and everyone expects him to just do everything because hes smarter than everyone

I’ve been thinking a lot about the meeting between Trump and Obama at the White House, and here’s the thing.

Obama used to be a law professor. This is key.

Law school is so, so different from college. 

In college, everyone expects there to be a “syllabus day,” kind of a grace period where they can show up and get the lay of the land, figure out the bare minimum that they can get away with, the TA gives everyone their office hours, there’s an introductory lecture, and everybody leaves a few minutes early to go take a nap or something. You do the bullshit assignments, you say something in class now and then to get your participation check mark, and figure out how badly you can do on the final and still pass. 

But see, in law school, all the methodologies you’ve spent the last 17 years operating under go out the window. Day one of law school is you being thrown into the deep end of the pool—you’ve had a homework assignment for two weeks now, and it’s to read the first 200 pages of your casebook. And now it’s you and the teacher (who is usually as smug as Alex Trebek) gauging and assessing what you managed to absorb while you skimmed through all those pages of reading so you could hurry up and get to the other 150 pages of reading for your next period class, in front of 50 people who are all smarter than you. And if you fuck up, or you didn’t do the reading, you are at the mercies of not just the professor, but the silent satisfied judgment of your peers. 

Law school is hard, and it will make you feel stupid and tongue-tied and like you don’t know anything and can’t form an argument—because you don’t, and you can’t. Everybody there has had a 4.0 since birth. Everybody there was the smartest kid in their class, and you’re all rabidly competing for a sliver of a chance at something down the road. It’s petty, and savage, fiercely entrenched in a culture of formalities and ceremony, and exactly like Washington DC

Yesterday when I was driving home, the NPR reporter talking about the Oval Office meeting mentioned that Trump had thought it was going to be a “getting to know you” type meeting, but that he was surprised when Obama stretched their talk out to 90 minutes before sending him along to the Capitol building where he met with congressional leaders for more lengthy meetings and stuff he didn’t want to do.

And he hasn’t even gotten to the actual job yet

So think about that as we go into this. 

Trump walked into the Oval Office like a two-pump-chump freshman thinking it was syllabus day, and what he got was the first day of law school, and he hadn’t done the reading like everyone else had, and Professor Obama decided to put him in the hot seat. 

This was Obama’s chance for the most perfect revenge that would never be picked up on as revenge at all. He was gracious, polite—everything he needed to be for a peaceful transition and a good review from the press. And that would continue when the doors were closed, because that’s the key. Not a Come to Jesus meeting, oh no. If Obama were smart—and he is very smart—he would have treated Trump like an equal, and brought the discussion to a level that assumes far more of Trump than anyone has so far. Assumes that he’s an adult who’s been paying attention. Statistics, esoteric minutiae about the executive branch procedure, economic growth numbers, labor figures, domestic policies, countries Trump has never even heard of, shit that would never in a million years have been in Trump’s campaign soundbites or digestible summaries. 

No way to escape. No aides to remember any of it for him. Just the two of them. 

Because that’s what would strike a precise chill into Trump. The thundering realization that he’s woefully unprepared for the hard, boring, thankless reality of this, and Obama’s version of a smooth transition won’t and shouldn’t include remedial civics. 

That’s what I saw when they shook hands and Trump stared at the floor instead of looking back into Obama’s face. He’s just figured out how little he knows about any of this

And that should give you a small glow of satisfaction, because after those meetings, Trump definitely has the 1L Terror Shits. In January, the night sweats and insomnia will show up, but for these first few weeks—nothing but diarrhea and self-doubt.  

Teach You - Chapter 3

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader
Summary: He was a punk, and she was… what? She was everything society asked for. But he was different, and nobody liked people that were different. So what happens when two different worlds collide? Are they really that different?
Words: ca. 800
Warnings: None

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

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Why it doesn’t matter anymore whether the lostspecial’s “revelation” is genuine or if there’s a 4th episode

First thing to say is this: I never post anything, I live in the shadows, and enjoy taking part of TJLC behind the anonymous’ face. I have followed several tumblr account from a long time. I have been part of TJLC since the day lsit created her blog, the day after TSoT. In other words, I have seen my fair share of mindfuckery, of blogs I liked receiving hate but I have never taken an active role in this fandom until now.

Like many TJLCers, I decided to watch TFP having high expectations, knowing for sure I was about to witness something groundbreaking.

Well, I wasn’t wrong. Not really.

First came disappointment: so was everything a farce? A pure publicity stunt? Even the lostspecial website is a lie? Are we that desperate for something to be clever?

And then I was thinking… So what if we are? None of this makes sense anyway. Why shouldn’t we ask for a miracle?

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Genesis | Chapter 1


Twenty five weeks and three days - you’d never felt so exhausted, between work and taking care of everything in the house to prepare for the baby had taken its toll on you. Your body had changed in ways you could have never expected, the first sign was the obvious - you missed your period, you chalked it up to stress from the work load you’d taken on once your internship at a modeling agency started. When the doctor told you that you were in fact pregnant it took everything in you not to break whatever bit of sanity you had claim to - there was hesitation then acceptance. Telling your family had been harder than you had thought it would be, seeing the look of disappointment spread across the face of people you loved made your heart sink but the unwavering affection of your mother never ceased to amaze you. There was a period of time where they would consistently ask you to bring the father over so they could meet him, and once again the look of shame spread on face after face once they realized that he wouldn’t be around and you’d been knocked up by some guy who wanted nothing to do with you.

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Got7 as High Schoolers

Original Request:   “Got7 as highschoolers? Love ya!”


  • Literally everyone loves him and whoever says they don’t is lying
  • Homies with the teachers
  • Taking selfies with said teacher
  • Brings snacks for the class around the holidays
  • Class jokester but doesn’t go overboard and is respectful about it
  • Friends with every single girl that goes to the school
  • Good grades
  • During gym class, he tries to be light-hearted and casual about the sports being played but in reality, everyone is practically having heart attacks trying to keep up with him
  • “It’s just for fun guys!  It’s–why are you all on the floor?”
  • A lot of the boys probably have lowkey crushes on him
  • You know those times when you’re sitting at lunch and you suddenly hear someone yelling/screaming?  Yeah, that’s Jackson
  • Best subject:  Physcial Education
  • Makes ‘friends’ with the bullies in an attempt to rid them of their sinister ways
  • Turns them into sunshine
  • Turns everyone into sunshine
  • Turns the school itself into sunshine


  • Friends with all the smarter kids that most people are intimidated by
  • Spends a lot of time in the library, whether it be reading, studying, or hitting on the librarian
  • Uses headphones while in the library
  • Sits with a specific group of people at lunch every day but is still quiet
  • The math teacher hates him because he never participates in class but always gets good test scores
  • No one has any issue with him but he sticks to a small circle of friends
  • Lowkey more savage with the girls he’s friends with, rather than the boys
  • The older male teachers wonder how they can be like him
  • Some girls crush HARD because he seems too mature to be in high school
  • Doesn’t try a whole lot in gym class but no one really cares
  • Doesn’t really speak to people outside his friend circle but isn’t opposed to it
  • Lowkey intimidating 
  • The kid that everyone believes to be rich
  • Above average grades
  • Best subjects:  English (Korean) and History


  • Oh dear
  • Jokes about everything in class but is only loud with it with certain teachers
  • Average grades (Not low scores but they could be higher)
  • Some of the girls like him just because he’s part of the popular group
  • nEVER stops running in gym class
  • sO loud in gym class
  • Probably has a cute girl for a science tutor
  • Lowkey hits on every female teacher he has but is scared of his male teachers
  • The kid that falls out of seat onto the floor of the cafeteria, laughing, during lunch
  • The kid that always has his cellphone out, hidden under the desk, but never gets caught
  • Cocky but can easily be put in his place
  • Copies off the smart kid during tests
  • Short attention span
  • Has trouble sitting still during class
  • Best subject:  Physical Education and Lunch lmao


  • Everyone has a crush on him, vaginas, dicks, they all do
  • Somewhat intimidating but is really a cupcake
  • Is considered to be popular but still mostly quiet
  • Doesn’t do too well in Spanish class
  • Decent grades overall
  • Studies a reasonable amount but is still found hanging out with friends on the weekends
  • Everyone expected him to be better than he actually is in gym class
  • Flirts with the female teachers without realizing it
  • Teachers pet without having to do anything extraordinary 
  • Twirls his pencil while resting his head on the other hand during class
  • Has a lot of friends, mostly male
  • The girls are jealous of any other girl that comes into contact with him, even in the slightest bit
  • Gets detention for skipping English class to watch Jackson in gym class
  • Best subject:  Watching Jackson in PE


  • The poor females that have to go to the same school
  • Classic bad boy type
  • But is still nice, unless given a reason to not be
  • Any girl would kill to try on his leather jacket
  • Has a mixture of friends: Jocks, Smart kids, Burn outs, Loner kids, Dorky kids, Music prodigy kids, etc.  
  • Lowkey loves how the girls treat him like a god
  • Average grades
  • Not really one to try too hard in gym class but no one else tries either because they’re too busy staring at him in shorts
  • It could be in the month of June and he’d still show up to school in a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, and black pants
  • Rarely takes off the jacket
  • The jacket is a part of his existence
  • The teachers have misunderstandings about him and act as if he won’t do well because they get the mis-impression that he’s a bad kid
  • Best subject:  Literature and Drama


  • Sweet to everyone he encounters
  • Not even the bullies will bully him
  • Mostly friends with the goodie-goodie kids
  • Female teachers think he’s cute as a button
  • Good grades
  • Walks up to the teacher’s desk to ask a question, rather than raising his hand
  • I cannot tell you how many boys have a crush on him
  • The girls he’s friends with are usually girly
  • He doesn’t excel at one specific subject but is rather decent at all of them
  • Probably holding back tears at graduation
  • Quiet during homeroom in the mornings
  • Will show up to school one day with a navy hoodie and sweatpants and then the next day will be wearing a pastel pink sweater and jeans
  • Everyone wonders how his hair is always perfectly done
  • Classmates make a game out of counting how many times he uses chapstick during class


  • Basically a quieter version of BamBam
  • Tries to copy off the smart kid in class during tests but probably gets caught because dumbass you’re sitting in the front row 
  • Hides his cellphone under the desk to watch funny videos but a lot of times will forget to turn off the sound
  • The teachers will do literally anything in their power to not have him and Bammy in the same class
  • Average grades
  • A lot of girls have crushes on him because he’s tall and has a lovable baby face but he never really seems to care 
  • Still lowkey a cocky little shit though
  • Gets caught talking in class a lot
  • Sits at a lunch table that’s completely full, Bam being right next to him
  • Is the reason Bammy fell out of his chair laughing, in the cafeteria 
  • “You should play basketball!”
  • During graduation, he absolutely cannot wait to get it over with so he can get the tits out of school

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Brawling Love Part 3

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, asshole Bucky, insecure reader

A/N: Thanks so much for the feedback :) here’s part 3

Bucky stormed into the tower, dragging you behind him while you held the boxes full of food. You had a shit eating grin plastered on your face as he pulled you into kitchen where literally everyone was, this time, Thor and Sam were there.

