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Fantastic Beasts Headcanon- Queenie is a BAMF

I don’t know if anyone else felt this way but for me, it really seemed like Graves had it out for Tina, even before Newt came along.  Yes, she made some big mistakes that resulted in a large group of no-maj witchhunters/protesters needing to be obliviated, but it still seems like something that would result in being suspended from work, or maybe even being demoted in the department itself, but to remove a highly qualified witch from the Auror team when everyone’s worried about safety as it is?  Seems fishy.

Next, we have the interrogation with Graves, Tina, and Newt himself.  Yes, they were in a lot of trouble.  Yes, Madam Picquery herself was livid, and there was the death of a no-maj to consider.  But in what government can someone like Graves order the immediate execution of a witch and a wizard- one who’s crime isn’t terribly serious (this time around,) and the other who isn’t even a US citizen?  And without a full trial?  Wizarding laws may be different, but that seems beyond extreme.  So why did Graves want them out of the way so badly?

Queenie.  He was afraid of Queenie.  

In all the wizarding world we know and love, have we ever encountered someone who is as effortlessly skilled with Legilimency and empathic abilities as Queenie Goldstein?  She says herself that if someone is hurting, she can’t help but know what’s going on inside their head.  She knew her sister was in mortal danger from a pretty fair distance away, and knows the secrets of her colleagues, flawlessly using them to her advantage at the drop of a hat when necessary.  

So.  Grindelwald is known to be an incredible Occlumens, and even Voldemort himself couldn’t penetrate his mind.  But that’s years from when this all takes place, and Queenie is empathic on top of being a Legilimens.  Not to mention the fact that Grindelwald has some skill with divination, but doesn’t always get his information right.  What are the chances he had a vision about Queenie?

Queenie, the sweet, airheaded Congress employee who fetches coffee, and is the sister of one of the Aurors on his team?  It could be possible that with his skill at Occlumency, he has some ability with Legilimency, and it wouldn’t take much to skim the surface of Tina’s mind, and find out just how dangerous her sister could be.  The sweet smile and bubbly behavior that hides a devious mind, a cunning wit, and quite possibly, the ability to expose him if she ever gets too close?  

Gellert Grindelwald was afraid of Queenie Goldstein.

A Date With Markiplier

You guys. I am SO thoroughly impressed by what Markiplier and his team put out today. 

First of all, I’m so glad that it wasn’t what some people thought, which was that Amy was pregnant (although the picture of the two of them with Mark wearing the “dad” shirt did throw me off as well). 

I love what he did for so many reasons. 

1. He made a video on a day where not everyone feels like today matters, that they are loved, etc., that made everyone feel like they were loved and cared about.

2. This was SO UNIQUE. Like, obviously he’s not the first person to do this, but no one else has ever done anything like this, this well done, recently. 

3. The ENTIRE TEAM was FANTASTIC. I would love to get some behind the scenes footage.

4. This was hyped really well. It didn’t push the event in your face, because the fandom took it to the next level. The mysteriousness and vagueness leading up to it made everyone more intrigued. 

5. THE RETURN OF DARKIPLIER AND WILFORD WARFSTACHE. Darkiplier appears in the horror play in the date and the editing on that alone is fantastic. And then in the 10th and final ending, Wilford Warfstache makes an epic return, a throwback to someone who we haven’t seen in years, probably. 

6. Honestly, Mark’s acting was really good and shows a lot of promise. I hope that we get to see a lot more like this in the future. 

I’m so glad that I got to participate in this, and I can’t thank Teamiplier enough!!

The Great 38 -- #RedJohn

Serial Killers, Pigeons, and Running

After all those years we finally got to meet Red John.  I think Jane said it best, “I have to say I’m a little disappointed."  I wasn’t expected an aging sheriff with no visible charisma to turn out to be a serial killer who could capture the imagination and devotion of a legion of followers.  Still, this is canon and thus it must be so.  Except for the fact that Red John was McAllister, I think this close to the case was riveting.  While Simon is utterly brilliant, no one else should be slighted in appreciation for his/ her work in this episode.  Everyone was amazing and I remember being barely able to blink much less turn my eyes from the screen the entire time.  

Therefore whenever I get a bit grumbly about the selection of McAllister, I remind myself how much I enjoyed so many other things about the episode.  Many fantastic moments occurred, individually and as a team.  

