”

The seen was completely stupid but hilarious at the same time. I had pretend to think Ethan was Jack who had dyed his hair blue, Ethan then proceed to guess that I was his mother who cute his hair and he stuck with that, completely convinced that I was his mother. After the seen Mark went up with Kath and I looked over at Ethan.

Every time he laughed it made my heart pound. I wanted to keep his safe. I needed to hear his laugh every day. I don’t think it’s a romantic thing, I just like Ethan to be close. That’s all.

The game finished soon after and everyone started going back to there work. Mark left to recorde and Ethan and Kath left to start working on editing. Amy and I were left in the room alone.

“Sooooooo,” Amy began “you kept staring at Ethan… Wanna tell me why?”

“What do you mean?” I ask completely caught off guard

“Do you like him?” Where did that come from?

“What? Amy no. I just really like seeing him happy. I just want to keep him happy.”

“So you love him!” Amy yelled

“Amy no, he’s my friend. I just care about him.” Honestly, I knew that was a lie I did love him, but it didn’t matter. It would never happen anyways.

Amy’s POV

Why won’t they just admit they love each other? Tyler makes Ethan cookies, Ethan buys Tyler stupid little toys Tyler doesn’t need but Tyler always keeps them. There practically married! I decide to try and talk to Mark about it.

“Babe?” I say as I walk into his recording room.

“Ya, what’s up?” Mark hadn’t started recording just yet so this was the perfect time to talk.

“Why won’t Tyler admit he loves Ethan?” I ask looking up at my boyfriend

“Because,” Mark smirked “He’s a big old dummy.”

I look down. Why don’t they see it? How does Tyler constantly miss the way Ethan looks at him like he wants to kiss him? How does Ethan not get suspicious when Tyler is constantly looking for reasons to touch or hold him? It’s getting really annoying.

“Hey,” Mark’s soft voice pulled me from my thoughts “what’s wrong?”

“Mark, they make each other so happy. If they where together they would be even happier! I want them to be happy.” I sigh

“What if we set them up on a date? Make up some bull shit about it being a platonic thing and send them to something romantic. I wish I could help more but I have to post a video in a hour and I don’t have anything recorded.”

I nod then quickly leave the room, Mark really needed to record. I start setting the stage for Mark’s plan. I talk to Kath and ask her is she could edit for Ethan. At first she didn’t want to, she already had a lot on her plate, but after I told her what was happening she was 100% on board.

—-Time Skippy—-

Ethan’s POV

“Fuck. Off.” I sigh, Amy had been bugging me to take a break for almost half an hour “I have to finish this for YOUR boyfriend”

“Pleaseee? I can talk to Mark. Kath already said she could finish! Come on, please?”

“FINE but if I get in shit you have to cover for me.” I say turning off my computer.

“Finally!” Amy yells grabbing my arm and pulling me to the lounging room.

Tyler was sitting on the couch probably on Twitter. He looked up at me and I felt my heart skip a beat. I can’t help it, the way he looks at me, or that way he just looks in general makes me feel… something.

“OK so, I have 2 movie tickets to see beauty and the beast but I forgot I have plans with Mark. Why don’t you guys take them?” Amy said holding the tickets

“Why not give them to Kath?” I ask not really wanting to dump my work on other people

“She’s already seen it. Please? I don’t want them to go to waist.” Amy begged.

“I mean, I’m okay with seeing it if you are.” Tyler said plainly

“I guess we could see it?” I replied

—Time Skippy—


The boys had been having a surprising good time so far. Ethan and bought Tyler a slushy and Tyler had found one of those claw game. Ethan had seen a pokemon in it and Tyler then proceed to spend almost $10 on winning the toy for Ethan. When he finally won it Ethan was so happy he, with out thinking, kissed Tyler.

Ethan quickly pulled back, completely red “Tyler, oh my God I’m so sorry! Shit you probably hate me now, Fuck I’m so stupid I’m so sorry goddammit fuck I-”

Ethan was cut off by Tyler who had smashed there lips together. At first Ethan was shocked. He didn’t respond right away but something about how Tyler’s hands felt on his back and about how soft his lips where made Ethan’s heart melt. Ethan slowly rapped his arms around Tyler’s neck and deepened the kiss.

Yah, Amy’s plan worked perfectly. After the movie the pair went back into the office and immediately told everyone what had happend. Of course everyone was supportive and of course Ethan just HAD to ask Kath what her favorite part of the movie was.

“What? I haven’t seen it yet.” Amy froze.


“But Amy said… wait… Amy?” Ethan looked up at her with the biggest most confused looking eyes ever.

“Busted.” Amy heard Mark snort from behind her

Needless to say, Ethan wasn’t mad about the lie, after all, he finally got to kiss Tyler!

—-Le Fin—-

Second story on this account! Woot! If anyone has any requests or any more request feel free to send a ask or message me!

Guess who has finally seen Wonder Woman?

Hint: It is me.


It was everything tumblr has promised me and more. I wanna see it again. I wanna see the 5 hour long extended version of it. I want at least 10 prequels.

I hope everyone at DC took notes, because that is how you do a superhero movie: with character building. It is something that I think was missing in both Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Of course those movies focused on more than one character, but Marvel proved with the Avenger movies and Civil War how to make such ensemble movies still work. The only other solo DCEU movie we had so far did also a lot right with the character building: Man of Steel. I really liked the first part of that movie, and it had its best moments when it focused on Clark and his question of identity. I feel that Diana as a character is quite similiar. They are both non human and therefore see humantiy from a special perspective. Both were born with great powers and decided to use it to help humanity.