“Oh man.” Sam laughed as he watched you two walk in. “This is quite the sight, you two handcuffed together.”

“Shut your trap, birdman.” Bucky snapped. You place the food on the counter before smiling at everyone.

“I’m gonna let that one slide.” Sam chuckled.

“What’s happening? Are you and lady Y/N finally getting along?” Thor asked and everyone around him began laughing. “What? It was an honest question.”

“You’re lucky you’re handsome, Thor. Stupid, but very handsome.” Natasha joked.

As everyone’s laughter died down, Clint was the first to speak. “So Bucky, how was the date?”

Bucky tensed up beside you and you smirked. “Amazing.” you answer for him.

“I believe I’m Bucky and you’re not.” he snapped as he turned to you.

“Yeah. No one cares.” you wave him off before turning back to everyone. “It was a blast, we talked and she went to the bathroom for quite a while and we got wine and-”

“Y/N ruined the damn date.” he cuts you off. “She told her we were dating and proceeded to make her uncomfortable to the point where she left.”

“When I say I don’t want to go somewhere, I don’t want to go somewhere. Simple as that.” you shrug.

“you’re a literal idiot.” he huffed out and you roll your eyes.

“You’re a giant baby, James. Stop acting like it’s the end of the fucking world just because this one date went haywire. I’m sure you’ll ask someone else out by the end of the week.” you say and everyone raised their eyebrows. By now, Bucky was furious. He was so angry at you for scaring away the blonde and ruining everything.

Bucky had enough.

“Well at least I can actually get dates, unlike you.” he spat. “When’s the last time you’ve been on a date, huh? Oh, that’s right. Never because you were a stuck up, annoying ass know-it-all bitch who no one wanted to deal with and you still are to this day. You think you’re a good recruit to the team, hmm? That you can use your looks to seduce men like Nat and Wanda? No. You can’t, because you can’t compare to them. To their looks, to their skills, nothing. You think Steve, Thor, Clint, Sam, Tony or Vision like you? No, they just put up with your annoying ass. You’re no help to the team so why are you still fucking here? Are you trying to prove something because the only thing you’re proving is how useless and pathetic you are Y/N. Open your eyes for once.”

Everyone gasped, staring wide eyed at Bucky who just had the outburst of his life before they looked at you. Your eyes dropped down to his chest as you just stared at his shirt. You let his words sink in, they kept replaying in your head like a broken record. Did everyone really not like you? Were you really useless and pathetic? Did you really have no place on the team? All these questions swarmed your head along with Bucky’s harsh words.

You shouldn’t let it get to you, but you did.

“Y/N.” Steve cautiously spoke and you let your head drop down.

“Nat, unlock us.” you nearly whisper.

“Y/N.” Wanda was the second to speak, taking a step forward.

“Natasha, unlock us. Now.” you try to come off as okay; fine even but your tears proved otherwise.

Bucky let everything sink in. Everything he told you, he instantly regretted once seeing your tears. Fuck, he was stupid.

“I don’t - I lost the key.” she stuttered, still in shock about Bucky’s outburst. Everyone was.

“Well can one of you please find a way to get these damn cuffs off!?” you suddenly yell. You wanted to get as far away from Bucky as possible. You didn’t want to fully break down, not here in front of everyone. You didn’t want to show them that you were weak; pathetic. “Vision, Wanda, use your powers, Clint, use one of your arrows, Thor use your hammer, anything just please.” you begged and right when you lift your head to everyone, your tears came pouring down.

“Y/N, those are the strongest handcuffs known to man.” Tony managed to say.

“Yeah, no shit Tony. We disclosed that earlier.” you hissed. You didn’t mean to come off angry towards any of them but you no longer wanted to be in there, humiliated, chained to Bucky.

“I need to make a new set of keys then. It may take up to a week, maybe even more.” he admits and you swallow sharply.

“Okay.” you nod calmly. Too calm to everyone else, they were terrified.

You walk to the elevator, Bucky allowing you pull him along and you press your floor. You stare at the wall in front of you, feeling your tears cascade down your cheeks as your jaw clenched.

You didn’t know Bucky felt that way about you. Due to your feelings for him, his words stung 100 times worse. He admitted he thought you weren’t as pretty as Natasha or Wanda and you felt as though it was true. You never felt cute let alone pretty while standing next to one of them. You didn’t have amazing powers like Wanda or astonishing skills like Natasha. What were you doing, trying to prove you could be just as amazing as them. Pfft. You could never compare to them.

You were always an insecure person. Ever since elementary school. There was always those people who were prettier than you, smarter than you, better than you. You were always the last on the list. The last no one wanted; no one cared for.

Bucky stared at you the whole ride in the elevator, your silence was scaring him. You were never silent around him, always throwing sassy comments his way but this time, he had taken it way too far. He knew that and everyone else who witnessed his outburst knew that.

The elevator dinged once it reached your floor and you exit the small space with Bucky trailing behind you.

“Y/N.” he finally spoke, his voice soft and gentle, not wanting to hurt you more than he already had.

You ignored his call and pushed open your door. “I hope you don’t mind sleeping in here.” you muttered, not once making eye contact with Bucky.

“Yeah, sure.” was all he could say. You push your door closed and briefly glance at Bucky before walking over to your bed.

Bucky could physically feel his heart clench, as if someone reached through his chest and squeezed his heart when he fully saw how broken you looked. And it was all because of him.

You didn’t even bother changing into your pajamas. You crawled on the left side of your bed and curled up in a ball and if Bucky wasn’t heartbroken with guilt flooding him already, he was now, once seeing you so vulnerable.

“Wh-Where do you want me to sleep?” Bucky stuttered out, keeping his eyes on you.

“I don’t care.” you muffed out, keeping your face hidden.

“I’m gonna.. sleep on the bed if that’s alright with you.” he says softly but you don’t answer him. With a sigh, Bucky crawls over your body and lays next to you, his arm resting on your waist due to your position.

“Get your fucking arm off me.” you snap and Bucky’s features soften even more. He really fucking hurt you.

“I-I can’t. You’re arm is pulling me..” he comes off as gentle, trailing off his sentence and you flip over, facing Bucky. His arm falls from your waist and lands between the both of you.

You let out a huff, curling up in a ball and closing your eyes yet again. Bucky studied your features, the way your eyebrows pinched together as you tried to contain your tears, the way your lips formed a straight line to prevent a sob from escaping.

He’s never seen you like this. You were always so tough, so guarded. Nothing really got under your skin so he was surprised when you reacted the way that you did. He wasn’t expecting that, maybe a punch to the face or a knee to the balls but not you breaking down.

He’s never seen you so vulnerable. And it was all his fault.

A/N: I hope ya liked this part, sorry for the long wait, I was busy all day.


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Nerdy Virgin Calum

Pairing: Y/N/Calum

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 10.000+

Summary: People wanted the stories to continue so let’s see what happens in Calum’s! Inspired and continued from my preference based on End Up Here! 

Luke’s Version //  #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer

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The runaway bride ~ Jojen Reed (Game of Thrones)

Everyone loves Thomas all of a sudden… dw though, so do I XD

Words: 1,782

Pairing: Jojen (GOT) x reader

Request: hiii, could I have one where (Y/N) is in anarranged marriage but doesn’t want to be, so she runs away and ends up being found by Jojen Reed, who kind of falls in love with her?

Course you can, here you go :)


My heart stopped when my mother told me the ‘wonderful news’. She said they’d found a perfect suitor, someone worthy of my love. I was sixteen and they already wanted rid of me. I was in complete shock, my hands shaking as I sat at the table with the rest of my family. They stared at me as I took it all in, like a pack of hungry wolves eyeing their pray. It was obvious that it was for the money, since we’d been hard for it for quite some time. They’d done it to my older sister, so now it was my turn. The only problem was that I wasn’t going to do it. Not for them, not for him, not for anyone.

I stood up from where I was and bolted out the door, not looking back. I could hear the screams of my brothers and sisters, whilst my father tried to run after me. I ran straight for the forest, weaving through the trees, my father’s shouts getting further and further away until they were like tiny whispers. My head throbbed as I leaned against a tree in the middle of god knows where. It was obvious that I was lost and it looked as if I would die here. I was a simple village girl with no skills to survive out in the wild. My whole body ached and by now tears were free-falling like rain, hitting dry leaves that lay underneath my aching feet. All I could do now was wait for someone or something to find me, possibly kill me.

I hadn’t been here for long when the sound of footsteps started to echo through the trees. My body froze and a cold chill ran down my spine, causing me to shudder. I wanted to call out, to see who was there, but my voice wouldn’t let me. Any sound I tried to make came out as short, breathy wheezes.

“I was wondering when you’d get here.”

It was a boy’s voice, deep and calm. The forest was flooded with mist, but I could see a figure walking closer towards me. I had no idea who they were but I didn’t feel scared. I felt curious.

“You knew I’d be here?” I asked. “Sorry, but do I even know you?”

He laughed at my question and stood at the tree text to me, smirk plastered on his face. He must have been about seventeen and his skin was like snow. He was an attractive boy with a square jawline and big brown eyes, something you didn’t see often in my village; an attractive boy, that is. Most boys at the village were missing teeth or caked in dirt. He, however, was like nothing I’d seen before.

“You don’t know me, but I know you…(Y/N). You see, I have something most others don’t. It’s called the sight, allowing me to see things. I saw you and now I’m here to help. Will you allow me to do so?”

