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do you have any good shiro fic recommendations?

I’ve been sitting on a couple of these, but yeah.  Let’s do this.

a hollow nest to dream in
@lightshesaid and Quadriviuum (I don’t know if they have a tumblr oops)

From the Voltron Gen Big Bang, this has been open for me to comment on for days now and I’m a bad person who hasn’t, so get a rec instead.  This is a gorgeous, amazing fic.  Taking place after Shiro’s disappearance from the Black Lion, this cycles through universes and time and space in a way that’s stunning to read.  Gorgeous.  Read it now.

All the World Will Be Your Enemy
@bosstoaster (lol self rec)

There will be a couple of these, indulge me.  Shiro escapes early and ends up captured with the GG.  This leads to him becoming a Space Pirate.  No, really.  This is my current baby so I’m going to show it off whenever possible.  I loved a look into Shiro’s head if he got just one extra push.

Prince of Memory

Shiro begins to get different memories from his captivities.  Ones that are painful, yes, but lead him on a different journey.  One to bring home the Last Words of his fellow captives.  Poignant, beautiful, touching.  Picking a favorite fic from Velkyn would be tough, but this is a serious contender. 

All Too Familiar

Shiro can’t sleep.  There are many reasons he can’t sleep, but there are also many people looking to help him out.  Adorable, heartwarming, with a couple of dashes of angst like a good hot sauce.  A++ stuff.

Ten Years On Series

Okay the last of the self recs, I’m sorry about this.  Shiro wakes up after the events of season 2 and finds himself ten years in the future, where everyone had to learn to get on without him.  Number three in the series is Teeth Ready for Sinking, which is the deepest examination of the situation and the highlight of the whole thing, in my ever so humble (lol) opinion.

From the Inside

Uliro.  Voltron is hit with an attack by Haggar that leaves everyone feeling vulnerable and violated.  Shiro is there for the others, and then Ulaz is there for him. Short but gorgeous.  Valkyrie is amazing in general and does a lot of Shiro focus, so keep an eye out on her others stuff.  Especially if you like Uliro.

Parasite Knight

Just how does Shiro’s arm work?  How did he get it? What does it run off of?  What happens when that runs out? Warning for this being a dark one, but it’s so, so, so good.  To say much more would be to ruin it, but this fic is amazing and it delves so deep into the very core of Shiro’s being and his relationship with the crew and I just love it.

what the living won’t let go

For the Voltron Gen Mini Bang, Shiro ends up as something like a ghost after the events of season 2.  He goes on a personal journey, seeing the team afterwards, and then goes through something bigger.  Galaxy big.  Universe big.  Time big.  The imagery and breathtaking scale in a relatively short read is reason enough to rec this forever.  Try it for yourself.

Nobody Learns

Another great Shiro-centric writer (tho some fics I’ll remind you to mind the warnings).  This one is Matt POV but Shiro is probably tied for the most important character.  It goes through Matt and Shiro’s time at the Garrison, up through the Kerberos mission.  Sass and I have a lot of agreements on Shiro’s personality, especially pre-capture/Voltron, so if you like my stuff you’ll like hers.

Something Strange

Andy does a lot of lovely Shiro shipping stuff.  If you dig Sheith or Uliro you should definitely check it out.  But my fav of her Shiro-focused stuff is this little gen piece.  Shiro can see ghosts.  No one else in the team of cryptid/ghost-hunters can.  This is not usually a problem, but sometimes it is.  A little big of horror, but mostly campy and fun like a good campfire story.  


Yeah, we knew we were getting to Miss Onions eventually.  So I’m really biased.  Super biased.  Crazy biased.  This fic was for me, lol.  But it’s SUPER cute and my favorite of Onion’s AUs (and that is a hefty title lol).  Hufflepuff!Shiro preps for his seventh year, only to find Hogwarts is prepping for the Triwizard Tournament.  Featuring everyone in fantastic roles with amazing parallels.  So good.  Please read.  Please love it.  Please help me convince Onions there needs to be more of it.

The Throne in the Hall

The crown jewel of Shiro-centric fics.  100 percent.  This fic is a battle between Shiro and a Galra Commander.  It’s nearly 13k of some of the best action I’ve ever read in any medium ever.  It’s an engaging character study, showcasing the depths of Shiro’s skills and perseverance.  It’s gorgeous imagery and breathtaking writing.  It is the best Shiro-centric fic on AO3.  Period.  I love every fic on this list, but it still holds that place in my heart.

Smile Wide

Shiro learns to survive in the world of gladiators.  Brutal, vicious, fantastic.  This is the only non-compete fic on this list, and it makes it because I think it stand on it’s own anyway.  Give it a shot.

Chasing Rabbits, Chasing Hope

Pacific Rim AU.  Voltron is an experimental five-pilot Jaeger .  It has it’s own, unique challenges and issues.  Shiro struggles under the pressure, and Coran offers advice, his ear, and tea.