Patty Jenkins did the right thing to stick with her character from beginning to end. The few scenes where we saw the bad guys plan bad things were short enough and so for the most part we are with Diana. I do love the fish-out-of-water-characters a lot; especially non human characters observing humanity. One of the main conflicts in Wonder Woman was about the human nature, if humans are good and if they deserve to be saved. Ares as the big bad was… well… there. I admit I have kind of lowered my expections when it comes to comic book villians. But the questions he asked, the conflict he created for Diana, the morality of the story… that was great.

Diana is thrown into one of the worst times of human history. All she sees is pain. And yet she doesn’t blame humanity for it but Ares. She believes that ultimately humans are good and Ares is the only one to blame. It is a very simple view and in the end she does learn a lesson. Yes, Ares manipulated humanity. But in the end the humans made their own choices, they decided on their own to start a war and to kill millions (and we know history will repeat itself even without the God of War to help). And yet Diana saves them. She doesn’t kill Dr. Maru even though she has the chance. She believes in the good even though everything she has seen of humanity should have proven her otherwise. She never saw a human world without war and yet she believes in it. She was created to be a weapon and yet her message is that love will save the world. And just can you imagine any other supergero to say that and be sincere about it? And to believe it as well?

It is also a movie about the loss of innonence. Themyscira is a dream world until the humans find it. Before Antiope and Steve Diana has never seen death, she never experienced loss, and then she loses both her mentor and her lover. Diana doesn’t judge, she doesn’t take sides. She doesn’t believe the Germans are evil; to her all humans are the same. She can experience joy when she sees a baby or eats ice cream for the first time. Her understanding of what it means to be good, to do the right ting might be oversimplified for the complexity of the war. But that is also her greatest strength. She does what she believes is right, without strategy or tactics. Steve says at the end he can (only) save the day while Diana can save the world, but it is more than that. Steve tries to save as many people as he can but he knows he can’t save everyone. Diana though won’t have any of that. She will save everyone.

Let’s speak about the fighting scenes. I really liked them. And you know in general I don’t mind fighting sequences/action scenes in movies if they are done right. But ever so often you just see a lot of explosions & noise. I loved the battle of Themyscira. The fighting style of the Amazons was so extra. I loved that Steve was appearently so impressed by Antiope’s shield jumping thing he did it again when they were fighting for the villiage. That whole villiage fighting sequence was so great. And of course the no man’s land scene. After seeing it I get why everyone was so emotional about it. First of all it illustrated Diana’s character: doing the right thing even though it seems impossible. And then we have her, this great warrior, walking alone against the whole German battalion shooting at her. Like not only did they throw her at one of the worst time of human history but also at a time where woman were stil treated as second class humans. She was constantly belittled, not allowed to speak or even be in the same room as the men. Her walking against all the men shooting at her felt to me symbolic to that. She walked alone against a world that tried to shut her down. And by doing so she inspired others to follow her. Making her in return realize she is not alone.

And speaking of these guys following her. Sameer, Charlie and Chief were all outsiders. Charlie was suffering from PTSD, Sameer stated he has the wrong skin colour and Chief was a man without a home (but did you see how happy everyone at the battalion was to see him?). They were as much outsiders as Diana was. But she gave them back their hope, after the war had taken so much from them.

And then there is Steve. He is the only weathly white dude, but it kind of tells a lot about him to see who is friends are (non rich non white dudes). What I liked about him was that he was a hero in his own way. He didn’t need Diana to inspire him to do the right ting; he already tried to do that. What he started was basically a suicide mission and in the end he did sacrifize himself in order to help. I liked that they didn’t try to make him a douchebag who is actually good, but that he was a genuine good guy.

And well the romantic subplot. I generall (same as action scenes) don’t mind some romance if it is done right and doesn’t feel forced to me. In this case the chemistry between the characters was great (general speaking the casting was great; Gal Gadot was the perfect choice) and the love story did add to the plot. I loved how they didn’t try to act around the fact that everyone on Themyscira was super gay and how none judgemental Steve was of it. In fact I think it is the reason he didn’t quite now how to act around Diana. He was smitten right from the start and for the rest of the movie that lovestruck boy worshipped the ground Diana walked on (as you should). He was so gentle with her, barely even tried to touch her until she allowed and encouraged him to. I didn’t even mind that half of the time he was running after her and tried to protect her; I don’t think he thought she couldn’t handle herself (not after she saved his life the second time in the alley). No, it was more out of the love he felt for her and his fear something might happen to her. He is so soft and caring and loves her so genuinely that of course she would fall for him. I desperately need some fan fic where Zeus grant his daughter a wish for doing so good and resurrects her boyfriends. Bonus if it is in the modern time and now Steve is the fish out of water and Diana has to teach him to use a computer. It’s been a long time I felt so instantly conected to a character. I see all the post pointing out the similarities between her and Steve Rogers, which doesn’t surprise me because I think they represent the same ideas. No wonder he was the last superhero I felt the same connection to. Still this movie feels different, because for the first time I saw a movie made by a woman, about a woman, for women. There is something very empowering about this movie, which is rare to find in cinema these days. I only feel love for this movie.
Little Mermaid Headcanon

Alright, so here’s my theory.