At first I thought all of this was a joke, some sick joke to pull on a girl who was unarmed and vulnerable. But when I thought about him knowing my name and where I’d be it started to become believable. I didn’t want to trust a stranger who could possibly kill me, but he looked sincere and true. It was either him or be alone in a big, dangerous forest on your own. I nodded and smiled at him, his name still unknown to me.

“Jojen Reed, before you ask. I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you (Y/N), but time is no longer our friend. We need to leave here quickly before your father comes back to look for you.” And With that he took my hand in his and pulled me along, through the mist and to a new destiny I’d known nothing about.


1 month later

He wasn’t lying, about the sight that is. After the meeting in the woods I’d learned that he was in the middle of finding a young boy who also had the sight; Brandon Stark. It was a long and tiring journey, but as Jojen said it was ‘All about Bran’. Meera and I had become like sisters, whereas Jojen kept his distance from me. Ever since the meeting in the forest the only words he’d spoken to me were clipped replies to my good mornings. I thought it wouldn’t bother me, but it did. It bothered me almost as much as the thought of being found by my father. Even with being miles away I still felt on edge.

We were walking down a path with Bran and Jojen talking about the sight when Meera struck up conversation, though not one I’d of expected.

“You love him, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes when you look at him.”

She wasn’t wrong in thinking that. I wouldn’t call it love, but I was infatuated with this blond haired mystery of a boy. I could lie and say I didn’t feel it from the first time we met, but what’s the point? The only problem was that I couldn’t love him. I couldn’t love a person who wouldn’t even look at me. I wasn’t even sure why I stuck around here anymore, but the longer I stayed the more my heart ached.

“I love him as much as I love you Meera, you know that. Besides, I cannot love him like that. I am an independent woman as we both know and need no man to own me. It’s why I’m here in the first place, is it not?” I told her. She scoffed and looked at me, knowing fully well that I didn’t mean it. How could I. Even if I couldn’t be in love with him it didn’t stop me from trying. If it was so obvious to Meera then did that mean he saw it too? Did he notice my stares, or hear my sighs of contempt as I did so? Of course he didn’t, he may have the sight but he’s too blind to see.

I left the conversation there and traveled the rest of the way in silence. I was tired of talking about it, thinking about it. I was just some stupid village girl who tagged along with him. Perhaps I was a hindrance, some kind of bother to them all which they decided not to mention out of pity. Maybe if I left whilst they all slept then they’d not care. I was doing absolutely nothing to benefit them so leaving would be the smartest thing, obviously. Yes, I’d leave tonight and try find somewhere to start a new.

I made sure to not act suspicious during the day. The last thing I wanted was for one of them to suspect and make me tell them. I couldn’t stay here any longer, falling for a person I hardly knew. It took everyone a few hours to finally drift off, meaning it was now or never. I made sure everyone was asleep before walking away from where we were, looking back one last time. I’d miss them all but I was doing this for the best.

“And where are you going?” said a voice I’d grown accustom to; Jojen. I stopped walking but kept my back to him. If I turned around now and looked at him I wouldn’t be able to do it. Just thinking about him made me think twice, but I had to do it.

“Just on a walk. I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d clear my head.” I told him, lying through the skin of my teeth.

““You’re leaving.” Of course he knew. When didn’t he?

“If you know then why are you asking? I thought of you smarter than that.” my voice was now stronger and confident, unlike how I was feeling inside.

“I’m asking because I needed to make sure it wasn’t true. Where will you go? To your ‘family’? Or stay here with your real family, the ones who care for you.”

“That’s just the thing…Staying here just isn’t an option. Jojen, you see everything but me and I am not letting that happen, not anymore. Just let me leave and get on with whatever it is you have to do. I’m sure I’ll manage on my own, and if not then on my soul be it. Just tell Meera that I ran but you couldn’t catch me, I don’t want her blaming you for this.” I started to walk on again when my body was yanked back and I was sandwiched between a tree and Jojen.

His breaths were deep and ragged whilst he rested his forehead against mine, the tips of out noses just about grazing. His hands held onto my wrists tightly as he pushed my arms against the tree and his eyes were closed in thought.

“I always see you (Y/N), always. I know that I may seem distant towards you, but I only want to protect you. Such a sweet heart like yours belongs with someone who can show you the wonders of the earth, not someone ambushed by the world to teach a child the way of life. My love, without you with me I’d go insane. You’re the only thing making this worth It.” he whispered, caressing my cheek with his hand whilst the other one played with my fingertips. He opened his eyed and looked down at my lips, leaning forward till his ghosted mine. He pressed his lips onto mine roughly, pushing me further onto the tree, causing me to moan into his mouth.

My hands found their way to his hair, tugging at it lightly as he kissed me. I could feel him smirking as I did so and next thing I know his hands had gotten lower, squeezing my bum harshly in the palms of his hands. I gasped at the sensation which he took advantage of, slipping his tongue into my mouth. My stomach was doing flips the whole way through and my skin was hot from his touch. After a while the kiss became slower and touches became smaller, till we finally pulled apart. A smile lay evident on his face when I looked up at him. He then placed his hands on the side of my face and kissed the tip of my nose, gently rubbing circles with his thumbs as he did so.

“My world, if you left me then I’d surely die. Now, come back to us and rest, for tomorrow will be long.” He told me. “And promise me you’ll never leave me.”

“I promise.”

(Just wanna say that i’ve never seen Game of throwns, but i did watch some Jojen videos…so, i tried!)

Hamilton Sorting

Ladies and Gentlemen, you could’ve been anywhere in the world tonight but you’re here with us at @sortinghatchats​. ARE YOU READY FOR A HAMILTON SORTING?

[For those new to us: In the way we play this game, we talk about Primary Houses which are WHY a character does things (what drives them, what they prioritize) and Secondary Houses which are HOW a character does things (their tools, their methods, the way they choose to live their lives). For a fuller overview of our system, go here.]

Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton serve as both foils and mirrors to each other throughout the play– and this holds true in their sorting as well. They come from different places in terms of class and privilege, but their childhoods are both marked with the traumatic and tragic loss of their parents. They respond differently to this grief, however. Hamilton’s loss and uncertain harm his primary– his WHY– while Burr’s harm his secondary– his HOW.

Hamilton is a Slytherin Primary, who prioritizes himself, his ambitions, and (eventually) the people he loves above all, and a Gryffindor Secondary, who achieves things with a forthrightness and loudness that both makes him enemies and encourages fellow believers to flock in his wake. Just look at Hurricane. Anyone who sees a brimming political sex scandal and says, “You know what I should do? TELL EVERYONE EVERYTHING”– well, they’re probably a Gryffindor Secondary.

Burr is also a Slytherin Primary, putting his Theodosias and his own success above all else. His methods though are nearly absent– he is waiting for it. Where Hamilton’s early losses have made him wary of investing in people with his Slytherin Primary, Burr’s early losses made him wary of acting, of claiming any secondary at all. Hamilton chooses to live nearly fully in just the part of himself that acts, whereas Burr decides to divorce himself from that part of himself instead. This inherent mismatch between them is one of the places that leads to their lifelong incomprehension of each other and their eventual deadly conflict.

Hamilton takes his damage to his Slytherin Primary– he “petrifies.” He cuts himself off to connection. He doesn’t do it particularly well or particularly thoroughly– Laurens and Washington slip in, and Phillip is loved fully and fearlessly by his father. But Hamilton’s general response to trauma is to step back– when Laurens dies, he throws himself into his work. An exception comes when Phillip dies–Hamilton has grown enough and learned enough by then that he manages to turn to Eliza instead of disappearing inside himself completely.

While Hamilton does bond to his revolutionary drinking buddy trio of Mulligan, Laurens, and Lafayette, that bond is made with his Gryffindor Secondary initially, not his still rather charred Slytherin Primary. He likes their drive and their cause– he likes their bravery and he wants to fight alongside them. Young Alexander, abandoned, orphaned, his town destroyed, smarter than almost everyone he’s ever met, is living almost fully in his Gryffindor Secondary alone at this point. He defines himself by the way he stands on tables, tears apart British loyalists in the street, scoffs at Burr’s caution, and how he will not throw away his shot.

Burr, however–Well he can have all of Georgia/Theodosia, she’s mine. Burr, like Hamilton, is a Slytherin Primary but losing his family has not injured his belief in, comfort, or desire for bonding with those he loves, like the Theodosias.

Love does not discriminate/between the sinners and the saints. It takes and it takes and it takes, and we keep on loving anyway. Burr comprehends, deeply, the chaotic, unfair, and destructive nature of life, love, and death– but unlike Hamilton, it doesn’t make him afraid of bonding, loving, or committing. It makes Burr afraid of acting.

Where Hamilton has burned his primary, Burr has burned his secondary. While Hamilton thrives and succeeds on the certainty and brashness of his Gryffindor Secondary, Burr, confused and jealous, watches Alexander rise and tells himself that he is content to “wait for it.” Burr recommends caution, keeping your cards close to your chest– he is afraid to invest in action in the same way Alexander takes so long to invest truly in Eliza.

There is often an inherent selfishness in how Hamilton interacts with the war, with love, and with his work. This is about glory, this is about legacy. Don’t be surprised when your history books mention me. He interacts with the world most fully with his Gryffindor Secondary’s brash volume, certainty, and leadership but he is still driven by the death-obsessed ambition of his primary–of an orphan kid who never expected to live past twenty.

Laurens, lovely Gryff/Gryff, is the one who begins the “Rise Up” part of My Shot. Laurens and Lafayette are here for the fight, for the cause, and the way they talk about the war shows that. Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up.

Mulligan and Hamilton are just as invested in the fight–both willing to fight and die for a cause technically outside themselves–but for different reasons. We sort Mulligan as a Slytherin Primary as well– I’m the joining the rebellion because I know it’s my chance to socially advance instead of sewing some pants. Hamilton’s repeated crowd-raiser is Hey yo I’m just like my country/I’m young, scrappy, and hungry. He invests in the fight by making it about himself, about the ways his country is him, about what this fight will do for him. He makes it personal.

Hamilton still genuinely cares about the fight. He fights tooth and nail for Washington, for the fledgling America, for manumission, for his bank and the foundations of this new nation. But Slytherins can do that! Having your first priorities be yourself and those you love doesn’t keep you from caring, deeply and broadly, about right and wrong, about freedom, financial systems, and victory.