Special shout out to @demenior who writes great Uliro, Shiro getting wrecked, and some of the darkest Shiro-centric fics in the business.  I don’t feel super comfortable linking someone straight to Little Monster, which would be my pick here, but here’s her AO3.

There are so, so many more good Shiro fics I’ve read and lost.  I’m terrible at keeping track.  Always feel free to add on!  But here’s a starting point.

First Mission Together

pairing: Avengers x reader

summary: preferences about how your first mission would go with your avenger s/o

warnings: none

Bucky: Despite the notion that he would’ve been a nervous wreck with you joining in on a mission for the first time since joining the team, he was the complete opposite. Nothing made him more proud than seeing you out there on the field, kicking ass with a smile on your face. Bucky pretty much had stars in his eyes when he saw you taking down hydra goons and robots, all while looking more beautiful than ever. He was so taken by your beauty, he went to go whisper something about your ass looking fantastic, which led to most of the team groaning in disgust. Even a few missions later he has trouble remembering that everyone else can hear his little comments over the comm about his love for you.

Steve: Of course Captain America is concerned about his girl, but he has complete faith in you. Both of you had put in a lot of training up to this point, which is why he greenlit your first ever mission with the team. Sure, it was just a “run in, explode everything, and leave” mission, but you were still super excited to be going in with your love at your side with full confidence. Steve was even more excited when everyone landed, and you immediately started barking out orders before he could form the words.

Natasha: Now, she is the nervous wreck of the group. No one expected it, nor did they mention it for their own safety. You simply took her hands in yours as you were getting ready to land, and gave her a kiss on the cheek to silently reassure her that everything would end up okay. As soon as everyone hit the ground running, she realised that it was the greatest thing in the world to have you at her hip, knowing what move she would make next and what she would need help with. Soon, her nerves died down and this became one of the most successful missions in Avengers history.

T'challa: Since it was the first time the two of you would be fighting alongside one another, he wasn’t sure how he’d focus on the battle at hand with you being in danger. But his profound love for you, his queen, only fed into the pure energy that helped the two of you tag team and take down more people than even Captain America did on this mission. Of course there was a huge feast in honor of you after this mission, and how well you had done.

Clint: Compared to his normal playful self, he was a little nervous about you coming along for this mission. Of course you just had to pick up a new weapon, with little training, and decide to use that for this particular mission. But he knew that you were going to kick ass even if you didn’t remember what end of the stick to use. Luckily, you did just that. He had a proud smile on his face from the trees while sniping anyone that tried to sneak up on you, that was if you didn’t turn and get them first.

Peter: The fact that he gets to be with you while doing his favorite thing on the earth has him over the moon excited. Taking down bad guys is a fundamental part of who he is, and seeing you join him in that fight is like a dream come true. Both of you are extremely proud of each other, but you being on a mission with Peter makes his heart skip a beat. Not only is he excited for the mission, but he’s excited for what comes after both of you get back to your apartment.

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Okay for more Reincarnated Allura's brother Lance au- how about Alfor's corrupted AI gets possessive over Lance (He's not losing his son again, no matter what)

Ahhhhhhh :( 

Part 1!

Part 2!

“Father I need your help with something,” Allura moved the hair out of her eyes, reaching for the tea cup on the table, not even sparing a glance at the holographic scenery that surrounded the both of them. 

“What is it Allura?” Alfor glitched slightly, his voice wavering slightly. 

“Our new Blue Paladin reminds me of my brother…your son and I don’t know what to do. Lance, that’s his name is a very valuable member of the team and I don’t want him to feel replaceable or unwanted but looking at him,” she felt tears start to burn behind her eyes and she attempted to swallow down a sob. “I can’t look at him and not see the brother who dies for Altea while I was protected.” 

Alfor was silent for awhile, he hadn’t seen the new paladins yet so he had no idea the resembles between Lance and his son. “I’m sure after some time you will realize that this Lance is not part of our family.” 

Allura frowned slightly, she wasn’t quite sure. 


“Paladins! Gather around I discuss something with all of you.” Allura flattened down her dress, keeping her eyes off Lance. 

“What is it Princess?” Shiro ran his hand through his hair, pulling on the white tuff gently. 

“Well you see Alteans are advance, even more so than Earth and we have a way to save people’s memories and keep them after they die.”

“So like an AI?” Pidge cleaned their glasses with their sleeve and Allura nodded. 

“Very much so, well it appears that before Altea fell my father save his memories in an AI. I recently found him while scanning the castle and I was going to keep this information from you but I feel as though it is important.” Allura glanced around the room, taking time looking at her team. 

“Alright, I guess you can bring out your father.” Hunk shifted on his feet, obviously not thrilled with the idea of letting a dead guy talk to them. 

Allura nodded and pressed a few buttons, after a few ticks and older man with dark skin and white hair appeared before all of them. Allura glanced at the hologram before looking back at everyone. “Paladins this is my father, King Alfor.” 

Lance’s eyes widened at what he saw, it looked like he was actually there. He blinked at it a few times before opening his mouth to speak, “wow I have to give it to you Alteans. You were really advanced.” 