(And I don’t know if it’s been explored before, so don’t sue me)

In the Little Mermaid the villain is Ursula, and well yeah, of course she is. She manipulates Ariel to try and get the power of all the seas and goes total psycho on everyone. However, as we all well know, villains don’t always start so… villain-y. 

My theory? That Ursula used to be a human. We’ve seen her human in the movie.


And I firmly believe that this is what she used to look like. Probably a long time ago, as even Ursula claims it has been a long time and she’s “wasted away”.

But beyond this, she is the ONLY character in the (first) Little Mermaid movie that isn’t a mermaid or merman, but can live underwater. So how and why did she become the half octopus hybrid witch we know and love her as, you ask?

Well, during Ursula’s hit number, she goes on about how men don’t care what women have to say, woman are silent and the only things men want from them are their looks. 

Which leads to the next part of the theory.

Ursula was a young, beautiful (evidenced by her human form) woman who was intelligent, bright, and outspoken. She was someone who wouldn’t be put down. And men didn’t like her. She had IDEAS. Oh gosh, imagine that. Because if you look at the entire idea of Ariel, all female characters who don’t conform to this idealized expression of silence and oppression, they’re looked upon poorly. Even Ariel. She found love, only when she could no longer talk. 

That’s right Ariel, just nod and smile. You’re halfway there.

Maybe Ursula had fallen in love with someone, maybe she didn’t care about trivial things like boys. Either way she would have been shunned because of her intelligence and curiosity. Similar to Ariel. Although Ariel wasn’t shunned to such an extreme extent, the similarities could be drawn. And it was in this shunning that Ursula got called a witch. Witches have been a common insult for centuries, and with the ships and castles of Ariel’s movie, it isn’t hard to suggest that these insults were prevalent at this time as well. 

So Ursula was called a witch.

Now Ursula, is a bright and intelligent young woman. She is hated by everyone for what she should be praised for, so why not dabble in the dark arts a bit? They honestly couldn’t think worse of her. 

And with such a cold heart, Ursula turned herself into the hybrid we see in the movie. She left the humans and moved into the sea, the only place that was as cold as her own heart had grown. 

Then we’ve come full circle. A long time later, Ariel comes around. Ursula uses her, sure. She tries to take her voice, yeah. But that never had an impact on the humans viewing Ariel. Because despite Ursula’s flaws, she didn’t LIE. The men didn’t need Ariel to speak, didn’t need her to have opinions, they just wanted her pretty face. 

So Ursula had been a human. A bright and intelligent, curious human, who was shunned for these wonderful attributes. She was called a witch, and soon became one. She wallowed in the ocean for probably decades, if not centuries, until along came Ariel. And yeah, she used Ariel to steal power from a man. A man who was oppressing his daughter and wishing she weren’t so outspoken, and bright, and intelligent and curious. Now, I’m not saying that Ursula did what she did for Ariel. She did it for herself.

Ursula isn’t a tale of a power hungry witch. It’s the story of a women scorned, because she dared to love the world as much as a man.

Yeah Ursula, you show ‘em who’s boss.

But that’s not the end. Is it? Nope. Because you thought I forgot. Nope.

Morgana. Ursula’s sister. And I’m going to be real quick about it. They aren’t sisters. Not biologically speaking. They’re coven sisters. They’re both witches, and the one Morgana refers to as their mother, would be the one that taught them both magic. They were both human, but used magic to change themselves into sea witches.

I don’t know who taught them, nor will I claim to. But Morgana’s story is probably very different to Ursula’s. Ursula we see so much more back story and a history can be discerned from this. Morgana is simply spiteful of Ursula. She envies her, and hates her, and wants to be her. Morgana’s story simply seems to be that she wants to be better than Ursula ever was.

But our girl Ursula wasn’t in it to be the best. She just wanted revenge. Revenge for her, and possibly all those others who had been so horribly mistreated for no reason…. well.

…though I love her. I’m not going to give her that much credit. It was probably just for herself. She is a Disney villain after all. We can’t taint her with too much kindness. She would never forgive us.

to everyone raising hell about The Forest and calling it “racist,” “white-washed,” and “disrespectful”

First of all, yes, I realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You’re allowed to dislike this movie, and you have the right to choose not to go see it. But boycotting it because it has a white main character and is set in a real place? C’mon guys.

First of all, the movie is not white-washed. The reason the main character is American is because this movie is primarily targeting American audiences. I watched a great Spanish horror film the other day, and guess what? The main character was Spanish. When I watch K-dramas with my best friend, the main characters are Korean. Japanese films usually have Japanese characters, French films usually have French characters, Indian films usually have Indian characters, and Italian films usually have Italian characters. Starting to see a pattern? 

It’s not as if the movie is 100% white people, either. The main character, Sara, is white, and her friends and family in America are white as well, but there are several Japanese actors listed in the cast as well. Don’t believe me? Google the movie, you’ll find names like Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Noriko Sakura, and Yûho Yamashita, all of whom are actually of Japanese descent by the way, so those of you who are claiming racially inaccurate casting need to check your facts.