Hamilton cares about the new nation he helped found because it is his, because it is where he lives, because it gave him a chance, because it is what he will leave to his children– he and Burr, as Slytherin Primaries both particularly devoted to their children, touch on this in Dear Theodosia: You will come of age with our young nation. We’ll bleed and fight for you. We’ll make it right for you. If we lay a strong enough foundation, we’ll pass it on to you.

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Astro Requests to Shadow You at School

Author’s Note: NONE OF THE GIFS ARE MINE. back at it again with another random scenario~ since i’m still new to this, i don’t have a masterlist up, but you can look at all of my writing pieces by typing in the assstro tag in my search bar~ feel free to give feedback to me so I can improve my writing  -assstro 💫

You, a close friend of Astro, gets a visit from one of the members (who has a crush on you). Why not shadow you? They missed you with all the touring and recording. For your convenience and theirs, they visit during the end of the school year where there’s less work, and you can both mess around a bit.

During first period, a counselor called your name and stood in front of your classmates with a “visitor”. You peeked up, only to be greeted by…


  •  everyone in your homeroom was wondering who the hell this guy was
A lot of girls were jealous that you got a smiley boy
when you saw him you wanted to scream

  • Of excitement and shock ofc

  • But you couldn’t cause you had to be composed lol
 He really wanted to hug you too, the kind where he picks you up and squeezes you

  • Instead you both waited till the counselors left

  • And did this whack ass handshake that only you two out of all the members would come up with

  • Now that you did that in front of the whole class…

  • Everyone found out the truth that you two actually knew each other and the teachers actually didn’t seem to mind

  • While following you to classes lot of people would wanna talk to him
- He was so approachable and friendly

  • Except he wasn’t fluent in English

  • So you’d stand there and translate

  • Your teachers would love him, and you even more

  • He’d be so impressed with your intelligence not only with language but when he saw your grades

  • When you were writing he’d stare at you lovingly, head in his palms and in your face

  • But you could concentrate even so

  • At the end of class everyone would wanna try to talk to him 

  • He’d rap and beatbox for them, and you’d keep his stardom a secret

  • You two would probably rap “Clap Clap” from to be continued together lol
  • During lunch your friends would whisper about him to you

  • They’d tell you how he looks at you

  • You’d deny it

  • He’d just smile all clueless cause he doesn’t understand a word they’re saying

  • Everyone found that cute too

  • He’d do a lot of bro-y skinship just because he didn’t want to give the wrong idea with hand holds and such

  • By the end of the day everyone would think you’re a cute pair anyway
- a lot of people would miss him after

  • And as much as he liked the attention, he was only there for you


  • he would actually be really quiet at first

  • He’d have to hold in his cheers

  • He knows he’s loud

  • So he just forces himself to shut up

  • He talks to the teachers really awkwardly but they love him nevertheless because he’s so polite

  • would enter your music class and sing for them

  • Really just wants to impress you

  • But you already know he’s a stunning vocal

  • So you just grin with pride while he practically serenades you in front of the class

  • They don’t know it’s a love song cause of the language barrier

  • in other classes he’d be really distracting to you

  • And you only 
  • Would probably be the type to kick you under the desk

  • He’d notice who you do and don’t like in your grade

  • Because he’s so sassy he can roast everyone in Korean and they wouldn’t know lmao

  • He’ll probably do animal impressions to you and your quirky group of friends

  • Other kids would be confused but they’d actually see you guys have the time of your life

  • Which is exactly why he came
  • Links arms with you when no one is looking

  • Tells you you’re so much smarter and prettier than the other students

  • Such a sweetheart to you but savage towards the clique

  • Just wants to hear your laugh

  • Even a giggle from you is loved by him

  • Your happiness is important to him

  • You are important to him, he wishes you knew


  • Lots of people whispering

  • Thought he was a model or movie star visiting the district by chance

  • They were freaking right

  • Except he had come for just one particular person
  • As soon as the counselor leaves he hugs you

  • he can’t help himself
  • Everyone asks how you know each other and whoops the secret’s out 😂

  • He’d try his best to speak in English

  • Him constantly asking you in Korean if his English words are correct, knowing he can depend on you for it

  • So many people would flirt with him in the hallway

  • “Hey, you’re new, want me to show you around?”

  • “Uh, I’m here with Y/N, thank you.”

  • He’d blush but not for the reason you were thinking of

  • He wishes you’d flirt with him like this

  • You’d be the one distracted taking notes, you just wanna talk to him

  • He’ll nudge you to pay attention

  • But he secretly fanboying in the fact that you wanna look at him instead of schoolwork

  • Notices you acquire knowledge quick anyway, and finishes worksheets before the other kids

  • Admires your note-taking and neatness

  • Hands in the worksheets for you and makes warm small-talk with the teachers to the best of his ability

  • Holds your non-dominant hand under the table so you can write

  • Brought you ramyeon during lunch and feeds it to you

  • if it isn’t obvious enough
  • This prince isn’t as afraid of skinship

  • He just hopes you get the hint since it’s been so long

  • Your friends ship you, give you both a ship name

  • “What’s a ‘ship’, like, the boat?”

  • People would find him so charming ugh he stops everyone’s heart
  • He just hopes he stops yours twice as much


  • He purses his lips to conceal a smirk when you look at him in awe

  • Giving himself props for surprising you

  • Ruffles your hair when none of your classmates are looking

  • Only your friends catch him, and they’re suspicious 

  • You explain the truth behind his visit, and they’re excited for both of you

  • He would be very plain to most kids because he’d try to be quiet
, though he knows he’s also a ladies man lol
  • Just wants to focus on you
  • That’s who he wanted to see after all this touring and such anyway
  • Helps you with your work because he wants to show he’s got a good brain

  • Uses you as an armrest and jokes that you’re JinJin’s replacement for him

  • Lots of teasing

  • Winks at you from afar
  • Gets extremely happy when you tell him you have cooking class

  • When you struggle with a jar he snickers

  • Then continues to watch you struggle a little

  • He opens it after laughing at you 

  • Purposely flexes his arm dramatically as he opens the jar 💪🏼

  • “If you were so strong you wouldn’t even have to flex”

  • “You liked it though”

  • Feeds you the food that you made together
 during class
  • The other teenage girls notice his mushiness and they look at you all envious
  • For some reason this makes him proud

  • Likes seeing you as his center as well as theirs, even if it’s for a moment

  • Will take you home after school, and say a really cheesy but smooth goodbye

  • Wants to get his point across since he’s been gone too long


  • when you saw him, he immediately explained that he had missed you, and asked to visit you

  • Has that smile on

  • you know, the one that makes him look like a little dinosaur

  • He just wanted to see your pretty face

  • When the counselor leaves, he discreetly brushes his arm against yours and holds your back with it
  • People checking his body out because wow he is so muscular
- Those thighs?¿?¿ 😲 whoa

  • A lot of the jocks notice this
  • Everyone can tell he’s athletic

  • He’s the unique type of attractive

  • You’re not fazed by it, but he really wishes you were though

  • You have to do most of the talking for him, though you don’t mind since you have to translate anyway

  • Observes everything with an open mind

  • Like MJ, he can tell who you do and don’t like

  • Except instead of being savage, he steers you clear of them, and talks to you about them in Korean to make you look busy

  • Admires the faces you make when you’re working hard

  • He especially loves it when you’re passionately working on your favorite subject and will be your hype man

  • Gym was your last period

  • Gym class was his time to shine

  • (As expected lol)

  • You two would have your K Pop blasting while walking the track

  • The teacher encourages you to run, and you two race each other

  • Towards the end of the track he’ll intercept you into the grass while no one’s looking
- He’d be a giggling mess, very proud he got you flustered

  • While waiting in the gym lobby for the period to be over, people would still hear your k pop

  • And you two would start a dance battle

  • Then you’d dance to BTS and Big Bang together and everyone would be shocked

  • This was both your idea of fun
  • Loved you for this

  • Loved you even more for just making each other mutually giddy and giving positive vibes
  • Really just loves you in general


  • He is super squeal-y when he sees you
  • Doesn’t want the counselors to know though
  • So he represses the hype up until they leave
  • But giggles his famous high pitched squeal as soon as they’re gone
  • Everyone thinks he’s whack
  • But then you laugh too because only you two know each other
  • Your teachers have to tell you to not laugh during classes
  • When he stands everyone is confused as to why he’s so FREAKING TALL
  • While you’re standing he likes to sling his arm around you
  • Squeezes when your classmates aren’t looking Is the type to take pictures of you during class an send them in a group chat with you and the members
  • Both good and bad pictures
  • During computer class he photoshops memes onto the desktop wallpaper
  • Like MJ, he loves to see you laugh
  • but since he has so much hype his energy will feed off your laugh
  • “Sanha you need to stop making me laugh so much”
  • “but you look so cute when you smile”
  • “shut up”
  • “make me~”
  • You’d slap him playfully but he catches your hand and he pulls you in for a hug instead
  • pats your head like you’re a baby
  • his baby to be exact
  • As silly as he is, he’s obedient when he sees that you’re writing or when the teachers start a lecture
  • he gets really happy when he finds out he’s allowed to use the teachers guitar
  • will probably start singing the TT/Very Very Very/Galaxy Medley that Astro performed on Weekly Idol
  • he’ll encourage you to sing with him
  • and you amaze him
  • although he’s heard you sing before it sounded new to him
  • he missed your voice so much during Astro’s tours
  • the Facetiming and phone calls didn’t cut it for him
  • he’s happy to be there with you and have a lot of people witness your cuteness ♥
Cowardly Lion - One-shot (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

Summary: (Y/N) is the new shy computer engineer at the tower. Over time she develops feelings for Bucky but keeps it to herself thinking no one would ever feel the same way about her.

Anonymous: HI, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I would like to make a request. Bucky x reader where the reader is the new computer engineer for Tony and she lives in the Stark Tower. Weeks later, she has a secret crush on Bucky, but she was afraid to even talk to him because she is very shy and has a lot of insecurities, especially with her body. But all ends well. FLUFF EVERYWHERE PLEASE. I know it’s very specific, and a little silly, but it’s like my dream.

A/N: I hope I did your dream justice. Sorry it took me so long to write. My inspiration has been lacking lately.

“And this will be your office,” Tony Stark said opening the door to a large office. The entire wall behind the desk was a window overlooking the city. The room was full of different computer equipment and high tech gadgets.

“Wow,” I breathed taking it all in.