King Alfor focused his attention towards the Blue Paladin, his mouth hanging open with shock. “Son?” 

Lance bite back a groan, I should have called it. “Sorry your majesty but I’m not your son, I’m Lance, the new Blue Paladin.” 

Alfor shook his head slightly, “how do you look just like him?” 

Lance shrugged, how should I know that? I’m just a boy from Cuba. “I couldn’t tell you.” 

King Alfor narrowed his eyes, staring at Lance intently eventually looking around the room at everyone else. 


Lance honestly thought that King Alfor would be professional and treat Lance like everyone else on the team, but Lance soon found out that this wasn’t the case. Everywhere Lance went, Alfor was there, training, eating, walking to Blue. Everytime Lance turned a corner he would hear the holographic particles move behind him. 

Lance stomped his feet and crossed his arms. “Stop following me!” He looked at the hologram and ignored everyone’s eyes on him. “If you could leave me alone for one second that would be fantastic!” 

“Lance! Don’t yell at a King!” Keith looked at the tanner boy, no anger was in his voice, he knew how much Lance hated being followed. 

Lance looked at the Red Paladin, “I usually wouldn’t but I’m tired of being followed around like I’m six or something.”  

King Alfor looked like he’s been slapped, his mouth hanging open like a fish. “My apologizes but I can’t help but se-”

“But see me as a lost son or a lost brother. But I’m neither of those! Well at least to you all.” Lance could feel everyone’s eyes on him and his throat tightened up slightly as the memories flooded his mind. Playing with his siblings and cooking with his parents, the little things that he could no longer do. “I am to someone’s else though. I have my own family that misses me or at least I think they do, I’m not sure. Either way I’m not part of your blood family, I’m not someone you lost. I’m the Blue Paladin, I’m here to save the universe so I can see my family again.” 

Lance felt bile move up his throat as he walked out of the room, nobody following him for once. He knew that his team was his family but he didn’t want to replace his real family, he knew what it was like to be replaced. 

Poor boy </3

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long! 

Thank you <3333

A Date With Markiplier

You guys. I am SO thoroughly impressed by what Markiplier and his team put out today. 

First of all, I’m so glad that it wasn’t what some people thought, which was that Amy was pregnant (although the picture of the two of them with Mark wearing the “dad” shirt did throw me off as well). 

I love what he did for so many reasons. 

1. He made a video on a day where not everyone feels like today matters, that they are loved, etc., that made everyone feel like they were loved and cared about.

2. This was SO UNIQUE. Like, obviously he’s not the first person to do this, but no one else has ever done anything like this, this well done, recently. 

3. The ENTIRE TEAM was FANTASTIC. I would love to get some behind the scenes footage.

4. This was hyped really well. It didn’t push the event in your face, because the fandom took it to the next level. The mysteriousness and vagueness leading up to it made everyone more intrigued. 

5. THE RETURN OF DARKIPLIER AND WILFORD WARFSTACHE. Darkiplier appears in the horror play in the date and the editing on that alone is fantastic. And then in the 10th and final ending, Wilford Warfstache makes an epic return, a throwback to someone who we haven’t seen in years, probably. 

6. Honestly, Mark’s acting was really good and shows a lot of promise. I hope that we get to see a lot more like this in the future. 

I’m so glad that I got to participate in this, and I can’t thank Teamiplier enough!!

What if after Hide hearing the tape, Hide initially thought his team was playing a prank on him, probably had a little microphone hidden in the room somewhere, and then they prerecorded all the stuff on the recorder.

So he’s playing along and everything, like haha yeah my butt is fantastic (while everyone else is freaking out). So he’s like: “oh powerful spirit, if you like the butt that much, why don’t you give it a touch?”

And Kaneki’s like: “don’t mind if I do.”

And that’s how Hide came to believe in ghosts.

Anyway, Hide is absolutely fascinated, and keeps asking questions, finds out who Kaneki is, what happened to him (maybe I should write a fic for this?) and poor Kaneki begs him to keep all the embarrassing stuff out of the show (and that’s why the rest of Hide’s team found some mysteriously destroyed recordings of the best evidence they ever had).