Now onto the “disrespectful” part of the controversy. What part of this movie and its premise is disrespectful? Yes, it is set in a real place where mysterious and even tragic things have happened, but it’s a work of fiction: it’s not tarnishing any reputations, or using the names of any of the people who have actually died in Aokigahara Forest. I didn’t see y’all getting offended about Chernobyl Diaries, which is also a horror movie set in a real place where many people died. There have even been other movies set in Aokigahara Forest before, but you weren’t all up in arms about them. Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time I watched a horror movie that was “based off of a true story,” I’d be able to make my own big budget film; it’s one of the biggest cliches in the genre, a cheap tactic to make the story (and the scares) feel more “real.” Take a look at The Conjuring, The Amityville Horror, or The Possession: They’re all based on real-life events, but no one is calling them disrespectful. Why this movie is targeted when all of those others weren’t is a mystery (although I suspect it has something to do with how half of tumblr seems to believe that white people can’t experience disrespect or discrimination of any kind, and the fact that those other Aokigahara movies didn’t get enough media coverage for people to feel like they were worth bitching about).  

I’ve even seen some people claiming that The Forest romanticizes suicide. First of all, how could you possibly know that when the movie hasn’t even been released yet? Second of all, it’s a horror film. Death, murder, and yes, suicide are common themes of the genre, but very rarely do I see them portrayed in a positive or romanticized light. I am very sensitive about the issues of depression and suicide and how they’re portrayed in the media, but I genuinely don’t see anything offensive in the premise of this movie. The main character travels to Japan because she fears for her sister’s safety, and goes into the forest to look for her because she wants her to live. The locals won’t go near the forest because they want to live. What about that is romanticizing death or suicide?

If anything, this movie is bringing more attention to the issue of suicide in Japan. People are seeing the trailer, getting curious, and googling the forest. They’re getting the facts. In fact, most of the people complaining probably didn’t know that Aokigahara Forest existed before they decided to get offended about this movie. Those are the people who are intrigued by the movie and its premise. I guarantee that 90% of the people who see the trailers and ads don’t care at all.         

Am I expecting The Forest to be the best movie I’ve ever seen, or to win awards? Of course not. But I think it’s a little ridiculous to get this offended over a movie that hasn’t even come out yet. The movie will succeed or fail on its own merits; whether a handful of people on tumblr decide to boycott it likely will not change anything. But seeing how ridiculous everyone is being about it has only made me that much more determined to see it in theaters. I’m going to give this film what every creative work deserves: a chance.  

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Burrcules? “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?”

“You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?”

“No!” Aaron responds angrily, pulling the blanket tighter around his body. “I didn’t mean it like that, I…I’m not hiding! I’m under the blanket because I’m cold! That’s what blankets are for, Hercules.”

“I’m aware of what blankets are for.” Herc says in a teasing voice, and Aaron hears him scoot closer to where Aaron is lying on the floor in his own personal blanket burrito. “But I saw how embarrassed you were before going under there.”

“Shut up.” Aaron grumbles, wishing the ground would swallow him up. He’d been so stupid to accept Angelica’s invitation to spend the night and her and her sisters apartment. He’d been even stupider to not get up and leave when Hamilton suggested playing spin the bottle. That’s what got him into this whole mess.

The first round of spin the bottle had been fine. He’d kissed Angelica on the cheek, and suffered through a kiss from Lafayette, who had attempted to crawl into Aaron’s lap during the kiss. But Aaron had pushed him off, much to everyone’s amusement. Then Herc spun the bottle for his second turn, and Aaron swore his heart had stopped when the battle landed on him.

Before he could even register what was about to happen, Herc had put a hand on the back of Aaron’s neck and pulled him down into a kiss. Not just any kiss, but the best kiss of Aaron’s entire life. It was perfect. But it ended much too quickly for Aaron’s liking, and that had led him to blurting out the stupidest thing he’d ever said.

A few hours later, everyone had fallen asleep except for him and Herc. They stayed up talking about a bunch of things; their classes, the last movie they saw, how annoying Hamilton is, what they’re going to do over winter break…it had been a great conversation, but of course Aaron had to ruin it by asking Herc to kiss him again.

But who could blame him? He’s had a crush on Herc since freshman year. Herc is amazing. He’s funny, nice, loud but gentle, has muscles that make Aaron lightheaded, and has the best smile Aaron has ever seen. He’s wanted to kiss Herc for years. But when he asked, Herc had just stared back at him with shock, and now here he is, hiding under a blanket.

“Aaron, c’mon.” Herc’s voice is closer now, but Aaron still doesn’t move. “Come out of there.”

“I’m comfortable.” Aaron says, despite the feeling of his arm going numb. “Just leave me alone.”

“Is that really what you want?”

No. Aaron sighs but still makes no attempt to get up. He doesn’t want to talk to Herc about it, he feels stupid enough already. It’s clear the guy isn’t interested, so Aaron will just have to suffer not being able to feel his arm. It’s better than getting rejected by the man of his dreams.

“Aaron.” Herc is even closer now, and Aaron feels an arm land on his shoulder. “I’m not gonna tease you. It’s okay, all you did was ask for a kiss, that’s not-”

“Please stop.” Aaron groans, another wave of embarrassment flowing through him. “Just forget I said anything. I didn’t…just forget it.”

“What if I don’t want to forget what you said?” Herc asks softly, and Aaron feels his heart stop for the second time that night. Is he being serious?