“My lab is right across the hall and Banner’s is right next door in case you need anything,” Tony smiled before leaving me to marvel over my new office.

I still couldn’t believe that I was working for none other than Tony Stark. Not only was the man insanely smart, but he was an Avenger as well.

And right next door was another Avenger. This entire building was full of Avengers I could run into at any moment.

How I went from being just a simple IT assistant on the bottom floor to being the head computer engineer for the Avengers, I would never understand.

One day I hear a conversation going on behind me in my cubical office of two men trying to solve a problem they were having with a computer without realizing it I blurted out the solution without thinking and they heard.

I guess it was just dumb luck that the man behind me was Tony Stark himself and Dr. Bruce Banner.

Fast-forward two days later to today and I am being shown the top floors of the Avenger’s building where I will be working and living now.

“Tony where do you want this,” I ask stepping into his large open lab. He was hunched over a red robotic arm as sparks flew out of it as he messed with it using a screwdriver.

“Just set it down on the table,” he said not looking at me. “This stupid thing won’t work,” he exclaimed before throwing his screwdriver in a random direction.

“Is this your equation,” I ask him pointing to the board behind him.

“Yes and I spent all night working on it,” he grumbles. “Pepper was complaining the whole time because I didn’t sleep.”

“Well here’s were you’re wrong,” I tell him after looking over his numbers. “There is no way you could have possibly expected this to work without double checking your work.”

“I did double check,” he frowns.

“Really,” I tilt my head and narrow my eyes at him.

“I am a genius,” he says. “I know what I am doing.”

“So you don’t need me to tell you what you did wrong,” I smirk.

He glares at me not backing down.

“Fine then figure it out yourself,” I tell him.

“Fine,” he sighs. “What did I do wrong.”

“That’s new,” a deep voice says behind me. I turn around to the unfamiliar voice to find a tall dark haired man. He looked at me impressed and amused before walking closer to us. “I think that is the first time I hear Tony ever admit he was wrong. I’m James by the way, but everyone calls me Bucky,” he introduces himself extending his hand to me.

I slowly take it and shake his hand as Tony introduced me to the man in front of me.

“Frosty this is (Y/N),” Tony said. “She is our new computer engineer. Is there something you needed?”

“Just a maintenance check,” Bucky said lifting his left arm. It was now that I noticed it was made entirely of metal.

“Right,” Tony sighed. “I’ll be right with you. Now about that equation,” Tony says looking at me.

I quickly explain to him what he did wrong while trying to ignore the feeling of a pair of blue eyes watching me.

“If you need anything I will be in my office working on the new codes for the jet,” I tell him.

“It was nice meeting you,” Bucky calls after me as I hurly dash out the room before he can see the furious blush making its way across my cheeks.

Bucky was a flirt. I had met other flirts before, but none like Bucky. It must have been the 40’s charm that made him so like able.

It was rare for any attention to be directed at me by the opposite gender. Bucky flirted with everyone, and despite knowing this I couldn’t stop myself from forming feelings for him.

“What is new in the world of computers,” Bucky asked leaning against the doorframe of my open office.

“Would you understand if I told you,” I tell him.

“Probably not,” he shrugs. “But maybe if I memorize something you say it can make me sound smart and modern.”

“Well you know there is this wonderful thing called the internet you can now use for things like that,” I tell him finishing writing on the board in front of me.

“But I’m sure your smarter than the internet,” he says. “I wouldn’t want to get my information wrong and when I try to impress someone they catch me lying.”

“I’m sure you would figure something out to not get caught,” I tell him.

“So (Y/N) how are you fitting in here at the tower,” Natasha asked stepping into the kitchen where I was munching on a muffin.

“It’s fine,” I tell her. “At first I was a little unsure of having to live here with everyone, but after seeing as how often you guys are out in the night and need help I understand why Tony needed me to live here too.”

“Is everyone treating you right,” she asks reaching for a muffin of her own.

“Yeah,” I smile. “Everyone is great. Tony can be a little immature sometimes, but nothing I can’t handle, plus Pepper told me if I ever needed anything I can just ask.”

“And Bucky,” she asks taking a bite from her muffin.

“What about him,” I ask swallowing the food in my mouth.

“I am a spy remember,” she smirks. “I can read you like a book.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I mumble.

“Sure you don’t,” she smiles before walking out of the kitchen.

I let out a long sigh before baling up the empty muffin wrapper and throwing it across the kitchen and into the trashcan.

A loud clap by the kitchen entrance makes me jump in surprise.

“Smart and talented,” Bucky smiles, “Any other hidden talents I should know about?”

“Um,” I trail off not knowing what to say. This always happened to me. Anytime I was in the same room with him I would either babble like an idiot or was unable to make incoherent sounds with my mouth. To be safe I tried my hardest to not speak at all.

“Are the muffins any good,” he asked.

I gave him a small nod as he reached to grab one from the tray.

“I’ll see you around,” he smiled before leaving the kitchen.

“What was that about not knowing what I was talking about,” Nat’s voice behind me makes me jump.

I glare at her before turning around and walking to the door.

“(Y/N) stop,” she says grabbing my wrist and stopping me. “I know you like him, so why don’t you talk to him.”

“Because I can’t,” I tell her. “Every time I see him its like my brain is short circuiting and I don’t know what to do or say.”

“Just say hi,” she tells me. “Let the conversation come naturally.”

“It’s not just that,” I tell her.

“What is it then?”

“There is no point in me talking to him because there is no way he would ever feel the same way about me,” I tell her. My hands fidget in front of me and I look at them instead of looking at Nat.

“Why wouldn’t he feel the same way about you,” she frowns. “You are a great person.”

“Yeah, but personality can only get you so far,” I sigh. “I have to go. Tony wanted to run some new planes for the security system with me.”

Before she can say anything else I walk out the kitchen and make my way to Tony’s lab.

“I’ll wrap up everything here,” I tell Tony. “Pepper will get mad if you are late to your anniversary dinner.”

“Are you sure you can do this alone,” Tony asks for the fifth time.

“Go,” I point to the door.

“Fine,” he says walking toward the door. “If you need anything just have JARVIS give me a call,” then he is out the door.

Programing the new security system was the easy part. Going through every camera and making sure they were running smoothly was the only thing that was time consuming.

The system was only for the top floors and as I checked every camera I had to hold back my laughter whenever someone from the team appeared on the monitor.

My favorite was Clint in the living room arguing with Sam over who would win in a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

While for the most part their reasoning where believable, the fact that they were even having this conversation amused me.

I was finishing up when a particular scene caught my attention. Steve and Bucky were in the training room boxing.

Every push and jab they would throw at each other was dodged with ease.

When they started talk I knew I should have stopped watching, but curiosity got the best of me, and seeing Bucky in only a muscle shirt and covered in sweat weakened my will to stop.

“Are you going to tell me who she is,” Steve asked Bucky dodging one of his jabs.

“No,” Bucky said throwing another punch.

“At least tell me what she’s like,” Steve sighed holding his hand up signaling Bucky to stop. They walked over to the edge of the ring to where they had their water bottles.

“She’s,” Bucky trailed off thing of what to say. “She’s perfect,” he smiled.

I pang of jealousy hit me as I heard him talk of a woman he liked.

“She’s beautiful, smart, talented, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since I meet her,” Bucky smiled.

“Then why haven’t you done anything yet,” Steve asked his friend.

“Because I feel like every time I talk to her I am doing something wrong,” Bucky sighs.

“Talk to her about it,” Steve suggests. “At least you will know if she feels the same way about you.”

“You’re right,” Bucky tells Steve. “I’m going to talk to her.”

“Now will you tell me who she is,” Steve asks again.

“Fine,” Bucky sighs. “It’s –”

I turned off the monitor before he could finish his sentence. I wouldn’t put myself through that misery of knowing the woman Bucky liked wasn’t me.

Later that day I stood in front of my full-length mirror staring at my reflection after my long hot shower wearing an over sized shirt that had wound up in my laundry a few weeks ago, it was either Steve’s or Sam’s because of the U.S. Army logo on the front, and an old pair of sweats. My hair was still dripping wet and by bare feet pressed to the soft carpet.

‘She’s perfect.’

‘She’s beautiful.’

She’s probably some supermodel from one of Tony’s many parties, I thought to myself. I wasn’t too surprised. A man like Bucky could get any woman he wanted.

No one had ever looked at me twice; there was no reason for me to ever believe Bucky would. I didn’t look like a model, why would he?

There was a soft knock on the door to my bedroom. I sighed heavily before shuffling over to the door to open it.

“Hi,” Bucky smiled standing in the doorway of my bedroom.

I instantly wanted to crawl under a rock and never be heard of again.

“Can we talk,” he asked. He looked nervous. His posture lacked its usual confidence and he rubbed the back of his neck with his metal arm as he looked down at me.

I only managed a nod before stepping to the side and letting him in my room.

We stood in my room in awkward silence for some time. I didn’t trust myself to say a word, and Bucky seamed to be having the same battle with himself.

“Mind if I sit,” he asked breaking the silence.

I shook my head and he pulled out the chair from my desk and sat down. I sat on the edge of my bed across from him and waited for him to talk.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you for some time,” Bucky said not really meeting my eyes. “I never knew how to say this to you, and I guess I still don’t, but I need you to know this.”

Again I didn’t speak.

“There’s this girl,” he said slowly calculating his every word. “I really like her, but I don’t know if she feels the same way about me.”

At that moment I felt a pang deep inside of me. Was he really here to ask for my advice to talk to the woman he was talking to Steve about? Of everyone in the building, he chose me?

“I’ve been wanting to ask her for a while now, but every time I’m around her I turn into the cowardly lion,” he says with a small smile.

“Bucky you are one of the bravest men I know,” I finally spoke. “You lived through a world war and survived Hydra. I’m sure you can find a way to talk to her.”

“You think I’m brave,” he smiled looking directly at me. His smile was enough to take my sad mood and flip it along with my frown as the corners of my lips tugged upward.

“The bravest.” I tell him. “It’s just three words, you can say them.”

“I like you,” Bucky said.

“Good, just like that,” I smile. “Now go and tell that lucky lady how you feel about her.”

“I just did,” Bucky tells me.


“I like you (Y/N),” Bucky says again standing up from the chair and taking a seat next to me.

“You…you do,” I ask confused trying to proses his words into my mind.

“Yes,” he smiles. “I have for some time now. I was just to afraid to ever say anything.”