Little Natasha Things
  • Despite her name, she’s actually arachnophobic; and there has been many a time when she’s covertly reprogrammed Tony’s robot cleaners to get rid of spiders as well as dust bunnies and Clint’s leftover pizza crusts. Nobody knows this except Clint, although Tony often wonders about the lack of cobwebs in his unused rooms.
  • She also hates horror movies, especially the ones that involve possession or any other kind of mind control. This, on the other hand, was apparent by the third time the Avengers had movie night. 
  • She actually can’t stand the taste of vodka. But she still loves pierogi and borscht; spurring many lunch dates down at Veselka with Bucky or Wanda.
  • Tony gave her an expensive red convertible for her birthday that he nicknamed The Communist Barbiemobile. Steve thinks that’s insensitive, but she secretly finds it hilarious.
  • She taught Clint how to do all sorts of ballroom dancing. She tried to teach Steve too; but bless him, the poor boy still has two left feet.
  • She can’t stand cooking, and really only knows about five recipes anyway. But (to Sam’s delight) that doesn’t stop her from enjoying baking instead.
  • She and Steve have often platonically shared a bed on missions. At first, it was just for convenience; since their covers were married and it was the middle of January and the guy’s basically a living space heater anyway. But it started happening more and more often, and now even when they don’t have to they just snuggle together and gossip sleepily until they fall asleep. She knows the nightmares won’t bother her so much when she has a pair of friendly arms wrapped around her.
  • She and Clint sometimes like to sit on the balcony of their apartment when they can’t sleep and imagine what they’d like to do if they weren’t superheroes or special agents. Their ideas are different every night; and range from Olympic trainer to makeup artist to pizza deliverer to burlesque dancer to counselor for abused children. 
  • Her favorite Disney movie is Tangled. She’s seen it about ten times already.
  • She writes little reminders for herself on multicolored Post-Its and puts them on the refrigerator. Sometimes, after periods when she forgets to take them down, it looks like a flock of blue, pink, and yellow butterflies has descended on the kitchen.
  • She can play the guitar, piano, and violin. 
  • She can also sing really well, but only does it around the people she trusts most.
  • She never wants to dance ballet ever again. It reminds her too much of being under the Red Room’s thrall.
  • She paints the nails of all the other Avengers when she gets bored or stressed; to the point when she’s memorized all their individual preferences. Wanda prefers monochrome dark colors; Thor likes little patterns, especially various star designs; Bucky goes for shades of pink or blue; and Tony usually requests a letter on each nail to spell something out, usually a swearword or two.  
  • She really only dresses up sexy on missions when she thinks her looks could be useful. Jeans and hoodies and leather jackets are a girl’s best friend.
  • Her favorite part of being famous is all the young girls who tell her that she’s their hero, or inspiration, or that she gives them strength. After all, if she can make the lives of all those girls a little better, it’s worth all the shit she went through at their age to get here.
  • Her least favorite part of being famous is all the sexist bullshit that people regularly fling at her (when they’re not ignoring her in favor of the male Avengers). If she never has to hear “Do you wear anything under your catsuit?” or “What diet plan do you use to keep in as good shape as the boys?” or “Can you address the rumors about which of your teammates you’re sleeping with?” or the classic “How about a smile?” again, it’ll be far too soon.
  • Sometimes during battles or even in day-to-day life, she’ll blank out and disassociate for seemingly no reason. The smallest things, usually ones that she wouldn’t watch out for, can feed into her memory issues or remind her of painful experiences.
  • She and Clint both love Star Wars and one of their favorite “days off” things to do is rewatch the movies together. The only problem is that he can’t stand the prequels, but she loves them; so any movie-watching always gets delayed at least an hour by their squabbling over whether to see A New Hope or The Phantom Menace first. 
  • She educated Steve, Bucky, Thor, Vision, and Wanda about modern American culture in much the same way: emailing them links to Buzzfeed articles and getting them Netflix accounts.
  • She and Bucky like to pretend to talk shit about their teammates in Russian. Usually, they’re really swapping cookie recipes or complimenting each other’s hair or arguing over whether Taylor Swift is better than Adele; but Tony doesn’t need to know that.
  • She knits personalized ugly sweaters for all her friends every winter. 
  • She also knits Bucky arm warmers; partially to keep him from sticking his metal hand up Sam’s shirt to make him scream and partially to stop everyone else from daring each other to stick their tongues on the arm and getting stuck for the fifth time this week, Stark.
  • She has brunch with Pepper and Maria every Sunday she’s not off saving the world.
  • She will watch any movie – no matter how good or appallingly bad – as long as it has sharks, dinosaurs, robots, or aliens in it.
  • She still sometimes handcuffs herself to the bed after she’s had a particularly bad mental health day.
  • She, Steve, Sam, and Bucky (aka the real fantastic four) end up going on all the missions that need more than two people but not the whole team. As a result, she’s learned to work with them and trust them almost as much as she does Clint; and they’ve had many impromptu late-night diner runs, movie marathons, and carpool karaoke sessions together. 
  • Changing her hairstyle every couple years or so has been a tradition ever since she joined SHIELD. Not only is it a convenient way to reinvent herself and date the pictures her friends take of her, but it’s also just…fun. Except for that god-awful perm she had in 2009; which we do not talk about put those goddamn photos away right now Clinton.
  • She owns about fifty different items of weaponized makeup; including one lipstick that doubles as a bomb and a tube of mascara with a hidden poisonous needle. Any of her team are free to borrow any of them at any time, as long as they don’t accidentally kill each other or wear the lipsticks when they have a cold.
  • Almost no one knows about her nightmares except Steve, Clint, and Bucky.
  • She never gets to sleep before midnight anyway. 
  • She’s not as cold and uncaring as a lot of people would believe. It’s just that before SHIELD she thought she’d never be safe to love, and before the Avengers she thought that she’d missed her opportunity to be part of a family. Luckily, she was wrong on both accounts.