  • Lisbon defending Jane and standing toe to toe with Abbott.  (Who knew at that point that we would all grow to love him and name him the Captain of the Good Ship Jisbon?) 
  • The sad loneliness of Lisbon throughout the episode as she slowly realized that she may not be able to save Jane from himself or from prison
  • Jane and Lisbon having what would be there last moments together in the park before they would be separated for two years.  ("Oh, why didn’t he kiss her?” my poor heart cried.)
  • The team ready to go out with guns blazing in a shooting match with the FBI just to rescue Jane
  • Lisbon listening to Abbott on his radio and realizing that Jane got away again.  (It reminded me of when Toto escaped the Wicked Witch of the West and Dorothy cheered through her tears, “He got away! He got away! Toto got away!”
  • The running– and running– and more running
  • Jane’s glance to Angela’s and Charlotte’s graves as he walked into his meeting with Bertram
  • More running– and more chest visibility
  • The climax between Jane and Red John– the fact that he strangled Red John with his left hand with his wedding ring clearly seen and that we only know what’s happening by watching Jane’s face and hearing Red John’s gurgling sounds
  • Lisbon unable to answer Jane’s final call as he leaves the message that it’s over, he’s okay, and that he’ll miss her

Finally, I would like to point out two things that caught my eye.  First, during the scene in the street when Jane, Lisbon, and the CBI team are standing up to Abbott and the FBI, the cameras are focusing on the three CBI agents on one side and Abbott on the other.  Standing a few feet behind Abbott are Jane and Lisbon.  They are not the focus of the scene at the time but Simon and Robin were so completely in character that they created what I’m willing to bet was a completely unscripted moment when Jane and Lisbon look to each other as Abbott argues with the three younger agents.  The look they exchanged seemed to say that they still had each other’s back and that Lisbon was still trying to get Jane out of this.  Try to catch it if you can. 

The second thing I couldn’t help but notice was that when Bertram was lying on the ground dead, he’s first seen lifeless with his eyes open.  However, perhaps Michael Gaston got tired of keeping them that way because later as Jane and Red John are talking, Bertram’s eyes are now closed.  I’m probably the only person amused by that, but I did want to share. 

I hope you can join for the rewatch today, March 21st, at 5pm Daylight Savings TIme, eastern time zone USA. This is the second and final week that this should be a headache for us.  Remember, for those of you who have not moved your clocks forward yet, the rewatch will be an hour earlier than normal.  If you need further confirmation of your calculations, google “If it’s 5pm today in Ohio USA what time is it in (fill in your location)”   We will be tweeting are thoughts throughout the episode using #RedJohn.  If you don’t feel comfortable tweeting, feel free to lurk.  Lurkers are welcome too.  If you can’t join us, I hope you’ll take the time to revisit this episode.  It definitely fascinates the senses.  

Take care and be sure to laugh once today.  You’ll feel a lot better.  



Episode 6 preview - just about killed me.
I’m looking forward to this marriage plot in episode 6 to be honest. I’m pretty sure I can see Wang So and Wang Wook teaming up to save Hae Soo although I’m not sure how they’re explaining that to everyone else.

I thought this week’s episodes were fantastic but next week promises to raise the bar.
A few things about this week:
- I was already disturbed by Yeon Hwa’s marked interest in Wang So and from reading up on Gwangjong, I know he took his half sister for his wife and Queen in real life. I was just kind of hoping the drama conveniently forgot that part. Darn. Bright side is we all know who So’s heart is already inching towards and it ain’t his witchy half sister.
- Soo’s first meeting with the king was hilarious. I could not stop laughing. With all the historicals I’ve seen, tbh in that situation, I’d probably react the same. I like how relatable Soo is getting to be with time. As much as I love Ruoxi, she never really struggled to adapt as much as Soo; instead, as she learned, all of it came relatively easy to her. With Soo, she’s clumsy and not the brightest but I feel like I can relate more easily to her bumbling self.
- with every SooSo interaction, I can’t help but not take all the angst Wook is throwing out seriously. Kang Ha Neul is doing a terrific job at emoting that pain he feels and I already like his 8th a lot but Wang So is just melting me into a puddle. Plus, I love how he got Soo’s “poem” when no one else did \^o^/

This drama is every bit good that I had hoped for and more.

Are they comparable to you? They aren’t for me as well.. Cristiano is a great player, very complete, fantastic, scores a lot of goals; but what Leo does no one else can do. He came on the other day, and sure we had the game under control, and when he came on… Leo is, not one, but 5 levels above everyone else. After that, anyone can say whatever they want, but if we leave our teams aside, there is no comparison with anyone.
—  Jordi Alba. [15.9.2015]
Memory Loss


The wind whipped around the courtyard as Pietro tore through it, creating a small whirlwind behind him due to his fantastic speed. He was rushing to get back to the team his mission of removing the civilians finally over. Now he could get into the fighting. He was more excited than he should’ve been. Fighting shouldn’t have been something he looked forward to, and yet he did. It was his chance to prove himself. He was just as capable as everyone else on the team. He was no god, or witch, or metal man, but he was superhuman and he would bear that until he died.

Wanda must have been busy because he couldn’t feel her in his mind. Normal they would stay connected as much as they could preferring to be together and work as a team. But they’d been given separate jobs on the mission and he couldn’t stay with her this time. Running back to her now he hoped she could feel the closeness and reach out with her mind to his letting them mingle together and embrace. She didn’t however. “You must be very busy sweet sister,” he muttered still running along back allies and side streets to find the heart of the battle how so wished to join. Hoping that it wasn’t all over he finally stepped out and readied himself to find an opponent.

His com crackled in his ear and Pietro waited to hear what it would say. “Pietro get Wanda. Something happened to her.”