“That makes two of us,” I mumble. It wasn’t until I saw Bucky’s eyes go wide with surprise that I realized I had said that aloud.

“Does that mean…”

“Yes, James Buchanan Barnes,” I sigh with a smile, “I like you too.”

As soon as those words left my mouth Bucky’s soft lips were on mine. I was shocked at first. My brain was short-circuiting and rebooting before I found myself kissing him back.

Bucky pulled away with a smile matching my own. His eyes flickered down as if only know realizing my clothes and wet hair.

“Now that we got that out of the way would you please explain to me how you ended up wearing my t-shirt?”

How long has it been since I’ve ranted about Fëanor and the narrative double standard? Reading the silm, it seems like consensus  is that he’s solitary and arrogant and ambitious and unstable and generally weird, but that’s okay, because his works benefit everyone. And it’s okay as long as his works benefit everyone. 

The Valar, at least, have been doing it since he was a small child. Just look at Aulë’s statement on Míriel’s death:

‘But did this matter indeed arise out of Arda Marred?’ heasked. 'For it seemeth to me that it arose from the bearing ofFëanáro. Now Finwë and all the Noldor that followed him were never in heart or thought swayed by Melkor, the Marrer; how then did this strange thing come to pass, even in Aman the Unshadowed? That the bearing of a child should lay such a weariness upon the mother that she desired life no longer. This child is the greatest in gifts that hath arisen or shall arise among the Eldar. But the Eldar are the first Children of Eru, and belong to him directly.

Aulë likes Fëanor more than any of the other Valar - Ulmo’s about to say that the whole incident, including Fëanor’s birth, is a result of the marring of Arda- but this is still very disturbing. He’s saying that Eru must have wanted Míriel to die, and because [Aulë’s operating under the mistaken assumption that] Eru isn’t evil, it can only be because Fëanor is so extraordinary he can make up for it. My life has gone out into Fëanáro, my son. 

Is anyone, honestly, surprised that Fëanor is arrogant and insecure? He’s heard his whole life from literal deities that he has to be the best, at everything, all the time, because anything else means he’ll have caused unconscionable suffering just by being born. Everyone expects him to be the most special, pretty much from birth, and it’s play along or accept that by existing you destroyed the happiness of everyone you care about. And as he gets older and smarter and stranger, he starts having to make up for more and more. 

This transitions into the general sense that he’s public property. Pengolodh mentions his tendency toward self-isolation several times, and it’s always pejorative. He chooses to live apart from his step-family as a young adult, and it’s immediately tied to their later feud. He prefers to work alone, because he’s arrogant and stubborn. It’s not just about Míriel anymore. He’s expected to be a paragon, and he’s expected to be a paragon in a very public way. He has to keep creating, and keep creating, and keep creating. He’s the best, but Eru forbid he take any credit for it. It’s because god made him that way, it’s because the music said so. 

The Valar’s reaction to the darkening, the first kinslaying, the flight of the Ñoldor, etc. is where this reaches its most disturbing. 

And they mourned not more for the death of the Trees than for the marring of Fëanor: of the works of Melkor one of the most evil. For Fëanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind, in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and in subtlety alike, of all the Children of Ilúvatar, and a bright flame was in him. The works of wonder for the glory of Arda that he might otherwise have wrought only Manwë might in some measure conceive.

Obvious concerns aside - hundreds of people (at least) are dead, Morgoth is loose, and this is what you choose to focus on what the hell Manwë - it’s alarmingly revisionist. Notice how Fëanor suddenly isn’t responsible for any of the aforementioned mass murder? And, I mean, not that Melkor isn’t - but the Valar are incapable of conceiving of someone who’s genuinely brilliant and talented and creative and visionary and still fucks up. Under his own power. Badly. He’s not a real person. He’s a symbol, he’s the common good, and that attitude leaks down insidiously. We see it in Pengolodh, we see it in Gandalf in the third age. 

They’re not grieving Fëanor for Fëanor. They’re grieving Fëanor for themselves, and for Valinor, because their paradise is short one star attraction. They’re mourning everything he could have done for them. 

And that brings me to what I actually want to talk about, which is the silmarils.

Of course, I think Fëanor had a right to them. And I’m convinced that his purpose for them was admirable, which is a different screed. But I’m mostly interested in why he wanted them so badly, and why I get so worked up over that desire being respected. 

They’re his. And, much more importantly, he’s his. Everything he creates, everything accomplishes, everything he does and says and is, is for him and for him first. He doesn’t have to fulfill a series of impossible standards to be a person, he is one. He doesn’t have to be the most brilliant person ever to live for his family to love him, they do. And he doesn’t have to smash his greatest works and let the light he captured leak into the ground because he wasn’t an inhuman monster to begin with. 

Prom Gift (Rebekah&Reader as friends) (Elijah/Reader)

Requested by anon:  “Can I make a request when Rebekah starts at Mystic Falls everyone hates her and reader starts to feel bad and they eventually become friends? Reader also has feelings for Elijah and Rebekah sets the two of you up as a thank you?”

Word count: 1046

“I literally hate her!” Caroline yells in the middle of the school. Elena and Bonnie roll eyes and you sigh. “That She-Devil takes everything I want!”

“Because you want literally everything and she’s an improved version of you?” you comment as Elena and Bonnie give you wild looks.

“Y/N!” Caroline protests you. “You know she’s evil! She tried to steal Stefan and slept with Damon!”

“That’s because it was Rebekah who dated him first and about Damon… The feelings were mutual, I guess.”

As Bonnie giggles Elena shrugs and Caroline seems offended.

“She’s alone, Care,” you whisper. “She’s a thousand year old teenager who spent last ninety years in a coffin!”

Caroline gives a long breath.

“Anyways,” she says. “I won’t let anyone make ruin my thoughts so now I need to go to see cheerleader team, if you’ll excuse.”

She turns around her heels and leaves you alone with Bonnie.

“What?” you ask. “Don’t give me that judgemental witch looks, Bon. I feel bad for Rebekah!”

“I would do the same too,” she says. “If she wasn’t a female Klaus.”

“Very nice of you, Bon, really.” you mutter and go to your French class.

After the school, you go home and do your homeworks. For the last fifty years, you’re a vampire and love everything about high schools. Proms, contests, games… Having friends and boyfriends and girlfriends… It’s such an amazing place to find yourself and then you remember what Rebekah told you and Elena: that she never been to a high school and never had proms or everything.

Now she has a chance but it must be hard when everyone hates her.

And, umm, does everyone know she has another brother named Elijah? The kind and sassy and classy one? Okay, you do know him a bit.

No, of course you didn’t stalk him in the town for days.

Absolutely not.

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Originally posted by music-is-love-4ever

Requested: By someone a really long time ago

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Nope!

Word Count: 1,058

A/N: I hope that you guys like this. I know that I have been posting a lot of Fantastic Beasts stuff, so hopefull this little break will be welcomed by you guys. I promise more Newt stuff is coming soon!

When your uncle offered you an internship at his office, you certainly hadn’t been expecting a secret government agency to come knocking at your door, but you couldn’t be happier that they had.

You didn’t think that you were going to fit in at SHEILD, but after a few months, you had made a few friends and you were one of their favorite interns. You were given a bit more responsibilities than everyone else. You were trusted to deliver documents with sensitive information, and had somehow become a bit of a liaison between SHEILD and the Avenger’s Tower.

At first, you had been nervous, but after a few months, they almost felt like normal people to you. You knew that they could all kill you with little to no effort, but they were all so welcoming that you usually waltzed right up to the tower.

You were invited to parties and dinners and movies nights, and eventually you were practically a member of the family. Even though they treated you like you were their younger sister, you accidentally developed a bit of a crush on a certain super soldier. He was just so nice and sweet and thoughtful, not to mention handsome.

Steve Rogers had been the most welcoming Avenger by far, and that had worked out well for you, because your supervisor had been sending you with his informational packets for the better part of a year.

You knew that they were plotting something, but you couldn’t condemn them for it. You were grateful, on some small level. Your heart still raced, and the butterflies had taken up residence in your stomach. You knew that your feelings were unfounded. Steve was nice to you, and even though he was nice to everyone, you couldn’t stop yourself from reading into it.

Regardless, you had a job to do, and there was a super soldier that need his mission information. Without much more thought, you made your way to the tower and into the elevator. “Good afternoon, Miss Y/L/N.” Jarvis said kindly.

“The same to you, Jarvis. Do you happen to know where Steve is?”

“Mister Rogers is in the gym. Would you like me to deliver you there?”

“Yes, thank you very much.” You said, a small smile finding its way onto your lips.

“It is my absolute pleasure.” Jarvis replied as the elevator rose swiftly.

You stepped out of the elevator, and you were confused for a few seconds. It was silent in the gym. Jarvis hadn’t taken you to the wrong place. Had he? That was a silly question. If Jarvis was a person, he would be the smartest one that you had ever met. In fact, being an AI made him smarter than any normal human could ever hope to be.

So, you took a timid step out of the elevator, thinking that maybe Steve hadn’t started to work out yet judging by how quiet it was. You turned the corner to find Steve huddled over on a bench, digging through his bag. As you got closer, you could hear him humming something to himself quietly.

When you got closer, you couldn’t hold your laugh in. A giggle rippled through the room, alerting Steve to your presence. His head snapped up, forgetting whatever he was digging through his bag to find.

A bright crimson streak covered both of his cheeks, and even though he ducked his head to try and hide it, the blush was painfully obvious.

“Hey,” he croaked. Steve cleared his throat and tried again, looking somehow even more sheepish than before. “Hey, Y/N. what’s up.”

It was almost comical that this man who towered over you was trying to shrink in on himself. “I just have this file for you.” you said in between giggles. Steve attempted to make himself even smaller, and as much as you hated to admit it, it wasn’t working. “Well, originally I just had a file. Now, I also kind of have a question. Were you humming the national anthem?”

Somehow, his blush became deeper. “I- uh I guess that I was.” He said quietly, his hand rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” You said happily, taking a seat beside him on the bench. “It is not a secret that you love our country.” You paused for a moment, laying a hand on his arm. “Someone needs to right now, anyways.”

“Thanks” he breathed unable to look away from where your hand was resting on his bicep.