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If Lotor does manage to get a redemption arc and we don't have an episode where they go on a mission to get some sacred spring water that he uses in his hair, then what's the point?

lance hates lotor but he encourages this trip while everyone else is reluctant bc he wants the secret to lotor’s fantastic hair. there can only be one bad bitch on team voltron and lance wears that crown proudly

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I really like your style of character analysis and the deep thought you put into your posts so I have to ask: Do you ship Shiro and Lance? Why or why not? What do you think of their relationship? I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on how their personalities interact, and some potential good points and bad points to their relationship going forward. Thank you and have a nice day!! :)

Alright so, I was initially gonna make this a short answer but the more I thought about my reply, the more it kind of spiraled into my thoughts on the characters personalities and relationships as well as some of my major grievances for how the fandom chooses to handle those aspects of the characters. So I’m sorry if this ask kind of explores other aspects of the series outside of this ship.

Tbh I dont actively ship Shance in any meaningful way. I mean I reblog the art and the like, but I struggle to really envision Shiro and Lance’s potential as a romantic couple in my own mind and therefore can’t really find a reason to ship it myself. But it’s a viable ship in it’s own right, and I can see why people might enjoy it since Lance and Shiro are usually well liked by most fans. And if I can ever really wrap my mind over how the two might act in a romantic situation with one another maaaaaybe I’ll ship it. But for now I’m just kinda meh on the subject.

However when it comes to my opinions on the two’s canon relationship well… lets just say it opens a whole can of worms on more than a few of my grievances with how the fandom chooses to intrepret the characters of Shiro, Lance, and, yes, Keith.

Before I dive into my exact issues, I feel like I should first tackle my problems with the way the fandom tends to treat the characters.

Let’s start with Lance.

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Star Wars Fangirling

Okay- like many of you, I am absolutely BURSTING with excitement in anticipation of tomorrow’s TLJ trailer!!!

Unlike a lot of you, I didn’t really grow up on the Star Wars films… Which is a huge bummer because the mythology is so ingrained in popular culture that I sort of knew the gist of the story before I ever got the chance to enjoy the series for myself. I never got to experience those OMFG moments where we realize that Vader is Luke’s father or that Leia is Luke’s sister… because I already knew all of that going in (Ugh)! So while I have an IMMENSE appreciation for the original trilogy from a filmmaking standpoint, I never FELL IN LOVE with the franchise like most other people… that is until Episode VII (because if I’m being honest, I not only can’t stand the prequels- I actually detest them)!

The Force Awakens is my favorite Star Wars movie to date- not because it’s the best made- but because it was a chance for me to insert myself into the fandom and experience the continuation of the story along with everyone else. At first it felt fraudulent to call myself a Star Wars fan, but now, with time, rewatches, and just as much exposure to these new characters as everyone else, I feel like I’ve finally found my footing in this fandom.

Somehow, in the span of less than two years, Disney, Lucasfilm and all the creative teams behind these movies have managed to convert me from:

Dec 2015 (pre TFA): moderately interested



So props to JJ, Rian, ILM and the fantastically amazing cast and crews. It’s actually insane to think just how massive this saga is. And thanks to all you lovely tumblrs out there for welcoming me into this fandom that is ever-growing!

Let’s wait for this trailer (and movie) to drop together!!!!

What’s your Star Wars story? How did you get into it?

Mind Tricks (I)

Originally posted by suhomysuho

“You’re welcome.”

“Excuse me?” You turn around from your desk to look at your teammate with a half smile.“Your last free coffee’s already waiting by your desktop, genius.  A week is all we agreed to when you helped me with that presentation.”

“Wrong answer.” Baekhyun smirks and pushes off the counter he was leaning on to saunter into your shared corner. He flops into his seat. “The correct answer is: ‘Thank you so much, Baekhyun, my best friend in the world, for solving my weeks long inability to make a move on my crush.‘”

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Voltron On Ice!!! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Season 4

So, unlike last season, this season I’m going a bit more in depth with my reaction. And a lot more meta. (A bit like the show, I guess.) There will be two posts to this review/analysis: this post, which is a more general reaction/analysis regarding particular things; and the second post, which will delve into the characters from team Voltron and how this season has affected/developed them.

There will be three parts to this post: a general look at the structure of season 4 in relation to the whole series, discussion about Lotor (and the other main antagonists) and a more analytical look at episode 4, since I actually really liked it and everyone else seems to hate it.

TL;DR: I really liked this season and think we are in for a fantastic ride with the rest of the show. It is kind of all action, little progress this season, but there is still quite important plot and character development and also great insight into world building.

Let’s dig in!

(Fair warning, this is actually quite long for a discussion post (2k words!). And there are no images to break it up. Sorry!)