Aaron sits up slowly, the blanket still covering his face, but he pulls it down slowly and looks up at Herc, who is staring down at him with a small smile. His eyes roam over Aaron’s face, and Aaron feels his pulse quicken. He can’t be serious.

“What do you mean?” He asks Herc, unsure if the man is messing with him or not. He really hopes he isn’t messing with him. “You really want to…I mean…with me, you want to…uhm…” He can’t get the words out.

“Kiss you.” Herc finishes with a nod. “Yeah. I do.”

“Oh.” Aaron whispers, wondering if he’s dreaming. This can’t actually be happening. But then Herc leans a little closer, and Aaron feels his breath catch. It is happening.

“Unless the offer doesn’t stand anymore?” Herc asks, leaning back, and Aaron realizes that he’s just been staring at the other man, making no movements.

“No!” Aaron says louder than he means to. “I mean…yes, the offer still stands. You can…uh…kiss me. If you want to.”

“I want to.” Herc assures him, and Aaron feels his face heat up. They’re both moving closer, lips almost touching when Laurens suddenly mumbles something in his sleep, making them both jump apart.

Aaron had momentarily forgotten where they were, and he looks around at the sleeping forms of all their friends. This isn’t exactly how he’d imagined his first…well, second…kiss with Herc to go. Herc must be sensing what Aaron is feeling, because he chuckles softly and reaches out to take the blanket from him, throwing it over both of their heads.

“A little more privacy.” Herc murmurs, one of his hands reaching out to rest on the back of Aaron’s neck again, like the first time.

Aaron blinks his eyes a few times, trying to get them to adjust to the darkness so he can see Herc. He wants to see him. He can just make out his face, and then there is breath tickling his face, and Herc’s other hand is on his cheek. Aaron breathes out slowly, his eyes fluttering closed, and then Herc’s lips are on his. 

The kiss is slower this time, allowing Aaron to actually take in what is happening. He’s kissing Hercules Mulligan. Aaron moves his hands, wanting to touch him, and rests hands gently on Herc’s thighs. Herc sighs against his mouth, and Aaron shivers when he feels Herc’s tongue brushing over his bottom lip. 

The kiss deepens, and both of their breathing grows a little heavier. Aaron grows bolder, nipping at Herc’s lip and smiling when the man moans softly. That’s a noise he could get used to. He parts his lips, giving Herc more access, and grips his thighs tightly when their tongues meet. Aaron moves closer, wanting more, but then a voice calls out, making them both jump apart again.

“If you guys are gonna keep this up, the guest room is free.” Angelica’s voice is laced with sleep, and Aaron pulls the blanket off of him and Herc, feeling embarrassed again. But Angelica just smiles at them from her spot on the couch. “I love you both, but I also don’t need to hear you making out.” She closes her eyes and turns her back to them.

“Do…do you want to?” Herc breathes out, his lips looking swollen and his eyes bright. He’s looking at Aaron nervously.

“Y-yes.” Aaron stammers, his heart pounding. 

Herc stands up and holds out his hand to Aaron, pulling him off the ground. They both stare at each other, and then they’re laughing quietly, both of them finally taking in what is happening. Herc’s lips are on his again as they stumble over to one of the bedrooms. God, Aaron thinks he could kiss Herc for hours.

So he does.

“Hey Becca, thanks for the fan mail. Sorry for the late reply we’ve been busy with the Sakura Festival. Kyohei has been working us hard as he wants to blow everyone away with our new album. I hope you’ve seen his new single. Iori is looking after us all and making sure I eat. Kota wanted me to thank you for your concern over his health, he was touched that you noticed how tired he was. He’s been working more than us all because of his new movie. Ryo is enjoying your book on iBooks during his breaks. I hope your book signing went well! Nagi is of course designing our costumes for our next concert. Thank you for all your support! Looking forward to hearing more from you.” Love Takashi.

Hidden SaNami - Manga and filler

You know… Sometimes I can kind of understand why people don’t “see“ SaNami. Because a lot of the time their moments are either hidden, or happens so fast that we barely have time to realize it.

Mostly this happens in fillers or in movies and sometimes the anime actually changes or adds to SaNami moments that are originally Oda’s. There are some really undervalued moments in the manga as well. Sometimes I’m not even sure all Sanji x Nami shippers are aware of some. I’m not going to point out every single moment, but I will bring up some points that I have some particular thoughts about.

I also want to talk about how the anime tend to exaggerate Sanji’s mellorine-mode and how that might make people misinterpret Sanji and Nami’s relationship.

This is another long one.

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My thoughts continue to be with Paris and everyone else in our small world that is affected by senseless and tragic violence.  We need stand together, be united and take care of one another.