You followed his eye line, and after a few moments, realized that you might have been making him feel uncomfortable. “I’m sorry.” You said, drawing your hand away and standing up from the bench. “That was unprofessional.” You said in a hard voice, turning and making your way across the gym, hoping that once you got out of the room you might find it in yourself to be able to breathe.

You were halfway out of the room when you felt a strong arm wrap around your own, pulling you back into something firm but surprisingly warm and comforting. You peeked open your eyes and looked up to see Steve standing above you, his breathing a bit ragged as he looked down at you. “I, I wouldn’t mind it if you were unprofessional.” He said. You had to take a moment to think about how someone that was so imposing could speak in such a soft way. “In fact, I might prefer it.”

And then, he was kissing you, and after a few clumsy moments, your own lips fell in sync with his. You felt like you were going to float right off of the ground. You were indescribably happy. It felt as if everything in your life had fallen into place, and finally, it all made sense.

The way that you would catch Steve staring at you from across the room, something unidentifiable in his eyes. You hadn’t been able to decide what it was before, but it made sense now. It was love. The same love that was reflected in your eyes every time you looked at him.

It was butterflies in your stomach, head in the clouds, tongue tied every time I think about you love. And you were happy to report that you felt the exact same way.

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I got a bit carried away with this hahah, and sorry I did more details about the reader in the volturi and her with Jasper than I did with the the reader and the imprint wolf, i will make a part 2 of this where the reader meets the wolf and they imprint etc. Hope you enjoyed <3

Request “Hi! I was wondering If you could do a thing where the reader is Jasper’s sister but they went their separate ways just after escaping from the coven in the south and she joins the Volturi. Her amazingly powerful gift that is better than even Jane’s (idk what it is maybe you could make one up?). So she has been trying to get away and during breaking dawn battle a wolf (Embry, Jake or Paul) imprints on her. Thank you much!! You’re beautiful. Additional complication(?) Alec is obsessed with her???? (+) Hi! I’m the anon that requested the Jasper’s sister, wolf imprint at the Breaking Dawn battle. I would appreciate you coming up with gifts and letting me choose. Thank you for that btw! And also I was think you could just pick the wolf you think would best fit the character. Thank you so much! I love your writing! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. You’re amazing! Have a wonderful whatever is left of your day! Also if you’d just rather choose the ability that’s okay too!! Thanks!!”

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Ninety-Eight (Luke Hemmings smut)

requested: yes

words: 3.7k

rating: NSFW

popular!y/n and nerd!luke

summary: you can’t help but find yourself attracted to the guy that sits in front of you in math class, no matter what stereotypes he pitted against you


You silently recited the answer in your head as the teacher looked around the class to see if anyone had the correct answer. As per usual you avoid the gaze of the teacher, even though they were probably the only other person apart from you, your parents and a few friends that new that you had most answers.

You watched as the teacher in front of you all called on someone who seemed to be falling asleep, and laughed to yourself as they muttered something about not understanding the correct method. You then watched from the back of the class as a hand shot up in front of you, this time knowing that the right answer was going to be said and you guys could carry on with the lesson.

Luke Hemmings was maybe the only person in this class who was at the same academic level as you were, and the only other person in the class who could probably still pass even if he only showed up once a month. However, unlike you, he didn’t hide the fact that he had the answers. He proudly stated the answer, and after the teacher nodded and wrote it down on the board, you guys finally moved on.

Right when you thought you would finally be able to escape from class and go home for the day, your teacher quickly handed back the tests you guys had taken a few weeks ago. You smiled at the 98 that was written at the top of you test, quickly flipping through it to see the small mistakes you had made. Honestly, you were fine with not getting the most perfect score.

“Nighty-eight?” You heard a voice come from over your desk, an you looked up from where you were leaning back against your chair to see Luke glancing down at your score. You panicked for a second, you knew it was stupid to believe that being smart would ruin your rep around the school but these idiots that attended you school actually thought that way.

Still, you raised an eyebrow up at him and tried to not show the fact that you were worried over the fact that he had seen you score. After all, you didn’t really thinking that Luke Hemmings was going to go around and tell everyone that you were a closeted nerd. “What about it?”

Luke simply shrugged, although still looking slightly shocked. “Nothing, I just didn’t really expect that.”

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Spoilers Ahead

When I first started Rokka no Yuusha I thought it was pretty basic and so were all the characters. Nashetania, the ditzy, naive princess. Goldov, the loyal knight.
Adlet, the spunky, somehow always seems to get out of every sticky situation protagonist. Flamie, the kuudere. Mora, the put together older busty woman. Hans, the cold mysterious assassin. Chamo, the bratty, overpowered loli.

But if you look closer they are so much more complex than that. If you hate any if these characters you’re not trying to understand them and aren’t looking deep enough.

Starting with Adlet. He lost everything. Literally everything. His village, his sister, his friend, life as he knew it. I am so happy they didn’t go the dark avenger route with him. I’m happy that he says he tried to go that route but couldn’t. I actually like to see a protagonist that can grin and bear the pain and see a man use it wits and tools to get around pure genius, raw strength, and super powered women. He’s a great protagonist and though him always saying he’s “worlds strongest man is annoying” you get to learn that that is the phrase that keeps him going. When he is down and out and needs to be picked up by his boot straps that is what gives him hope. That is a lovely thing.

Nashetania is the seventh. Let’s get that out of the way. She wants to unite fiends and humans which is a little stupid and dangerous but it is a bit of a noble goal. Especially when you see that there are fiends that like humans. Maybe she is going about her goal wrong but she is still a bit naive. Way smarter than she initially portrayed herself but still a bit naive. On top of that there have been plenty of times she was honest with Adlet and I truly believe that she cares about him and has learned from him. The fun loving playful princess wasn’t far off from who she is and it’s sad no one wants to acknowledge that. Yes she tried to blame Hans and wanted to stop the Braves but I actually do not doubt that she wanted to save Adlet. Because there’s no other reason to try to blame Hans otherwise. Nashetania is far from an evil terrible character.

Goldov can be a little annoying with his feelings but what has to be understood is what Nashetania means to him. Because of her he can have the life he has now. He’s out of the slums because of her. His feelings are slightly spurned out of gratitude and that is completely understandable. When someone comes and makes you life something out of the nothing it was sometimes your endearing and gratuitous feelings turn into more. And I think it’s lovely. It grounds him as more than just brute strength and a stoic knight. On top of that you have to remember he is sixteen years old. His feelings are still immature. He’s a boy in his infatuation puppy love phase. That kind of love is jealous and immature and you can’t blame him.

Mora. I have to admit for a bit I hated her and thought she was the seventh as well. But you have to remember where Mora is coming from. She grew up rather wealthy. She became a nun at a young age and was amazing at everything. Before she was even chosen as next Saint of the Mountain people were already expecting it. Then she became Head Saint. She is a woman used to having answers, used to being in control, used to everything being the way it should. She’s calm, cool, and collected. She has a lot on her shoulders and a lot at stake. Being in the barrier really breaks her. She doesn’t have time for this, she’s desperate for answers, she’s panicking. Her daughter’s life is on the line and in book two things only get worse for her. She can’t even talk to anyone about it or be completely honest. She’s on her own in a tough place and she isn’t used to that.

Chamo is a brat. I get it. She’s another character I hated at first. But she’s fourteen years old. Plenty of fourteen year olds are brats. Plenty of them are immature. Add the fact that Chamo is extremely powerful and that doesn’t help. People are afraid of Chamo and though she doesn’t say so out loud that hurts her. In book 3 when Chamo is dying in Mora’s arms she is absolutely touched that everyone is fighting for her. She never imagined that they would want to help her. Chamo thought they would kill her or leave her to die. That is a fourteen year old girl. She is used to being hated and feared and she knows she’s troublesome but no one has ever really treated her like the kid she is.

I won’t really touch on Flamie or Hans because everyone likes them. But the point is if all you can see of a character are first impressions and their reactions in a tight, stressful situation then you’re watching wrong. Sure there are better solutions than the witch hunt but you have to take into account that they were all misinformed. None of them know the truth even if they did all in turn try to dispel the barrier and it didn’t work then what? Their also under time constraint. If they don’t make it in the thirty days man kind is doomed. People break under pressure it’s human nature.

nalufever  asked:

How about #26?

#26: “People are jerks, but not you.”

So I’m gonna assume you want Nalu so here you go!

101 Fluffy Prompts

Title: Jerk

It wasn’t fair, Lucy thought as she collapsed on her bed, face down and with a groan. 

All she wanted was for people to be nice. Was it really that hard? 

With a sigh she got up from her bed, throwing her hair into a ponytail and putting on her comfiest pair of pj’s. She didn’t care that it was only 4pm and she had a stack of homework in her bag, she just wanted a tub of ice cream and to watch the most cliche romance movie she could find. 

To be clear, Lucy had a very, very bad day. It started off alright, she had a good breakfast and actually had a relatively good conversation with her dad, and her morning at school was fine, she hung out with her friends and was pretty sure she aced her calculus quiz.

But then she had gym. 

She never hated gym, but she never really liked it, either.

“LUUUUUCY!!” she heard one of the reasons why she didn’t like it, yell from across the gym. With a little wave and the roll of her eyes, Lucy made her way over to him, with her best friend Levy beside her. 

“You know Lu, it’s not that bad. At least Natsu is pretty cute.” Levy said mockingly, knowing that Lucy had the tiniest crush on her pink haired best friend. 

“Sure, but I wish we didn’t have gym together. That way at least I could avoid embarrassing myself in front of him everyday.”

Levy just laughed, then went off to talk to Gajeel, her boyfriend. Lucy would never get over how strange they looked together, yet at the same time they were perfect for each other. 

“Hey Natsu,” she greeted, smiling at her friend, “hey Gray.” Gray just nodded with a smile, before continuing to talk to Loke about something. 

“Lucy!” Natsu grabbed her hands, and she couldn’t stop the small blush that formed on her cheeks. She should be used to Natsu by now, but she wasn’t. “We’re playing badminton today, partners?”

Lucy didn’t understand why he still asked her every time, even if she said no (which she never would) he would just drag her to his team anyways.

“Yeah sure.”  She said smiling. The teacher blew their whistle, calling everyone to the front, for which Natsu was grateful, because Lucy missed his blush and the way he stared at her beautiful smile and lips.

It was after gym class when Lucy’s day went down the drain and into the fire-y pits of hell.   