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American High School Sports AU!Rocky
  • hes all muscle - he’s lean, but its all muscle nonetheless
  • the wrestling team in your school isn’t really big, there are only like ten boys and seven girls
  • since Minhyuk is boys’ captain and you’re girls’ captain you see a LOT of Park Minhyuk, on and off the mat
  • the coaches like calling you two to their office after school and making you guys plan schedules together
  • he’s not a bad guy though so you’re cool with it
  • and you like getting extra mat time with him to practice because he’s good
  • also hes hot and you enjoy being uber close to him but nobody needs to know that
  • girls have athletics first period and boys have it last but after school is open mat for everyone so you see him everyday for two hours 
  • you and him tend to wrestle each other for sixty of those minutes more often than not because you’re formidable opponents
  • him with his greater strength and you with your fantastic ability to distribute your weight are very evenly matched
  • the two of you work with the other team members really well, and all seventeen of you are one big happy perpetually sweaty heavy breathing family
  • open mats begin lasting longer and longer as the state wrestling championships gets closer and closer
  • you find your take downs and sprawls and mounts and sideguards running together as your movements and wrestling strategies become more and more fluent
  • some days after everyone else has gone, you and Minhyuk practice on the dummies together, pointing out mistakes and bettering each other
  • these practices end more often than not with one of you in mount, pinning the other to the ground
  • and then both of you getting very red and rolling over to lie side by side, panting, on the mat
  • making small talk that way
  • “so, how’d you do on that history test?”
  • “…so I heard the weather’s nice outside”
  • “not that great, huh?”
  • “nOPE”
  • you guys get super deep too, since you’ve known and wrestled side by side for three years
  • “i wonder if penguins have knees”
  • but as the state champs near you and minhyuk begin working to the point where, after the two of you collapse onto the ground after practice, it takes twenty minutes to get up
  • it pays off though, when you aren’t ridiculously jittery on the day of the tournament
  • “hey, good luck” Minhyuk pulls you into a hug before you and the girls walk to the gym where your competition is being held
  • brackets are created, and suddenly its go time
  • the minutes turn into hours and the voices of the judges get all mixed up and everything smells like sweat and for a second there you forget how to do a kimora lock properly but you’re ok
  • you’re great, actually
  • esp considering you win the final match
  • State Champion - 2016 Female Wrestling
  • you’re completely dazed from your amazing win but you still go and watch Minhyuk, who executes amazing sweeps and chokes
  • leading him straight to victory
  • as you guys stand together on the podium a couple hours later, decked out in banquet clothing and holding the giant “Overall State Champions - 2016 High School Wrestling” trophy 
  • he places his arm around your waist, pulling you in close
  • you don’t question it
  • you don’t have to
  • the sweet way in which he kisses you later is enough for you

(can you tell that wrestling is MY sport)

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Would you talk more about Martha x Donna? I could ship it

OKAY SO, I love RTD but I have to start this post by saying that he fucked up with Martha and Donna. Like, a lot. I have a ton of issues with how Martha was treated and I will always be bitter about Martha and Donna’s respective endings because… I mean, look at what he gave them.

Donna: Stuck with incurable memory loss because it was the only ending that would fit with the creation of Rose’s Doctor clone and tenuous happy ending. Had all agency and character development stripped away from her. Married off in The End of Time and given a lottery ticket as a consolation prize. Issues of plausibility and consent regarding the mindwipe are never addressed.

Martha: Inexplicably estranged from her fiancee Tom Milligan. Last seen as a freelance fighter. She is married to Mickey, a character with whom she has no on-screen chemistry or interaction with, because Russell T wanted to create a Smith and Jones pun (I am not making this up, that is from his own mouth. She got with Mickey for a fucking pun).

But putting aside that negativity, I have to absolutely applaud RTD for the sublime relationship he gave these two women. He didn’t have a lot of screen time to devote to them together, but in a short span of time he still made something beautiful. It blows all that ‘fighting over a man’ nonsense straight out of the water. There’s never any bitchiness or jealousy between them (thank God we didn’t have to sit through another School Reunion, right) it’s just respect among equals. 

In my opinion, when Donna and Martha met each other it was love at first sight. Platonic or romantic, whatever you choose to see, it’s undeniable that they’re drawn to each other from the moment they meet, and are instantly devoted to supporting and protecting one another. They are genuinely impressed by all the other’s achievements. Donna is always trying to make Martha laugh and she pays close attention to her wellbeing and feelings after a trauma - often closer than the Doctor. It’s a case of ladies protecting ladies and ladies loving ladies - and under it all there’s a whiff of special intrigue, or particularly tender warmth. They smile at each other a little too long. They hug a little too long. When they see each other again, they are drawn together, and they delight in the other’s company.

One of my fave moments: “I can see why he likes you. You are good.”

Me too, Martha.

Then there’s The Doctor’s Daughter where Donna is even more protective of Martha than the Doctor, shouting, “Her name’s Martha, and she’s not collateral damage, not for anyone, have you got that?”