Inspired by Audrey Tautou as Amélie Poulain in 2001’s Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain - This is my favourite French language film, I will admit that I haven’t seen as many French films as I should of over the course of my life, but this one has always had a special place in my heart.  The innocence and whimsy of Amelie is something we can all learn from, I also love that this movie was shot all over Paris, in many locations, giving us a view of this lovely city though the eyes of a very well meaning and interesting woman. 

okay but what if the conflict in civil war breaks out because tony is like “steve dude ur boyfriend has to register, all superheroes have to register” and steve is like “who???? no one is living in my house??? i’m miserable and so alone, how do iphones work again?” 

and like, everyone gets progressively more and more annoyed. everyone knows that bucky is living in steve’s apartment, they just can’t prove it. they’re never able to catch him, and steve is never seen in public with him. and over the course of the two hour movie, they both get so stubborn and angry about whether or not bucky is with steve or not that they CIVIL WAR

and at some point maybe tony is winning the fight and bucky just comes out of nowhere and snaps tony’s suit covered arm, bends the metal and breaks the bone and is like “bitch i ain’t signing anything but a marriage certificate ayoooo” and that’s the end 

Just war rig things

So just about everyone who’s seen Fury Road more than once has picked up on the fact that the War Rig is pretty much a character unto itself. More specifically it becomes significantly dustier as the movie progresses, turning from its matte black finish to a warm ochre. The Rig picks up the yellow-brown dust almost early enough to forget it’s supposed to be matte black, pretty much…right as soon as Furiosa turns off the Gastown road and makes the Rig a tool of her and the Wives’ liberation. And of course, black is the Citadel’s–Immortan Joe’s–color; Citadel flares are black and Joe’s whole color scheme is black and white. The Rig is black when it’s introduced, when it’s clearly a tool Immortan Joe uses to reinforce his rule by controlling the flow of trade, and becomes ochre when Furiosa makes it a tool for her own liberation. (Real subtle.)

But that got me thinking. Clearly it doesn’t take very much for the Rig to go from an intimidating matte black to a worn dusty color. So little, you’d be surprised if it didn’t come back from every run covered in Wasteland red. Which means that every time it comes back it needs to be washed. With water. Precious, precious water. The War Rig–Immortan Joe’s War Rig–is washed after almost every run with that precious symbol of life (and of Joe’s dominion), water. See what I’m getting at?

I’m thinking that the regular washing is a deeply religious ritual for those War Boys fortunate enough to partake. It’s almost like anointment–Immortan Joe’s precious Aqua Cola, used to bless his War Rig before it goes out into the world to carry His Word and His Will.

And this entire theory, the entire mental image with all the religious connotations that I’ve described, comes from the fact that the Rig starts the movie clean and ends it dirty. God damn Miller conveys so much with so little.

lena221b  asked:

Nerdy!Derek who is wearing glasses and who's been harbouring the most embarassing crush on Stiles for half an eternity? Needy virgin Derek who is blushing at the very thought of Stiles looking at him? And now Stiles is about to give him a lap dance? Is that what you are imagining? Because I do.

Lena, you do not understand just how much of a weakness this is to me. I just made some weird, high pitched sound because this is really everything I want in life and please, everyone, just give it to me. 

So, like, nerd!Derek just wanting to do something quiet for his birthday. Maybe go to the movies and dinner. Boyd is totally down with this plan. But, of course, Erica is having none of it, and because she is made of pure evil she orders Derek a stripper. They are at Erica’s house and Erica wheels the cake in and then promptly high tails it up the stairs with Boyd, wishing him the “happiest of Birthdays” with a wink. Derek doesn’t understand, because that is one of the most beautiful cakes he has ever seen. Plus, Erica loves cake. Why hasn’t she already eaten half of it by now? Why isn’t he currently watching her attack it with her face? Most of all though, he wants to know why he’s being ditched for a make out session on his Birthday. Erica and Boyd are more physical around Derek than he would like, but they have never blown him off for sex. 

He’s so busy being confused he almost misses the way the lights go down and bits of cake flying everywhere as someone jumps out of it. Someone with moles and large, brown eyes and hands. Hands Derek has imagined too many times on him, stroking him, holding him. Yeah, he’s got it bad. 

All he can do is stare because, yes, that really is Stiles Stilinski standing in his Birthday “cake”, wearing nothing but a pair of too tight shorts that read “Happy Birthday!” across them. Derek may spend a little too long staring at them and blushes when he realises he has just been looking at Stiles’ crotch without even saying hi! 

Stiles’ smile is cocky when Derek looks up, and for a second Derek thinks he’s going to cry, because this is obviously a joke. Erica obviously hired a stripper or something and Stiles and his friends (probably Jackson) high-jacked it to make fun of him. Stiles has never been mean to Derek, or anyone, but still…it’s the only explanation Derek can think of as to why Stiles is just smiling at him like that, like he’s…like he’s enjoying himself, and not mortified like Derek is to have the guy he’s in love with standing half naked in his best friend’s living room. 

“I was going to ask you to prom,” Stiles says, walking towards him, “but it’s months away.”

And Derek just stares at Stiles, all confused and completely adorable, and then Stiles is sitting down on his lap and grinding, and Derek feels his cheeks heat up even further than before because Stiles is definitely hard. Is he hard for him? 

“Is this okay?” Stiles asks. And Derek can only nod, trying not to freak out that Stiles Stilinski is currently in his lap swaying his hips and moving his hands up his chest. Derek has no idea what to do with his own hands, but Stiles notices and captures them in his own, grinning, telling Derek it’s okay, just to relax. And Derek does, well, as much as he can when music starts playing from somewhere and Stiles does some sort of weird dance move that both has him laughing and moaning. And Derek can feel himself getting redder and redder as he hardens in his pants, Stiles leaning in to place soft kisses on his neck, telling him how much he’s thought about him, that watching him read is the single hottest thing he has ever seen, that he’s wanted to ask him out for two years, but he wasn’t sure, sure that Derek liked him, but Erica and Boyd said he did. Derek wants to kill them, but gets distracted when Stiles then says he has a glasses kink. Oh god. 