Someone had pulled the most childish prank and stole her regular clothes, forcing her to wear her sweaty gym clothes for the rest of the day. And while that normally wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, it was the fact that someone thought it’d be funny to also steal all her books and all her work from her locker, leaving a trail of pens and loose sheets on the floor. 

So, she was forced to endure the rest of the day sweaty, smelly, and book-less, making all the teachers to look at her with disproval or concern, and for the students to all whisper behind her back, wondering what happened, or to even insinuate that Lucy was going through some sort of mental breakdown. 

And, to be fair, with today’s events maybe they weren’t far off from the truth. 

Finally, at the end of the day she was called to the office since someone dropped off all of her belongings when no one was looking. At least she would be able to go home in clean clothes. 

And that was home she ended up curled up on her couch with a tub of strawberry ice cream while she watched a marathon of movies, currently watching 13 Going on 30.

So when she heard the door bell ring, she wanted to cry into her bucket of ice cream, not wanting to deal with anyone in her current state, but it just kept ringing so she had to answer it. 

Making her way to her door, hair a mess in her fluffy blue pyjamas, blanket wrapped around her shoulders, she opened it up and immediately wished she hadn’t.

Because there was Natsu, grin as apparent as ever on his tanned freckled face, holding a bag in his arms. “Hey Lucy!”

She groaned, hand slapping her forehead in  exasperation. She did not want to deal with this right now. “What are you doing here, Natsu?”

“Levy said you were feeling pretty bad about today and everything, so I decided to come cheer ya up!” He moved past her into the living room, making himself at home on her couch while she just stared at him in disbelief, momentarily making a mental note to yell at Levy. 

She shuffled her way to the couch, warily sitting beside him, watch as he pulled out two tubs of ice cream, strawberry, and a few chocolate bars. She hated but also loved how well he knew her. 

“Personally,” he started, “I don’t quite get what you’re upset about, but Levy said you were a mess so I couldn’t leave ya hanging.” 

“Did you completely miss the part  where someone stole all of my belongings today making me go to class with no books or work in my gym clothes while everyone talked about me behind my back?” Crush or not, Lucy had no problem venting to Natsu, or at him. Whatever. 

“No, but I just don’t think it was the worst thing to ever happen. You got your stuff back, the teachers gave you extensions, and you still have your friends.” Natsu just watched the tv as he talked, taking a bit out of his chocolate bar, only briefly glancing at Lucy.

Pouting, Lucy saw his point, but he didn’t experience what she had gone through, so it really made her angry that he didn’t understand, and talked down her experience.

Grabbing a chocolate bar, she glared at him. “I thought you were here to cheer me up.”

“Course I am,” he smiled softly at her, different from his usual grin. “Just cause I don’t understand why you’re upset doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be upset. People are jerks.” 

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something along the lines of, well don’t tell me it’s not the worst thing to happen, but she found she couldn’t. Even if he didn’t understand her, he still validated her feelings, and it was Natsu. She shouldn’t have expected him to understand why not having her books or wearing nice clothes was important to her. A lot of people wouldn’t have found it to be this horrible thing like she did. 

She smiled, because she knew that Natsu did somewhere, know and understand why she was upset. He just wanted to make a point that these things happen, and people will forget about it.

He was so much smarter than people gave him credit for.

“You know, people are jerks, but not you.” She poked his cheek, smiling.

He grinned, and grabbed her hand, surprising her. He moved it away from his face, and brought his own hand toward hers, placing it gently on her cheek. 

“But you are.” He said jokingly, causing her face to heat up in anger.

But before she could do anything, he leaned forward, placing his lips over hers in a gently kiss, before leaning towards her ear, face red but with a grin to whisper, “just kidding.”

“You JERK!” She whacked him with a pillow, causing a huge pillow fight to break out, and consequently Lucy forgot about the very bad day she had, focusing on the very good night Natsu was making it into.

Title: Tutoring Session

Characters: Chanyeol/Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,465


      There was a rumor going around that Byun Baekhyun- the most popular guy at school- had gotten his turn with tutoring lessons from a girl in his class. Everyone knew about her, since she was the smartest girl in school. Honestly, you would pay her all the money in the world to get a lesson, but she was only taking in students from her own class, which you weren’t in. You sigh miserably and lay your head on the desk, twirling your pencil on your notes.

      You weren’t excelling at anything in school except for dance class, and they were threatening to kick anyone out who couldn’t pass finals. You knew you had little hope to do even that. These were your thoughts for the past week, which would have stayed the same until something unexpected happened today. The nice guy- who sat next to you- stands on top of his chair, immediately gaining everyone’s attention. He smiles.

      “Everyone! My name is Chanyeol.” Everyone knew who he was- literally the most handsome guy in your grade. “We all know about the girl in the next class over, yes?” He asks, your class nods in unison. “Well, today I will be giving tutoring lessons also, but for half the price.” Your jaw drops. Why hadn’t you thought of this before? He was, in fact, smarter than she was. His test grades could prove it. You could have asked him before he brought it to everyone’s attention. Now, you had a 1/32 chance of getting it.

      “I’ll use the same method she does for the drawing, please separate into two groups, boys and girls, and then draw from these boxes.” He places two tissue boxes on his desk, which were full of folded pieces of paper either saying “yes” or “no”. You guessed everyone needed help as much as you did, because there was no questions asked, just the loud shouts of kids who wanted to be first in line to draw. You managed to squeeze your way into the front of the line and shove your hand in the box before anyone else could, then pull out your slip of paper.

      “I got it!” You say aloud, making the girls moan in disappointment. You look up at your soon-to-be tutor, who’s expression you couldn’t read. All you could see was the slight pink on his ear tips.

      “Come on, _____, let’s make this quick.” The boy who got the “yes” walks to the center of the room and you stand in front of him. You were lucky enough to get the “yes”, you were hoping you would be even luckier to win the flip. Chanyeol supplies the nickel and flips it after you call tails.

      “Tails..” Chanyeol says, is that shock you hear in his voice? “_____ wins this round, we’ll do it again tomorrow.” He walks to his desk and collects his things before turning to you. “Are you ready?” You hastily pick up your books and bag.

      “Yes!” You were so lucky. The standardized test gods must be smiling upon you today. You thank him as you walk out of the school and try to make small talk. “How long have you been thinking about doing this?” He looks at you like he was surprised you were even interested in his existence.

      “Just today, actually.” He admits and you laugh.

      “Do your parents know about it?”

      “Yeah, my mom is really supportive.” You find yourself asking him a variety of questions, interested in his life out of his studies. You found out he really likes playing instruments, and that he has a passion for writing music. “Here we are.” He says as you step onto the front lawn of home. It was beautiful, even though it’s size was significantly smaller than the monstrous ones surrounding it.

      When you walk through the door, you follow him around, peeking around every doorway curiously. “So where’s your mom?” You ask him. He walks up a staircase, beckoning you to follow as he replies. “She’s visiting her friend today.” When you enter a room, it dawned on you that you were in HIS room. The clutter of music sheets and CD’s in the corner were unmistakably those of an appreciator of music, and the guitar leaning against the window was a dead giveaway. “Have a seat.” He motions to the bean bags on the floor and you happily oblige. It wasn’t what you were expecting in a tutoring session, but it made it more comfortably and you relax. You realized that you were nervous before- entering his house only be told how bad you were at math and science.

      “I need help with Calculus.” You say, bringing your mind from your thoughts. He nods, taking a seat in the bean bag in front of you and sliding his textbooks out from under his bed. “I don’t understand any of it.” His eyes widen in surprise when he opens up his textbook.

      “None of it?” He repeats. He starts with the basics, patient but strict while showing you which formulas and equations you needed for a certain problem. “Do you know why this is the answer?” He asks you, pointing at a variable. You shake your head and he explains it to you until you get it. You were amazed at his skill to teach and also boggled why you never understood it before. It was so easy, the way he was explaining it. You can’t help but laugh ridiculously when you realize that Chanyeol has taught you everything you need to know for the test in the span of a few hours while your teacher couldn’t even teach you throughout the whole year.

      “You’re a good teacher.” You say after he’s done giving you practice problems. When he doesn’t reply, you glance up at him only to find him pink from head to toe as he takes in your compliment.

      “Thank you,” He says, shifting. You were acutely aware of his arm, which he was using as support as he leans on it behind your back. Because he had moved his bean bag closer to you so he could see what you were struggling with, he leaned over a lot, which caused his thigh to accidentally bump into yours countless times- his chest a ghost on your shoulder as he uses his free hand to point at things. “_____? Did you hear?”

      “Huh?” You blink, not realizing that you weren’t listening and tilt your head up to apologize, but when you do, you stop short as you almost kiss him. You let out in inaudible gasp the same time his eyes widen, your lips parting and your cheeks aflame. “Um,” Your breath fans across his neck and you don’t notice the goosebumps that rise there because he stammers.

      “I said, we’re done with the lesson now.”

      “Oh.” You scoot away awkwardly, closing your textbook and packing your things. Just as awkwardly, he stands up and kicks the bean bag to his bed, where it was originally. “Thank you for the lesson, I think I’ll pass the test now.” You tell him honestly, even though you were blushing because you thinking about something else. You watch as he presses his lips together, his gaze keeping yours.

      Just before you turn to leave he speaks. “Will you come over again?” You nearly fall in shock and gape at him.

      “But I don’t need help on any other subjects..” You reply. You weren’t surprised that he thought you were stupid all around, but you still find yourself taking offense. He immediately shakes it off.

      “No! No, I mean as a friend.” Oh. “I like spending time with you.” You blush a little before smiling.

      “Oh,” You glance at the bean bags on the floor before looking back at him. “Okay.” You wondered if you’d ever only like him as a friend, because today Chanyeol showed you a side of him you’ve never seen, and it was a part of him you were eager to explore. “Is this weekend alright?” He looked happily shocked that you had offered to come over so soon.

      “Yeah, that’s perfect.” He says, and you nearly swoon when he smiles, because the corners of his eyes crinkle and he displays his pearly white teeth. “I’ll see you then.” You start to wave goodbye, when you remember.

      “Ah!” You rummage through your backpack, and he’s confused until you thrust a twenty dollar bill at him. “Twenty for four hours, right?” His big hands fall over yours and he pushes it back.

      “You don’t have to pay me.” He says. When you’re still eager about paying him, he gently pushes his finger to your lips, which caught you by surprise and you stop. “First customer discount.” He says as you blush.