This episode is also gr9 because when Martha reunites with the others, the Doctor gets to her first and hugs her and he’s trying to talk to her but Martha’s just

oh my god it’s donna

it’s donna

and she fuckin hurls the Doctor’s skinny ass aside so she can give the bae a big hug

ALSO while we’re talking about sweet, glorious lady hugs, let’s appreciate that in Journey’s End, the first shot after they fly the earth home is on Martha and Donna, who turn instinctively to one another out of everyone else in the room and hug.

Their relationship is just so pure and healthy: they protect each other, they treat each other as equals, they make each other laugh, and they’re a fantastic team when it comes to solving crises too. AND THEY HAVE REALLY GREAT HUGS.

The way I actually started shipping Martha and Donna was by fantasising over how I would fix their respective endings in canon. I’ve always adored their friendship, so I came up with the idea that Martha found her friend Donna Noble in the intervening months after Journey’s End (because hey - did anyone ever even tell Martha what happened to Donna? She deserved to know). She is working with Wilf to find a cure. The Doctor comes back as per End of Time. Martha absolutely chews him out for wiping her mind and abandoning her. She really lets him have it and they actually ADDRESS that it was non-consensual and that the Doctor was wrong to do it the way he did.

The mess with the Master happens, and thanks to Martha acting as Donna’s doctor and administering some kind of partial cure (probably against the Doctor’s wishes because he’d say it wasn’t worth the risk) Donna undergoes a partial regeneration and becomes a stable human/time lord hybrid like Tentoo was (AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE THAT TENTOO, A HUMAN WITH A TIME LORD BRAIN, CAN SURVIVE WHILE DONNA CAN’T honestly the Rose/Tentoo ending is a fucking mess ugh). 

Donna and Martha help save the world, but the Doctor is badly hurt in the process, as in canon. Donna and the Doctor get to have their tearful reunion. The Doctor asks Donna to come with him, but she says no. She gets to confront him over what he did to her. She chooses to leave. She cobbles together a time machine - perhaps by growing a TARDIS or building something of her own - and then she and Martha Jones fly into the stars together. She chooses a life in the stars with Martha, the doctor who didn’t abandon her; the doctor who stayed with her when she was sick; the doctor that looked for a cure; the doctor that saved her.

And THAT is when we discover that the prophecy of the DoctorDonna was actually referring to the duo of Doctor Martha Jones and Donna Noble, who travel time and space together. And the Doctor is terribly sad to see them go, but also proud. So, so proud. Because these are his soldiers - a fiery, red-haired woman who has never wielded a gun and who solves problems by being quick, clever and talkative, and an incredibly tenacious, courageous and compassionate doctor who will never leave a patient behind, ever. His song is ending, but the song of the DoctorDonna is only just beginning. They part on good terms, but it’s obvious he probably won’t see them again - except maybe in specials - and the Doctor carries on, regenerates, and Eleven’s run continues as normal.

I’m not a huge Moffat-era fan, but I was impressed with Clara’s ending because “flying off into the stars with her space girlfiend” is the ending I wanted for Martha and Donna, and that’s pretty much what Moffat gave Clara and Ashildr. Also I really liked Moffat’s not so subtle digs at RTD’s handling of Donna’s mindwipe.

tl;dr space girlfriends are good and pure and could probably solve all the problems in the universe. Let the good ship Martha/Donna into your heart.

Stephen Fry QUITS QI - Who Will Replace Him?

STOP EVERYTHING - Stephen Fry, the man who has more knowledge in his pinky fingernail than we have in our entire being, is leaving his post as the presenter of QI.


Originally posted by thinksquad

The amazing presenter has been at the forefront of the comedy quiz show since it began back in 2003, alongside permanent panellist Alan Davies.

However, Stephen is now stepping down after ‘M’, the next season which premieres this Friday on BBC2.

The hosting extraordinaire has called it ‘one of the best jobs on television’, but believes it’s ‘time to move on’.

He explained: “For 13 years I had one of the best jobs on television. Behind the camera squadrons of quite extraordinarily brilliant researchers, programme makers and uniquely curious (in both senses of the word) people making that job so much easier.

“In front of the camera generations of lively minds and above all of course the wonder of nature that is Alan Davies. After passing the alphabetical halfway mark I thought it time to move on, but I will never cease to be grateful to John Lloyd for devising QI and for everyone else for making it such fun.”

Originally posted by oscarwetnwilde

Stephen originally only presented the pilot as a last-minute replacement for Michael Palin (and was supposed to be a team captain), but has gone on to present over 180 episodes of the show.

Luckily, the Beeb have lined-up another fantastic host to take his seat, with Sandi Toksvig taking over hosting duties after Stephen leaves.

Describing the role as her ‘dream job’, Sandi said: “‘QI’ is my favourite television programme both to watch and to be on, so this is absolutely my dream job. (My Nordic background also makes me keen to spend time with the Elves).

“Stephen has been utterly brilliant with the first half of the alphabet.  Stephen has been utterly brilliant with the first half of the alphabet.

“Now I look forward to picking up the baton, mixing my metaphors and sailing towards the Land of Nod (ie. Z).  Who knows what lies ahead? It should all be quite interesting.”