And then the music stops and Derek is breathing way too hard and Stiles just leans in further, lips grazing Derek’s, asking for permission, and Derek just manages to get a hold of himself to nod, to open his mouth and hope he’s not going to disappoint Stiles when his lips finally press against his. It’s a soft, chaste kiss, his very first, but Derek has a feeling that’s not the reason he whimpers into it, not with Stiles’ hands running up and down his sides, caressing his cheek, before pulling back and whispering “Happy Birthday, Mr Hale” in his ear, like Marilyn Monroe. Derek may or may not accidentally come in his pants. 

(Stiles does ask Derek to prom, and later that night Derek tries to return the lap dance in full, blushing the entire time, wearing nothing but his glasses, but Stiles doesn’t mind. Not at all.)

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Hey man, you seem like a really chill dude and stuff and the advice you give is really down to earth. So anyway, I'm 16 and I want to make cartoons or something along those lines, my family is not that eager on my life choice. I've drawing for 2 years and I've seen progress which is cool. But sometimes I think I'm chasing a pipe dream? Like I'll never be good enough or fortunate enough. I want my cartoon to get picked up by CN but I don't even live in America. Am I dreaming too big?

Your family is being unimaginative. I’m guessing they compare your current skills to that which they see in pixar movies and say “well this doesn’t look like that, so it’s not good” instead of being able to see it takes skill and determination to get there over the course of many years and that everyone has to start somewhere. I made a post once about unsupportive parents who were never artists telling kids how the art world works like they’re somehow experts on it:

On the fact that you’re in the UK: who cares? Gumball comes from Britain. I’ve seen pilots that are from non-US residents. I would say, as with any job, it helps immensely to live near where your job is, but it’s not a complete necessity.

Next: you’re 16! If I had the job I wanted when I was 16, I would be animating sentinels in the 11th Matrix movie while living in an HR Giger inspired space station. What you want out of your life will change. Did you want the same thing when you were 12? That was four years ago. Four years from now you’ll be 20, do you think you’ll still want the same things? Probably not, so it’s best to keep nimble. Here’s a post where I talked to someone who was trying to figure out their college stuff and it’s about a similar idea:

I would say going forward with a mind for a career in animation is a worthy goal. However, I would say that thinking you have to work for a super specific company isn’t. You might find that a large company is not the right fit for you. You might find you like animating things in a small studio with a handful of staff or even no staff at all. Cartoon Network could be the worst place to work in the world by the time you’re 20 because some shareholders wanted it to move in a different direction, who knows?

It’s also a great goal to want to make your own cartoon. Just don’t wait for some company to come along and make it for you, work on that shit yourself. I made animation for years, starting when I was a bit younger than you, and I only got a pilot at CN going this past year (I’m 28 now). You have to keep making things all the time and build up your skills over the course of many many years.

It sucks that you’re surrounded by people who aren’t helping you grow as an artist, but if it’s something you desire that tops all other things, it’ll be okay. Then, 20 years from now when we’re all living in a post-apocalyptic hellscape due to global warming, you’ll be able to make the best damn flipbooks of anyone in your cave and the local bruiser boys will stick up for you because you’re an artist that speaks to their soft souls instead of to their hardened exteriors.


Mune clip, just fair warning–I WANT TO BELIEVE EVERYONE HAS SEEN THIS because this movie is brilliant and i’m so excited about it ughhhhh these three dorks are amazing, Glim is such an interesting design as a candle representing dusk (little of both worlds) and, well…of COURSE Sohone is cute as hell, i love love his voice ugh 

Dating Jungkook would be like..