Copyright [Ken McKay/ITV/REX Shutterstock]

Alan Davies will stay on as a regular panellist.

John Lloyd, the show’s creator, says Stephen’s exit is the ‘end of an era’, adding: “It’s been a thoroughly delightful experience. After more than 40 years in broadcasting, QI has been by far the most enjoyable show it has been my privilege to produce, and Stephen has been its big, beating heart.

“Though we are all very sad he’s decided to move on, I am confident that we have found the perfect person to occupy his gigantic shoes.

Originally posted by oscarwetnwilde

“Sandi will be the first female host of a mainstream comedy panel show on British television - an appointment that is well overdue.”


We’re excited to see what Sandi will bring to the show, but we’re going to seriously miss Stephen. Thank you for bringing us all those amazing facts. <3
Bury Me in Armor / Miyusawa - by Kuramochei
By Organization for Transformative Works

rating: M
warnings: none
word count: 9,059
relationship: Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun
characters: Miyuki Kazuya, Sawamura Eijun, Narumiya Mei
additional tags: strangers to lovers, semi AU, inspired by jessica jones but its not a jessica jones au, aged-up character(s), mentions of sex (non-explicit), miyuki and mei are about 25 here and eijun is 22

summery: Miyuki Kazuya is a private investigator who is hired by Narumiya Mei, a pro baseball prodigy (and Miyuki’s friend, though he would never admit it out loud), to reveal some truths about a young, promising pitcher who had just joined Mei’s team and is threatening his place as the ace.


big big thanks to julia / @liazim for being a fantastic beta as usual and faisa / @kazumiyus for helping me out with ideas and to everyone else who had to put up with me while i was writing this lmao


Episode 6 preview - just about killed me.
I’m looking forward to this marriage plot in episode 6 to be honest. I’m pretty sure I can see Wang So and Wang Wook teaming up to save Hae Soo although I’m not sure how they’re explaining that to everyone else.

I thought this week’s episodes were fantastic but next week promises to raise the bar.
A few things about this week:
- I was already disturbed by Yeon Hwa’s marked interest in Wang So and from reading up on Gwangjong, I know he took his half sister for his wife and Queen in real life. I was just kind of hoping the drama conveniently forgot that part. Darn. Bright side is we all know who So’s heart is already inching towards and it ain’t his witchy half sister.
- Soo’s first meeting with the king was hilarious. I could not stop laughing. With all the historicals I’ve seen, tbh in that situation, I’d probably react the same. I like how relatable Soo is getting to be with time. As much as I love Ruoxi, she never really struggled to adapt as much as Soo; instead, as she learned, all of it came relatively easy to her. With Soo, she’s clumsy and not the brightest but I feel like I can relate more easily to her bumbling self.
- with every SooSo interaction, I can’t help but not take all the angst Wook is throwing out seriously. Kang Ha Neul is doing a terrific job at emoting that pain he feels and I already like his 8th a lot but Wang So is just melting me into a puddle. Plus, I love how he got Soo’s “poem” when no one else did \^o^/

This drama is every bit good that I had hoped for and more.

Are they comparable to you? They aren’t for me as well.. Cristiano is a great player, very complete, fantastic, scores a lot of goals; but what Leo does no one else can do. He came on the other day, and sure we had the game under control, and when he came on… Leo is, not one, but 5 levels above everyone else. After that, anyone can say whatever they want, but if we leave our teams aside, there is no comparison with anyone.
—  Jordi Alba. [15.9.2015]

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we’re on the debates team yet we can’t argue about something without yelling au

For you and also for the anon, who asked me to fill this one as well :)

She hates this topic more than any other before and she hates her teacher for always drawing lots to decide who will lead the debate. At least she’s going to counter this subject , which is probably the only good thing that will come out of this situation.

“And the second person for the side in favor of the argument is, Richard Rodgers”, Mr. Tilman announces and she leans back in her chair, an exasperated sigh falling from her lips. It’s always him against her, and it always ends in a screaming match. She hates him so much she could actually slap him right now just for winking at her as he takes his stand behind the opposing podium.

She misses Mr. Tilman’s entire introduction by glaring at Rick and putting every ounce of disdain into one look. So her eyes only focus back on her teacher when he opens the debate.

“There is still heated controversy surrounding the topic of extra-territorials, please discuss”

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Gosh wow don’t get me started on ZelGan.

Zelda not taking his melodramatic crap

Ganondorf being nonplussed when Zelda reveals she can fight because of course you can fight why wouldn’t you

Friendly diplomatic relations between Hyrule and the Gerudo

Zelda and Ganondorf constantly trying to outwit each other

Zelda and Ganondorf constantly succeeding in outwitting everyone else

Zelda having to restrain Ganondorf whenever someone’s a huge jerk

Ganondorf being amazingly, weirdly good with kids after all his practice with little sisters and nieces

Ganondorf and Zelda fighting about everything from policy to domestic habits

(but always making up)

The two of them being an unbeatable, terrifying, fantastic team