Jin l Yoongi l HoseokNamjoon l Jimin l Taehyung

  • Ahhhh cutie maknae
  • You two would probably start off as friends
  • But he would eventually start feeling different every time he is with you, like he heartbeat would start beating super fast every time he looks at you
  • He would be super confused at first and would ask mama Jin why he feels so weird
  • Jin would probably start squealing and run around telling the other members that their maknae is growing up and has a crush
  • Little actually tall maknae would be so nervous every time he is around you now
  • He would confess after much persuading from the other members
  • Actually it was an accident but otherwise Jimin or Tae would have been the ones telling you about Kookies feelings
  • You of course feel the same way and accept his confession
  • Your first date would be something like going to an arcade or a carnival
  • He has of course hidden his face so no one notice him
  • But the date is actually super cute, even though he is nervous the whole way through, but you both still have a good time
  • He asks you to be his girlfriend on your 4th or 5th date
  • You are watching movies with him at the dorm
  • Jin had to kick everyone out because they kept interrupting you two
  • But while watching your favorite movie he can’t help but admire how cute you look, giving all kind of reactions even though you have seen the movie a lot of times before
  • He just quietly asks you to be his girlfriend, not even nervous because he just so caught up in the moment and your beauty
  • He will not be able to stop smiling after you says yes to being his girlfriend
  • He texts you a lot, because that is the moments he is most confident talking to you
  • But he also really likes seeing you, because you are the most beautiful person he ever laid eyes on
  • Your first kiss is on a date, the two of you would be walking in a park or by the Han River, your hands intertwined
  • Kissing you has been on his mind for a long time and he finally has the courage to do it the other guys probably have helped him a lot figuring out a cute way to kiss you for the first time
  • His stops walking forcing you to stop too
  • He takes your other hand and looks into your eyes for a moment, and mentally goes through all the advice the other guys gave him
  • He lets go of one of your hands and puts his hand on your cheek and slowly leans in
  • when he sees you leaning in too, he will lean in faster and place a soft kiss on your lips
  • It is honestly so cute and he can’t stop smiling for the rest of the day, the guys being reminded of the day he asked you to be his girlfriend, because it is the same smile and it is only you that can make him smile like that
  • Your relationship is super cute, but he can also be a little ass
  • He will want to teach you his dances
  • And every time you get it right, he will kiss you. But get it wrong and the little devil will laugh his ass off over how dumb you looked.
  • He will not show any skinship around the other guys, because he gets super shy and knows he will not hear the end of it
  • But sometimes he will slip up and show some skinship around them, because you looked way to cute and he just needed to hug you
  • When it is just the two of you, then he would show so much skinship, that you might think someone is pretending to be your boyfriend
  • But he just really likes you and you feel so nice to hug and kiss
  • He loves playing video games with you
  • But it does not matter whether you are good or bad, cause he will not go easy on you
  • His favorite dates, are just you two relaxing or doing something fun at home
  • He probably asks the guys for advice all the time
  • So doesn’t be surprised if he does something extremely weird, the guys just gave him bad advice for fun
  • The first time he tells you that he loves you, would be when the two of you are acting weird and annoying Jimin
  • You would do something that makes him laugh so hard and he accidentally says he loves you
  • Jimin would awkwardly back out of the room, finally escaping you two
  • He doesn’t tell you that he loves you all the time
  • But that is because he rather show you with actions
  • Totally not because he becomes shy every time he tells you
  • He loves to cuddle you, but of course not when the other guys are around
  • He teases you a lot, but it only reminds you of a small child teasing his crush
  • The only times he ever really feel jealous is if you are hanging out with one of his members, especially if you laugh hard because of one of their jokes
  • He becomes insecure and scared that the member will steal you away
  • It will be easy to see when he is feeling like that, so just give him small kisses around his face to make him laugh and smile and tell him he is the only one for you
  • You wouldn’t really fight, only over video games or silly things like that
  • Overall he would just be a shy baby that loves you a lot and loves teasing you, and you are on the list of best things that has happened to him
  • He is your best friend and your boyfriend

~Admin Apple

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Which of the guys love Disney movies and if they do like them which movie is their favorite :3c

i was waiting for one like this !! (onus if you can guess which one of these is my fav)

Lucio really likes The Emperor’s New Groove. He’s seen it more than ten times and it never gets old for him.

Soldier76 says he doesn’t like Disney movies, but he secretly loves Tangled.

Reaper loves Up and he cries during the beginning very time, no exceptions.

Reinhardt is unashamed of his adoration of Big Hero 6 and forces everyone to watch it.

Zenyatta, surprise, surprise, likes WALL-E. No further explanation needed.

Junkrat has seen Bolt more times than he can count. It’s a bit of an obsession.

Roadhog, of course, likes Wreck-It Ralph. He can sympathize with the main character, ya know?

McCree is 100% in love with Spirit. It’s not a Disney movie? Fuck off, he doesn’t care. (He just really likes Spirit.)

Hanzo is pretty fond of The Lion King. His favorite characters are the hyenas.

Genji likes Brave. He always gets teary eyed at least three times during it.

advent drabble challenge: #1. ache

title: Season of Love

summary: Blaine, nearing the age of 30, thinks about what love used to mean and what it means now while the Christmas decorations go up. canon-compliant. (1175 words)

warnings: extremely brief mention of s6 spoilers, not in-depth though

When Kurt approaches him with one of their many boxes labeled “Christmas Decorations” and grins, Blaine knows it’s that time of year again: not quite Christmas, but close enough that they can revel in the holiday cheer. It’s the first weekend of December, to be exact.

It’s time for all of their favorite Christmas movies, including Love, Actually, which is one of many seasonal examples that revolve around what is said to be the most important part of Christmas - love. Love actually, apparently, is all around. Blaine remembers wanting that kind of love that’s in the movies, the kind that’s honey-sweet to burning-hot, the kind that’s epic and deserving of grand musical scores.

That’s not exactly what he got.

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First off, let me give my hardiest of congratulations to members of the Carol Corps (of which I am one) and the Black Panther fans! I am ecstatic that Marvel is finally taking these long overdue steps towards equal representation (but please, Marvel, remember that these are only the first steps and not the destination), and I can’t wait to stand in line to see these films five times each. At least. 

But of course, as everyone has no doubt already guessed, I also feel incredibly saddened at the lack of a Black Widow movie announcement. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt quite so passionately about a character as I do Natasha, and as much as I love what I’ve seen of her so far, I wanted an opportunity to submerge myself in her story, her world, and not merely subsist on the table scraps of someone else’s movie.

I have no intention of giving up the fight; I’m going to finally give in and make a twitter account just so I can participate in the Black Widow Movie Offensive on November 2nd, and will continue to faithfully support the OpenTheLedger campaign. Yet as the schedule fills out for the years to come with no Black Widow movie to be seen, the chances of our dreams coming to fruition shrink evermore. 

Today it seems as though excitement and disappointment go hand in hand, but that’s a feeling I’m getting used to when it comes to Marvel. 

Here’s to Carol and T'Challa, may your box offices be spectacular and sequels be many!